Written by Andy… Posted Feb 19, 2012

The door opened and in walked my sister, Katie. She looked at me in my current position with a fresh load on my ripped abs and laughed. Once realizing who it was, I removed the dildo and covered myself up with a sheet. 

“Sis, you could have knocked,” I said trying to regain myself.

“Jessie, what would the fun in that be for me?” She asked and sat down my desk chair. I could tell she wasn’t intoxicated from her night out with her friends.

“Yeah, I know. It wouldn’t be the first time you caught me.” I said laughing yet embarrassed.  My sister and I have a great friendship that really started in my second year in high school. I was dating this girl Shelly and one night after Shelly wouldn’t put out, I went home and jerked off to her image. It was amazing. However, just as shot my load, Katie entered without knocking.

She looked at me; mad at first; then she laughed out loud, and she talked to me about masturbation and how it was okay, and admitted that she did it too. That led my discussion of Shelly, and from then on; we talked about everything. Moreover, there was a few times, accidentally of course, when I caught her pleasuring herself.

Since then we made it a game to catch each other and just laugh it off.  I got up and threw on the boxers and sat on the bed. “How was your night, Katie?”

“Good. Remember to return that dildo when you are done.  For God’s sakes, make sure you clean it up.”

“You gave it to me as birthday present last year. So your night was good.

“I couldn’t get into it because I was concerned about you?”

She got up and walked over to my bed and sat next to me, she looked into my eyes. “Jessie, you had done some questionable things in the past, joining up with Moose and Rocco; not mention your little joy ride the summer before school started. Now, you’re getting kicked out.”

“Katie, I know I haven’t been the best brother, or best son for that matter but I am trying. When dad kicked me out, I knew I had to pull my shit together. I had to do something. Since, the beginning of Summer I doubled my efforts with school. I managed to do extremely well, so far.”

“I know that, and I see the improvement all the time. You know Mom and Dad called a week ago and told me how proud they are of you but that is not my concern. I am more worried about you and why this is happening.”

I looked at her; although most of our conversations were mutually constructive, with both of us sharing thought and opinion. I have a feeling this conversation and this visit going to be about me.

“Ever since you junior year of high school, we managed to talk about everything. I mean I told you about my miscarriage with Ryan; Mom and Dad don’t know even know about that.  However, not one word since you left for school. Why?”

“Honestly, Sis. I don’t know. Things kept happening at fast rate, and  I was having so much fun. I just forgot about you. A lot of things happen at school.”

“I know, we barely saw you during the Christmas break. You came home, and told us about this guy you met someone named Derek who was connected to all your friends and packed a bag to for ski trip. Then, after that I thought I would have some time with my favorite brother.”

“I am your only brother. Kris asked me to join the Stanton’s and Raymond’s for a get together that I couldn’t pass up a chance like that. Besides, we rarely made Christmas a big deal.”

“That is true. I just don’t get you Jess.”

“I am complex person,” I said.

“You have a multiple personality, I mean I have never known anybody like you bro. When you talk on a one to one basis, you are so serious and empathic to people’s needs. You know like dad. But, when you are with a group of people, you’re telling jokes, making people laugh. Like mom. It is like you can turn yourself into two different people.”

“Yeah, I think I am just fucked up is all.”  I let that comment sit in the air for a minute. “So, anyways, Sis, I may not have been there in the past year. I am here now. Ask me any question you want and I will be as honest as I can be.”

“Okay, are you okay?”

I thought about it for another minute before I could speak the truth to her. It’s not like I am hiding it, I am just trying to figure out how I want to tell her.

“The truth is right now; the summer is almost over. I only met one new guy from the summer semester. We seem to be hitting it off well. I am just scared.

“Oh what?”  However, I didn’t need to mention it, she knew instantly. “You are scared that if you pursue a relationship or even a good friendship, you may be repeating history.”

I really thought she understood, but it turns out she was mistaken, although the possibility of a new friend taking over my life like the gang at college was weighing on my mind.

“No, sis; I am scared, that Preston will be the only friend I will make at school.  I might not be able to recapture what I had with my friends up at College. That maybe, either they were a special group of people, and I may not be able to find another group I can bond that easily with. I am scared that I might be alone.”

“YOU are JESS FRAMPTON. You have always had great friends. Some may have led you astray, but in the end you kept some great friends such as Bill your best friend in elementary school. “

“He moved away to Hawaii” I recalled how we parted ways, he kissed me on the lips. It was at that moment I knew it was okay to like boys.

“What about Vin and Quinn from Junior High?”

I recalled the night they made fun of Matt for being gay at party. “Katie, those assholes made fun of my best college mates. They laughed up like being gay was the funniest things in the world.”

“What about Trent?”  I haven’t heard about him in long time, basically we good friends all through high school, it was his urging and friendship that led me away from Moose and Rocco. We even thought about joining the same college when we graduated. However, a few days after graduation; I was supposed to meet him to go to party. I went to his house and he wasn’t there. Trent’s father told me that he hasn’t seen him all morning.  The weeks went by and Trent was never seen again. I needed to clear my head, and I went on my joy ride, as Katie calls it to find him. I spend most of my summer looking for Trent. But, he was gone. The memory of brought me to tears. Katie held me, she knew about Trent’s disappearing.  She held me until I feel asleep.

I woke up the next day feeling a new man. Katie was right I will be able to get some killer friends.  I had before and will again.   With my summer semester finished at junior college, it felt great.  In getting 2 ‘A’s’ and one ‘B’, which could have been higher except my instructor was a major dick, my road back to where I was had begun.  In getting the grades, I proved I had the intelligence and determination to succeed in college.   Mostly, it was a great chance to make something out of myself in life and be somebody rather than stuck at a nasty job making low wages.

The summer had passed fairly quickly.  After our golf outing, Preston and I kicked a lot and was now my work out partner.  He was really getting into his fitness and was trying everything he could to beef up his rather thin body.  He was making nice progress for now he loved showing off especially at his pool.  Over the course of the hot summer, my tan was kick ass but I think I still pale in comparison to Scott and his tan.  I was darker than ever thanks to working outside with my uncle and spending time at Preston’s pool. 

During the summer, I had made a couple of other friends besides Preston.  They were different than Preston so I usually didn’t hang with them while with Preston.  I met Dirk in one of my classes for he reminded me of Colt so much.  Dirk was even more country talking than Colt and was easy going.  The other guy I met was Paolo, who had known Dirk since high school and was Hispanic.  Both didn’t mind having a good time and getting just a little crazy ever so often.  I found out the first time I hung around them I couldn’t hold a light to how much those two could put away.  Both of their bodies were beginning to show it as well. 

When the fall semester began in late August, I wasn’t dreading like I had before.   My schedule was full with only one class Preston while having another with Dirk.   My Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule was light so I could finish early and help out my Uncle Joe as well as earn more cash. 

As I was leaving my class on Wednesday with Dirk, he invited me on Friday night for some cards and kicking it out at his house.  I agreed for it sounded like such fun. 

Friday after the first full week of school, I headed over to Dirk’s house in my car.  I arrived to see it was he, I, Paolo and another guy Will.  We kicked back in Dirk’s vacant house with his parents gone for the weekend with his two sisters.  We were throwing a few back and discussing our classes before moving the action to play some cards.   It was a little higher stakes than I wanted but I had a few bucks to spare.

Things were going great with luck on my side along with the other three putting away some beer.  Will was skinny like Preston but could down with Dirk and Paolo.  We took a break to piss and stretch our legs when Paolo broke out a blunt for us.  With the combo of beer and weed in my system, I was feeling damn good but wasn’t alone.   Now our poker game was almost a joke.

“Will, we need to hook up Jess here,” Dirk said with his hat turned backwards at the table.

“Hook my ass up too while you’re at it,” Paolo said.

“I’ll try and see what I can do,” Will said and flipped back his dark hair from his face.  “The guy I set a girl up with went both ways.”

“No shit?” Dirk yelled.

“Yeah, the fucker liked both guys and girls.  I don’t get that shit at all,” Will replied.

“There’s nothing wrong with that,” I stated. “There’s lots of em around these days.”

“Bullshit,” Paolo said. “Why Jess are you bi?”

I shrugged, “I am.”

“Faggot motherfucker,” Dirk stated with his brown eyes staring straight at me. “Jess, you really suck dick, dude?”

“Ummm… I have,” I said quietly and wondered where this was now going.

“Then you’re nothing but a fucking fag in my book,” Dirk stated.

“I beg your pardon.  I bet I fucked more girls this summer than you,” I said in defense.

“Who cares, dude,” Paolo said. “You’ve sucked dick.  That makes you a total faggot, bitch.  I’m right, guys?”

“Damn right you are,” Will said. “Bet you’ve given that ass up too, huh?”

“Jess I thought you were cool,” Dirk said.

“Cool my ass, I think Jess is a big fag,” Paolo stated.

I stood from the table and saw no reason to stay or answer Will’s question.  “I thought y’all were cool too.  I’ll see your ass around.”

“Yeah get the fuck out of my house, fag!” Dirk said. “Don’t speak to me again either.  I can’t believe this shit!”

I really wasn’t any condition to drive.  I drove away and found somewhere hidden to park.  At first, I was pissed as hell but I saw they weren’t really my friends.  I called Joe to see if he could come pick me up.   He and Darren made it out and were there in no time.   Joe was a little disappointed, but was happy that to pick me up instead of the alternative and getting in more trouble.  On the drive home, I said there was a slight disagreement but nothing violent.

After working some with Uncle Joe the next day Saturday, I called Preston to see what was up.  He said nothing so I basically invited myself over.  I arrived in my sagging shorts and tee.  His mother answered the door and barely acknowledged my existence.  I headed down and found Preston in his man cave in his shorts and kicked back.

“Hey, wassup?” Preston asked.

“Nothing just came over to see what you were doing.”

“Where were you last night?  I tried calling you.”

“I went over to Dirk’s,” I said.

“I see where I stand with you,” Preston stated.

“You don’t have to worry any longer.  I’m finished with those dicks…”

“Alright what went down? I can by your tone something went wrong.”

“Basically I told them I was bi…”

“Big mistake there, dude.”

“Why’s that?”

“Jess, I get it but people around here don’t get it all.  They think bi means gay…”

“Yeah, no fucking shit!” I stated. “Man, I just wish Kris and the guys would have been there.  I know three guys who would have been laid out on the floor.”

“I’ve heard it enough how accepting they are but you don’t realize they are the exception to the rule,” Preston said. “I’ve never really meet anyone who was straight that accepted gay guys like you say they do.  All I’ve ever seen is pure harassment and sometimes ass kicking.”

“I know but why are people so damn hard headed?  Gays are guys too just like them.”

Preston laughed, “Boy, you have been brainwashed.”

“No, I’ve seen it with my own eyes at college and at my uncle’s.  They are really cool guys.”

“I know that but others are so blinded that they can’t get past the term gay.  That is all they see and never give that person the chance.”

“Boy, you are so right.”

We headed out to swim and found Jenna, she girl who flirted with me at school a few times, in a bikini with some guy about her age, which was around 16 or 17.  He was cool but Jenna wanted his attention and did all she could to keep him from us.   I do have to admit the guy was cute with a tight little six pack going.

Monday, after my class with Dirk, he walked up to me.  I didn’t know what he was going to say.

“Dude, I still can’t believe you’re bi.  Tell me you were wasted and it just…”

“I’m bi, Dirk.  There’s nothing I can do about it,” I said.

Dirk shook his head, “See then, Jess.  Have a good nice life, faggot.”

“I will.  Trust me, I will,” I said as smartly as I could.

Dirk turned and walked away.  I didn’t think nothing of it and just continued on out to my car. 

As the weeks past, Preston and I were getting so close.  Without many distractions I was able to buckle down and do the necessary work needed to stay on top.  Each time I finished a paper a day or two early, it hit me that I could have done the same thing last year but instead I was more interested in the social things.  It didn’t help either that every time I turned around with the crew we were doing something fun like playing softball or working out.  I still have to laugh when I think about Matt and that knot on his head after he missed a fly ball.  I just wish I could have been there to see that.  I did try to stay connect with them through weekly calls to Scott.  It didn’t help much when he’d go on and on about the football games and all they had been doing. 

All this thinking made me want to call the guys. Right after the second week in September Scott stopped calling, I guess there was some excitement going on up there. One night when I was finished an assignment, I decided to call them.

I dialed the number, and I heard Scott on the other end. I looked at the clock at it nearing midnight. He seemed a little tired, but from all I knew was probably coming in from a long night of sex.

“Hey dude.”

“Hey, Jess. Sorry I haven’t called all month, but things have been really busy.”

I was going to tell him about my relationship with Preston, but I was curious. So I asked the question.

“Well, what has been happening?”

“You wouldn’t believe this but the Sophomore year is more crazy that the Freshman year. Okay first Garrett started taking these pills. Colt banged up his knee. Then the fighting began.”

“Colt and Kris?” Thinking back the fight they had with Monica. Maybe my advice about going forward with their friendship backfired.

“No, Matt and Corey got into it,” Scott said calmly.

“That’s nothing new. We were both there when Matt yelled at him last summer and they made it through Corey cheating on him.  What was this one about?”

“Studying,” Scott replied over the phone and went into the details, saying the Corey got made jealous at Matt for sleeping with Kris. They had even went so far as to not speaking to each other.

“So they are repeating a pattern, I see. If memory serves, this right around the same time Corey cheated on Matt last year.”

Scott thought about it and agreed. “Well we’ll have to wait until next year, to see if the pattern continues.  However, Matt and Corey seemed through. Matt went home one night, and Corey got drunk. At around 3 am or something, he called Matt saying he was sorry and needed him. Matt drove in the middle of the night to be with Corey.”

“Fuck me. I guess Scott. I owe you ten bucks.”


“Remember on the Ski Trip we bet on whether Corey and Matt would last, and you thought they were meant to be. I didn’t. Matt truly loves Corey without a doubt. They may have their fights, issues, and arguments. However, Matt drove there shows the meaning of the relationship.”

“Yeah, it was a good thing cause next was Kris’s ass melting down.  Things go crazy, Jess.”

This didn’t surprise me either. Kris has always been throwing his temper around. “What did Kris do?”

“Well, he spat on Corey, and punched Matt.”

“WHAT?”  I couldn’t believe that. Scott mentioned that Kris and Colt have been having sex still and even hinted that he and Scott fucked around.

“Well, when his current girl couldn’t put out, he cheated on her. And it basically, when Matt mentioned innocently about Kris and Colt’s relationship, Kris hit him. The next few days Kris ignored him and Colt was thrown into the middle of this. It was scary as hell, dude.  Kris punched his best friend; I would have never thought Kris would think so low.”

“Me neither but I take things are okay now.”

“Yeah, Kris was back to himself, just last week he was playing jokes on me.”

“My god, what else has been happening?”

“Nothing else really, something is happening with Garrett. Not sure what though. I try to talk to him, but he disappeared.”

We talked a little more before Scott said he had to go, and wished each other a good night. He was nice enough to mention if he was playing around with Hayden or Brennan. I went to bed thinking about Kris’s actions. The thought of Kris hitting his best friend exited my head as I fell asleep.

September turned to October but it was still rather warm.  I was still working, studying, working out and hanging with Preston.   Over the past week, he did introduce to me to Sean and Aidan.  It gave us others to hang around with even though they were a couple.  I really didn’t mind at all and enjoyed being around the other two. 

Preston and I were in his man cave in mid-October.  While watching a movie, I threw my arm around his shoulder.

“Don’t Jess,” Preston said and pushed away my arm.

“Why not?”

“Dude, I know you wanna date but I just can’t do it…”

“Think of me.  I never really thought of dating a guy until I meet you…”

“Get real.  You’d dated that Scott dude in a heartbeat.”

“Not really.  We fucked but that was it really.  I feel something different between us.  I feel like now I can really trust you and hope you would feel the same way I did.”

“I trust you, Jess but just not dating…”

“Preston, are you scared about us having sex?”

He looked at me with his big blue eyes, “Ummm… a little.  I just can’t compete. I’m not in your league.  I’m scared you’ll get mad and hurt me…”

“I’ve never…” I stopped. “Preston, you’re right.  I have one time when I was a senior and dating this really hot chick.  I just knew I was gonna get me some.  I was trying like a damn fool but she just kept pushing my hand away.  I got mad as hell and slapped her.  The second I did it I knew I had royally fucked up.  Dude, I’ve never told anyone I did that.  I felt worse about that than I did with Scott since his was my excuse out of there.  Thankfully, she never told one person but that ended that.  Preston, I know I’ve done some really stupid shit in my life…” 

“No worse than getting your ass thrown in juvie for bringing alcohol to school.”


“Yeah, I was trying to prove how hard and shit I was.  All that got me was a weekend in juvie.  I knew for sure they were going to rape my ass there.   Now those dudes were some hard motherfuckers,” Preston said.

“Still, I would never hurt.  Hopefully, I’ve done some growing up now and knew the second I hit here I had crossed that boundary.”

“We all make mistakes, Jess.”

“We do but some are bigger than others.  At least my ass didn’t get thrown in juvie for a weekend,” I said and laughed to break the tension.

“You should have,” Preston laughed and pushed my shoulder.   I grabbed him and began wrestling on the couch with him.  He had gained some strength over the course of the past few months. 

We rolled off the couch with me ending up on top of Preston.  He looked so hot.  I leaned over and kissed him.  He grabbed the back of my neck and kept it going.  Our tongues started going at it like crazy.  I stopped but Preston pulled me down for more.  I reached down and started rubbing his nice stomach. 

“Enough Jess…”

“Sorry but I was in the moment,” I said.

“Jess, please don’t hit me…”

“Very fucking funny,” I said and kissed him.

“One day, I’ll be ready to be with you both dating and physically.  I hope you’re willing to wait.”

“I am and will be waiting.  It’ll be worth the wait,” I said.

The week we spent a few nights hanging and studying together.  Preston was pretty smart as well and made a great study partner.  At the end of the night as I was leaving his area, he pulled me close and began kissing me.  I loved it and how he was showing some affection.

“Jess, let’s go on a date,” Preston said. “I’m ready and might as well start somewhere.”

I smiled, “It’ll be great.  Tomorrow night, you and I will hit the late movie and maybe be alone in the back.”

Preston’s expression changed, “Let’s go to the early one.”

“I promise you I’d never harm you,” I said.

“I get that shit but I wanna us to seem like friends more than a date.”

I think I understood but was in the same position.  I’d freak if someone call me out for dating a guy. 

The next night, I dressed casually in a well fitting tee and low right jeans while being shaven.   Joe sensed what was going on and allowed me to spray on his great smelling cologne. 

At Preston’s, he was ready and barely let me in his house.  I reached to grab his hand but he pushed it away.  “Chill, Preston.  We’re friends more than anything.”

“I know that Jess but my stomach is in fucking knots.  We know what this is totally about.  Jess, you look fucking hot tonight!”

“You do too,” I said. “I like that shirt.  Red looks great on you.”

After eating, we headed to see a movie.  Alone Preston was normal but once in a crowd like at the movies, his entire body tensed up.  I didn’t dare grab his hand and too wanted it to appear as though we were just friends.  During the movie, I did reach over and grab his knee.  He didn’t resist and let me keep it there.

To end the night, we made out with him letting me run my hands up his shirt to feel his smooth dark skin.  I did stick a hand at the top of his jeans but felt him jerk back.  I apologized by saying I was in the moment but was testing my boundaries. 

The Monday before Halloween, I found myself at home with Mom helping her groceries and trying be the good son, I was many years ago. She and I were always close. We cracked jokes, at about anything.  She was commenting how Frank losing his hair and allowed us to make about fifty bald jokes.

“I really do miss you Jessie.”

“So let me have my room back.”

“Never, for one thing Brad is so much cleaner and you. He actually cooks and doesn’t pee all over the seat like somebody.”

“Hey, don’t blame me for that. You were the one who potty trained me.”

“No that was your father.” We both laughed.

“Honestly, Jess, I can see you are trying real hard to fix the mistakes you made. You had a hard life, I mean first with those guys in high school. Then Trent disappearing.”

“Mom, I don’t want to toot my own horn but I really think things are looking up.”

“I hope so. Now let me show you what a clean bedroom looks like.”

“Joe has no complaints about how I keep my room there.”

“Joe is a man.”

“Correction: Joe is a gay man.”

She brought me up to see my old room, and it looked so stylish. Whoever this Brad was he sure had great taste.

Brad came into the room a minute later. Mom introduced us.  We talked for a few minutes but it wasn’t anything major.  All in all, Brad seemed like a nice guy and was rather cute as well.  I looked around the room and there in corner was picture on his desk. It was two young kids sitting eating ice cream on the bed. One of the kids looked vaguely familiar.

As I was leaving to spend some time with Darren and Joe, Mom asked if I liked Brad.

“He is alright. Why?”

“Brad doesn’t want to go back his home; he had mean parents. He said he was able to handle for a while, but something changed and he had to leave.”

“That must suck.”

“It does. I really would like the two of you to hit it off.”

We said our goodbye and I left, it just downed on me who that guy in the picture was. The smile was unmistakable; however.  It couldn’t be him. I spent the next few days thinking about it. However whenever Preston was around, my thoughts went to him.

The next weekend was Halloween.  Over the course of our time together, I knew Preston was born on Halloween.  Since that night, we had been a pretty much a couple.  I tried to get him horny and wanna have sex with me but he’d always stop me.  I was really beginning to wonder what was up since most guys that are 20 are horny 24/7.  Then again, I am not with Preston every day, every minute.

With Joe and Darren at a friend’s big Halloween party, I had his house to myself.  I gave it some thought and came up with a great meal as Preston’s birthday present along with a tight necklace I found. 

Preston was shocked when I told him that I wanted him to come over.  I had our meal of T-bones steaks and baked potatoes in the warmer along with a nice tossed salad.  I directed him to sit and present the meal to him.  I wasn’t sure how he liked his steaks so I went medium.  Also I had a nice bottle of wine that Joe had in the house. 

“Jess this is way too much,” Preston stated.

“Say that after you’ve eat.  I hope you like it.”

“If it taste half as good as it smells, I can tell you right now I’m gonna fucking love it,” Preston said.

We ate with Preston giving me rave reviews.  I think he liked it since there was nothing left on his plate but a big bone and potato skin.  I walked behind and put the necklace around his neck.  He pulled me down and gave a big kiss.

That night we made out like bandits with a lot of kissing and touching. He allowed me the feel his cock, but I could tell he was resisting it. Eventually, though I had his pants off and was massaging his eight inch monster through his plaid boxers. He kissed me good night, and we slept soundly. Some time passed, I was still trying to keep this memory in my head when he whispered in my ear. “Bro, after this last presentation on Friday me and you are going to fuck. You’re going show me what I am missing.”

“Anything for the birthday boy.”  I kissed him goodnight.


Outside he was just sitting on bench enjoying the fresh air, and looking at the pictures he took. He was happy that they came out so well.  He picked up his cell phone, dialed the number, had a quick conversation with man on the other line. He is glad things are moving alone so greatly.
The man on the bench got up after finishing his call and walked to his car, after getting in he looked down on the picture his brother send him. Things are moving along greatly. He put the picture of Jess fucking some Sales girl aside and stared in rear-view mirror. The face eyes staring back on at him belonged to one man. That man laughed and drove off.


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