Posted:  Sept 16, 2012


Corey and I were driving along, heading back after our short trip and from visiting his mom and his
cousin Heath. We exited the interstate and saw smoke rising from under the hood. Corey pulled off
onto a parking lot that was vacant. “Damn!” he exclaimed in anger.

We stopped his car and got out. He lifted the hood like anyone else would do. “What’s the problem?”
I asked, staring at the engine, but I didn’t know one thing about them.

Corey was able to laugh, “I don’t know. I might as well be looking at Greek or some shit. Do you
know anyone that knows anything about cars?”

“Not really,” I replied. “Maybe it overheated. If we wait a few minutes, it might start back up.”

Corey nodded in agreement and slammed the hood down. He returned to the car and grabbed his phone.
He called Larry and explained the problem. Corey hung up and popped the hood again. “He said check
the coolant to see if there was any in the car.”

Corey left and saw the coolant was low. He got on his phone and now called Kris to see if he could
get some before we drove on. We stood outside the hot car for about fifteen minutes until seeing
Kris drive up.

“Sucky way to end your trip but at least you were close,” Kris stated and handed Corey the coolant.
Corey poured it in and got in the car. It started up like a champ, with me holding my breath it
would. Just in case there was more trouble, Kris followed us back to the apartment complex.

“Bro, tell me all about the trip,” Kris said getting out of his SUV.

“There’s not much to tell, bro. All there is to do is gamble…” I said.

“And fuck like dogs,” Kris laughed. “I know you did that.”

“We’re breathing, right?” Corey joked. “I came out ahead but it looks like that money is spent. I’ll
take my car to a shop just to have things checked out. How were things around here?”

I opened the door to our apartment and noticed it was warm. 

“Bro, we had a kick ass time after the game with Ted and Myles stopping by. Yesterday we didn’t do
much and just recovered,” Kris said with Colt sitting on the couch.

“Kris, you left the part out about almost throwing down with that Gage dude,” Colt chimed in with a
dip in his lip.

“Colt, I thought you’d kicked the habit,” Corey said.

“I’m still trying, but we just ate,” Colt stated and spit.

“What’s this about Kris and Gage?” I asked before setting down my bag.

“Same shit different day,” Kris replied. “Saturday he and Kyle came over, as did half the apartment
complex. The very first thing he said was ‘where are the faggots?’ I chalked it up to pure
ignorance. We kicked back and had a great time. Then yesterday he asked if the fags were still gone.
I went off on his ass then.”

“Kris was like ‘motherfucker don’t come in my goddamn place and start that fucking shit again’. Gage
got brave and said hell they are nothing but fags like half the complex…” Colt said.

Kris continued, “I just said get the fuck out if you’re going to be a total asshole. He had the
nerve to say that if I wasn’t so fucking big he’d fight my ass. Then Colt stood up and said he’d
have to fight both of us. He got the message and left, slamming the door. It took me forever to cool
off. The nerve to do that when he knew…”

“Some people never learn,” I said shaking my head.

“So I take it you two had a good time away?” Colt said.

“We sure did,” Corey said and laughed. “There’s not much to do there but gamble.”

“I hear ya,” Colt said.

“Man, is it ever loving hot in here,” Corey stated.

Kris turned and looked at Colt. “Bro, you should see our fucking power bill. With all four of us, it
went up and was ridiculous.”

“How much was it?” I asked.

“Two twenty,” Colt replied.

I kept my mouth shut but nodded that it was a little high. They did keep the air low and never
turned off a light. I headed to put away our bags. Since it was hot in our apartment I changed into
my board shorts since I didn’t feel like wearing my bikini. Corey came in and changed as well. He
was laughing at how it took a high power bill to change their thinking on keeping our place like a
meat locker. 

It was later than normal when we arrived at the pool. There were only a few people enjoying the late
afternoon sun. After we set down our towel and sunglasses I dove in the refreshing water. Corey
followed me into the pool. We swam around for a little while before exiting the water.

As I was drying off, I saw a very nice looking guy with shoulder length reddish hair walking my way.
He had a very nice body but was so pale looking. He sat next to me when I sat down. I thought it was
strange of him to do so.

“Hey Matt, how’s it going?” he asked quietly with his hand down.

“Ummm… not bad…” I said and racked my brain to figure out how I knew him.

“That’s great. We’ve got a really nice place here, huh?” he commented, putting on sunscreen.

“We do… I’m really sorry, but have we met?”

“No, I don’t think we have. I’m Cord. It is kickin’ to finally actually meet you,” he said.

I shook my head. “This is Corey by the way.”

“I know him too. You two have been dating forever and make the hottest couple on campus,” Cord said.

Corey leaned over me, “How do you know us?”

“For one, I’m friends with Toni. She raves about you two, especially Matt,” Cord replied.

I smiled, “Toni is a great girl. I really miss her and wish she lived here.”

“Me too,” Cord said. “And I’ve met Corey at the rec before.”

“Sorry,” Corey said, “I see and speak to so many people at work I really can’t remember many names
or faces.”
“That’s okay. I fucking can’t believe I’m talking to you. You are what I strive to be.”

I sat there thinking this cute guy was really so into me but had never met me. It was a compliment
in a way but it was rather spooky at the same time. We continued to talk with this guy knowing all
about me, especially my tussle with Eric last semester. 

Corey stood and took my hand, “It’s nice to meet you, Cord. I guess we’ll see ya around.”

“I hope so,” Cord said with a big smile.

“Stop by and we’ll introduce to the rest of the gang sometime,” I said standing.

“I’d really like that. You have some really hot friends,” Cord said.

We left with the towels over our shoulders. 

“That was weird if you ask me,” Corey said.

“Tell me about it. It was almost like I had another stalker, only a good one. You heard how he went
on and on about me.”

As we were walking across, I spotted Ted drive up. He and Myles got out of Ted’s car in their
sleeveless tee and gray shorts.

“How’s it going?” I asked.

“Oh hey Matt, I missed y’all Saturday night,” Ted said walking towards us. “I heard you left for the

“We did,” Corey said. “Great game Saturday.”

“Tell Coach that. He was all over my ass in film session today. He pointed out every mistake I
made,” Myles said.

“Myles, he does the same thing to me. You know he’s only trying to make us a better team when we get
into the meat of the schedule,” Ted said.

“So is the next game an easy one too?” I asked.

“It could be,” Myles replied. “Then come the big dogs, one after the other. The main thing is that
no one gets hurt.”

“Guys, it was great seeing ya,” Ted said. “Matt, if you’re free I may need just a little help in
this one class coming up.”

“You know I’ll help out whenever I can,” I said and waved goodbye to them.

We entered the room with Kris and Colt kicked up playing their video game and having a cold one.
They had a good laugh when I told them about Cord. Corey and I changed in our room. 

“Hey, I think I’m gonna run see what Scott is doing if you want to come with me,” I said.

“If you don’t mind I think I’ll stay around here,” Corey said, pulling up his shorts while I was
looking for my mesh underwear. 

“Corey, have you seen my mesh underwear lying around here?” I asked.

“No I haven’t, but if you find them wear them for damn sure. You look so hot in them,” Corey said.

I came out and saw Kris and Colt sitting on the floor. Colt stood up.

“There they are,” I said, pointing at Colt wearing my mesh underwear.

“What da ya think? I look fucking hot in them,” Colt said and grabbed his cock. 

“You do, but take ‘em off. You’re stretching them,” I said. “If you like ‘em so well I’ll buy you a

He laughed, stepped out of them and tossed them to me. I put them in the dirty clothes pile that
needed my attention. I said goodbye and headed over to Scott’s apartment to see how his weekend

Scott opened the door in his shorts and welcomed me inside. “How was your weekend with Corey?” he

I entered and saw Garrett and Brennan sitting on their couch, with Jess sitting in a chair. “Great,”
I finally replied. “How was yours?”

“Really good,” Scott replied. “By the way, your air mattress came in very handy this weekend.”

“Great,” I said taking a seat next to Brennan. “So how was Trevor?”

“He tore that shit up last night,” Brennan replied.

“We don’t know that,” Scott said. “Yes, he did sleep with Reese last night.”

“I don’t know what is holding him back from getting it on with Reese. You said he just turned 18m
like that really matters. Who here was a virgin at 18?” Brennan asked, but no one said anything
since it was true. 

“Being around Reese I can see where he is a little timid about it,” Jess stated. “Just because they
slept together don’t mean shit.”

“They were sleeping together because Reese’s roommate kept him up all night fucking his little
boyfriend, or so he said,” Scott said.

“You allow that?” Garrett asked Jess.

“I do, since I don’t stop the straight ones from sleeping with their girlfriends. I’m trying to be
as flexible as possible with them, especially with that situation. Seriously, did we drink all the
time as freshmen?” Jess asked. “Almost every night I find some guy in the hall with a beer or bottle
in his hand.”

“We did, but we tried to be sneaky about it,” I said. “Rick was cool about it.”

“I’m trying my best too and remember what it was like,” Jess said.

“Was it Tabor or Chase in the halls with a beer?” I asked to be nosey.

“No, they’re cool guys. If they get bored they’ll come down and talk to me. Reese has a few times
but I think he’s a little scared to say too much knowing I’m dating Scott,” Jess replied.

“So do they know about you and Scott?” Garrett asked.

“Some do. Honestly, it would be best if they didn’t know,” Jess replied. “They are biggest bunch of
homophobes. It’s nothing to hear someone yell fag or queer to the gay ones at the end. It makes me
sick to my stomach to hear that.”

“That sucks they have to put up with that here in college but I have had to as well,” I said.

Jess didn’t stick around much longer and headed back to see what the savages, as he called them,
were up to. 

“I bet Trevor hates it if he’s already 18 and not here,” I said.

“You don’t know how much it’s killing him,” Scott said. “The best part is I feel a little more
connected to him. We did talk a lot.”

“So there’s no doubt where he’s going to college?” Brennan asked.

“If he’s still with Reese, then there’s not,” Scott said. “I hope they are able to make it. Trevor
is crazy about Reese.”

It wasn’t long before I was out of there and heading back. As soon as I hit the door Kris was
practically waiting on me in his shorts and shoes. I changed and headed out the door for a nice

“Corey said he felt rejuvenated after your trip,” Kris commented while we jogged.

“I felt it too. We said we might do it once a semester for us,” I said. “So you really lit into
Gage, huh?”

“I held back as long as I could. It just pissed me off that he was in my house talking shit about
you, Corey and the others.”

“You didn’t mention to him you were bi, did ya?”

“I did and I don’t give a flying fuck what he thinks either. I tried to be nice but I stood it long

“Good, we don’t have to be buddy/buddy with everyone. We have enough friends now to make it our
entire life.”

Kris picked up the pace, “I know, but I wanted to start off on the right foot with everyone here.”

We continued running along and stopped after working up a nice sweat. We took a drink at a fountain
to cool down and take a short break. “How was Megan this weekend?”

“She was okay. I want to keep dating her on one hand and not on the other. I know she’s the right
one but I don’t how much longer we can make it, or should I say I. She’s crazy about me. I don’t
want to break her heart. That would kill me.”

“Just talk to her and have her understand how you want to date casually…”

“I thought of that, but then I would sound like I was using her for sex and other things. It ain’t
right. Either I go all in or pull out.”

“Good luck with that. How’re Colt and Andrea?”

“Colt commented that he feels they’re in a lull as far as their relationship goes. He says the sex
is still the shit but they haven’t been tight like they used to be,” Kris replied and wiped his

“I know what he means. You can’t be on top of the world all the time. There are rough spots with any
relationship. The rough spots really test whether you want to be with them or not. If you don’t,
then it makes it so easy to break it off,” I said.

“Yes it does,” Kris stated. “I’ll race you back.”

I shook my sweaty hair. “You sound like a kid when you say that.”

“Alright then, we can train for that race you mentioned, how’s that?”

I smiled, “Okay, I’ll race you back then.”

We started out with what I guessed was about a mile and half. We stayed close, running at a great
pace. We got a few looks from passing cars and people walking. As we neared the complex, I felt a
kick left in me and ran ahead. I was running with relative ease and finished a solid ten yards ahead
of Kris. I stood with my hands on my hips, breathing hard. He patted me on the back.

“I may be wrong but I may have found your calling in sports,” Kris stated.

“It is something I enjoy since there’s no real hand eye coordination,” I stated.

We walked slowly towards the apartment, soaked in sweat. Kris started laughing for no apparent
reason. “Word of advice there, bro,” Kris laughed. “Wear a jock or something. Your dick is well
defined in your shorts.”

I looked and saw it was outlined in my shorts. “Damn, I’ll remember that next time.”

Kris rubbed my sweaty head. “Or don’t if you’re trying to make us jealous.”

Upon entering the apartment, I saw Shawn there with Corey and Colt. 

“How’s the new job?” Kris asked Shawn, who was still dressed in his shirt displaying the store’s

“I was telling them it could be fun and beneficial to us. There’re four water bottles on the counter
for y’all. They let us buy ‘em for a dime after they’re returned,” Shawn replied.

“Sweet,” Kris said. “I may come see ya for a deal on some new shoes and to get Matt a jock.”

Colt burst out laughing and was prodding Corey in the side.

“I know. Kris pointed it out to me,” I said, a little embarrassed.

“Show off,” Shawn said and laughed as well. “Matt, I’ll hook you up with one unless you wanna show
that big thing of yours off to everyone you pass.”

“Since y’all like it so much, I may continue to freeball again,” I stated and stripped down to get
rid of the sweaty shorts. I turned around and bent over, “See this. Y’all can kiss my fucking ass.”

Corey raced over and planted a kiss on my ass. “I took care of that for them.” They were laughing
loudly while I went to shower. 

After I showered, I returned with Shawn gone. We kicked it together as four naked roomies. We
watched a little TV together until Kris turned it off since there was nothing he wanted to watch. I
did my best to drop hints to see if there was anything they wanted or needed. Colt said a nice
printer would come in handy, but that wasn’t exactly what I was aiming for. 

In our room, early since I needed to be up early, Corey was still in vacation mode and fulfilled my
desires sexually. His hard, thick cock felt so good inside me after he tongued my ass for what
seemed liked forever. It really had me in the mood, though I didn’t need much more than the sight of
his hot body and hard cock to get me in the mood. We kissed a lot while he fucked me. He felt so
good in me and was a great lover like always. 

We lay together in our bliss before Corey turned out the light. 

“Perfect ending to a great Labor Day weekend,” I stated.

“I think I found whatever was missing and I hope it doesn’t leave me for a while. Matt, we are so
lucky to have each other. Colt went on and on about how he was ready to call it quits with Andrea.”

“What did ya tell him?”

“To stick it out since she was one in a million that could accept him for who he was. I had to
remind him how hard it would be if he broke up and found another girl. Then he’d have to keep his
bisexuality hidden for a while.”

“Kris is the same way. Do you ever see them together as a couple?”

“You know I never thought I would, but I’m beginning to see, maybe…”

“Then the fights. Say they did get together and broke up. We’d have a big stinking mess on our

“Yes we would. Maybe they should keep fucking around and never consider each other for a lover like

“I agree,” I said and kissed him goodnight.

Tuesday and Thursday were my early days. I was up and off to class on a cloudy day which was a
relief after a very hot summer. My first class held my attention and was very interesting to me.
After it was finished I was back in the room and started doing laundry. Opening our washing machine
just off the kitchen there was a load of clothes already there, but my guess was it was from the day
before. I tossed them in the dryer and started washing mine. 

While the clothes were washing I ate something and continued to scan our apartment. Nothing was
hitting me that we could use. I did a few more things and unloaded the load out of the dryer. I saw
it was Colt’s things and tossed them in his room. Then it was off to my final class of the day.

Returning from class, Terry caught me as I was walking back. We talked for a minute before he asked,
“Are you doing anything tonight about 6?”

“I don’t think so,” I replied. “What did you have in mind?”

“Well, the LGBT group is meeting,” he said quietly.

“Sounds like a plan to me. I wanted to be more involved and shouldn’t have waited this long. I have
been to one of their meetings my freshman year but I really want to make it a habit. However, don’t
count on Corey going.”

“Okay, so I’ll see ya say about 5:45 then?”

“You will,” I replied.

Kris and Corey were waiting on me to head over to work out at the Rec Center. Colt was there as well
but said he was tired and worked out plenty while at his job. I changed as well as informing Corey
of my plans. I did offer him the chance to go with me to the meeting but as expected he didn’t care
to go.

With about 6 of us in our group, we pushed the weights hard in the free weight area. The regulars
knew Kris and used him to spot them despite him not working. Kris didn’t mind and was always eager
to assist them. We finished and decided to play volleyball for fun. 

Finished up, and exhausted from our workout, we headed back to the apartment. Colt was on the couch
asleep when we entered. He woke up and went off to his bed to finish his nap.

“I’ve never seen him so tired,” Corey commented.

“Our hectic crazy schedule may have caught up with him,” I said.

That night, right on time, I left and found Terry ready to head on campus for our meeting. He drove
since it looked like there was rain in the distance.

“Where’s Dalton?” I asked him since his boyfriend wasn’t with us.

“He has class tonight,” Terry replied. 

“Are things going okay with you two?”

“They are. He is just so perfect for me. He’s a great cook, whereas I can’t cook a lick. How’s

“He’s great as ever. We just celebrated our second year together,” I said.

“That’s fucking awesome. I’m sure you celebrated in style.”

“We did,” I said.

We made it to the meeting site, which was on the second floor of a building on campus just off the
main student center. I entered and saw there were about 20 people there, including about six
females. I was looking around, hoping to see Stephan but I didn’t. We took a seat in the folding
chairs with a few more arriving. In general, most of the guys were cute.  

Then the door opened with Reese coming in. He spotted me and came to sit next to me. 

“Man, I’m glad you’re here,” he said.

“Thanks,” I said and introduced him to Terry. 

“Ted told me the best part of college is getting involved so I’m doing my best,” Reese said after
the introductions. “Dog, there are some really cute guys here. It’s a crying shame I’m attached at
the moment.”

“I heard you ended up sleeping with Trevor,” I said and saw Reese’s face turn red.

“Out of necessity… we didn’t do anything,” Reese said. “Brax and David didn’t want to go to sleep
Saturday night.”

“You’ve said enough,” I smiled.

“No, they were just horsing around and not having sex. I left so they could if they wanted to,”
Reese said. “I didn’t wanna be there with them getting it on right next to me.”

The meeting started with a guy who introduced himself. He welcomed everyone and made each one stand
to introduce ourselves to the others. I didn’t have a problem with it but Reese seemed a little
timid about doing so. The leader went over some introductory things, like what the group was about
and its objective. Then he started with planning out various dances and activities for the upcoming
semester. Wisely, they chose dates when the team wasn’t at home, or the weekend they were off.

After the meeting was over a few were very nice and welcoming to me and Reese. I left with Terry and
had actually enjoyed the meeting. It would be something that deserved a return visit when the next
meeting happened again, which was the first and third Tuesday of each month.

I returned to the apartment and found Corey, Colt and Kris gathered around our main television. They
were looking behind it and all around it which peaked my curiosity.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“Piece of shit quit working,” Colt said. “No wonder they let me have it. There’s another fucking
expense. I guess we need to go buy a new one.”

I looked at Corey and smiled. I walked over and put my arm around Corey’s waist. “Last night I was
hinting around to see if we needed anything. Now I guess we do. Thursday, after the sale of the
house, I’ll get us a new TV as part of my way of saying thanks to Kris.”

“Bro, I told you didn’t owe me shit.”

“Shut up, asswipe, he’s volunteering and it ain’t coming out of our pocket either,” Colt stated
while he began losing his clothes. Kris didn’t need much to lose his as well.

“I want to more than anything,” I said standing to drop my shorts and join them as did Corey. “I
mentioned to Corey I was gonna buy us something we needed. Now it’s easy to see we do need something
that will benefit us all. In the meantime, you can use our TV in our room since we rarely watch it.”

“I said that but they said it was too small,” Corey said.

“It’ll do until Thursday night. Besides, we usually don’t have it on,” Kris stated with his big legs
open wide as was Colt.  This was a sight I really enjoyed but not as much as when Corey let me touch
him as we were talking.

“How was the meeting?” Corey asked.

“It was fine. Reese came,” I stated.

“The drunken freshman made it, huh?” Colt laughed. “Now there’s something I wanna witness.”

“We know of one time,” I said.

“Chase said that wasn’t Reese’s only time. He was drunk Saturday night after the game,” Colt said.

“Hmmm, I wasn’t going to say anything but maybe I should… no, I’ll keep my mouth shut,” I corrected

“It’s a rough spot. We’ve been there as freshmen,” Corey stated.

“It is. I guess you could be a jackass like I was with Chase,” Colt laughed.

“Bro, you were ready to tear his ass up that night,” Kris said. “The thing was you were wasted.”

“I know, but at the time my mind wasn’t in the right spot,” Colt said. “Corey, Tabor really loves
his job.”

“He’s worked hard and done everything he was told,” Corey said. “I’m starting to figure out the ones
that wanna be there out of necessity and the ones that are just there to kill time and draw a check.
I like my new responsibilities that they gave me, but it’s also a pain in the ass.”

“Bro, you have to be the bad guy sometimes,” Kris said. “I ate some dude’s ass out Friday for
jacking around in the weight room. You have to let them know it isn’t the place to be fooling
around, especially in my area. A guy can get hurt in there.”

“Matt, are you excited to be getting more cash in your account?” Colt asked.

“I guess so, but it sucks how I got it,” I replied. 

“Starting next week I know four roomies who are planning a spring break cruise,” Kris stated. “I can
just see us now sitting on the deck by the pool with a drink. Colt and I will be scoping out the hot
babes while Matt and Corey eye the hot guys…”

“Ummm… I think you and Colt will be too,” Corey said.

“I will be just comparing and knowing that they won’t have shit on us,” Colt said.

“Fuck yeah,” Kris said and high fived Colt. “They’ll be like ‘look those fucking big dudes. They are
the shit’.”

“Oh please, give me a break,” I laughed. “Kris is probably right though. The earlier we start
planning the better rates we’ll get.”

“Awesome,” Corey said. “Just talking about it now gets me excited.”

“Yeah, we’ll see some more new countries,” I said.

“It’ll be awesome since we have our passports. I wanna see like Rio and maybe Mexico City.  I also
wanna find nude beach to show them this shit,” Kris said gesturing to his naked body.

We looked at Kris and started laughing. “Even I know that Rio is in Brazil. So I doubt we make it
that far but another nude beach would be hot as fuck,” Colt said.

“Still wherever we go, it’ll be kick ass!” Kris said.

“And I’m sure you’ll find a place to get naked,” I joked.


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