I turned back to the monitor, smiling. Behind me was the mastermind behind my
attack, and in front of me were his friends who were about to taste some defeat in
some of funniest ways possible.  My thoughts drifted back to the plan and Preston
and my talk from the day before.

“I need to know, Preston. Why?” I said to him, sitting on the kitchen table.

“First, Jess I really want to apologize again for how I treated you.” I heard
sympathy in his voice. “I will be honest; Lee mentioned to me how much a prick you
were, and how you were like any other gay person out there. When I met you, I
didn’t like you at first, you kept telling stories about your friends, and putting
them on such a high pedestal, which was one of the reasons I relished the task of
doing this you”

I looked at him, surprised with his honesty. He continued, “The more time I spent
with you, the more I liked you. I enjoyed spending time with you, I started to
feel regret for the actions Lee requested of me. He was my brother and he got hurt
by your friends.”

The curiosity got the better of me. “What happened? Why did he attack me?”

“There were two reasons: One, he really hates gay people, and he thought this
attack on you would send a message to your college friends. The other reason, his
best friends wanted revenge on you; and they asked Lee to do it.”

“On me personally?”

“Yeah, when you were in high school, you were part of gang; you left that gang,
and then ratted them out to police. Moose and Rocco got arrested.  Early in his
college year, he went to see his best friends in jail. They asked him to keep tabs
on you; and when the time was right to hurt you.”

I held up my hand, “If Lee and Moose and Rocco were best friends; how come I never
heard of him until I saw him at college.”

“Jess, you know the answer to that,” Preston said matter of factly.

“Moose and Rocco weren’t around you twenty-four/seven, you were just a pawn to
them. They showed only what they wanted you to see. They saw you in high school,
and knew you’d be perfect to join their crew. Well, up until your friend Trent
talked some sense into you.”

“They did something to him?” I asked suddenly.

“No. The point is, after Lee visited them in jail, when he arrived Sunday back at
college, in his room was Corey and Matt making out. Knowing they were friends of
yours, and not exactly being a gay friendly person, he lost it. Then Kris arrived,
and all hell broke loose. That is why Lee was motivated to help his best friends
get their revenge.”

“Why were you helping him out? All the time I got to know you, you were not
putting on a show for me. I knew there were some feelings for me.”

“I helped him out because he was my brother, who was humiliated. I recruited Dirk
to bait you at that poker game awhile back; he set up the slut to fuck you in the
store. I never ever thought Lee would take it that far. The moment I saw the tape
of what he orchestrated for you, and the glee on Vin, Quinn and Dirk’s face, it
made me vomit. I could not harm a person, even I didn’t agree with their life
style. On that day, I disowned my brother.”

I felt for Preston at that moment, I would have done the same thing for Katie, or
Kris, or Scott. When they are in a bind, or when they need something, I will be
there. This was the same thing.

“I forgive you, Preston. It may take me awhile to trust you and be your friend
again. But, I do forgive you.”

He smiled, and whispered something. I thought for a minute. “There is something I
need to know. Was the whole relationship we had an act? I mean, like I said
before, I saw some raw emotions in you; but then you were always nervous to be
physical with me.”

“Jess, the truth is the relationship was an act. The friendship wasn’t. As we were
becoming closer, I was truly nervous because something was happening to me during
that time.”

Knowing what he was going to say, I smiled. “You were learning that you were gay,
or at least bisexual. You were worried Lee would find out.”
Preston just nodded. “Yes. When we slept together it was awkward for a number of
reasons. I needed to act like I was using you; to fulfill Lee’s plan, but the
actual act was an awesome experience for me. It was that encounter that I knew
that I liked guys a lot.”

I laughed, “I turned you gay?”  He joined me, and we laughed and remembered some
fun memories. I was beginning to see Preston’s true character. I may not be his
friend, but if he stays honest with me, I know there is a chance.

“After I saw that tape, I had no brother, and I had no friends. Now, I just want
to seek my own personal vengeance on him, and Dirk.”

Finally on board, we discussed the plan. “I am going to steal the tape; and when
Lee asks where it was. I say you took it. He will come after you with all his
friends to get the tape.”

“How you going to explain how I even knew about the tape?” 

“Not sure. I will make something up. In all honesty; he would be more worried
about getting the tape back. I will most likely lie, and/or put some of the tape
on YouTube, and send you the address. Anyways, they will come to your house.”

“That works, Mom and Dad are gone. Then I will booby trap the entire house.”

“Can you pull that off in one day?”

“I will make a call to some friends who could help.”
We continued to plan for the next half hour. Lee screamed, and I was brought back
to present.

“Preston, gag him.”  I watched as Preston grabbed some duct tape and put it over
his mouth. An idea stuck me. I walked back toward the tied up Lee and went to his
crotch. I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut his pants and boxers away.

“Lee, if you speak one more time; I will give you another circumcision and it will
be painful.”  I slapped his dick hard. Looking at it I started laughing. It was
one of the smallest dicks I’d ever seen. I decided to make him truly comfortable,
and cut away the rest of his clothes. I took his phone, and wrote on his stomach
in permanent marker:

“I LOVE TO SUCK DICK.”   He screamed again, after I brought the scissors closer to
his cock and he shut up.

“That’s better.” I turned back to the monitors and watched the rest of the show.


Dirk was shot in the groin with a BB gun, courtesy of Corey’s good aim. Holding
his crotch for a second, he stuck his head through the car door to look and see
who hit him. It was at that moment, when his head went through the door, that
Corey shot another bullet right at his nose. The impact launched his head back and
he hit the concrete steps behind him hard.

Meanwhile, Quinn was going through the garage door. As he approached, the garage
door opened. He saw the door to main house right in front of him. He walked slowly
and directly to it. He stepped on some black tar that instantly stuck to his shoe.
He couldn’t move out of it. He took his foot out of the shoe, realizing now that
his other shoe was stuck. His determination to get to the door made him continues
to go forward, losing the second shoe in the process. He then had to remove both
his socks, when they were stuck to the floor. Once barefoot, he finally made
through the tar only to slide on some slippery grease.

Quinn did all he could to stop from slipping, but it was of no use. He fell on his
butt and went sailing straight into a wooden case full paint. The velocity of
sliding on his butt and the impact of colliding with case, made all the open paint
cans fall on him, covering him with many different colors.

While, Quinn was getting the cans of paint off him, Vin was going through the side
door, that he assumed led to a laundry room, or something of that nature. He
walked slowly around the door and notices the marbles on the first step. He jumps
to the second step, where nothing happens. Vin carefully tries the nob of the door
which comes loose and the string is pulled out. Looking at the string he doesn’t
notice the huge dumbbells falling from the window above and crashing on his head. 
He gets up and kicks the door open and walks through. The door opening caused
another attached string to turn on a blow torch and his head is caught on fire. 
It takes him a second to realize the flames on his head and he runs to a nearby
sink full of water and flammable liquids causing a small explosion. Quinn heard
the explosion, by this time he has removed all the paint. He refocuses his efforts
to the door and moves up the back steps. He never notices that the last step has
sharp nails, which he steps on. The instant pain causes him to fall backward,
landing him on his back right in the grease which shoots him all the way into the
other closed garage door.

Quinn is very angry at this point. He notices the light switch next to the garage
door and pulls it, causing the string attached to a bowling ball in the rafters to
plummet. The ball hits him squarely on the head.

Dirk waits a few moments and finally goes back to the door and opens it. The
string attached to the door shoots a bag of flour in his face. Wiping his face, he
moves into the house. He makes it all the way to the stairs leading the second
floor. He walks up the stairs and is hit with a paint can right in the face, which
knocks him to the ground. Corey, Clinton and Colt laugh. The laughter is heard by
Dirk, who walks up the stairs again. This time no paint can fell. He made it
nearly to the top when a medicine ball is thrown at him and he’s again knocked
down the stairs and knocked out.

Quinn gets up and runs past the tar and grease, up the stairs, and avoids the
nails. He opens the door and a bag of tools opens and slams on his head. He
recovers. Quinn doesn’t let it bother him, and he goes through the open door. “I
am in the house.” He walks through the door and slips on some spilled water and
falls into the living room.

Meanwhile, Vin recovers from the explosion and goes to bathroom. He is about the
turn the nobs of the sink on when unbeknownst to him, Hank turns on the
electricity which is connected to the sink taps. As Vin turns the nob he is
shocked with electricity and screams. Hank turns it off and leaves. Vin falls back
on the toilet only to realize he is super glued to the seat. He rips his pants off
the seat and goes head first into the door. Vin walks into the living and helps
Quinn up.
Quinn is covered in paint and Vin is covered in smoke. They look at each other and
nod. They both go to the door that leads to the main foyer.

Quinn put his hand on the nob, and realizes it’s glued to the door. Quinn pulls
and nothing happens. Dirk wakes up and sees Quinn and Vin trying to open the door.
He goes to them, and his hand is glued to the other doorknob.  With all Vin’s
strength, he pulls Quinn’s hand off the door with enough force that sends Vin into
a chair only to realize that his bare butt is sitting on four thumbtacks. Dirk
manages to get his hand free and falls backward. 

In all the chaos neither Dirk, Vin or Quinn notice six guys coming from all
directions and putting bags over their heads, tying them up, and taking them to
the basement.

I couldn’t help laughing, “That was the most fun I’ve seen in a long time, eh

“Yeah, when I was growing up, Lee showed me Home Alone, and never thought it would
come in handy until now.” He laughed at that. A few minutes later I was joined by
Scott, Colt, Corey and Kris.

“Your friends are keeping watch on the henchmen,” Kris explained.

“Great.”  We all turn our attention to Lee, whom Preston ungagged. Kris laughed
uncontrollably. “His dick is so small.”

“It’s bigger than yours,” Lee shouted suddenly.

“I beg to differ, asshole.”  Kris being Kris pulled his pants down and showed Lee
his favorite body member.  “Do you want to suck it?”

”No, fag.”

Kris got angry and was about to slap him in face, when Preston did it for him.

“Tell them why you did this.”

“Preston, I am your brother.”

“I stopped having a brother the moment you hurt Jess. You homophobic moron.”

“Don’t you play innocent? You were a part of all this, too.”

“I know all about Preston’s part in this.” I said to him. “Answer my question and
we will let you go; just to give you some motivation.”
Colt turned on the television connected to the basement where Quinn, Vin and Dirk
were stripped naked and being pelted with paintball guns.

“That can easily happen to you.” I made my point.

“I did this because I hate fags and fag lovers.” He said with smile of glee.

Kris smiled, "You know you really should try it before you run your mouth."

"What?!" Lee shouted in disgust.

"There's nothing hotter than kissing a guy, Lee. And you know what? The feeling of
a tight ass wrapped around your cock is totally unbeatable."

"You sick fucker! Not only are you a fag lover, you're a fag just like the rest!"

Kris walked up to Colt and placed a hand on Colt's chest. "Tell me something, Lee.
How does this make you feel?"

Kris leaned in and kissed Colt square on the lips, which Colt immediately
returned, embracing Kris as they started to make out with more passion than I had
seen in a long time, their hands were even running over each other's bodies. Lee's
eyes were wide in disbelief and his forehead was wrinkled with a frown of disgust.

When they pulled back from each other, Kris turned and looked directly at Lee. He
reached down and stroked the bulge in his pants.

"That really got me going, Lee," Kris said, smiling. "Maybe we should show you
just how much one guy can pleasure another, right here in front of you?"

"You sick freaks! You're fucking disgusting." Lee spat. "You deserve to be killed!
All of you! Especially that fucking queer Matt when Jason gets his hands on him."

Corey turned towards Lee and yelled. “WHAT DID YOU DO TO MATT!!!”

“You really think I didn’t have a hand in his stalker problem?”

“WHAT DID YOU DO!” Corey was inches from his face.

“I convinced him to do it, and I egged him on to continue doing it, obviously.”

Corey face lost all emotion; except pure rage. Before anything else could happen,
Corey’s hands were around Lee’s throat.


Corey was very close to chocking the life out of Lee; Kris and Colt were holding
him back and with Scott’s help Corey backed off Lee’s neck.
Scott took him away to calm down. Kris came back mad as ever. I allowed Kris to

“This is what is going to happen now. You are going to be arrested. You are going
be put in jail for a long time. If you ever, ever, ever come near us again, or any
of our friends, I will bring Corey back, and he will possible kill you.”

“You think you scare me, you dumb fairy lover?”

I thought Kris would go at him, but he seems to have better control of his
emotions, than I’ve seen in a while.

“Don’t worry Lee. I will.”  Kris threatened and walked out with Colt to check on
Corey. Before Lee could speak, I gave Preston the signal, and he slammed the bat
across his face and knocking him out.

Everything worked out fine. I called Brad and the videotape was safe with him.
Corey had calmed down. Everybody, Corey, Scott and I, went to take Dirk, Vin and
Quinn back to the construction site. They wrote some choice phrases all over their
bodies. Around Dirk’s neck was a copy of the videotape of the attack that Preston
made copies of before the events of today occurred. Corey, Scott and I personally
took the unconscious Lee to the police station. The cop at the desk wanted to know
what happened. Corey said he had some accidents trying to steal and break into my
house. We went on tell him that he was the mastermind behind my attack. Brad came
along and brought the original tape, and the cops took it from there. We told them
where he could find the guys who did the attack.

It was around Eleven o’clock at night and we returned to the rest of the gang who
were putting the house back in order. Preston thanked me for my help; I shook his
hand and hugged him. I told him I would call him soon, and he left to explain what
had occurred to his parents.  Clinton, Hank and Alistair went home afterward,
saying he should spend time with his friends, as Brad echoing the sentiment went
to bed. Scott, Corey, Colt and Kris and I enjoyed a beer together.

“Thanks, guys.” I said to them.

Scott came and sat on the bed, “When you hurt, we all hurt. There was no way we
could say no, and not help you.”

“We love you too much, bro.” Kris acknowledged.

“I have never seen you get that mad. Are you sure you are alright.”

“Yep, nobody hurts the man I am going to spend the rest of my life with, if I have
anything to say about it.”

“Corey, you are going to marry Matt then?”

“One day.” He smiled, and Colt patted him on the back.

“So, we will see you this weekend.”

“Brad and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It would nice to have some time to
relax. I am sure Matt would agree.”

“Yeah, he is putting on brave face; but he is still grieving.” Corey sighed.

We talked for about half an hour more before they said they had to go back to the

“I bet Matt is worried sick?” I laughed.

“Probably.” Kris and Colt hugged me goodbye. Kris gave me the details on what the
plan was and where the camping trip would occur. Corey hugged me after telling me
to call if I needed anything. Scott kissed me tenderly on the mouth. He meant it
as friend, but I felt there was something more there.

After they left, I went to Brad and checked on him. He was sleeping soundly. I
didn’t want to wake him. I just got undressed and snuggled close to him. I turned
over and looked at the time, and there on his desk was the picture. I finally
realized who Brad was standing with in that picture.


Sitting at the restaurant after making my piece with Samuel, I went back to the
table to thank them. They listened to my life story, and they seemed to care about
my future. It was a nice feeling to talk to strangers about a problem. I can
finally understand how they feel, when I went up to them over the years.

Turning back to the college guys, Fred and Trent I spoke,

“Okay, your turn.” I said after I thanked them. “Spill it.”

“Spill what?”  Fred asked.

“Don’t spill anything. “ Bobby the restaurant owner came over. “Then I have to
clean it up.”

“Just ask Rob to do it.” I smiled at him.

“Good idea.” He went off to his partner and they started have an argument like an
old married couple. I chucked, and turned back to Fred and Trent.

“What is your story?”

“We don’t have a story.” Trent smiled. “Okay, basically, I had amnesia after an
accident a while back, maybe two years ago. I didn’t know who I was; Fred’s family
took me in, and I had been scared up until recently about finding my roots.”

“After some soul searching and more time,” Fred continued. “Trent developed the
courage to go out and located his family, and I went with him.”

“So, have you had any luck?” I asked, interested in their journey.

“Some,” Trent answered. “We had very little to go on, an old high school library
card, and eventually, we found the high school, which lead to an old receptionist
who remembered me, and that lead to finding my mom and dad.”

“They must have been happy to see you again.”

“They thought he ran away,” Fred continued again. “They explained to him that the
whole town looked for him, but he was gone without a trace. Jess, one of his best
friends, spent an entire summer looking for him.”

“Yeah, then I told them where I went; they instantly phoned Fred’s mom, and
thanked her for taking care of me. We bonded for about a month and half. I visited
my old room, and saw many pictures of people I didn’t know, or remember. However,
there is one guy who was in the majority pictures, and I wanted to speak to him.”

“So, we left his parents the next day, about a week ago, they told me what college
he went to and we drove there. We went and spoke to many
people on campus, and finally located his former RA, Rick.”

“Rick Richards?” I asked, making a wild guess.

“Not sure.” Trent responded. “He never mentioned his last name. He told me that
that guy I was looking for had withdrawn last year. After telling him my tale, he
agreed to give me his hometown. He regretted that he couldn’t give out any more
personal information, because of the college policy.”

“Now we are on our way to his hometown to look for him.”
I cannot believe this. “Are you looking for Jess Frampton?”
“Yes, we are. How do you know him?” Trent asked, accidentally spilling his drink.

“I met him, awhile back. You see, I really think the Rick you encountered, was my
friend. His uncle is actually Samuel; the guy I told you about.”

“Oh, my god.” Trent exclaimed. “This is fate.”

“I think this is a bloody coincidence, nothing more.” Fred mentioned.

“I know some people who would believe the same thing. Ironically, in all the
travelling I’ve done, I’ve encountered many people who ended being connected.”

Trent ignored me. “Do you have his number; know where we can find him?”

“Yes, he currently is on Spring Break with his friends from College.” I took out
my phone, smiling at Trent, glad to help him out.  “His number is right here.”

Trent took my phone and dialed the number; it rang a few times and finally….


Today was a great day I thought. The air was crisp, and Brad seemed excited to be
going camping. He mentioned he’d never been before. After getting in the car and
making basic chit chat, we were on the three hour drive to the campsite Kris had
picked out. He called me yesterday and told me about the big powwow he had with
all the people going. He seemed so excited.

“So, tell me about all the guys who are going be there?” Brad asked.

“You met some of them when came over to deal with Lee.”

“Actually, no; I spent most of the time at your uncle’s place.”

“Hold on a second.” I dialed the phone while Brad continued to drive.

“Hey, Joe. I wanted to remind you I will be gone most this week I am going camping
with some friends. I won’t be at work this week.”
“Okay, I should be able to take care of it.” He replied on the phone.

“Great, holler if you need me.” I hung up and tossed it in my pocket.

“Anyways, so yeah; there will be a lot of great guys; you will like them all.
Scott was telling me his friend is deaf, so that might be challenge.”

“Won’t be for me,” Brad smiled. “You know my grandparents are deaf, I stayed with
them for about few months when mom was getting really drunk. It was hard at first,
but I went to the library and learned some sign language.”

“I never knew that.”

“Why do you think I have minor in ASL, since then I was fascinated with the
language. I hope to be a teacher for the deaf one day.”

“That is so cool. Scott does his best with signing to make Jordy part of the
group, but he will greatly appreciate your support.

We kept driving as I told him stories I remembered about the guys, and mentioned
how great friends they were to me. All the while the picture on Brad’s side desk
was staring me in face. I was so confident I knew who the guy was with Brad two
nights ago, but when I woke up I couldn’t remember anymore.

Brad was tired of talking and turned on the radio; so we listened to some classic
comedy, a group I’d never heard of called Abbott and Costello. They were really
funny. About half way from the campsite, we passed a gas station.

“We should stop, man,” Brad mentioned, “we are almost on empty.”

“Good idea.” We pulled into the gas station, I filled it up and we both went
inside to gets some snacks and beer for the days ahead. I think my photo ID would
work here. 

I said, “I think my photo ID would work here.” Brad and I entered the store and we
looked at the guy behind the counter who was smiling at us.  The sexiest black guy
I’ve seen, in person for that matter. He had a beige tank top with cream-beige
colored pants and a hat to match that was to the back, and he has a diamond
earring in his ear. Brad and I went to the back of the store where the beer was
and Brad said to me, “You see that chocolate God smiling at us? Heaven!”

“Yeah, he is hot.”  I agreed. We began walking towards the front of the store and
I was in the front of Brad and I told him to make sure he gets some snacks. We
both made it to the counter at the same time and the black guy stopped smiling and
put on a somewhat serious face to his job.
The guy said, “Will that be all fellas?”

Brad said in somewhat sexy voice, “Yeah, I guess so.”  I cannot believe Brad was
hitting on him, and a total stranger. I do admit he pretty sexy.

I guess sees what he wants and goes for it. Then Brad gave me a look, and I
thought what would be the harm, and started to flirt with him too.
“So you’re the only guy who works here?” Brad asked.

“Yeah, I have been here three months, and have been trying to earn some dough for
make my ride sweeter. Hell, I don’t care if you have fake IDs, you look old

“New ride?” Brad asked intrigued. I noticed a hot car in the back parting lot and
pointed. He nodded. “Yep, it needs some sweet pimping though.”

We paid for the snacks and booze and went to check out the guy’s car. I wasn’t
interested in the particulars of the vehicle, but Brad’s was blown away by it. I
am not sure if he likes the car or the guy more.

“Tented windows? I guess you can have some fun in there. If you know what
I mean?”  The guy seemed to liking Brad’s flirtatious talk and leaned in,
“Definitely. It drives in every aspect of the word. “

“I liked that.” Brad smiled. We all laughed, and then the guy spoke again. “I’m
Dontay, but friends call me Tay.”

We introduced ourselves and shook hands. Brad whispered to me he needs to fuck
someone now. I reminded him we had a previous engagement with our camping buddies.
We left the guy and Brad took the wheel.
We talked about how hot Dontay was how we both would do him.

“Maybe on the way back, we can have some fun” I thought out loud to Brad. All the
exhaustion of the last few days finally got to me a feel asleep.

I was back the gas station, Then I say Brad walking towards Dontay’s truck. I
walked behind them wondering what was going on and I saw them kissing with
Dontay’s back against the passage side of his car.
Brad look at me and said, “Come on and get in on this action. You know you want

Dontay looked at me and said, “Yeah, brah. I see the bulge in your pants.”

They went back to kissing. I looked down and Dontay was right, my dick was hard as
fuck.I walked over to the two and started kissing Brad’s neck while massaging
Dontay’s crotch. I lifted up and said, “Damn you’re big.”
Brad then did the same as me and said, “I can’t wait to have that inside of me.”

Dontay said while breathing hard, “I can’t wait to put it in you. Mmm, and just to
let you both know, I’m a moaner so… just beware.”

I said, now feeling the sensation coming over me, “I love a good moaner.”

I kissed him aggressively. Then he said, let’s get into the car. Brad and

I both said. “Cool.” Then Brad said following that, “Now we’re talking.”

We got in and Dontay let the second row seat down so we had room in the back. We
all then got completely naked. We all undressed ourselves and Brad and I were
shocked as how big Dontay’s cock was.
I said, “Damn, I need black guys we’re packing heavy meat, but never knew like

I put his dick straight in my mouth and Brad took mine in his.
Dontay was not lying when he said he loved to moan. I just glad that it was kind
of like the sticks where we were so it was not likely we would be heard and Brad
joined in on the moaning and I did my best.
Then I lifted up off of Dontay’s anaconda of a cock and said, “Oh shit Brad, I’m

I said that while doing so. Then when I finished Brad said, “I know baby.” And I
saw him lick his lips and try to get some off of his chin and what he couldn’t get
he left it there and kissed me and I took it in my mouth.

While my head was lifted up from Dontay’s dick, he was jacking over hard and he
shot straight in the air while moaning loudly.

Brad then said, “Damn, I love the way your sexy ass moan.” Then he kissed him.
Brad then went to his pants to pull out his wallet and got a condom out and said,
“Ready?” Dontay said, “You know it.” Dontay then reached in his glove compartment
and got a small bottle of lube and I said, “You keep it in your car?”

He said, “Never know when you get the urge for a quick tug or… a quickie.”

Brad said with his right hand fanning, “Speak the truth.”

I chuckled as well as Dontay.

Brad got into the doggystyle position and started rotating his ass around, teasing our
new friend Dontay. Dontay said while apply lube to Brad’s ass and massaging it, “Damn
your ass is fat. No offense but I ain’t never see a white dude with a fat ass except
for this dude on campus I see a lot.”

Brad said while slapping his own ass, ‘It’s all natural baby.”

Then Brad grabbed Dontay’s dick and stuck it in his ass and began moaning like he was
floating away to heaven. They began their fuck session with Dontay at a somewhat fast
pace but not too fast. He wasn’t hurting Brad. Dontay was a fuck master, he was moving
his hips around and about and pumping into him. I was close to them obviously jerking
off and Dontay looked at me while biting his bottom lip with a thuggish type look on
his face, while being in complete ecstasy and he motioned me with his finger and
pointed to his ass and I knew instantly for some reason he wanted me to eat it and I
went for it. I was smacking and licking and Dontay’s moans double and so did Brad’s
and he was able to say, “Damn, Tay the way you fuck is to hot with your ass getting
ate makes he better.” He moans loudly.

Dontay said, “Oh shit I’m about to cum. Hey Brad hand me your briefs. I’m going to
scream with this one.”

Brad did so and Dontay put them in his mouth and he moaned very loudly, it was still
loud even with Brad briefs in his mouth.

Brad remove Dontay’s dick from his ass and nut was dripping like a faucet from his ass
and Dontay’s dick. I also saw cum drip from Brad dick and he said, “Damn I was moaning
so loud I didn’t even know I had cum.”

I looked down and said, “I knew I was jerking off while eating him out but I didn’t
know I had cum.”

Dontay said, “It’s the best ain’t it.”

I said, “It actually is.”

Dontay then grabbed my dick and jerked and then his started sucking it and it got to
the point where it got hard and within an matter of 50 seconds, if that I came again.
That is how good he sucking skills were.
Brad said while put on his clothes. “Now that was too hot.”

“JESS!!!” I heard and woke up to see Brad who had parked the car.
“What I was a nice dream?”

“I could tell.” I looked down and cum was all over my pants.


Walking into the jail cell was scary for Lee. He hated being here. All the guys in
here look mean and nasty. The guard threw him in a cell with two other guys.

Hello. Lee” The big guy said. Lee turned and he was faced with Moose. “I cannot
believe you ended up in here.”

“What can I say? I fucked up.” Lee was sweating because walking towards him was Rocco;
he was all muscle and scared the shit out Lee. He knew Rocco hurt people, when they
fucked up.

“Yes, you did. We counted on you. We thought we could trust you, and you fucked up big
time.” Rocco looked angry.

“I am sorry, Rocco. I did my best. But…Jess had friends.”

“I heard college kids.” Rocco smiled. “You were beaten up by little stupid kids.”

“We have been here a long time, and we want to help you out, friend.” Moose smiled.
“You heard about what happens when the guys get together at night.”

“Yeah….I…think…so.” Lee stammered.

“Say ‘hello’ to our friend, Clive.” Moose brought over their friend who had been
sitting in the dark.

“And say goodbye to virgin asshole.”

“DON’T FUCK ME!!!!!” Lee screamed and they all laughed at him.

Lee got the punishment he deserved, as Moose pulled down Lee’s pants for Clive.


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