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After supper as we called it, we headed to our room to discuss what if any plans we had for the final
night.  So far, this had been such a great vacation and so needed for me.  I had been able to relax
without worrying about my classes or our apartment.   The food had been so good and would be missed.

I was ready and had my suitcase packed.  Entering the door, I felt a pain shoot through my body so I
raced to the bathroom.  Normally, I’m not like this but the steak I had ran right through my system
and had me on the toilet.

I came out and saw them changing with three suitcases opened.  “Damn, I must not be the only one that
needed to use the bathroom,” I said, trying to wave the smell away.

“Colt shit his drawers,” Corey laughed.

“Matt beat me to it,” Colt said.  “I think I better head there now.  That garlic shrimp is tearing my
tummy up.”

“Fuck yeah it is,” Kris said.  “So what are we doing?”

“It doesn’t matter to me.  I’m good with staying here or making the most of our final night,” I
replied.  “Corey, what do you wanna do?”

“Well… I’d say let’s go out for a little while and see if anything is happening.  For all we know, it
may be dead.  If it is, then we can come back here and chill,” Corey replied.

“I think your boy is dead on,” Kris said, packing.  “Fuck!  Why did I bring so much?”

I laughed, “We keep saying that.  I didn’t wear half of what I packed.”

I did have to reopen my suitcase to find some comfortable shorts and shirt to wear tonight and
probably in the morning as well.  I was glad I did reopen it since things like my toothbrush were in

Colt returned from his long stay in the bathroom.  We changed and finished up packing.  I made sure to
check each drawer in case we had put something there.  In doing so, I found our first pictures and
stowed them in my bag.  Just as we were setting our bags out in the hall, our room attendant came by. 
He handed us some envelopes.  I saw they were for the tips for him and others on the ship.  He said
he’d return shortly to turn down our beds like he’d done every night and leave us with some towel

Once he was gone, Colt spoke up holding his envelopes, “I’m sorry but this is some shit right here. 
Why don’t they just add it in the price so we don’t have to do this?”

“I have no idea,” Corey replied.  “I’m with you and wonder the same thing.”

“Bros, seventy bucks ain’t too bad though,” Kris said.

“I agree but I’m with them and it should be added in our cost in the beginning,” I said and found some
cash to put in the envelopes as did the other three.

We headed down and checked with guest services.  We got our bill to see how we were doing.  Colt was
laughing at his while mine was the biggest since I’d bought pictures.  It did give us an idea before
we began our night.

We located the others with everyone joining us even Jeff and Bailey were there and willing to do
whatever we did.   We strolled through the shop area and looked inside with Shawn, Bruce and Cody
buying some liquor to get when we got off.   Kris and Colt debated for a minute and decided to buy a
bottle each of Jack for them.

We continued on and decided to return to karaoke seeing how tonight was the finals of the competition
for those with actual talent.   The place was pretty packed but we found a few spots were we could
squeeze in.  Since Corey’s debt was the lowest, he volunteered to buy us some drinks.  I wanted a rum
and coke to start while Colt and Kris wanted beer.

I was sitting and listening to the first singer when Corey returned and placed the drink in front of
me.  On the first sip, it tasted rather strong but great.  

Kris leaned over, “He was good but we came here to be entertained.”

“Just be patient,” I said and took another drink.

The next one was exactly what we had come.  The first note out of the girl’s mouth made our guys sound
like pure musical talents.  I looked at Corey and smiled then turned to see Kris and Colt holding it
in.  Then one really sour note before Kris spewed his beer out of his mouth and nose onto the floor.

“You wanted a bad one,” I laughed to Kris.

“Yeah bro, I did but not one that hurts your damn ears,” Kris said, wiping his mouth and nose.

“Kris, that wins for the best spew job,” Shawn laughed.

“We were trying to hold it the best we could.  Thank God, I swallowed mine,” Colt stated.

“Bro, a good spew would have the people in front of us,” Kris laughed.

We continued to listen to the various singers.  Some had great talent whereas others were up there to
make us laugh.  I’m not sure if a few didn’t think they were good singers.  The part that amazed me
was that Jordy was able to enjoy himself with a little help from Scott.   Scott didn’t sign everything
but did let Jordy know if they were good or bad. 

We left before it was over and started milling around.  The ship was surprisingly full of life with a
lot like us taking in the final hours.  We stopped at a bar to continue drinking and running up our
tabs.  Again, I ordered rum and coke and saw no reason to switch to beer.  It was my third one after
having two at karaoke.   I was able to snap a few more pictures of us sitting around and having a good

We left the bar and stood in the large interior.

“Is this it?” Bruce asked.

“It is for me,” Scott replied. “Y’all can do whatever but my ass is done.”

“Why Scott?” Kris asked.

“I’m tired and ready to hit the sack,” Scott replied.

“You’re ready for some Jordy dick, huh?” Cody said.

“Fuck you, dude!” Scott yelled with the veins of his dark tan neck coming out. 

“We knew you were,” Aaron said.  “Don’t get so damn defensive about it.”

“I’m not!” Scott yelled. “I see some really jealous assholes right now.”

“Guess again,” Bruce said.  “If you have something for him, it’s all cool.”

“We’re just friends!  That’s it!” Scott said and turned to Jordy, Dillon and Sergio.  “Let’s go!”

The four left us and left us puzzled at Scott’s reaction.  It was unspoken that Scott and Jordy did
mess around but we assumed they were knowing both of them.  It did make me wonder if there was more to
just Jordy and Scott. 

“Damn Scott got pissed at Cody just mentioning that he and Jordy were fucking around,” Shawn
commented.  “To me, it’s a given.”

“Bro, it must be a touchy subject for him.  Now we are gonna do?” Kris asked.

“We can check out the club and see what’s going on up there,” Myles suggested.

“We can do that,” Colt said.

We headed up the elevator to the top and heard the music as usual when we got off.  The club was going
strong but I knew it would be an early night with them shutting down at one.  This meant we had a few
hours to enjoy it.

After stopping by the restroom, we entered the club to see a nice crowd was enjoying the pumping
music.  We hit the bar for another drink to keep the night going. 

“I hope like hell those girls aren’t here,” Kris stated with his shirt unbuttoned and showing his

“That would be hilarious if they were,” Corey said.

The next song was one by Lady Gaga and a great one to dance to.  With a drink in one hand, my other
took Corey’s hand and led him out on the floor.  I was ready to dance and enjoy what time we had left
on here.  With the music blasting, I was really feeling it.  After a few seconds, I handed Corey my
drink and took off my shirt. 

“Are you drunk yet?” Corey asked.

“Not yet but I’m damn close,” I replied while we danced close together.

The song ended with another one starting.  It was hip hop which isn’t my style but it was great to
dance to.  I glanced over Corey’s shoulders to see Myles, Ted, Shawn, Bruce and Aaron watching and
pointing.  I danced over and reached out my hand to Ted. 

“Get your ass out here!” I said over the music.

Ted laughed but felt my pull.  “Let’s go, dogs.  If I’m doing this shit, everyone is,” Ted said.

The others came onto the dance floor but seemingly not on their own freewill.  It was our time to
enjoy this while the chance was still there.  I knew it was a stretch asking Ted and them to join us
since it was rather different looking seeing guys dancing with other guys.   It took a minute or so
before they began to loosen up.  Shirt began flying off with the heat generated by our dancing, which
wasn’t the best but no one seemed to care.  Seeing a bunch of shirtless guys dancing did draw some
female attention but it was wanted for the most part. 

Corey and I retreated to the sidelines for one last drink and to catch our breath.  I stood with a
drink in my hand and snuck in a few pictures of them dancing.  Kris and Colt came off holding hands
and headed to the bar as well.  

“Bro, you’re feeling it, aren’t you?” Kris asked with his hand on my bare shoulder.

“I am and I like it too.  Look them,” I replied and pointed.

“Good thing Ted isn’t a dance major,” Colt laughed with a drink in his hand and his shirt wide open. 

“Good thing none of us are.  That’s some fucked up shit going on right there,” Corey said and laughed.

“Has anyone seen Cody and Ethan?” Kris asked looking around while we continued to watch the dancing.

“I think they left,” Corey replied.  “I saw them leave earlier.”

The music stopped.  The DJ announced it was time for all the couples to hit the dance floor for a slow
song.  Our friends paraded off with Bruce and Shawn heading to the bar. 

“Fuck it, bro,” Kris said and took Colt’s hand.  I swear Colt’s face lit up more than ever.  Seeing
this, Corey and I joined them just before the song started.   It was such a perfect song to slow dance
to and be next to my hot boyfriend.

It didn’t matter at this point what the others around us thought.  We did see we weren’t alone with
two other men dancing slowly together.  I looked over and saw Kris and Colt lip locked.  Corey saw
this as well and didn’t want to be outdone.  His wet lips hit mine.  My hands ran through his hair
while his hands went into the back of my shorts while danced.  I hate that the song ended. 

Kris waved the others back to join us for we knew closing time was approaching quickly.   We made the
most of our time and got pretty crazy towards the end. 

We left when they brought the lights up and announced the club was closing.   We were just outside and
feeling the soft breeze against our sweaty bodies.  I felt a big arm go around my shoulder.

“That was fun as hell.  I know it looked pretty gay but I want to thank Matt and all of you for one
hell of night,” Ted said loudly.

“Dude, you’re fucking wasted,” Shawn laughed.

“Look who is talking,” Aaron said.  “Fuck we all are except for Myles.”

“Bros, we ended this shit on a high note!” Kris stated.  “What will do tomorrow?”

“Go home and sleep,” Myles replied.

We walked around not wanting the night to end.  We were being loud and having the best time with me
right in the middle.  Ted did give me a scare when he grabbed my shorts and threatened to throw me
off.  I knew it was all in fun and just laughed but he was able to easily lift me up.  We decided the
night was over when Aaron started throwing up all over the deck.  The smell was awful and had us
leaving quickly before anyone knew who the culprits were.
It was after 2 before we came in the room.  Colt found our baggage tags and said we would depart not
before ten.  It was nice to know we could sleep in before it was time to end our vacation.

Once in bed, it was time for one final time with our boyfriends.   We would each be going our separate
ways for a few days.  There was very little cock sucking for I longed to be inside of Corey.  It was
my goal to fuck Corey as long as I could.  Much to my surprise Colt nutted before I did.  Matter of
fact, I didn’t even feel close and was treasuring each moment that my eight inches was buried inside
of Corey. 

As Corey and I continued, Kris shouted, “Goddammit, hurry the fuck up so we can get some fucking

“Shut the fuck up, Kris.  Matt’s on fire tonight and fucking me as long as it takes,” Corey said.

“Yeah, I might fuck him all night,” I said and kissed Corey.

“Fuck,” Colt mumbled and rolled over.

After maybe five minutes longer, I was finally ready to cum.  I pulled out and blasted a hot load all
over Corey’s back.  He came with me and shot his load on the towel below him.  I heard Kris say thanks
after we were finished. 

In our sexual bliss, we lay together with Corey holding me so close to his naked body.  As always, it
was great to feel my naked body against his.  He turned my head for a long wet sloppy kiss before we
decided to call it a night.  My head was spinning like a top after sex, drinking and the action of the

I woke slightly before the alarm went off.  I wanted to lay there and enjoy the sound of my lover’s
loud sleeping along with my two best friends sleeping.  The boat wasn’t moving which meant we were now
docked.  It was sad that something we all looked so forward to was over in the blink of an eye.  Now
we had lots of pictures, memories and stories to tell of our trip.  Given the chance, I’d stay right
where I was and repeat the cruise minus the one stop.  I regretted not making time to enjoy some of
the benefits offered like the spa.  It’d been so hot for Corey and me to get professional massages
next to each other.  They were expensive but I’m sure were worth the price of being pampered if only
for an hour.   Now the drive home wasn’t something I was looking forward to. 

I rose up and decided to shower before the others to get a head start.  Kris followed behind me and
showered after I did.  We woke our boyfriends and told them it was time to get moving.  Kris wanted to
head out on the balcony to give them space since we were ready to go.

“Damn bro, it’s over,” Kris lamented.

“I was thinking about that earlier.”

“I’ll go ahead and say it was worth every dime we spent.  I know we may have spent some cash last
night but I saw that as money I had saved just for that.  I still will have money left over after we
got off here.”

“I agree.  The trip actually was better than I imagined.  I loved rarely deciding where to eat or what
to do.  It was all right here for us,” I stated.

“What really made the entire trip great was having everyone here.  I better not hear shit for one
person about it either.  Not one person can tell us they didn’t enjoy it,” Kris stated.

“I don’t think you will a word.  Bro, do you realize that next year all this comes to an end?  Matter
of fact, no more spring break trips with Ted or Myles.”

“I know.  I think Ted really enjoyed himself.  He was able to be Ted and not worry about his football
shit.  I’ll give the bro some credit; he got his money’s worth on food,” Kris said.

“No doubt.  Last night was a great finale…”

“Yeah, you let loose and had a good time.  I guess after four or five drinks that shit happens,” Kris

“I am feeling it a little this morning but I don’t regret it one bit,” I said.

“Bro, if we do this again, I wanna a longer one.  This shit could get addictive.  The food was awesome
as was the night life.  I figured we’d be looking for stuff to do but we never did.  Imagine what it
is like on one of those big suckers,” Kris stated.

The door opened.  Colt poked his head, “We’re ready.  Scott called and wants us to go eat if we can
since we need to be out of our rooms in like ten minutes.”

“Okay,” Kris said.  We went inside with Corey and Colt.  I could see how exhausted they were by the
look on their faces. 

Just as we were grabbing out things and making one final check, there was a knock at the door.  
Scott, Jordy, Sergio and Dillon were there waiting on us.  We shut the door and said goodbye to our

“What did we miss last night?” Dillon asked.

“Bro, you missed the best time ever.  We went to the club and danced our asses off.  Matt got all the
straight guys out there.  We were like we don’t give a fuck and just went with it,” Kris replied,
hitting the elevator button.

“I knew we would miss something,” Dillon said.

“At least, we aren’t hung over like they are,” Scott stated.

“I’m good,” Corey said.

“Scott, we still had a great time,” Sergio said. “I know I sure did.”

I looked at Corey and smiled with the elevator opening to take us up to the buffet. 

“What did y’all do?” Colt asked.

“Nothing the four of you have never done,” Scott replied smartly.

“Bro, what’s with the attitude all of sudden?” Kris asked.  “The way I see and I’m sure they see it is
that if you all got together and enjoyed it then it’s all good.  Hell, I don’t blame you if you did.”

“Okay we did!  Are you fucking happy now?” Scott yelled. 

“Scott, are you okay?  Normally you’re not like this,” I said.

“I just don’t feel like hearing shit today,” Scott said with us at the top.

“We weren’t going to say a thing,” Colt said.  “The four of us would be the last one to say shit. 
We’ve done it all together and actually loved it.”

“There’s something I’d love seeing,” Sergio said while we walked to the buffet.

“Me too,” Dillon said. “I know it is fucking hot to see that.”

“Every one stop!” Scott said.  “I’m sorry for acting like this.  I know y’all totally understand the

“I do,” Kris said.

“I know you do but I need to stop acting like an ass,” Scott said.  “I will say this.  I got lucky and
roomed with three of the hottest fuckers on this ship.  I know my reputation but hell it’s just who I
am.  I guess I was getting a little self-conscience around four guys who really understand where I’m
coming from.”

“I think nothing else needs to be said,” Kris stated.  “Let’s drop it and go eat.”

“Thanks!” Scott said.

The buffet was not that crowded since we surmised we were towards the end of those getting off.  We
spotted the others and joined them.  They were like us and looked ragged and unshaven as well. 

We finished up and headed down to the big auditorium to wait for our number to be called.  Some were
on their phones talking and texting while I just sat patiently as did so many others.  Kris got antsy
and started walking around. 

Just after ten our number was called.  We headed off the ship and entered a large area in search of
our luggage. Kris stated how we should meet outside after we cleared customs to say goodbye. It was
mass hysteria with no order whatsoever.  I must have looked through fifty bags before finding mine. 
The strange thing was mine was apart from Corey, Colt and Kris’s luggage. 

With our luggage, the four of us headed to customs.  It was a short wait but we had nothing to
declare.  Finished with that, we headed out and saw the others waiting on us with Scott and Jordy last
to come out. 

We took our time saying goodbye.  It was almost funny since we’d see each other in a few days but it
was nice hearing everyone tell each other what a great time they had.

We found Kris’s SUV just where we had left it on Saturday and loaded our things into it.  Kris said
he’d drive and get us home in no time.  I hopped in the back seat with Corey and was so hopeful I
could fall asleep.

Once we were on the interstate and heading towards home, Kris asked, “What the fuck was Scott’s deal?”

“I have no clue,” I replied.

“It’s a given he and Jordy fuck,” Colt said. “Why all of sudden was he worried what we thought?  Like
I told him, we do it and I’d fucking do it again and again.”

“I was wondering the same thing myself.  Usually Scott don’t give a fuck what we think.  I take they
had a foursome,” Corey said.

“They probably did.  If you noticed, Sergio and Dillon weren’t like that.  Scott did mention about his
reputation and I guess the talk is beginning to bother him more than he leads on.  I know how he feels
though.  Like with those two assholes, Alex and Bishop, you take so much and finally hit your breaking
point,” Kris said.

“I’d say to keep the peace we not mention it ever again,” I said.

“I agree.  Scott’s one of us and we can’t let some ignorant ass talk break us apart.  We’re all
fucking sluts to me but I wouldn’t have it any other way now.   What did Jeff and Bailey really think
when they saw me fucking Kris out on the balcony?” Colt asked.

Corey laughed, “Fucking hot was the first words out of Jeff’s mouth.”

“I was embarrassed but I should have been,” I said.  “If it had been just me and Corey, I’m sure we’d
watched two lovers really enjoying the moment.”

“I don’t have to tell you how fucking hot that was,” Kris said.

“So do y’all think we’ll ever hear from Jeff and Bailey again?  Maybe they will get horny and want
another blow job for y’all,” Colt laughed.

“I hope we do,” Corey replied. “Tell me y’all wouldn’t have done it.”

“I might have.  Hell, we fucked two sluts,” Kris laughed.

“We damn sure did,” Colt said. “Bruce got him some too.”

“That’s news to us but good for him,” Corey said.  “Actually, I’m a little surprised it wasn’t wilder
than it was.  I can see Myles hooking up with anyone and for that matter Ted too.”

“I guess they didn’t wanna upset their girlfriends,” I said.

“Bros, I hate to say this but that damn Cody and Ethan are two strange fuckers,” Kris stated.  “I like
them but I see they are different.”

“I noticed that too,” I said.

“Y’all don’t think that maybe…?” Colt asked.

“I don’t they are hooking up if you ask me.  They are different but they do like to drink,” Corey

“That damn Shawn could put some away too,” Kris commented.

“No doubt,” I said.  “I think he really enjoyed rooming with Bruce and Aaron.  You know I really liked
hanging with them,” I said.  “I know we hang out but when you get away like that you see the real

“Bro, they are some great guys.  Bruce told me there at the end this was the best trip he’s ever been
on.  Aaron just thanked me over and over,” Kris said.

It wasn’t long before the chattering stop.  I was thankful and leaned over against Corey.  It was as
if I was still on the ship and could feel the gentle rocking.  I woke when Kris hit the traffic near
home.   Corey and Colt too had dozed off but were wide awake with Kris’s driving.

Finally Kris pulled into Vince’s drive with Corey’s car still parked along the street.  We unloaded
our stuff and kissed our friends goodbye.  I had to do a little searching until locating a key to the
front door. 

“Matt, I wish I could stick around but I should be getting on the road,” Corey said.

“I know,” I said and grabbed his hand.  “I have great trust in you.  I know you will make just fine.”

Corey inhaled loudly, “I hope.  I’m gonna walk away at the first sign of trouble.”

“You will.  I have great faith in you,” I said.

Corey grabbed me and gave me a very passionate kiss.  It was hard to let him go but I knew he needed
to be going.  “I love you and will see you Sunday,” he said with his hand slipping from mine.

“I love you too,” I said and watch him get in his car and drive off.  I carried my suitcase up the
stairs and began searching for the gifts I had brought back.  They were all there and still in tack. 

After just getting comfortable, I heard the front door.   VJ came walking and looked nice. 

“How was your trip?  Did you stay wasted the entire time?” he asked.

“My trip was great,” I replied. “No, I didn’t stay wasted the entire trip.”

“What a shame,” VJ said and saw the shirt I had brought him.  He held up and smiled. 

“Do you like it?”

“Yeah, thanks!  I appreciate it.  It is so cool,” VJ said. “I might wear on my date tonight.”

“Great!  Has anything changed while I was gone?”

“Same shit different day is all,” VJ replied and laughed.

“I’ll show you all my pictures once I get them downloaded and separated out.  There are some that not
everyone should see.”

“I know what ya mean,” VJ said.

Since I had mentioned it, I found my camera and laptop.  VJ was perched over my shoulder while I
separated the pictures out. 

“I see what ya mean.  Your mom doesn’t need to see those pictures of you and Corey naked,” VJ stated
over my shoulder.

“That’s exactly what I meant. I’m moving those to a separate folder to show her and Vince,” I said.  
I did tell VJ all about the pictures and where we were when they were taken. 

“Dude, maybe Dad should have suggested a cruise instead of us going to New York,” VJ said.

“Yes!  We’re going to New York!” I shouted.  “Mom hasn’t told me.”

“I think we’re going over the Fourth of July if you and Corey can make it,” VJ stated.

“I’m sure we will but I’ll need to check the schedule,” I said.

It was nice showing VJ all my pictures.  He laughed and was a little surprised at all the pictures
taken with drinks in our hands.  It would be nice being around him for a few days without

I was very excited to hear Mom’s voice.  I ran down the stairs and greeted her with a big hug and kiss
on the cheek.

“Matt, you have gotten so dark.  I can tell just by seeing your face and arms,” she stated.  “I take
you had a good time.”

“Oh Mom, the best.  I have so many stories to tell you and pictures to go along with them,” I said
with a big smile.

“I’m so glad to hear that.  Mostly, I’m glad you made it back safe and sound.”

“Me too.  When Vince gets home, I’ll show you all my pictures… well the ones I want you to see,” I

“Okay, I’ll look forward to it,” she stated.

“So, what’s on the menu?  They spoiled me on the cruise.  I expect a started, a full meal and
dessert,” I joked.

“Mister, I suggest you leave right now then,” she laughed.  “How about some good old spaghetti?”

“Ummm… that sounds great,” I replied.


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