This chapter written by Andy takes place along with Chapter 30 of the first series,
“Rooming with My Best Friend-Spring”. 

I was just leaving my friends for the long 2 hour drive home and wished that I didn’t
screw up so bad. The guys were probably the best friends I had in a long time. When I
was in high school, against my father’s better judgment, I joined a gang. We caused
mayhem in my junior year, nothing serious. Moose and Rocco, my friends and leaders in
gang, were all about coasting. It was easier to adapt their style than open a book and

One evening, over the spring break in my senior year, Moose and Rocco wanted to cause
some real damage and I thought about it. I couldn’t vandalize the school or hurt
people. It just isn’t me. I tried to tell them I wouldn’t do it. I walked away from
the gang. It turned out to be a wise course, as Moose and Rocco were caught and
arrested for their crime. Not only did they break a few windows, they inadvertently
caused a small fire which burned the cafeteria up.

I made a promise to my parents, my father particular that I wouldn’t goof anymore,
that I would pay attention to my studies and work hard to make them proud. The day I
moved out of the house to start my first day of college was hard.  It was the first
time, I would be away from my mother; however, I wouldn’t consider myself a mamma’s
boy. Ever since I was young, I looked up to her. She taught me to be self-reliant, to
always be courteous to others. She said if you ever get into a fight, use your best
weapon which happened to be my humor. My mother wouldn’t let me go, she wanted to her
man to stay a little while longer but Dad broke the hung and released me to the world.

The moment I got onto the campus, things were looking up for me. I met our RA Rick,
who seemed to be a down to earth type of guy and eventually, my roommate Robert showed
up. We made small chitchat for the most part. Robert seemed okay He was friendly and
straightforward. After unpacking my stuff, Robert noticed my porn collection.

That was one thing you can say about me. I love porn. Since I discovered it when I was
12 years old online, I was hooked. Over the years, I acquired more DVDs and magazines
to add to my collection. Robert smiled wide as he saw one my favorites on top.

“I take you like porn?” I asked with a wicked smile while taking off my shirt since it
was warm.

“Yeah, let us say you have a conservative amount, the one on top is one my favorites.”

“What do you mean conservative?” I asked curiously.

“Let us say, my collection is bigger.” Before I could argue back, he showed a suitcase
full on DVDs, magazines and few blu-rays.

“Where the fuck did you get these things?”

He looked at me and laughed, “I have a few connections.” 

With that, we finished unpacking, throwing stuff in closets and were just about to get
some food when we heard a knock at the door.  I walked over and was wondering who it
could be since I really didn’t know anyone here so far.  I opened the door to see this
blond headed guy who looked to more like a surfer.  I did have to admire his great
body since he was just in shorts and flip flops.

“Hey bros, I just wanted to introduce myself. I am Kris and live just across the
hall.” Kris had so much energy.

I extended my hand. “I am Jess and this is my roommate, Robert.”

“Awesome.  It looks like someone likes the gym as well,” Kris said and moved to sit in
a desk chair.

“Definitely not me,” Robert stated.

“I guess I do but not as much as you,” I said admiring his hard work. 

“Bro, stick with me and your body will be kick ass,” Kris said

We talked with Kris.  He was so friendly and outgoing with the kind of personality
people were drawn to him.  Usually guys who are built like Kris are cocky and know
they are built.  Kris was the opposite of that stereotype.  He said his mother was
teacher and his father was banker during our conversation.

“You’ll probably see them around when the big game starts. They host a great
tailgating party,” Kris stated. 

I told him about my father and mother, and mentioned having two older sisters. Katie
was three years old than me and was studying to become a lawyer. My other sister was
seven years older than me and had married a doctor and lives in California. The talk
turned to California and both Kris and Robert said they would love to visit there

“Well Kris… Robert and I were about get some food, if you wanted to join us.” He
nodded but declined, mentioning that he and his roommate already ate. We went to grab
a bit while Kris went down the hall to other rooms.  I had to chuckle seeing him just
stop people and start talking.

The first night, Robert and I stayed in and watched some porn. We jerked off together
but I did notice he had smaller dick than mine. Robert had a kind of sick mind though,
asking me how often a masturbated, but I was one open peopled and we talked about sex
and stuff while we jerked off. Robert was great guy, and we fell asleep at one in

The next day, I was up early about 8.  I grabbed my things and headed down the hall to
shower.  I just finished and stepped out to grab my towel when the shower next to me
shut off.  Out stepped a lean guy with blond hair.  I couldn’t help but check out what
he was packing and noticed we were about the same size but he was uncut, which I found
hot as hell and no pubic hair either.  

“Wassup, dude?” he asked, while I think, looking me over.

“Not much,” I replied and continued to dry off.

“Pretty wicked here so far, huh?” he said and had no shame while drying off.

“It is.  Everyone is pretty nice,” I replied.

“I’m Scott,” he said, extending his hand.

“Jess,” I replied, shaking his hand.

“I can’t wait til things start kickin around here.  I just know there will be so
really kick ass parties.”

“I hope there will be.  That’s why I’m here plus to find some really hot girls,” I

“Oh yeah!  I’d say neither one of us should have a problem…”


“Dude, get real.  We’re both nice looking dudes and don’t have pee wee dicks,” Scott
said with a nice smile.

I laughed and already liked this guy. “Ummm… you’re right.”

“Dude, we all like to compare and check out the competition,” he said while drying his

“Damn right we do,” I said and laughed along with him. “So far, I haven’t seen much of
the competition.”

“I bet before this all over we’ll know who has a mole or birthmark in places no one
else knows.”

We talked some more while we showered and clothed and headed out for some breakfast on
campus where we ran into his roommate Juan.

“Have you guys met a guy named Kris?” I asked.

“Who hasn’t?” Scott laughed. “I have never seen a guy with so much energy. His best
friend is kind of shy.”

“Best friend?” I inquired.

“Matt Raymond,” Juan laughed. “You should have seen them last night. We were a Street
Fighter video game, and Kris lost to Scott, so he brought his roommate and Matt
totally crushed Scott.”

I kept eating while Scott and Juan talked about Kris and Matt. They both seem like
okay guys. Then Juan said something and Scott hit him.

“Huh, sorry I missed that,” I stated.

“It’s nothing. Scott thinks Matt is gay,” Juan said matter of factly.

This was a little uncomfortable. “Are you okay with gay people?”

“Yeah, Scott’s gay too.”

“Says who?” Scott looked at his friend. It was obvious that Scott and Juan had a past.
“I am bisexual, not gay.”

I asked Scott, “Why do you think Matt’s gay?”

“Just a feeling. Call it gaydar.”

“Wouldn’t that be bidar.”  We all laughed at that. We spend the rest of the morning
talking and I learned that Scott loved to play golf. It was late afternoon when Scott
got a text from Kris about joining him at the rec center. I declined their offer and
went to Wal Mart to grab some supplies with Robert. We eventually spent the night with
Kris and a few others, including Kris’s roommate Matt.

If Scott was right, Matt doesn’t look gay at all. He acts like normal guy and is able
to hold a conversation. Kris, on the other hand, is a born leader.  He was engaging
people, he pretty much talked about anything you were interested and spoke to you like
you were his best friend. Matt was a little shy and didn’t say a whole lot.

However, the next day, I stumbled upon Matt in shower.  He didn’t show much shyness
but he shouldn’t.  He had a thin body with one massive cock hanging between his legs. 
He gave me a smile when he noticed I was doing some comparing.  It seemed alone he was
more talkative but neither of us had the time to talk that much with class beginning. 
After my classes, it was a welcome sight to see Kris and Matt in the student area
among the crowd of students. 

Thinking back to those memories of the early days takes my mind off my current
troubles as I’m driving away from college. I am sure one day I’ll be back there with
those guys.  Even thinking about the beginning of our friendship brings a smile to my

That first semester, I was pretty much there for everything. Very early on, I
witnessed Kris stick up for Corey when Lee harassed him about being gay even though
Corey looked like he could handle himself with his great body. I can’t even believe
people still make fun of gay people. I was so thankful I never sunk that low. 

With Kris and the crew, there was always something going on plus going to the Rec
Center.  I loved how the hard work made my body look and feel.  Damn, I actually had a
six pack now.  We began partying and enjoying the college life like I thought I would.  
We had a few bad instances.  One was when I thought I’d stop by to see some old high
schools friends who were older than I was.  It turned out they were two of the biggest
homophobic assholes around.  Juan and I got a small bit of revenge by stealing some
alcohol and me pissing all over their cars.   Another weekend scared the shit out of
me when Kris accidentally got some meth.  I was so thankful for Juan who knew a little
about that nasty shit and Matt, who showed what true friendship was that weekend.  I
don’t know what we would have done without them there. 

Things got better. I managed find a girl, not just for me, but I helped Kris and Liz
get together.  I had more fun with guys. I remembered, not only did Scott and I shower
regularly in the morning together, flirting with each other but I even had some fun
with Stephan. However, there was another shower instant I recalled because it allowed
the crew to have some pull over our RA.

It was about 1 am, and I decided to take a late shower. However, it being late at
night I didn’t expect anyone to be there. I was just getting undressed when I heard a
noise. It was sound of kiss smacking. I was curious, so I went to the shower stalls to
see who it was. Rick and his girl were naked and just about to have sex, when I saw
the two them. Rick’s face spoke volumes; however, I was started laughing hysterically.
“Jess, this is no laughing matter, if anybody found out, I could lose my job.” Rick
was obviously worried. I continued to laugh.

“Rick, I don’t care bro. When I was high school, my girl and I used to do the same
thing in girls locker room. That’s why it’s so funny.” Rick still looked nervous as
did his girl.

I looked them both over and not surprisingly my hard was pressing against my boxers.
“Hi I am Jess.” I extended my hand towards Rick’s girl. I tried to get them to relax.
Knowing I could use this to my advantage. Kathy introduced herself and I assured Rick
I wouldn’t tell on him as long as he did what I wanted slightly joking.

I chuckled again just thinking of Rick’s face. I stopped the car at a small gas
station to grab some gas and snacks. While I ate my food at the small restaurant, I
thought back to Corey and Matt’s break up that lasted a month long. I really thought
deep down that the two of them could work through anything.

I was walking down the hall on a Sunday and I could hear Corey talking and Matt

“You’re nothing but fucking shit to me, you asshole! Leave!” Matt screamed at him.
“You’ve got a lot of fucking nerve coming here!”

“Listen to me,” Corey stood his ground.

“No, there’s no explaining what I saw with my own two eyes.  Corey, fucking get out! 
I have nothing good to say right now!” I could hear from here how pissed Matt was.
What could have happened to cause this? I wondered.

“I’m sorry!” Corey said.

“Sorry is not good enough!  Have a good life! Get out of my goddamn room!” Matt
screamed as loud as he could.  Corey got the picture and left. I watched Corey with
slumped shoulders walking to his dorm room. I needed to know what happened. I walked
back to Matt’d door and knocked. When Matt opened I asked the obvious question.

“Is there some kind of problem, Matt?”

“You don’t want to know,” Matt said. I could tell that he on the brink of crying. I
did my best to cheer him up as replied.

“I do.  You’re my friend and I do care about you.”

“Jess, please just leave.  I appreciate it but right I don’t want to talk about it.
Basically, Corey fucked me over,” Matt said quickly and in a disappointed tone. “I’ll
tell you and all the others later the full details but I’m sure Kris is spreading the
word as we speak.”

“I bet he is or he’s fucking up Corey,” I laughed. Whenever I don’t know how to handle
situation I laugh.

“I hope not but you never know,” Matt stated, which means to me that even know how mad
he was Corey, there is love still there at some point.

My first instinct was to pat him on the shoulder. “Dude, you’ll be just fine.  Any gay
guy would be lucky to have you.”

“Thanks Jess.”

Eventually Corey and Matt got back together after a while.  I witnessed their kissing.
It was so sweet. Matt had drunk too much so Corey made sure to care for him. During
that break up an interesting encounter happened with Kris and me and just thinking
about it had my dick rock hard. I got back in my car and opened my pants, feeling my
dick throb as images of that night flooded back to me.

As the night started to wind down from the sorority party it was time to leave, I
approached Kris since Liz had gone home with a few of her girlfriends to see if he
wanted to crash in his hotel room for the night since we had been drinking a little of
the obviously spiked punch, since I wasn’t going to get any as well. Kris accepted and
we headed down the street to find the hotel.

When we got to the room it had just one double bed, which I guess was to be expected
since Kris had booked it with the idea that he would be getting lucky in it. We both
stripped down so we were topless, but still in our pants, then Kris turned the TV on
and started flicking through the channels until he came to one of the special porno
channels. When he saw the action on screen he groaned and reached down to stroke his
growing cock through his pants, reaching over to the piece of paper on he had been
given with his card and entering the pin that would let us watch the rest.

“You don’t mind if I jerk off do ya?” Kris asked, turning his head to look at me. “I
really thought I was going to be balls deep in Liz’s pussy right about now, but I
guess this will have to do.”

I couldn’t speak but that didn’t seem to bother Kris, he just stood up, pulled his
pants and boxers off, letting me see his hot body and a nice 7 inch cut cock, and then
sat down on the bed and started stroking it.

I quickly lost the rest of my own clothes and hopped up on to the bed beside him,
taking my own hard dick in my hand. Kris turned his head toward me and smiled,
returning his gaze back to the TV so he could concentrate on the hot girl on the
screen as a big cock slid in and out of her.

Kris moaned and threw his head back, allowing me an opportunity to glance down at his
hard cock as it leaked precum all over his shaft and hand. “Aww man, I really wish Liz
was here right now to sink her pussy down on my hot cock.”

I couldn’t believe my eyes when Kris started to really jerk his cock hard, lifting his
hips up off the bed to fuck his hand.

“Hell, just her mouth or hand would do,” Kris groaned, “You know what I mean?”

I tried to reply but the words just wouldn’t come. I was so turned on seeing Kris, the
straight muscle stud, pounding his cock less than a foot away from me. My mind was
totally focused on him now and I completely forgot that the porn was even playing.

My heart was pounding in my chest but I knew I had to do something or I would regret
it for the rest of my life. I sat up and turned slightly so I was facing Kris, then I
reached out my hand, which trembled slightly, and managed to wrap it around Kris’s
shaft on one of his upstrokes.

Kris’s eyes shot open and he looked straight at me. “What the fuck are you doing,

When he didn’t immediately push my hand away from his cock I started to stroke him as
best I knew how, never breaking eye contact with him as I replied, “I’m giving you
that hand you wanted. Tell me it doesn’t feel good and I’ll stop.”

Kris was about to speak when I ran my thumb over the head of his cock and he gasped,
closing his eyes. “Fuck man! I’m not gay.”

“I know,” I said as I really went to work, sliding my hand up and down his hot shaft,
bringing my other hand in to play by gently cupping his balls and working them with my
fingers, “I’m just a friend helping out another friend in his time of need.”

“Fuck!” Kris moaned. “No one ever finds out about this or I kick your ass, you

“Yeah… does that mean I can keep going?” I asked, smiling so wide, knowing that I’d
achieved something I thought was impossible. “Just close your eyes and imagine my hand
belongs to Liz.”

Kris just moaned as he totally relaxed back on the bed, giving me total access and
free reign over his hard cock. I continued to work his balls for a moment before
moving my hand up so both were working his cock, one running up and down the length of
his dick while the other circled the head.

Seeing Kris with his eyes closed tight I realized I had what might be a once in a
lifetime opportunity with a guy like Kris so I slowly moved on the bed, careful not to
make him aware of it. When I was in position, I moved the hand that was around the
tip, lowered my head and sucked Kris’s hot cock into my mouth.

“Holy fuck!” Kris screamed, immediately putting his hand on the back of my head. I
thought he was going to pull me off but as I kept sucking her just moaned and then
really surprised me as he started to thrust his hips up so he was fucking my face.

I was so turned on as I used my tongue to work Kris’s shaft and tip with my tongue
that I reached down and started to jack my own cock, knowing I was close already.
Feeling my orgasm rush on made me pick up the pace on Kris’s cock, really bobbing up
and down on it, sucking as much into my mouth as possible.

Suddenly I felt Kris tense up and his grip on my head tightened. He let out a loud
moan and then the first shots of his cum started firing into my mouth. Feeling the hot
liquid land on my tongue made my own dick shoot all over the sheets.

When I finally came down from my orgasm I had sucked all the cum out of Kris’s dick,
swallowing every drop of his tasty juices. He pushed me off his cock and collapsed
back onto the bed.

“This didn’t happen… okay, Jess? If I ever hear that anyone found out about this,
you’re dead,” Kris said sternly but as I looked at his face he also looked completely

I knew then I was bi but never really acted upon it that much.  I did admire guys from
afar in high school but never did much with them.  Now I was flirting with Scott
playfully after our showers.   A few weeks later, I was in Scott and Juan’s room and
just kicking it with them.  Now it was nothing for us to be shirtless and showing off
our hard work.  Scott and I were sitting on his bed with Juan on the other.  Scott was
being really playful that night.  We started to wrestle on his bed with me being the
strongest while Juan was laughing at us.

We stopped.  “Jess, did that turn you on?” Juan asked.  I was busted.  My cock was
rock hard and tenting my shorts.

“Ummm… yeah,” I said.

“Turned me on too,” Scott said and pulled off his shorts to show his hard cock. “You
want some of this?”

I looked at Scott and then at Juan.  “Go for it.  We fuck around together,” Juan said.

“I don’t know…”

“Jess, have you ever had sex with a guy?” Scott asked me.

“Not really,” I said since I didn’t consider jacking Kris off as sex. “I wouldn’t
object to it.”

Scott leaned over and kissed me.  Electricity flew through my body with his hot kiss. 
Juan was next to kiss me.  Together they undressed me and began to make me feel so
good.  I was leaning back on the bed with Scott sucking my hard throbbing seven inch
cock while Juan was licking my balls. 

“OOO… fuck!  OOOO fuck yeah!” I moaned and never felt so good.

“I think he likes it,” Juan said.

“I fucking love it!” I screamed with Scott taking my cock deep in his mouth.   It
didn’t take long before I felt that tingling sensation all over my body.  I pushed off
Juan who had taken over and quickly began blasting a healthy load.  I lay there
lifeless and limp with Scott moving up to kiss me. 

“I hope you’re not done,” Scott said.

“I’m usually good for another round,” I said. 

“Awesome cause I wanna fuck your hot ass,” Scott stated.

“I don’t know about that,” I said. “I’ve never been fucked before.”

Scott smiled, “Tell him Juan how great it feels.”

“It hurts like hell then feels so fucking good,” Juan said.

After a little prep work at their instruction, I figured my horniness would subside. 
Instead it was just as high.  I got to witness Juan fucking Scott.  By the look on
Scott’s face, I knew he loved it.   While watching I grew so damn hard.  It was real
life porn in front of my eyes.   Scott made Juan stop.  I watched Juan’s nice hard
cock leave out of Scott’s hot hole.  

“Jess, get on this bed.  Juan and I will get this ass ready.  I can’t wait to pop your
cherry,” Scott said.

I leaned over Scott’s bed.  I began feeling fingers, mouths and tongues probing my
hole.  It was a different sensation but one I loved.  Soft moans escaped my mouth with
my breathing increased.   Scott asked if I was ready.  I said as ready as I’d ever be. 
He kissed me.  I felt the cool lube on my hole.  I braced and waited for Scott to fuck
me.  I was both excited and a little nervous in fear the pain would be too much. 

After a few attempts, Scott’s cock broke past my sphincter and into my ass. 
“Goddamn!” I screamed at the pain.

“Just relax,” Scott said and pushed down on my back.

Inch by inch, his cock went deeper into me.  I was grabbing his sheets and gritting my
teeth while breathing so hard.   Scott leaned over and kissed my neck.  

“You okay?” Juan asked nearby stroking his cock.

“I’ll make it,” I replied barely.

“Fuck, your ass is so damn tight yet so hot,” Scott stated.

All the while, I was amazed my cock would be so hard.  I knew it would go soft but I
was so turned on by these two and knowing my cherry was popped.  After a minute or so,
the pain began to subside.  Scott began fucking me slowly while I was moaning and
breathing hard.  Juan came over and kissed me.  I reached for his hot cock and wanted
to suck it while I was getting fucked.  Hell, I was going all out and living out a

Scott flipped me over.  I hated that I wasn’t able to suck Juan’s hot cock but really
got into seeing Scott’s lean swimmer’s body fucking me.  The feeling was so incredible
and one I would never ever forget.   We got loud with Scott and me fucking.  I hated
to feel him pull out after five minutes or so of really fucking me.   He leaned over
and blasted his cum all over me.  Juan was next and shot his load across my face.   I
busted my second load while Juan was giving me a great facial. 

It took a minute to digest what had happened.

“Bitch, you’re fucking bi as us,” Scott said while I didn’t move.

“Fuck yeah I am fucking bi.  I knew it but never acted on it,” I said. “Thanks!”  I
kissed both of them passionately. 

Fuck that night was hot and confirmed I was bi! I was even harder than I was before as
I continued jerking off in backseat of my car thinking about that night and more of my
sexual encounters with my favorite being with Scott on the ski trip. That memory was
burned into brain and it was one my go-to images whenever I jerked off.

Scott and I fucked a lot that weekend and each time was beyond hot, but my mind always
goes back to what I guess was our most adventurous fuck.

We had both fucked each other a couple of times, mainly in the bed and while taking a
shower to wash the sweat off our bodies, not that it did any good since we just worked
up another one. This time though we wanted to try something different so Scott had be
put on another condom and sit down the in armchair that was in one corner of the room.

I held my dick upright and Scott climbed up onto the chair, just managing to get his
legs over the arms so he was straddling my waist, with just enough room to sit down on
my cock.

Once I was completely inside him he started to lift himself up and down, fucking
himself on my hard dick. Each time he rose up he would use the muscles in his ass to
squeeze my dick as it started to pull out of his ass, relaxing them when he reached
the tip so my cock would just sink right back inside.

He kept riding me for another few minutes and then he leaned in and whispered into my
ear, asking me to try to stand up while keeping my dick inside him. It sounded so hot
so I gave it a go, putting my arms under his legs, and after a moment of rocking back
and forth I managed to get to my feet.

Scott was completely impaled on my cock and loved every minute of it. He wrapped his
arms around my neck and I let go of his legs, which he wrapped around my waist, and
then he started bouncing up and down on my cock. It was so good. I had my hands on his
ass, pulling him up and then dropping him back down, plunging back inside him.

Starting to feel a bit of strain from holding Scott’s body off the ground while I
fucked him, I decided to take some of the pressure off by putting his back against the
wall. When I did that Scott gasped and I realized that I had backed him up against the
glass in the doors that led to a little balcony, which must have been freezing cold,
but it just made Scott shudder and then pick up the pace as he continued to fuck
himself on my dick.

Trying to get more leverage and drive my dick even deeper in to him, Scott leaned back
hard against the door, supporting himself with nothing but the legs around my waist
and he started pushing off against the glass, pounding his ass on my cock.

I started fucking back up into him, meeting his thrusts so we were really fucking
hard, both moaning and grunting as our skin slapped together. It was amazing.

All of a sudden we heard a clicking noise and then I felt Scott moving away from me.
Somehow the door had unlatched itself and opened. With nothing against Scott’s back,
he started to fall and with his arms and legs wrapped around me, he took me with him.

We both moaned as we hit the ground on the balcony, our fall only cushioned by the
freezing cold snow that lay everywhere. Scott arched his back as the cold sent shivers
all over his body and it pushed my cock deeper inside him, which amazingly had never
left his ass.

Since Scott didn’t show any signs of wanting to stop I just kept on fucking him,
plowing his ass hard, really pounding and drilling him as our moans spread out across
the darkness outside. The whole situation was too hot and I found myself on the edge
so I quickly pulled out of Scott, ripped off the condom and started jerking my dick
with my right hand and Scott’s throbbing cock with my left.

We both screamed as we came at the same time, both blowing our loads over Scott’s hot
swimmers body. When we finally came down from our high we made out for a little while
and then I helped Scott to his feet and we went for a nice long shower to warm
ourselves back up as we ran our hands all over each other’s body and continued to
kiss. I’ll never forget that.

As I cleaned myself up with the blanket from the backseat, having shot a massive load,
I smiled, thinking about other interesting moments, like when Kris caught me and
Robert jerking off. He just entered without knocking and asked if we wanted to go for
a bite but seeing what was happening he left embarrassed. Robert and I often laughed
about that. I chuckled and climbed back into the front seat to continue my drive back

More images of my first year were popping into my head, each showing how much I am
going to miss the guys. Getting my tattoo of the snake and seeing Matt’s eyebrow ring,
which he later told me was because mine look so good. Seeing Matt’s face when his
father turned up out of the blew. Then getting sick, and passing my flu onto Matt. He
later thanked me, because he never was waited on like that by any of his past
boyfriends. My mind turned to Colt, he was late comer to the crew, but since he
joined, he became great friends with Kris. They even fucked their girls in the same
room. Colt and Kris were always together.

Well, almost, thinking back to their fight back at end of the freshman year when
Colt’s girl, Monica was feeding him bad information. Kris and I were talking about our
nights. Colt and accused him of flirting. Knowing Kris, it was his way of charming
people. He means nothing by it. We were just about to get a bite to eat, when Colt
comes storming in the door.
“You fucking asshole.” Colt yelled, for a brief moment I thought it was something I

“I DIDN’T FUCKIN PUT AMOVE ON YOUR GIRL!” Kris yelled back. I have seen Kris upset
with his temper, but I never seen someone get so mad, so quickly.”

yelled, at this point, I could see Colt and Kris’s veins appearing.

“Guys, maybe this is misunderstanding.” I tried to reason with them, but they both
looked at me to shut up.

“Kris, come off it. You have been a player since the day I met you. How many girls did
you fuck in high school?”



“I NEVER HAD!” Kris hands were forming into fists. I knew he was going to use them.

“LIAR!” Before Kris or I could do anything, Colt punched Kris in face. Kris went down,
but a second later, he was up and landed to jabs into Colt’s stomach.

“GUYS!” I yelled. “Come on!”

Colt and Kris weren’t listening; I could see blood rushing from Kris’s lip. Colt
recovered and kicked Kris in the groin. Kris got up and slapped Colt in the head. Colt
punched him in the jaw, with left and right hook. Kris punched Colt back. Before Colt
could do anything more. I grabbed him, and held him back, breaking up the fight. At
that moment, Scott and Michael and Robert were inside the dorm room and holding Kris
back. They must have heard the shouting.

“Let me at them… that fucking cocksucker!” Kris tried to get free.
Robert and I managed to get Colt out of the room, and brought him to Colt’s room. That
was one of the most frightening things I ever seen. We kept Colt with us, and Rick was
called in. Matt and Corey eventually returned. Matt went to hear what happened from
Kris himself. Eventually, Corey got a call from Matt about what really went down, so
Corey, Hayden, Scott and I went to their room.

As we were walking Colt came from his room, he still looked up set.
“What are you faggots looking at?” Colt said. I had feeling he was done yet. “You
fucking queers always stay together don’t you?”

The words that Colt was spewing made us all jump. Colt was such a great guy, he fit
nice with our group. But before I can think about Colt’s motive, Hayden spoke.

“Colt, just stop it. Why don’t you go annoy somebody else?” He said very calmly.

“You fucking queer,” he laughed, and then punched Hayden in the gut so hard that
Hayden was knocked down. Corey and I held Colt back. He was doing his best to get out
of the hold, but the noise brought Kris and Matt out of their room, and Rick came out.
He was beyond pissed. Rick forcibly took Colt back to Rick’s room, and I told him what
Colt did.
Thinking back to that day, it was probably one of the worst days I ever witnessed between
such great friends. Sure we figured out that Monica was cheating on Colt and was spreading
lies about Kris to him. I needed to try and talk some sense into Colt, I did my best. I
told him that Kris would never do anything to harm his friendship with him, which Monica,
based on what Liz told us was just trying to split them up. She was just spreading shit
around, and Colt was buying it. Colt didn’t believe it for one moment and told me to leave.

However, he eventually saw the truth and apologized. Things couldn’t have been better. When
Colt came around to apologize, we let him back into the crew. However, Scott and I talked
while Colt got drunker and drunker about pay back when Colt eventually passed out. We
grabbed Colt and brought him back to his room.

Scott grinned proudly. “Do you want to do the honors?”

“Sure” I said, with Colt on the bed. “I am curious how big he is.”

“I’ll bet you it’s 6 inches.” Scott laughed.

“More like 7 inches.”

I unbuttoned his pants and slowly unzipped it. We both laughed, when I open up his pants
fully. Colt was wearing red heart boxers. Scott took out his phone and snapped a picture,
while I took his shirt and pushed it up over his head to look at his chest and stomach.
Scott kept talking pictures, as I pulled his pants down and off. I reached for his boxers
and pulled them off, but Scott had a better idea, he grabbed a pair of scissors from Colt’s
desk and had me cut the boxers off. I just laughed and cut them. I took off Colt’s shirt so
he was completely naked. We both stood back and laughed.

“I guess I’m right, Jess.” Scott thought.

“How can you tell with so much pubic hair?” I smiled. I had an idea, and ran out of Colt’s
room back to my room. Robert was watching some late night porn, and jerking. I nodded at
him, and walked out with razor. I came back and Scott being Scott was stroking Colt’s cock.

“You couldn’t resist,” I laughed at my best friend.

Scott looked at me with own smile, “We need to be sure. I want to get it hard.”

“I see, well this should help our little bet.” I produced the razor.

“You’re evil!” Scott smiled at me. “I like it.”

With Scott documenting the procedure, I shaved all of the pubic hair from his body. Then
took my hand a patted the newly seen skin. “Smooth as a baby’s bottom.”

Scott laughed and we both looked at the cock, and Scott did the honors of getting it hard
again, as I produced a ruler. We both read it, 7 inches exactly. That was one of the
funniest nights of my life, and I still can’t believe everybody thought it was Scott, when
in actuality it was me. I smiled again while I was making the last turn off and was closing
in on my parent’s house.

“I really had some great memories at College. I really need to get back there,” I said
aloud as I pulled into the driveway. “Fuck, I’m really gonna miss all those guys.”

I tried to open the door but I froze. My parents were both understanding people, but after
he threw me out of the house yesterday, and the yelling I had over my grades earlier. I
really don’t know what’s going to happen. When I called my father about my 2.5 grade
average, he yelled at me for an hour. How I was wasting their money, not taking anything
seriously. Even with Katie trying to help me out by trying to tell him, the first year of
college is supposed to be fun. He wouldn’t listen. He gave a two hour lecture on how I need
to get better or suffer the consequences. I promised, with every effort to improve and it
didn’t happen.

You came this far, I told myself.  I got out of the car, and knocked on the door. My father
was there to greet me with a smile and loving hug. This surprised me more. What else was
going to happen now that back home?


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