This chapter the bulk of the chapter takes place during the Summer Chapters. Written by Andy.

After a brief hug, I said to my father. “I will just go upstairs and put this stuff away.”

“That won’t be necessary.”

“Why not?” I was perplexed.

“Well since we didn’t expect you home so soon, we rented out your room to a nice guy going to junior

“You rented out my room!” I was beyond furious. “How could you do that?  Where did you put all my stuff?”

“If you must know we threw it out on the curb. A lot of it was old junk anyways.” Dad looked serious.  I
couldn’t speak I was totally speechless.

Dad and mom started laughing. “Son, we couldn’t resist,” she eventually said.  My father and I had a great
relationship, but my mom and I cracked jokes and played tricks on each other all the time.

“Yeah, son. We thought a little humour would lighten the mood. We did rent out your room though. However,
for the time being, you can room with your Uncle.”

Joe was a good man, but was very serious. I always liked him.  He used to take me camping, fishing and
hunting. He was very manly for a gay guy with short dark hair that he was losing and a half decent body for a
guy I think was in his early forties.

We all got in the car and drove to Uncle Joe’s apartment it was small place. When I got there, he gave me a big
hug. He took all my stuff and he moved me into his small guest room.  We all went out for dinner.

“Son,” My father, Frank, began, “Unfortunately, we need to address the schooling issue, we are all happy that
you are dedicated to school now. However, while you’re living with your uncle, there will be some changes.”
I looked towards him, not sure what to make of him. He was 200 pounds of muscle, and wore a thick beard and
loved leather. He would be considered a bear in the gay community. “Jess, first of all I expect you to pay rent
of 500 dollars a month. Second.”

“500 is not that a little much?"

“Not really. That includes room and board and food.”

Mom piped in, “Son, you did something foolish, whatever excuses you had for throwing away your education,
there needs to be some consequences.”

This was totally unexpected from Mom. She was always the good cop. Dad was the bad cop. For her to be
serious, I was kind of surprised.

“I understand,” I said but still hated it.

Joe laid out the rest of the rules. Basically I had to my own laundry and do chores around the house such as
keep things half clean and mow the yard when needed.

“That’s all good, but you know I am not cleanest person.”

“And I am not the best cook,” Mom said, getting her humor back.

“When were you a good cook?” I asked.  We laughed at my humor. The night was easy one with mom and I
cracked some jokes. Eventually, the conversation turned to my room that was rented out.

“So, who is living in my room now?”

“He had bad time, had horrible falling out with family and is paying for college himself. He moved here to get
away from them. Brad is so nice, clean, and courteous.” Mom commented. “You know things you weren’t.”

“I was clean. I took a shower.”

“Going out every summer over the sprinkler doesn’t constitute a shower.”  We all laughed at that.

“When do I get my room back?” I asked seriously.

“Never!” She laughed. “We want Joe to handle living with a grown up boy.”

With that dinner was over, so I went with Joe back to his place. We sat down and had a beer while watching a
basketball game. I knew something was on his mind, so at commercial I asked him to tell me what it is.

“Jess, you know I love as if you were my own son.”

“I see a but coming...”

“Jess, when you told us your grades were bad early in the semester, we lectured you. Didn’t you learn

“I thought I could handle, but you know college is fun, which normally takes over.”

“That is true, but I bet your friends had time to study, and make decent GPAs. The point is yesterday when you
came over and told us you were failing. It broke us, we understood if you were trying your hardest and you
couldn’t grasp certain concepts. You just didn’t care. Frank and Sarah could never yell at you or get cross. Frank
thought you were throwing his money in the garbage. We did our best...but you disappointed us.”

“Joe,I have no real reason why I fucked up. College life is such a ride; you lived on residence when you were
in college. “

“Okay,” Joe said as he got up and went for a beer. “What things did you do?”

I knew I could be honest with him. He was the second family member I turned to when things went wrong
after Katie, my sister.

“Well, let’s see. I showered with some guys, played golf, witnessed a guy punching my friend Corey because
he was gay, got my friend Kris a girl, smoked pot at a par... peed on my former friends car because they were
treating my gay friends as assholes and caught the RA in comprising position.  Comforted my friend Matt and
his breakup with Corey, had fun with a straight guy, learned I was bi; got caught jerking off a few times; got a
snake tattoo; witnessed an uncomfortable encounter between a father and son; passed my flu to others; had
to break up a fight between to best friends; had to reason with my friend Colt about girl issues; when our
leader was not in action, I had to step up; shaved my friend Colt’s pubic hair.  Witnessed Matt and Corey
squabble; slid on a floor which got big laughs; had the best sex in my life on the ski vacation I went on; had to
wake up a nude Kris; taped my best friend strip routine for a birthday; bribed the RA, comfort Kris over a break
up; had the best snow ball fight; become a coach when Kris wasn’t available, helped my best friend, Scott
when his mother who had cancer; On spring break, I stood up to some assholes who were ragging on Corey
and Matt; gave an amazing blowjob; watched two friends play fighting, then after hearing I was failing I
punched my best friend instead of coming to my senses. “

Through that entire list, Joe just nodded and listened, waiting for me to finish. “And in all that time you
couldn’t find time to study.”

Thinking about it with all the shit I did, I could have easily studied. Instead I watched 10 hours of porn a week
whereas I could have opened a book.

“Uncle Joe, I am sorry now in hindsight.”

“I think you know what you have to do.”  He was right I got off couch, went into my room, and called my folks. I
apologized and told them that I fucked up and should take responsibilities for my actions. We had a short
conversation but by the end of they were both forgiving and appreciated by the offer.

“I guess this means I can move back in?” They laughed and hung up. I went and prepared myself for tomorrow
for Joe and I were doing some home repairs. Joe was the town handyman, and over the years, he taught me
everything I knew to make me useful and handy.

Joe and I went around town fixing things. In the middle of doing a basic sink job, Joe was called away to work
on another job. I just finished repairing the sink and Betty and her friend Veronica offered me a cold drink. It
was nice of them.

“Hey Jess, thanks a lot for fixing the sink,” Betty smiled sweetly.

“It was nothing ma’am,” I said in my most southern drawl.

“You must be all sweaty working under that sink.” I had an idea where this was going. They’re both a little
older than me, so I didn’t feel any harm in it.

“I am okay, ma’am,” I winked at them.

“You got water over your overalls.” Veronica and Betty started stripping off my clothes. I let them have full
control of the situation. It had been awhile since I’d been with anybody.  I knew all day they were aching to
see what was lurking beneath my shirt and overalls.   We went into shower with the girls now down to their
panties.   Damn, I forgot how much fun it was to mess with females.   They couldn’t hold a light to Scott in
sucking my dick.   Needless to say, I got off big time with both having my big nut plastered on their sweet

“Thanks, you girls are sweet.”

“Come back anytime.” Veronica smiled brightly. “Our pool can use some cleaning.  We’d love it if you could
come over and show us that hot body of yours again  in something really tiny.”

After getting dressed, we kissed good bye. I was just about to leave, when Betty called after me.

“I think you should grow a beard,”  Betty stated.  I chuckled in response and went to meet up with my Uncle. I
scratched my chin and thought maybe a beard would be a good idea since I hated shaving. The next two weeks
went by quickly. Joe and I got along very well.  To satisfy a need, I went back to Veronica and Betty’s place a
few times. There were things we did that I bet Scott would blush at.

It was three weeks into the summer, that I realized I was missing the boys back at school. Joe had kept busy
with all the odds and ends that had to accomplish. Each night, Joe and I watched this gay program he loved. He
even opened up about getting together with a new boyfriend that he met while on a job.
I suggested we invited him over Friday, and I decided to cook them a wonderful meal. Joe was nervous but I
told him to relax. That night Darren came over, he was nervous also.   He appeared to be a little younger but
wasn’t as well kept as my uncle.  It was like these two were dating for the first time. I proceeded to act as
waiter as they made small chat. I talked up my uncle as much I could. 

“Darren, Joe is one of the best dancers I seen,” I said during desert.

Joe whispered, “Thanks, but I think we can handle it from here.”  Taking the hint I walked back to my room. I
had left my phone there and I got a message from Scott. I called Scott back.

“Hey bro.”

“What’s up Jess?” Scott friendly asked.

“Not much, you were the one who called me earlier.”  I could hear Darren and Joe laughing in the other room.
It looks like they are doing well.

“The guys are all coming over this weekend... I sure would love to see you again.”

I didn’t expect that. Scott and I talked a few times since I left and he was friendly, I didn’t really think that
much of it. I always thought he was being nice when he forgave me. Not thinking he actually meant it. I took
this as nice gesture on his part.

“Sure, I will come. I would love to see the guys again. As long as my Uncle lets me go. ”

Scott gave me the information and how to get there, just in case I got permission. Scott then filled me on what
had happened after I left; he mentioned that the guys were all going to be living in these nice suites. He
talked about his brother and sister; I was getting the impression that Trevor was still being picked on. I told
him that my uncle treating me well along with letting him know about the date he was on. We hung up about
twenty minutes later.

Just as I was about to get up, I heard a knock at the door. “Yeah, come on in.”

Joe walked in and sat on the bed. “Is there any way you can stay with your folks this weekend?”

I laughed.  Brad was still living in my room and won’t be gone anytime soon, the way my mom, Sarah puts it.  “I
doubt it. Why? Are things between you and Darren getting serious?” I laughed some more.

Joe didn’t laugh, so I knew I was right. To relieve the awkward moment, I mentioned Scott’s invite and said I’d
go over there for the weekend. I called my folks and told them what I was up too.

I headed up to Scott’s place the next morning and was a little late since Scott gave horrible directions. I
noticed all the cars in the driveway, so I knew the whole gang was there. I checked rear view mirror. I looked
great with my dark shades; they complemented my long brown hair and beard very well.  The gang seemed to
be making a lot of noise in the backyard. I walked to the door leading into the yard and opened. Everybody’s
head turned.

“I see the party’s started without me,” I said.

Before I knew it Kris was hugging me while Colt and Bryson shook my hand. Corey and Matt hugged me as
well. It was nice knowing I still had some great friends. I looked them over; they all looked great. Corey and
Matt seemed to be more in love than before and Kris still has more energy than I ever remembered.   Matt
was wearing a nice bikini that really made his nice body look hot.   Corey and Kris were in board shorts but
were so damn bowed up now.

“Glad you could make it,” Scott said in his hot Speedo before embracing me. It was so tempting to grab his hot
ass that I loved to fuck.  I could tell from the hug he really did miss a lot. I never understood how Scott was
able to forgive me, but it just shows that when the chips are down Scott is one of the few people I can turn

“Hell, I had to once the invite was given,” I stated.  “So how is everyone?  Did you miss me?  Scott’s being
keeping me informed on how things went.”

“Dude that is true forgiveness right there if there ever was in my book,” Colt said. I missed Colt a lot; the
image of him with his dip never escaped my mind. Hayden came up also and gave me a nice hug. Hayden and
didn’t get on a lot; but I was happy that Scott and Hayden seem to be doing okay.

“I’ll say,” Corey stated.

Kris introduced Tanner while Scott introduced Trevor and Landon.   Both Trevor and Landon looked cute in
their Speedos with both being dark.  Kris handed me a beer to make him feel like one of the group even
though I said I had a ton out in my car for us to enjoy.  I stripped off my shirt to show I am still all muscle. I was
all smiles. I couldn’t be happier.

“So what have you been doing with yourself?” Kris asked.

“Ah, working with my uncle doing odd jobs and getting my shit together.  I start summer school Tuesday,” I

“That’s great,” Matt said. He always is able to see the bright side in any circumstance.  Kris may be glue that
keeps us together but Matt is the rock that kept us grounded.

I got to relive the minor fight Scott and I had for Tanner’s benefit, keeping it G rated.  I was still very apologetic
about it.  I said “Scott had helped so much and showed no hard feelings towards him.”

“Dude, I’d still be pissed no matter what, eh,” Tanner said.

“Hey, it is over with now,” Scott stated. 

“The most forgiving guy I’ve ever encountered.  If that had been me, I’d never speak to that person again. 
Scott, I’ve told you so many times how really grateful I am.  I fucked up.  Not a day goes by I wish I’d manned
up about it.  I took the chicken shit road instead,” I stated.

“Forget about it,” Scott said.  “We’re here to have a great time since most of us are back together. Let’s enjoy
it while we can.”

“I damn sure have to come visit y’all next year,” Tanner stated.

“I told you,” Kris laughed.

“Yeah, like once,” Tanner laughed as well.
We continued to have fun all afternoon, Matt continued to drink and drink; I had never seen Matt drink so
much in my life and was amazed at the beer he was putting away. Corey seemed to get worried for Matt. Matt
said he would enjoy this and followed Kris into the pool for some skinny dipping, eventually everybody
including Tanner joined in.    I looked at Scott and missed playing around with his hot uncut cock or feeling it
inside of me.  
“Dudes, this is gay as fuck but I should have guessed with four gay ass motherfuckers here,” Tanner stated
after swimming.

“More like a bunch of fucking drunk guys,” Colt laughed, looking great.   I could tell he was doing everything
he could to match Kris in the weight room.

“I’d say we need some more beer up in here,” Kris stated.

“I’ll sacrifice,” Scott said and left the pool to grab the ice chest.  I couldn’t keep my eyes off Scott’s hot bare ass
when he walked away. 

“Hayden’s getting him some that shit,” Colt commented.

“Fuck yeah, I am.  Got some of that shit last night, too,” Hayden, proudly but drunk. said.

“This is weird to be around guys who just accept all this gay shit and talk about it like I talk to my friends about
pussy,” Tanner stated. “Kris, you put up with this shit?”

“Put up with it?  Hell, he’s no stranger to gay shit,” I stated. I never thought anything of it, that I was outing
Kris to his former high school friend. The conversation turned R rated; Tanner obviously was not ready to
commit to the dark side. Matt got out of the pool and fell into Corey’s waiting arms.
“Matt, I think that’s enough for tonight,” Corey said.

“I’ll let you know when I’ve had enough,” he said in Corey’s face. Witnessing this little fight wasn’t new but
Matt being drunk was. Then Matt pulling Corey into the chair saying, “Corey, I want you to fuck me now!  I
want all these other bitches to see us in action! I wanna feel this thick motherfucker in my ass!” Matt grabbed
his cock.

“Dammit Matt, enough!” Corey shouted.

“I think someone has had way too much to drink tonight,” Scott stated.

“You think?” Kris said. 

“Come on Corey, fuck me!” Matt screamed. Corey got up and walked away from Matt’s hands trying to bring
Matt to their room. Matt started dancing with Corey and loved swinging around his big dick. Corey was yelling
at him that is was time to go to bed.

“NO!” Matt yelled back, “Stop it! Let me have my fun!” Matt continued dancing and while Corey went after
him. Everybody including me was watching the scene. They were all as surprised as me. Matt was the calmest
person in the world, he kept his personal thoughts to himself, not wanting to expose people to his sex life;
now Matt was naked and dancing around like a crazy guy. I felt bad for Corey, maybe I need to intervene.

“MATT!!” Corey screamed.

“JESUS COREY! GO FUCK OFF!!” Matt yelled, and at that moment things were getting serious. I was about to go
over there but Corey grabbed Matt and threw him in fireman’s carry over his shoulder. Matt was screaming
like a little girl. The stuff he said, I never ever thought would be coming out of his mouth. He was cursing
Corey and saying such horrible things to the guy he loved.

“You stupid fucking drunk, put me done right now. I mean, I hate you! I hate you low life cheater.” That
sentence alone froze everybody, then Matt opened up his mouth again.

“COREY, STOP YOU DUMB FUCK!” We were all speechless. “You low life bastard!” Corey was carrying him back
to his room, while Matt yelled. “You son of a bitch; YOU ARE FUCKING lucky to have me as your boyfriend!!!”
“I FUCKING HATE YOU! YOU DISGUST ME!! LET ME GO! NO other fucking person would have your sorry ass. I let
you have my ass any chance you fucking get!”

I went to go after them. I wanted to make sure Corey doesn’t kill Matt. I heard a crash, and a lot of yelling.
They were fighting. I was about to intercede, but Kris grabbed me before we went back to the pool.

“They need to have it out bro. Let it be. Matt is not in his right head now. None of us are. You would just make
things worse.”

“I guess you’re right.”

“Come sit by the pool with me, we haven’t had a chance to talk that much.”

“You sure Matt and Corey are going to be alright?” I was little worried for them.

“They should be fine; don’t worry. Matt will realize what he did and they will kiss and make up like they
always do.”

“I don’t know.” I thought back to their breakup for a month. “Matt said some horrible things.”

“We all said horrible things when we were drunk. Once a few months before Nathan died; he was drunk like
Matt and said the worst thing to me. He wished I was dead and wished I was never born.”

“That’s horrible, but who’s Nathan?”

“He is my brother. I don’t talk about him that much. I guess the alcohol is affecting me too.”

I put arm around his big shoulder. Kris shrugged it off, either he was too drunk or too tired.

“Jess, you can fool them all, but you can’t fool me. Between me and you are you okay.”

“Huh? I am fine actually,” I said, “Not sure what you mean.”

“We had good time tonight but I am feeling you aren’t that happy.”

I guess I couldn’t fool Kris and just nodded that I wasn’t. I waited for Kris’ reply but it turns out he passed out. I
carried him over to outside couch and put a blanket over him. I looked at him for a moment and left to check
on the others.  Corey was holding Matt down.   By the looks of it, Matt had passed out.  I ventured back to
Scott’s room.  My heart melted hearing him and Hayden fucking.   I peeked in the cracked door to see Scott’s
ass moving up and down.  My dick went hard seeing this and thought what could have been.  I went to the
bathroom and released my load.

The next morning around 6 am I got up, I received a call from my uncle, he wanted me for another job, and I
headed for the door in time to see Scott coming down the stairs.

I explained to him I had to go and told him to say goodbye to the guys and let me know how Matt and Corey
ended up doing.

I drove back and helped out my Uncle with a neighbor’s roof. All the while thinking about Corey and Matt,
they were so in love but the stupidest things set them off.

Monday afternoon, Scott called and told me that things were fixed up between Matt and Corey. They had
fight, but had some great makeup sex. We chatted about Scott’s summer plans, while I told him I have
Summer School the next day which I wasn’t really looking forward it.

“Just play to your strengths, dude. That’s all we can ask.”

As the summer semester started, I sat in my first class.   All I could think about was the effort and time I had to
put in here so I could get back to be with my guys.   I missed each and every one of them.  Even if I had
manned up and left without fighting Scott, I’d still be where I am today because I thought the main focus of
college was partying, hanging with my friends and porn.   I had done the work and succeeded in the summer
and fall.  My grades are where they should have been at college instead of here at some damn junior college. 

Leaving my first class, I was walking out in my own world. 

“Mr. Kellerman wants us to fail,” I heard this guy say walking next to me. 

“Do ya think? Dude, I just know he wants us to understand the material,” I commented to the blond headed
guy walking next to me. “My goal is to get out of here and where I should be.”

“I know that’s right,” he said.

“I don’t understand,” I said shaking my head.

“We’re all here for a reason.  I fucked up and got kicked out at State.”

I whipped my head around, “I did too but not at State.  I left the best bunch of guys and did something awful
but that’s now history.”

We continued to walk with this blond guy walking in the next classroom with me.   He extended his hand,
“Since we have two classes together, I should introduce myself.  My name’s Preston…”

I smiled, “My name is Jess.  Nice to meet ya.”

“Now what’s this about the guys you left?” Preston asked.

“Well… I meet the best guys.  You wouldn’t believe the shit we did and the fun we had,” I replied.

“I kinda know what you’re talking about.”

“Once class is over I have a break.  I can tell ya more afterwards.  I think this lady is staring at us and ready to
start,” I said with a pair of eyes looking straight at me.

I labored through the boringest lecture this class, Business Law.  She went on and on without hardly taking a
breath.  It seemed she was intent on making the most of her time.   She excused us five minutes early.   I
gathered my backpack and headed out the door with Preston trailing me.

The eatery here was packed.  I found a bite with Preston on my heels.   We found a spot at the back and threw
down our stuff.   I had a sense something was different about him.  He was cute as hell and looked not to be
overweight under his nice Polo shirt.  His eyes were the brightest blue with nice lips.   He did have both ears
pierced, no visible signs of ink whereas my tat were hidden under my shirt.

“About these guys,” he commented before taking a bite of his grilled chicken sandwich.

“It’s really hard to explain but we had that bond.  There was this one guy, Kris, who was the ring leader and
cool as fuck and so damn built.  He would drag us almost every day to the Rec Center…”

“I see you haven’t stopped going.  I wish I was built like your hot ass…” 

I heard him and continued, “We went skiing on winter break and then to the beach on spring break.  We got to
know these rich guys, Noah and Kendall who had houses.   You talk about party.”

“Of course.   My problem was I thought college was a party and went for a beer drinking degree.   See where I
am today,” Preston said.  “So how many friends did you have?”

“My close ones I’d say about ten or so.  I had some really cool gay guys as friends too, Matt and Corey.   Corey
was really built too with Matt catching up…”

“Ummm… Jess, are you gay?  I was just wondering.”

“No, I’m bi and you?”

“Errrr… I’m bi too I guess but I do lean towards guys,” he said quietly.

“You’re just like Scott.  Scott was my fuck buddy or so I thought he was.  I did something really stupid and got
into a fight with him.  I did it to give me an excuse rather than face the facts that my ass was failing.”

“I didn’t have to get into a fight.  My parents and the school told me not to come back,” Preston laughed. “Now
I work like a dog and wanna go back to show everyone I can do it.  Hell I finished in the top 10 of my graduating

I continued, “We had so much fun.  I just saw them this weekend.  Get this shit, dude... Scott invited me to
join him and a lot of the gang.   We did some crazy shit, you know and probably drank way too much... one guy,
Matt, got so blasted.  You know the coolest part is Scott and I are still really good friends.”

“That’s awesome,” Preston said. “Hey, we really need to hang out.”

“We do.  Since I’ve been home, I really have missed hanging out with friends.  All my high school friends
aren’t around or now tied to their girls.  I just work, go to my Uncle’s since mom and dad rented out my room.
My older sister, Katie is my closest ally, but she’s is studying to be a lawyer so I do see her that much.”

Preston smiled, “I know exactly what you mean.  My rents are cool but I have to deal with my younger sister
who wants to be a total whore and act like one too.  Makes me sick.  You should see some the scum she

“Dude, I know what you mean.  My eldest sister, Joanne and her husband Grant argue all the time. Living with
my Uncle is okay, he has some interesting quirks, but I’ll get used to it.”

We finished eating and exchanged numbers.  I headed to my next class while Preston went a different
direction.  My next class was a breeze and let me finish early.  I headed to work, which I did enjoy but with
school got in only a few hours.   After work, I was about to head to the gym and decided to call Preston to see
if he was interested in working out with me.   He sounded happy that I called and agreed to give it a try.

I missed all of us going and trying to best each other.   I still smile remembering watching the epic duos
between Kris and Colt on the bench.  Colt did his best but could never top Kris.  I’m sure Kris is still giving Colt
hell but Colt is progressing so much.

Waiting in the front, I was able to secure Preston a day pass to let him see the nice facility.  It wasn’t even
close to the Rec Center but met my needs.  

We walked back to the locker room to change.  With Preston removing his shirt, I could see no definition but a
slender body with rail thin arms and legs.  I could see him eyeing me as I changed.

“Damn… Jess you are built… that’s one killer tattoo,” Preston said concerning my big snake tattoo.

I smiled, “One of the many things I did with the guys.  One night a bunch of us went to get inked up.  Let’s stop
talking about them…”


“Because it makes me sad but one day I’ll be back there.”

After a tough and hard workout, I was nothing but sweat.  Preston was hardly able to walk and was
complaining while we walked to the locker room.  I stripped down to nothing as usual and found a towel.  He
sat eyeing me before turning around and losing his sweaty clothes.  His lily white ass was hot as hell.  He
turned around to show very little hair, trimmed I think and a nice uncut cock with lots of foreskin and nice
hangers.   We showered off the sweat and odor before dressing. 

“Say, if you want, you could follow me back to my house.  We could kick it there,” Preston said.

“I ain’t got much going on so I could.”

He led the way to his house.  It appeared to be something rather nice and new.  He opened the front door
with a bald guy sitting on the couch and a bigger woman sitting opposite of him. 

“How did it go, Preston?” the man asked.

“Not too bad for my first day,” Preston replied.  “This is Jess, by the way.”

I had to be polite and shake their hands and call them ma’am and sir out of respect.  We journeyed through
the kitchen.  I thought he was taking me to some closet when he opened the door.  There were stairs that led
down to a fully furnished basement. 

“My man cave,” Preston said with his arm open wide.

“Impressive,” I said scanning to see a couch, two chairs and a nice flat screen. 

He walked over to a small fridge and came out with two beers.  “My rents don’t care if I drink as long I don’t
get in the car.”

“Well… I’ll have just one then,” I said.

We kicked back with Preston downing a few while I had just one.  Finally I knew I needed to head to my
uncles.  He hated to see me go and showed me the back way out.   I exited to see a big pool in their back yard
before going to my car.   I really enjoyed our time together and maybe was the start of a nice friendship.

As soon as I drove in the yard, I jumped out my car and headed inside.  My uncle was sitting in his usual spot
glued to the television. Then I noticed Mom, Dad, Joanne and Grant were all there, they all looked cross.
Uncle Joe turned around and gave me the most disappointed look he could muster.

“Where the hell have you been?” Mom asked.

“Out,” I replied.

“Drinking I bet,” she said. Before I could respond Katie came out with something in her hands. But what
shocked me more was the man behind her.


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