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Written by Andy... posted Feb 26, 2012

It was the beginning of November just a few days after Preston’s birthday, and things were looking good. We made a
commitment that we would finally take a relationship to the next level after our big presentation today.  The
presentation went off without a hitch, and I am pretty sure we did very well. Our teacher, Sam Mullen, was impressed
with amount of information we were able to produce, and pointed me out as one of the better presenters in the whole
class.  I took the complement with much pleasure.  After the presentation, Preston said he had to check on his family,
and I went home.  Uncle Joe and Darren took me out to celebrate not just because of the great presentation, but I
showed them my preliminary marks, and they were impressed that I managed to get 4 A’s and one B.

I woke up the next morning with a raging hard on. I couldn’t remember what I had dreamt about, but it must have been
amazing because my stomach was covered in precum that was flowing from my leaking cock. Reaching down under the
covers I wrapped my hand around my throbbing shaft and began to stroke it, thinking about sexual experiences I had
already had and ones that I would like to happen in the future. I was looking forward to Preston’s hot body.

It didn’t take long before I shot my load all over my chest and stomach, having to carefully get up and run to the
bathroom so as to not make a mess all over the place with the amount of cum splattered over my body. After taking a
quick shower, making sure to clean my spent cock thoroughly, I got dressed and headed off to school.

During my morning classes I found it so hard to concentrate because my mind kept going back to the thoughts I had
been having earlier and I found myself getting hard as I was sitting at my desk. Images of me and Preston having wild
sex filled my brain. The one that really had my dick rock hard and almost breaking through my pants, though, was the
thought of Preston and me fucking, us two studs going at it, the whole scenario made hotter by the fact I knew it wasn’t
just a fantasy, but something that we were going to do one day.

I was so horny, and as soon as bell rang signalling it was break time, I covered my crotch with my bag and ran from the
classroom, not stopping until I was sitting in the back seat of my car. Glancing around to check that there was no one
who would see me, I quickly unzipped my pants and pulled out my hard cock, wrapping my hand around it and jerking it
furiously.  I couldn’t believe how turned on I was and how hard I needed to cum.

Adding some extra spice to the jerk-off session, I quickly pulled my top off and threw it to one side.  Using one hand to
stroke my cock, I lifting my ass off the seat to fuck my fist, and with the other I started pinching my nipples. The
feelings were amazing and I quickly felt myself coming to a boil as I plastered my body with another big load.
When I came down from my orgasm I cleaned myself up and put my top back on, glad I had taken it off otherwise it
would have been covered in cum. I tucked my soft cock back into my pants and was amazed that I had managed to
shoot so much twice in a matter of hours.

I tidied myself up, made sure there were no cum stains anywhere, and went back to my classes. Having taken care of
the urge to cum, I managed to concentrate on what was being said; only starting to dip back into those previous
thoughts during my last lesson.  Getting through lunch was no problem.  After school I went straight to the gym for a
good workout session, but the longer I stayed there the more I started thinking about Preston and his amazing body. 
He has been working out so much that he getting so cut, causing my mind wandered even deeper into lustful thoughts
of us naked and playing around with each other.  I suddenly realized I hadn’t seen Preston all day.

When I couldn’t take any more, feeling that I had done enough of a workout.  I rushed out to my car again, only this
time I drove off. My dick was hard the whole way home and was demanding attention.  As soon as I pulled up in the
driveway, I jumped out of the car, ran up to my room, put one of my favourite porn movie on and pounded away on my
cock until I fired off another load.  The final shots just dribbled out of the end of my dick, which went completely limp; 
probably exhausted just as much as the rest of my body was.

Lying on my bed, naked, feeling completely satisfied, I just relaxed and enjoyed the silence that was around me until I
decided I had better get dressed and head downstairs. That night I had no more sexual thoughts.  I don’t think I actually
had any cum left in my balls and managed to get all my work and chores done before heading up to bed.
For some reason I was finding it hard to sleep even though it was well past one in the morning , so I just lay on my bed
staring up at the ceiling when my phone started to ring. I didn’t want to answer it, thinking it could be a prank call at
that time of night, but I thought I had better at least check to see who it was. It was Preston. I smiled and quickly
answered before he hung up.

“Hey,” I said, “What’s up?”

“Hi, Jess,” Preston said, but he didn’t sound normal, though I wasn’t really sure how. “I was just thinking about us and I
think I might be ready to take things a little further and I wondered if I could come over to your house to talk about it?”

I smiled, “Of course you can, and you don’t even have to ask, just come on over whenever you want.”

“Great. I’ll be there in ten.”

With that Preston hung up the phone and I made the conscious effort to get dressed. I knew Preston probably wouldn’t
mind that I was naked in bed.  It might even tempt him into making a move so we could definitely take it to the next
step. I didn’t want to take any chances, so I put on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and waited for him to arrive.

I made sure the front door was unlocked and when he arrived he just walked in the front door and came up to my
room.  He barely made any noise at all and only knocked gently once he had actually pushed the door open. I stood up
to welcome him and noticed that he had a very strange look in his eyes. Preston didn’t even say a word, he just walked
straight up to me took my head into his hands and planted a huge kiss on my lips.

I was shocked, mainly because most of the time I had to make the first move. I thought I saw a little bit of hesitation in
his face, but I didn’t care. His lips felt so good against mine, so I threw my arms around him and we kissed passionately
for a few minutes. My hands travelled all over his back as our tongue battled each other in one mouth and then in the
other.  For some reason something just didn’t feel right in the kiss, it certainly wasn’t like I thought it would be. It was
like I really wanted it, but he was forcing himself to do it.

When we pulled back from the kiss, I looked into his eyes and I saw that there was lust there; but there was also
something else that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I excused myself and went to my washroom, figuring that if
something were to happen I would need to be ready because it wasn’t an opportunity I wanted to pass up, even if I
didn’t know how well my dick could perform after the big loads already today.

After I had done what I needed to, I headed back into my room and was surprised as hell to see Preston lying on my
bed in nothing but green striped boxers.  They were tight around his thighs and hugged nicely at his balls and at what
appeared to be a good sized bulge that seemed to be growing. He turned the lights off.  I smiled and quickly striped
down, though again no words were said as I crawled up the bed, slowly moving over his body until our lips met again.
Once again the kiss didn’t quite go as I expected it to, but I was in no position to complain and I knew that Preston had
to be pretty nervous. When I pulled back from the kiss Preston smiled at me again, putting me at ease. He moved to get
under the covers and I got the hint.

Preston wrapped his arms around me and pulled me to him, so that my back was against his chest. He just held me for a
few minutes, snuggled against me. It felt so good, like something we should have been doing every night. He kissed
my neck softly and I moaned, trying to push myself further against him even though our lips were already touching.
The next thing he did surprised me slightly as I thought we were just going to fall asleep together, but instead he
moved his hand so it was on my chest, gently pinching one of my nipples. When I moaned he chuckled and I felt the
vibrations travel all through my body. He then ran his hand down my stomach and came to a stop when his hand was on
top of my cock.

“You’re naked…” he whispered into my ear, never letting go of my cock.

“Yeah, is that a problem?” I asked.

“Not at all, but you’re not hard like I am,” he commented as he took my hand in his and moved it until my palm was
against his big, hard dick. I gave it a squeeze. “Oh, fuck yeah, Jess. I wanna suck your dick.”

I thought I was hearing things at first; he was really going to suck my dick? Just before I could ask for clarification though
I felt his dick throb beneath my hand and knew he was turned on and it could very well have been one of those cases of
now or never, like it had been with Kris in the hotel room.

Wordlessly, I allowed Preston to turn me onto my back and then watched as he moved down the bed, opening his
mouth and sucking the tip of my soft cock between his lips. He started working the head with his tongue, but all it
really did was tickle. I laid there hoping for some kind of a reaction, but none came. Why did I have to wank three times
that day? I had nothing left.

Preston kept on sucking but my dick had not even reached what could be considered semi hard and I was beginning to
feel really bad. This was not the kind of sexual encounter I wanted to happen between me and Preston. I needed to do
something to please him more so I slowly pulled him up the bed, though he never let my cock fall from between his
lips, until I ran my hands over his hot ass and the big bulge in his boxers.

I pushed Preston onto his back, forcing him off my cock and then moved down his body, slipping my fingers into the
waistband of his boxers and pulling them down. When his dick sprung free it slapped back against his stomach and left
a trail of precum up to his belly button. I gasped seeing it for the first time, it really was a hot cock even if it wasn’t the
biggest I had ever seen.

I swallowed his hard cock and quickly went to work.  Using the skills I had developed, I focused on the head and then
let his whole shaft slide into my mouth and eventually down my throat. He kept moaning and telling me how good it
felt.  However, there was something in his voice that made it sound like he was acting, like one of the overly
enthusiastic guys usually seen in a porn film. Even so, he held on to my head and started fucking up into my mouth.

Unlike most blowjobs I gave, this one was doing nothing for me. My dick was limp between my legs when usually it
would be hard and I would be jacking it in time with my bobbing head. I just wasn’t sexually into the blowjob at all and
only really continued because I wanted to please Preston and get him off. I didn’t want him to be disappointed with
gay sex or it may be a onetime deal.

My jaw was beginning to ache and I still wasn’t hard so I decided to just go ahead and take that next step. I pulled off
Preston’s dick and slowly kissed up his body. He almost seemed to tense up when I did that, it was strange. I reached
his lips again and I thought he was going to turn his head away from the kiss. Nothing about this situation was making
sense to me, but I was determined to continue, so I reached over into my bedside drawer and pulled out the lube and a

Preston just lay there as I rolled the condom down his hard cock and then lubed up both his dick and my ass. I
positioned myself just above his cock with him holding it up for me as I sat down and it slowly pushed inside me. I
heard Preston moan genuinely for the first time since I started sucking his cock as his dick sank deeper inside me.
After a moment of sitting down fully on his cock, feeling his bushy pubes against my ass and adjusting to having a cock
in me again, I started riding him, slowly at first, moving up and down and then more vigorously until I was fucking
myself on his cock. His hands gripped onto my hips and he started lifting me and then pulling me down on his cock to
impale me on his dick that much harder and deeper.

Having Preston inside me wasn’t the joy I thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t bad by any means, I just
wasn’t in to it the way I should have been. The fuck became mechanical and the feeling inside me was just that of
being full, not of pleasure. My own dick still lay soft between my legs, flopping about as I rode him and it just wouldn’t
get hard, no matter what I did; which included stroking it and thinking that someone else, like Kris, was fucking me. 
Nothing worked.

Preston then started getting rougher with me, driving his dick up into me and he was talking in the animated fashion
the way he had been before when I was sucking his dick. It was like he had been given a script to learn lines from and
he was just reciting them now. There was no passion behind his words and even though his dick was hard and
pummelling me, I really didn’t think he was that into me or the sex.

Suddenly Preston moved us so I was on my back. His dick popped out of me, but he was quickly back inside me and he
just resumed fucking away.  He didn’t look in my eyes or anything.  It was like he was using my ass as a hand that would
just jerk him off and didn’t care about it being attached to me. There was no intimacy, no connection; it was just a
passionless fuck. However, it was one of the better fuckings I had in while. There was no chemistry, no passion
between us, but I did enjoy the encounter. The loving that Preston and I had in our friendship the last few months was
not here.

For the first time ever, when I was having sex, I wanted it to just be over, which I think Preston sensed, because his
grunting and groaning grew overly enthusiastic as he buried himself inside me and announced that he was cumming.
He pulled out almost immediately and pulled the condom straight off. I couldn’t even see a hint of cum on the end of
his cock and wondered if he had actually reached his climax.

I lay on the bed feeling terrible, wishing it would have been better, wishing it had been the sex I had hoped for with
Preston, but it just didn’t happen.  Now there was nothing but uncomfortable silence as Preston started putting his
clothes back on. Even though I had assumed he would be spending the night, since it was well past two in the morning. 
I said nothing to stop him as he quickly got dressed and then gave me a very awkward peck on the cheek before pretty
much running out the room and out of the house.

Fuck! Everything went so wrong. I thought sex with Preston would be amazing, but it was just plain bad. I couldn’t get
in to it because I just wasn’t horny, but felt like I owed it to him to try. I wasn’t sure what to feel, but I knew I wanted to
cry. Did Preston now think I was crap in bed? Was he disappointed? Or was it just the sex he wanted in the first place?
He turned up in the early hours, sucked and fucked and then left. What was I supposed to make of that? The night that
was supposed to be magical, became mechanical and crappy. It was my entire fault.

I barely slept that night, and then the next day was awful. I walked to my morning class where Aiden and Shawn were
smiling at a picture that was on their desk. I looked at it and was so embarrassed.  It was me and a salesgirl having sex
on the cash register desk at the store from the past summer.

“Jess. I cannot believe you fucked her.” Aiden mentioned out of the blue.

“It happened over the summer.” I replied trying to play off my embarrassment. I was puzzled where this picture came

Sean whispered something into Aiden’s ear and he smiled and laughed a little. They both looked at me. “Does Preston
know about this? It would break my heart.  You were having sex in public with the town’s biggest slut.”

“What?” I thought she was coming on to me. “What are you talking about?”

“She fucks anything that moves. She fucks old guys, young guys. You never mentioned it to Preston?”

“It never occurred to me.”

“You’re an asshole. Preston told us how much you wanted to have sex, and was pressuring him into taking it to next
level. You couldn’t wait, so you fucked the only girl in town who would do it for you, no questions asked.

“Let me try to explain.”

“Fuck you!” Aiden yelled at me, and moved to the back of the room, leaving me alone.

When I saw Preston, he was just totally non-committal, treating me like I was just some random acquaintance, and
then he walked off to join his friends.

The next day was even worse. He barely acknowledged me. And then after that, it was like I didn’t exist. I tried
speaking to him, but he just brushed me off. Why was he acting like that? Had he just wanted to get me into bed?  Now
that he had, and I had performed so disastrously, he was no longer interested in a friendship?  I knew Preston it would
see the picture, which had circulated around school. Dirk and his friends started making jokes. At one point, Preston
actually laughed at one of them.

That Wednesday night, I felt like shit and was sitting alone in my room, just staring at the walls, when my phone started
to ring. For a brief moment I thought it might be Preston and I was both excited and terrified at the same time, but
when I looked at the screen, I couldn’t help but smile. It was Kris. He was just the guy I needed at a time like this.

“Hey, Kris,” I said, answering the phone.

“Hey, Jess!” Kris almost screamed in his excitable voice. “How are ya doing, bro?”

“I’m good,” I lied. I really wasn’t in the mood to discuss Preston right now.

“Good?” Kris asked, picking up on the tone in my voice. “Good isn’t good enough, bro, I want you to be feeling great.
What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing.”

“Bullshit it ain't nothing. Tell me what’s wrong or I’ll drive down there and make you tell me.”

I smiled, knowing that was Kris’s way of showing his friendship and that he was there for me. I just fucking love the
“Well… Preston and I have been going well, and… we had an encounter,” I said.

“A sexual encounter?” Kris asked.



“Erm… yeah…”

“Oh…” Kris said. “It didn’t go as well as you’d hoped then?”

“Not at all. I just couldn’t get into it.”

“Couldn’t get in to it? It was sex. Not only that, but it was with a guy you really like.”

“I know that but I’d jerked off three times already that day and he just turned up late at night and I was expected to

“Damn,” Kris sighed. “Even I couldn’t perform after shooting three loads. Did you not say anything to him?”

“No. I figured I’d give it a go and hope for the best, but it was just bad, Kris.  I never got hard once.”

“Shit, man, that’s bad. I take it you bottomed then?”

“Yeah, I had to, not that I thought he’d let me fuck him. I’ve never bottomed and not been turned on. Getting fucked
and not enjoying it is about the worst feeling in the world. I just wanted it to be over.”

“I’m really sorry, dude. Sex should always be good. Hell, even the few times Colt fucked me, my dick was rock hard, and
the same for him, too.”

“I guess it’s my own fault for not really wanting it, but still going through with it. You’ve only ever fucked someone
when you wanted to, right?”

“Hell, I’ll fuck anyone any time, but yeah, when it comes to being fucked, which I can admit I like occasionally, I have to
be in the right mood and with the right person, or it just ain’t happening.”

“Yeah. I wanted it so bad with Preston and he was up for it ,so I just went for it and assumed I’d love it,   but I really
didn’t and I know he could feel that. I’m not even sure he came.”

“He was fucking your ass and he didn’t cum?” Kris asked, sounding shocked.

“Yeah. He was hard too, fucking me really good, but because I wasn’t getting in to it and wasn’t hard I think he just got
the hint and faked his orgasm.”

“Shit man. What happened after that?”

“He just left.”

“He left? Did you not talk, or anything?”

“No. He was in a hurry to leave. I wasn’t sure if it was because I was shit in bed, or if it was just because he didn’t get
what he wanted. I don’t know.”

“Have you tried talking to him since?” Kris asked, seeming to be genuinely interested.



“He wasn’t interested. Kept brushing me off, and now he won’t even look at me.”

“What the fuck, man? He comes to yours in the middle of the night, fucks you, leaves you in the lurch and then gives
you the cold shoulder?”

“Pretty much.”

“Maybe you’re better off without him, bro. He’s not a real friend if he acts like that. Sure I’ve been a complete dick
with some of the guys, and they’ve been dicks with me and each other, but we sort it out and move on. If he can’t do
that then maybe he’s not worth knowing.”

“I know you’re right, Kris, but it just hurts so bad, man. I miss you guys so much right now because I feel like I have no
one to turn to. I’m on my own right now and I just feel like shit.”

“Damn, I wish there was something I could do to make you feel better. I hate hearing you like this. I’ll tell you what,
why don’t you come here this weekend? We’ve got the room to put you up. Come spend some time with your friends
and forget about your other problems, just have fun. We’d all love to see you.”

“You serious?” I asked, wondering if he was just being nice.

“Of course, I am! You’re one of us, Jess, you’re welcome any time.”

“Awesome, man. God, I can’t thank you enough, Kris, you’re the best,” I said so happy to have a friend like him.

“So I’ll see you this weekend, yes?”

“Yeah, I’ll be there.”

“Fucking A! I’ll get your mind off all that shit, bro, and if all else fails, we’ll just get fucked and drink until we forget our

I spoke to Kris for another minute or so and then he had to go. It was amazing what talking to that guy can do to you; he
just makes you feel better. I couldn’t wait for the weekend now.

The next day at school was rough.  I noticed Preston was hanging out with Dirk and Paulo.  In fact they seem to be
chummy. It seems like the three of them have been friends for ages.

I cornered Preston just after to class.  I needed to know what happened.

I needed to know, so I cornered him after school.

“Preston. Hey!” 


“I need to know where you went that night.”

“Been around,” he said, very vaguely, and with some smugness. 

“You didn’t say anything; you just left, with some stupid excuse.”

“Yeah like I really wanted to stick around after that performance?”

“What?” I knew it was my stupid performance, it drove him away.

“You got a lot to learn about men.  Although, I guess you proved that.”

“What are you saying? I have been with men and women before.”

Preston tried to walk on, “Let’s not make an issue out of it, okay? In fact, let’s not talk about it at all. It happened.

I knew, I wasn’t that good, I grabbed his arm. “I don’t understand. Was it me? Was I not good?”

“You were great. Really. I thought you were a pro.” The sarcasim in his voice was very easy to detect.

Preston and I have been close for a while, and now I don’t believe what he is saying. “How can you say this to me?”

“Lighten up. It was a good time. It doesn’t mean like we have to make a big deal.”

“It is a big deal! That was your first time, it should have been magical.” The look on his face indicated it wasn’t his first
time, wasn’t even close.

“It’s what? Bells ringing, fireworks?  Come on, Jess. It’s not like I’ve never been there before.”

At that moment, I hated everything about him. He was a liar and a scumbag. He put a hand on my shoulder. “I should’ve
known you wouldn’t be able to handle my dick.”

“I loved you, Preston.”  I was more honest now than ever. ”Not anymore.”

“Call me some time.” He said and walked away laughing.

At lunch the three of them were eating at their own table completely ignoring me. Aiden and Sean came and sat with
them. I was sitting close enough to hear what they were saying, well parts of it.  Aiden was showing Preston the

“I know.” I heard Preston say to Aiden. “I really don’t care about that. I knew from the day I met him, that all he wanted
was sex.”

This new behaviour of Preston was really bugging the crap out of me. I really thought we loved each other. Now I can
see it was more than an act. He was using me to get fucked. What kills me, though, there was no passion, I enjoyed the
physical feeling of it.

I really don’t get it. As I was leaving I noticed the school newspaper open on the one of chairs in hallway. There was the
picture of me and the sales girl. And, the headline said. “Be careful he hits.” I noticed the writer was Paulo Rodriguez.
The curiosity got the best of me. So, I read the entire article.

It explained the secret I told Preston, about how I hit one of the girls in high school.  It talks about the picture, and
made up story of what happened.  How I lured the slut to have sex with me.  The only positive thing is that my name
wasn’t mentioned in the article. However, I could tell most people knew it was me.

I was just about to leave as Mr. Mullen left the teacher’s lounge.

“Jess, would you mind if we had a word.” I needed to get out of here. However, he was quite forceful and asked for me
to follow him into the abandon classroom just the side.

“Jess, I wanted to apologize.” That piqued my interest. “What you do on your own time should not be printed in the
paper. Once I read, what was written, I called the faculty in charge of the school paper, and Paulo was fired from the
paper; mainly, because he would not mention where he got the picture from.”

I felt good that some justice was brought on by it. However, he did make an interesting point, where did the picture
come from. I knew where the story came from; Preston.

“Jess, you are bright person, and have an excellent future.”  That comment also caught me off guard.

“Sir, really I am not.”  I shook my head. “If I were that bright, I wouldn’t have flunked out of College, I wouldn’t have
joined a gang in high school. I wouldn’t have been caught with my pants down.”

Mr. Mullen chuckled. “Jess, we all make mistakes in our youth; that is why we have a youth. When I was your age, my
friends and I would skip school and do all sorts of bad things. One time we missed an entire week to drive out and see
Woodstock. My father nearly killed me and I was almost expelled.”

“What’s Woodstock?” I asked, jokingly.

We talked for a few more minutes, and he explained about his past and I felt comfortable explain about the story
behind the slap. Mr. Mullen was an impressive guy, I really liked him.

I headed to my car. On the door was written, “FAG” in big, red letters.  I needed to do something; I needed a friend to
talk too. I called Corey. I knew, when he was in high school, he had deal with type of stuff.

“Hey dude.”  I seem to have caught him off guard.

“Great? I hear you’re coming up tomorrow.”


He could tell by the sound of my voice that I had something on my mind. “There must be a reason you called.”
“Do you have a few minutes?”

“Yeah, I am on break.  What’s on your mind?”

I told him what has been happening at school.

“Jess, I am sorry. Nobody should have to go through that shit. I should know. My high school career was fucking shit.”

“I know, that is why I called. Do you have any advice?”

“Honestly three things come to mind. 1. Don’t let it get to you. You are a comedic genius, always able to laugh things
up; use that as you weapon.  2. Work out. When you get stressed or angry, just blow it off on a punching bag.  3. Talk to
someone. I don’t care if it’s 3 in the morning, call me, or Kris, or Scott, or Matt, or whoever. We will always be in your

I couldn’t help it, but that brought a tear to my eye. “Thanks bro; I really honestly haven’t gotten it through my head
that you guys care that much about me.”

“Bro…you are family, one of the originals, you helped us so much during our freshman year, we need to return the
favour.  Anyways, you want to hear the latest. Bryson and Toni are having a fight because Bryson was fucking her too
much.  Anyways, Kris got in the middle of it.”

“Let me guess, he was tactful.”

“Yeah, Kris is very tactful. I have a feeling that whatever Kris said will help their relationship.”

“Kris is a natural at that.”  We talked for a few more minutes and Corey said he had to go. “Can’t wait to see you
tomorrow, remember my advice.”

We hung up, and I did just that.  I went to gym and worked out all night.  At around 8 o’clock Joe and Darren called and
asked if I wanted to come out for dinner.  I said, ‘yes’.

We went out to nice Italian restaurant and Mom and Dad were there. They seemed to be happy with my school
accomplishments, and Joe and Dad agreed that the rent issue was now gone, and moreover, if I wanted, I can move
back into the house.

“What about Brad?”

“We would give him your sister’s old room.” Mom said, “Besides, Joe is complaining about the smells coming from your

“What smell?”

“She was just joking.” Darren mentioned. “We would love you stay with us.”   It just occurred to me what he said.


Joe smiled. “Yeah, Darren and I are going to be moving in together . This weekend, we are going to decide if I am going
to be with him, or he going to be with me. Either way, you are welcome to stay with us.

“Us, too.” Mom said, “We finally got used to you being out of the house.” She we laughed at that.

“Well, tomorrow, I am visiting my friends for the weekend at college.  When I come back, I’ll make a decision.  Right
now I am leaning towards Darren and Joe; just so we don’t have to uproot Brad.”

“Okay. Dad said, “Either way, let us know Sunday so we can make the appropriate arrangements.”

The next day, I went to school; however, nobody was looking at me, it was obvious the picture and paper did the
damage.  Preston and Dirk were openly telling jokes about me to anybody passing. On the my locker was freshly
written: “GET OUT FAG”.

I didn’t want to make an issue out of it, I was so ready to leave, so I skipped the rest of the day, and went up to the
College early. I put all this ugliness out of my head, and went to spend some good times with my friends.

The man was walking down the street listening to a report from his brother. Things were working well.

“Jess left town?”

“Yes, Dirk just put the finishing touches on his locker this morning, when Jess saw it he left.”
“This is good, Preston. You are a great actor.”

“I try brother, I try.”

“Jess deserves what he has coming to him.  Nobody ever hurts my friends like that.”
“Yeah, What about the college guys, Jess’s friends.”

“Don’t worry, little brother. Their day will come. As soon as the next phase in the plan occurs on schedule.”

“Thank you again, brother. I knew this was a hard few months for you.”

“Yes it was. I’ll you Saturday, to discuss the next phase, brother.”

“See ya, Preston. Thank again.”

“I do anything for you bro.”


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