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Saturday, I woke up and headed to our bathroom. On our mirror was a big heart and inside it said ‘I Love
You’ written in shaving cream. I had to smile and loved the sweet gesture Corey had left for me.

I was sitting alone and was amazed at how quiet it was with Kris and Colt gone to enjoy the night and
now Corey off to work so he could be off Sunday. Our night was a lot of fun, but not nearly as fun as
what I had with Corey’s hot body for two wonderful hours after they left us alone. We talked about the
previous night with our roommates. We concluded that no damage had been done, and if nothing else it
drove us to each other, just as I suspected it did Colt and Kris. 

Rather than sitting and doing nothing, it was time to do some laundry. I thought it would be nice to
start with Colt’s stuff and do his on his big day. It was scattered here and there but it made for a
full and complete load of laundry. 

Once the laundry was started, I gave Mom a call to check on her and the events surrounding the wedding.
She answered my call and said she was making breakfast for Vince and VJ. I did deem it necessary to ask
where I was to go Friday night. She said that she would be at our house, despite only being there rarely
now. We talked about the wedding and how simple it would be since it was going to be held at a local

I hung up and walked around naked like always. It was nice having the freedom and enjoying being a
nudist when it was appropriate. I threw together Colt’s present from me and Corey. His swimsuit wasn’t a
bikini but a rather hot, sexy trunk suit that would be more his style. Of all of us, Colt was the least
comfortable in a bikini, despite having a nice cut body for it. I had a phone case that was so dearly
needed since he didn’t have one, along with a nice shirt, a pair of shorts and some flip flops he would

I threw his laundry in to dry and started washing his nasty sheets. Just as I finished with them, my
phone went off with a text message. I saw it was from Scott wanting an approximate time for our shopping
spree. I replied saying about noon, which was in an hour. With a few glasses and silverware dirty in the
sink, I washed those to make the place tidy. In doing so, a beer glass slipped from my hand and broke on
the counter. I cussed a little and began cleaning it up. 

“Fuck!” I screamed loudly when I felt a shard cutting my finger. I looked down and saw blood gushing
from my index finger. The blood was dripping onto the floor so I grabbed a paper towel to clean it off
and saw it was a nice little gash but nothing that required medical attention. 

With Scott at the door on time, we were gone. My hope was to see Colt and Kris before we left. 

“Matt, I didn’t know what to buy Colt so is it cool if I chip in on the drinks tonight?” Scott asked
before we got in his car. The weather was chilly and windy, but there were clear skies.

“I don’t think he will care at all,” I replied.

“Awesome. I was worried he was gonna think I’m a cheapskate or something.”

“That would be Colt,” I laughed.

The trip took way longer than I wanted it to. We had more to get than I imagined, but it was great that
Scott forked over some cash for the beverages. All I knew was that I would be glad once Kris’s birthday
was over with since it was a drain on my banking account.

We headed in after our trip. I saw Kris’s ride in the parking lot and knew they were home. Scott and I
entered and saw the two lying on the couch in their shorts with Kris’s arm draped over Colt. I did
notice some beer and a bottle of Vodka sitting on the counter, so I took it Colt had to buy on his

“How was it?” Scott asked, but I could see without asking. “Happy Birthday, Colt!”

“Yeah, Happy Birthday!” I said

They sat up with Colt wrapping his arm around Kris. “The fucking best night ever, and one hell of a
start to my big day… Kris was the best boyfriend I could ever hope for. It was just exactly what I
needed after my day yesterday,” Colt replied.

“I’m glad to hear that,” I said.

“Colt is the greatest thing ever. Corey was so right in saying it could give us that spark. It was just
the two of us…” Kris said.

“I pity the people next to y’all,” Scott said with a smile.

“We weren’t loud at all…” Colt said.

“Except the bed was squeaking… We kept it humming most of the night,” Kris said.

“So how many times did y’all fuck?” Scott asked while we were standing.

“Damn Scott!” I said.

“Not once did we fuck. We made love to each other when the mood hit us,” Colt replied.

“Yeah, we made great love,” Kris said and kissed Colt.

“Alright. Kris, do you wanna help us bring in stuff?” I asked.

“Sure bro, before I wanna make love to him again,” Kris replied and got up. He headed out and saw how
cool it was. He quickly started getting stuff from Scott’s car.

After the goodies were inside, we found the old ice chest out in the storage room and began icing down
the canned beer. We decided against bottles in case things got rowdy.

Once we finished unloading I sent a text to Brennan asking if he was making a couple of dishes he had
volunteered to make earlier in the week. He said he was just about finished and that I could come get
them when I wanted. 

I headed over to their apartment with my jacket on. Just as I walked by Ted’s apartment he walked out
and yelled at me. He said he was ready for the night and had invited a few of the players that he knew
liked Colt from the team, as I had suggested to him in an email. 

After climbing a flight of stairs, I knocked at Brennan’s door. Garrett opened it and welcomed me inside
their small apartment that was identical to Sergio and Dillon’s. Brennan came out and handed me the two
dips he had made, along with the wieners for appetizers. 

“How are things going with y’all?” I asked.

“Great,” Brennan replied. “It’s a shame we don’t hang around as much as we used, but you know how it is.
Tonight will be blast if it’s anywhere near as good as Corey’s party.”

“Bryson’s on his way,” Garrett added.

“That’s awesome,” I said. “Does he miss us?”

“He sure does,” Brennan replied. “Actually, he enjoyed it two weeks ago staying here with us, so he’s
coming back.”

“He’s so jealous now that Sergio took his place on the team,” Garrett stated. “I had to rub it in a
little and brag how the dude could ball. He nearly busted me in the nuts with a pass the other night.”

“Sergio loves playing,” I said. “I guess I better head back and finish things up.”

“We’ll see ya there in our redneck shit,” Brennan said. “For some that ain’t gonna be hard.”

“True,” I said and tried to wave but my arms were full.

I returned but had to bang on the door to get someone to open it at our place. Corey came to the door
and helped me carry in the three things Brennan had made. 

“That was so fucking cool of him,” Kris said. “Remind me to thank him.”

I set down the dips and headed to my room since Corey was back. I returned with a big box wrapped for
Colt. Quickly I had to shout, “Dammit guys, don’t eat all the dip!”

“We had to test it out,” Corey said.

“Yeah, this shit is fire!” Colt said.

I placed my gift on the bar since they were there. Colt tore into it and saw his phone case. He laughed
and said it was sorely needed before he broke his phone like Chase had. He pulled out his shirt and
quickly tried it on. It wasn’t tight so he liked it. He saw the size of the shorts and said they were
perfect. Then he held up the trunk swimsuit that was green and black stripped.

“Damn! I wanna see your ass in it!” Kris said. “Matt, you did very well.”

“Thanks!” I said.

“I really was expecting a bikini, but this suits me a little better,” Colt said and stripped down. He
pulled up the trunks and stood back. 

“Colt, you look great in those,” Corey stated.

“Thanks. Now I can see me wearing these,” Colt said, looking down and trying to see what it really
looked like.

“That’s why I picked ‘em out. You could even wear ‘em here,” I said.

“Yeah bro!” Kris said

“We’ll see about that,” Colt said. “Thanks guys, I really appreciate it.”

“You’re more than welcome,” Corey said. “Kris, what did you get him?”

“I got him a shirt, plus last night was my main gift,” Kris replied.

“That was plenty for me,” Colt said.

“We have one other gift for you, but we’re giving it to you at the party,” Kris said.

“Okay,” Colt said.

At seven, Kris, Colt, Corey and I began hauling things over to the room here at our apartment complex. 
I was wearing a plaid shirt and tight Wrangler jeans I had found earlier with Scott. Corey found an old
Tee and cut a few holes in it, along with some ratty looking jeans and an old trucker hat. Kris went all
out with a white wife beater, straw hat, old jeans and old boots he used for hunting. Colt did laugh at
us before we left and said we sure fit the part, while he was wearing the shirt Kris had given him and
new jeans.

Scott met us at the room and had gone all out with a plain shirt that was old and Wranglers as well but
with the can imprint in the back pocket. He had bought a cowboy hat and was sporting it. We quickly made
the punch, which was Hawaiian punch and Everclear. Together we tested it until it was just the right
mixture. It was pretty strong but could have been stronger. We set out the coolers and had a few bottles
of water for those not interested in drinking or those who were driving.

We heard the door open and saw Bruce, Aaron and Grady along with three girls coming inside dressed in
their jeans and tees. Kris and Colt headed over to greet them.

“Scott, are they coming?” I asked.

“They are, but they’re running just a few minutes late,” Scott replied with the group coming over to
sample the punch and grab a cold one. Bruce handed me a gift, which I sensed was a bottle of alcohol. I
found a table and put it there.

“Hey Scott, is Juan coming tonight?” Kris asked.

“He’s not. He hates it but he has to work. He really wanted to come,” Scott replied. “He and Felicia had
such a good time last time. He said if he got off early he might stop but I don’t see that happening.”

Next to arrive were Brennan, Garrett and Bryson. Despite just seeing Bryson two weeks ago, we were still
happy to see him. Naturally he had to take a little ribbing about Sergio, but he took it well. Just as
he was talking, Sergio and Dillon came walking in. Sergio made me laugh with his hat and dirty open
shirt, along with a piece of straw sticking out his mouth. I grabbed my camera, which was in my pocket
and had to start taking some pictures. 

As I was taking pictures, I heard Kris scream, “Oh my fucking God, look what the cat has done dug up!”

I turned and saw Noah and Kendall standing there. They were all smiles and looked great. Noah threw off
his coat to show he was wearing a tank top, he plus had massive tattoos on both arms now. Kendall was
wearing a tee and jeans, along with a hat covering his thick brown hair. Those of us who knew them went
straight up to them. It started out as handshakes before we started hugging them.

“Wow, I feel honored,” Colt said.

“You should be,” Kendall said and laughed. “Sorry but we’re running a little late.”

“No bros, we don’t start until 8,” Kris said.

“I don’t guess we are then,” Noah said. “Now what’s this we hear about you two being together now?”

“We are,” Colt said. “Are y’all?”

“Fuck no!” Kendall said. “We can be friends and not fuck around with each other.”

We all laughed. Then Chase, Tabor, Levi and Deer came walking in the door, followed by Toni and Megan.
Now the room was slowly filling up. Shawn, Heather, Ethan, Margie and Cody were next to arrive. Beer
after beer was being grabbed as well as cups of the punch that Scott and I had made. Rico came in and
said he was crashing the party. 

I was standing with Corey when Kendall walked up to us. “How are y’all?”

“Great,” Corey replied.

“I’m glad you could make it,” I said.

“Honestly, when Scott called and invited us I was excited. We’ve made friends at our new school, but
there’s just something special about all of the guys we met our freshman year. I sort of wish things
would have turned out differently but I’m happy now,” Kendall said.

“That’s awesome,” Corey said. “Matt, we need a group picture of our freshman crew that went on spring
break together.”

“We do and can do when Jess gets here,” I said.

“Jess is coming? I haven’t seen him in years,” Kendall said with Noah walking up.

“He is and is the RA for Colt’s brother,” I said.

“Noah, I like the ink,” Corey said.

“Thanks. You and Matt are looking good. Hell, everyone is. This is a great party so far and it’s just
getting started,” Noah said.

We stood around chatting with them and did see Jess slip in the door. I watched to see if it was awkward
between Jess and Scott but Scott was his normal self and hugged Jess. Jess walked up and greeted Noah
and Kendall with a hug before grabbing some punch and returning. 

“We heard you’re an RA for Colt’s brother,” Kendall said.

“I am and I really enjoy it,” Jess said. “Chase is a pretty good guy, when I see him.”

“Has he not been around much?” I asked.

“He’s dating this girl. Tabor says he spends a lot of time at her place,” Corey said.

“Or she’s over with him,” Jess said. “We remember sneaking in girls to stay the night.”

“Kris did it a bunch with Liz,” I said.

“Deer does too, but it’s a different one each time,” Jess laughed with Ted and his big crew walking in
the door. Ted had his girlfriend with him, as did Myles and now Luke. The two other guys who had come
were alone and greeted Colt. Then I realized that one of the guys was Mike that I had a class with and
had seen around campus. The other one was just a big massive guy and surely was a lineman.

I stepped away and headed across to grab our big gift for Colt. Kris and Corey had done well and had got
a tee shirt and some towels to go along with all the things Mr Jackson had given me. As I was walking
out, I spotted Andrea getting out of her car with another girl. She saw me and greeted me. 

“Sorry we’re late,” Andrea said.

“Actually, you’re not. Things are just getting started,” I said.

“See I told you,” the girl said.

“Matt, this is Haley,” Andrea said. “Colt will know her.”

“He will,” she said.

Returning, I saw Parker and Yancey had joined us. It was nice to see Andrea and Colt hugging each other
when Colt spotted her. Even though she had been back, I still couldn’t see me being as cordial as they
were towards each other after breaking up. It was something I dearly admired in others.

I put our big gift on the table and started milling around to take pictures. Everyone was great and
didn’t mind me taking pictures of them as they were drinking and eating what was available. There
weren’t as many snacks as Corey’s party, but there were still plenty. I assumed everyone would be more
focused on the booze than eating. In the background, Scott had started his MP3 player and was playing
country music.   

When I returned, Corey was refilling the coolers while Scott was mixing another batch of punch. Chase
and Tabor walked over and grabbed another cup of punch. 

“This is some good shit!” Tabor said.

“Thanks, but who’s driving tonight?” Corey asked.

Chase laughed, “Deer’s ass better be driving us back.”

“If not, we can find someone. I know Myles doesn’t drink,” I said.

“Corey, y’all done good, but it still don’t make up for not inviting us to your party,” Tabor said.

“Holy shit!” Chase yelled. “Look, it’s Bryan Fuller.”

I smiled and was glad to hear he had shown up. Bryan is Colt’s old best friend and his first roommate. I
had run into him this week while on campus, or should I say he stopped me. I asked if he was interested
in coming. He gave me a wishy washy answer so I wasn’t expecting him to show up. Colt was great and
warmly greeted his old friend. He came walking over and handed him a beer.

“Matt, who else is coming that I should know about?” Colt laughed.

“Well, I think everyone I invited is here, except for Jordy who is on a date and might stop by later,” I

“Y’all did awesome,” Colt said and walked away.

Kris came walking up. “Bro, we pulled this shit off, huh?”

“Well, it is just starting,” I said.

“No bro, everyone came. It is fucking great to see Noah and Kendall again,” Kris said. “I’m now jealous
of Noah.”

“I’m not if you’re talking about his tattoo,” I said.

“Exactly,” Kris said.

“It is pretty bad ass,” Tabor said.

“Boy, when you getting one?” Kris asked.

“Soon… very soon, when I can figure out exactly what I want,” Tabor replied and left to join his

I heard, “Hey, turn that shit up!” I vaguely recognized the song that was playing but it got everyone to
singing “All My Rowdy Friends Have Settled Down”. Corey put his arm around me and started singing it in
my ear. 

“How redneck is this?” I asked.

“It’s a redneck party for damn sure now,” Corey stated.

Once the song ended, Ted came walking over. He reached in to grab all the beer he could hold. “Ethan
went and got a funnel. Colt and some of the others are going to funnel some beers,” Ted said.

Corey, Scott and I walked over and had to watch. Colt was on his knees and had the funnel above him with
a long tube running down to his mouth. Ted opened a beer and poured it down the funnel. 

“Drink! Drink! Drink!” we chanted while Colt was taking the beer down his throat, or trying to while I
was taking a picture. I did have to laugh seeing how some of it had spilled on his shirt. 

Colt stood and wiped his mouth, with the top portion of his shirt drenched. “Damn!” he said and shook
his brown hair. “Who’s next?”

“I think it should be Chase,” Deer shouted. “They are brothers.”

Chase came walking up and pulled off his tee. He and his friends didn’t come dressed for the theme so he
didn’t want to ruin a good shirt. Chase got on his knees and did exactly like Colt. He took most of it
until the last part started spilling out of his mouth. 

Chase stood, “That went straight to my fucking gut!”

“That’s the object, brother,” Colt said.

“Who’s next?” Kris asked.

“Hey, before we get crazy, why don’t we cut the cake and let Colt open his gifts?” Corey asked.

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Colt said.

I went over and had the cake under the table. It was greatly decorated, but I had to place an empty beer
can on it to complete the cake. Finding one was the easiest part. We sang ‘Happy Birthday’. Kris handed
Colt a piece of cake. Colt was well aware of what had occurred at Corey’s party and was ready. When he
took the plate, he quickly shoved it in Kris’s face before Kris knew what was going on. I burst out
laughing, as did everyone else. 

Scott and I handed out the cake to everyone who wanted some. It was a good thing we bought a big one
because little was left after the first go around. The water was snatched up left and right. 

Everyone gathered around while Colt stood and opened his gifts. He got plenty of liquor, beer, more
glassware and a couple of nice shirts from his brother.  

Kris reached under the table and handed him our big gift in a bag, “This is from your roommates.”

“Thanks,” Colt said and took the bag. He took out the tissue paper and had the oddest look on his face.
“What the hell?”

Kris laughed, “It’s a joke, bro. You gave us shirts from your job for Christmas so we’re returning the

Colt laughed, “I did do that.” He pulled out the coffee mug, pens, towel and shirt we had gathered with
everyone starting to get the joke and laughing. “Guys, thanks! Kris, you better be ready for more team
shirts and shorts in a few weeks.”

“Bring it on!” Kris said.

“Thank y’all for everything! It is great seeing all of you here. I was wondering if they had invited my
eighth science teacher there for a minute…” Colt said.

“Mrs Anderson wanted to come but couldn’t make it tonight,” Bryan said and laughed.

“I guess she could, but still I’m sure they invited her. I’m honored though that y’all took the time to
come and party with me. I have the best roomies ever and the best boyfriend ever. Kris, I love you. Now
let’s get fucking wasted!”

“Hell yeah!” Ethan said. “Let’s get wasted!”

Chase, who was standing near me said to Tabor, “Ethan’s already wasted. If I funnel anymore I will be
too. I’m buzzing like a motherfucker right now.”

“Let me have it then. We said we were gonna get royally fucked up tonight,” Tabor said.

I shook my head and swore it was Colt and Kris from their freshman year. Actually, it was still Colt and
Kris. I saw Tabor and Levi talking to Ted. Soon I saw Tabor on his knees taking the beer. Then it was
Levi’s turn after Tabor spilled some of it down his shirt. Ethan pushed them away and showed them how it
was done without one drop escaping his mouth. 

The music got louder. It was a catchy upbeat country song. Shawn and Heather were the first brave ones
to start dancing. Once they got out there, others followed. Corey grabbed me and made me dance a little.
It was different than what I was used to but it didn’t seem to matter. 

Corey and I walked away and stood next to Toni and Megan.

“Damn, these boys are so hot,” Megan stated.

“We remember too well and that’s why we came,” Toni said. “I think it’s on the edge of being one rowdy

Corey shook his head in agreement, “It is. When the shirts start coming off, you know they’re getting
hot from the drinking.”

“Let ‘em drink some more then,” Megan stated. “Nothing wrong with seeing some flesh from guys who have
great bodies.”

“I agree,” I said and let it slip.

Toni laughed and patted me on the cheek. “I think we’ll go show some of these guys how to dance.”

“Do that,” Corey said.

Rather than standing and watching, I took my camera around and made sure to get as many pictures as I
could. Finally we gathered our freshman group and got Toni to take our picture. It would be nice to
compare the differences that had occurred over the past two years.  

After the pictures, they danced a little until a slow song came on. Corey took me and joined the group.
Brennan and Garrett were on one side of us with Shawn and Heather on the other side. Shawn had a bottle
of whiskey in his hand while he danced. It was nice to see Colt and Kris sharing this slow dance with
each other too. I could also see Tabor with Haley now and wasn’t sure what was going on there. 

Once the song was over, a few began to leave. There were plenty of people really enjoying the party, but
so far Corey and I really hadn’t drunk much. Colt invited everyone over and cracked open a fresh bottle
of Vodka for shots. 

“Copy cat,” Corey said.

“I am, but I wanted to share it with all my great friends!” Colt said and was getting closer to his

“Shut the fuck up Corey! Colt wants to share!” Ted said loudly.

“Ted’s pretty wasted right now,” Myles said to me.

“I can tell, but he has lots of company,” I stated. 

“It’s the object of the party,” Luke said.

Since Rico was with us and had been enjoying the party, he let us go a little longer than normal. Corey
and I were talking with Parker and Yancey when Deer walked up to me.

“We’ve lost Chase,” Deer stated.

“Lost him?” Corey asked.

“Yeah, we’ve looked everywhere and he’s not around,” Deer replied. “He was fucked up the last time I saw

We broke up, with the five of us heading out of the building. It was quite chilly out. We headed in
different directions. I started searching the pool area and didn’t see a thing. 

“Got him!” Corey yelled.

I saw Corey walking back with Chase holding on for dear life. We gathered around. “Damn Chase!” Deer
said. “Where was he?”

“He was in our apartment passed out on the couch,” Corey replied. “He left the door wide open too.”

Deer gathered Chase and put him in his nice ride while we gathered Levi and Tabor. Tabor did ask where
Chase was. We got the other two in Deer’s ride and wished him luck.

We returned, with the group down to just a few hardy souls. We were bidding a lot of goodbyes and saw
the door open. In walked Juan still in his work uniform. 

“Hey, is everyone leaving?” Juan asked.

“Not yet, bro,” Kris replied. “Grab one if there’s any left.”

“That was my plan. Scott sent me a text and said if I was up to it to drop by. I was like fuck yeah I’m
up to it. I miss hanging with my old crew,” Juan said and headed to grab a beer.

“This could be a long night,” I said quietly to Corey.

He smiled, “It could very well be.”


Hope you enjoyed Colt's party and another chapter as the story moves forward.

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