Fred and his best friend have been travelling for months trying to find out where
his friend came from. The search has taken the two all over the state. They took a
break to have Christmas dinner with Fred’s family, since most high schools were out
of session during the break. Trent was getting discouraged.
“I really don’t know what we can do to find out where I came from?”
Fred looked at his buddy and smiled, “I think the next one will be our lucky ticket
to your past.”
“I hope you are right.”
It was the second week of the new school term, when Fred and Trent entered the
school’s administrative office. The woman at the desk seemed mean and uncaring.
However, when the two friends approached, she gave them a rare smile. Before the two
could open their mouths, a gasp came from her.
“Trent Moore,” she said. In the many John Adams High schools, Trent and Fred
entered; this reaction was not what they were expecting. Trent smiled at his friend,
and then nodded to the elderly lady behind the desk.
“Mrs. Jerry,” Fred said, reading the nameplate upon her desk. “You seem to recognize
Trent here.”
“Of course I would. He was the smartest high school student we’ve had in a long
“Wait!”  Trent exclaimed with joy. “This is fantastic. I have been searching the
last three months, trying to find this school. I had an accident right after my high
school graduation.”
“It caused him to have amnesia; he doesn’t remember anything that happened before
the accident. He couldn’t remember his name.” Fred continued.
Mrs. Jerry looked at the two, and came to the conclusion this wasn’t a trick. “I am
sorry that had happened to you. I can say this; I have been running the
administrative office for seventeen years. I never forget a face.”
Trent asked the question: “What do you remember about me?” The curiosity of knowing
more about his past was something he needed to understand now.
Mrs. Jerry remembered Trent had begun school here has a loner. He just wanted to get
to school, and go home. He never made any friends, never wanted to join any clubs.
It was in his second year that he met a star football player, Jess Frampton and a
friendship blossomed. He tried to help Jess stay on the path, but failed miserably.
In fact, Jess enticed Trent to join his questionable friends. By the third year, her
husband, the math teacher here, talked to Trent and helped him see that following
Jess’s example may cause some trouble. Trent listened to her husband. The next year
and a half the two of them made it their mission to turn Jess’s life around.
Eventually, Trent had won Jess over from the path that Moose and Rocco were sending
him on.
Fred stopped, Mrs. Jerry’s story. “Who are Moose and Rocco?”
“They were the ringleaders behind Jess’s gang. They eventually went to jail after
you and Jess called the police on them.”
“Let me get this straight.”  Trent said, “I was a loner, and eventually became
friends with this Jess Frampton, who I helped him get out of gang?”
“That’s pretty much it.”
Taking it all in, Trent asked another question. “Where can I find Jess?”
“I am sorry. I could look into it for you. I know he went to college, he was
undecided though of which one.”
A small frown appeared on Trent’s face. Fred put a hand around his shoulder.
“Well, thank you for your time,” he said to Mrs. Jerry. “You have been most kind.”
Fred led his friend out, when he stopped and turned to her; he asked a question. 
She responded, and they both left the school. They drove a few blocks and Trent was
getting nervous. What if Mrs. Jerry was wrong?
They parked, got out of the car, went to the front door and knocked. The door
opened, and a scream erupted, “TRENT!!!”
The scream caused the man of the house to come to the door; he looked at Trent and
fell to his knees. The husband and wife instantly had tears in their eyes. Their son
had finally returned to them.
I woke from my coma hearing Scott’s words fill my ears. He was smiling when he heard
me speak and dropped the phone. Scott filled me in on my attack; I recall only bits
and pieces of the affair. I couldn’t even tell Scott who the assailants were or who
attacked me.
The next few days passed, with doctors coming and going and nurses checking to make
sure I was feeling okay. Now that I was awake, I could breathe on my own.  I asked
Scott to show me how my body looked.  He brought a full length mirror over. I felt I
could move my body, and I started to stand. However my leg gave way. Scott helped me
up and removed my gown and I looked at the mirror. My face was unrecognizable. I
felt my nose, but it hurt because 10 percent of it was gone. There was a big cut on
my chin. My stomach had bandages all over it, but I could feel the cuts still in me.
I looked at my flaccid cock; it looked alright. I turned to my side with Scott’s
help and I could see a long cut down my leg. Scott kept quiet as I took in the
sight. I went back to bed and cried. Scott held my hand as I went back sleep.
A few days later, I had to talk to the police, but I wasn’t very helpful. Scott
stayed with me the entire time. I asked Joe and Darren to give him a nice place to
sleep. He stayed with them every night. 
“I don’t want hear any words about it.” I told Scott from my hospital bed. “You are
going!”  I knew the dilemma in Scott’s mind. Juan and Scott had been friends a long
time and to miss his wedding was something I won’t let happen.
“Fine!” he yelled back, “I just wanted to be here for you in case anything bad
Doctor Green entered at that time. “I couldn’t help overhearing your conversation.”
Doctor Green opened my gown and removed it completely from my body, while he checked
my condition.  He continued: “Jess is recovering fine; in the next few days he will
be able to leave the hospital and rest at home.”
That news made us both smile, “I have been here two and half weeks already. I am
glad to go home.”
“Yeah, most of the injuries you have incurred are almost healed. Your nose will
sting a bit still.”
I remember three days ago, I had to endure some minor nose surgery to correct the
disfigurement. It was a gruelling experience. I looked down, at my body. Doctor
Green was in the process of removing the bandages, and the word fag was still
visible on my chest. What surprised me most was that my dick was left without a
scratch.  Yesterday, I was able to walk by myself up and down the corridor. Doctor
Green said I might have to limp for a long time.
“Around fifth or sixth of January, I could release. Your recover has been going so
“Will I be able to have sex again?”  I joked, and Scott and Dr. Green laughed. “Yes
Jess, I don’t think that will be a problem.”
Scott made the decision to leave that night, and after he left to enjoy the wedding,
my sister and parents came and kept me company. New Years’ Eve, I was alone in the
hospital room, having been moved into a room with a television. I slowly made my way
to the bathroom and looked at myself in mirror. I started to look like myself again.
I just finished my business when I heard a knock at the door.
“Hello?” the voice said. I could tell by the tone it was Clinton. I seemed to recall
a soft whispering voice when I talked to him at the party.
“How are you feeling?” He asked as he entered the room. Clinton didn’t even flinch
at my current physical appearance.
“I am doing quite well. Doc says I could leave in a few days.”
“That is awesome.”  We sat in awkward silence for a second. I asked the question:
“So what brings you by?” 
“A few things: First, I wanted to see how you are doing. Second, I didn’t want you
to be alone on New Year’s, and Third, I could use some company.”
“What’s up?” I asked curiously, assuming there was reason he needed some company.
“You see my girlfriend is away on holiday with her family in Hawaii, and my family
have other things to do. So, I assumed we could keep each other company.”
Something clicked in my head. “What’s your girlfriend’s name?”
“Denise Troller. Why?”
“My girlfriend is also in Hawaii with her family. Her name happens to be Denise
We both quickly put two and two together and realized Denise had been playing around
with both of us.  We both agreed to tell her to fuck off.
I called her long distance with Clinton’s phone. He insisted on paying the fees. She
answered, “Hey sweet, I miss you so much.”
“Really?” I said, “When we talked and got to know each other, you never mentioned
having a boyfriend on the side.”
“Yeah! Goodbye and Clinton wanted me to relay a message to you to Fuck off.”  I hung
up, and Clinton and I laughed.
“I had a feeling she was cheating on me. The last two months, I haven’t seen her.
The day before she left, she mentioned that it was an early flight.”
“It was just a lie, the night before she left. She spent it with me. The only thing
I regret, she was good in bed.”
“Tell me about it. She always listened to what I said.” We talked about her and
became friends that night. We watched the ball drop at Times Square on the TV. I
told him about my friends’ trip to Vegas. I feel for the first time in a while, I
have met someone I can truly call a friend. The next day, his friends, Alistair and
Hank, dropped by to spend New Year’s Day with me. They were a great bunch of guys.
Hank admitted to me he was bi like me. He dumped Anna when he learned of Denise’s
action. I had many laughs that day.
The next day, Scott called and mentioned that he told the guys about what happened.
They all want to see me.  I called Clinton and told him this, and so the guys stayed
away.  Kris was the first one to storm into the room.
“WHO THE FUCK DID THIS TO YOU!  I will rip their heads off. “
“Kris, I have no idea who did this. I can barely remember the actual event.”
Matt and Corey came in and hugged me with Scott standing in the background with
Colt. His smile told me everything: Scott Trenton had sex in Vegas. I could always
tell. I told them all I could remember from the attack.
Matt was speechless. Colt and Kris were angry as hell. They both wanted to kill
somebody. Scott wasn’t saying much. Corey became the leader at this moment, and
calmed Kris and Colt down. Corey started telling me about the wedding. How they
accidentally slept in late and almost missed the ceremony. Scott and Matt took turns
recounting the tale for me.
“Did you blow up at anybody, Kris?” I asked jokingly, because of his temper. Kris
just shook his head. Matt answered for him. I was concerned about Kris he seemed
quiet and unresponsive, or was it just hearing about the attack.
The guys all stayed for dinner as, pizza was delivered to the room, and laughed
hearing about everybody’s Christmas. Kris wasn’t saying much of anything, but I let
it go. Eventually, around 9 pm, Colt suggested it was time to go. I knew they had to
get back home.
“Corey and I are going to stay with Jess.”  Matt announced. “We are not taking no
for answer.”
Scott came up and kissed me on the cheek and whispered, “Do you want me to stay,
“Nah, Scotty. I love you a lot, but spend some time with your family. You’ve spent
more than your fair share looking after me.”
“You are one of my best friends Jess,” he said, and instinct took over and I kissed
him passionately on the lips. With that, the guys all left. Matt and Corey looked at
me and waited. After about five minutes, Matt spoke:
“Spill it, Jess. We know you are putting on a brave front.”
I looked over to Matt and Corey, and had a lot of things on my mind. I really didn’t
know where to begin. I told them so.
“I couldn’t imagine what you’ve been through?” Corey started, “To be violated, to be
hurt like that.”
“Corey, you are right. I can remember the vivid images, and can feel as the knife
was cut into my leg. Some nights, I wake up hoping it was all a dream. Sure, I put a
brave face on. All the jokes I tell reflects my current pains.”
Matt took my hand in a friendly gesture, “Yeah, but we are friends; to know this
happened to one of ours hurts us even deeper. We are happy you will make it through
this. But believe us. We don’t expect you to be yourself.”
I looked at Matt, “Matt, I really don’t know what to say about it. I am happy to
wake up from this ordeal, and grateful that the wounds that were inflicted can be
healed, well most of them. I really don’t know what to make of this. On one side, I
hate the people who did this, and I want to hurt them just as badly.”
“You’re not the only one,” Corey piped in. “When Scott told us what happened on the
way back in the car, Kris swore at the top of his lungs. He forced Colt to hand over
the driving to him. He sped all the way here. Scott told us all the details he knew
about what occurred, and it made Kris madder and madder.”
“I can understand that. I assume Scott reassured you guys that I am fine.”
“He did. Colt was just as mad as Kris, but when he heard the actual attack, he
became speechless,” Matt said. “I think Colt was remembering when he was in high
school and he was bullying kids for being gay.”
“I can tell you I was guilty as hell.” Corey began. “I mean, I told you to come back
“Dudes, it isn’t your fault. There are sick people in world. It is that simple.” I
suggested. “Like I said, if I meet the creeps who did this to me, I would want some
vengeance. However, I am not going to be any less of the man I am today. School
starts in a few days, I intend to make it there.”
Matt stared at me. “How can you be so positive after such an ordeal?”
“I was given another chance. I could have died on that construction site; I didn’t.

“That is commendable.” Corey acknowledged.
“I realized that I have friends who care for me. I honestly cannot believe Scott
stayed with me all that time. You guys are awesome.”
We spent the rest of the night talking about what happened after I left them in
November about how people apologized and Preston and his group got expelled. They
gave more insight on their trip, and they also brought me up to date on the issues
Kris seems to be going through. Around midnight, I had my uncle pick Matt and Corey
up to spend the night with them. He even offered to drive them back home the next
day.  I said a quick goodbye to my friends and drifted off the sleep.
The next day, they came back for another goodbye, and Corey instructed me to call
whenever I felt off, or felt like victim, or whenever. I agreed, and they went home.
The day before the next term was going to begin, Doctor Green gave an all clear and
I was able to go home. I looked into the mirror one last time. I smiled and thought
the scar on my chin was rather sexy.  Mom and Dad insisted on having me back in with
them. They said it was Brad’s wishes.
“When he heard what happened to you,” Mom began, “He started moving all his stuff
into Katie’s old bedroom. He wouldn’t have in any other way.”  I was glad that with
all the evilness in world, there are still people who care.
That night, as I was resting comfortable in the living room with Dad and Uncle Joe,
a visitor came for me. I opened the door and slammed in it his face. The visitor was
determined to speak to me. Eventually, I opened the door long enough for Preston to
“I just wanted to say I am sorry. I would never wish that on any person.”
“You lowlife asshole, I don’t give a fuck if you were the mastermind behind the
attack, or you were away. I don’t care. You fuckin’ used me. You said such horrible
garbage to me. You deserve to die!  I never ever want to see you again. If you come
to this house again, or any of your fucking friends comes here; I will have them
arrested for trespassing.”
Preston tried to protest with some excuse and walked forward, only to have the front
door slam on his nose. I cannot believe that piece of shit has the nerve to come
The next day when school started, Clinton offered to give me a ride. Clinton and I
were together all the time. He told me these horribly funny stories about Denise. 
Clinton and Alistair, with Hank, took me to their gym in Hank’s basement. They put
together a rigorous workout, which would help me with my bummed leg.  Most nights,
we would shoot the breeze in the gym. I entertained them with classic Kris stories.
One night, while we were drinking a little too much, Hank admitted to having jerked
off sixteen times in one day. I never believed it. This conversation led to us all
showing our dicks to each other. It was a fun night, and it was kinda déjà vu for
I didn’t let my injury get the best of me. I showed up every day for class, and did
my assignments. It was Thursday mid-January, when I heard a knock on my bedroom
“Hey,” Brad said quietly. “How are you recovering?”
I turned to him, and was little stunned. Brad kept to himself a lot. When I moved
in, he didn’t seem interested in carrying on a conversation. So I let him be.
“I am doing great. My leg hurts like a bitch every now and again.” I smiled at him.
He entered and sat on the bed.
“I am sorry, for not coming to talk you beforehand. I just didn’t want to intrude on
your privacy. Also, I thought you would hold some contempt, or anger towards me.”
I looked Brad over. He had brown hair and blue eyes. He wore nice jeans, and an old
beat up shirt. His boxers were hanging out the back of his pants. However, I
couldn’t take my eyes of his package. It looked huge. 
“Why would I be mad at you? Because when I came back here you were staying in my
“Kinda,” He said shyly. “Plus, I found some your porn DVDS.”
“Yeah, before I went to college, I hid some around in case the mood strikes me when
I was visiting the folks.” 
We talked for a few more minutes about nothing in particular, and eventually went to
his room to play some poker. I was never good at it. I looked around the room, and
it looked clean, and all his stuff was organized. On the desk was that picture of
him when he was younger with another boy, who looked familiar.
“Who’s that in the picture with you?” I asked
“He is an old school friend of mine. I lost touch with him a long time ago.” He
I knew there was story there, but I didn’t push it. He would tell me when he is
ready. He played poker for a few hours. Later the night, Clinton came over to chill,
and they got on great together. It was decided that Saturday night, the boys would
play some poker.
So, they all came over to my house. Mom and Dad went to dinner with Joe and Darren.
I am convinced they are going to get married.  Brad and I set the table for cards
and we seem to be hitting it off quite well. On rare occasions with all my friends
around me, I would forget I was ever attacked.
The game started hard, with only Hank and Brad knowing anything about cards. After
the third round, it got quite boring; so Brad suggested with a wicked smile:
“Let’s make this interesting, every time you lose a hand, you have to strip an
article of clothing.”
I was game for it. I was curious what all this guys looked like naked, especially
Brad. It took some convincing, but the guys all agreed. An hour into the game,
Clinton and I were down to our boxers, and Brad to his shirt and boxers, and
Alistair was naked hiding a raging hard on. Hank was the best player and only lost
his shoe.
By the second hour, all of us were naked accept Hank and Brad. Being around Kris, I
was okay being naked. However, it was Hank’s turn to lose his boxers and he got a
little shy.
“I dare you to do it.” I said without much thinking. Brad looked at me smiled, I
knew instantly that this was his plan; he had the hots for Hank.
“I dare you to do a strip tease for Jess, here.” he said.
After some friendly prodding from us all; Hank agreed to do it. I was put in the
center of the living room, completely naked and smiling. Brad came over gave me a
dollar bill and winked at me. I was surprised that nobody seemed to care what my
body looked like. I looked down FAG was still visibly itched in my stomach. However,
I wore it as badge of honor.
Brad started some music, and Hank was still a little shy, so Brad helped him along
by dancing first, he even lowered his heart shaped boxers and I saw red pubic hair.
I took a mental note of that. Eventually, Hank joined them, and Brad and Hank both
gave me the hottest lap dance. I couldn’t resist when Brad got close enough, I
pulled his boxers down around his ankles. What stared at me was the biggest dick I
had ever seen. 10 inches at least.
“Okay. Brad your turn.”
“Huh?” He said letting putting his boxers back on. “My turn?”

“It is time for your dare.”

The room clapped and Brad was put in my chair. He didn’t resist and actually
welcomed it.

“Well” Brad said smiling at us all. “Give me your best one.”

“I got one.” I needed to see how big his dick can get. “I dare you to jerk off for
us all.”

“You got it.” He didn’t even flinch. “You’re next, Jess.”

He took off his boxers again, and used two hands to jerk his meat. I looked around
and noticed the other guys; even Clinton the straightest of all was rearranging his
package. It took 10 minutes, but his dick was maybe 11 and half inches hard. The cum
shot out and actually hit the table.

After that I had to do something stupid. Walk around the outside of the house naked.
Eventually, everybody by the end of the night did some dares. Around 2 am, the guys
went home, and agreed to do it again next week, or the week after.

I was a little tired, but not too much and started working on an essay for next
week.  30 minutes into it Brad comes in. He was shirtless in his boxers.

“Hey man. That was so much fun,” he said to get my attention.

“Yeah,” I said putting away my books. “It was an interesting evening. You definitely
hit it off with Clinton and the rest of the guys. “
“I will be honest.” Brad came and sat on the bed. “I had second thoughts the whole
night. I didn’t want to embarrass you, or step out of line.”
“You don’t have to worry about that around me, or the guys. Just be yourself.” I
walked over to the bed and sat next to him.
“I assumed you would feel like that, and halfway through the poker game I decided to
be myself.”
I laughed at that. “Are you a devious person?  I assumed when you suggested strip
poker that there was a hidden agenda.”
“There was,” he smiled at me. “I wanted one of the guys there.”
“I knew you were after Hank. I knew it.”
“It wasn’t Hank, man.”
I was surprised. Clinton was straight, and so was Alistair. He must have registered
my confusion.
“It was you, man.”
“Yeah, of course, especially after things, you need some attention. Even with all
the scars and stuff. You are pretty hot. “
“You are right about the attention. I haven’t jerked this thing since the attack.”
“Seriously?” Brad asked. “You haven’t jerked for that long?”
“No. It’s weird too because I’ve been hard so many times but when I wrap my hand
around it something just doesn’t feel right,” I replied.
Brad slowly reached over and slipped his hand into my pants. I gasped as he wrapped
his fingers around my limp cock, but it didn’t stay limp for long, instantly
reacting to his touch. It felt so go.
“How does this feel?” he asked with a smile.
“Amazing,” I breathed.
What happened next was somewhat of a blur. It was almost like I didn’t have any
control of my body and was just watching a really realistic movie in slow motion.
Brad moved me around on the bed and stripped me naked. He then removed his own
boxers and got down on his knees, running his hands up and down my legs. My dick was
rock hard by that point and was pointing straight up to the ceiling. I could feel my
body quiver. I tried to speak to ask Brad if this was a good idea but the words just
got caught in my throat and I moaned as he wrapped his hand around my hard cock and
started moving it up and down.
He jerked me slowly, using his fingertips to tease the tip of my cock, taking the
precum from my slit and smearing it all over the head. His palm ran up and down the
length of my throbbing cock, feeling so good against my skin, and he even moved down
to play with my balls. I was in heaven.
I gasped again and my eyes went wide as Brad leaned in and sucked my dick into his
mouth. I nearly screamed it felt so good. I placed my hands on the back of his head
to encourage him but I didn’t put pressure on him, I just let him go to work,
bobbing up and down on my cock, running his tongue up and down the shaft and then
swirling it around the head.
My chest was heaving and I was so close. I pulled Brad’s head up off my cock until
he was level with my face and then I leaned in and kissed him. It was such a hot,
passionate kiss, with our tongue battling each other, the taste of my precum on his
tongue making me wild. I needed to taste his.
Gently, I pushed him over so he was on his back and kissed my way down his body. For
the first time I came face to face with his 11.5 inch monster with his trimmed red
pubes seeming to frame the whole thing perfectly. I licked my lips and bent down to
taste it. Fuck! My senses were overwhelmed. I didn’t realize just how much I missed
having a hot cock in my mouth.

I quickly went to work on Brad’s cock, but as I bobbed up and down I could only get
three quarters of it in my mouth, so I had to use my hand to jerk the rest of it. I
was like an animal and really sucked his cock hard and fast. He was on the edge
after just a few minutes.

Before he could cum Brad pulled me off his cock and up on to the bed beside him. He
stared into my eyes and kissed me, taking hold of my cock to jerk me. I did the same
to him. We quickly brought each other to a boil and cum shot out of our cocks,
covering each other’s stomachs.

I lay back panting and suddenly I felt Brad’s fingers on me. He was on his side, his
head propped up with one arm while the other was moving the cum around on my body,
tracing the scars. I didn’t feel conscious of them at all. What he was doing felt
sensual and good.

“You know, these just make you hotter, Jess. They make you unique and I really like

I smiled as Brad leaned down to kiss me again. He then rolled me over on to my side
and wrapped his arms around me. That was how we fell asleep and it made me feel

The next Saturday, we all went bowling. Alistair had an uncle who owned the club,
and left us the keys.  Clinton dared Brad and me to play naked. I actually loved
seeing him naked. The red pubic hairs and his brown hair were intriguing.
Eventually, all the guys played naked.  The next week the dares got worse. Hank,
Alistair and I had to strip to our boxers and go to buy some stuff at convenience
store. I got back at Brad, to dye his hair blue.
January passed too quickly, my recovery was moving faster and faster. I would have
to get used to limping and the scar of my chin. Brad and I were becoming closer. On
February 3, on his birthday, he wanted me to give him a blowjob. That night, we
slept in the same bed. Soon it was almost Valentine’s Day; Brad and I started
sharing our life stories; he left alone, so I wouldn’t fall behind on my studying. I
was worried with all the excitement this month, and my new social life that I was
deemed to repeat myself and flunk out here too. Brad made sure I studied, but one
test was coming up, and it got me worried.
The night before Valentine’s Day, Brad and I were just about to go to sleep, and
without thinking I asked a question,
“Brad, how did you get here? You never mentioned why you ran away.”
“Jess,” he said tracing his hand over my stomach. “It is a long story: my best
friend in the world forgot about me. He ended contact with me. You see I moved to a
new city when we were supposed to be in Junior High together. I had no choice in the
matter. So we spoke on Skype and talked online every day after school. You see my
home life was pretty bad. Mom was drunk, and Dad was always putting me down. Talking
to my friend put my mind at ease. Then, one day in December; he stopped talking to
me. I was utterly alone.”
I kissed him the cheek. “That is horrible, Brad.”
“It gets worse. You see about five months later, my mom drank too much and passed
out. Dad came home and blamed me. He hit me. I couldn’t handle living there. Around
that time, I learned I was gay, and the school I was at didn’t like gay people. So,
I never came out to anybody, and didn’t really make any real friends.  I couldn’t
handle living at home anymore, so I slit my wrists at school.”
I looked at his wrists, taking in his story as he spoke. Eventually, the janitor
found me I was sent to the hospital. Not wanting to go home, I ran away and found
your mom.”

The tears were coming down his face; it was a hard story to tell I was sure. I just
kissed him and held him against my scarred body. I kissed his neck, but he stopped

“Jess, I really like you. I just don’t think you are ready for this type of
relationship right now.”

This was news to me. “Why would you think that? We have shared a lot in the last few
weeks, and I was pretty sure you liked me.”

“It is true. Jess, I just don’t think you are ready. You and Scott have a history,
and I really think your heart is for him.”

“I really don’t know about that, Brad. My feelings for him have been clouded, I
loved that he was there for me in the hospital. I just don’t know.”

“I am getting that confusion. The problem when I am with someone, I want it to be
the right person who is there for me. Right now, it is not you.”

I thought about it, and it made sense. “Why don’t we be friends with benefits, until
one of us gets a significant other?”

“That seems fine,” he said.

“Good.”  I looked at this blue hair. “By the way, I think you should keep the blue
hair. It suits you.”

“Thanks, I might do that.”   We fell asleep eventually.

It was eleven in the morning, and Brad woke me up with a slap on the butt. We
haven’t had sex, but both agreed to cross that bridge when it happens. We planned to
go to my Uncle’s for dinner.

I showered, and I heard a knock on the door. Preston was there. “We need to talk.”
He walked in and sat down.

DEREK’S POV - February 14th 2011 - On the road

Note please Read Through the years Part III (Samuel and Derek); for some backstory.

I was enjoying the day with my man. Samuel was the sweetest person I could ever
find. We have been travelling and helping people a month and half. Samuel seems to
have knack for talking to strangers and getting them to open up. Maybe I am rubbing
off on him. I don’t know.
Right now I am focused on him, I promised a great night out. We went to this Italian
restaurant that kind of reminded me of the restaurant I worked at when I was in Matt
and Kris’s hometown.  The meal was terrific. I couldn’t be happier than I was this
There are still times when I think of Nathan and everything about the love we
shared. Samuel and I talk about him often when we are driving from town to town, but
I’m thinking of him now as being up in the heavens smiling at me, and us.
After the meal, we went walking through this nice park. It was rather devoid of
people. I loved it all the same. Samuel was thinking the same thing as I was. We
walked on the trail, and eventually found a secluded section. We lay down on the
grass, stripped naked, and had some really peaceful sex. 
It was such a wonderful feeling to make love to Samuel. One of the perks of
travelling that Samuel loved was sex. We had sex in some of the most romantic
places, and some other questionable locations. After tonight’s experience, Samuel
seemed to not be in it, as much as I had hoped.
“Honey,” I began. “Are you alright?”
“Sorry love, I’ve just been thinking about stuff.”
“What’s wrong?” I looked at him, as we got up and dressed.  We walked over the
bench, and I waited for his response.
“Derek, you know I love you….”
“But…” I interrupted. “You want to go home, back to Rick and Rec Center.”
He looked at me and just nodded.
“I have been sensing it for some time.”
“Don’t get me wrong, I was gung ho with the idea when you suggested it to me over
New Years.  The first three weeks, was so much fun and exciting. We helped this
couple find love. We helped a father find a home, and encountered three brothers who
were all escaping the same home for different reasons.”
I remembered all those experiences. “I think I know what the true problem is: You
are bored.”
“It’s not that, just which we haven’t seen anybody who needed help for two weeks.
So, we drive around aimlessly.”
“I can understand that. You do remember that I used to this with no car and just the
clothes on my back for about six years. There were months at a time, when all I had
was myself to talk to.”
“I cannot imagine doing this by myself. I don’t know, Derek.”
“I completely understand, Samuel. Completely. I suggested us doing this, maybe to
help our relationship out more, and just to show you the one thing I am good at.”
“Firstly, our relationship was never in need of help, in my opinion. And more
importantly, you are good at a lot of things, Derek. You helped Kris and Corey. You
became a second father to Rick. You are the best lover and best friend I have ever
“Kris and Corey don’t need me anymore. Rick keeps in the know of what happens there,
and they are having a blast.”
He looked into my eyes, “Derek, honey. You need to do this travelling, and helping
people. I understand that. I just miss you when you are not around.”
“I know love. There is something else I want to talk to you about.”
“A proposal.”  We both smiled at that, both secretly hoping a wedding would occur in
the future. I continued,
“How about for the next two months, I go keep on travelling; you go home and be with
Rick and Rec Center. When I get back, I will take over from Dr. Roark, who is
retiring. I have been talking to him, and he said I had all the experience in world
to replace him.”
Samuel smiled at me. “But why do you want to travel for two more months. Why not
start shadowing Dr. Roark now?”
“I want just end this chapter on my life, on my own terms, and begin a new chapter
with you and Rick.”
He kissed me.
“There is one more thing. I want to have a baby with you. Moreover, I want to marry
you so bad.”
I bent down on one knee and fished the ring out of my pocket. I had been planning
this for a while now.
“Will you marry me? Samuel, make me the happiest guy in the world.”
He thought about it and said…..


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