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We left the karaoke area and started walking out into the main area. 

“Damn, we’re like a herd of cows,” Colt commented.

“I guess we are since there are so many of us,” Bruce said.

We saw the casino up ahead. “Do we wanna go in there and try our luck?” Scott asked.

“Bro, we should. I wonder if they serve free drinks while we gamble,” Kris asked.

“Only one way to find out…” Cody said.

We entered the casino and could hear the slot machines ringing. The only problem was I didn’t have a
dime, nor did the rest of us. We stopped an attendant to ask if we could use our card. They said we
could, but only for one hundred bucks. That sounded good to us so we stood in line and got the cash
to enjoy some fun. 

I looked around and decided to try to see if I had any luck at the slots. Sergio, Dillon and Corey
were right behind.

“Are you doing better now?” I asked Sergio since he had a rough start to our cruise.

He gave me a big smile, “That karaoke sure helped out a ton.”

“That’s good to hear,” Corey said, patting him on the shoulder. “Now let’s win some cash!”

We took a seat near an older woman. She took a glance at us and moved. We laughed before I stuck ten
bucks in the machine. Spin after spin came up with relatively very little. I was about to leave and
heard a scream for Sergio. 

“Damn! I fucking won!” Sergio yelled.

I looked over his shoulder and saw he had won two hundred dollars. Dillon, Corey and I cheered at
his good fortune. Kris and Colt came racing around and saw it too. 

“I know who’s buying,” Kris laughed. “Way to go!”

“Thanks!  This machine knew I needed that,” Sergio said. 

We walked away with Corey breaking even while all my ten was left in the machine. 

We walked over and saw Ted, Myles, Cody and Aaron at the blackjack table. 

“What was all the excitement about?” Ted turned and asked.

“Sergio won two big bills,” Corey replied.

“Good for him. Tell him to come over here and rub off on me. I can’t hit shit,” Myles said.

I looked to my right and saw a table with just one guy playing. It was Caribbean Stud poker. I stood
back and watched a few hands to see exactly what was involved. The only thing about the game was it
looked expensive, with a minimum bet of five dollars plus a dollar side bet. I debated in my head
before deciding to grab a seat. Corey sat next to me while Kris was on his other side. Colt, Jordy
and Scott stood behind us and wanted to watch.

My hand was a pair of sixes so I wanted to play the hand while Corey folded and Kris bet. Now, I
hoped the dealer opened so I could collect a few chips but not beat me. The dealer turned over his
cards and had a king and queen to open. Kris yelled like he had won a lot but also had a pair. We
collected our chips, which allowed us to play that much more. Scott got antsy and took a seat near
Kris. Before the next hand, we were offered drinks, which we took. 

The next hand was nothing for all but Scott, but the dealer didn’t open so he didn’t win much. The
same happened for the next hand as well, except for the guy sitting next to me. On the next hand, I
felt an elbow in the ribs. Corey flashed his cards and showed he had a full house. Thankfully Corey
had played the side bet and would at least come away with one hundred bucks. 

“Bro, you better open… you have some damn good cards under there,” Kris stated.

“Does he know your hand?” I whispered to Corey.

“No,” Corey replied.

The dealer turned over and had a pair of threes. 

“Fuck yeah!” Kris screamed and high fived Colt and Jordy. “Flush baby!”

The dealer paid Kris his winnings, which was nearly a hundred. Corey kept a straight face while the
dealer turned over his cards. “What do ya think of that?” Corey asked Kris.

“Who cares? We both got some damn cash!” Kris yelled. “Gimme some!”

With our winnings it did allow us to play a little longer, that they were serving us as well didn’t
hurt matters. We left the table when I was even for the night. Corey was way ahead while Kris had
won a little. 

It was a little before midnight when we left the casino. Sergio, Myles and Corey were our big
winners. Bruce and Dillon had lost every dime they had gotten earlier. 

“Now it’s time to party!” Cody said.

“Damn right it is,” Kris said.  “Man that was so much fun!”

“If you fucking won, it was,” Dillon said.

“Hey, Sergio won enough for both of you,” Colt said.

We headed up the elevators until reaching nearly the top of the ship. Once we were out, the warm
humid air hit us. We headed to the ship’s dance club to have more fun. I was tired from the long day
but it wasn’t going to stop me.

Just before we went in, two couples slightly older than us came out.

“Good luck in there,” one guy said to us.

“Nothing but a bunch of fags who think they rule this place,” the other one said.

My eyes lit up hoping the ones in our group weren’t the only gay people on-board. We entered with
the lights swirling around like any other club I had been to. There were maybe 40 people all close
to our age in the club.

“I don’t see what they were talking about,” Ted said.

“I do,” Aaron said and pointed. “There might be six guys dancing together. Naturally they think they
are gay.”

“Everyone else better get ready then,” Scott said. “I’m dancing and don’t give a fuck what they

We walked up and ordered drinks to keep things going. No sooner than we had gotten them, a girl
walked up to Ted and asked him to dance. He looked at us, shrugged and smiled before hitting the
floor. Then I looked up and saw a girl chatting with Kris.

“Colt, are okay with that?” I asked him quietly.

“Of course. I know who he’s sleeping with tonight,” Colt replied and laughed.

Next it was Bruce who was asked to dance.  

“I think I see a theme going here. Ask the bowed up guys,” Aaron said. “Corey, your ass is next.”

“I’d do it if they asked,” Corey said.

We finished our drinks and decided to hit the dance floor. The music was a mix of techno and hip
hop, neither my favourite, but good to dance to. As we dancing together, I could feel the eyes of
the six guys on us. Scott ripped off his shirt since it was rather warm and some others had as well. 

After a few songs, I left the floor and was sweating.  I pulled off my shirt and tucked it in my

“Damn, you’re cute,” I heard while Corey was getting us some water.

I turned and saw a guy staring straight at me. “Thanks. I appreciate that.”

He walked up to me and asked my name. I gave it and asked his name, which he said was Martin.
Corey’s timing couldn’t have been better. He handed me some water. 

“Are you guys… ummm… together?” Martin asked.

“We are, but it’s great to know we’re not the only gay guys on this thing,” I replied.

“You’re not. I’m here with ten guys from our college gay group. It’s nice to know we’re not alone
too,” Martin said.

“That’s cool,” Corey said. “It’s just a bunch of our friends here. A few are gay and a few are
straight with a few that are bi.”

“Man, that’s sweet,” Martin said with another guy coming up to him. I introduced Corey while Martin
introduced his friend, Ross. They were both cute, with Martin having short brown hair like mine
where Ross had black hair and was pretty dark. They looked to be about average weight and were about
our height.

We talked the best we could and saw Scott and Jordy coming our way. 

“We need to go to your college. Fuck!” Ross said.

I introduced them to the guys we had just met. After Scott and Jordy had some water, they headed
back out with Ross and Martin. Corey and I stood and watched. Colt came out of the pack and came
walking up to us.

“Kris is just about to fucking piss me off,” Colt stated.

“Why?” I asked.

“You’ve seen him dancing with that girl. She ain’t even cute,” Colt replied.

“She’s okay, but you said you knew who he was sleeping with tonight,” Corey stated.

Colt smiled, “True, but look at that shit.”

“Are you jealous?” I asked.

Colt looked at me and then dropped his shoulders, “I guess I am a little. Fucking shit.”

“That’s fine, Colt. You showed how much he means to you, but I wouldn’t worry too much,” I said.

“Look who’s talking,” Colt said. “You’d be all over Corey’s ass if that was him doing that.”

“With another guy, you’re probably dead on,” I said.

We headed back out to dance some more. It was great seeing Ted and now Myles getting down with two
girls. We were all having the best time, including Sergio. He and Dillon were dancing like fools
with a guy and girl. 

At two, the club shut down for the night. I was nothing but sweat when the night ended but had a fun
time. Our group headed out the door and down to our rooms for the night.

We opened the door to our cabin and saw our beds ready, with Corey’s and mine together. On top of it
was the cutest little towel animal. I took a quick picture before I hit the shower. While drying off
I could hear Kris and Colt arguing. I came out naked and saw they weren’t happy.

“Why don’t go fuck her?” Colt yelled.

“Bro, you’re acting like a fucking kid. I was having fun. What did you want us to look like? Two gay
guys? If so, tell me and we’ll start doing that shit!” Kris responded while Corey sat and was on

“No, I don’t, but your ass was all over her tonight!”

“I may have been, but I was just having fun. Colt, there’s only one person I want to be with and I’m
arguing with him right now!”

“Ummm… Kris, do see where you made Colt jealous?” I asked.

“Stay the fuck out this, alright! This is between Colt and me. When I want your help, I’ll ask for
it,” Kris said loudly.

“I was trying to help. Excuse me,” I said.

“Kris, I was jealous because I love you so much,” Colt said.

“I love you too, but I didn’t think dancing with a girl would hurt a thing. Bro, we are dating, but
I didn’t know you wanted everyone to know other than our group,” Kris said.

“Colt, do you see what Kris is trying to say? He did it so no one would think you were like me and
Matt. I don’t care if people think I’m gay because I am and I’m not ashamed of it. I see you two are
still not ready to show the world your love in a public setting,” Corey said.

“Kris, I’m sorry. I guess I didn’t think that you were doing it for us,” Colt said.

“Bro, I was. There are times we can show we’re together in public, but not all the time. I heard
those guys before we went in and didn’t want people thinking the same shit about me. I know I won’t
see them ever again, but still…”

“I know what you mean. Please forgive…” Colt said.

“You showed tonight how much you love me. I should have seen that in the beginning,” Kris said. He
pulled Colt over for a long kiss. “Let’s see if we can fit in that shower.”

“Good luck,” I said with Kris and Colt going to shower.

Corey stood up, undressed and wiped the sweat from his great body. “Tell me if I stink. I’ll shower
after they do.”

“I can handle it. I want you, Corey!”

“I so fucking want you tonight!” he said and jumped in bed. When our lips met and I knew we were
going to have a great night, despite Kris and Colt only being a few feet away on the sofa bed. 

We kissed for a few minutes before I broke the kiss and travelled down Corey’s hot body with my
lips. I could never get tired of feelings his muscles beneath my tongue or hearing the moans escape
his mouth as I caressed his skin with it. His abs were so tight and hard and his dick was throbbing
as it jerked up and slapped my chest while my tongue danced around his belly button. I felt his
precum on my chest and it turned me on so much, knowing how much he wanted me, and it made me want
him more. I wanted his thick cock in my mouth for a while to make sure it was as hard as could be
and then I wanted it inside of me, fucking me. I licked my way further down and his cock slid in my
mouth as it had so many times. There is something so special about sucking a dick and I always loved
how something so hard could also be incredibly soft and spongy. I loved his dick so much and took
pleasure in sucking it. I did my best to make love to his cock with my lips and mouth, worshipping
it like it deserved to be worshipped. 

He pulled me off his cock, which was rock hard. We kissed so passionately and hungrily before he
went down on me. As Corey was sucking my hard long cock and making me feel so good with his hands
going all over my body, the bathroom door opened. Kris and Colt walked out and Kris turned out the

“We’re fixing to fuck too,” Colt said.

“Damn right we are, but we promised not to disturb each other while we fucked,” Kris said.

I sat there and enjoyed Corey’s magnificent workings. He knew exactly how to please me and was doing
so this night. I closed my eyes and could feel the ship moving a little, as I had all night. Even
so, those feelings were nothing compared to the ones Corey was making me feel. He had one hand on my
balls, cupping them and rolling them around on his fingers, while the other hand was working the
bottom half of my shaft and his mouth was twisting and swirling around the tip of my dick. It was
lick sensory overload and was only heightened when the hand that was playing with my balls moved
lower and one of his thick fingers slid into my ass.

When I was really moaning and was bucking down onto his hand as well as trying to force more of my
cock into his mouth, Corey stopped and moved up for a long kiss. I handed him the lube and threw my
legs in the air while seeing Kris sucking Colt’s cock, really going to town and sucking him hard. I
put a towel under us and a pillow under my ass. Corey pushed my legs forward and exposed my hole to
him. He brushed the tip against my entrance and momentarily held it there before his slick cock slid
inside me while we looked at each other in the dim light. 

“Fuck me, Corey,” I said to him quietly.

“Damn, there’s just something about seeing Matt get fucked that’s so hot,” Kris stated.

I knew Kris was watching but he couldn’t help but see us. My arms pulled Corey down for a juicy kiss
while his cock was slowly fucking me, letting me feel every fat inch as it slid into me. I moaned in
his mouth while we kissed, unable to hide my pleasure with every deep push into me. He broke the
kiss and put his arms by my sides with my legs wrapped around his waist. 

“OOO yes, Corey!”

“You’re fucking on fire, baby,” Corey said.

“Hammer his fucking ass, Corey,” Kris said while I could barely see Colt sucking his cock.

I threw up the middle finger and at this particular moment didn’t care for Kris’s comments. The
moment should be about us since our sex life had been less than usual due to our busy schedule. One
thing about that was it was that much sweeter and hotter when we were able to enjoy sex.

Corey slid out and rolled me on my side where I was facing away from Kris and Colt. My leg went over
his before feeling his cock slide back inside of me. He turned my head slightly and kissed me while
running his hand down to my cock. 

“OOO fuck my ass, Kris! Fuck me!” Colt yelled while I was so immersed in Corey fucking me. 

“I will fuck you! I wanna fill that hot ass with cum!” Kris said.

I could hear the sofa bed squeaking like crazy while Corey and I were slowly making love. I reached
behind and wanted to feel Corey deeper in me. His ass was so soft yet muscular when I reached back.
His hand was gripping my hard cock and was pumping in great timing with his thrusts. My moaning grew
louder, as did my breathing. Corey’s hot breath was running down my neck and exciting me that much

Corey whispered in my ear, “I’m about to cum.”

I pushed back and clamped my ass tight. He grabbed me for another kiss. His cock began throbbing
like crazy and filling my ass with his hot love juice. The noise from the next bed had subsided but
I wasn’t worried about them. I turned over and easily busted my load all over my stomach and chest,
with Corey’s cum oozing out of my well fucked ass. I did see why it had subsided with Kris and Colt
lip locked and taking it slow.

Corey ran his finger over my body and cum. He gave me a taste after scooping some up. He tasted some
as well. We kissed and heard Kris and Colt getting loud again. 

“OOO fuck yea!” Kris groaned.

“Fill my ass up!”

“I am, bitch! I am!” Kris said.

I allowed them to enjoy the moment before getting up to clean up my mess. Kris’s mouth was clamped
down on Colt’s cock when I entered the bathroom.

I returned and saw the two kissing with two beautiful limp cocks hanging down after they had enjoyed
sex. I got in bed with Corey nearly asleep. I kissed him softly before cuddling up next to him. The
sound of the waves could be heard outside our balcony, along with the feeling of the gentle rocking
of the ship. It was the perfect sleeping pill.

My eyes popped open and looked at the clock to see it was just after 8. The boat seemed to be moving
more than ever. I turned and saw Corey was awake as well.

“I didn’t know we could feel it like this,” he whispered.

“I know,” I replied.

“We’re awake too,” I heard Kris’s voice. “This shit is rough.”

“And about to make me fucking puke!” Colt said.

Kris got up and headed out to our balcony. He stuck his head back inside. “Bros, the ocean is
churning down there.”

We headed out and had to look for ourselves. In the distance, the water was white capping but it was
sunny and clear, though also windy.

“You know I didn’t wanna sleep the entire time,” Corey commented.

“I know what you mean, but damn it’s fucking early,” Colt stated.

“Since we’re up, we might as well get something to eat. I’m hungry,” Kris said.

“Ummm… sounds like a plan to me,” I said.

We headed inside. “I think last night was so fucking hot,” Kris said. “Sorry I got carried away a
little. We said we won’t interfere.”

“It’s fine,” Corey said. “I call first shower.”

“Damn,” Colt said.

While Corey showered, I looked over my clothes and decided on some nice shorts and a new tee to
start the day. Corey was lightning fast and left the stubble on his face while Colt jumped in the

Kris walked over and patted my ass while I was bent over the dresser. “Bros, this is so fucking
sweet. We should have come last year.”

“One problem with that is not enough of us were 21,” I said.

“I can already foresee that our trip ain’t gonna be long enough. Who decided on this trip anyway?”
Kris asked.

“I think the ones that helped us decide aren’t here,” Corey replied.

Kris laughed, “That was before Alex and Bishop decided to be pure dicks. Can you believe Alex spent
a week in the hospital after his wreck? They still haven’t come over though like Bishop said.”

“I’m over them and don’t really care,” I said as I started pulling up the underwear Corey had gifted
me for Valentine’s Day. 

We were finally ready to head for some breakfast. Corey was dressed in a nice tee that showed off
his great body. Kris was dressed in shorts and a tank top, with Colt in a sleeveless shirt.

We got off the elevator and passed by the pool. I looked to see various towel sitting on chairs.
“What’s that for?” I asked.

“Beats me,” Kris replied.

A lady overheard us, “We’re reserving our spots. If you don’t then you’ll be at the back of the

“Thanks!” Kris said. We looked at each other and raced back for the elevator. We headed down to grab
towels and a few magazines I had brought to read while tanning. We counted out fifteen chairs that
were close to each other and started putting stuff in each chair. I counted the rows and made a
mental note of the approximate location of our chairs, overlooking the pool, a deck above.  

Entering the restaurant, we spotted Ted and Myles sitting together and eating. Kris told them to
wait up so we could grab some food and join them.

We returned and took a seat with them.

“What are y’all doing up so early?” Myles asked.

“I was about to ask y’all that,” Colt said. “We woke up feeling those waves.”

“We got in two miles running around the track up here,” Ted said. “It’s pretty sweet doing that, but
yeah those waves got us too.”

“How were your roomies?” Corey asked while I dove in and started eating.

“They’re good, but that Ethan can saw some logs,” Myles replied. “Almost as good as Ted.”

“They haven’t been any trouble really. Yeah, they like to joke around with us, but they’re just
fine, like I knew they would be,” Ted said. “Let’s just keep that between us since they think I’m
gonna kick their ass.”

“We will,” I said with a smile.

“Bros, we got spots saved on the second deck overlooking the pool,” Kris said.

“That’s great. Now… please don’t tell me y’all are sporting those bikinis today,” Myles said with a
big smile.

“We might,” Corey said. 

“Don’t count on me doing it,” Colt said.

“I might do just to aggravate y’all,” Kris laughed.

“I though can see Matt wearing one,” Ted said.

“Maybe,” I said.

We finished up and walked around a little with them. Kris wanted to work out but that really didn’t
sound like the best idea once we saw the large number of people doing so. We made it back to our
room and saw a paper had been slid under our door. I picked it up and saw it was a listing of events
planned on the ship, while Kris called Scott to inform him that we had chairs saved.

There were all sorts of things to do on this ship, from art viewings to yoga classes and for all

“Bro, right there is one thing we’ll damn sure be at,” Kris pointed at the belly flop contest at

“Do y’all think there’s any way we could get Ted to do it?” Corey asked. “I think he’d be perfect.”

“I bet if Matt asked he would,” Kris replied. “One of us is doing it for damn sure.”

“I agree one hundred percent,” I said. “Bingo sounds fun.”

“Please!” Colt yelled. “How fun can that be?”

“It could be since they have cash prizes,” I replied.

“I don’t care how much they’re offering. That’s for all the old shits on this boat,” Colt said.

“You know we don’t have to do everything as group,” Corey stated. “We can split up and try different

“Bro, maybe… but wasn’t it so much fun last night with all of us?” Kris asked.

“It was. I’m just saying we could do different stuff during the day, but yeah last night was a
blast,” Corey replied.

“Alright,” Kris said. “I’m telling you right now I’m not wearing my bikini up there today.”

“Me either,” Colt said. 

“I was thinking of wearing board shorts first with mine underneath. I wanna gauge the crowd before
walking up there in it,” I stated.

“Now that sounds like a plan to me,” Corey said. “We know Scott and Jordy don’t give a fuck and will
be wearing theirs.”

“That’s a given, bro,” Kris said. 

I did exactly what I said and dressed with a loose tee while Kris and Colt didn’t wear one until I
reminded them about the rules of the buffet. I did have a ‘beach’ bag that I was carrying so I put
their shirts in there, along with Corey’s.

We found our chairs with Scott and Jordy already there. Both were donning hot Speedos and were not
ashamed of it. I put down my bag with Corey eyeing me. 

“What the hell?” I mumbled and shed my shorts to reveal the light blue speedo my roomies had gifted

Corey leaned over, “You look stunning and have the body for it.”

With Kris reaching in the bag, he pulled out the lotion and let Colt apply it to his back. 

“Hey, Jordy wants to know how come y’all aren’t wearing your bikinis,” Scott said. “I was wondering

“We’ll wait,” Colt said. “We’re gonna get a feel of things.”

After Kris and Colt used the sunscreen, Corey and I used it. I wasn’t blessed like Jordy and Scott
with skin that tanned so easily. As we were applying the sunscreen, Dillon and Sergio came up.
Sergio dropped his shorts to reveal his speedo, which caught me by surprise. 

A few minutes later, Ted, Myles, Ethan and Cody came walking out. 

“I see some people are very bold,” Cody said.

“I wouldn’t call it bold,” Scott said. “I like wearing speedos. I swim in them so it’s pretty
natural to me. If people don’t like it, then they can deal with it. I paid to get on this ship and
I’m not going to let others take away from my enjoyment.”

“I agree, but don’t expect us to wear them,” Ted said, looking great. He was just plain built like a
rock. Myles was more cut and looked great in his bright blue board shorts.

“Bros, we need a game. How about the person that is the most sunburned buys the first round
tonight?” Kris asked.

“I’m out,” Myles said.

“I mean those of us that do drink,” Kris said. “It’s only one round.”

“That means about 13 drinks then,” Colt said.

“He’s fucking sharp,” Dillon laughed.

Colt slapped Dillon’s back. 

We were just getting comfortable when the last three walked up. All three, Shawn, Aaron and Bruce,
were wearing board shorts. Kris asked if they would be in on his little game. 

“Look at me,” Aaron said gesturing to his pale body. “It’s a given my ass is gonna get roasted.”

“It will encourage you to use the sunscreen to its fullest,” Kris said.

“Alright then,” Aaron said. “Toss me some sunscreen.”

I sat looking across the pool and did see a few more young kids. Also I could see more young people
as well, including a few that looked high school age.

“Damn,” Kris mumbled and was pointing.

“Don’t point, but I see what you mean,” Colt said. “What a rack on that girl.”

“Hey guys, how’s it going?” I heard and turned to see Martin, Ross and four other guys. 

“Not bad,” I replied. 

“Let’s grab these chairs,” Ross said concerning the ones behind us not yet taken. “Last night was
fun. Will you guys be there again tonight?”

“Good chance of it, bro,” Kris replied. 

I stood and turned over. I could see three in their group were wearing speedos as well so I wasn’t
too out of place. 

“This is exactly how I had things pictured,” Corey said quietly to me. “This is the life.”

“It is. I wanna lay here and enjoy it,” I said.

It wasn’t much longer before Kris, Ted, Myles, Bruce and Shawn had had enough of doing nothing. 

“We’ll be back,” Kris said.

“Damn, I was hoping you were saying you were leaving,” Ethan laughed.

As we were sitting and soaking up the sun, I heard a deck attendant announce drinks. I sat up and
saw a tray filled with red drinks in nice looking glasses. It was something I had to try despite the
high price.

I took one and handed the guy my card. Aaron, Cody, Scott and I each had one to enjoy. Corey could
share with me since they were rather large.

“Now this is the life,” I commented and took a drink of the daiquiri.

“It sure is,” Scott added.


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