Posted:  Sept 6, 12

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After a fun night bowling, Corey was in the greatest mood and was showing me all kinds of love.
We kissed down each other’s bodies and continued south, with me worshipping his thick, hot cock
and him taking his time to suck and lick my eight inches, travelling from the base to the tip
and back again.

I got his dick as wet as possible with my saliva and then grabbed our bottle of lube to prepare
his cock and my ass before I straddled him while he lay on his back with his hands tucked behind
his head, showing off his amazing arms. My ass slowly went down while I looked him in the eye,
seeing a mixture of love and lust. I reached behind me and grabbed his rock hard cock, stroking
it a few times, wanting it to be as hard as it could get. It lined up perfectly with my hole and
slid inside my wanting ass as I sat down slowly. 

“OOO fuck yeah,” I let out with the feeling of his cock entering my body. It felt as incredible
as always to have him in me. I could feel every inch of him gliding in as I sat down and impaled
myself on his fat cock. I slowly began moving my ass up and down his slick dick, using my ass to
grip the shaft as I rode him.

“Yes, Matt, ride that dick! Ride my fucking dick!” Corey exclaimed and moved his hand to my
side, holding on to me.

While he leaned up a little, I started riding his cock harder. My hands found his broad, thick
shoulder while my ass was sliding up and down and he used his hands at my waist to bounce me up
and down on his cock. We met for a hot kiss. Breaking apart, I saw his blue eyes looking behind
me and turned to see Kris standing in the doorway watching us.

“Ignore me. I was admiring two hot boyfriends fucking,” Kris stated, seeing my head turn.

I continued riding Corey and did my best to ignore Kris’s presence in our intimate time of
privacy. Kris had witnessed us in the act often enough that I thought the excitement would have
left him by now. 

OOO yes Corey, fuck me,” I said with Corey now ramming his cock into me.

“You feel so damn good tonight,” Corey said.

He moved his hands from my hips to my ass and I felt him pulling my cheeks apart as he continued
to drill his cock up into me. It gave him a little more leverage as he pounded me but I also
knew he was doing it to give Kris a better view of the nice thick cock that was sliding in and
out of my ass.

“OOO, yes,” I moaned and was focused back on Corey and the amazing feelings he was creating in
my ass. With his cock hammering my ass, I began to groan and scream a little. I leaned back and
now could see Kris stroking his cock while still in the doorway, his eyes focused on the point
where Corey disappeared inside me. 

Corey pushed me forward but his cock slipped out. He applied more lube and pushed his cock back
inside me, with me now on my back on the edge of the bed. My legs wrapped around him while he
lifted my ass up off the mattress to give him better access as he went back to fucking me,
driving his dick down into me. He was giving me so much pleasure and love while deep inside of
me. Lately such an occurrence wasn’t that normal since our sex life had tapered off just a

“So fucking hot,” Kris stated. “I’ve got the perfect view of your cock sliding in and out of
Matt’s sweet ass, Corey. It’s awesome. The only thing hotter would be my hard dick in Matt’s ass

Corey stopped, balls deep inside me, and looked down into my eyes, “Damn, that would be hot as

I looked at Kris and then at Corey, seeing the lust in both of their eyes. I felt Corey’s cock
twitch inside me and saw that Kris’s dick was harder than ever as he ran his hand up and down
it. I had almost forgotten about my own painfully hard dick as it throbbed and leaked precum all
over my abs.

“Fuck it,” I said. “I’m just horny enough to try to take both your dicks.”

“Really? I was just joking,” Kris stated and walked closer.

The more I thought about it the hotter it sounded. I could have the cocks of my boyfriend and my
best friend inside me at the same time. I shivered with anticipation.

“Kris, get the condoms quickly before I change my mind,” I said.

“Okay,” Kris said and left quickly.

Corey leaned over and kissed me. “I love you. I never dreamed you’d even consider letting me and
Kris fuck you at the same time.”

Kris returned with the box of condoms. He opened the box and took one out. “Give one to Corey as
well,” I said.

Kris reached down and grabbed the box. He tossed Corey two condoms while opening his and rolling
it down his hard cock. I moved and grabbed a towel since it should have been there to begin with
to keep our bed from getting nasty.

Thinking about how to do this I instructed Corey to lay down on his back while I mounted him.
Corey did as I told him. Kris then applied lots of lube to Corey’s covered cock and to my ass as
he slipped a couple of fingers inside.

I got up on the bed and maneuvered myself so I was straddling Corey but with my back to him. He
reached up and put his hands on my hips, guiding my ass down so his cock slid back into me. It
was still hard, if not harder than ever. Slowly I sat back and lowered myself until I was lying
down on Corey’s chest with him still buried deep inside of me.

Kris put more lube on his cock and poured some on my ass while I felt Corey wrap his arms around
me and plant his feet on the mattress, pushing his ass up as he started fucking me again. Kris
then added more lube to his hand and moved it down, pressing the tip of his index finger against
my hole and then gently pushing it in alongside Corey’s cock as he thrust into me. Soon Kris
added a second finger and I felt my ass being stretched wider than ever.

After no more than about 20 seconds Kris pulled his fingers out of my ass and moved to between
our outstretched legs. He reached down and took my ankles in his hand, lifting my legs up to
fully expose my ass and then he lowered his cock, moving it into position.

“Bro, I don’t know about this,” Kris said.

“Take it slow, Kris,” Corey said. “Treat him just like you would if you were fucking him for the
first time and popping his cherry.”

Kris nodded and pressed forward. I felt his cock wanting in me. I shut my eyes and pushed out as
Kris pushed in, feeling my ass opening up to take his cock. My ass was stretching like never
before with the head of Kris’s cock just inside of me. 

“OOO fuck!” I yelled in pain.

“I’ll take it easy, bro,” Kris stated, running his hand over my abs and chest. His cock went a
little further in me and I groaned, throwing my head back onto Corey’s shoulder. My ass was in
such pain at that moment but Kris held still. My eyes slowly opened as the pain faded to see
Kris’s taut body in front of me. He was almost fully inside me now and was moving very slowly.

“Damn,” he uttered. “So fucking tight.”

“Fuck, I can feel Kris’s dick fucking you, Matt,” Corey said, with his dick still deep inside
me, being squeezed by my ass as Kris’s cock rubbed up against it.

“Fuck bro, your dick is so fucking hard,” Kris said to me, wrapping his hand around it briefly
to give it a few strokes. It was as hard as it had ever been with two guys that meant the world
to me fucking me at the same time.

Fuck me! OOOO fuck me! Yes, fuck my goddamn ass!” I began to scream, moan and pant, almost

Corey moved his hips just slightly to start fucking me again as Kris leaned over and gently
moved his cock in and out of me. Corey reached up and took Kris’s hands in his. They linked
their fingers together and seemed to use each other for leverage as they started working in a
perfect rhythm, sliding their dicks in and out of my ass at the same time.

We continued like that for what seemed like an hour, but it was only for two minutes at the very
most. Once I adjusted to the feeling, it was the most incredible sensation ever.  

“Damn, I’m about to nut,” Corey said and I felt both cocks leave my ass.

Corey moved me off of him and slung his condom across the room. I reached for his cock, now on
my hands and knees, pulling him to me until his cock slid between my lips. I wanted his cum, but
I also needed something else. I turned to Kris, “Keep fucking me, Kris.”

“Yeah, finish his ass off,” Corey said with me taking his cock into my throat.

I felt Kris re-enter my ass and moaned around Corey’s cock. Even though my ass had been
stretched, Kris really filled me up and as he pushed all the way in I felt him go deeper than
Corey usually did. It was only the second time I had his cock in my ass and it felt so good.

Kris slapped my ass and started fucking me hard while I was sucking Corey’s dick, the feelings
in my ass driving me crazy and making me so hungry for Corey’s load. Just as Kris’s cock hit my
prostate and made my whole body spasm, including my throat muscles, Corey let out a scream and I
felt spurts of his cum hitting the back of my throat while Kris continued to pound my ass.

I swallowed and felt Corey’s cock go soft. Corey pulled out and moved down to kiss me while Kris
was fucking me, really driving his dick into me hard with his balls slapping against me. I was
moaning in Corey’s mouth while we kissed until I felt Kris leave my ass.  

“Fuck!” Kris hollered just before warm cum hit my lower back. Kris finished shooting and found
another towel to wipe off my back. 

I rolled over with my cock still hard and aching for release.   They both moved between my legs
with Corey sucking my cock and Kris licking my balls. It didn’t take long before I erupted in
Corey’s mouth. When I stopped shooting I pulled out and kissed him while Kris was licking my
soft cock. After I finished with Corey I moved and laid a big wet kiss on Kris’s lips. Then
Corey and Kris kissed while grabbing each other’s cock. We finished and collapsed in the bed.

“Damn,” Kris said.

“Matt, do you have any regrets?” Corey asked me.

“Yes, that it didn’t happen sooner,” I said and kissed Corey.

“Bro, just say the word and we’ll do it again,” Kris said and moved to leave.

“Kris, stay with us,” Corey said.

“I agree. Sleep with us tonight. Hell, you just fucked me,” I said reaching out my arm for Kris.

“Okay then,” Kris said.

“I don’t know what is but I love seeing Matt get fucked, especially by you, or any of our
friends. Hell, I loved watching him in that sling taking all those hot uncut cocks in that club,
too. It’s just hot to me to see guys fucking my boyfriend.”

“Cool, bro. I guess we’re just so close and feel like we love each other so much,” Kris said.

“Hey, if you don’t mind, let’s keep this in here. I know Colt won’t care but it does make me
sound a little like a whore,” I said.

“Okay, but you’re not a whore. You were horny as fuck,” Corey said.

“To get fucked,” Kris joked.

Being sandwiched in bed between Kris and Corey felt great. The room did reek of sex, but it
should have. Kris’s big veiny arm was draped over my waist while I put mine around Corey’s. It
wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be to fall asleep.

Early Saturday, Corey’s alarm did wake me. He saw my eyes were open and kissed me on the cheek
before he got up to get ready for work. I could feel Kris’s erection between my cheeks, which
did feel nice, before falling back asleep wrapped in his arms. I woke for good about two hours
later, knowing Kris was going with me to Dad’s place to assess what to do with the property. I
got up but didn’t wake Kris before using the bathroom. My ass did feel sore but it was well
worth it.

After ten, while I was eating, Kris came out of my bedroom. He saw me and smiled while walking
towards me. He came and kissed me on the lips. “I like kissing the person I fucked the night
before after I wake up.”

“I like being kissed by the guy who fucked me after he wakes up,” I said with a smile.

“Bro, I can’t believe you let both of us fuck you at the same time. I know that had to hurt.”

“It did, trust me, but then I realized who was fucking me and I loved it. It is very rare that I
have the chance to have the two guys in my life that mean the most to me fucking me at the same

“So are we still on for going out to your dad’s place?” Kris asked.

“We are after we get ready,” I replied.

“Okay then,” Kris said. “I’ll go shower and then grab something to eat.”

We dressed with Kris wearing a sleeveless tee showing off his arms and tattoo and his shorts
sagging off his waist while I wore a tank top and shorts with sandals. We left in my car and
headed in that direction. While Kris was getting ready, I did print out a basic real estate
contract just in case Mr. McAllen was still interested in buying it.

“Bro, I have a plan if that old man comes up and wants to buy it,” Kris stated.

“Okay, let me hear it,” I said.

Kris started in telling me about his grand scheme. I was rolling my eyes and doubtful that his
little plan would work.

After telling me his big plan, Kris said, “Bro, I think my days with Megan are numbered. I have
about as much business being with her as you do.”

“Kris, I hope last night isn’t the reason.”

“Oh, hell no. I don’t feel like I can give her the time and attention she needs. It’s all me.
Megan is the fucking best and deserves a boyfriend who will treat her like she deserves to be

“Kris, I know I said you wouldn’t find someone anywhere close to Andrea, but you better think
long and hard about it before you break it off. She seems to understand more than any of the
other ones you’ve been with. She does let you mess around with guys, right?”

“Yeah, she does. Fuck! Here I had it all figured out in my head about this shit. Then you go and
give me the best reason why I shouldn’t. Now I don’t know what to do,” Kris stated and changed
the station on the radio.

“Hey, I wonder what was up with the cops at our complex last night?” I asked.

“Who knows what they were there for?” Kris questioned aloud.

While driving and listening to country music that Kris liked, I could see he was deep in
thought. We neared Dad’s place with Kris looking out the window until we pulled into the
driveway. It looked as bad as before, if not worse since it appeared deserted and neglected. We
got out and walked around.

“Bro, I know what he offered you but I still think you can get more. It was really low, almost
to the point of insulting you,” Kris stated.

“I guess, but it wouldn’t be any hassle. I did check to see the prices online in the area and it
was very low.”

“Tell him you won’t pay for any repairs. Hell, we’ve all seen those shows on TV where they knock
off a bunch because the roof needs fixed and such,” Kris said.

I heard something and sure enough Mr. McAllen was hobbling over to see what we were doing.

“Oh, it’s just you,” he said.

“Matt, I think it would be perfect,” Kris said but in an octave or two higher than his normal
voice. “You could have your boyfriend here and I could have mine.”

“You know we could,” I said and tried to be believable.

“So are you thinking about keeping it?” Mr McAllen asked.

“You should. We could party all night long out here without any neighbors,” Kris said and put
his hand on his hip. He was doing great in his acting and I had to stop myself from smiling.

“I haven’t decided yet, but Kris here seems to like it,” I said.

“So is this the man interested in buying it?” Kris asked and pointed.

“I was, and offered your friend a fair price,” he replied.

“Oh please,” Kris said, gesturing with his hand. “For that price Matt can save a bundle and live
off campus.”

“Okay then, how about I raise the price ten grand to seventy,” Mr. McAllen said.

“Matt, I know you can get maybe one hundred and twenty for this place. Look at this land and the
house is good size too. If we wanted we could have Scott and Jess join in and maybe some other
gay friends of ours. It’d be so much fun,” Kris said, keeping up his act.

“I don’t even know how much land there is here,” I said.

“There’s about two acres, but one twenty is asking a bit too much,” Mr McAllen said and pointed
to where he thought the boundary should be.

I rubbed my chin and knew Kris’s plan was working. “Compromise. Can you live with ninety as is?”

“Oh boyfriend, he’s getting a steal,” Kris said.

“Yeah, I can give you ninety. You drive a hard bargain there, son. I’ll have to move some money
but can pay you cash,” Mr McAllen said.

“Okay,” I said and extended my hand. He shook my hand. “I brought a contract if that’s okay with

“I’ll sign it,” Mr McAllen agreed. 

I reached in my car and produced the contract. I filled in the blanks and handed it to him to
sign on the hood of my car. To me, this was the end of Dad’s things, minus what little might be
left in the house.

As he was signing it, Kris came back and had a key in his hand. “Where’d you find that?” I

“Just looking around. Boyfriend, everyone keeps a key hidden somewhere,” Kris said still in

Mr. McAllen and I discussed a few things like the closing, which I had little knowledge of. He
knew a little about it and said it should be quick since he was paying cash for the house and

With the key we opened the house. I stood and looked at the vacant house. 

“Someone has been here lately,” I commented.

“I think there has been,” Mr. McAllen said. “I’ve been watching the place though since they
broke into the shed.”

We walked around and went room to room. The house did look in good shape, despite the musky
smell of not being open in what appeared to be months. It was outdated, with wallpaper in a few
rooms. Mr McAllen stated how Dad did work hard to keep the house in good shape. When we finished
there was little doubt someone had been to the house and cleared almost everything out of it. I
assumed it was Gloria or her son but didn’t know why or what the cause of the move was. None of
it made sense to me, but then again I didn’t know much about Gloria other than I knew she took
great care of my Dad in his final days.   

We got in my car and watched Mr McAllen head back towards his home next door. Kris shut the door
and burst out laughing. 

“Bro, I’ll hand it to ya. That was some acting,” I said and was laughing too.

“I know. I was fucking brilliant. He fell for it, hook and sinker,” Kris said laughing.

“Hook, line and sinker…”

“Ah, who gives a fuck? All that matters is you will be rolling in it.”

“Rolling in the deep,” I stated.

“Yeah, very deep,” Kris said.

I drove off and knew Kris had missed the reference to a popular song. “Kris, I owe you though.”

“Bro, that’s what friends do for each other. Hell, that right there pays my debt for you taking
me to Holland,” Kris stated while I waved at Mr. McAllen and his wife standing on their front

I drove along while Kris was singing along with the radio to his country music. “Man, it’s hard
to realize but the book is just about closed on Dad.”

“No, it will never close. He’ll always be with you, just like Nathan is with me. He’d have been
fucking pissed at me for my actions, but damn it was fun,” Kris said. 

“If you don’t make it as a coach, you could sell real estate…”

“Or be an actor. That was worth an Oscar if there ever was one,” Kris said.

Once away from Dad’s we stopped to get something to drink, which was water. As we were leaving,
the lottery tickets were again calling my name. I stopped almost out the door and turned around
to buy a few more. I went big time and splurged for four five dollar tickets this time to raise
the stakes. Kris shook his head and called me Bryson.

Before we returned, I veered off the highway towards the cemetery. Now I had to get Dad a
headstone to really finish things off. Kris asked where we were going so I told him. I drove and
parked while telling Kris he could sit and wait for me. Instead, he jumped out and walked with
me. He was very quiet while looking at the headstone. I knew it brought back bad memories for
him, but he was with me every step of the way.

We arrived at Dad’s resting spot. I looked to see a beautiful headstone at his grave. I stood in
silence to read his name and the dates. Tears ran down my face before I knelt down. While Kris
stood aside, I told Dad what I had done and hoped he’d be happy with my decision. It did dawn on
me that I needed to inform Mom as well. Kris lifted me up and hugged me.

“Thanks,” I mumbled.

“Nothing you wouldn’t do for me,” he said with his arm around me.

I called Mom once I was back at the apartment rather than risk endangering our lives since I got
distracted at times with her. She agreed it was the right thing to do and was happy to hear the
price I got for the property. 

A few minutes later, Corey came walking in the door. I stood and went to greet him. I put my
arms around his neck to give him a big kiss. 

“I take it that was for last night?” Corey said while I clung to his neck.

“It was, and for being the best boyfriend,” I said, dropping my hands and grabbing his. We
walked to sit on one of the couches while Kris was sitting on the other watching sports. “Corey,
I sold Dad’s house to that old man today. Kris got me a great price too.”

“Oh boyfriend, it was nothing,” Kris said back in his character.

“Since when did you start calling Matt boyfriend?” Corey asked with a snarl.

“Chill. He acted like he was gay in that voice…”

“I did, knowing how folks are around here. I’m sure the last thing that old fart wanted was a
house full of gay guys living next to him. Bro, I laid it on heavy and thick, too,” Kris stated.
“Matt got ninety for the house.”

“Dammmmn,” Corey said dragging it out. “Someone can quit working now.”

“No, I enjoyed my first day. I see that as a sweet down payment for two hot guys when they’re
ready to buy a house,” I said.

Corey kissed me. “I knew I stuck around for something.”

“Bro, don’t give me that shit. If you and Matt ever break up, I don’t want to be near either one
of you. It’ll be worse than some nuclear disaster,” Kris said. 

“Ain’t that the truth,” I said.

“Hey, guess who came by today looking for a job?” Corey asked.

“Bro, I have no idea… Scott?” Kris said before getting up to head to the fridge.

“Tabor,” Corey replied just as Colt entered the apartment. He was looking ragged and dirty.

Kris opened his beer. “Colt, did ya hear Tabor came to the Rec Center looking for a job?”

“Well, Chase called me and asked if there was any way he could get on,” Colt said. “Corey, Kris,
if y’all have any pull there, it’d be greatly appreciated. I know Tabor could really use the
cash. His mom is doing all she can but they’re still a little short I think at times.”

“I’ll do what I can,” Corey said. “There are a bunch of those pricks that need to leave. You get
a job and think it’s all fun and play. I don’t know if I can handle telling another person to
put their phone away until they leave.”

Kris came back to sit down. “It’s like they’re fucking tied to those things.”

“Like Chase and Tabor are,” Colt said.

“Corey, we’ll see what we can do to help Tabor out some,” Kris stated.

“That’d be great,” Colt said heading to grab a beer. “Let me tell ya I’m so glad there’s a game
next weekend. My ass is worn slap out.”

“Yeah, there is a game!” Kris said. “Now we need to find a spot to tailgate. First let me tell
ya what we did…”

My stomach dropped while Corey looked at me. 

Kris continued and told Colt all about pulling a good one over on Mr. McAllen to get me a higher
price. Kris was very animated and did exactly what he did at the house. He had Colt laughing to
the point he almost had beer coming out of his nose.

“If I didn’t have plans with Andrea, there’d be a big celebration,” Colt said.

“Let’s wait ‘til I have the money first,” I said. “If nothing else, I owe it to Kris. That
doesn’t mean that I’m not taking Corey out tonight for a date, though.”

“Good, as long as it’s not a play,” Corey joked with Kris’s phone ringing.

Kris now had plans with Megan so it was perfect that Corey and I would go out again. Each of us
headed to get ready for our night. I did a few things in the bathroom while Corey showered.
Seeing him step out of the shower with water dripping off his hot muscular body still was a
thrill for me. We finished up dressing and headed out for our night with no specific plans other
than to enjoy each other’s company on a date.

We found a nice place to eat that wasn’t full on a Saturday night. We sat talking. I told Corey
all about my day and going to the cemetery. He told me about his work and about talking with his
Mom. She was still having her ups and downs but so far had managed to hang on to her job at

After eating we headed out and went to a park to enjoy the night. We sat on a bench and held
hands while watching some kids skate and others play basketball. It amazed me how rude some
people are, with one kid skating by and calling us fucking fags. If he had been walking he
wouldn’t have been so bold. After we left the park, we did some shopping for food at the
apartment and ran into Garrett and Brennan while we were there. They were doing the same and
were shopping for food. We laughed at the fact that last year we rarely shopped and now it was a
weekly event.

We came home and entered the apartment with our hands full. We opened the door with Andrea
between Colt’s legs. We had little choice but to put our things away while Colt and Andrea
scampered off to his bedroom leaving their clothes on the floor.

Corey laughed, “We have the worst timing ever.”

“I know, but it’s nothing we haven’t seen before. Remind us when we expect them to return to
have sex in our bedroom.”

“Maybe it just happened and they couldn’t control themselves,” Corey said before leaving to grab
what was left in the car. 

Corey and I put away the food and went to the couch to enjoy a little television. Our enjoyment
was interrupted by the sounds of moaning and a bed hitting the wall. 

“You know there is a TV in our room,” Corey said.

“One that is never used but I think it should be tonight,” I said with the sound continuing.

We went to our room where we could undress and lay together while watching TV. My biggest fear
was that Corey would doze off while watching TV and we would not end up culminating our date in
grand fashion. He didn’t fall asleep and was anxious to end our night with sex. We left the
television on while we had sex. It did drown out the sounds of Corey’s loud moaning while I
fucked him hard, the tingling I still felt in my ass from having Corey and Kris inside me the
night before drove me on to really pound his ass.

We lay together and watched TV. I got up wanting something to drink. I opened the door and saw
Colt and Andrea sitting naked on the couch. I too was naked and was accustomed to having Andrea
see me. 

“Hey, sorry Matt,” Colt said with his arm around Andrea.

“No problem. I’m about used to it by now,” I said and walked over to grab some water. While I
was drinking some tap water, Corey emerged and requested some as well while he sat on the couch.
I came over and brought his water. 

“I’d say we had a fuckin good night,” Colt said. “I know I sure did.”

“I did too,” Corey said and flung his arm around me.

“Y’all are simply amazing. I’ve never seen guys that get along so well and genuinely enjoy being
around each other. Not to mention how comfortable you are naked, but I’m one to talk, huh?”
Andrea said.

“Now it’s almost weird if one of us is wearing clothes,” Corey said. “Colt, you better not lose
her. Andrea is one of a kind.”

“I don’t plan on it anytime soon. Any woman that’s cool with me fucking around with guys is a
real keeper,” Colt said and kissed her.

“It goes both ways,” Andrea said.

I laughed, “You both go both ways.”

“I do for sure,” Andrea said.

We sat around talking, with Colt telling us the plans for the game Saturday. He wanted us to go
to the pep rally Friday night since we hadn’t done it before. It was odd that we hadn’t been
over the past two years. Now off campus, I wanted to do more things and get more involved after
seeing all that was offered for the students. We rarely took advantage of it in the past but I
wanted that to change.

It was just after midnight when I heard my phone ringing in my bedroom. I raced off to see
Scott’s name appear. I answered it and heard his voice.

“Matt, I’ve had a wreck tonight with Jess…” he said.

“Are you okay?” I asked, concerned.

“I am, but my car is fucked,” Scott replied. “Can you come pick us up?”

“I’ll be there in a second,” I said. “Where?”

Scott gave me the address and directions with the sound of sirens in the background now. I hung
up and pulled on my shorts and shirt. 

“What was that all about?” Corey asked.

“Scott and Jess have been in a wreck,” I replied.

“Oh fuck! Are they okay?” Colt asked.

“They are, but I have to go pick them up,” I replied.

Corey raced off to dress while Colt and Andrea did as well. 

“Ummm… I don’t think we can all fit,” I said.

“I’ll sit in Colt’s lap on the way back,” Andrea stated.

We left and sped towards the scene. I saw two police cars with their flashing lights. We parked
at a nearby parking lot before going to find Scott and Jess. 

We waited while Scott and Jess gave their story. I saw only Scott’s car that looked pretty bad.
The most important thing was neither looked injured. 

“Did they hit a pole or what?” Colt asked.

“It doesn’t look like it,” Corey said.

Finally Scott and Jess made their way towards us while a wrecker was hooking up Scott’s car. 

“What happened?” I asked.

“Some fucking asshole pulled out in front of us. They didn’t even stop,” Jess replied.

“If Jess hadn’t hollered it would have been a lot worse,” Scott said.

“Thank goodness y’all are okay,” Corey said.

“That’s the main thing,” Scott said. “Maybe now my heart will stop beating so fast. It scared
the shit of me.”

“I’m sure it did,” Colt said.

We waited around until the police finished their reports. “All I’ll say is I’m glad Kris wasn’t
at home tonight,” I said, walking away.

“Yeah, he’d have gone ballistic,” Scott said.

We dropped Jess off at the dorms and headed to our apartment. They were pretty certain it was
college or high students driving, with the possibility of the driver being under the influence.
I was thankful Scott wasn’t at the time or it could have been real trouble for him as well.

“Scott, I know you know, so what was going on here last night?” I asked as we drove into the
parking lot.

“Oh, the cops? Some dude was beating the shit out of his girlfriend,” Scott said.

“How disgusting,” Colt commented. “I don’t know where these guys come off thinking they can beat
up on their girlfriends.  It makes me sick.”

“I agree,” Corey said.

We said goodbye to Scott and returned to our apartment. It had been just another day in my life.  


Hope you enjoyed this chapter.   It will start to 'jump' around a little more as the year goes

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