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Colt and I were ready early here on this big Monday… well it was a big day for Kris. The day had finally
arrived where we were all the magical age of 21 and were now legal. Kris had been excited all weekend,
unlike the rest of us. It wasn’t that he didn’t drink before but we could go out and enjoy the benefits
legally now. It’s strange but I didn’t feel any different than I did a year ago, so I wonder why 21 and
not some other age was chosen. I suppose it was better this way and did control us a tiny bit.

Colt was looking really nice in a polo shirt and dark jeans. His thick dark brown was trimmed earlier
today for this occasion. Normally he had it cut about as average as any other guy, but he did leave the
bangs longer. I was wearing a button up shirt and low rise jeans that I loved, along with a necklace and
bracelet, with my camera and phone in my pocket. Now my eye was getting better but I still had a big

“Colt, between us, are you getting used to the fact you have a boyfriend?” I asked.

He smiled, “Bro, each day it gets a little easier for me personally to accept. It’s so fuckin easy when
you have a great boyfriend like Kris.”

“I was just wondering. Both of you have really done so well.”

“Yeah, ain’t that a shocker?”

I laughed, “More with Kris than you. It did show me that you two are in love.”

“Get this, Matt. Last week Kris and I met for lunch, when we were leaving he grabbed my hand and walked
down the street with me like that. I bet even you and Corey don’t do that.”

“We don’t around here,” I commented.

“We got some looks but no one was brave enough to say shit, at least to our face.”

“That’s really awesome.”

“Do you think there’ll be a day when gays are accepted? There’s a lot going on here that point in that

“I can only hope so,” I replied. “Mr Jackson does tell me how far we have come so far.”

“Maybe one day the US will be as accepting as, hell, Canada. They let two guys marry,” Colt said.

“Would you marry Kris?” I asked.

Colt rubbed his chin, “Man, I’d really consider it… yes I would. Fuck, I love him, but I don’t know if he
would. It’s a long time before we’d end up there and we’d need to do so many things, but I’d definitely
like to if everything works out. The only drawback is that I want kids someday, and I know Kris does too.”

“That is a factor, but there’s always adoption,” I said. “Hell, look at us. Our families are fucked up
now. Your parents are going through a divorce whereas my mom just remarried. How much worse would it be
for a child to have two gay parents than parents who are divorced?”

“I’m with ya there,” Colt said.

We talked about how our moms were coping with their new situations. Mine was doing great and was still in
that ‘honeymoon’ phase, whereas Colt’s mom was adjusting to being single again after filing for divorce
some time ago. 

Scott was first to come knocking at the door just before 8. He was really dressed nice. Then Ted and Myles
came over with Luke. They too were dressed up as much as I’d seen them. Next was Dillon with Sergio, who
was still not 21 for some time. Shawn and Cody came over and were geared up for our big night. I looked
around and saw we had 2 drivers and counted 8 drinkers. Then Bruce, Grady and Aaron came over. Thankfully
Grady wasn’t 21 and would be driving as well.

“How pumped is Kris about tonight?” Shawn asked.

“Yeah, that dude has been counting down the days,” Bruce said.

“Pretty pumped I think. That’s all he could talk about last night when we were running,” I said and heard
the door open.

“Clear the area. My ass is here and ready to hit the town!” Kris yelled coming through the door. “Give us
a few minutes and we’ll be so fucking ready!”

Corey smiled, “He’s been so damn antsy all day.”

“We can tell,” Scott stated with Kris and Corey running off to get ready. 

“Guys, I know a great place we can go to if we have some that aren’t 21,” Luke stated.

“Where?” I asked.

“There’s this new pub and grill that has a shit load of stuff to do out by the mall,” Luke said. 

“I wish you’d said something earlier,” Colt said.

“It just hit me,” Luke said. 

Scott had out his phone and pulled up the place Luke was talking about. “Sounds like a fun place. Luke is
right. There’s lots of fun shit to do.”

“I guess we’re going there instead of the bar crawl Kris kept talking about,” I said. “I think he’ll enjoy
that better.”

Kris came out dressed nicely. We pitched the idea to him. He loved it and said it would be great if anyone
else wanted to join us for the big night.

Ted hung up his phone, “Todd and Mike will meet us there and said it would be fun.”

“Awesome! The more the merrier!” Kris said.

“Ethan said he’d go now and was so disappointed he couldn’t in the first place,” Shawn said.  

“I really figured we’d be down at all the bars, but this works for me,” Kris said. “Is everyone ready?”

“Corey’s not,” I replied just before he came out. 

“Now we’re ready,” Cody said.

“Hold on just a minute before we go. I need to give Kris his gift,” I said.

“That can wait, bro!” Kris said.

“Damn, hold your horses just a few minutes,” Corey said while I went to get my gift.

I handed it to Kris. He tore into it. It was a nice shirt and shorts, along with some workout clothes he
needed. He did find the bikini swimsuit at the bottom to complete all of us having new suits for our

“Kris, you’ll look so gay in that,” Bruce said.

“I know, but I will look so fucking hot. You’ll be jealous,” Kris said.

“I’m just glad it won’t be me,” Ted laughed.

“Man, can you see Ted in a Speedo?” Myles laughed.

“Something I don’t wanna see,” Luke said, while I was thinking otherwise. He would look great in one, but
I knew that would never happen.

Colt handed Kris his gift. He opened it and found a very nice pair of shades. “Now I’m set,” Kris said
donning the new pair.

“You are. That reminds me, I need a new pair too,” Scott said.

“Okay, let’s go,” Shawn said. “For one, I’m starving.”

“Me too,” Corey said.

We headed off with the promise of a really fun night. Kris was all smiles as we made our way to our
vehicles. Kris tossed his keys to Ted and insisted he drive. Ted took the keys without a problem. 

“Kris, you’re set for next month,” Ted stated as he started Kris’s SUV.

“I am, but I’ve waited for this like my entire life,” Kris replied in the backseat with Colt and Corey
while I was in the passenger seat.

“You’ll see it ain’t such a big deal,” Corey said.

“It is. We can now go wherever we want and not worry. I’ll be honest I’ve been waiting on this day too,”
Colt said.

“Kris, we all agreed that our gifts to you, other than the alcohol Saturday night, are to treat you to all
you want tonight,” Ted said. “Is that cool?”

“More than cool, bro,” Kris replied.

We arrived at the pub and grill. There didn’t seem to be too many cars in the lot. We headed inside and
asked for a table. With the small crowd at the place, they said we could have a room all to ourselves. 

While we were walking back, I heard someone call out Kris’s name. I looked up and saw Liz of all people
sitting there with two other girls. Kris was friendly as ever and greeted Liz with a big hug before we
headed back.  

“Who was that?” Bruce asked.

“The girl Kris lost his college virginity to,” Colt laughed.

“Excuse me, but she’s very butch looking,” Bruce said.

“She is,” Kris said. “I guess we’ve both changed.”

“Yeah, I forgot that,” Bruce laughed. “I guess it is only right that the girl you first fucked is now a
lesbian since you have a boyfriend now.”

I was looking around and saw the pool tables, dart boards and gaming area, which could provide a great
night of fun. We gathered around the large table that was so perfect for all of us. 

The two waiters greeted us after we were seated. “So what’s the occasion?”

“It’s his 21st birthday,” Scott pointed.

“I’d say that is a big occasion then. We’ll make sure it’s a great one for you,” the one said. “I guess
I’ll take your drink orders while you look over the menu. One thing is I have to ask for I.D. for all of
you if you’re drinking.”

“No sweat,” Cody said.

Instead of just ordering individual beers, we decided to start with pitchers. Ted and Cody saw a big
appetizer plate and put in that order to get us started.

Just after we ordered, Todd and Mike came in the door and took grabbed a seat. 

“Todd, we ordered pitchers of beer so don’t worry,” Luke said.

“Good, cause I could damn sure use one tonight,” Todd said. 

“Why’s that?” Ted asked.

“I had a big ass test today and was up all last night studying for it. Man, when Ted called I was so up
for going out,” Todd replied. 

Kris was all smiles with all of us together. I could see him beaming with excitement, especially when the
pitchers of beer arrived. 

“How fucking awesome is this?” Kris stated. “I couldn’t ask for a better night out than being surrounded
by so many great friends I’ve made in college. I came here with just Matt and was hoping I’d find a friend
or two.”

“That’s some crap right there,” I laughed. “He was the same today as he was when we got here.”

“Not exactly,” Kris laughed.

“He didn’t like guys then,” Shawn laughed, as we all did loudly.

We held up our glasses and toasted Kris. The waiters started out taking our orders when Juan came walking
in the door. 

“Bro, I’m glad you could make it,” Kris said and stood to greet our friend.

“Between you and Scott calling me, I had to come,” Juan said.
Everyone was prepared and knew that I had to take pictures with the appetizers arriving. I really enjoyed
doing so and captured this moment. Ethan and Sergio arrived while I was snapping pictures of us. Being
able to have everyone there who wanted to come was great. 

The room was filled with lots of chattering and laughing while we devoured the appetizers and beer. The
waiters were on guard and were there to refill the pitchers whilst keeping a tab.  

Our food arrived with all types of yummy dishes, from burgers to salad, being placed in front of us. I had
ordered a grilled chicken salad, while Corey had a chicken dish that smelled so good. It did deter the
talking some, except those like Kris who insisted on talking with a mouth full of food. 

Everything in sight was devoured. Those that didn’t finish their food found ones eager to finish it off.
The waiters removed our plates and brought in more drinks. Cody and Todd went for mixed drinks this time,
while the rest of us enjoyed beer, myself included. Going into the night, I wasn’t sure if I cared to
drink that much, but now I was on my third big glass of beer so there was no reason to turn back. 

While we were sitting back and enjoying our friends, the wait staff entered with a dessert dish and a card
so Kris could enjoy a game of pool or whatever he liked. It was a chocolate cake covered in ice cream and
chocolate with a single candle stuck on top. Together we serenaded Kris again with “Happy Birthday”. He
blew out the candle and started to dive in. He passed it around to as many as wanted could sample the

After sitting around a little longer, we left our table and headed to enjoy the night playing. Shawn
ordered up more beer for Kris while we surveyed the various games.  

“Alright, who is a pool shark here?” Kris asked.

“Not me,” I replied.

“Myles is king,” Ted replied. 

“Good, then I want to avoid playing his ass all night,” Kris laughed.

Corey grabbed me and was interested in throwing darts. It was something I’d never done, but it didn’t look
that hard. Scott and Juan joined us for a friendly game. 

First, we decided to practice. Corey went first and hit the board but nowhere close to the center. I took
a dart and did my best to emulate him. I threw it and saw it hit the wall. I was so embarrassed,
especially when I heard the laughter all around.

I felt a strong hand on my shoulder, “Bro, you just made my night.”

“Matt, don’t worry about it. I did the same thing the first time I tried,” Ted yelled in the mix.

“It’s okay, Matt,” Corey said. “You’ll get the hang of it.”

“I hope so,” I said and did have to laugh when Juan pulled the dart out of the wall. 

None of us were great. My next throw did hit the board and wasn’t bad at all. With the game close, I threw
and hit the bull’s eye. I threw my hands in the air and started jumping around.

“Enough beer for him tonight,” Colt said from the pool table.

I was excited but it was a lucky throw. Thanks to my lucky throw we beat Scott and Juan. We left and
ventured over to witness the expert, Myles. We came to find out he wasn’t the only good pool player in our
group. Aaron was keeping right up with him shot for shot. It was fun to watch them play and see how easy
they made the game look. 

We continued to order pitchers of beer and enjoy playing the pub games that were offered here. I gave pool
a try but really didn’t care for the game since I was terrible. Playing with Dillon and Sergio did make it
fun, since they weren’t any good either.

At about 1:30 we left the place and loaded into Kris’s SUV with Ted at the wheel.

“I know four guys who will not be making class tomorrow,” Ted said.

“Damn right I won’t be. It’s Valentine’s Day. That shit should be a holiday,” I said.

Kris laughed, “Oh shit, I think Matt’s wasted.”

“Maybe a little. Not wasted enough that I can’t take Corey’s big, thick cock tonight,” I said.

“Matt, you are wasted!” Corey said. “Every time…”

“I don’t think he’s alone,” Ted said driving away.

“Ted, I know tomorrow night you’ll be getting some pussy,” I said.

“Okay, he’s wasted,” Ted said.

“Get us home as quickly as you can,” Corey said.

“For sure, Teddy. I’m ready for Corey to fuck me!” I yelled and was feeling so good.

“How many did he have?” Colt asked.

“Six big glasses,” I turned and replied. “You had just as many as I did.”

“We all did, but damn you’re obnoxious,” Corey said.

We made it home. I think they said goodbye, but I needed to pee in the worst way. I raced inside and hit
the bathroom. While I was there I cleaned out and was ready for the rest of the night.

I came out naked and sat next to Corey. I threw my legs up in the air and announced, “Who’s ready to fuck
my goddamn hole?”

“Dammit Matt, stop it!” Corey yelled.

“You’re so cute when you get mad,” I said and touched his nose. “I want a fucking dick in me!”

“I’ll fuck him,” Colt said.

“Come on Corey. We can all fuck him,” Kris said.

“Exactly what I want,” I said. “I want my boyfriend, the birthday boy and his boyfriend to fucking use

“Dammit, I fucking hate this!” Corey said, running off to our bedroom.

“Oh Corey, don’t be such a pussy!” I yelled and went in after him. I shut the door and moved to where he
was sitting on the bed. I bent down and put my hand under his chin, lifting it until he was looking into
my eyes. Then seriously I said, “Corey, it’s just an act for Kris. Play along with me, okay?”

“Really? You’re not wasted?” Corey said.

“I won’t lie, I’m feeling no pain, but I’m not crazy ass drunk like I normally get or like I made out. I’m
doing this for Kris so he’s got something to remember, and for us to have a little fun,” I said.

“You had me fooled,” Corey said.

“Just go with it. It’ll be fun. If I’m honest it’s something I’ve always wanted to happen with the three
of you and tonight is as good a night as any if it’s gonna happen. We’re all buzzed, though I’m surprised
Kris and Colt are still standing,” I said.

Corey smiled finally and kissed me gently. I kissed him again as a thank you and he winked at me as he
headed back out naked and was doing his best to drag me along, really making it seem like I was almost out
of it. Colt was on his knees sucking Kris’s cock. He had it deep in his mouth and Kris had his head thrown
back with moans escaping his lips. Corey wasn’t sure they noticed us so he decided to speak up. “Matt
wants to get fucked, so I guess we’re all fucking his drunk ass.”

I walked over, trying to seem a little uneasy on my feet, and pushed Colt out of the way, “Move and let me
show you how to suck a fucking dick!” 

I dropped to my knees and swallowed Kris’s cock. It was almost like I was just inhaling it as it slid into
my mouth and went straight down my throat so my nose was nestled in his trimmed pubes.

“Oh fuck Matt!” Kris moaned, gripping my hair in his hand.

I pulled back and made sure to use my lips and tongue to caress the shaft of Kris’s cock as I moved up to
where just the head was left inside before sinking back down onto it and repeating the process twice more.

Slowly bobbing up and down on Kris’s cock, wanting him to really feel pleasure from my mouth, I ran my
hands over his big thighs and moved them around to cup his hot muscle ass. Moving back so I was just
focusing on the head as it rested on my tongue, I slid my hands up and caressed his hard abs and nice firm
pecs, even squeezing a nipple when I glanced up and saw his amazing blue eyes watching me. The smile on
his face made him look so beautiful and I went back down on his dick, loving the feel of it in my mouth. 

Letting the cock fall from my mouth, I used my hand to hold it up tight against his body so the head was
leaking precum into his belly button. I then licked my way up the shaft and circled my tongue around both
the tip of his cock and his navel, alternating between darting my tongue into the belly button and the
slit on his dick, savoring the taste of his hot cock.

I moved down then, running my tongue down his cock until I was lapping at his balls. I wanted to give him
the best blowjob I possibly could and it was working by the way he was moaning and saying fuck yeah every
few seconds.

I had been so lost in sucking Kris’s dick that I had forgotten Corey and Colt were even in the room and
didn’t know what they had been doing while I was servicing Kris, only remembering they were there when I
felt a finger at my ass. I was so turned on by now and was completely committed to whatever we was going
to happen that I didn’t care whose finger it was. Kris was pushing my head down and was making me take all
seven inches of his hard, leaking cock.

“Damn, I hope he doesn’t throw up on my dick,” Kris said.

“He might…” Corey said.

I pulled off Kris’s cock with a trail of spit hanging in the air between the tip of his dick and my bottom
lip, “I love sucking your hard dick but I need a fucking cock inside of me!”

“You’re such a fucking whore!” Corey said. I couldn’t tell now if he was just playing along or was a
caught up in the moment as I was. “Colt’s gone to get the condoms. We’re gonna fuck you good.”

“I want the birthday boy’s dick in me first then you and Colt can finish my ass off!”

Corey smiled and pushed my head back down on Kris’s cock, forcing me to take it deep. Kris yelped and I
felt him shiver. Corey had pushed my head so hard that my nose was actually pressed tight against Kris’s
stomach and as being squashed. I had literally every possible part of Kris’s cock in my mouth and it was
firmly lodged down my throat, deeper than any other dick had ever gone. It took a moment for me to be able
to gain my bearing enough to breathe through my nose and then my throat swallowed around Kris’s cock and
he let out the loudest scream as he clung to my head and his whole body shook.

When Corey let go of my head I quickly pulled back with a gasp, letting Kris’s cock slip from my mouth. I
was panting hard but I couldn’t take my eyes off Kris’s glistening dick that was covered in my saliva and
was harder than I had ever seen it before. It was throbbing in the air and almost looked angry with the
way the head was flushed with color and seemed to glow against the paler skin of the shaft.

I dove back down on it, wanting it in my mouth so bad and loving the feel of it as it slid between my
lips. Colt was a lucky guy, getting to suck that hot cock whenever he wanted, but then I was lucky to have
Corey’s thick dick on such a regular basis.
I heard footsteps coming towards us while Kris’s cock was in my mouth. There was a bit of rustling behind
my back and then Kris pulled out of my mouth and slapped me on the cheek with his cock, leaving a trail of
my saliva and his precum across my face.

Kris stepped away from me and my mouth felt empty so I reached out and grabbed Corey’s thick cock to
replace it, pulling him in until the thick shaft was between my lips. I was so hot and hungry now, with my
own cock impossibly hard and throbbing between my legs, that I devoured Corey’s cock like it was the
finest dessert I had ever tasted.
I was sucking Corey’s cock in and out of my mouth, gripping his balls in my hand and tugging on them, when
cold lube covered my hole. I moaned feeling the cool liquid on me and then the fingers that rubbed it
around my puckered ass, which was twitching in anticipation of one of those fingers being pushed inside
me, followed by three hot cocks fucking the holy hell out of me.  

A nice slick finger slipped inside me and I moaned, pulling off Corey’s cock to arch my back and press
myself back against the finger that was invading my ass. Colt was standing next to Corey with his arm
around his shoulder. I saw Colt’s hard cock but knew it was too much to take his and Corey’s in my mouth
at the same time. 

The finger in my ass started moving back and forth, fucking me slowly as I resumed my sucking of Corey’s
cock. After about a minute, the finger pulled out of me and the hand that I now knew to be Kris’s was
pushing me forward so I had no choice but to let Corey’s cock slip from my mouth again and move down until
I was on my hands and knees. Corey and Colt then knelt down in front of me and Corey offered me his cock
again, which I eagerly took.

I felt Kris’s hands grip my waist and then felt his thighs brush against the backs of mine as he moved
into position. He moved his hips gently, thrusting his hard cock up and down in the crack of my ass. With
both hands holding my hips I knew he was trying to aim his cock at my hole without guiding it in with his
hands. It took a moment and a few adjustments of position but eventually he found the right angle and I
felt the pressure building behind me as his cock pressed against my twitching pucker and my hole opened up
to accept him. Kris’s hard covered cock slipped inside of me, breaking past the resistance of the
sphincter and sinking inside me.

“Happy fucking Birthday to me,” Kris said, sliding his dick even deeper.

“Fuck his ass, Kris. Make him wish he was sober!” Corey said, pushing my head down onto his cock so I knew
he was no lost in the moment.

I sucked Corey briefly and then switched and took Colt’s cock into my mouth while Kris forged deeper in me
and then bottomed out. Kris slapped my ass when his dick was buried fully inside me and then his grip on
my hips tightened as he started to move in and out of me, fucking me in a nice steady rhythm that Colt
managed to match perfectly as he fucked my face. It was such a pleasure to be spit roasted by Kris and
Colt with Corey watching. I did feel slutty at this moment, but it was the good kind of slutty.

Kris ran his hands up my back and took hold of my shoulders, using them to pull me down onto his cock,
really driving his dick deep inside me. He was fucking me with hard, deep thrusts that forced me forward
onto Colt’s cock so that I soon had 14 inches of dick inside me with Kris balls deep in my ass and Colt
fully sheathed down my throat.

I was delirious with pleasure from getting fucked at both ends but I still managed to cast my eyes toward
Corey to see his mouth hanging open and his eyes wide as he watched us. Still, his thick cock was rock
hard and he was really jerking his cock while I was getting so thoroughly fucked.

Colt pulled his cock out of my mouth and slapped me on the face with it before shoving it back between my
lips. He did that a couple more times as Kris sawed through me with his cock that felt like iron as it
reamed my ass, crashing into my spot every few seconds.

“Oh that’s exactly what I wanted! Fuck me Kris! Fuck me with that hard 21 year old dick!” I screamed
before pushing Corey’s hand away and switching back to sucking his cock.

Kris slapped my ass and started pounding away at it. His hands moved back to my waist and he pulled me
toward his as he thrust forward hard and fast, hammering my ass good. I was just drunk enough not to care
but sober enough to know how great Kris was making me feel.

“Fuck him, Kris!” Colt yelled.

“Yeah, fuck my boyfriend’s drunk ass! He’ll fucking regret this shit in the morning!” Corey said.

I continued sucking away on Corey’s cock, enjoying the taste that had become so familiar as his precum
leaked out onto my tongue. I could see Colt’s cock bobbing up and down in the air in front of my face and
really wished I had two mouths so I could suck them both at the same time.

I was about to switch things up once more and move back to Colt’s dick when I felt Kris’s body shift
behind me so he was leaning over my back. His hands came to rest on the floor on either side of me,
holding himself up, and his head moved so it was next to mine and we were almost cheek to cheek. In that
position he was able to keep up with the thrusts into my ass, still fucking me at a nice pace and making
me feel so good, but it also meant he could take Colt’s hard cock into his mouth to suck on it as he
fucked me.

Now the room was filled with moans and grunts as all four of us were enjoying the pleasures of our sex.
Other sounds filled the room too as Kris’s hips crashed against mine and a slapping sound rose from us,
while I heard a loud slurping in my ear as Kris continued to feast on Colt’s cock.

The whole situation was so fucking hot and I was so glad I initiated it now. Kris continued to fuck me,
but then he pulled off Colt’s cock and grabbed my hair, pulling off Corey’s dick. I started turning my
head to see what he was doing but he just pushed my head forward and forced me down onto Colt’s cock.
Almost soon as Colt’s veiny shaft was between my lips I felt Kris move, shifting his body slightly so his
head was now over my other shoulder and he had access to Corey’s thick cock, which he quickly sucked into
his mouth as he carried on humping my ass.

I was moaning constantly now from all of the feelings from sucking and from being fucked. Kris pulled back
from sucking Corey’s cock and moved his head down so he was kissing and nibbling on my neck. He was
breathing hard in my ear and his dick felt like it was dancing inside me, moving in every direction and
hitting every nerve ending in my ass.

He leaned back, running his hands along the length of my spine and then he started slapping my ass as he
drove his dick into me. His cock would leave my hole for a second before he slammed it back inside me. He
was treating me a little rough but it was nothing I couldn’t take. “Take that, you fucking whore! Take my

“He loves it,” Colt said.

I pulled off his cock again, “Yes I love it. Keep fucking me, Kris!”

Kris was then fucking me so hard. Our skin was slapping together and sounding off in our living room while
we were in the middle of the floor. I was starting to sweat and his balls were bouncing off my ass. I
moved down so my forearms were on the ground and sank my teeth into my skin, muffling the screams that
were flowing from my mouth with Kris hammering away on my ass.

Kris’s cock left my hole. “Damn, I want cum on Matt’s face.”

“I want your cum, Kris!” I yelled, forcing myself back up so I was level with Kris’s cock as he moved
around to my head.

At the same time Colt took Kris’s place. He got behind me and stuck his cock in me. “Damn Kris, you really
loosened this shit up!”

“Fuck yeah I did!” Kris said before I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking on him, feeling his
dick pulsing in my mouth and knowing he wasn’t far from shooting his load. 

Colt started off slow. His cock felt so good in me too. He was a similar size to Kris in both width and
length and yet his cock felt so different inside me somehow. I closed my eyes and continued to suck on
Kris’s hard cock while feeling Colt long dicking me. My body was tingling all over with my senses being
fully overloaded with the smell of sex, the feel of cock everywhere, the sounds of loud groaning and
grunting and the taste of Kris’s cock. 

Kris pulled back, “Fuck!” he screamed with every muscle in his taut body shining forth. I closed my eyes
and felt stream after stream of warm cum hitting my face, nose and lips, which in turn made my ass clench
around Colt’s cock a little and had my own dick twitching. 

“Dammmn!” Colt yelled with Kris firing off his load.

“It’s so fucking hot!” Corey yelled.

My eyes opened with Corey beginning to lick the cum from my face and then sharing it with me in a series
of kisses that were so hot they left me panting.  

Colt didn’t let up and continued to fuck my ass. I saw why Kris was in love with him but I already knew
Colt was a great lover. He had a special way of using his hands around my waist while driving inside of me
that heightened the whole experience and left me tingling on both the inside and the out.  

I took Corey’s cock back in my mouth, having been fed most of Kris’s load on Corey’s tongue, while Colt
continued to use me. He ran his hands all over my body, from my ass to my back, from my arms to my legs
and even down to my long, dripping cock. Not once did his thrusts slow down or falter. He was a total
fucking machine.

All of a sudden Colt pulled out. “Corey, now you finish his ass off.”

“I will,” Corey said, pulling his dick out of my mouth and standing up.

My knees were tired so I stood too and pulled Corey into a hot kiss. I pushed him onto the couch and he
stared up at me with nothing but lust in his eyes. He grabbed the lube and got his cock nice and slick. I
straddled him, putting my arms around his neck, and slowly slid down on his hard, thick cock. 

“Fuck me, Corey! Fuck your boyfriend’s ass,” I yelled and winked at him.

“I will hammer the fuck out of this ass!” Corey smiled in a way that told me he was cool with everything
that had happened and was going to enjoy the finale.

“Give him that dick, Corey,” Colt said. “I’m gonna see if Kris has another load left in him.”

I loved looking into Corey’s big blue eyes while bouncing up and down on his hot, throbbing cock. If Kris
felt different to Colt when they were inside me then having Corey’s cock in me was in a world of its own
since he was the one who truly had my heart and not only did he fulfil all of my sexual and physical
needs, but he warmed me up inside and gave me an emotional connection that made everything that much
better. I was determined to make it a good ride and for both of us to enjoy it.

We kissed while his hands were at my waist. I was riding him hard now and smiled hearing my hard cock slap
against his stomach. He broke the kiss and started nibbling on my neck. I glanced over my shoulder and saw
Colt entering Kris on the other couch. It was clear to see that what I felt with Corey they felt with each
other and they began to make love.  

I tired a little so Corey took over, planting his feet on the ground and thrusting up into me. He me gave
his cock hard and steady while I was moaning. We were both breathing so hard yet I could feel the passion
between us. I clung to him and held him close. He made me feel so good. 

He lifted me up and moved me to my back on the couch with his cock deep inside of me. My legs wrapped
around his waist.

“OOO fuck me Corey! Fuck me!” I yelled.

“I love fucking your hot ass!”

I started pushing up while my arms were around his neck. We kissed passionately with Corey very deep
inside of me, stretching my hole. His dick filled me completely and I felt like a missing piece of me was
being slotted back where it belongs.

He fucked me faster and faster, “Happy…” he said while I felt his cock pulsating in me, “Valentine’s Day,

“Fuck yeah, Corey! Fill my ass up!” I yelled and could feel him still throbbing inside of me. “Happy
Valentine’s Day.”

We stayed together as his dick unloaded inside me. Corey moved slightly with his dick still inside me and
started stroking my hard cock as we glanced over so see Colt driving his dick into Kris’s ass pretty hard.
His thrusts seemed desperate and Corey almost matched the pace as he jerked me off.

Colt screamed and pushed in to Kris very hard, burying himself completely as he began to unload. 
“Fuck yeah, bro!” Kris yelled.

“Take my cum!” Colt said as my own dick erupted in Corey’s hand. 

“Good way to start Valentine’s Day, huh?” I asked.

“It was with your drunk ass,” Kris replied.

“Guys, it was all an act,” Corey said, pulling out of me. “Seriously do you think I’d let Matt continue if it

Colt pulled out of Kris. “Really? You had my ass fooled.”

“I did it for Kris more than anything,” I said. “I was a little drunk but I knew what was going on. It was
this deviant plan I had to really make it an occasion we’d remember.”

“Bro, thanks! Tonight was fucking awesome as it was. At first, I wasn’t happy with us just going to one
place…” Kris said.

“I think it worked out even better,” Colt said. “That place was a blast.”

“It sure was,” Corey said.

“I agree. So I had you fooled?” I asked.

“You had me,” Kris said. “Do it again.”

“I might just do that some time. Now I think we should get cleaned up,” I said.

“It was a hell of a way to start Valentine’s Day,” Corey said.

We separated and went to get cleaned up. It was about 3:30 before my eyes finally closed that night.

I woke just before 11, meaning I’d missed my first class. I knew that neither had much going on so the day
was perfect for missing. I got up and made breakfast for Corey and me. I hated waking him up but he smiled
seeing me holding plates of food. I got in bed and enjoyed sharing my breakfast with him.

“Matt, no matter how hard you try, I won’t forget our first Valentine’s together…”

“I won’t either. That was surely magical.”

“It was. I love you so much!”

“I love you too!”

We finished eating before giving our gifts to each other. We laughed seeing we had bought each other sexy
underwear. However, it wasn’t something I disliked. It did give us a chance to model them for each other. 

We got up and heard Kris and Colt moving around. We came out and saw Colt holding his pair of underwear,
while Kris had a big box of chocolates. 

“Colt, what the hell?” Corey asked.

“I couldn’t think of anything else. Damn, those shades cost me a fortune,” Colt said.

“Maybe I can wear them to cover up my black eye,” I said.

“You can sure do that,” Kris laughed. “Damn, it really is black today.”

“I noticed it earlier in the mirror,” I said.

It was a very nice and quiet Valentine’s Day since none of us were feeling that hot after a great night for
Kris’s birthday. Together we cooked a nice meal for dinner and enjoyed it together with only a few scented
candles as our light.

I was sure glad all the birthdays were now over with. Now it was time to save a little money before our
spring break trip. 


I hope you enjoyed the last of their birthdays.  I tried my best to make them a little different.  I still
appreciate all your support and kind words.  I love getting emails telling me how you are attached to the

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