This Chapter takes place during the summer months between freshman and Sophomore Year. It
references Summer Chapter 3 and 4 along with Big D’s A Surprise Visitor. Note some scenes of a
straight nature.

Walking into my house and seeing my family standing there with those faces,
indicating I did something wrong, I couldn’t believe it. Then, the cake came out.  It
all made sense, everybody was singing happy birthday to me. In all the chaos of
starting of Junior College, I forgot that today was my birthday. That was not what
was holding speechless, it was the fact that Rick was standing behind Katie singing
with my whole family.

After the song and the cake being put on the table, Rick walked over and wished me a
happy birthday.

“What are you doing here?” I was floored. “How did you even know about my birthday, I
completely forgot about it myself?”

“The short answer is: I knew ever since you resided at College. On everybody’s
paperwork their date of birth is listed. As RA, I have that information in case any
instances required paperwork.”

“That was the short response.” I rose by eyebrow in suspicion.

“Well, the long version is I have friend who lives a few blocks down knows of your
Uncle and mentioned in passing that they were celebrating your birthday. So, I
decided to make an appearance.”

I hugged Rick; to me we had interesting relationship, I caught him in the shower with
his girl. Ever since then we had talked every once awhile and shot the breeze. Rick
was an interesting guy. He lives with his Uncle because his own parents died earlier
in his life. He says a lot of heartache, from watching his Uncle Samuel fall in love
to seeing Samuel be heartbroken. Now, his uncle and his boyfriend, Derek, are doing
quite well.  Rick even played a big part in revealing that most of my friends were
connected to Derek, in some form or another.

“I appreciate it Rick. I really do!” I hugged him again, and the rest of the family
watched the little reunion, and eventually Grant made his constant impatience
complaints: “Can we eat now!”

Joanna stared him down, and gave him the look, that wives give their husband, when
they do something wrong. We had some burgers and cake, and Rick got to meet the rest
of Frampton clan. Katie made me tell the story of how I caught Rick in shower. Rick
seemed to enjoy himself a lot, and I am glad that he did come.

It was outside on the porch, I just taking a break from all the excitement; Mom and
Joe were big charade fans, and I was not into it as much. I received a phone call
from Scott, then Matt and Corey and finally from Kris all wishing me a happy

“Hey Jess, we are planning on going up to Colt’s to celebrate the Fourth of July,”
Kris stated.  The Fourth was only two weeks away.

“That’s cool, give the gang my best. I just don’t think I will be able to make it, I
need to study for exams.”

“It must suck having exams during the summer.” Kris commented.

“That’s what you get when you fuck up like.”

“You made a mistake. We all have, bro,” Kris said. We talked for a few more minutes.

“Cya, Kris.”

Rick came out, and sat on the porch with me. “Kris?”

“He called to wish me happy birthday. They invited me to go up to Colt’s for their
Fourth of July party.”

“I am glad; I don’t have to supervise that,” Rick said with a laugh.

“Oh, come on weren’t all bad.”

I looked as if I were serious. I coughed. “There weren’t that many fights.”

“There were enough, The Lee incident was heated along with breaking up Colt and Kris
wasn’t much fun either.”

“At least they didn’t all strip naked and run around the campus,” I stated.

“You wait, that’s next year I am sure of it.” We both laughed at that, then I stared
at Rick long enough for him to understand, that I know there was another reason he
came over.

“Honestly Rick, why are you here?”

“The truth is I am staying with a friend who knows your Uncle. He did a roof job
recently. When they told me about your birthday, it gave me an excuse to come see
you. Jess you and I were close. We shared some unique characteristics.”

“I don’t have sex in school showers anymore, if that’s what you are getting at.”

He shook his head, “Man, when you had your spat with Scott and had to leave, I
personally was worried about you, out of all the guys; you seemed with Matt, the most
level headed guy of the group. School is tough on people, but to attack your best
friend. There was something more there. I needed to know what is going on.”

“Rick, there isn’t much to say. I was having too much fun and I flunked out. That’s

“Why Scott?”

“What do you mean?” I didn’t like where this was going,

“Why did you pick on Scott? He was your best friend from everything I witnessed the
last year.”

“I don’t know. I just wanted to try and be with him, but he was currently dating
Hayden. I asked to be with him, and he thought I was joking. So I got mad at him.”

Rick seemed to think a lot after my response. “Well, let me get this straight, you
wanted to be with Scott? I thought you liked girls?”

“I like anybody who will like me back.” I responded. “Now after seeing Scott last
weekend, I don’t know what to believe.”

“My best advice friend is follow your heart. It will never steer you wrong.” Rick
hugged me as friend, and hugged him back.

“Where did you get to be so wise?”

“I picked it up somewhere, probably from being around you guys so long.”

There was horn honk and the red corvette came around the corner. Rick smiled, wished
me happy birthday and said goodbye. He jumped into the front seat kissed Kathy on the
lips, and drove off on some romantic date I am guessing.

I sat a few more minutes thinking about my feelings for Scott. Not sure what to make
of them, most guys wouldn’t forgive me as easily as Scott did. Maybe there was
something there. Just then a hand rubbed my hair and looked up and to see Katie.

“Jess, you okay?”


We both walked back in, and enjoyed some of the latest gossip, and Joe told us the
latest with Darren. I laughed with the night ending on a happy note.

It was just the end of June before the long Fourth of July weekend, when Mom and Joe
bugged me, saying all my clothes were ratty and smelly and looked like shit. So I
took some of my birthday money and went shopping.

It was late in the day, stores were about the close, but I knew of a place with
stylish clothes, so I went in there. A woman who looked like the manager almost
knocked me over on her way out, telling the sales girl, who looked mighty fine, to
lock up. I walked in and smiled at the sales girl who quickly approached me.

“Hey,” she said. “Can I help you?”

“I’m just kind of looking for some new clothes but don’t really know what kind of
thing suits me.” I replied.

She looked at me curiously and then a slight smile appeared on her face. “Okay, since
you’re pretty hot, if you give me second to just lock the front door so no one else
can get in, I’ll take you back to the men’s section and get you sorted out.”

“That would be awesome,” I said, smiling as I watched her hot ass walk over to the
door, using a key to lock it and then setting two bolts in place. I felt a little
nervous because now I was trapped in the store.

She walked back over and actually took me by the hand, leading me over to where all
the men’s clothes were hanging. When we got to the slightly open space near the
dressing rooms she had me stand there for her and do a slow turn so she could get a
good look at my body.

“Can you take your shirt off for a moment so I can see your real build?” she asked.

With the store being closed, I agreed and pulled off my shirt. I thought I heard her
moan and then she walked up to me, placed a hand on my shoulder and then slowly moved
it down, over my growing pecs and cut abs. Ever since I set eyes on Kris and Corey at
college I had been working harder to improve my body and she clearly liked it, using
her finger to run around the waistband of my pants.

“You’re really hot, you know that?” the sales girl said. “You’re slim but with
muscle, just the kind of guy I like.”

I watched as she walked over to a few clothes racks and seemed to pull shirts and
pants off the rails at random. She brought them back over to me and put them in my
arms, telling me to go into one of the stalls and start trying the clothes on so she
could see which ones I looked best in. I headed into the stall and went to close the
curtain but she stopped me from doing so, telling me she wanted to see me get
changed. I thought that was a little kinky but she was quite hot so I just started
trying the clothes on in front of her.

When I had each shirt on my body she made sure to inspect me fully, running her hands
all over me to check that each one made my developing muscles seem really defined.
When she liked a shirt she stripped it off me and put it to one side leaving me to
take off those she said didn’t make me look hot enough.

I got finished with the shirts and without a moment of hesitation she suggested I
start trying the pants on, but she didn’t see the point in me going in to the
changing room since we were alone. I laughed but just quickly dropped my pants and
stepped out of them.

“Boxers? Really?” she asked.

“What’s wrong?” I questioned.

“You could look so much hotter. Hang on…” she said and disappeared somewhere.

Returning, she had a few pairs of boxer-briefs in her hands and threw one of them to
me telling me to put a pair on. I just laughed and couldn’t think of a reason why not
to, so I just dropped my boxers, letting my cock hang out and stepped out of them. I
noticed her admiring my junk as I pulled the sexy see through boxer briefs up. They
were a little tight but once I had them on I turned to look in a mirror and fuck I
looked good. My ass looked so fuckable, even if it is weird saying that about myself,
and my package looked huge.

“What do you think?” I asked.

“So fucking hot!” she exclaimed, “but I’ve got to say, I think you looked better out
of them.”

She stepped up to me and grabbed hold of my dick through the boxer briefs with one
hand as the other went around the back of my head and pulled me into a kiss. I gave
in and slipped my tongue into her mouth as she continued to grope and massage my
growing cock.

I pushed her back away from me and ripped her top off over her head. She had made the
first move and now I wanted her, hell I needed her. She made no complaint so I
quickly stripped her until she was standing naked in front of me and dropped the
boxer briefs to the floor, my boner raging hard.

Pulling her back to me our mouths joined again and our tongues started to battle. Her
hand went back down to stroke my leaking cock so I lowered my hand and slipped a
finger inside her, slowly fucking her with it.

“You’d better have a condom,” she pleaded, breathlessly, “I need you to fuck me now.”

My dick throbbed and I quickly grabbed the pants I came in and pulled out my wallet.
I had a condom and sighed with relief. I ripped open the packet and rolled it down my
cock. The sales girl and I still didn’t know her name, smiled, bit her lip and
charged across the store, pushing me back until I was sitting on the small bench in
the changing room stall and within literally seconds, lowered herself down on my
cock, plunging me deep inside her.

We both moaned and she started riding me. She seemed urgent, as if she was so turned
on and the only think she could think about was the fact that she needed to cum. I
wasn’t complaining of course, her tight pussy felt amazing around my cock and I held
on to her hips and thrust up into her, fucking her good.

She moaned and held on to me tightly, kissing my neck. I wanted to change the
position so I hooked my arms under her legs and lifted her up. I turned around,
bouncing her up and down on my dick and looking over her shoulder I saw our
reflection in the full length mirror as my cock disappeared deep inside her. She
looked over her shoulder and groaned.

“Holy fuck! That is so fucking hot!” She screamed.

“Hell yeah, it is. Where do you want me to fuck you next?” I asked, really in to the
fuck now.

“On the cash desk!” she squealed.

I just smiled and walked out into the store, my cock still deep inside her the entire
time. I laid her down on the cash desk with her ass just over the edge so I could
still fuck her. I didn’t care that anyone walking past would be able to see my ass as
I was fucking in and out of her hot pussy, it was feeling too good and we were both
moaning, making out as I pounded her into the hard surface.

“I’m so close!” she gasped, “harder!”

I fucked her ever harder and felt myself coming to my own climax. She screamed and
wrapped her arms around me, digging her nails into my back as she came. The
tightening of her pussy around my cock felt so good and I shot my load into the
condom inside her. Just as the last shot left my cock I thought I saw some kind of
flash but I was too busy and feeling too good to give a damn about what it was.

We finished the fuck and I pulled out of her. I gathered the clothes she chose and
paid for the shirts and pants while she decided to give me the designed underwear for
free for being such a good fuck. I smiled, kissed her again and left her in the

The days passed since my little shopping encounter; school was going well, and the
classes I was taking were going great.  I seemed to be grasping a lot of the
information, now that I actually tried to concentrate on the work.

Preston and I have been hanging out every day, and we go workout at least two or
three times a week. With the guys we were shooting the breeze and having blast most
night; almost every weekend something happens, now my life is centered on work,
school and chilling with Preston.

So far, Preston and I had been hanging out quite a bit.   He had a great sense of
humor and loved hearing all the shit I had done with the gang.  Some of the tales
seemed to grow in size like the spring break trip and the now famous night where the
guys went to the other side sexually. We seemed to enjoy each other’s company. Mom
actually notices some improvements in my behavior and Dad made Uncle Joe give me a
raise and I started apprenticing for him, and helping him with some of the bigger

I was excited, while I was leaving the gym on Friday afternoon before Independence
Day. I noticed a sign for a golf course not too far from here. Knowing Preston’s
passion for golf, I called and got a 2 o’clock tee time on July 4th. I turns out the
place is busy all summer; because of the demand, they stay open every day.

Preston and I were standing at the first tee knowing my old college gang was at
Colt’s house, but I couldn’t get away to go and knew I’d be missing a great time.  
With the ball on the tee, I eyed the clear narrow fairway and let it rip.   It was a
perfect drive down the center of the fairway.   “Top that,” I said passing Preston.

“I wish…”

“You talking about the drive or my cute ass?” I joked.

“I’ll never tell,” Preston said before addressing his ball.   He swung the big driver
and watched the ball fly.   The drive lacked the distance of mine but was down the

“Nice shot,” I complimented him.

“I’m not very long,” he said.

“I’ve noticed that out here and in the shower.”

Preston laughed, “Nothing I can do about either one, bitch!”

After our first drives, the weakness in my game came out.  I lacked any touch around
the greens and always envied Scott when we played for his touch.   Preston was
somewhat like me and did get it closer to the hole.   My putting sucked hard as well
with my lack of touch and feel. 

“Dude, just stick in the hole,” Preston said.

“I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard that.”

“I just wish someone would tell me that,” Preston laughed before I knocked the ball
in.  “Now stand back and watch.”  

I watched him line up the putt thinking he had seen too many golf tournaments on TV. 
He swung back and tapped the ball.  The ball swirled around the cup and drop in the
hole.  He held up his arms.

“Don’t get too cocky on me,” I said.  “It’s just the first hole for crying out loud.”

“It was luck, Jess but I do love being out here with ya.  I know it’s hotter than
fuck out here…”

“No shit.  I wish they would let us take off our shirts,” I said before driving the
cart to the next hole.

“Not that I don’t mind but you seem to enjoy showing your body,” he stated.

“You think I do.  You really need to meet Kris…”

“I feel like I already know him as much as you talk about him,” Preston said.

“You’ve seen his picture on Matt’s Facebook page.”

“Along with everyone else’s.  Damn you had some really built friends but I’ve really
enjoyed us hanging out together over the past few weeks.”

“I have too.  It has taken a little sting out of the situation,” I said and set the
brake for our next hole.  

The true Preston came to the forefront with him hacking the ball all over this long
hole.  I wasn’t much better and was lucky to come away with a double bogey.  We
downed some water before heading to the next hole.   The next one was a short par 4
with water on one side.  I did everything possible to stay away from the water and
ended up playing out of the woods on the opposite side of the water.

We were laughing like crazy for the next few holes with one of us losing a ball on
each hole.   I stopped keeping score since it was a lost cause at the moment.   We
stopped for refreshments at the ninth hole with the beer looking so tempting.   
Being bold, I walked up and ordered a six pack and smokes from the worker.  Without
hesitation, he pulled out my request while I handed him the cash.  It wasn’t cheap
but worth it.  I wasn’t sure I looked 21 but still sporting a trimmed beard didn’t
Preston laughed seeing me with a six pack.   Before the next hole, I popped open a
can and lit a cigarette.   Preston looked at me.  “Do ya mind if bummed a smoke from
ya?” he asked.

“Of course not.  So do you smoke?” I asked.

“Well… not much.”

I chuckled, “Me either but what the hell?  Our golf game sucks so we might as well
enjoy this.”

We drove to the next tee and started the back nine.  My driving returned with a nice
high long one right down the middle with Preston right behind me.   We smiled while
we puffed on the cigarettes and Preston opening a beer.   Since he drove, he stated
one would have to do and no sense ruining a fun outing with an arrest.   We both shot
par for this hole, our first one of the day.  

With smokes and beer, we settled down.   Two holes later, I birdied my first hole of
the day and celebrated it with a little dance.  

“No doubt you can’t dance at all,” Preston said laughing.

“Nope but the rest of those brews in me and I won’t give a shit either,” I said.

Two holes later on a short par 3 hole, Preston hit the flag stick with his first
shot.  “In your face!” he yelled at me and strutted off the tee box.

“Watch this,” I said before letting my tee shot fly.   It was heading straight for
the hole.  I was using all the body language I had to coax the airborne shot to the
hole.   The white ball landed in front of the hole and took four big hops to land off
the green.   “Damn!” I screamed. “I just knew I was gonna match your shot!”

“Maybe next time,” he smiled.   Preston did sink his putt with me struggling again
around the green.  

We kept going and were actually playing well by the eighteenth hole.  We attributed
our good play to the fact we were getting warmed up like the weather.  We ended the
day on a high note with us both making long putts to par the tough eighteenth.   I
fist pumped him when my long desperate putt when in the hole. 

I parked the cart and grabbed our clubs along with stuffing the two remaining beer in
my bag along with the rest of my pack of smokes.  Walking away from the clubhouse to
Preston’s car, my sweat soaked shirt came off. 

We loaded our clubs into his trunk and left our golf shoes in there as well.   We
stood looking at each other for a brief moment.  I glanced around to see no one
around and grabbed Preston.  I kissed his lips and felt no resistance.  

Preston broke the kiss and stood back away from me.  “Damn, now my day is complete.”

“Mine too.  I know you wanted it but so did I.”

As our day ended with some fireworks and drinking, I just kept thinking about the
kiss and possibly having some of my own fireworks. Was it a sign of things to come?

A few nights later, I was home studying for an upcoming test, Uncle Joe and Darren
were away on a nice getaway weekend. They seemed to be doing okay. I heard the
doorbell ring and went to go check to see who was at the door.

In comes Kris with his long blond hair and an unbutton shirt. His shorts were so low;
you can make out his designer boxers. He was extremely hot. I allowed him to come and
fetched him a beer.

“You didn’t come all the way over here just for a beer.”  Kris continued to stare at
my face.

“Sorry, it’s just hard to get used to you wearing a beard.”

“I know, I thought about it, I wanted to match my Uncle’s.”  Kris looked a little
uncomfortable like there was something on his mind, but he couldn’t really put his
finger on it. On the rare occasions when Kris and I were alone, we managed to be able
to talk straight with each other, and most of the time we didn’t even crack jokes,
and spoke like two good friends. I suspect this is one of those times.

“Kris, is something wrong? Is Matt okay?”

“He is fine. Sorry, I was at Colt’s. I had interesting time.”

I raised an eyebrow at that.

“Jess, I get to the real heart of it. Colt and I had a long talk about our love. It
was so surreal; I just don’t know what to think about it.”

“Calm down, what did you say?”

“Jess, Colt and I whenever we were horny, we would just fuck like rabbits, at Colt’s
it was the same. Colt couldn’t handle us getting at it, with Chase in the next tent.
So we didn’t do it.”

“Okay, that makes sense, bro. I wouldn’t want to fuck somebody in those

Kris stared at me, and we both laughed because we realized that I would.

“Anyways, following that we had the deepest conversation I ever had.”

“You mean like your talks you had with Matt?” I enquired, knowing how often Kris and
Matt discuss everything.

“Nothing close to that, but it was so surreal, I've been replaying it in my head over
and over and can pretty much remember every word we said to each other.” He stopped
and gathered his thoughts.

“Colt asked me if I was hoping we’d fuck and I just had to be honest with him. I
said, ‘You know what? I don’t know. I’ve been thinking about us pretty much the
entire time since the camping trip, especially after we left college. You know I’ve
been dating girls back home, fucking them, and it’s amazing. Being with a girl again
has made me realise how much I want to be with one and have a relationship with one,
it’s just right and it’s who I am. I could never imagine myself dating a guy but I
still have urges… Like right now. I see you sitting there and your dick’s hard and I
just wanna crawl over and grab it. I look at your face and I wanna kiss you, it’s
weird. I don’t wanna be with you but I do wanna fuck you.”

“Damn!” I said.

Kris chuckled, “It’s just the truth.”

“I told him about how I only found myself wanting to have sex with my friends and I 
wasn’t just attracted to anyone, but he wanted to know where he came in to my life,”
Kris continued.

I was blown away, Kris and I were good friends, equals and I just never thought we
ever get into territory this deep.

“Again I was honest, I said, ‘Well, Colt, other than Matt, you’re my best friend, at
least since starting college. I love you, not like that, but you know what I mean and
I trust you with my life. I never thought about having sex with you before Spring
Break, but then when we were both up for it I just went with it because I was doing
it with you, and it was great.  When we’ve done it again, it’s been even better and
I’ve loved it. But I think the reason why I’ve loved it so much is because of who
I’ve been doing it with… I can have sex with you and not have to worry about what
anyone might do or say afterward and it’s great. But then every time I have sex with
you, Colt, I find myself enjoying it even more. The next morning I end up wanting to
do it again as soon as possible and just keep doing it because it’s so good, but 
then I start to feel shit again ‘cause even though I wanna keep fucking you, I don’t.
Does that make sense?’”

“‘Yeah, I think it does,’ Colt said. ‘I’ve been thinking about us since that camping
trip too, Kris. I try not to but I can’t help it. I’m so fucking confused and messed
up, man, it’s unbelievable. It’s like there are two different versions of me and
they’re fighting each other to see which one wins out…’  I was floored with the way
Kris was being so honest with me, but I listened to his tale.

“Then he was a bit harsh though, dude,” Kris said. “He said, ‘You don’t want anyone
else knowing that we fucked each other again because you don’t want them knowing that
you fucking loved it the second time around. You were moaning, screaming, and when I
had you on your back, fucking you deep, I made you cum without you even touching
yourself it was that good’?”

“HOLY FUCK!!” I screamed. “Did that really happen? Obviously, that wasn’t true
because you were able to tell me about this conversation. Honestly, I cannot believe
you have been this deep with people. This goes beyond the Kris I always  knew.”

“I know it just threw me for a loop, We had to come to an agreement because like I
said to Colt, ‘I’ve got all these urges I don’t want to have and if we keep fucking
each other, we’ll never get over them, and that scares me, because while you’re one
of my best friends, I don’t want you as a boyfriend.’ And he agreed with that and the
deal was done.”

“That was it?” Checking to make sure he was finished his tale.
“So we agreed not to fuck each other, or not often anyway,”

Kris laughed, “And then we bumped fists, turned off the lantern and went to sleep. We
didn’t even jack off.”

“Damn! Things must have been serious!” I joked, barely able to dodge the cushion that
flew at his head courtesy of Kris.

“So what’s the problem, Kris it seems you and Colt have finished your exploration,
for a lack of a better term.”

“Do I love him?” Kris asked me suddenly. “Is that why I feel like this?”

In the course of storytelling Kris lied on the couch like he was in shrink’s office.

“Honestly, Kris I have no idea. Maybe you need to see a doctor or a shrink or

“Yeah, right!” He laughed, “Jess, your one of my friends, I came to you because out
of all them, you would be able to tell me what to do.”
“Kris, how I see it, you and Colt have relationship that goes beyond friendship. It
takes a significant bond for straight guy and another straight guy to have sex, and
find it meaningful.”

“That’s true.”

“You may love him, you may not, dude. The issue is do you want to find out.”

“Huh.” He stared at me.

“I am not suggesting anything, but if things happen and you guys end up having sex
again, or blowing each other or something else. Just go with it. I am pretty sure
deep down; your brain will tell you stop if you go too far.”

Not really sure what to say, his issue with Colt reminds me of my situation with
Preston and Scott. Before I could think more about it Kris made another comment.

“Thanks, bro. I think what scared me the most, that made me seek you out was the
level of the conversation, and the meaningfulness we had in it. I never had been that
deep with anybody. I never opened myself that honestly with anybody. Not even Matt.”

“I think it just threw you.” I commented, “Like I said before, Kris; we don’t plan
who we end up being friends with. You and Colt and have something figure it out.”

“I guess time will tell bro.” Kris sat up and started undressing. He was down to his
silk black boxers.

“What are you doing?” I asked curiously.

“Bro, it’s fucking hot.” He got out of his boxers, and I suggested we continue the
conversation in his bedroom. I stripped out my clothes too, and we talked about his
summer and all the fun he had at Colt’s, he mentioned how he lost his temper at
Brennan, but overall it was fun weekend. “Yeah, and get this most of the time, all of
us, including Shawn were naked. I think I am really going to be comfortable being
naked all the time.”

I changed the subject to something that was bothering me. “How is Scott doing?”

“He was doing alright. Brennan and he were looking for condoms, so I assume they are
trying out some experimenting of their own.”

I didn’t expect that. Kris must have noticed my instance reaction that he moved
closer to me and put a comforting arm around my naked shoulder.

“What’s up, Jess.”

“I don’t know, hearing about Scott’s sex life it hurts. I guess.”

“You have feelings for him still?” He asked seriously.

“I don’t know. I have the potential to start fresh with my friend that I met at here
at school, something special. When we kissed, the other day it was good, but later I
thought of Scott.”

“Bro, I think you have a thing for Scott. It goes back your little adventures on the
ski trip.”

“What you mean?”

“When you guys were together, I could see it. You couldn’t fool me. It was more than
fling. You were just putting up a front when we asked you about it after the break.”

I don’t understand it, Kris is right, he is always right. “How do you these things,

“I see all. I know all. I am that fucking awesome.”

“Then explain your awesomely small dick.”

“Fuck off. The point is you should go and be with Scott, and see if there is future
or not.”

“You’re right,” I said, “I guess this is what your trying to tell me at Scott’s
before you passed out.”

“Most likely.”  Kris agreed, “But, I was out of it, who knows what I was saying.”

Since it was late, I said he could stay the night, and we would sleep in the same
bed. I lent him some of my porn to watch, as I went back to my studying. I knew Kris
and I could have had some fun, but I needed my school work to be completed.

The next day, Kris and I had a quick breakfast, before we parted ways. I went off to
find Scott.  I arrived at his house and Scott was outside front looking at me.

“Jess?” He asked. “What are you doing here?”

“Hey Scott! I was just passing through town on my way to a friends’ house and thought
I’d drop in to see you. I hope you don’t mind.” I lied.

“Not at all. In fact, I’ve been stood up twice so you’re a welcome sight. I was just
about to light up so you can join me round the back if you want.”

“Definitely. I’ve got some beer in the trunk if you want me to get it.”

“No, let’s just smoke and see how we feel.”

“Works for me.”

The day and night went by so quickly, I would have stayed their longer but after the
fun; I dawned on me Uncle Joe and Katie were coming for dinner and that meant driving
another two hours back home. I lied and left him. I would have loved to sleep by his
side again, but it wasn’t in the cards.

I made it back home in record time, and managed to get into the drive when Joe and
Darren pulled up. Katie showed up 20 minutes later. It was my turn to cook too. So I
whipped up some chili and hot dogs for dinner.

The meal was good, but all through the meal, all that was on my mind was Scott. I
knew that with our lives, it would be hard for us to see each other during the school
year. So, I think I will turn my live towards dating Preston.

Katie was going out to club with friends and wouldn’t be home late. I watched Darren
and Joe play scrabble. It was kind of romantic to see my uncle happy with his
boyfriend. The thoughts brought me back to Scott and knew I had to excuse myself and
take care of some business.

I always love being with Scott but this last time at his was just amazing. I thought
about as I began to jerk myself off. We fucked four times, each having a go at each
other twice. The first time on the living room chair when I was fucking his hot ass
right where his father reads the Sunday newspaper was incredible and even though I
didn’t cum it was still smoking hot.

When he fucked me on his parents’ bed, fucking me hard and rough, it felt so good. My
hole was still a little sore but it was the good kind and it reminded me of how
amazing it felt with Scott buried deep inside me, fucking me until we both came. We
slept in his parents’ bed all night, with me holding him in my arms and it just felt
I was one my own bed stroking my cock hard to the images as I was reliving our time together. 
As I twitch about the next morning when Scott and I showered together to wash the dried cum
from our bodies my asshole started to twitch. We had been kissing each other and running our
hands all over the other’s body when Scott slid his finger into my ass and right then I knew
I needed him inside me.

When I told him that he bolted from the shower, grabbed a condom and was back with me in
seconds, rolling the condom down his cock and making me brace myself against the shower wall
as he slid his hot seven inch, uncut cock deep in my ass and started fucking me. His hands
were running all over my body as he thrust into me, moving from pinching my nipples to
jerking my hard cock. God he was such a good fuck.

I leapt up off the bed and ran to my closet thinking about Scott fucking me. Jerking off
wasn’t enough. I needed more. I pulled out my favorite dildo from the box in the bottom of my
closet. I had searched high and low for one that reminded me of Scott’s cock and now I had
it, I fucking loved it. Lying back on the bed, I lubed up the dildo and slowly slid it into
my ass, thinking that it was Scott’s dick as he drilled me in the shower as the water ran
over both of our bodies.

I fucked myself with the dildo at the same pace as Scott had fucked me, changing the speed of
his thrusts from time to time and rotating his hips to really drive his cock home. It felt so
good and I just wished Scott was with me to re-enact the whole thing.

As good as the shower fuck had been, it was the love making that came afterwards that really
blew my mind and would be something that I would remember forever. Never before had I ever
felt so connected with someone, so in love with someone. I wasn’t sure if I really did love
Scott or if it was just the situation that we were in but as I gently made love to him with
him on his back, holding on to me and looking up into my eyes, leaning up to kiss my lips and
slip his tongue into my mouth was magical. It was the longest I ever spent with a guy without
cumming. I stayed inside Scott for 56 minutes before I shot my load deep inside him, having
made him cum three times in that hour.

Just thinking about that had me so hard and leaking. I left the dildo in my ass and turned
over on the bed. My rock hard cock was pressed against the sheets but it didn’t feel quite
right so I grabbed a pillow and stuck it under me, gently thrusting my dick against it,
imagining I was back inside Scott’s hot ass. As I rubbed off on the pillow the dildo was
moving around in my ass, fucking me as I humped downwards. It felt so good and I was soon on
edge, shooting my load all over the bed.

I could barely breathe the orgasm was so intense and I just remained there on my bed, on my
hands and knees, the cum soaked sheets beneath me and the dildo sticking out of my ass when
my bedroom door opened.


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