This Chapter takes place between November and December. With the bulk of it happening over the Christmas vacation around.

I arrived back home at Joe’s and something must have changed. Joe and Darren were watching some show on television, and I joined them. I told them about my weekend, and they told me about there’s.  It looks like my uncle has found the man of his dreams. I couldn’t be happier.

Joe was trying to find the right guy ever since he came out of the closest. However, for some reason, that right man never came.  The truth was that my uncle was picky, but then again, so am I.  It was during a commercial that Joe reminded of the choice I had to make.   I knew instantly, that I wanted to hang with Joe and Darren, and I know moving in with my folks, would put them out with Brad moving into another room. I didn’t want to do that.  That night I called them and let know my choice. After some quick explaining, they understood.

In all honesty, I just didn’t want to go to sleep, because the next day I would have to meet Preston and his friends, I couldn’t bare it. So, I stayed up until four am, watching porn. They really helped escape my problems, and I impressively shot four times that night.

The next day dawned, and I had to go to school; all the pictures were gone. My locker had been clean, and Preston and his friends were not even in my class anymore. What surprised me more was my first class nobody made any comments about me or about my sexual orientation.  I was curious what occurred, but I was happy all the same. Denise a girl who sat behind in class asked to have lunch with me.

We went to lunch together. She was female version of Scott, dirty brown hair and looks hot in anything. She smiled at me.

“I just wanted to know your story, Frampton.”

“My story?”  I didn’t know what she meant; we talked for a few times at school and in class. I even sat with her once.

“You are just brave, Frampton. Honestly, I am surprised you came back. Most people just hide or don’t come out of bed when they been teased and hounded. But you came back.”

“I was thinking about running away, but then I realized how many friends I do have; they showed me that I needed to go back.”

“I am so happy you did.” She smiled at me, and I could do her right now. “So what is your story, what happened?”

I told her about Preston and everything he and his friends did to me. She let me finish, but then shock her head. “No I mean your story, where did you come from Jess?”

“Oh sorry, I was born here about 19 years ago. I eventually went to college; fucked it up, and now I am here in junior college trying to make things better for myself. Obviously that is short version.”

She laughed at that. “Frampton you are so hot. Basically, I have been living hear my entire life. I wanted to go to College, but I wasn’t that smart, I got held back a lot; moreover, I made some really poor choices. Have you ever done any hard drugs? I did. The end result made me take a year off of everything and seek rehab. Now, I am trying to get my shit in order.”

I really liked Denise.  We both fucked up our life, and not once did she make any comments about me, or my sexual orientation. With about 20 minutes to go until are next class we had together, she asked another question.

“There was a rumor going around that you are actually bisexual, not gay. Is there any truth to that?”

“Yeah, I am bisexual; I like girls as much as guys.”

Her smiled grew wider and she took me by the hand to the girl’s washroom on fourth floor that read, “out of order.”  The moment we got there she kissed hard on the lips; we both saw that instant reaction.  Let us say the next twenty minutes were well spent.

The weeks went by quickly. November was ending. And the first week of December things were going great. Denise and I studied together, and we both did very well on all courses, becoming A students. We tried dating but realized, we just wanted to be friends, and focused on studying.

I was staying at the school rather late when Denise came in and showed me the recent school newspaper. Front page news was an apology. The article apologized to me personally for any damage the picture caused. They explained that the author of the article was fired from the paper. At the bottom of the page it mentioned that author along three of his friends expelled. I knew Preston was one of those people.

I kissed Denise on the cheek for bringing me such good news. It was not six minutes later that Sam Mullen, our teacher came by and sat with us.

“Hey guys. I see you both are at it again.”

“What can we say?  We love studying, and this place treats us well.” Denise smiled.

I agreed.  “I wanted to thank you for whatever you did.” I pointed to the paper.

Sam looked modest, “It was nothing, honestly. I just told my theory to the paper, and they did the rest.  Jess, the people who go to school here are not all cruel people. They just go to with flow. Most people in our class actually like you; and they don’t care if you’re gay, bi or straight. You are a funny guy, and they told me that, they hated what happened.”

I thought back, all the people who made fun of me and that picture were strangers, Denise didn’t even make any comments and in class nobody mentioned it.

“At any rate, this is my home number; if you ever need to talk call me.”

We chatted a little longer and them Denise and I hit the books. Our test the next day was going to be fun one. I always sucked at math. She helped me with a few problems.  Eventually around eleven o’clock, we both called it a night. She kissed me on the lips; I knew where this was leading.

This time I took her hand and we went to our secret spot we found a week ago, with a comfortable couch and a locked door.  In no time, we were both naked and enjoyed each other. That night we agreed to officially become a couple.

We passed our tests and spent the days leading up to the Christmas vacation telling each other about our friends, and family, and our life up till now. When I told her about Scott, and Kris and the rest of my college friends, she listened and asked questions. She seemed to care a lot.

I can see now the difference between Preston and her. For once thing, she seemed to enjoy kissing me in public, and every day during school I would find her hand fondle my dick in even just for second. But, unlike Preston, when I talked, she listened to every word, I said. I could tell by her eyes and she seemed interested in me. With this comparison, I could tell how Preston was acting around me. I kick myself for never seeing it before.

It was three nights into the Christmas break, when Denise and I had to part ways. She was going away with her family to Hawaii; she would be back around just before the start of term.

“I will miss you Jess.”  She said to me on our last night together. I noted that she used my first name. She didn’t do it that often. I am not sure what to make of my relationship with Denise. She is kind soul, and great kisser, and has a body to kill for. After my experience with Preston, I decided not fully commit to this partnership, until we took more time. Hopefully, this time a part will help me settle this issue.

“I will miss you a lot too. I wish I could have gone with you.” It was true, a trip to Hawaii, would have made things a lot better.

“Nah, you wouldn’t find it all that fun, for the most part our family trips are family gossip, constant over talking of each other and trying to see who the loudest is. Not mention, my parents wouldn’t let me be alone with you.”

“That would be hard, the moment I see the beaches, I would want to put you on them.”  We kissed again for a long moment. I just didn’t want it to end. Boy or girl, I always enjoyed a great make out session. I moved my hand up her t-shirt and she enjoyed my caresses.  The night continued and for the first time since we met, we had sex in a bed.  It felt so good to slide my hard covered cock in her dripping wet pussy after some great foreplay.   She was so awesome in bed and couldn’t believe I was bi with the performance I gave her.
After the excitement, we talked for a few minutes about nothing particular. She did mention that she expected me to go this Christmas party at her friend’s house. Anna was nice girl but a little too chatty for my taste. Denise has been trying to get me to socialize more; however, most times I am with her friends, I kind of felt like third wheel. It was not for their lack trying to get me involved in their conversations. Just didn’t quite fit in with them.

I promised I would go the party though, and I knew her friends would report back to her if I didn’t make an appearance. That night, she cuddled up next to me and fell asleep in each my arms after she took me again. It was an amazing feeling. But is it the right feeling, I heard my thoughts say.

The next morning went too quickly, we showered together, and before I knew it she was gone. I was here alone for the Christmas holidays.  The time passed slowly, I tried to call my college friends, but most of them were in the middle of something, or had to things to attend too. I talked to Scott for a long time one evening, and he mentioned that he hasn’t spoken too many of the guys either. In passing, he mentioned this Vegas Wedding.

“That should be fun. Juan actually invited me too. I had to let him down. I couldn’t afford a trip to Vegas.”

“That’s too bad, I miss having you around. Whatever went on with Brennan is pretty much over; in fact a week ago we had minor fight, just as the Christmas vacation started.”

“I heard about the little stunt you performed on the road trip.”  Kris mentioned that little incident and the the fight that occurred afterward some time ago.

“Yeah, it just wasn’t right between us. “ I could tell Scott was hiding something, but I let the comment pass. “Anyways, how is school.”

I told him what had occurred and mentioned my friendship with Denise. Scott thinks, I am just on the rebound, but I don’t know. Around midnight Scott has to end the call.

“Sorry, bro. I would love to chat some more, but Trevor and Landon had fight, and need to play big brother.”

We said goodbye, and feeling tired I forwent to usual porn, and went to bed. The days passed without incident, until it came time for the party. I dressed it some hot clothes, and walked over to the party, and it was fun. I met some new people who went to my school. Hank was Anna’s boyfriend, and I had feeling he was gay though.  Alistair was in two my classes and was nice and friendly and even apologized for him and the school kids acted when the picture came out.

The best guy I met that night was Clinton. He looked exactly like a mix between Corey and Kris with those chiseled cheek bones and what looked to be one hell of a body by just seeing his thick arms. He grew up in a poor neighborhood, but had a mother and father who loved, and wished they could do better for their son. It took time and some luck, but eventually Clinton’s father was able to get steady work, and they managed to land on their feet. However, Clinton’s academics suffered, and he couldn’t get accepted to anywhere but at my junior college.

Around 11 pm, I called it an early night. I was needed to be up early to help Joe with a job.  It was only a 20 minute walk home. I didn’t drink that much that night, so I just thought about Clinton and all things he went through.  I was lucky to be well off, but I wasted my father’s money. 

Before I could finish the thought.  “GET HIM!” I heard very close behind me.  I heard three people running towards me, I ran like my life depended on me, and went through this construction site by Joe’s house.

I turned back and there were three guys on my tale. I recognized instantly. Vin and Quinn from high school, and Dirk from junior school. In all the running I tripped over a pile of wood, and fell. I quickly got up and picked up the wood. Before I could properly aim I felt a rock hit my side.

Without thinking I whacked the wood, like a batter waiting for a pitch, it stopped the next two rocks. Then, Vin came closer, before he could do anything, I whacked him on the side of the head. Dirk came up with a crowbar and tried to hit, but as he swung it missed nose by inches, but smacked the board out of my hand. I picked up the closed thing to me:  a piece of pipe. I threw it and it missed Quinn, but he tripped over it and fell over Vin, who was getting up.

Dirk had to hammers in his hand, while I picked up shovel I found. We started hitting each other, I managed to hit shovel hard in his groin, and he dropped the hammers to hold his crotch. By this time the others had regrouped. I could tell what was happening, but I felt to kicks in my rib and huge punch across my face. I managed to get my shovel free and swung it back hitting Dirk first and Quinn second.

At this point Vin and I were squaring up to fight, but I decided that retreating was better option, I ran full speed across the construction site. Vin gave chase, I noticed some exposed nails and screws on the a table and threw them on the ground, thinking it; he might step on it. Vin did just that, I smiled at that moment thinking I’d finally got the upper hand.

Then out of nowhere, I felt a punch across my face, instantly breaking my nose, and before I could register who hit me, I felt a brick hit me in the side of the head. Then, I saw black.

I don’t how much time passed, minutes, hours or even days. I opened my eyes when cold water splashed in my face.

“Rise and Shine you dumb fuck.” I heard someone say. I tried to move but I couldn’t. It took me a second to realize why. My hands and feet were tied to a steel post.  I felt a draft, and then pain. I looked down. I was naked from head to toe. My chest was bleeding.

“Why are you doing this to me? I asked, feeling the bump on the side of my head.  They laughed again, and Dirk showed me some glass. In the reflection, on my chest in blood read. “YOU’RE A FAG” I could feel he knife cuts.

“Admit it!” Quinn yelled.

“Admit fucking what?” I asked trying to figure what he was talking about. Then I felt a brick hit me on the head. I looked up and Vin was on scaffolding holding bricks, he threw another one and it hit me on shoulder.


“WHAT!”  I wanted to cry, but I was not going to give in. Dirk came with three huge stones at my head and arms. The pain was so much. I wished someone was here to help. I looked over, remembering my phone, but in corner of my eye it was smashed near, what I am guessing were remains of my clothes.



From far away, I heard. “Continue.”

At that point Quinn put a plastic bag over my blood soaked head. The next few minutes were extremely painful. I could feel the bricks falling on my head, and I could feel blades digging into my skin.  I wouldn’t give in. I wouldn’t scream. I wouldn’t ….BLACKNESS

“Hello, I need an ambulance at Fifth and Main, a kid has lost a lot of blood, and in serious condition.”  The construction worker covered up the kid’s body, and tried to apply first aid. The kid wasn’t moving. The ambulance arrived, and they immediately checked the kid’s condition. The paramedic looked at the construction worker and shook his head.

“Is he dead?” He asked.

“There is a pulse, but it’s pretty weak.”  He said, and grabbed the kid and put him on stretcher in the ambulance.

“Here.” The construction worker gave the paramedic. “I think its wallet.”  The paramedic took it and as the other paramedic did some checks.  On the way to hospital, the kid was unresponsive to everything. 
That day, his family was notified that Jess Frampton was in a coma.


Trevor and I were just watching a movie to get him over Landon. It looks like they may be over for a while. We were just getting the good part when I received a call.


“Scott?  It’s Katie.” I could tell from the voice, she was trying. Katie is Jess’s sister. “There has been an accident.”

“What happened?” My mind started playing images, while Trevor looked on, curiously.

“Jess was attacked, and he is the hospital. He is in a coma. I really think your presence would help matters.”

“I will be right there.”  I said and instantly hung up the phone. I knew I should when I talked to him at the beginning of the holiday, something was wrong. I raced to my room to dress and grab my stuff.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Dad asked.

“That was Jess’s sister.  He’s in the hospital and not looking good,” I replied.

“Really?  You’re bolting out of here for him?” Dad asked.

“Damn right I am,” I said and headed to the door with Trevor trailing me. 

“Scott, I hope he’s alright,” Trevor said at my car and hugged me.

“I do too,” I said and got in my car dressed in my hoodie and jeans.  I drove like a bat out of hell the entire two hours.  Fuck the police if they wanna pull my ass over.  There’s some serious shit going down and I am needed for my friend.  While driving, I called a few to tell them what I knew.

Parked, I ran into the hospital, looking and asking where I might find Jess.  The person at the desk pointed it out to me.  I went to his room and saw a few people.   I found it was his uncle, mom, dad and sister.  They gave me the gruesome details for it sounded as though this was a serious hate crime that needed to be dealt with.  Finally I was allowed back to see Jess. Nothing would prepare me for this image.

He lay there with tubes running everywhere and his face looking awful.  He’s eyes were covered, his nose looked missing. My blood boiled to no end.  I stepped out of the room for a second to release a little anger on the poor vending machine outside before going back in with a better state of mind.  I grabbed his bruised hand and held it.  I leaned over and kissed it while machines assisted Jess’s breathing.  I wanted him to talk in the worst way and tell me what really did happen.  I teenaged kid entered, he looked to me be Jess’s age.

“Who are you?” I asked curtly.

“I was a friend.”  He leaned over to Jess and spoke softly into his undamaged ear. “I’m sorry.” I think he said. The kid started crying.  I have a strong feeling that was Preston. He looked vaguely how Jess described him. Before I could question him further he disappeared. I sat holding Jess’s hand. I couldn’t think of anything else, but Jess right now. I didn’t want to tell Kris or the others, they would want to come here, and Jess wouldn’t want a big commotion, I know the Frampton’s wouldn’t either. 

His parents, sister and Joe entered the room while I was sitting next to his bed.  They talked while I was in my own little world.  The family eventually went to dinner, Katie stayed behind, I guess to keep me company. She asked me what was on my mind.

“Jess was a dear friend.  He understood me like no one else except for Juan maybe.”  She nodded, and listened to me think out loud.   “Since we’re both bi, it was natural that we had grown close.  I fondly remember our ski trip.  To me, Jess made love to me countless times on the trip.  I didn’t give a fuck what the others thought of us hooking up
“Jess was more than a fuck buddy to me.  He was a friend who was there so much for all the great times we had.  His departure from college wasn’t my idea and caught me so off guard.  Once I heard his reason, I knew he felt trapped and needed an out.  There’s no telling how many times he’s apologized to me for it.  Once would have been plenty for me but he still apologizes for jumping me. Sorry.”

She looked confused. “What for?”

“I was just rambling. Thanks though for calling me.”

“Jess told me so often how much he feels about you. He cares deeply about you. More so than his other college buddies. Your appearance would help him wake up. I know it.”

The family came back, and Jess’s mom spoke, “So who is staying with Jess tonight?”

Joe spoke up, “I could.”

“I won’t have it,” I said and stood. “Everyone probably has a job that needs you.  I’d be more than happy to stay with my buddy here.”

“Scott…” his mom cried out. “You shouldn’t do that.”

“I don’t mind at all.  I see he needs me so there’s no arguing.”

“Not from me even though I doubt I sleep a wink,” his mom said.

“That won’t be a first,” his dad said.

“Because you snore,” his mom replied.

They said their goodbyes and left us alone.   Once they were gone, I sat next to him, holding his limp hand and stroking his hair.  He looked so lifeless and awful.  I pulled up his gown to see his battered body with bandages all over it.  Down his leg, there were severe cuts.  He was still in great shape with nice defined abs as always.  It was not the time but damn his cock looked so great.  There were many times I had the pleasure of having it in my mouth and inside of me. I gave it a little rub, just to see if it helped.

I heard the door open with a male nurse coming in the room. I quickly put his gown over him.  He was a big guy with dark blonde hair.  He smiled at me.  “They did a number on him, huh?”

“I’ll say,” I replied. “So how’s he doing?”

“We really don’t know yet but things are looking positive,” the nurse said.  The nurse moved Jess’s gown and checked his bandages.  “I will say that him being in such good shape does help.  It really ups his chances.”

“That’s good to know,” I said.

The nurse continued to check Jess over and left the gown off his body.  He finished what he was doing, put Jess’s gown back over him and was about to leave, “I’ll be in here about every 3 hours throughout the night.”

“I’ll be here,” I said.

He smiled at me and left the room.  It did give me the chance to make a few calls to report on Jess’s condition. I couldn’t call the guys. I knew Jess didn’t want to worry them, and Kris would come in all guns blazing. I will tell them after the wedding.  I hope he will be awake by then. Looking at his beautiful face, I cried. I promised myself I wouldn’t leave his side until he wakes up.

It wasn’t easy sitting there alone.  So many emotions bombarded my head about this guy.   Revenge was all that crossed my mind at the time.  I don’t know who did this. Nobody knows. To rid myself of those horrible feelings, I had to think of all the good times we had.   I still get pissed as hell knowing he showed a few of the guys the joy of gay sex on our adventuresome spring break trip.  I was preoccupied with my boy toy and missed what was a great time.  Yeah he fucked me so good but I’d rather it had been me showing the guys what pleasure there is in having sex with guys.  Damn, I was getting a boner just thinking about it.  I had to adjust my jeans. 

Jess had done so well and now had suffered this major setback.  He was a trooper and no doubt recover as strong as ever.  Yet he didn’t look like it at the present moment.  I was happy for him that he was doing the things totally necessary to return to the fold.  He always kept me abreast of his grades and was excited that things were going so well.  

That night, I didn’t sleep very well.  I don’t know how they expect a person to sleep while coming in every 3 hours and how fucking hard the pullout chair was.  Still, I wouldn’t be anywhere else. 

I did doze off and was awakened by Jess’s sister, Katie.  She entered the room and pulled up a chair next to me while I stretched and shook off the cob webs.

“Scott, Jess doesn’t know how lucky he is to have you as a friend.  I know all about what happened.  It takes a big person to forgive and bigger one to be here in his time of need,” she commented.

“Ah, it ain’t nothing.”

“You do know it is Christmas Eve…”

“I do,” I said nodding and trying to get my hair to look decent. “So what are they saying about this?  Surely to goodness the police are looking into this.”

“They are but you know the pace they move.  It’s a shame someone would do this.  I don’t care what he did or is.  He doesn’t deserve this shit.”

“No one does.  I just hope the police find them before my friends and I do.  There will be hell to pay.” Katie went to get us some coffee.

The teen who entered before came back. He brought flowers, he didn’t say anything.  He sat and held  Jess’s hand. Katie returned. “GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY BROTHER’S ROOM!”

The kid didn’t want any trouble, with tears in eyes; he left. I looked at her.

“That was Preston! That was the fucker who used my brother as his personal plaything.”

“You don’t think?”  She said no. “Preston was actually at the party when the event went down. The police questioned everybody there. It turns out, when Preston learned of what occurred, he was shocked."

Soon, Jess’s mom and dad were by to visit.  I left so they could be with him and share their Christmas sentiment.  I could see by their faces they were tired and looked very concerned.  

The phone rang, Trevor wanted to know an update and told Landon and he may be getting back together. Dad and Mom wished me a merry Christmas.  The college guys all called and texted me; I knew Jess wouldn’t want them knowing what had occurred.

“Scott.” Kris called. “Are you okay?”

“It has been a suck ass Christmas. I didn’t get any good presents. How was yours?”

“Same old Matt and Corey came over with Linda.  Mom went all out and cooked a great meal.  I did tell Matt about how I slept with Corey.  He was cool as fuck about it though.”

“Corey mentioned that earlier,” I said. I kept deflecting to get the questions of me. We chatted for a while. I couldn’t tell him where it was though. I was hard lying to him.

Upon returning, they were gracious enough to invite me to dinner.   After thinking about and the food here, I agreed.

As I was heading out the door to join them, I noticed a chapel.  I wasn’t religious at all but knew it couldn’t hurt.   I knelt down at the altar and offered up the most sincere prayer or what I thought was a prayer.  It was more like I was talking to the ceiling but from my heart.  I don’t know if it made it past the ceiling but I made good knowing I had done it.

Mrs. Frampton welcomed me inside and offered me the bathroom so I could freshen up.   It was nice taking a shower and cleansing my body.  While showering, I took care of some business.  It felt fucking good stroking my cock.  I loved seeing the skin going back and forward until I busted a nice load.  I knew Jess had done it here and would be proud I had too.  I kept the beard in honor of Jess. Now I began to wonder if Vegas was ‘in the cards’ at all.  I was torn like hell between being there for Juan or being at Jess’s side.  If worse came to worse, I’d beg my parents to fly me out there if things didn’t clear up.  I doubt that they really would but I was willing to try.  It dawned on me that Jess really means that much to me. He wasn’t just my buddy. I really cared deeply for him. I really hated leaving his side.

The dinner was nice with Mr. Frampton leading us in a prayer.  He too stated he wasn’t religious but felt it was necessary.   We enjoyed a nice ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, yams (which I didn’t eat) along with some fresh bread.  They were very nice and thanked me for coming to be with Jess.   I said it was nothing.  I didn’t leave before having some great homemade apple pie.  Now I was full and ready to return to Jess.

Leaving I passed their tree and knew one person would be missing this year. 

Back at Jess’s side, the same male nurse was back on duty.  He reported all signs were still good but nothing had really changed.  I tried watching TV on their shitty TV but it was hopeless.  The entire time Jess’s hand was in mine.  I cried and wondered if there was real physical damage along with mental damage.  I had cried but not this much but it just felt right at the time.  It was beginning to set in that maybe Jess wouldn’t pull through. I couldn’t think that. I looked at him, and throw his scaring; his smiling face was looking great to me.

That night, there was no way I could sleep.  All I could do was look over at Jess in his state.  My hand caressed his lifeless cheek and then his shoulders.  

“Damn Jess, I want you to know just how much I really love you,” I said to him.  “You really need to pull through this shit.  I AM counting on you.”

“Hey, don’t worry if I miss my trip to see Juan get married.  Dude, can you believe he’s getting married?  He’s the first but he has one in the oven so to speak,” I said and chuckled. “Are we lucky we haven’t knocked up a girl?  We both like girls but damn we do love us some guys as well.  I hope this setback doesn’t change you and the way you feel.  I’ll miss all the good times we had.”

The door opened with the nurse coming in.   “So, are you his friend?”

“I am.  We meet in college and have way too much in common.  He lived across the hall from me,” I replied with the nurse doing his thing. 

He finished up and left.  I leaned over and kissed Jess on the lips.  It was strange with nothing coming back in return.  I stopped and sat back down.  Tears flooded my eyes.  “Dammit Jess, wake the fuck up!  I love you!” I thought out of something in desperation. I lifted his gown up and looked at his flaccid cock.  I whispered again, after his gown went back down. “I really love you.”

It was about 10 Christmas morning.  I called my house to have my folks begging me to come home.  I said I would once I saw Jess was okay.  Trevor got on the phone and was crying once I told him all about Jess.  My fear was this could be him instead of Jess. 

“Scott, I love you,” I heard a weak voice.   I almost dropped my phone and told Trevor a quick goodbye.

“Dude, you’re awake!” I screamed and was so excited.  I hugged his neck and kissed his lips.  He was still weary.

“I am but where the fuck am I?  Better yet, how did I get here?”


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