Posted:  November 17, 2012

Thursday, a big group of us were off to the fair. We went last year and had a great time. After
doing a little searching on the computer I saw why most of them wanted to go. They were offering
two dollar admission and discounted ride tickets with our college I.D. 

We parked next to Scott once we arrived at the fairgrounds on this cool night that justified a
hoodie or jacket. 

“What I want most is a foot long corn dog,” Jess stated, barely out of the car.

“Bro, that would hit the spot,” Kris said.

“Colt, where’s Andrea?” Brennan asked.

“Ummm… we’re taking a little time apart for now,” Colt replied.

“Kris, here’s your chance,” Scott joked.

“Bro, it could be, when and if we’re ready for it,” Kris said as we met up with Ted, Myles and two

“Guys, this is Alicia,” Ted said. “She knows all about you.”

We greeted the blonde. Everything I had heard was true. She looked rather normal and wasn’t a size
2 by the looks of her attire, she just looked like a regular girl. Myles introduced Vera to us as
well. She was a very attractive girl and definitely was the size 2.

We walked a little further and saw the rest of our big group, Bishop, Tom, Shawn, Ethan and Cody.
With my camera in hand, I snapped as many pictures as they would allow me to take, with Alicia
taking one of our big group. 

“I bet I know who the DD is tonight?” Kris joked as we broke up.

“Ain’t I always? But I really don’t mind at all. I’m getting rather used to it,” Tom replied.

“That’s why we’ve let him room with us,” Bishop joked. “Colt, is Andrea meeting up with us?”

“No, they aren’t together right now,” Scott replied.

“What a shame,” Shawn stated. “A year down the fucking tubes.”

“It happens… but we might get back together,” Colt said. “You just never know.”

We knew Alex and Elise would catch up with us and were running behind. We also knew Chase, Tabor,
Deer and Levi would be there as well, since Chase called Colt before we left and told us not to run
and hide from them. Now the word spread that Colt and Andrea were no longer together. It was really
taken with a grain of salt for the most part. It seemed they didn’t care or didn’t want to show it.
We were here to enjoy what was offered.

We entered the fair along the midway, which was lined with games and food. Everything smelled so
good and looked great, seeing people carrying around the various corndogs, turkey legs or whatever
could be fried. 

As we were walking and taking it in Colt got a call that Chase was near the big Ferris wheel and
wanted to join us. Instead of us finding him, he told them to find us near the big stand that sold
the turkey legs.

I saw Chase and his friends come walking up and had to stare just a little since they were so damn
cute in their jeans and hoodies. We said hi while Kris, Corey and Ted were in line for something to
eat and Bishop, Shawn and Cody came up with beer. Then Alex found us with Elise, Gena and Hallie.
We knew the girls from the party night.

“Cody, how the hell did you buy?” Colt asked as Cody walked up with a beer in his hand.

“I showed ‘em my ID and got one,” Cody replied.

“He turned 21 Monday,” Shawn laughed.

“You didn’t tell us,” Colt said.

“I was at home and went out with some of my old high school buddies,” Cody said.

“We got so fucked up,” Ethan stated.

“There’s a shocker,” Tabor joked.

Kris came back and noticed Cody drinking as well. Gena and Hallie were laughing, wondering what we
looked like in clothes. I stood back and watched the people with what seemed like an overflow of
really cute guys that were either in high school or college, along with the other people that
didn’t look so hot. Corey tapped me on the shoulder to share some of his turkey leg. We stood
around with Ted, Colt and Myles talking to what I assumed were other players. Then I noticed one
was Mike who I had in my accounting class last year. He was nice and said hello to me before

We left and went to buy ride tickets. To me, there was a good variety but it was mostly the
spinning ones that would get you dizzy. We continued down until coming to a ride that most of us
wanted to try. Yes, it was one of those spinning ones with the screaming carnie that needed a good
shower. Corey and I got in a car behind Kris and Colt. It started off okay but then I was squeezed
against the side with Corey’s weight on me. We could hear Kris and Colt just laughing and really
enjoying the ride. 

We got off with my head spinning. I heard a sound and saw Brennan bent over at the waist to the

“We had enchiladas for supper,” Garrett said.

“Damn,” Ted said. “Are you okay, Brennan?”

Brennan wiped his mouth and nose, “I’m good now that’s off my stomach. Now I can ride everything

We burst out laughing and did have to rib Brennan just a little. Our big group continued along,
taking in all the sights and sounds that made the fair a fun place to be. Some wanted to ride
another ride, while Corey and I plus a few others had a good time in the House of Mirrors. We met
back up and went on a small rollercoaster that was pretty lame.

We returned to the food area since most of them were hungry. I stood in line with Chase and Tabor
to grab a foot long corndog. 

“Matt, where’s Andrea? Or are they split up now?” Chase asked me.

“They’ve split up for the time being,” I replied.

“Do you have her number?” Tabor asked jokingly.

“Dude, you would hit that even though she’s bi,” Chase said.

“Fuck yeah I would. It’d be hot seeing her and some girl going at it,” Tabor said.

“She’s out of your league,” Chase said.

“I hear older girls are way better,” Tabor said.

“When you find a blind one, then you’ll know for damn sure,” Chase joked.

“Sorry I don’t have a big dick like you, but mine has gotten more use,” Tabor said.

“With your damn hand every night,” Chase joked.

I laughed and ordered, with them ordering right behind me. I put on the mustard while Tabor put
ketchup on his corndog, which I didn’t think would be very good. We walked around until finding the
others sitting at tables. I could hear them laughing and looked over to see Tabor had the corndog
stuck between his legs.

“Corey, I know you love seeing Matt holding something big and long in his hand,” Kris said

I tried my best to ignore Kris and Tabor as well, since they were acting like 15 year olds. 

“I’ve seen it plenty of times,” Corey joked.

“Tabor, it looks like your damn dick is bleeding,” Colt said, laughing right along with them.

“No, I caught a girl at the wrong time of the month,” Tabor said and was laughing as well. 

I walked over to Corey. “I wonder how we’re friends with them sometimes.”

“Ah, they’re just having a good time,” Corey said. “What did you really expect?”

I sat down and bit into the corndog. The thing was so hot it burned my tongue. It almost came
flying out of my mouth. I grabbed a drink of water to cool my tongue off.

After I finished my corndog, having shared a little with Corey, I walked away and decided to play a
game and test my luck. I found a dart game and was summoned in by one of the carnies. Just as he
handed me some darts a guy walked up and wanted to play as well, with his friends looking on. I
took a dart and threw to barely burst a balloon for no prize, but I still had two more. I let the
guy who was cute with dark blonde hair and pierced ears give it a try. He popped a balloon but
wasn’t a winner. I threw my next one and got nothing as well. The guy was being friendly and asked
where I went to school. I said here for college while he gave it a try. Corey and a few others
walked up to watch me. I threw the dart and came away the winner of a small but cute panda bear.
The guy patted me on the back before he threw. I asked about him and found out he was a senior at a
local high school. He threw and again got nothing. 

“Sorry about that,” I said.

“It’s cool dude. Give the cute bear to your girl. Have a good night,” he said and walked back to
join his friends.

Corey walked up, “What was that all about?”

“Oh, I was being friendly and talked to him just a second while we tossed our darts,” I replied and
held out the bear. “Here I won you something.”

“Fuck that,” Corey said and nearly slapped the bear out of my hand. “Give it to Gena or Hallie.”

“I will then,” I said.

We walked back and found the others. I handed my bear to Alicia, Ted’s girl. Ted thanked me and
said how nice it was. We strolled along with a few stopping to play games. Kris and Colt had to try
throwing the footballs through the tires. Colt was successful and got the smallest little stuffed
dog I’d ever seen. 

We made it to the “Ring the Bell”. 

“It’s on, bro,” Kris said, swiping his hands together.

“Whatever,” Corey said, not looking very happy.

Kris handed his money over to the attendant. We stood back and watched Kris fling the hammer over
his head, exposing his muscular arms. He let it fly but the indicator just missed hitting the bell.
We jeered Kris and caught the bird but he was a good sport and laughed.

Corey stepped up and pulled the hammer back. With a loud grunt, he swung, sending the thing flying
up and ringing the ball. Corey threw down the hammer and grabbed the prize, a real teddy bear. 

“Alright, I’m gonna try again,” Kris said. This time Kris was successful and rung the bell. He
jumped up and down like he had really won something.

“Now that the amateur show is over, let a pro do this,” Ted said. We stood back and watched him
ring the bell three times in a row without much trouble. He was rewarded with a big bear so Alicia
handed off my bear to Vera, Myles’s girl. Myles wanted to try but knew he couldn’t do it with his
bum ankle now getting better. Colt gave it a try and did ring it, as did Tabor. Chase tried but
fell way short. Next was Shawn. He rang the bell and handed off his teddy bear to Hallie. 

Just before Bishop stepped up, with a big crowd gathering around us, Corey took me by the arm and
led me away from the group.

“Is there a problem?” I asked as we walked away.

“Don’t give me that,” Corey replied. “Let’s move away from them so we can talk this shit out.”

We walked behind a booth. “Alright, tell me what’s going on.”

“Do you have to stare down every fucking guy that walks up? Are you trying to make me jealous?”

I put my hands on my hips, “Are you for real?”

Corey gritted his teeth, “Fuck, you’ve done it since we walked in here. I’m fucking sick of it.”

“I’m sorry. It’s nothing to get upset about.”

“I stood it as long as I could, then you’re there chatting up that guy at the dart game.”

“This is crazy and you know it. Okay, I’ll stop staring. Thanks for pointing that out to me.”

“It’s not crazy. Kris even mentioned it to me.”

“Good. I’ll stop, or better yet find me a goddamn blindfold then!” I said and was getting pissed as
this was so juvenile in my mind.

Corey threw up his hands and walked away. I was floored by his actions and stood there not knowing
what to think. I couldn’t believe this shit, that after we’d been together so long he’d get so
jealous about something so trivial.

I walked back and found the rest of them. We continued along, with Corey walking ahead of me. They
rode a few more rides to begin using up our ride tickets. I rode another ride, the swings, since we
all were going to.

After a few more stops to play games, we headed to our cars. Our night at the fair was over.

“Bro, is there a problem?” Kris asked me while I walked behind.

“He accused me of staring at every guy hot guy in there. I said I was sorry.”

“You were eyeing every hot guy there, bro. I noticed and couldn’t believe it.”

“This is damn ridiculous,” I said.

“Bro, I hate this shit.”

We got in the car and headed back. Corey sat against the door on his side when we got in Kris’s

I leaned over, “I said I’m sorry.”

“No, you’re not sorry.”

I spoke up, “I fucked up big time tonight. I stared at every cute guy that was there. I’m sorry I
did it.”

“No shit, Matt. There were some real cuties there, huh Corey?” Colt chuckled.

“I wouldn’t know since Matt had a hole going through them before I could look,” Corey smartly
replied. “I guess there were a few cute guys, but also some really redneck ones too.”

“There were tons of little hotties everywhere,” I said.

“Why didn’t you just pull one behind a tent and fuck ‘em, huh?” Corey asked.

“I wish I would have, especially that guy I was talking to at the dart game,” I shot back.

“You’d have sucked his dick in a second!” Corey said.

I was now very angry. I raised my hand out of sheer anger. “I could slap your face right now.”

“You do that shit and you can find yourself another boyfriend!”

Colt turned around, “Stop it! This shit needs to stop right now! So this is how Kris and Colt
should act as boyfriends?”

“You do if your boyfriend lusts after every fucking guy around,” Corey said.

We were barely out of the parking lot when Kris wheeled over into a store’s parking lot and slammed
on the brakes. He put his SUV in park and turned around. “Both of you are fucking acting stupid! I
don’t wanna hear another word. Matt apologized…”

“Just like always, you take Matt’s side!” Corey said loudly.

“Let me finish, motherfucker! He did apologize, but he kept on with this shit about how cute the
guys were. Matt, you knew that would get under Corey’s skin, didn’t ya?”

“Just get us home!” I shouted.

The ride back to the apartment was the longest ten minute trip of my life. I sat and stewed over
the events of the night and wasn’t thrilled with how this was turning out. There was little else to
say other than I was sorry.

Once at the apartment, Corey got out and slammed the door. He didn’t wait and marched right into
the apartment.

“Bro, tell me you weren’t gonna slap him,” Kris said.

“I can’t tell you it didn’t cross my mind. I’m still pissed. I don’t know what else to do,” I said,

“I know how he feels,” Colt said. “Give him some time and let him cool off. Hopefully he’ll see how
stupid this thang was.”

I went inside the apartment and didn’t see Corey. I went to the bedroom and found our door locked.
“I’m going for a walk,” I said and grabbed my phone that I had put down on the bar walking in. Our
bar caught our wallets, keys and phones when we usually walked in.

“Do you want us to go with ya?” Kris asked.

“If I need ya, I’ll call ya,” I said and headed out after grabbing my phone. I walked over and went
to sit by the pool that was just covered. The night was clear with the moon almost full. With my
hands behind my head, I leaned back in one of the few chairs still out. I knew this was just a
small bump in the road that all couples have, but it hurt. It was hard getting and being angry with
Corey. It was a stupid fight like most are, but I should have been mature enough to let him say his
thing and take my punishment. Instead, I added fuel to the fire and raised my hand in anger. 

Cars came and went from the lot while I sat by the pool lost in my thoughts. Voices could be heard
as well. As I was sitting, I noticed someone pull up, park and go to Scott’s apartment, but I
couldn’t make out who it was.

“Thank God, you didn’t go far,” I heard Corey’s familiar voice. My head turned to see him walking
fast towards me. “Please forgive your dumbass boyfriend for letting this get totally out of

I stood and embraced him. Hugging wasn’t enough before our lips met. “Corey, I’m sorry I continued
to let it go on.”

Corey led me to a seat, “If you didn’t know, this entire week has been kind of crazy. We get hit
with their big announcement and then we fight.”

“Yeah it has been crazy.”

“Babe, I don’t why but I let my jealousy get to me.”

“It’s something I’ve never really seen out of you before tonight. Corey, I didn’t do anything on
purpose, especially not to make you jealous. The gay boy in me came out with my wandering eyes.”

“That’s really not your fault. I’ve had the fucked up feeling I could lose you now that Kris really
is involved with a guy. I know we talked about it all the other night and cleared things up before
we had the most amazing sex, but I have to admit I still feel like I could see you leaving me for
him if it didn’t work out now you know he’s willing to date guys.”

“There’s only one person in that apartment I wanna be with.”

“Yeah, I know, but my mind works wonders,” he said and laughed.

“Corey, I sincerely apologize for raising my hand. I’ve never done that ever in my life to a

“I’m just glad you didn’t hit me or even really try to hit me. If you had I doubt this would be

“I agree one hundred percent. Hitting a lover is inexcusable under any circumstances, no matter how
mad you are. I couldn’t have lived with myself afterwards.”

“Again, I’m sorry for not dropping all of this after you apologized. Am I forgiven?”

“Of course you are,” I said and kissed him.  

“Oh by the way, you took the wrong phone,” Corey said. “Kris has found that video…”

My hands went over my face. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“Nope… They loved it though. It was a good icebreaker since they got me out of the room with it,
but I was about to leave as it was,” Corey said smiling.

“We’ve got to do something so all of our phones don’t look alike,” I said, reaching into my pocket
and seeing it was Kris’s phone. 

“We should have done that a long time ago,” Corey said. “Are you ready to head back inside now?”

“Well… let’s just hang here for a little longer,” I said. We sat together holding each other. It
seemed like quite a while. Finally whoever was visiting Scott’s place came back out and got in
their car. As it passed us, I knew who it was.

“I wonder what Yancey was doing over at Scott’s?” I pondered aloud.

“Who knows? Either getting a supply or they were exchanging Speedos,” Corey replied jokingly.

“Yeah probably,” I said and stood. We walked back across and entered our apartment.

I opened the door and saw Colt riding Kris’s cock on the couch. He had his arms around Kris’s neck
and they were staring into each other’s eyes. Corey and I stood for a moment watching our roomies
fuck like me and Corey had so many times.

“Oh fuck yeah, Colt, ride my dick,” Kris said, running his hands up and down Colt’s back.

We didn’t want to watch and walked towards our bedroom with Colt moaning loudly.

“Bro, thanks for that fucking hot video. You see what it made us do,” Kris moaned.

“I’m glad I could help,” I said and continued on into our room, hearing Colt yelp as Kris went

Corey kissed me and grabbed me. “Matt, I wish we could fucking make up, but I can’t. I have a big
test tomorrow. When they’re done, I’ll go out and study.”

“I wish we could too,” I said. “You know in a really weird way what I just saw kind of me made me
think they were serious.”

“I thought the same thing. I saw nothing but love between them,” Corey said. “If I’d have seen much
more, my ass would be riding your dick.”

“Only if you’d forced me off yours,” I said and kissed him. 

As we were kissing, a knock came to the door. “It’s open,” Corey said.

The door opened with Kris and Colt holding hands and their flaccid cocks hanging down. They looked
so happy, but that was to be expected.

“We were making sure everything was okay, bro,” Kris said.

“We’re good,” I said.

“Fuck Matt, you saw what your video made us do. Goddamn!” Colt said and I saw a little bit of cum
on his stomach.

“I’m sure you’d have done it anyway,” I said.

“I’m disappointed you didn’t show us that hot shit earlier,” Kris said.

“It was just for me,” Corey said. “I loved it more than you can imagine. I’ll confess right here
and now I busted a nut the other day at work watching it.”

“I didn’t need to hear that,” Kris said.

“I couldn’t help it…”

“I see why! I’m glad y’all are good now. We’ll let you go at it now,” Colt said.

“We can’t. I have to study or else I’m really fucked,” Corey said.

“We’ll make up tomorrow instead,” I said.

If nothing else, I was proud of Corey for knowing what it took and for having the determination to
succeed. Maybe it would rub off on Kris and Colt, but I suppose they were making it as well. It was
very nice knowing we had our little argument but it was solved before it became too big.

I think Corey came to bed about 3. He was up with his alarm and off to prepare for his day early. I
knew he would be very tired after studying most of the night. 

I woke when Corey kissed my cheek to start my Friday. He managed to smile but showed the signs of
sleep deprivation. I wished him well on his test before crawling out of bed. Seemingly overnight
the temperature had dropped, with the hint of a chill running through our bedroom, but it was mid-

After going to wake Kris and finding him with Colt again, I waited until seeing him appear from his
bedroom dressed and ready with his backpack thrown over his shoulder. 

“How’s the porn star doing?” Kris asked with a smile.

“Great. I’m ready for the weekend. Surely it can’t be much worse than the week.”

“Bro, it’s been a fucking kick ass week…”

I smiled, “It has been for you. I see the honeymoon period is still with you.”

“It is. I think I’ve fucked Colt more times in the past week than I have in the last year. It’s
awesome. We can’t get enough of each other. I just hope we don’t wear each other out, but then I
worried that would happen to you and Corey.”

“It hasn’t,” I said, grabbing my backpack. “I still love having sex with Corey.”

“To me the sex part is the easiest,” Kris said while opening the door for us. “You proved last
night we need our time. I actually miss what you and I once had, bro.”

“Things change, but we’re still together. We try for our time.”

“Maybe we should try harder. It looks like someone needs it,” Kris said while we walked on this
crisp day.

“Well… I need to get away and go home one weekend before Thanksgiving, even though Mom is coming
this weekend.”

“Brilliant idea!” Kris said. “We all need to go home and get out of each other’s hair for at least
a little while. Hell, I forgot what my room even looks like.”

“Me too,” I laughed.

After a long day of classes, helping Mr Jackson and finishing my online class, I called Scott to
see about us going swimming. He was usually ready and willing to go but said he couldn’t go today.
I sent text messages to Bishop, Shawn, Alex, Ethan and Cody to see if they wanted to run with me to
the Rec Center. Shawn and Alex said they would go while the other three didn’t return my text.  

The three of us headed over to the Rec Center.  

“Matt, are things cool with you and Corey?” Alex asked me when he got in my car.

“Yeah, we’re good now.”

“There has to be some shit going on between Kris and Colt. Tell us there is,” Shawn said.

“No, they’re just both single now,” I said and drove away.

“That’s some shit,” Shawn said. “We all know there is. Right, Alex?”

“Just because they don’t have girlfriends doesn’t mean they’re dating. I can’t see either one of
them dating a guy. I know they’re bi but I just don’t see it.”

“I do,” Shawn said. “They are made for each other.”

Alex turned from the passenger seat, “It’d be just like one of us saying something like you have a
thing with Cody or Ethan or they have a thing for each other. Some people like you and Bishop don’t
have to be attached to someone to be happy. I on the other hand do.”

“Me too,” I said, driving. 

“I guess you’re right,” Shawn conceded. “It won’t shock me if they are dating though.”

“I just hope Kris finds someone soon so he’ll stop bitching about not having anyone,” I lied.

“It’s better than being with someone who wants to control your ass like Terra did,” Shawn said.

“Have you even seen her lately?” Alex asked.

“Fuck no, dude. I don’t care if I ever do either,” Shawn said.

“Oh, but what you are missing…” Alex said.

“What? Fucking blue balls thinking I was getting some,” Shawn laughed. “That’s something neither
one of you would know about. Ain’t that right, studs?”

Alex looked at me and smiled as I turned into the lot, “Fucking straight me or Matt never have blue

I just laughed and parked my car. We got out and headed inside. Immediately, it was evident Corey
was dragging by his demeanor and sleepy eyes. We said hi to Tabor and continued on to the back.
Barely in the door, we saw Kris helping out a girl. He waved and said hi before we continued on
back and stashed away our things to work out.

Finished with our work out, which was great and a lot of fun with Shawn and Alex, we headed back to
the apartment. I sat down on the couch and kicked my feet up. Before I knew, it was asleep.

The sound of my phone ringing woke me from my nap. I looked to see that Mom was calling me. I
answered it and heard her voice. After the usual greetings, she informed me that she, Vince and VJ
were on their way, which was highly unexpected but welcome, since I could see Mom for more than a
minute or two. Then came the unexpected question; she wanted to know if it was okay if VJ stayed
the night with us. While thinking this was some joke I tried to sound like I was thrilled to have

I hung up and knew there was an hour before their arrival. Since our place wasn’t a certified
disaster zone like some of my friend’s apartments, it wouldn’t take much, other than cleaning Kris
and Colt’s bathroom to have the place tidy. 

As I was cleaning their disgusting toilet, I heard someone come in. Then the bathroom door opened.
Colt was standing there. 

“What the hell?” Colt asked. “I appreciate that you’re doing this…”

“Mom called and is on her way…”

“I see.”

“VJ is staying the night with us,” I informed him.

“That’s cool, dude.”

“I guess… but I barely know him.”

“I gotcha. He could be in for a real eye-opener. Tell me he knows you’re gay and live with your

“He does,” I said and stood. “I don’t want him to be bored out of his mind.”

Colt laughed, “He won’t be. Now you know how I felt last year when Chase would come.”


“Alright, move and I’ll get our tub,” Colt said. “We need guests more often to get our shit

I smiled, “Yes, we do. Thank God they didn’t just show up out of the blue. At least Mom had sense
enough to call me a little ahead of time.”

Colt leaned over and began cleaning the tub. “I thought they were coming tomorrow.”

“Vince found a room and got away early so they decided to come early,” I stated and left to relax.
I went over to the fridge and saw about 12 cans of beer. I debated for a second and decided those
would stay. I did wipe down the counters, sweep up the floors and took out the trash since it was
just about full anyway.

While Colt and I were waiting and watching TV, our doorbell rang. I went to answer it. Mom was
standing there with Vince and VJ. They entered my apartment with VJ having his bag over his

“Wow Matt, this is really a nice place you have,” Vince said, looking around. “Linda said it was
but you know how Moms are.”

Colt walked over in his shorts and introduced himself. Vince had met him last year but need
reminding of his name. Colt greeted VJ while Mom hugged Colt’s neck. As always, Mom came bearing
goodies that would for sure be consumed. 

“VJ, you come here and you might look like Colt,” Vince said since Colt was displaying his cut
upper body.

“Ah thanks,” Colt said quietly.

“VJ, just put your bag in my room. We’ll work something out later on about where you’ll sleep,” I

“Okay,” VJ said, wearing a nice Hollister shirt and jeans with a necklace. His dark hair was
shorter than the last time I saw him, but mine was as well. Also, he seemed a little taller than my
five ten height, which he wasn’t before.

After we put away his bag and Mom looked over the place, despite being here before, Vince said he
was hungry and ready to eat. I didn’t know I was going to eat with them and changed quickly into
jeans and a shirt.


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