This chapter takes place the weekend Jess visits the guys at School, Sophomore Chapter 35


The day after Jess left town, I smiled.  I hated Jess; everything about him was annoying to me at first.  His endless stories about Kris and his college friends, his need to move their relationship to a more physical level, all of it pissed me off.

Everything worked to my brother’s plan.  When my brother recruited me for this task, I had to say ‘yes’.  This was the only way to send a message.  Now it was time to meet him in the Man Cave and continue this little plan of his.

The door opened and in Lee, my brother.  We embraced and sat down. Dirk was already there, watching some old porn video.  Lee turned off the video and Dirk gave my brother a beer.

“Guys, I wanted to thank you again, you have put the plan in motion.  Things couldn’t have been better.”   Knowing the details of the plan helped me go along with it.  I looked over to Dirk, who was new the plan.

“Dirk, taking that picture of Jess with the slut, it was beautifully done.  I still don’t know how you got Jess to go there in the first place.”

Dirk nodded his acknowledgement of my thanks. “I have my ways. I had a friend of mine who was going to school with him, strike up conversation about Jess’s clothes, and that eventually led to Jess going to the whore’s shop; who I got to fuck him. She called me right as he walked in.”

Lee smiled again, “That is wonderful.  The pictures helped a lot.  Welcome to the group.”

“I still don’t understand why we are doing this to the kid,” Dirk questioned.

Lee looked at me, and I nodded.  Lee told my best friend the story.  Up until now, I had kept the whole thing secret from him, until Lee gave me the okay.

“The short version is this.  I was starting college, it was a bad time.  My best friend got caught up in some big trouble.  And it was pissing me off that I couldn’t be there.  Anyways,  I roomed with this kid, Corey.  He reeked of gutter trash.  I eventually learned that he was a fag.  He brought his stupid queer of boyfriend over every chance he could.  Then I caught the two stupid fags kissing in my fucking dorm room.  I was pissed as hell.”

Dirk nodded, and then spoke. “You should be!”

I couldn’t contain myself, “It’s true, the fags were about to start making out when he walked in.  Lee slapped the motherfucker, and his pussy ass boyfriend started crying.  Then, it got worse.  The king of the fairies showed up.”

“Yeah,” Lee continued, “Kris.  That cocky asshole thought he owned the fucking hall.  A fight broke out and the stinking RA broke it up, yelled at me for starting the fight.  I tried my best to defend myself.  It wasn’t happening.  Eventually, I left and moved in with some buddies of mine.  They are supposed to arrive here soon.”

“Wait.  So, all this is because two fags kissed, and this asshole, Kris got in a fight with you?”

We both nodded to Dirk’s question.  Then he asked, “Why pick on this Jess fucker.”

“We need to send a fucking message!  Obviously, we can’t hurt the fag and pussy boyfriend, with their merry men around him. Luck would have it, Jess moved back home.”

“Wait, wait, wait.”  Dirk looked confused still, “How did you know Jess was moving back here?”

Before Lee could answer the question, his friends walked in: Vin and Quinn.  Lee nodded towards them as an answer.  I knew their connection to Jess.  Vin and Quinn were good friends with Jess at one point.   Jess had the gall to bring Corey and Matt to their place.  Vin and Quinn understandably had some fun at their expense.  It led to Jess confronting them and basically ending that friendship by stealing their liquor and peeing on Quinn’s car.

Lee was looking for a place to stay and met Quinn, not realizing the connection until they started talking.   Since then, Lee asked them to keep tabs of Jess.  At this point Lee had filled Dirk in with this entire part of the story.

Quinn continued by saying. “Simply put Dirk, after that fucker peed on the fucking car, I wanted to get some revenge.  Lee told me his story and we joined forces.”

“It looked like nothing was going to happen.  Then, bang, Jess decided to withdraw from school.  Word travels fast up there,” Vin concluded, he and Quinn went to same school as Jess’s friends.

Dirk finally understood the entire story of why we were doing this.  I have my own personal motives for agreeing to this radical plan.  It was an interesting tale. I was just about to reveal it, when Vin tapped me on the shoulder, “Congrats, bro.”

Vin and I had become great friends when Lee brought him home one evening during the Christmas break.

“Thanks, it was nothing.” I said.

“Nothing?  Fuck man. You fucking fucked a fag.”

“Yeah,” I whispered. “Don’t remind me.”

Lee smiled and slapped me on the back, “Tell them how you did it.”

“Basically, when we learned that Jess would be going to my school, I made up some line to get his attention, and then made chit chat.  It took him a few minutes to talk about Kris and his fairy friends.  It was easy playing the part of a nervous virgin.”

They laughed at that, seeing that they all knew about the number of girls I banged.  “To be honest, I was nervous every time he touched me; even in private.  I felt like some disease was attacking me, and I was scared I’d catch it.  However, what got me through it all; I knew what this would mean to my brother.”

I seemed to have the entire group’s attention, “The hard part, was the actual fucking.  I knew it had to happen.  That feeling of being used, and abandoned, must have thrown him, as Lee predicted.”

Lee smiled and slapped me on the back again.  “Honestly, bro, I couldn’t be happier; I don’t think anybody in this room would have crossed that road.”

With that being said, Lee laid out the rest of the plan.  If I ever told Lee the whole truth he would kill me. 

After everybody left, Lee and I spent some brotherly time together, we went out to dinner.  It was interesting meal, I couldn’t tell Lee how I really felt; it would hurt him, and end me.

However, another question came to my mind, “Where were you?”

“Huh?”  The question caught Lee off guard.  “Here and there.”  

I gave him the look that meant:  give me a straight answer. 

“Well, the truth is I went to do some surveillance work on fag’s friend up at college.  A friend of Quinn’s was throwing a party; so I joined them.  Well, after a few minutes, to my shock the two lover boys, Corey and what’s his name enter the party with their arrogant prick of a leader and his merry men.“

That surprised me, but I listened to him tell his story.  He found Quinn’s friend, Jason, and they started chatting.  The conversation quickly turned to their hatred of faggots.

“Yeah,” Lee said, “so I pointed Jason to the lover boys who came in, and were about to kiss.  I told Jason how disgusting that was, and he did the rest.  He said something like, ‘what are two fucking faggots doing here?’  And that caught people’s attention.  He continued to insult about them, and Kris got involved.  They didn’t even notice me, I don’t think.”

I just nodded, and he continued, “Get this, Jason throws a beer at him, which got that Matt guy mad.

He punched Jason in the face, and a little fight occurred.  I was amazed that Matt defended himself, instead of crying.   After the freaks left, I talked to Jason and planted in his head that he shouldn’t let them get away with this.  I don’t really know if he is going to do it, though.”

I laughed at that, only barely listening to this tale, as I keep recounting the sex with Jess in my head and how it made me feel.



I left the school a short time ago and the two hours travel went by so quickly.  I am really glad I got the invite from Kris.  Hanging with the guys is just what I need.  Preston being all assholic to me was something I wasn’t ready for.  I stopped at a car wash and was lucky they were able to remove the graffiti off my car. I don’t want anybody to know about that.

I called Kris and told him I was there, when I entered the parking lot.  He met me outside with Colt.  It was good seeing these guys.  Kris looked hotter than ever, and Colt looked great too.  They smiled at me and gave me a big ass hug.

“Come on, Matt is waiting to see your ass,” Kris said, while grabbing me around the back, then whispered. “I didn’t tell anybody, not even Matt.” I was glad he didn’t mention my phone call about Preston’s action to anybody.”

“Thanks.” I whispered back.  Scott met us at the front door.  Seeing his smiling face made my day.  He looked sexy as ever.  He hugged me with great emotion; I could tell that he missed me, too.

“I’m sorry, Scott.”  He laughed at that as we followed Kris and Colt into the room.  I gave Matt a sincere hug, and looked around the room.  “Wow, this is really nice. Y’all have it made, compared to last year.”

They told me about what has been going around, while I let them know that I just came off a bad relationship.  I told bits and pieces about Preston, leaving off the events about what Preston and his friends did.

Eventually, Chase and Tabor called and came to the room; I spotted the resemblance very quickly and knew which one was Chase.

“Dude that tattoo is bad ass,” Tabor commented seeing my tattoo since I was giving everybody a full view of it.  Preston had dared me to get one the day after our first date. 

“Jess, I heard earlier you left. Why’d you leave?”

“Oh, I was failing and then fucked up big time.  I got into a little skirmish with Scott here, thinking I could get with his ass…” I replied.  Not really something I wanted to dwell on.  It was in the past and will stay there.

“Are you gay, as well?” Chase asked.

“No, little Colt, I’m bi, just like your brother,” I replied.  My eyes darted to Colt who looked pissed.

“What the fuck, Jess!” Colt yelled with his arms extended and the veins in his neck about to burst.  Kris was about to burst out laughing, and squirming like crazy.

“You are.  You and Kris have fucked,” I said defensively.

“Colt, you have?” Tabor asked with complete silence from everyone else, except for Kris withholding his laughter.

Colt banged his fist into the couch, “Damn you, Jess! You sorry ass motherfucker!”

“It is the fucking truth!” I said.  All this abuse from my former friends and Preston;  I wasn’t going to take this shit easy.

“Chill Colt,” Chase said.

“Chill, my ass, Chase!” Colt yelled standing.

“Dude, it’s not that big of a deal,” Chase said.

Colt left in a huff and went to his room.  We sat and looked at each other.

“Jess, Colt never wanted Chase to find out,” Kris said, and had stopped withholding his laughter. 

“Now I feel like pure shit,” I said and went to the door.  I did it again.  First, I outed Corey and Matt to Colt the freshman year.  Then I outed Kris to his high school friend during the summer.  Now I did this.  I opened the door and went inside.  Chase followed behind as the rest came, too.  Colt was sitting on his bed and staring at a wall.

“Colt, I said I don’t care if you are bi or what,” Chase said.

“Chase, I’m not fucking bi.  Get that out of your head,” Colt said.

Kris spoke up, “Look guys, it happened, alright.  We were curious.  Some people never act out on it, but we did.  Most guys are curious, right?”

“Not me,” Tabor said.

“Dude, we’ve jacked off together more than once,” Chase said.

“Chase, are you curious?” Scott said.

“Not really about doing it with other guys, but it’s not that big a deal,” Chase replied.

“See Colt, we’re all in the same boat,” I said.  “I’m sorry and had no idea.”

“Use your head next time,” Colt stated. “Chase, are we cool?”

“Yeah, we’re cool,” Chase said.

“Don’t ever say one word to Dad about this shit, either,” Colt said.

“Don’t worry.  He’d shit a brick,” Chase commented.

They filled me in on Colt’s Dad.  With that little excitement, we had forgotten about the cold refreshments until we heard Bishop open the door.  We had to tell him about the ordeal.  The talking continued with more people entering the room, and eventually it led to a discussion about school.

“Jess, so how are you doing in school now?” Brennan asked.

“I’m doing pretty good, for me.  I’m trying to catch up,” I replied with a beer stuck in my hand as it had been all night.

“Catch up?” Corey asked.

“Let me tell ya.  Every day, I wish I was here with all y’all, especially after seeing what I’ve seen tonight…” I replied.

“Yeah, lots of really hot girls,” Tabor interrupted. I liked Tabor, something about him, reminds me of a young Kris. I wonder what he was like in high school.

“Boy, those are women,” Colt said, who had been doing his fair share of drinking.  “You and Chase are fucking high school girls. Wait till you get some real shit.”

“I’m glad Andrea decided to leave,” Scott said.  “This could get deep.”

“Why did she leave, bro?” Kris asked.

“Oh, she knew it would be just us guys shooting the shit,” Colt laughed.

“You better not let her ass slip away,” Bishop stated.

“As I was saying before jackass back there interrupted me,” I said, “I don’t know Bishop, but the rest of you I do.  Don’t blow this chance.  Not a one of us have wealthy parents…”

“Bishop does,” Kris said.

“Good for him,” I said.  “This is your chance to make something out of yourself and I’m speaking to me. I’ve been fighting like hell to get back here since the first time when I didn’t think my grades were that important.  Don’t y’all let me down?  Sure, it’s fun as hell partying, like tonight, but I’m pretty sure Matt keeps the hammer down in here…”

“Fuck yeah, he does,” Colt said.  “You heard about the big fight.”

“Keep up your grades, then party like a motherfucker when there’s no studying to do, else you’ll be right there with me, but even further behind.  Don’t let me down, and use me as a prime example of what happens when you fuck up and think the grades aren’t important,” I continued. All the bad things that have happened this year could have been avoided had I not fucked up.

“Chase, did you and Tabor hear that shit?” Colt yelled over to him.

“I did.  Did you, Tabor, or are you too fucking drunk to remember that?” Chase asked and quickly got the finger from Tabor.

“Dudes, I’m serious.  Don’t waste this chance of a lifetime.  I hear so many say that they can finish college whenever, but most don’t.  It’s hard as hell, but keep going,” I said.  “I don’t want anybody experiencing what I went through.”

“Jess, you need to give that speech to my other two roomies.  They don’t party, but I swear Justin and Drew never study,” Brennan stated.

“Sorry to be a real downer like that, but I needed to say that so you won’t fight a good friend as your way out,” I commented and headed to the bathroom.  When I returned the talk turned to the game the next day, but eventually we called it quits and I went with Scott back to his room.  The arrangements worked out that I would be staying with him.

It was little after one when I entered Scott’s room. We sat on the bed.  It looked like Scott wanted to say something, but didn’t know how to bring it up.

“What’s wrong, Jess?” He spit out.

“Huh?  Nothing’s wrong,” I said.

“Of course it is.  You can fool everybody else, but you can’t fool me.”  I am having déjà vu all over again.   Kris said the same thing at Scott’s house last summer.  The thing is: I was hiding stuff from the guys; I don’t like burdening them with my feelings and emotions.

“Scott.  The truth is school is fucking hard; you don’t know how much I regret what happened.”

“I know bro. I forgive you. “

“I don’t mean that.  The whole partying without studying, it turned my whole world upside down.  When I told Dad about it, he kicked me out of the fucking house until I could figure out a solution.”

“Then, I try to have some friends, having you guys as a bench mark is no help, I meet Preston, and we hit off.”

“Yeah,” Scott said as he was just listening, which is totally unexpected for Scott.  I was about to say more, but Brennan entered the room with a smile and kissed Scott ‘hello,’ which caused Scott to smile wickedly.

Scott stood up and kissed Brennan more aggressively.  The feeling of awkwardness and simply being shocked came over me.

I was also beginning to wonder if they forgot I was there, as Brennan’s jacket fell to the floor.  I cleared my throat to gain some attention.

Scott’s back was already facing me and he turned his head around with one arm around Brennan’s neck, and said, “Oh, I’m sorry Jess. Um.. Jess, why don’t you join us?  This will take away whatever is bothering you.”  Scott said that while unzipping Brennan’s pants with Brennan kissing Scott’s neck.

Scott walked over to me with a nice bulge in his semi-tight pants and put his hand around my neck and kissed me. He broke away from the kiss and said, “It’s ok.”

He then took my hand and walked me over to where Brennan was now sitting on the bed.  The whole time I was reluctant to participant, because I had so much going through my mind.  Maybe Scott is right about night sex and fun could take away whatever is on my mind.

Scott began kissing me in the same manner he had kissed Brennan just moments ago, while Brennan was kissing his neck and back after Scott had eventually lost his shirt.

Scott and I continued our making out, slobbering over each other and in every imaginable way.  I started to get into the flow of things and stopped kissing Scott, pushing him onto the bed .  We moved over to Brennan and began kissing him.  I removed his shirt and finished removing his pants, leaving Brennan in nothing but his boxer briefs.

Brennan then returned the favor to me, but as his was removing my pants after removing my shirt, I stopped him, feeling a little awkward.

Scott said, “It’s ok, Jess, trust me.”

Scott was now naked after removing the rest of his clothes himself; massaging his asshole and jacking his dick with his other hand.

Scott was putting my mind at ease and I began to go with the flow of things; just letting it all go and becoming a sexual being like Brennan and my friend Scott.

I pulled Scott to me and kissed him again while Brennan and I were making a sandwich with him.   Brennan was steadily kissing his neck as moans were coming from all three of us.  I took my hands and cupped Brennan’s ass.  I was shaking as I was doing so.

Scott turned away from me and began kissing Brennan in the same manner as we had.  I then sat on the bed and began jerking my cock and moaning loudly.  I shocked  myself with the way I became sexually aroused by Scott and Brennan.

I knew Scott and I had had sex before , but this was a threesome and was very different.

Scott noticed I was satisfying myself.  I saw him shake his head and then he got on top of me and began kissing my neck and going down to my nipples and easing down to my cock as he began sucking it.

As Scott was sucking my dick, I saw Brennan ease down to Scott’s ass as it was sticking out and Brennan began eating it while Scott was moaning loudly.

Scott continued to suck my cock and I said to Scott, “I’m close.”

Scott responded, “Ok”.

Soon after that I let out a loud moan with cum filling Scott’s mouth and some dripping out of the sides.   Scott swallowed what was in his mouth - which was still a lot - and left what fell on my balls and pelvic area alone.

Scott turned around and laid down on top of me with his back to me while I recovered from my climax.   He continued to let Brennan eat his ass and then his pulled him up for a kiss, saying, “Fuck me, fuck me good.”

“Ok” Brennan replied kissing Scott again.  He got some lube and a condom, and applied the lube to Scott’s well licked ass and then lubed his dick after he put the condom on.

I moved over as I was coming down from my climax and my dick began to rise again.  Brennan and Scott began to fuck, slowly at first and began to put up the pace.

I began jacking my dick while the two of them fucked.

They started moaning louder and l began to join in on the moaning as I satisfied myself.

Scott and Brennan’s fuck session began to intensify when both of their moans grew into pleasurable screaming.  Cum came flying out of Scott’s hard dick without him even touching it.  Brennan took his dick out Scott’s ass and jerked it to spew cum onto Scott’s stomach.

Brennan collapsed on top of Scott, basking in the afterglow with Scott legs wrapped around him.  He looked over at me and motioned me over with his finger.   I did so as Scott kissed me while continuing to moan.

Brennan then recovered from his explosive orgasm, got up, and flopped down in Scott’s desk chair.  I could tell he was exhausted.

Scott then went down on my dick again, just to get it rock hard.  He put a condom on me, applying some lube, and I then applied some to his ass again.

I then started pushing the head of my dick into his ass, moving more and more slowly and steadily.

As soon as I had all of my cock deep into Scott, I began to plunge at a steady pace and went to town.  During the fuck session, I could feel all of my problems flying out of the window, figuratively speaking of course.

Scott and I fucked in the missionary position and kissed while doing so.  We both moaned as loud as he and Brennan had.  This love session was hot as hell, I thought to myself.  Then I brought myself to say it out loud, “Scott, this is hot as hell.”

Scott was too wrapped up in ecstasy and pleasure to respond coherently, but I knew he agreed.  He then pushed me off of him and moved to a doggy style position.

I entered Scott again and moaned loud once more.  I began fucking Scott in a steady pace again and recovered the ecstasy.

Scott and I were well into the fuck session when I felt a sensation I never felt before.  I looked behind me and saw Brennan kneeling down and eating my ass while jacking his dick.  My moans, as well as, Scott’s and Brennan’s grew louder.

Scott then screamed, “Fuck me, Jess.  Fuck me good, fuck me hard.”  He moaned after saying that phrase; sort of moaning like a girl. That made it hotter for some reason.

I did as Scott told me and became a lot more aggressive.  I could tell Scott loved it.  Brennan kept up with my pace and continued eating my ass.

Scott then started moaning louder almost screaming.  Then he came again, not as much as the first time, but he did it hands free again.  I followed soon after, disposing my juice in the condom.

I pulled myself out of Scott and flung the condom across the room.  I pulled Brennan up to me, kissed him, and jerked his dick.  He soon came in my hand with some shooting onto my lower stomach.  We all fell down on Scott’s bed as Scott said to me, “How do you feel now?”

“I feel great,” I responded.

“Good,” Scott replied, and kissed me on my cheek.

We kissed and all three of us fell asleep in the same bed.

The next day went by rather quickly; we met at Matt’s room and we headed over to the game.  The game ended badly for us, but not really being a big football fan, it didn’t affect me too much.  I was just thinking about Preston and how I was so fooled by him.  I really don’t know if I can face him back at school.

After the game, we headed back to Matt’s, and started talking about nothing important.  The noise level was rising and Rick eventually came in to see how things were.  I was delighted to see Rick, and he definitely was surprised to see all of us there.

“I was just checking up on the party room.  I’m cool with this as long as no one complains,” Rick said. 

“Well, I’ll be damned.  All the crew is here.”

“Hell yeah, we are,” I said.  “We got the good news just minutes ago.  Juan’s going be a daddy.”

“Congrats, Juan!” Rick yelled to him.  Eventually, Rick came over to speak to me.

“How are you doing, Jess?”

“Good,” I lied.  “School is going real well.  I am getting a few A’s and everything?”

“That’s great.  Are you still planning on coming back next year?”

“Yeah, of course.  I love these boys.”

“Awesome  I may be able to help you out.” 

I listened to his idea, and it was really a good one.  We hugged and then he went to congratulate Juan in person.  Rick has been a great friend.  They are all good friends.  Then my thoughts flipped back to home.

However, Kris, being his usual self, got us all to moon the camera, including Rick, who had a nice ass, I must say. The talking continued, and eventually Ted Wilcox came in.  I got my picture taken with them.  Kris opened his mouth right after that.

“Matt, I would hand you one… oh fuck!  Everyone listen up!” Kris said.  “We haven’t had the chance to tell you about Matt here.”

“Oh, great,” Matt said quickly

“What?” I asked; that piqued my interest.

“He decked some homophobic asshole frat boy last weekend,” Scott interrupted.  Kris, Colt, Corey and Scott joined in to relive the tale.

“Nice story, but you made that shit up,” I said.  I wasn’t going to believe this.

“Tell ‘em, Matt,” Scott said.

“I don’t know about the two punches, but I was pissed as hell,” Matt stated and he told us more.  I couldn’t believe this tale.  However, it got me thinking.  Eventually, the conversation wound down and people started leaving.  Scott and I were the last ones to remain, but eventually we said goodnight around 4:00 in the morning.

Scott and I didn’t speak, as we were both tired.   We both went to sleep in each other’s arms as the beds were still together from the previous night.  Around six am, I woke up from a horrible nightmare.

I was having lunch in the cafeteria at school and received a letter from a guy in my class who thought I was really hot.  Not thinking anything about it, I went to meet him at a place he arranged.  When I got there, I didn’t see anybody.  Out of nowhere, four guys in masks got a hold of me.  They stripped me naked, tied me to a tree, and started throwing rocks and bottles at my head.  They were saying some evil shit to me; forcing me to say ‘Hail Mary’s’.  One bottle hit me and I lost consciousness.

I got out of bed and went to the main room, where I needed to wash my face with water.  I must have waked up Scott, because he came out of the bedroom to check on me.

“Are you okay?” he asked sincerely.

“I just had a bad nightmare.  It was horrible, actually.”

“Do you want to tell me about it?  I am here for you; now and forever.”

“I am so lucky to have friend like you,” I confessed.

“What can I say?  I am hot and I have a great ass,” he boasted.

“That is so true.”  I slapped his ass and told him to go back to sleep and I would join him in a little while.  I went to a table and got out my laptop to check my emails.  Then I checked my Facebook account, it had been awhile; I almost didn’t remember the password. Then, when I opened it, I wished I hadn’t.  Fifty Wall messages were on the screen; all of them one homophobic slur after another, after another. 

Some were from Dirk, Aiden and Will.  The one that hurt the most was from Preston:  “Be a good fruit and die.”

I couldn’t handle it. I got up and paced, then I decided to use Corey’s technique and drove to the Rec Center, which was surprisingly open this early.  I worked out for 30 minutes and felt better.  I got back in time to see Scott get up.

We all went to have some fun with Matt.  We stripped naked in the room and had a blast.  I didn’t think about my home situation at all.  Then it was time to leave, and Matt and Corey were nice enough to walk me to my car.

“Before I leave, I need to talk to you, Corey. “ I said honestly.

“Do you want me to go?” Matt asked.

“Nah, it’s okay.” I told Corey about my dream, and I told them about the messages I received.

“Bro, I don’t know if I have the strength to go back.”

“Of course, you do.” Corey said to me, “Come sit down.”

“When I was in high school, I dealt with that type of shit.  It was a horrible experience.  The entire school hated me.  My entire family couldn’t deal with me.  My own mother thought it was a disease, a sickness, hoping that I could be fucking cured.  It got so bad that I wanted to die.  So I walked to the edge of town where there was this cliff and I jumped.”

Matt and I looked shocked.  I guess Matt is hearing the details for the first time.  Corey continued, “I was saved by a man who just happened to be passing through.  We got to talking, and he gave me the strength to continue.”

“I don’t have anybody like that.” I said out loud without thinking.

“Of course you do.” Matt interjected. “Corey and I will be there for you.  There isn’t one person from yesterday who wouldn’t help you.”

“Matt’s right; we know you.  We know the real Jess Frampton.  We love you like brothers.  I personally will do anything to help you get through this.  Call me anytime day or night.”

“Me, too.”  Matt said.

With that I hugged them good bye, and used that strength to go back home.  I wonder what to expect when I get there.


Meanwhile, in a different city, Fred was playing football with his best friend.  They were laughing and having a good time. Just then Fred’s mother called them in for dinner.  It was spaghetti night.  Fred’s mother was such a good cook, that Fred’s best friend was there every night, almost.

After dinner they went up to Fred’s bedroom and played some video games.  Fred had met his friend just a year ago.  It was just a chance meeting; the guy looked lost, so Fred tried to help the best he could.

They had a bite to eat and eventually just started chatting.  One thing led to another; the two became the best of pals.

“I’m going to beat your ass.” Fred mentioned to his friend.  His friend looked glum and wasn’t putting all his effort into it.  So Fred paused the game and they both sat on the bed.

“What’s up?”

“I think it’s time I left.”

“Bro, you practically live here. Why would you want to go now?”

“I mean go home.  I need to find out where I came from?”

Fred knew that his friend had suffered a head injury before he met him. The injury caused amnesia. They talked about finding out his origins, but his friend was never ready.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes.  I need to find my parents; I need to know if I have any siblings.”

“Okay, then I’m coming with you.”

“Like hell you are.  You are my best friend, and your mother would go mad if she knew her only son wanted to go with me.  Besides, this could take months, years.”

“I don’t fucking care.  I want to see you succeed in this.  So, I am going.  Besides, Mom and I talked about it, and she’s okay with it.  She’d rather I go with you than you going alone.”

His friend thought having the company would be helpful.  “I don’t even know where to start.”

“We know your name, we have your wallet.”

“But there is nothing in my wallet.  Jus a library card, There are hundreds of John Adams High Schools.”

“So we will check them all.”

We looked at the card again.  There was his name and student number at this John Adams High School. We went on the computer and located 300 John Adams High Schools in the United States.  Fred printed out a list of the ones in this state, and made a plan to start checking them the following day.


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