We rested after that incredible fuck session and just looked at each other. This
magnificent guy was such a great friend and I was surprised how lucky I could be to find
such a caring soul in this cruel world. We decided to get a move on, since it was
starting to get dark. I turned to look at Brad as he was just taking in the scene.

“Do you think your friends are going to like me?” Brad asked all of a sudden as we made
our way to the campsite.

“Of course, Scott will appreciate your ability to sign and help with Jordy in that
regard. Matt doesn’t have a hateful bone in his body, and Corey has never been made in
his life.”

“You told me he nearly killed Lee when he learned about Lee’s involvement with Matt,”
Brad said.

“Yeah, I have never seen him mad before in my entire life, then again, when someone said
they plan to hurt your lover and best friend you never know what is going to happen.”

“True.” Brad agreed, “I am just worried I may not fit in with your friends.”

“You really don’t know anything about Kristopher Stanton do you? He loves everybody and
he loves being around more people. If he had his way, he would be friends with the entire

Brad looked away and I knew something was wrong. “You know Kris?”

“He was my friend in elementary school, one of my only friends. I used to play at his
house all the time when I was a kid. He and his brother Nathan were such great people.
Sometimes I felt like a third wheel watching Kris and Nathan interacting. They took me to
a fair in town once and they were playing in this dunk tank. Kris was trying all he could
to dunk Nathan in the water. He nailed him on his third try and then he went to help his
brother out of water. I had never seen such a caring brother in my life.”

“Yeah, that is Kris to a tee. He cared deeply for all of us. He may have his temper, but
in the end he loves us and we love him. That’s why he’s a great leader and an even better
friend. I try my best to be there for him.”

“Some friend….” I heard him mouth, but before I could get him to repeat his comment we
arrived at the camp site.  I was off the phone with Scott before he continued.“I haven’t
seen him or heard from him in years. He went to Junior High School and I never saw him

“That is so not Kris.” I said and we both got out of the car and walked over to where the
group of friend were gathered. I went over and hugged Kris, Scott, and everybody else. We
embraced and I thanked them again for their assistance this week.

After I made the introductions of Brad to everybody I heard Brad make a passing comment
to Matt about Kris remembering him. Then Kris heard the comment and they hugged like to
former friends who haven’t seen each other in years. I watched their interaction with
each other and marveled at how fucking cut Kris was. 

“How’s your brother doing?” Brad asked.  I looked around to see the other’s face at this

Kris replied, “Nathan was killed….” I saw a subtle change in Brad’s appearance when he
heard the news. I did some fast math in my head and realized Nathan died around the same
time that Kris allegedly stopped talking to Brad.

Before Kris and Brad could catch up, Brad noticed Scott signing to Jordy and went over to
help Jordy and Scott communicate better. I believe there were some other motives too from
the look on Brad’s face but Jordy looked so damn hot without a shirt. I put it out of my
mind and decided to catch up on the latest gossip about Garrett. Eventually all my
worries and thoughts and issues were swept away and I was getting into Cody playing his
guitar while we sang some good old fashioned country songs.

We talked about some interesting stuff but I couldn’t help notice Brad seemed to be more
interested in talking with Jordy. Kris and I needed to piss at the same time and I took
the opportunity to ask about Brad.

“Do you really remember Brad that well?”

“Of course, he was one of my best friends in elementary school. I was completely
different back then, though, I didn’t have many friends. I just sat at the damn computer
all the time when out of the blue Brad said hi to me in school.”

“Really?” I asked in amazement for this didn’t sound like the Kris I knew.

“Yeah, I wasn’t that sociable back then so I just walked away, not sure of what to say.
He came off as shy too. But he followed me home one day so naturally mom thought he was a
friend and invited him for dinner.”

“That is so cool! What happened next?”

“Nothing really, he came over every once in awhile and we talked. Nathan came by
sometimes and took us for ice cream and movies. Things were going fine. Basically, I went
to one junior high school and he moved with his family to another city and we haven’t
seen each other since.”

“I see.  I guess you guys have a lot of catching up to do then.” I said.

“Yeah, anyways, unless you want to keep staring at my dick, I’m done and going back to

We headed back and had a great night. Brad kept looking at Jordy for most of the night,
and when we called it quits, he didn’t really want to leave. However, we made it back to
our tent and got naked and snuggled.

“Have a good time?” I asked running my hand over his body.

He smiled and nodded. “Things couldn’t be better. Jordy is so hot. What a body on him. 
For that matter, you’ve got some hot ass friends, Jess.”

The thought of Jordy and Scott together entered my head. I didn’t like it one bit. I told
Brad so in a few choice words.

“Oh, Jess don’t worry, Jordy admitted they are just fuck buddies and nothing more.”

“Does he know about me and Scott?” 

“I don’t think so,” he replied. “However, I am glad we never decided to date.”

“Why is that?” I asked.

“You love Scott. I can see it in your eyes that you want him,” he said matter of factly.

“Yep, I won’t deny it. He came and stood with me while I was in the coma and he told me
he loved me.”

“It still hurts seeing him with Jordy though?”

“A little, but you have to know Scott. I’m pretty sure Scott has had sex with the
majority of the people here. Matt, Corey, Colt, Brennan, Garrett, Kris, Jordy, not to
mention me. Sex to him is like having a conversation. He fucks as way of getting to know
people better, like it builds up a connection between him and the guy he’s with. It hurts
that he appears to be with Jordy, sure, but I don’t hold it against him. I mean…” I
stopped talking when something dawned on me. “You… and Kris….”

“What about us?” Brad asked.

“You and him are in the picture on the bureau. Ever since I saw that picture months ago,
I thought I knew who that guy was. It was Kris.”

“Yeah, I told you it was someone who I went to elementary school with. What about it?”

“Brad, what happened?” I asked

“I don’t want to talk about it. I told you what Kris did and how I was left alone. You
know my past with him.”

“I just don’t see Kris ever being like that. I think it has something to do with Nathan’s
death,” I suggested.

“Maybe… anyways, I am going to bed.” 

I couldn’t sleep. The sounds of nature were interesting to listen to along with the
sounds of sex coming from the various tents were hard to ignore.  I got hard as fuck
knowing what was going on in the tents and knew Jordy was fucking Scott like I had. 
Soon, I felt a hand touch me.

“I’m sorry man,” Brad whispered.

“You don’t owe me an apology, I shouldn’t be asking about your personal life.”

“I just don’t like what he did.”

“Give it time. He might not even know what he did.”

“Let’s forget about him and talk about us…”  The night ended positively.



I woke up with my hair a mess and Jess was practically lying on top of me. I gently kneed
him in the stomach to get him off of me. That woke him up and we began to play fight in
the nude.  The problem there was he was so damn big. After a few minutes we heard people
talking so Jess and I threw on some shorts to join them. We left the tent and looked

The food smelled wonderful with something cooking for our breakfast.  Jess and I took a
seat near Matt and Kris.  Matt was really cute but I was amazed at how big Kris was. 

“Bro, I still can’t believe this shit…” Kris started. “I cannot believe after all these
years we would cross paths again.”

I tried to be polite. “Me either,Kris. It’s unreal. I came here with Jess and expected to
only know him.”

“I told you that once everyone gets to know you you’ll have more new friends,” Jess
stated. “That’s why I love these guys.”

After what happened I had wondered if it was just me Kris shafted so I asked some of the
other guys we went to school with and it interested me to know that he didn’t talk to any
of them anymore. In his defense, most of the guys were internet friends we both knew.

We continued to talk with Kris telling Jess about some of the interesting times I had
with him and his brother. It really annoyed me that he doesn’t know what happened.

“Kris, so what ever happened to you?” I asked

“We just lost touch when you moved away.”

“We still had phones.” Before I could continue my point breakfast was served and Jess and
I took a nice walk along the water while we ate. He continued to ask about my history
with Kris but I really didn’t want to get into it.

After breakfast, we all went canoeing and had some great fun. I really loved getting to
know Jordy and talked briefly while Ethan and Cody were getting their plates handed to
them by those guys, Ted and Myles. Jordy told me about his family and friends and of how
easy and supportive his parents were when he came out. I mentioned things weren’t that
smooth for me. My dad practically disowned me, my mother was a drunk and I had nobody to
turn to.

Jordy said to me. “If you ever want to talk about things… I am here and I can listen…” I
laughed at his humor as Jordy gave me his number and then I asked a serious question.

“How much does it cost to text all the time?” 

He shook his head, “Too much…”

We both laughed again, but this time it was directed at the water sports that Ethan and
Cody were engaged in. We knew we had to join, so we both got in there. After our fun in
the water everybody started chatting. It was hard for me, with two good ears, to catch
everything the gang was saying, so I can only imagine how it must have been for Jordy but
I tried to sign the important things.  

“So is Jordy getting all of this?” Kris asked me.

“We’re trying,” I responded. It was hard for me to play nice with someone who shafted me.
I kept playing along for now. The talking turned to sex and I kept my mouth shut for most
of the conversation. I really had nothing to add, mainly because I try not to look at the
past. For me it was a horrible experience. Something I try to avoid. I had to stick it to
Jess when he brought up the whore at the store last summer. He told me all about that
encounter and it was so funny.

That night ended on a high note with Jess proving once again that regardless of if his
heart is for another person, he can still be a great lover. It was hot fucking Jess in
the tent and being with him sexually. 

I was about to go to sleep when I heard some loud talking. I woke Jess up.

“It’s just Kris and his temper. He probably wants to fuck Colt but Colt doesn’t want to.
Just get some sleep,” He said to me.

I made an excuse about peeing and left to go see what they were talking about. Jess was
right, it was Colt and Kris. As I got closer they weren’t talking, they were close to

“Do you understand what no means?!” Kris yelled.

“So I’ve just sucked your fucking dick and you’re not even gonna return the favor?!” Colt
screamed back. So Kris does like boys now, I never would have guessed.

“No. I’m not in the mood! I’ve got too much going on in my head and I just don’t want
this right now.”

“Why the hell not?!” Colt said, “You’ve always wanted to fuck before!”

“Yeah, and when I wanted to, we fucked. Now I don’t just shut up about it, okay? Go jerk
off or find another ass to fuck.” Kris shot back.

“You’re kidding me right? You’re such a bitch. So you’re not gonna let me?” Colt asked,
stepping closer to Kris.

“How many times do I have to say no before you get it? I don’t wanna fuck you tonight.”

“Why not?”

Kris seemed to take a moment to think and then he replied, “because we’re both in

“And what fucking difference does that make?” Colt spat. “You’ve never cared about that
before. You cheated on Jacee. We’ve fucked around while I’ve been with Andrea. Hell, if I
remember it right, you fucked Corey when you were with Liz! So fucking around with me now
you’re with Megan is no different. It’s just some kind of weak ass excuse for why you
really don’t wanna let me fuck you.”

“You fucking asshole! I don’t have to be in the mood every single day. You seem to think
that there’s some kind of requirement and we have to fuck around every day we’re here. I



“Does my little Krissy have a headache?” Colt said, laughing.


I was about to intervene but Kris decided to end it and walked out the tent. He was so
furious he didn’t even see me. I went back to my tent, and Jess was awake, staring at me.

“You had to look…”

I told him what I heard.

“Yeah, don’t worry about it. It’s not much of a trip unless Kris loses his temper… Come
to bed.”

I fell asleep tracing Jess’s scars on his stomach…



Last night I didn’t feel like being with Colt or fucking around with him because I wasn’t
in the mood. The reason I wasn’t in the mood is because I felt bad that I hadn’t tried
harder to contact Brad. He was one of my best friends but I guess things happen to tear
you apart. Last night my mind kept drifting to a lot of the good times I shared with him
when I was younger. As I was thinking about all of that Colt was bugging to have sex with
him and I really didn’t want too. Instead of explaining my reasoning for not being the
mood I just yelled at him.

Looked off into the distance I realized Matt had spotted and he came over, sensing my
problems. I will always love Matt and his ability to know what I was feeling on any given
day. I told him about the previous night with Colt and how I wasn’t in the mood to fuck

“I wondered when this would happen…” Matt commented.

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” Sometimes it was trying, especially when I was
upset about something, to follow Matt’s logic.

“Since you two have had sex and really enjoyed it I wondered when it would be the first
time one of you would be willing and ready when the other wasn’t.”

We talked about it for a minute until Colt came into view after my comment about how much
I loved him by responding in kind. Colt apologized to me but it wasn’t really his fault.
I was the one preoccupied with my thoughts of Brad to consent to his requests and I was
the one who started the fight.

After we made up and ate with the rest of the guys, it was time to set for the hike,
which I didn’t really want to do. Nature wasn’t my thing, not in the sense of looking at
a load of trees anyway, but as a good leader I needed to make sure I was there for my

Eventually we went into separate groups and Brad decided to stick with Scott, Jordy and
Jess. I suggested he join us so we could catch up, but he made it clear that he wanted to
help Jordy with the communicating. I felt like he didn’t want to be around me. I just
wanted someone to talk to on this journey of nature and boredom.

I made my feelings known. “Boring as hell if you ask me. Whose bright idea was this in
the first place?”

“All of us,” Shawn replied.

I continued trying to listen to Colt’s bullshit about the plants and animals, but I
couldn’t be bothered and let my mind wander. Then Bishop asked where Colt learned this
stuff and after Colt’s reply I couldn’t keep my mouth closed and responded, “Alright,
tour guide lead on.”

Colt snapped his head around, “Fuck you! I was doing my best to make this enjoyable but
some asshole is dead set on just making it a stroll through the woods!”

The argument continued and I could see I wasn’t going to win it. I realized it was me
having a bad day. We eventually met up with Brad and the rest of the group. Jess came up
to me asked me what was wrong.

I knew I could be honest with him, “It’s just one of those days.”

While the guys took pictures I sat and watched their interactions. I looked over to see
Jordy and Brad signing to each other. Brad looked at me a few times with an odd
expression. I put Brad’s thoughts out of my head and all through the day my mind had
wandered to Brad and all the fun we had and the fact that I fucked it up by never ever
trying to contact him.

Deciding not to ponder on it anymore, I decided to have some fun with Shawn so I pushed
him into the water and laughed my ass off. Everybody else looked at me like I just robbed
a bank. I knew they weren’t going to understand so I quickly vacated the scene.

I walked back alone, feeling quite sad about how I had been acting. I’m the leader, the
one who is supposed to entertain people, and I’m thinking about myself and how much fun I
wasn’t having. Brad’s odd behaviour wasn’t helping my mood, neither was the guilt of how
things ended between us.

By the time I got back to the campsite I heard my phone ringing in the distance so I went
to answer it.


“Hey, Kris how are you doing? I wanted to see if you’re having a good time at Spring
Break with Matt and the guys.”

“I’m doing great.” I lied, “Actually, do you remember Brad Cohen, a friend I had.”

“Yeah, Nathan talked about how you and him were hitting it off. He was worried that you
would never have any real friends.”

“Guess who showed up after six years or so. Jess and him seem to be boyfriends or fuck
buddies or something?”

“That’s great. So where has he been? How did Jess meet up with him?”

“I don’t know. I never asked him. He’s been acting a little weird today, not wanting to
be around me.”

“You’re Kris, he’ll soon come around. You guys were so close back then by what Nathan
described. Didn’t he move away a week before Nate died?”

“Yeah, I lost him forever. Anyways I don’t want to talk about it anymore. How are you

Derek told me about his proposal to Samuel and how it didn’t work out so now he was
driving around thinking. I gave him an update on Corey and Matt’s relationship, and then
I realized that the guys wanted to have burgers so I said a quick goodbye and headed off
to get supplies, just grabbing some money out of my wallet, not having pockets in these
shorts to put my wallet in.

He returned with all the guys back and staring at me. “What?” I asked with my hands full
of charcoal and ice, “Hey, we need this shit to cook burgers tonight.”

I didn’t realize I worried them all for no reason. I hadn’t been myself at all today.
While the burgers were being prepared, I asked Colt to come with me.

“Bro… I’m sorry.” I said. “There has been a lot on my mind today and I have been a real
jackass to you recently.”

“Why? I mean, I think I know you well enough to understand this was just a mood thing.
What have you been thinking about?”

We sat on rock farther away from the group and thought about how I could tell him. “It’s

“What about him?”

“Ever since last night I’ve been feeling guilty for what I did to him and how our
friendship ended.”

I told him what had happened. “It was week before Nathan died and I learned that Brad was
moving to another city. I felt broken. He was closest friend I had until Matt came along.
We talked on the computer all the time and I told him I hated him for leaving me. Nathan
died and I blamed it on him. I blamed it on Derek. I blamed it on everybody. But I felt
back then that had Brad stayed then Nathan would still be alive. Obviously, I wasn’t
thinking clearly at that time. So from that moment on I stopped talking to him out of
spite and anger. Eventually though, as the months passed, I needed to change my life and
I swore off the computer all together and made an effort to make friends. That led to
meeting Tanner and the rest of my high school crew. I completely forgot all about my old
life, including Brad.”

Colt didn’t say anything, he didn’t have to, he just held me and everything started to
feel alright. “Bro, it was a long time ago. My suggestion is to keep on being the
friendly Kris we all love and he will come around.”

“You are so right,” I said. “This whole thing was my fault and I really wanted to explain
to you why I wasn’t in the mood last night. It was just really weighing on my mind.”

“I understand. I was pushing myself onto you, which wasn’t the best thing to do either,
knowing how stubborn you are.”

“Yeah, so we are good, yeah?” I asked.

“Yep… I have to give Matt and Corey credit, their walking thing seems to work.”

“Well, we didn’t really walk, we sat and talked,” I pointed out.

At that point dinner was called for and Colt kissed me on the lips as we went back to
join the others. I felt great that I was able to talk to Colt about it and he just
listened to me and understood. From then on I was back to myself and Matt and Corey
instantly saw the change.

The beer continued to flow and Brennan and Garrett were the first to strip listening to
Cody’s songs. The smile never left my face as when Garrett admitted to liking being nude.

“Alright then,” I said while taking off my shorts. “I feel better now.” Colt whispered
into my ear and I nodded. I then lead the entertainment with stories of Brad and I, Brad
smiled and laughed with everybody while we enjoyed my stories. I really think Brad and I
are rekindling our friendship.

I was staring at Jordy and flirting with him, but we both knew it was friendly and
nothing would come of it. Jordy and I were over. The night continued and I was having a
blast. Finally we headed off to our tents and Colt and I talked for a minute about the

“I hate it when we fight.” I said

“Me too but we sorted that out earlier. Let’s just forget about it now. All I can think
about it how fucking hot you look right now.” With that, our night ended well.



I woke to the sound of laughter outside, waking up Brad who had passed out early from
last night’s activities. As we got dressed he asked me if Kris always behaved like that.

“Yeah, I seem to recall just about every break we have there is always a little incident
with Kris’ temper. I will admit he normally has it out and goes back to being the normal
Kris soo after.” I replied.

“Normally?” Brad wondered as we started packing our shit up. “You’re saying they are done
and finished. The way he was yesterday wasn’t typical?”

“I can’t say for sure, since I was away a lot, but Scott mentioned to me that except for
one incident when he had a meltdown last semester and punched Matt, they were normally
pretty quick outbursts.”

“I see…” Brad said. “He wasn’t like that when I knew him. Back when we were pretty young
he was completely shy. I normally had to engage him in conversation. He always preferred
to talk on computer or telephone. I don’t think he ever lost his temper like he did the
other day.”

“I don’t know what to tell you. Kris brings a lot of good to the table, so these
occasionally outbursts are easy to forgive. Matt would be the expert. Maybe something has
his mind occupied. I don’t know. All I know is that Corey told me lately, since
Christmas, he has been having fewer outbursts.”

Brad just looked at me and nodded. He was concerned with finding something. “Where are
those hot jean shorts I was wearing last night?”

“You threw them outside saying you were never going to wear pants again.”

He chuckled at that. We eventually finished packing and met the guys to see how we were
all going to get to Bishop’s house. We only had three cars and Jordy and Scott wanted to
ride together, but Brad put up a fuss, so I ended being a chauffeur to those three, with
Myles, Bishop and Shawn taking Scott’s car. Kris was going to ride with Colt, Corey and
Matt, but Matt seemed to convince him to come with our group.

I assumed it was so he could rekindle his friendship with Brad. All I knew was it was
going to be a fun time in the rain. I let Scott have the wheel since he knew precisely
where we were going. Jordy, Brad and Kris sat in the back, while I got in the front. I
fell asleep shortly after.

I woke up sometime later to shouting. I looked around and Kris was yelling at Scott to
take a left in the fork of the road.

“KRIS! Stop okay… We listened to your poor directions and we got lost.”

“We’re lost?” I asked.

“Yeah, somebody had the bright idea of taking a scenic route and I, being stupid,
listened to our fearless leader.” Scott said.

“Hey, I knew a short cut.” Kris defended himself.

“You have never been around here your entire life!” Scott shouted back.

“Garrett told us about it last night after…”

“After what?” Jordy signed.

“Nothing… Colt and I were talking with Garrett and Brennan last night, that’s all,” Kris

“Where are we?” Brad asked. “We look like we are in the middle of nowhere.”

“I know precisely where we are.” Scott announced.

“Where?” We all yelled at him.

“Lost in the middle of nowhere… and…” Scott began.

“Let me guess,” Kris interrupted. “We are out of gas?”

“Yes, we are.”  Scott said.

The car stopped just after that announcement. Jordy was smart and got out his phone and
located a nearby gas station for us. Kris took charge and suggested that Brad and I go
get the gas and Scott and Jordy to stay and watch the car.

It was pouring with rain, but water never bugged me. I always wanted to fuck in the rain
and mud. Kris was smiling still. He loves adventures and soaked up the rain with his
tongue as we walked.

“When I turned 12,” Kris began another story from his past with Brad. “Brad had arranged
with my mom to get me this killer rocking birthday cake. It was so huge it would take
fifteen people to eat it. Anyways, I just blew out the candles and he pushed my head into
the cake. I looked like such an idiot and Nathan couldn’t stop laughing for hours.”

“That was payback.” Brad said seriously. “A few months before on my birthday at my house
you were fucking bitching about eating a flowered end because I wanted it too and Dad
took the cake and threw it against the wall and none of us got to eat it.”

Kris laughed at the memory and kept telling stories of his youth with Brad. How they used
to play cowboys and Indians, they used climb Kris’s tree house to spy on girls
undressing. How Kris used to play pranks on Brad. 

“Yeah and they sat on the fucking whoopee cushion,” Kris ended the story.

“SHUT UP!” Brad yelled at the top of his lungs. “YOU FUCKING IDIOT.”

“What?” Kris turned to him in confusion. “I’m just making conversation to make the time
go faster. And look, there is the fucking gas station.”

Kris went to get the gas while we waited outside. “What is it?”

“I can’t fucking take it anymore. HE keeps acting like we’re friends, like he didn’t
fucking ruin my life by forgetting all about me and moving on. He knows what he did.”

“What did he do?” I asked.

“I told you before. After I left and moved away my family situation got worse, I had
nobody to confide in. I lost my best friend that day and that led to me running away.”

“You blame him for your life turning out that way?”

“You bet I do.”

“Do what?” Kris asked returning with the gas can in his hand.


“What did I do now, Brad? Tell me.” 

“Don’t play dumb with me. I was fine. I eventually made a life for myself. And then I
meet you again. HERE!”

“What the fuck are you talking about? I didn’t know you were going to be here.”

“LISTEN! You abandoned me when I needed you the most. I moved away and it was bad enough
that I wasn’t near my best friend of three years but then you stopped talking to me, you
completely ignored me. I was on my fucking own because of you.”

“You…” Kris began.

“SHUT UP! YOU DON’T HAVE TO TALK RIGHT NOW. After you decided to stop talking to me, life
went from bad to worse. My mother became sick from all the alcohol in her system and my
father blamed me for it. He’d come home drunk and yell at me, blame me, hit me! It didn’t
help matters that around that time I realized I was fucking gay. I had no one to turn to.
So after junior high school I just couldn’t take the abuse anymore. It got worse after my
mom died and my dad blamed me for killing her so I LEFT! I spent three weeks alone,
walking around trying to find a reason to keep going. All the time I THOUGHT ABOUT YOU! I
THOUGHT ABOUT HOW YOU BETRAYED ME. I wasn’t about to call you and beg to be your friend
again. I assumed a long time before then I did something to piss you off.”

“You don’t…” Kris began again. “I had no idea how much you suffered, I’m sorry.”

“FUCK YOUR APOLOGY… I DON’T WANT IT.” he picked up the gas cans and walked back to

“Kris, I cannot believe you would do that. Abandon your friend like that…”

“I didn’t!” Kris yelled.

“Then again, I heard about how you treated Matt over the years. Your fight in High
School, your little meltdown last semester… if you can hit your best friend, then I
wouldn’t be surprised if you did this.”

“It wasn’t like that.” Kris defended himself.

I walked after Brad trying to be comfort to him. Kris disgusted me right now. He
came up from behind and spun me around.

“Jess, it wasn’t like that. I lost my brother a week after he moved away. I blamed
him for my brother’s death, just like I blamed Derek. I was angry at him and wasn’t
thinking straight.

“So it is true. You abandoned him?”


I walked off and left him in rain. Eventually I caught up to Brad who had sat on
nearby rock crying. I held him. Kris found us and came to talk to us, but we walked
on. We made it back into the car.

Scott and Jordy noticed the mood change and asked what happened.

“Nothing…” Kris mumbled.

“Brad listen to me Kris is one of my best friends. He lost his brother and wasn’t
thinking straight. He blamed you for abandoning him.”

“What are you talking about?” Jordy asked through Scott.

I filled him on the little scene that just occurred. “Kris, I didn’t abandon you, I
had no choice to leave. But you could have easily called me and talked to me
through the fucking computer.” Brad spoke

“I’m sorry… okay?” Kris said.

“That was sincere… I don’t want to hear you’re fucking excuses, okay?”

“NO! Brad, you had put your case on the table before. It’s my turn to now. You left
and we started chatting and talking for a week, we talked until December 3. That
was the night I witnessed my own brother come home after a party and watched his
car crashing and his fucking body hitting a tree. Witnessing a death of anybody is
something that haunts you. To this day I can still picture that horrible scene. I
wasn’t thinking straight, I blamed you for his death. I was angry and hurt and for
twenty-eight days I was fucking mess. I punched holes in my bedroom walls. I broke
floorboards and windows. My folks will back me up. It was the worst time in my life
and I needed someone, anyone, and you weren’t around anymore. So, yes I fucked up
and I couldn’t phone you. I was pissed at you.”


“I’m sorry. You were the reason I freaked yesterday, all these horrible memories
came back to me and it caused me not to be in a great mood. I felt guilty because I
changed my ways and needed to fix myself up and get better. In the process I forgot
all about you.”

“I never forgot about you…” Brad commented.

“I’m truly sorry for how I acted Brad….”


I was behind the wheel listening to the whole story, while Scott was feeding me
directions and Jordy wasn’t saying much. He had sat in the middle. He tried to
engage Brad in a conversation, but he wasn’t interested. We were almost at Bishop’s
house and I could have sworn Kris had a tear in his eye. 

“I am sorry.” Kris said before we left the car to enter Bishop’s house.


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