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My eyes opened and looked around to see it was about 7:30. Usually I adjust very easily to a bed, or wherever my head hits, but I just woke up and saw Matt sleeping on his stomach. I noticed that the ship wasn’t moving. It was still hard for me to believe we were really on this cruise after planning it for months. So far it had been so much fun and was so different than our other two spring breaks. Both were great, but this one was beyond words. The best part is it had only just started… well we had been on here a day and half. 

I lay with my hands behind my head thinking about just how different things were from three years ago, spring break my senior year in high school. I hated life and was so ready to leave that fucking place. The bullying started after I came out. It did drive me to seek out ways to vent my anger and frustration at the world. I ended up getting hooked on weight training for that, the rush I got from working my body to the limit was exhilarating and kept me going. After a few months of intense training the results were beginning to show and it drove me even harder. Still, there were taunts and name calling despite the muscle I was packing on. To those ignorant people I was seen as just the gay boy and nothing else. Now I’m actually proud to be gay and really wouldn’t change a thing. I think in large part that’s due to the fact I have Matt, plus the best friends ever. 

I was worried I wouldn’t even make it to college, but I finally scored high enough to be accepted. Then came the day when I drove there. Mom said I’d be back in two weeks and that going to college was a phase I was going through, just like being gay. I was so nervous and didn’t want one person to know I was gay, not to begin with at least. College was a fresh, new start where no one knew me or my sexuality. I didn’t want college to be a continuation of the hell I went through in high school. Matt says he doesn’t have ‘gaydar’ but he pegged me quickly. I’m really glad he did. From that day forward, minus one shitty month after I fucked up, it has been more like a dream to me than anything.

I felt Matt roll over and saw the whites of his eyes. He kissed me and a little smile lit up his face. 

“I think we’re here,” he said quietly.

“I think so too,” I said. 

He cuddled up next to me and nuzzled his face into my neck. I never minded it at all and loved knowing he was there with me. Never could I have imagined being so in love with a guy for so long, but I wouldn’t change a thing. He is such a great lover and so fucking hot in bed. We do enjoy sex to its fullest, but I enjoy being with him much more. Sex is just an exclamation point on our relationship and it’s never as good with other people as it is with each other. 

“Hey bro, you up?” Kris asked quietly.

“I am,” I replied, turning to see him sitting up.

“Wanna run work out real quick?” he asked.

“Sounds good to me. Can you handle it?” I asked, since Kris had a few to drink last night.

“I’m good,” Kris replied.

I turned to Matt, “Do you wanna go?”

He shook his head no and was just about asleep again. I got up and dressed quickly, with Colt snoring away. We headed out and up to work out. The facility was really nice and well equipped. It was rather crowded, but not so much in the area where Kris and I headed.

We finished up quickly but did work up a sweat and got our blood pumping. Kris and I headed back to the room with the ship docked. 

“Bro, I think everything is working out so well…” Kris said.

“It is since we’ve done it before.”

“Is it me or is there something about fucking on this ship?” Kris asked in the elevator.

“Something about fucking on this ship,” I said. “I was horny as hell last night.”

“No doubt,” Kris laughed. “You were moaning so loud.”

I smiled, “I enjoy Matt’s big dick.”

We got off and headed to our room. Colt was sitting up in bed with his hair a mess. Matt wasn’t in the room but was out on the balcony. I went out there and saw his hot naked body sitting in a lounge chair. I kissed him and said I was going to shower so we could get something to eat and then explore the city.

We dressed and went up to the buffet to eat. I was really digging all the fruit they offered and how fresh it was as well. It was a great start to my day, especially after Kris and I hit the weights. 

We returned to our room and gathered everyone up, including Jeff and Bailey who had partied with us last night, to head off to explore our first port of call. Matt carried us a bag while Kris carried a plastic sack as his bag. Obviously, Matt was burdened with their bigger stuff but didn’t seem to mind at all. 

Our big group left the ship and saw the long walk ahead on the pier. 

“Bros, does anyone speak Spanish well?” Kris asked.

“Duh!” Sergio said loudly just behind us. “Spanish is the language of our house. My rents can barely speak English.”

“We knew he came on this cruise for a reason,” Aaron laughed.

“Okay then, Sergio, you do all the talking then,” I said. “I know a little but my ears are trained for redneck, not fucking ninety mile an hour Spanish.”

“I’ll take care of us,” Sergio said.

We made it to the end with Matt’s head veering in the direction of all the souvenirs offered as we left. “We’ll stop there later,” I said to him.

“I was just looking,” Matt said.

“Y’all remind me to get Chase something here,” Colt said loudly.

“I’m sure we’ll find plenty,” Scott said. “If not here, I hear the next stop is one big tourist market.”

We stood around and let Sergio speak to a driver. We were in luck with a van waiting.

“Bro, make sure they have beer wherever we go,” Kris hollered.

“For sure,” Ethan said. “I can finally drink without hiding that shit.”

Sergio returned and said he had worked a deal since there were so many of us. He also informed us to haggle with the merchants, especially at the markets since it was more or less a tradition. 

I heard Sergio say cerveza, which I knew was beer. The driver smiled and gave us a thumbs up. I looked out the window and saw a little part of the city. I suppose it was okay, but it was pretty much what I expected on our first stop.  

After a mile or so, we arrived at our destination. I was impressed and saw beautiful white sand beaches, along with what looked to be a few water activities we could do. We graciously paid our driver and gave him a nice tip. 

“Damn, this is nice,” Ted said. “Look how white the beach is and how blue the water is.”

“All I care is that they have beer,” Cody said.

“That boy does like to drink,” Jeff laughed while walking.

“He does,” Matt laughed as we began walking to get a spot on the sand. The beach wasn’t crowded and was wide open.  

“Do we want chairs?” Myles asked. “They’re only two bucks for the day.”

“I’d say let’s go for it,” Dillon said. 

We walked up and paid to rent chairs. Soon we had dark Mexican men scrabbling around to place our chairs. Matt got an umbrella thinking it could be nice for when we grew tired of the sun.  

Kris walked over to Jeff and Bailey, “Bros, just act like you’ve known us all your life. Be yourself and have a good time.”

“We plan on it,” Bailey stated. “We got a good feel last night.”

“I wondered whose hand that was on my ass all night,” Colt laughed.

“I meant…” Bailey started to say.

“They all think they’re comedians so just ignore them,” Matt said.

“Bros, the only thing that would make this better would be if it was a nude beach,” Kris stated.

“Only Kris would say that shit,” Ted turned and said.

“Don’t knock it until you try it,” Myles said.

“Y’all been before?” Bailey asked.

“We have,” Matt said. “It was really nice.”

“See I told ya,” Jeff said before pointing to Bailey. “This dude is only naked when we have sex.”

“And shower,” Bailey added. 

“Good thing you don’t hang around us much,” I said and laughed.

Bailey began removing his shorts, and in the process his bikini came down with it. His face turned red while he quickly put his bikini back on.

“I’m so embarrassed,” Bailey laughed nervously.

“It’s cool, bro, nothing to you should be ashamed of,” Kris stated with a little wink.

I leaned over to Matt, “I agree. He has a nice big uncut dick.”

Matt smiled and nodded.

“Okay, who’s ready to hit the water?” Shawn asked.

“I am,” I heard a bunch say. I stripped down and was wearing my bikini again. For this day, I saw little reason not to. 

“How about last two in buy the first round? Minus Myles,” Bruce said.

“Good, then I can walk,” Myles said.

“Ted, is it cool with you?” Scott asked.

“I’m good and will show you some speed,” Ted said. 

We lined up. Since Myles had nothing to lose, he moved in front. Before doing so, Matt handed him his camera for a quick shot of us getting ready for a short sprint into the water. He raised his arms and then dropped them. The footing was tough but I headed out. I heard laughter seeing Jeff picking himself up out of the sand. I knew I wasn’t last, but Ted did show his speed and quickness even in the sand. It was great fun jumping and diving into the clear blue water on this warm perfect day. 

“Who’s buying?” Cody asked.

“For sure, Jeff, but I’d say Aaron was next,” Myles replied, getting into the water.

“I tell ya what. Jeff and I will be happy to treat y’all to the first round since you’ve been nothing but nice to us,” Bailey said.

“We may let them hang around,” Shawn said.

Once I was out of the water after staying in for a while, without a single doubt, I needed plenty of sunscreen on me with the white sand and water. It was so nice just soaking in the sun and feeling the ocean breeze on this Mexican beach with not that many around. Those that were around us were some distance from us. Before Jeff and Bailey took a seat, they handed out beers as promised. The Coronas were nice and cold and really hit the spot. 

“Bros, ain’t nothing better than this shit right here,” Kris stated in his bikini, sporting his new shades. “Beach, sand and a cold one.”

“You ain’t joking,” Bruce stated.

I wondered how long our peace and quiet would last before the natives grew restless. My answer came about ten minutes later with Bruce, Shawn and Myles taking off to see what was available other than sitting in the sun. 

They returned and had us gather around. “There’s not a ton to do here to be honest,” Myles said. “I was expecting more than this.”

“Our next stop is really where we’ll have some beach fun,” Scott stated.

“Let’s make the most of it,” Ted said. “I’m sure we’ll have fun no matter what we do.”

“Yeah, we can always just sit here and drink, since it is cheap,” Cody said.

A few headed to the water while I stayed in my chair and watched them. I grabbed Matt’s hand and pulled him up. 

“You wanna walk the beach a little?” I asked.

He smiled, “Sure.”

We headed off with Matt having his camera around his wrist. We held hands and walked away from the group. “This is really nice, but I wish there was more to do.”

“I know, but it is what it is.”

“I think Jeff and Bailey really enjoy hanging around with us,” I stated.

“I know they do and barely would let us leave their sight last night.”

We continued to walk, with Matt taking a few pictures here and there. There wasn’t much to see, but it was nice. 

“Corey, would you pose for me?” he asked.

“Of course I would,” I replied. “Where do you want me?”

“Anywhere is fine,” he replied and pointed to a small dune. 

I went to the dune and sat down to pose for him. He took two pictures and asked me to stand. “Push down your suit just a little. I want a real sexy one.”

I smiled and did as I was told. It wasn’t bad posing for a few shots. I got brave and slid it down to expose my dick hanging limp over my suit. “You like that?”

“Of course I do,” Matt replied. “Turn around so I can take some of your hot ass.”

After finishing, I pulled the camera from his hand and pointed to the spot where I was. He knew I wanted to take some pictures. First the seated ones, then he stood. He pushed down his bikini just to the edge for a shot, and then pulled out his big dick for a shot. I gave him the thumbs up before seeing him take his bikini completely off. I snapped another picture of him before he lay on the sand naked. 

He pulled up his bikini and came over to me as I was checking out the pictures I had taken. “Fuck, Matt!”

“Wow, I hate to say it, but damn!” he said.

We took a seat in the sand, holding hands. He leaned over and kissed me. “I wish I could make love to you right now,” he said.

“I’d let you in heartbeat.”

We kissed some more before seeing Kris and Colt walking towards us. We waved and did see they were holding hands. They walked up to us.

“Bros, whatcha doing?” Kris asked.

“Just chilling and enjoying being here,” I replied.

“We took a few pictures,” Matt said. “I’ll let you see ‘em, but you have to promise not to go blabbing to the entire group.”

“We won’t,” Colt said as Matt handed him his camera. 

Kris looked at a few and then came to the ones Matt was talking about. “Damn, those are fucking hot!” Kris yelled.

“Matt, you look sick!” Colt said. “No wonder y’all came down here.”

“It was a spur of the moment deal,” Matt said and smiled. “I’d be more than happy to take a few of y’all.”

“Oh bro, that’d be fucking hot!” Kris stated.

I moved to watch Kris start posing. He didn’t waste much time before his bikini was thrown my direction. He did look good posing. Colt then posed in his trunks before losing them. The best shots were the two kissing, naked, and posing with their arms around each other.

We viewed the pictures and agreed how smoking hot they were. Kris volunteered to take one of me and Matt naked kissing and posing like they had.

“I wish we could stay naked but we’re risking it,” Matt said.

“As long as we’re alone there’s no harm in it,” Kris said.

We stayed naked for a short while before heading back. Most of them were in the water messing around. Since we were near the edge I gently pushed Matt. It caught him by surprise and he went tumbling into the shallow water. He was a good sport about it and tried to get me in the water too. I relented and let him drag me out there, along with dunking me under a few times. 

We stayed maybe three hours before deciding to hike it back through the small town to our ship. The first part was a pretty good hike so we were thirsty when we reached the first place with drinks. The prices were cheap so we gathered what we wanted. I grabbed some water while most grabbed a beer to take with us while we walked around.  

The small town looked to be nothing but a tourist trap. Rather than eat big and spoil a great dinner, we snacked on some food we found, which wasn’t bad. We headed into some stores to shop. Sergio did warn us the tees we saw would run small. I grabbed a tank top to wear on the ship and while working out. Matt grabbed a few things he thought his Mom, Vince and VJ would like, along with a picture frame for our place that could store six small pictures. Colt bought something for Chase and his mom while Kris just bought a tee for himself. The funniest thing was seeing Jordy buying and wearing a sombrero. It was tacky but only fitting that one of us buy one. Sergio was right about the bartering, so we were able to come out of there cheaply.

We continued to make our way back to the pier. We stopped again and got snacks and water for our room, us included. Along the way it turned into a game of who could pose in front of the silly stuff we could find. Naturally we found some old houses that were easy prey. Then Ted delighted in stopping two old women to pose with them. Jordy had fun posing in his sombrero at different spots along the way. We all had our picture taken in it as well before arriving at the pier about an hour before departure. With the ship in sight we saw one final beer stop, we migrated there and had one before it was time to get back on the ship.

“I’m sorry, but that wasn’t the most exciting stop ever,” Bruce said when we entered.

“No shit, bro, but we made the most of it,” Kris stated.

“Without being with y’all it would have been boring,” Bailey said.

“Let’s hope the place tomorrow offers more or else we’re fucked,” Dillon stated.

“It will,” Scott said. “I think it has way more to do.”

“One place and it has more,” Myles stated before we entered the elevators.

We headed to our room to rest before enjoying another night on the ship. The door was barely shut before clothes started coming off and we were all naked like we would be at our apartment. 

We jumped on the bed and discussed the day, with the highlight being our time apart when we took pictures. Matt got his camera out so we could review the day’s photos. As we were laughing at the last ones with everyone being goofy and carefree, we had a knock at the door. Colt got up and walked over to open it. It was Scott, Jordy, Dillon and Sergio.

“Wassup?” Colt asked.

“I see nothing changes with y’all,” Scott said and laughed.

“Join us if you want,” Kris said.

“I don’t mind if we do,” Dillon said. The four stripped out of their shorts. We easily noticed Sergio’s, Jordy’s and Scott’s very well defined tan lines. Jordy loved the attention and turned around to show his ass as well. Kris just had to show them our pictures, which prompted the four to want to do some posing out on the balcony. Dillon and Sergio commented on how it would be their first nude photo together.

After Matt finished and we examined another sizzling set of photos, we had another visitor. Scott opened the door and let Shawn in. He did a slight double take at first.

“I don’t wanna know what’s been going on here,” Shawn smiled.

“Fuck you, dude,” Dillon said.

“He knows us too well by now and shouldn’t be shocked,” Matt said.

“Colt, I was wondering if I could bum a dip, or even better get a can from you. I slap forgot all about buying some today,” Shawn stated.

Colt got up and found his stash. I don’t remember him even getting a dip. He tossed Shawn a can, “You can buy me back tomorrow.”

“Will do,” Shawn said. He stayed clothed and stood by the desk. We had a good chat about the events so far that were occurring. All of us hoped tomorrow’s port would offer more, though we did have fun, even if we had to make it fun. 

They stayed around until it was time to get dressed and eat. It was now something I really looked forward to and enjoyed since it was so nice and the food was so good.  

“Next time, I’m telling ya I’m not bringing all this shit to wear,” Colt stated while we dressed. “I won’t wear half of what I brought.”

“I agree,” Kris said.

“Colt, you are so right. We did bring way too much,” Matt said. “If there is a next time I’m bringing some nicer clothes to eat in, then just some older stuff to mess around in. Hell, we did go all out with the shorts.”

I looked at Matt and smiled, “I see we’re all in agreement. I noticed that yesterday as well. Maybe buy another swimsuit too. Colt, Kris, I’m surprised you’ve worn yours as much as you have.”

Kris put his arm around me, “Bro, we all look so fucking good in them so why not? All of us worked hard to get these bodies and now we’re able to show them off.”

“We have gotten some looks,” Colt said. “Most have been good and not the ones where they wonder what the hell you’re doing.”

We headed down to meet our group. Now it was a nice combination of tanned faces and red faces from all the sun we’d been getting. It was a great start to a nice summer tan for all of us. Also, I was beginning to see a few faces that looked beat. We had been going non-stop now for three days with two plus remaining.  

After we were seated about eight, I took a good look at the menu. The main courses didn’t sound that great, but a nice steak sure did. I did order a fruit salad as a starter, along with a ribeye. As always, it was a lot of fun, plus a photographer came around to snap a few pictures of us.  

We ate and weren’t that quick about it. I enjoyed that we weren’t rushing things and were enjoying our food.

With everyone finished and full, we returned to change for our night out. The options were plenty, from catching a movie, seeing another show, being athletic or just chilling at a bar. Kris and Colt had their mind set on a piano bar for the night. It sounded as good as any other option. For a slight change, we weren’t all together since everyone else had different ideas on what to do. Ted and Myles joined us at the bar. I wasn’t sure Matt was keen on the idea but he didn’t voice an objection. 

Before we went, we did browse the shops and checked to see if any more pictures were available. Our group picture from the formal night was there and had us very excited. Rather than run back to the room, I talked Matt into waiting until later.  

With the six of us, we grabbed a table to listen to the show and to order something to drink.  

“Ted, where did Reese go this spring break?” Colt asked as we waited on our drinks.

“He’s staying at the house,” Ted replied. “He really wanted to do something fun but nothing came up.”

“He should have gone with Chase,” Kris stated.

“I think he’d have felt out of place there, if you know what I mean…” Ted said.

“I do, since he’d been the only gay guy there possibly,” Matt said.

“Until someone mentions it I never look at things that way,” Myles said. “Funny how you have trained me to not even consider that aspect.”

“Trained?” I asked.

“You know… make me forget all about that shit,” Myles said. “Like Jordy, I want to go up and talk to that dude in the worst way until I remember he wouldn’t know what the hell I was saying.”

“That might be a good thing,” Ted laughed as we were served. “I do admire Jordy. He’s done everything we have.”

“No reason he shouldn’t,” Kris stated. “I can’t even imagine what it would be like to be like him.”

“I’d like to try some days,” Matt said and grinned really big.

We sat listening to the pianist play until he asked for requests. There were some parts that were funny that he was able to do on the fly. We mingled around a little with people coming and going. I looked up and saw Kris and Colt talking to two very nice looking girls.  

Matt leaned over, “I see some things haven’t changed.”

“Nor should they either,” I said. “I don’t see anything wrong with them talking to those girls.”

“Matter of fact, it is good to see,” Matt said.

After a few more songs, I stood and was ready to call it a night. I think Matt was more than ready as well. We said goodnight and left the bar. 

“Wanna walk around a little before we call it a night?” Matt asked just after we left.

I smiled, “We could do that.”

We took the elevator to the top and got off. It was so different being there late at night since it was so quiet. The weather was perfect with a nice breeze blowing. Matt and I walked around holding hands. We said hi to an older couple while we were doing so. We came upon a set of stairs that must have been the place Colt and Kris had talked about the day before.  

We climbed them and made it to the top where I looked to my right and saw a man fucking a woman. We were very quiet seeing the two having sex. I don’t think they saw us since they were so into each other, but I couldn’t help but watch for a moment, mainly focusing on the guy’s incredible ass that was flexing and tensing every time he thrust into the woman beneath him. Break off from watching them, I walked to the rear and took a seat in a double lounger.

“Would you fuck me here?” I asked.

“I don’t know. It’s so risky,” he replied quietly.

“We only live once.”

“True,” he said and moved to kiss me. “We have to be really quiet about it though.”

“I’ll try,” I said. “You might have to not be so good if you don’t want me to be screaming your name.”

“You know I’m getting fucking horny thinking about this now.”

I smiled and kissed him. I reached over and undid his shorts, sliding my hand down under the waistband and feeling that he was starting to get hard. He lifted his ass up and let me pull the shorts down even further exposing his dick. It was plumping up fast and would be hard in no time. I wrapped my hand around it and gave it a few strokes as I leaned in to kiss his chest. Satisfied that he was fully hard, my head went to wet his dick while he looked out for any intrusion, gritting his teeth to stifle the moans that were being caused by my tongue working his cock. His hand moved to my head and he gripped my hair tight in his fist, which I knew was another way to stop him from making too much noise.

It was dark with nothing but the sky and the twinkling stars above us. Now the thrill was beginning to get to me with the prospects of our encounter and the possibility that someone may see us. My body also felt amazing because I was just starting to sweat and the tiny drops breaking out on my pecs and back were meeting the cold sea air, making my skin tingle. I continued to bob up and down and could feel how hard his dick was as it was sliding between my lips, leaking precum that I happily lapped up with my tongue. 

“Feels so fucking good,” he moaned quietly.

“Tell me when you’re ready,” I said after pulling off.

“Suck it just a little more to get it good and wet.”

My mouth went back down and licked it all over his big cock. I ran my tongue up and down, from the base to the tip and around the head before going back down. Every inch of his throbbing cock was wet with my saliva, but I wanted him to be dripping so it would just slide into my ass. His hands were on my head with his fingers toying with my hair and his eyes kept moving from mine, as I looked up at him, to the space behind me as he scanned the area to make sure we hadn’t been spotted.

Feeling like I had got his dick as wet at it was going to be I decided to tease him a little and see if he could really keep quiet while we were fooling around up on this deck. I kissed the head of his cock and then dove down, swallowing all 8 plus inches of his rock hard dick until my nose was pressed hard against his skin. Matt’s whole body twitched and I felt him shiver, groaning as if in pain. I later found out he had been biting his lip so hard he had actually drawn blood because it felt so good but he didn’t want to get caught, especially when I managed to flick my tongue out to lick his balls while his cock was still lodged in my throat. He pulled me off after just a minute or so. 

I kissed him with great passion and knew he must be able to taste himself on my tongue as it slipped into his mouth. I pushed my shorts far enough down to expose my ass and free my aching, hard cock. I got down on my side on the lounger, since I knew it would be the best position for quiet sex, and Matt moved closer to me, wrapping his arms around me and positioning his cock at my entrance. I knew I wasn’t really that clean, but there wasn’t time to do so at this moment and we both wanted it too much to care. 

His dick was at my hole and wanted to be inside of me. As he pressed forward and pulled me back against his chest, my ass opened up and let his big, long dick inside. His cock slid right in and I gasped before letting out one long breath, trying not to moan too loud as he moved deeper into me. We heard a noise and froze immediately. We stayed quiet with his dick in me and his panting breath on my neck, clinging to me in fear, until we saw and heard the couple leave the deck. I listened closely so I could recognize it if anyone climbed the stairs.

“I love you,” he said quietly, bottoming out inside me now.

“I love you too. Now fuck me!” I said, trying to push my ass back onto his cock, which was already as deep as it would go.

It was so different fucking with our shorts at our knees and in the limited space of the double lounger. It took a minute for me to adjust, but it was so hot feeling his big cock sliding in me under the stars and we soon found a rhythm, getting lost in each other and the feelings of his dick slicing right through me. 

“Damn, your ass is so tight tonight,” he said in my ear.

“I have no choice, but your dick feels so good inside me.”

His hands began moving and went under my shirt while I was trying my best to be quiet. It was hard to do since as always I enjoyed his dick fucking my ass and I don’t know if it was just my senses being heightened by being out in the open but his dick seemed to be getting deeper than ever and was hitting my spot on nearly every thrust. 

We continued to fuck in the lounger. My wish was we could strip down and go at it like we normally did. Something about the risk made this so very exciting to us. There was passion, but it was mostly just the act of two gay males who wanted each other in the worst way. I felt my hole begin to twitch as everything began to overwhelm me. 

“I’m about to fucking blow,” Matt said.

I moved off to feel his dick leaving my hole. I saw a little shit on his dick and wiped it off with my shirt. “Cum in my mouth,” I said, lost in desire as I wrapped my lips around it. Matt groaned and stiffened up before sending his hot cum down my throat. The feel of his dick pulsating while he pumped his cum in me was the best. 

He finished and pulled me for a kiss. He dropped down and started sucking my dick. It didn’t take very long before I shot my load in his mouth. 

We lay there quietly with our shorts pulled back up. It was nice reeling in our bliss and looking at the dark sky. It was hell leaving, but we managed to add another great place to the list of where we had fucked.


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