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“Really? Shawn said it was Alex’s car that got hit?” I said.

“Yeah, he said it was bad. He said they were taking him to University Hospital,” Scott replied.

There was complete silence. “So?” Colt spoke up. “He pissed all over us.”

“That’s what I was thinking too,” Scott said. “I guess we’ll wait and hear how it turns out.”

Kris began pacing a little before Colt stopped him. “Fuck it, bros. Here’s our chance to show him
we’re big boys.”

“You wanna go see how he’s doing?” Corey asked.

“I do. Yeah, he did piss all over us, but if we go see him and things are still the same then we can
say we went and forget about him. I’m worried about him though. Y’all know how I hate fucking wrecks.
It can scar you for life. I’ll probably have a nightmare tonight about it. I’ll go alone if no one
else is, just so I can have a clear mind,” Kris replied.

“It is our chance to clear the air once and for all,” I said.

“We’re fucking letting him win!” Colt said loudly.

“It’s not about winning or losing now, bro. There’s a life involved. I know things haven’t been good
with him lately, but hell, he was my friend at one time,” Kris said.

“There are a lot of people that were your friend that didn’t fucking diss you once they knew you were
bi. I don’t wanna go,” Colt said and showed his stubborn side.

“I’m torn right now,” Corey said with his arm around me. “I see Colt’s point and I also see Kris’s
point. He and Bishop did act like we didn’t exist and now this could be our chance to do the same to

“That shit was petty. Alex could be at that hospital on his death bed for all we know. I don’t want
things to end without saying I gave it a valiant effort,” Kris argued.

“I’m with Corey and see both sides,” Scott said.

“We don’t have to ask Matt. I know what side he’s on,” Colt said.

“It’s not about that, Colt. I see your side, but I feel like we would be showing them we’re better
than him or Bishop,” I said.

“See, you’re taking Kris’s side,” Colt said.

“Either we’re all going together or we’re not. You know my position on this,” Kris said.

“You know mine too,” Colt said.

“So much for a quiet night,” Corey stated. “Are we going to stand here all night and argue about this
or what?”

Scott released a big sigh, “Let’s go and see what happened. We probably can’t see him anyway.”

“Damn, I give then,” Colt said with great disappointment. “If this turns out to be a disaster then
don’t dare blame me.”

“We won’t,” Kris said and kissed him.

We threw on our coats and grabbed our things, with Kris wanting to drive. It was still rather chilly
out but it had warmed up considering Wednesday we had ice.

As Kris was driving, it hit me. “This is scary, but do you remember last year at this exact same

“Ummm… no bro, why?” Kris asked.

“Damn, is that the weekend your dad came to this hospital?” Colt asked.

“Yeah it was,” Corey said. “We missed the trip because of it.”

“I didn’t remember either until thinking back about the hospital. Dad died there,” I stated and felt
Corey put his big arm around me.

“Bro, we’ll make it,” Kris said.

We found a parking space and waited for Scott to park. Shawn got out and began describing the wreck.
“I drove up and immediately knew it was Alex’s car. Honestly, I’m shocked it didn’t kill him. The
entire driver’s side was smashed all to living hell. I think Bishop and maybe Elise was in there with

“Bro, so it was just one car?” Kris asked.

“No, I’m sorry. Some other truck hit him. Either he ran a stop sign or that truck did. It tore that
truck up, but I think that girl was okay,” Shawn replied.

“Only here would a girl be driving a truck,” I laughed.

We went inside and didn’t need to ask where the emergency room was. The six of us made the walk. I
still remember doing the same coming here to see Dad. It was eerie doing it again. Kris walked to the
desk and asked about Alex.   He came back white as a sheet but tried to be so strong.  He put his big
arm around me before we walked down the hall.

“Flashbacks are hell,” Kris said.

“That they are,” I stated.

We took a seat in the waiting room.   Kris sat down and took a deep breath. I looked up and saw a
bandaged Bishop walking towards us. He had a bandage across his right forearm and looked shaken up.
Kris stood quickly seeing him and greeted him. “Bro, are you okay?”

“I am, but I’m worried about Alex,” Bishop replied. “He was knocked out by the wreck.”

“So you are okay?” I asked.

“I’m fine, but I’m sure glad to see y’all,” Bishop replied. “Guys, let me be the first to offer my
most sincere apologies to each and every one of you. We fucked up.”

“Sit down, bro,” Kris said.

Bishop sat between us while we gathered around to listen. “Alex and I were just talking last week
about how we needed to come over and patch things up. Yeah, Alex was pissed, and I was too, because I
felt like Kris and Colt had being lying to us the entire time. I got to thinking about it and
realized things just happen you have no control over. Worse was we tore apart one hell of a group of
guys who had to pick sides. Alex is so bull-headed about things and hates to say he’s sorry.”

“It’s cool, but you could have done this a lot sooner,” Scott said.

“I know we could have. Also it wasn’t all Kris and Colt’s fault. Just about that time Alex discovered
Elise was messing around on him. Add that to things and you see why he wasn’t happy. Then Dad started
talking about buying a house for us since he always said paying rent is throwing your money away.”

“It is, but what can we do?” Corey asked.

“I know. I was just saying that. Guys, I see now who our true friends are. When I saw you I felt so
bad that it took this horrible accident to bring us together,” Bishop stated. “I’m sorry for all the
trouble and hardship I’ve caused, plus I hear we’ve missed two great parties.”

“Bro, you have. I accept your apology. Things happen, but I’m worried about Alex now,” Kris said.

“I am too,” Bishop said.

We saw Elise coming into the room. The look on her face when she saw all of us was priceless. She
didn’t know what to think. Kris stood and gave her a big hug.

“Man, Alex will be shocked to know y’all are here,” she said.

“So how is he?” Shawn asked.

“I think we dodged a major bullet by what the doctors just told me. He has a punctured lung, broken
ribs and broken left arm. It could have been so much worse,” she said and started sobbing a little.

“Thank goodness, he’ll be okay,” Scott said.

“Yeah,” Kris said. “Do you know if there’s any way we could see him?”

“I don’t know about tonight, but I’ll check,” she said and wiped her face. “Guys, I’m sorry but I’m
the main cause of why you were torn apart. If anything, blame me.”

“I told them,” Bishop said.

We sat around for a little while longer before deciding to leave once it was clear we wouldn’t be
able to see Alex tonight.

As soon as we left, Colt said, “Man, I smelled complete bullshit in there. Alright, I get you are
pissed at your girlfriend for fucking around on you, but you could have manned up and come over to
say you’re sorry. I’m not talking about just Alex either. Bishop tagging along and going with that
shit was just as bad.”

“Bro, this time I’m with you. I did the same thing, but I got over it,” Kris said.

“You could call, text or something,” Shawn said. “It was pure fucking bullshit if you ask me. To make
matters worse, they treated all of us the same.”

“Yeah, they still held a grudge against us for way too long,” I said. “I’m glad Alex is okay.”

“Me too, but what a lame excuse we were given. I think Bishop didn’t want to upset Alex so he didn’t
come over and apologize. I actually think he’s fine with all of us…” Corey said.

“Hey now,” Shawn said.

“You know what I meant,” Corey said.

“It’s just a crying shame something like this has to happen for them to apologize,” Scott stated as
we exited the hospital. “Now they can say we did come to see how Alex was doing. That should stand
for something.”

We decided to go grab a bite and asked if Shawn and Scott were interested. They said they’d come
along and didn’t want to miss us hashing out this event. 

We were seated at a local restaurant where we’d been a few times. All of us but Scott and Kris
ordered a beer to drink while we debated what was said to us earlier.

The moment the beer was placed in front of us, Kris started looked at them and shaking his growing
blond hair.

“Damn, this tastes so good,” Colt said after taking a drink and putting down the mug.

“Oh man, it does,” Shawn said and was about to break out laughing.

“Stop it right now before I leave your ass here,” Kris said. “I knew this was gonna happen. It sucks
being the only one not legal.”

“Just a few more days, Kris,” I stated.

“I’m counting the hours…” Kris said.

“Like we didn’t know that already,” Scott laughed.

We ordered something to eat and began talking about what Bishop and Elise had said. After a few
minutes I spoke up, “Okay, I’ve heard enough. All it’s gonna do is make us that much madder. I
suggest we talk about something better.”

“Like our trip,” Corey said. “It can’t get here soon enough for me.”

“Me either,” Scott said. “It’s like they’ve pushed down the gas pedal and are slamming us with shit
to do.”

“Yeah, but it’s just part of being a student,” I said. “I hate that I don’t have as much free time as
I was used to. It does make the weekends that much sweeter and really will make our cruise a real

“For sure, bro,” Kris said.

We ate and continued to enjoy being around each other. It was great sitting around and being like
most regular college students. About midnight, we left and paid our bill with no one having over 2

We entered our apartment with Shawn and Scott saying goodbye as we did so. Kris undressed before the
door was hardly shut. Colt followed suit, then Corey. I dropped mine not to be left out. We used the
bathroom and returned to sit with our boyfriends.

“Bros, tonight was the reason I came to college. Nothing beats sitting around with my best buddies
and shooting the shit. I know I wasn’t drinking but damn that was great,” Kris stated with his arm
around Colt.

“We envisioned that scene right there when we came 2 and half years ago, friends out having a good
time and being around each other. I feel bad for those who don’t enjoy that,” Corey said.

“It was awesome,” Colt said.

“Kris, speak up now if there’s anything you really want for your birthday,” I said.

“Bro, I have all I want right here. I have a fucking great boyfriend who I love to death. He’s made
me so happy,” Kris stated.

“Okay then,” Corey said and yawned. I knew his signal so I stood and took his hand. I led him to our
bedroom while Kris and Colt didn’t move.

Corey and I had one great night. It was great to make love to him in our bed. Even though some would
think it was boring to have sex in the same place all the time, it was where we were the most relaxed
and could enjoy our togetherness to its fullest. 

After the bliss had evaporated, we lay together. 

“Corey, I really think we should have just a small party for Kris this weekend. I think he could be
disappointed if we didn’t.”

“Well… you’re probably right. It sucks we’re blowing through cash like we have, but I know he would
be a little disappointed seeing the three of us have big bashes.”

“Maybe we can surprise him tomorrow night and just have a few friends here. We are planning a big
night Monday, so I was thinking like a cake…”

“Sounds like a plan. Do we need a theme?”

I thought just a second. “I would say naked party, but we’ve done that.”

“We have.”

“How about just telling people to wear towels or like a robe?” I asked. “I know it’s really lame.”

“It is,” Corey laughed. “We’ve about done everything else we can think of so I guess a towel party
would be fine if not cheesy as hell.”

“I wish it could be something more.”

“I know you do, but it seems to work out,” Corey said. “Goodnight. I love you.”

I turned and kissed him goodnight, along with repeating I love him. My mind was clicking, trying to
think of something better, while Corey’s arm was draped over my side.

Waking on Saturday, Corey was not at my side and had gone off to work. Even after a good night’s
rest, nothing had come to me during my sleep. After using the bathroom and getting my hair to look
half decent, I exited and was in great luck to see Colt sitting alone on the couch.

“Wassup?” he asked.

“Nothing,” I replied. “Is Kris awake yet?”

Colt laughed, “No, I was up early for some damn reason.”

“Sorry to hear that, but I was thinking about having a small surprise party for Kris,” I said

“I was wondering if we were just going out Monday and saying it was good.”

“How does a towel party sound?” I asked.

He laughed, “We could use some new towels for damn sure.”

“No, I meant like have everyone wearing towels,” I said.

“Oh I see. How about just naked? You know we’ll lose those towels.”

“I’m aware of that, but maybe there could be some uncomfortable with that, plus we’ve done that.”

“It’s fucking lame…”

“I know that, but can you give me a better idea?”

He scratched his chin, “I can’t.”

“Okay. I’ll invite a few over while knowing some may have plans. I need you to take Kris on a date. I
want you to text me when you’re finished so I’ll know about the time so it can be just Corey and me

“I think I can do that.”

I told him we’d just have a cake, even though it was a few days early. Colt suggested we have people
bring drinks as their gifts, which I completely agreed with. 

I milled around for a while before sending out emails to those I thought might come. There wouldn’t
be anyone special on this short notice. Just after I sent them, Scott called and said his brother and
his brother’s boyfriend had just called to ask if he could stay with him for the night. I said Trevor
was more than welcome to come and might really enjoy the party.


Our apartment was filled with great response from my email. Some came, like Ted in his towel that
cracked us up when paired with his shower cap and flip flops. Kris and Colt were gone to see a movie,
which surprisingly didn’t take much effort by Colt to convince him to go. Trevor was there with his
boyfriend, Danny. Both were seniors and really didn’t know what to expect. Scott should be proud of
both since they said they didn’t drink. They were astonished and excited to see many practically
naked fine male bodies.

“Hey, did you guys see that Whitney Houston died?” Dillon asked as we were waiting.

“What did she do, overdose?” Corey asked.

“Tell me y’all saw that,” Ted said.

“I guess we missed it,” I said.

“I know some guys that need to get with the times. Even I have a Twitter account,” Ted laughed.

“Me too. That shit’s the bomb,” Dillon said.

“I have one but I haven’t used it twice,” I said.

“You need to. It beats the hell out of Facebook,” Ted said.

I turned on the TV and sure enough the news channels were all about Whitney Houston’s death. The
funny part was Trevor asking who Whitney Houston really was. We had to explain to him about her,
though I wasn’t a big fan but did respect her music.

At 9:20, Colt sent me a text saying they’d be there in 15 minutes. Just before the time neared, we
had everyone separate into our bedrooms. Still uncertain how it’d play out, we waited and heard Kris
and Colt opening the door. 

“How was it?” I asked sitting normally with Corey.

“It was okay I guess, but damn it’s expensive,” Colt said.

“Naturally you’d say that shit,” Kris said. “Where is everyone tonight? I figured at least someone
would be here.”

I stood, “Oh everyone had something to do.”

“Surprise!” echoed throughout our apartment with people coming out of every bedroom. 

Kris spun around with the biggest smile on his face. WHAM! I began seeing stars and reached for my
eye. Kris had nailed me good with his wild swinging elbows, trying to see everyone coming out of the
bedrooms. My face was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“Oh shit, bro!” Kris said. “I’m sorry!”

Corey reached for me, “Kris, you caught him good with an elbow.”

“Let me see,” Myles said.

I removed my hand and had a little blurry vision for a second. I shook my head. 

“That’s gonna leave a mark,” Bruce laughed.

“Wow! Thanks for coming, but what’s with everyone in a towel?” Kris asked.

“Tell me a better idea,” Colt said.

“Ummm… I guess you’re right,” Kris said. “No doubt the guy I just decked had a hand in this.”

“He did,” Corey said and helped me to the kitchen. I started hearing every remedy in the book to not
have a big fat shiner, but it was a given I would. I turned and saw Kris and Colt naked while Scott
handed them a towel.

Shawn came and grabbed some beer we had stored in the fridge. He handed me one and said to put it on
my eye to reduce the swelling, while also taking two for Kris and Colt. The attention was coming my
way instead of Kris, which I wasn’t fond of.

“Were you surprised?” Dillon asked Kris.

“Well yeah. I really wasn’t expecting a party,” Kris said while Corey and I stood in the kitchen.

“He’s lying out his ass,” Colt said.

“Bro, I’m not,” Kris said with a ragged towel tied loosely around his waist. “I knew we were going
out Monday and that’s all I expected. However, this is fucking awesome.”

I left the kitchen area and headed to my bedroom. Looking in our mirror, there was a definite red
area that would turn into a nice bruise. It was time to suck it up and forget the accidental hit.
Corey and I grabbed our towels while I got my camera.

Kris cracked our door, “Bro, are you okay?”

“I’m good,” I said and started to chuckle a little. “You caught me good but it’s not going to ruin
your night.”

“Okay then,” Kris said and held the door open. 

As I was coming out, Ted and Myles posed for a great picture for me. The sight of those two jock
bodies never got old. They were both so hot in different ways and I saw many people admiring them in
the little time they had been here, even some of the straight guys, though that was more a look of
envy than one of lust.

“Matt, I’ve barely seen you lately,” Ted said after I took their picture.

“I’ve barely seen anyone,” I commented.

“You need to get out more and live,” Ted said.

“Find my professors and tell them to ease up a little so I can,” I said.

“Oh I see. Here I thought maybe you were just being scarce. It sucks having to study all the time…”

“It’ll make next month that much sweeter,” I said.

Ted looked at me and then smiled. “Boy, won’t it? I think just about everyone who’s going is here.”

I looked around and saw it was our cruising party, with the exception of Bruce and Aaron, with Grady
absent due to having a date already. “I think it is.”

“What a great time we’ll have,” Ted said. “Matt, we need get a few in ya to loosen your ass up just a

I smiled and headed over to take some more pictures. I found Trevor and Danny to take a quick picture
of them. Trevor was getting tall and looked nice, but a tad skinny, though nothing compared to his
frail boyfriend. Danny had dark blond hair that was kinda long. They made a cute couple posing with
their arms around each other.

“Are you having a good time?” I asked.

Trevor leaned over to me, “This is a gay boy’s paradise. Danny just said he thought he’d died and
gone to heaven.”

“Thank goodness I wore tight underwear tonight,” Danny said with a big smile.

I laughed and turned to see Ted standing there with a beer for me. I shook my head and took the
offering. “They remind me so much of Reese last year,” Ted said.

“A little.”

“Just wait ‘til they get away from their mommies. Then all hell breaks loose,” Ted stated.

“It happens. Reese is enjoying college…”

“Too it’s fullest,” Ted laughed.

I milled around in our crowded apartment and took more pictures as part of my large collection of
college memories. Colt pulled me aside and asked when we were pulling out the cake. I said now was as
good of time as any. 

Colt walked over and got the cake. He cleared his throat loudly while I lit the big ‘21’ candles
adorning the top of it. 

“We know this is a little premature,” Colt said.

“Hell of lot better than premature ejaculation,” Aaron said and got a big laugh from us.

“I guess it is…” Colt said.

“There’s something Colt don’t know shit about,” Kris said laughing.

Everyone hooted and hollered at the comment. We sang “Happy Birthday” to Kris. I took a picture of
him holding up his cake with Corey and Colt on each side. I cut the cake and handed the first piece
of the fresh chocolate birthday cake to Kris. He took the piece and bolted for a bedroom. While he
was trying to escape, Colt grabbed his towel and was left holding it while Kris shut the door.

“Dude, Kris is the last person here that doesn’t give a fuck if he’s naked,” Shawn stated.

“Amen,” Ethan added.

Kris slyly opened the door and held out his empty plate. I cut a small piece and hid it behind my
back. “You fuckers weren’t pulling that shit on me like you did Colt and Corey. I knew what was
coming,” Kris said.

I walked over quietly and rammed the small piece in his face. “That’s for the elbow,” I said
laughing. Everyone cheered and laughed at my clever antics.

For a small piece, it did a great job of covering his nose and eyes. “Okay, we’re even now, but you
know the elbow was an accident.”

“Then the cake in the face was too,” Corey laughed.

Kris wiped his face and did his best to get some on me. He leaned over and asked me, “Where are my
gifts hiding?”

I laughed, “Well, they are coming on your birthday. However… they did bring us enough to drink for a
long time.”

“Bro, that’s cool with me,” Kris said and left to hang out with everyone else in our crowded

When I turned around, Shawn was handing me a stiff drink. I took and enjoyed the screwdriver he had
made. The place was loud, but not so loud that it would cause us undue attention or was anything out
of the ordinary for us.

After a few more drinks in people, it became a game of who could rip off each other’s towels. Seeing
it was pretty funny, I grabbed my camcorder to film some of the fun and to make use of it. I really
hadn’t used it that much but now was a good time to do so. Kris did his best to get Trevor and Danny
involved in the fun, but it was to no avail after they discovered both were wearing underwear. 

About one or so, our apartment started thinning out. Scott and his crew were the first to go. We were
down to our four plus Ted, Myles, Bruce and Aaron. Now all of us had lost our towels, but it wasn’t a
big deal. I was buzzing hard and was lucky to still be there after it was their goal to get me

“Kris, were you really surprised or did you just say that to make your roomies feel good?” Aaron

“Bro, I actually was,” Kris replied.

“You could tell, and Matt has the evidence to show for it,” Ted said with legs spread wide and not

“I didn’t fucking mean to hit him,” Kris said.

“We know,” I said.

“Kris, I’ll tell you what. Monday, I’ll be happy to be one of the drivers for y’all,” Ted said.

“I guess I can be too,” Myles said.

“Yeah dude, you never fucking drink. How do you stand it?” Bruce asked.

Myles shrugged his bare shoulders, “I’m used it to it now. It beats the hell out of sitting at the

“Myles has never drunk,” Colt said.

“Why dude?” Aaron asked.

“For one I don’t like the taste of it now. I used to party like everyone else, but to me it’s not
worth the hangovers that you have,” Myles said.

“That’s cool, bro,” Kris said. “Hangovers fucking suck!”

“They do. A lot of people think I’m religious and that’s the reason. Hey, like tonight, it’s great
that y’all enjoy it. I had a blast just watching…” Myles said.

“He always does,” Ted said. “He’s been a great friend, as all y’all have been to me. I’d hate to
think what my college experience would have been like if I hadn’t met y’all.”

“That’s why you’re staying?” Bruce said.

“Nah dude. I’m just not quite ready,” Ted said.

“He will be after we work his sorry ass off this spring,” Colt said, holding up a beer.

“Damn right I will be,” Ted said.

“Dude, is it hard being… like… the man?” Aaron asked.

“Bro, Ted’s just one of us. You should know that shit by now,” Kris said.

“Still dude, Ted’s a fucking big time player. Next year about this time we’ll be seeing his ass at
the combine,” Bruce said. “Damn, I can finally say I know a real pro player.”

Ted laughed, “I hope you can, Bruce.”

“Stop talking about that shit. He hates it,” Colt said.

“I’ll just say this. I’m so ready for our cruise…” Ted said.

“Join the crowd,” I said.

We talked for a short while longer before our friends headed out the door. It was a quick pick up of
the trash before Kris gathered us around.

“I have the best fucking roommates ever, but I already knew that. The best part is now one of them is
my boyfriend,” Kris said, standing naked.

“I love you, Kris,” Colt said and kissed him. “Take me to our room and just fuck the shit out of me.”

“No bro, I’ll show you how much I love you,” Kris said.

Kris kissed Corey and me before heading off to be with Colt. Corey took my hand and led us to our

I smiled, “I echo just what Colt said. Take me to our room and fuck the shit out of me.”

Corey kissed me, “I was planning on that.”

To Be Continued…

Hope you weren't too disappointed in the outcome of the cliffhanger.   There's one more chapter
before the story skips forward a little bit.


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