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Ding! Ding! Was the sound of my phone waking me up while I was sleeping here on Wednesday.  I rolled
over and glanced my phone. ‘All classes cancelled for Wednesday.’  Going to bed that night we knew
there was a chance of our first wintery weather of the year.

“What the hell was that?” Colt asked barely awake.

“My phone saying no classes,” I replied.  “That means we can sleep in.”

“Good,” Colt said and threw the sheet and blanket back over his naked body.

I spooned up behind him and put my arm under his. “I love you,” I whispered.

“I love you too now let me go back to sleep,” he said.

I held him tightly feeling my body against his body.  It was nice and warm against his naked body thus
making falling back to sleep so easy.

Maybe two or so hours later, I woke and must have waked Colt up as well untangling from our sleep.  He
turned and kissed me softly. 

“Let’s go see how much snow we got,” I said and now was eager to see the snow we got so we could play
in it.

Colt smiled and pulled me from his bed where we had slept.  We exited his room and saw Matt sitting on
the couch naked with a cup of coffee next to him and his computer in his lap.  Colt and I walked and
opened the door.

“Fuck!” I screamed seeing nothing but ice and maybe a little snow.

“So much for us messing around out there today,” Colt said, peering over my shoulder.  I shut the door
since it was cold and causing my dick to shrink.

“All we got was ice.  I hear some of the campus is without power,” Matt said with Corey coming out of
their room.

“Remember last year when we were without power in our room,” I said. “That really sucked.”

“It did but having the day off is nice,” Corey stated.

“It is,” Matt said. “I need it.”

“So how long is this shit staying?” I asked.

“They are saying maybe just today but getting power restored is a different matter,” Matt replied.

“Good as long as it is gone by this weekend and especially Monday,” I said.

Colt put his arm around me, “Are you expecting a party this weekend?”

“No, I know we’ve got a big night planned Monday,” I replied.  “I just don’t want my weekend fucked
up.  Now, are we all ditching class next Tuesday?”

“Probably,” Corey replied.

“We’ll see how it goes,” Matt said.

“No probably to it.  I know my ass is since I have a feeling I won’t feel like going,” Colt said.

“Awesome,” I said.  “Hey Matt have you heard from the newlyweds yet?”

He smiled, “I talked to Mom last night and they had a short and sweet honeymoon.”

“I bet ole Linda couldn’t walk Sunday morning,” I joked.

“Kris, I don’t want that thought in my damn head.  Imagine one of us saying that about Walt and
Jenny,” Matt said.

“Or worse my Mom and Larry,” Corey laughed.

“Bros, it’s a fact of life.  You know your ass will still be fucking like dogs when we’re in our
forties,” I stated.

“Are you kidding me?” Matt yelled.  “The cable just went out.  Start the fireplace in case the power
is next.”

“It’ll go out too, right?” Corey asked.

“I don’t think so since it is gas,” Colt replied and moved to start the fireplace. 

Just as Colt was seated next to me, the power went off. 

“Great!” Corey yelled. “It’ll make for one suck ass day.”

“It will,” Colt said. “I’m glad Matt said start the fireplace.”

“Oh just imagine the four of us sleeping in front of it tonight.  That’ll be some romantic shit,” I

“I’m going to throw on some clothes before it gets cold in here,” Matt stated and stood.

“Matt, you’re such a pussy sometimes,” Colt said.

“What the fuck?” Corey asked.

“I was stating the facts,” Colt said.

“He’s cold natured,” Corey said while Matt continued on to his room.

“He is but he can be a pussy at times,” I said.

“We weren’t but just stating the facts,” Colt replied. “Why get your panties in a wad over the truth?”

“Alright, just stop it right here and now before we blow things out of proportion here over stupid
shit,” I said with Matt returning in some fleece pants and a tee. 

“I’m sorry,” Colt said. “I’ll keep my mouth shut in the future.”

“I’m too,” Corey said and threw his arm around Matt. “I got defensive over that comment.  I was taking
Matt’s back.”

“It is the truth,” Matt said. “I’ll admit I’m a pussy boy at times.”

I snickered, “Corey’s pussy boy.”

“Not much lately,” Corey stated.

“So that’s the problem!” Colt exclaimed.  “You and Matt aren’t having sex every night now.”

Matt lifted his hand, “That would be my fault.  I’ve just been studying and hammered with projects so

“I’ve noticed that,” I said. “Matt, take Corey in that bedroom and satisfy his need for your big dick. 
I think he’s missing it.”

“You want to?” Corey turned to Matt and asked.

“Fuck yeah!” Matt said and stood. 

“Y’all enjoy the day and make up for lost time,” I said.

“We will,” Corey said.   They disappeared into their bedroom.

“Say what you want but Matt’s one horny motherfucker,” Colt said.

“He’s not alone in this apartment.  I had a feeling those two hadn’t been together much.  Matt said so
last night when we were running.  Speaking of last night, didn’t we suck?”

“We did.  It wasn’t just one of us but the whole fucking team,” Colt commented about our loss last

“It was a full fucked up team effort.  Do you wanna get dressed and see what Bruce and them are doing? 
We can let Matt and Corey be alone.”

“Okay,” Colt said.

We dressed in some warm ragged clothes which were a big part of my clothes while the power returned
much to Matt’s happiness.  I didn’t feel the need or want to dress up like some people did here on
campus.  My goal was to be comfortable in what I wore and look pretty good for Colt.  He dressed the
same so it suited him just fine.  We were alike in that regard.

Stepping out into the cold, we walked out and found the sidewalks to be slippery.  We watched out step
until Colt’s arm went in every direction until he caught his balance.  My laughter rang out while he
did his best to get me off balance.

We knocked at Bruce’s door and waited.  Aaron came to the door in his shorts and white wife beater to
welcome us in.  Naturally they asked if we were bored which we were.   Then came the talk about last
night’s loss.

“Kris, I know you and Scott are tight but dude you really need to let that white boy grab a seat,”
Grady said.

“I know and he did.  He knew last night wasn’t his night but he wasn’t alone out there,” I stated.

“We all sucked,” Bruce said.  “We couldn’t buy a fucking basket.”

“Just face it, guys.  They were better than us,” Aaron said.

“I have to disagree.  Everyone had a bad night at the same time.  We can all admit that,” Colt said.

“I sure did,” Grady said throwing his big ass bare feet on the coffee table. 

“I will say one thing.  Kris, you said you wanted to be a coach and you damn sure should be.  You
already have that look about you,” Bruce stated.

Everyone laughed.  I agreed more than anyone but enjoyed taking the game seriously.  At times, it may
be overkill but the leadership was needed.  Being a leader was always my forte rather than being a
follower.  Of course there were fuck ups but that came with stepping out front. 

We enjoyed hanging with these guys since it was such a change.   Even though Colt and I were dating,
it was great to be around macho straight guys.  Sure Matt and Corey didn’t act gay but it was a
different atmosphere and feeling being around these guys.  It was nothing to hear a belch or even pass
Colt and I returned to find Matt and Corey cuddled together closely naked on the couch.

“I think two men enjoyed their time,” I commented and could see the joy they were experiencing.”

“I know I sure did but I always enjoy my time with my boyfriend,” Corey stated and kissed him.

“Me too,” Matt said. “It gave us time to reflect on things as well. Our sex life is highly important
as it is to you two.  We have proven we won’t die if we don’t have sex every night.  I’ve been so
wrapped up in my studies that I was so tired by the time I get to bed.”

We talked a while before Matt and Corey did dress.  After eating, we separated and used the night for
studying.   Colt and I called it an early night with plans to enjoy each other and not feel rushed.  

We entered his bedroom since mine was a wreck about 11 this Wednesday with full expectations of
classes the next day.  We were naked and jumped on his bed to begin our night.  I loved seeing the
smile on his cute face before we started.  My arms went around his neck as his arms went around my
waist.  Our lips meet and began smacking.  Our hands were moving and feeling all over each other’s
hard muscular bodies.

Colt broke the long passionate kiss and looked at me, “Damn, I love how affectionate we can be.  It is
just so easy to love on you.  I used to be so nervous…”

“I know what you mean, bro.  I’m so glad we are together.  I’m starting to think maybe I could spend
my life with you.”

“I know I could,” he said and kissed me.   Our tongue extended to kiss before we were biting and
pulling on each other’s lower lips.  His hand traversed down my body until finding my dick.  The
moment he grabbed it became rock hard.   He broke the kiss and went straight to licking my dick.  His
wet tongue felt great and got me so ready to have fucking great sex with his hot ass.  It didn’t take
much to get me ready.   He licked my balls before taking the head in his mouth.  He was awesome at
using his tongue while giving me head.  I loved to just relax and enjoy the pure ecstasy of having him
down on me. 

“Oh suck my fucking dick, bro.  Suck it,” I moaned.  “Oh yessss, suck that dick!”

His head was turning as he plunged down on my dick.  I was so fucking hard and just totally lost in
him.   He stopped and kissed my abs before finding my mouth.  There was a hint of my dick on his
breath while we kissed. 

I broke the kiss and wanted to suck his hot dick like he had done mine.  I kissed his hard pecs and
sucked on his small nipples while my hand stroked his dick.  My tongue went all the defined ridges of
his abs before reaching the tip of his dick.  My tongue licked it all over before the tip slid between
my lips.

I used to have hangups about having a dick in my mouth but now I rather enjoyed sucking one.  I love
the distinct taste, texture and smell of every inch of my boyfriend’s tool. 

“It feels so fucking good, dude!  Damn, work my fucking dick over,” Colt said with his hands on my

It didn’t take much encouragement to work his dick over.  My tongue did its best to thrill him while
I’d pull over and run my lips all over it.  My mouth would cover and prepare to take it all.  My nose
could smell his scent with my mouth filled with his throbbing dick.  I pulled back and rammed a finger
in his hot little fuck hole.  He gasped while I returned to sucking his dick and fingering him. 

“Kris, just fuck me!  I want that dick in me!” Colt screamed after I’d been working his ass over.

I pulled off but kept two fingers in him.  “You want my fucking dick, huh?  How bad do you want it?”

“I want it in the worst fucking way.  I need your dick fucking my ass now!”

“Beg for this hot motherfucker in your ass!” I yelled holding my hard dick.

“Just fuck me! Fuck me like a motherfucking whore!” he begged.

I leaned over and kissed him.  I grabbed the lube that was nearby to fuck him.  He poured some on his
hand and rubbed it on my dick before I lube up his ass. 

We decided to try a new position, scissors.  Colt moved down away from me and threw one leg over mine
and the other between mine.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to like it not seeing his face while we
fucked.   He moved back while I moved up.  The tip was at his hole.  I pushed forward and felt my dick
slip in his ass.  He let out a soft moan being penetrated. 

It took a minute to get the hang of it but once we did it was fucking hot.  My dick felt so good
sliding in and out of his ass.  Then, my mind started wondering elsewhere like never before.  I tried
to return but couldn’t. 

I pulled back, “Colt, I’m sorry.”

“What the fuck?”

“I’m sorry.  Please… come hold me.”

He looked at me before he moved next to me.  “Is this the end?”

“No… I… I was thinking about Nathan and got lost in that,” I replied.

He leaned over and kissed me.  “I knew something was wrong.”

“Bro, I was there fucking you and remembered the time I heard him and Derek fucking.  At the time, I
didn’t fully understand it.”

“You were what age?”

“I think about 13,” I replied.  “Why fucking now of all times to lose my mojo?”

“It’s cool, Kris.  We can just jack each other off,” Colt said.

“Okay,” I said and kissed him.  “I did remember something he said.  He said he always wanted a tattoo
saying ‘I will overcome’.”

“That’d be fucking hot.”

“I know.  Right here on my side,” I said and pointed. “He wanted it across his chest but I don’t wanna
do that.”

“I agree.  So tell me you heard them fucking?” Colt asked and grabbed my dick.

“Bro, I did.  The first time I heard his bed squeaking I didn’t know what the hell was going on…” I
said and was stroking Colt’s hot dick.

“Nathan was getting him some ass or was he getting fucked?”

“I think he was a top but I don’t know for sure.  He did tell me all about sex with a guy.  At the
time, I thought it was nasty.”

“Now you think it is the shit.”

“Hell yeah, I do.  Can you imagine if he was still with us me and him tag teaming your fucking ass?”

“I’d fucking love it,” Colt said and leaned to kiss while we were stroking each other. “If Chase was
bi, would you let us tag team your ass?”

“Fuck yeah I would in a heartbeat,” I replied. “I bet Chase is a great fuck.”

“I guess,” Colt said. “I know Nathan was a great fuck.”

“OOOO damn, I’m about to cum,” I said.  Colt leaned over and stroked me faster.  I let out a groan and
plastered his face with a big nut.

“Goddamn,” Colt said with his face covered.  “Thinking about that shit really got you off.”

“I guess it did,” I said and starting lick my cum from his face.  I moved down and sucked his dick
hoping he’d cum soon.

In a minute or so of intense sucking, he screamed, “OOOO fuck!”  His legs straighten out with his toes
sticking straight in the air.  His dick began throbbing and filling my mouth with cum.  

I pulled off and had just a little left to share with him.  I snowballed it with him while we enjoyed
a passionate kiss.  I stopped.  “I’m sorry we didn’t really fuck.”

“Hey, we still nutted so it’s all good with me.”

I was up early and actually could enjoy a sit down breakfast.  Matt was shocked to see me up so early. 
I was able to take my time and not be running to my first class.

My first class of the day was Exercise Physiology as part of my desired course to be a coach.  Corey
had the same class last semester and had given me all his notes.  The class was interesting and really
brought home a lot while I helped others at the Rec Center.   I knew most of my classmates of the 25
that were there.   I always sat in the middle next to Rachel and Blevin.  Rachel was hot as hell and
always enjoyed flirting with me but she didn’t know I was bi with a boyfriend.  Blevin was a regular
at the Rec Center and had really packed on the muscle since I first met him.

My next class was a class about working with others with physical disabilities.  I loved it and
couldn’t wait until we started applying what we were learning at the end of the semester. 

My day was complete so I headed over to grab something to eat in the zoo that was called our Student
Center.   Usually someone was calling my name and had my head going all around to see who it was.  
Just as I was seated Chase and Deer came walking up and took a seat.   Both were wearing typical
college shirts and jeans.

“Hey Kris, wassup?” Chase asked.

“Not much,” I replied.

“Man, US History is kicking my ass,” Deer said.

I laughed, “I know what you mean, bro.  It kicked my ass but I made it through.”

“Does it get any easier?” Deer asked.

“I think it does.  You learn how what to study and shit or at least I’m trying to learn,” I said and

“How does Colt do it? I know he’s not the brightest guy ever,” Chase commented.

“We just get by and hope it’s enough,” I said and chowed down on a big turkey sandwich while they were
having pizza.

“Is there another big party planned for this weekend?  I know your birthday is really soon,” Chase

“Not that I’m aware of,” I replied.

“Bullshit,” Deer laughed. “We’re probably barred after Colt’s party.”

I rubbed Deer’s hair, “Trust me, it wasn’t any worse than the shit we did.  Chase, are you still
seeing that girl?”

Chase smiled, “Every chance I get.”

“We never see him now.  He’s gonna end up with something he doesn’t want,” Deer said.

“Dude, we use protection,” Chase said. “You’re fucking jealous.”

“You’re right there but I’ll wait to find a girl that ain’t a total slut,” Deer said.

“Nothing wrong with that though.  Chase is meeting a need we all have,” I said.

“Colt meets every need you have,” Chase laughed.

“He does and more,” I said.

“I just don’t get it… I don’t but hey if it works for you,” Deer said.

“Dude, stop the shit.  We all know you’ve let a dude suck your dick,” Chase said.

“I know that but I’m not dating his ass though,” Deer said.

“You can’t tell the difference can ya, Deer?” I asked.

“Nope.  It was just a mouth and I came,” Deer laughed.

“Sick, dude.  Fucking sick!” Chase said.

We finished up and headed our separate ways.  As I was leaving, I saw Shawn and raced to catch up with
him.   We chatted while we headed back.  At my place, I said I’d see him later since he was off and
interested in going to work out with us.

I went inside and saw Matt sitting on the couch with his iPad.  I threw down my backpack and walked
over to sit next to him.  I put my arm around him.  “Wassup, bro?”

“Same shit, different day.”

“Hey I’m glad you’re alone…”


“Bro, Colt and I were fucking last night and I had to stop.  I was thinking about Nathan and had to
stop. Has that ever happened to you?”

“I can’t say that it has.  I can see where you lose focus on your partner and lose your erection,”
Matt replied.

“It sucked.  It just hit me while I was fucking Colt about something Nathan had said.  I just remember
about how he wanted a tattoo that said I will overcome,” I said and pulled up my shirt.  “I want it
right here.”

“That could be hot.  It could happen to only you in the middle of sex.”

“Hey, it didn’t ruin the night though.  We did get off.”

“Then there’s not a problem then,” he said. “Kris you should know by now you don’t have to fuck every
night to show your love to Colt.”

“I know that but look who’s talking.”

“I agree,” Matt said.  “Well, I guess I better get to my class.”

“Okay.  We’re going to work out lightly today.  Do you want us to wait up on ya?” I asked.

“It’d be cool if you did,” he replied with Colt and Corey coming in the door.

After Corey kissed Matt, he came and took a seat.  “Guys, I need ideas for Tuesday.”

“I told ya.  Share with me and we’ll both be set.  I can see the look on Kris’s adorable little face
if I got him flowers,” Colt said.

“Bro, if that’s what you wanna get me, then do it.  Corey, I don’t… hold on a sec.  My parents have
that shit on Amazon where we get shit in two days.  Maybe order him some more sexy hot underwear,” I

Corey smiled, “Good idea.  Nothing I enjoy more than seeing him in them.”

Colt laughed, “Lying fucker!  You’d rather see him out of them.”

“Oh that too,” Corey said.

Corey pulled out his laptop from his backpack and began scanning what was offered.  Together the three
of us picked out two pair that we thought well suited Matt.  Now I had to come up with something for

We did hit the weights with a sizable group that afternoon.  Corey and I were easily able to discuss
things from our class while the others stared at us.  We didn’t overdo it but got our heart pumping
really well.   That night, we had a game.   It was unlike Tuesday night where everything we put up
went in but the other team didn’t offer much defense.

We returned to our place.  I knew Colt needed to finish his studying after studying most of the
afternoon.  He had a big test on Friday.  It did allow me to catch up since Corey and Matt were
studying as well.  I hated the fact I was sleepy and went to bed before Colt finished.  There was
always the weekend upon us to catch up on our sex life.

After three classes on Friday, I headed over to the Rec Center.  With the semester in full swing
rarely did Corey and I have newbies that needed to be shown the ropes.  I loved doing it but instead
headed to help out where needed with the free weights.  Always there was some idiot who wanted to
impress his buddies by loading a bar with too much.  I would race over and struggle like hell to help
the poor soul.  The excuses were all the same like my hand slipped or my arms just gave way.  The fact
of the matter was they were trying to do too much weight and were overwhelmed.

During my break, Corey was sitting and having a quick snack to tide him over until after work. 

“What’s shaking after work tonight for you and Colt?” Corey asked.

“I don’t know.  He was up studying all night so he may be asleep,” I replied since I hadn’t had the
chance to talk to him.

Corey laughed, “Finally someone knows how I feel.”

I reached across and gave him five, “I do.  It sucked going to sleep without busting a nut.”

“Tell me about it.  Worse is not having him there to snuggle up against.  I can handle the no sex

“You’re so right bro.  So how is the thing up front working for you now?”

“Let me say this.  We haven’t been a dime short all this semester if that tells you anything.  Things
are so much calmer now,” Corey replied.

“That’s awesome,” I said.  “So what’s on your agenda tonight?”

“I don’t have a clue.  Matt will have something for us to do I’m sure.”

“That’s why you love him,” I said.

“It is.  When I’m with him, I don’t ever wanna disappoint him or hurt him in any way.  I’m a total
fuck up out in the world.”

“Corey, stop beating yourself up over one mistake you made at Christmas.  Matt forgave you so drop

“I try to but it keeps creeping back in my head. I was so stupid!”

We finished our break and headed back to finish our day.  The rest of the day drug on so much so that
I thought it would never end.  The second it was time, Corey found me to do a little leg work before
we headed off. 

“There’s not much going on so we have time,” Corey stated.

“That’s cool,” I said.  “I guess Colt and I will go out unless you and Matt wanna go with us.”

“We might do that.  We can tease your ass one final time.”

I laughed and pushed Corey’s shoulder, “Asshole.”

We worked our legs for about thirty minutes.  Being Friday and late, the Rec Center was usually very
quiet.  By now, everyone had done their thing and were ready to party.  I had heard there were a bunch
of frat parties but those held no interest to me anymore. 

Corey and I entered the apartment with Matt and Colt waiting patiently for us. 

“Bro, I hope you did well today,” I said and kissed him.

“I think I did.  I felt just like Matt last night but it had to be done.  I was never so prepared and
may have aced that fucker,” Colt said with the door opening.

“Oh my God!” Scott shouted.  “There’s been a big wreck out!”

“Do we know anyone?” I asked.

“Shawn said maybe we do,” Scott replied and caught his breath.


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