Posted:  Feb 1, 2013


I was sitting on the couch with my laptop while Corey was out working. We had returned Sunday after
the game. He had worked each day since. It wasn’t that bad and did give us time apart after being
together basically nonstop since Christmas.

Kris came in the door in a tank top with his bag thrown over his cut shoulder. “Fuck yeah, I’m back
home,” he said and seemed glad to be back. 

“Well… it is home,” I said. “Aren’t you cold?”

Kris laughed, “Nah bro, it’s a short walk from here to my ride.” He walked over and kissed me on the

“Ummm… what was that for, bro?” I asked.

“Showing my love to my best bud. Just wait ‘til Colt gets his ass here.”

“It’s only been 5 days,” I said.

“Still, I’m ready to see him. I bet you were glad to see Corey at Christmas when y’all had been

“I was. So are Jenny and Walt still cool with you and Colt?”

“They are and know how happy I am with him. It was the best decision I’ve ever made and one of the
easiest ones too.”

“Liar! I know you too well to see through your crap about it being the easiest.”

“Well… you got me there, but now everything’s fucking cool. Say bro, what’s shaking for Corey’s party
tomorrow night? I know you’ve got big plans.”

I shook my head, “I really wish I had a plan. I want to make it special for him like y’all did for

“That’ll be tough to beat there,” Kris said sitting down. “We pulled out all the stops for your ass.”

“I do appreciate that,” I said. “Bro, I need some help.”

“You’re on your own there.”

“Thanks a lot. I’ll figure something out,” I said and heard a knock. Kris walked over, opened the door
and greeted Dillon and Sergio. They entered together and came to take a seat. It was nice to see them
again, since they weren’t around during the Christmas holidays. We sat around talking to them about
their holiday and had plenty to tell about the bowl game we attended.

“Damn, I wish we were back at our old place, then we could use the big room like we did last year,”
Kris said out of the blue while we were talking.

“Kris, we have that here. Go over and ask Rico if we can use it. Make sure he knows there will be
alcohol…” I said.

“Yeah, lots of it too,” Dillon said.

“I will. That’s fucking killer!” Kris said and headed for the door. “While I’m gone, y’all come up
with a good party idea.”

“We will,” I said and heard the door slam.

“Matt, here’s my suggestion. How about an ugly sweater party?” Dillon asked. “I went to one while I
was home. It was actually kind of fun.”

“Dillon, I don’t have an ugly sweater,” Sergio said.

“Well we can just say it’s a Tacky Dress party. You know where you wear something completely on
hiatus. We all have stuff in our closets we would never wear,” I said.

“Now that I have… I have this damn silk shirt that I never wear but would be fucking perfect,” Dillon

“I think I have a few pairs of slacks that are just awful,” Sergio said. “I can mix it with the worst
shirt ever and wear something like boots.”

“Perfect. However, we better wait to see if Kris gets that room,” I said.

We sat and talked. We saw the door open, but it was Colt. 

“It’s just him,” Sergio stated.

“Excuse me then,” Colt said. “What were y’all waiting for? Some sugar daddy to walk through that

“No, Kris has gone to see if we can use the big room for Corey’s party tomorrow night,” I replied.

“We were thinking about a Tacky Attire Party… calling it a Tacky Dress party makes it seem like it’s
for women,” Dillon stated.

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Colt said and continued on to his room. 

Kris returned and came walking in the door. He had his head down. “No luck there once I said there
would be drinking.”

“Damn,” I said.

“I gotcha!” Kris screamed. “Rico said we were more than welcome to use the room. He wants us to use it
more often and wonders why no one ever does.”

“No doubt Kris is here,” Colt came out and said. “I could hear every word he said.”

“Bro, I was gonna give you a big kiss but fuck that now,” Kris said.

Colt walked over and did give him a kiss. It was nice to see them kissing. They came and sat together.
We caught Colt up with Dillon and Sergio before we started planning Corey’s party. I used the web and
sent out invitations, despite it being just one day away. I had to get on Corey’s computer for a
minute to find JJ or Teague’s email address so they’d know. 

Dillon and Sergio left after staying for about an hour. We said we’d holler at them later if we did
anything exciting or to just to come back over later on. 

“I don’t about y’all but I’m gonna resolve this shit right here and now between Alex, Bishop and Tom.
I either want them to tell me to get the fuck out and they never wanna see my ass again or come to
some resolution to all this shit,” Kris said.

“I’m with ya there,” I said. “We can get that over and done with.”

“Maybe they’re happy being total assholes now,” Colt said. “Honestly, I haven’t missed them one bit.”

“I really haven’t either, but I want them to tell me to my face what the deal is. Nothing may get
resolved but at least we tried,” Kris said.

“Maybe they can tell us why they’re assholes to not just us but to Scott and Shawn as well. I’m gay
and y’all are bi, but Shawn isn’t…”

“It’s the fact he’s buddies with us and didn’t take their side. They acted like little bitches if you
ask me,” Colt said.

“Stay here if you want, but I’m going to go over there right now,” Kris said.

“Me too,” I said.

“I’ll go as back up. I know you Kris. They start talking shit and you might blow a gasket,” Colt

“I just might lose my cool, but I hope not,” Kris said. He grabbed a jacket, as did I, before we
headed out. 

We started walking over to their building. Their apartment was on the other side and around the back
from ours. 

“They may not be here,” Colt stated. “I don’t see their cars.”

“Oh well,” Kris said and turned the corner. “There are lights on. Knowing Bishop he may have got a new
ride or something.”

We headed to the door and knocked. We could see they were there by the lights that were on and then
heard someone coming to the door. The door opened, but it was some guy I didn’t know.

“Is Alex or Bishop here?” Kris asked.

“No, they moved out. The guy at the front said something about one of the guys getting a house. We’re
here now,” the guy said.

“Come on in,” a voice shouted from inside.

We entered and quickly saw they were moving in. “Kris, what the hell are doing here?” one of the guys
asked and stood to greet him.

“Bro, we were having a little dispute with the guys who used to live here. It’s fucking awesome you’re
living here, Bruce,” Kris said.

“Yeah, this is a really sweet ass place,” Bruce said. “Let me introduce you to my roomies. This is
Aaron and he’s Grady.”

I stood and looked at them. After seeing how well built Bruce was I surmised Kris knew him from the
Rec Center. Bruce had short brown hair and a big tattoo on his arm. Grady was a black guy and was
shorter, whereas Aaron was tall, maybe 6’3” and thin as a rail with reddish blond hair combed to his
face. Kris in turn introduced us to them and said Corey was rooming with us as well. 

“So y’all have four in a three bedroom?” Bruce asked.

Kris looked at me, “We do.”

“Bruce, you’re a fucking dumbass. Two of them have to be gay,” Aaron said.

I held up a finger. “It’s me and Corey.”

“That’s cool, dude. I don’t have a problem with it,” Grady said. “I hope you don’t care that the three
of us have girlfriends, or usually do.”

I smiled, “No, not at all.”

“I know Corey and he’s a cool dude. I had no idea he was gay, but I don’t guess that’s something you
go around announcing,” Bruce said. “I have to say, Kris must drag y’all to the gym too. I can tell by
looking that you take care of yourself just like I do. Now if I could only get these two lazy fucks to

“Bro, if they won’t we’re just around the corner and on the end. We have a big group that will go with
ya,” Kris said.

“For sure,” Bruce said.

“Y’all wanna beer?” Aaron asked.

“Sure,” Colt said. “Good Southern boy hospitality right there for ya.”

“Damn straight it is for some college boys,” Grady said. “Nothing says hello like sharing a few cold
ones or a good stiff drink.”

“Hope y’all don’t mind the cheap shit,” Aaron said at their fridge.

“We don’t drink anything but,” Kris laughed and accepted the beer.

“Make yourself at home and grab a seat,” Bruce said. “Y’all fill us in on what happens here.”

“Actually, not much,” Colt said. “It has been pretty quiet for the most part round here.”

“Boys, we may not be here that long,” Grady said. “We got tired of sitting our asses at the house,
plus those jokers wanted to raise our rent by one hundred and fifty a month…”

“It was a piece of shit too,” Aaron said, handing us a beer. “Believe or not, it was smaller than this
and was gonna cost about the same now. We called around and found this place had an opening and jumped
right on it.”

“They are nice and new,” I said. 

“Hey, tomorrow night Corey turns 21 so we’re throwing a party at the clubhouse for him,” Kris said.
“Y’all need to come.”

“Well… we might,” Aaron said.

“It’s not gonna be that gay. Bruce, can you see us throwing Corey a really gay party?” Kris asked.
Kris saw the hesitation as I did. 

“Nah, we should be able to make it,” Bruce replied. “We can meet a few more people that way too.”

“We have a theme,” I said. “It’s a Tacky Attire Party.”

They laughed. “That’s Grady fucking closet you’re talking about there, bro,” Aaron said.

“Look who’s talking,” Grady said. “Brothers just know how to dress.”

“Grady, you’re full of it,” Bruce said. “You’re whiter than both of us.”

“Except in one area,” Grady said and smiled. We laughed. “Those boys know what I mean.”

“The dude brags more about his big dick than any straight dude I know. Besides, they don’t wanna hear
that shit,” Aaron said.

“Shut the fuck up, Bieber,” Grady said. If nothing else they were kind of funny. 

“Yeah, I love my hair. It gets the women,” Aaron said.

“And a few guys,” Bruce said and quickly turned to me, realizing what he had said. “Sorry dude, no

“Matt’s cool,” Kris said as we continued to talk, but mostly it was Kris and Bruce. We finished off
our beer and stood. “Hey, we better head back. I expect to see you tomorrow.”

“We’ll come, even if I have to drag them there,” Bruce said and stood as we did. We shook their hands
and headed out the door.

“Man, they were some really nice guys,” Colt said. 

“There for a second I didn’t remember Bruce’s name, but then it hit me. He comes in about every other
day. He’s a good guy,” Kris said. “So much for resolving our issue with Alex and Bishop… They pretty
much resolved that for us and just fucking moved.”

“I guess so, but I betcha Bishop’s dad bought them a house or something,” I said.

“Probably,” Colt said. “No sweat off my back.”

We entered our apartment and saw Corey with Scott, turning his head. 

“Where’d y’all go?” Corey asked.

“We went to resolve that shit with Alex but came to find out they moved,” Kris said.

“Okay, but I’ve been here twenty minutes,” Corey said.

“Oh, we sat around and talked to the guys that moved in. One of them was named Bruce,” I said.

“Corey, you know Bruce,” Kris said. “About our size with the big tattoo on his arm. He comes in about
six or so…”

“Yeah, I know him. He’s a really nice guy. He said something about moving to me the other day but I
didn’t ask where,” Corey said.

“Corey, he didn’t know you were gay,” Colt said.

“Oh well,” Corey said.

“So what’s this about his party tomorrow night? I got the email,” Scott said.

“Tacky Attire over at the clubhouse,” I said. “Dillon first suggested Ugly Sweater but I didn’t think
many of us would have one so I said Tacky Attire.”

“Oh, I see now,” Scott said.

“Bro, we all got shit in our closet we don’t wear,” Kris said.

“I do, but I may run to the Goodwill Store and really get tacky with that shit,” Scott said.

I sat next to Corey, “Are you okay with that?”

“It beats having Scott strip,” Corey replied.

“Hey, I’m a damn good stripper and may do it again,” Scott said and laughed. “Ummm… I hate… well I
don’t hate to say this, but so you know, Shawn got a DWI Saturday night here.”

“Damn,” Kris said. “I just hate that. I was wondering when it was gonna happen.”

“I did too. I’ll for sure give him a ride anywhere he needs to go. He’s been a really great friend to
me,” I said.

“I’m sure we can all pitch in and help,” Corey stated. “I’m with Kris and am surprised it hasn’t
happened sooner.”

“Yeah, Shawn would have been my first guess though,” Colt said. “It still sucks and is probably worse
for him.”

“I really didn’t mean Shawn, but I’m surprised it hasn’t happened to any one of us,” Corey stated.

“Bros, we’ve all had each other’s backs. Actually, we’ve been really careful about it,” Kris said. 

“So Scott, how is it being a free man now?” Colt asked.

“Right now I can’t tell the difference. Jess and I weren’t together that much. All I’m saying right
now is you better watch out on that cruise,” Scott said with a smile.

“The young ones better beware,” I said.

“Hey now…” Scott said. “It could be a benefit though.”

“Bro, honestly, is there more to Jordy moving in with ya than being easier on him?” Kris asked.

“I’ll just say now it will be a benefit on both of us, but neither one of us wants to get involved
like you and Colt,” Scott replied.

“I’ll admit that Jordy is fucking hot as hell,” Colt said.

“He is that and he loves running around naked…” Scott said and laughed.

“He’s not alone,” Corey said.

“Bro, you do too,” Kris said. 

About twenty minutes later, there was a knock at the door. I went over and opened it to find Ted and
Luke standing there. “Hey guys,” I said. “Come on in.”

“Bro, sorry about the game,” Kris said.

“Not as sorry as we are,” Luke said. 

“It would have helped if the line would have blocked just a little more,” Colt stated.

“True,” Ted said looking around. “Is something up around here?”

“No, why?” Corey asked.

“This has to be first,” Luke laughed. “No one’s drinking.”

“Damn,” Kris said and jumped up. “There’s plenty in the fridge now that Matt’s 21.” He headed to the
fridge and handed Ted and Luke a cold one, along with grabbing a few more.

“Shit,” Ted said. “I slap forgot all about it. I did get the email about Corey’s party. Is it cool if
we bring our gals?

“Of course it is,” I replied. “So you’re coming?”

“Sure,” Luke said. “We’re ready to party a little bit now the season is over and Ted made second team
All American… again!”

“Congrats!” Corey said. “That’s three years in a row, huh?”

“It is,” Ted said. “I’m with Luke. We’re both glad it’s over.”

“Now’s my turn to bust your ass in the weight room,” Colt stated and went to grab a beer.

“Luke, did you get anything?” Scott asked.

“Third team All Conference,” he replied. “Did y’all see where someone really thought I was leaving? If
Ted doesn’t think he’s ready, my ass is a fucking mile away from being ready. That Luck and Griffin
are studs.”

“Who?” I asked.

“They’re the top QB’s this year,” Ted replied. 

“I just wanna know when the card games start back up?” Kris asked.

“Me too,” I said. “I need some extra cash for our trip.”

“Matt, your ass won’t be invited,” Ted laughed. “You need to let us amateurs win some.”

“I did,” I laughed.

“Seriously, Todd’s ready for us,” Ted said. 

“Just let us know,” Colt said.

“Now, about this party,” Luke said. “What do you mean by Tacky Attire?”

“You know, like old, out of style stuff,” I said. “We all have stuff in our closet.”

“Luke, basically it’s the shit we wear on road trips,” Ted laughed and took a drink. 

Luke laughed and agreed with him. I was excited to hear they were coming to be a part of the party. I
tried my best to invite those I knew would come or would want to be there.  

We were sitting around gabbing before we had another visitor. Scott opened the door and greeted Shawn.
He walked inside and grabbed a bar stool. “Bro, there’s beer in the fridge,” Kris yelled.

“I’m fucking leaving!” Shawn yelled. “I’m barely in the damn door and I’m gonna start hearing it.”

“Oh shit, bro! I didn’t mean a thing by it,” Kris said and walked over to him.

“Ummm… what’s going on here?” Ted asked, turning around.

“My ass got a fucking DWI last weekend,” Shawn said. “I’m not happy about it either.”

“Shawn that really sucks,” Luke said.

“Tell me about it,” Shawn said.

“What’d ya blow?” Colt asked.

“A zero point thirteen,” Shawn replied quietly. “They fucking handcuffed me. It was awful. I felt so
stupid and had to call a guy at work to come bail my ass out.”

“Shawn, we all wondered who would be the first one of us to get one,” Corey stated. “We all fuck up. I
know I have.”

“I know, but you don’t have to pay out the ass for the fines, get your license yanked and then have to
find a ride everywhere but work,” Shawn said.

“Shawn, you just holler,” I said. “We’ll help you out any way we can.”

“Thanks,” Shawn said. 

Kris put his arm around Shawn’s shoulder, “Hey, we make all mistakes, Matt’s so right. We’ll all help
you out whenever you need it. We owe your ass big time. Now don’t let it keep you down.”

“Thanks Kris,” Shawn said. “I’ve been beating myself up over it.”

“Don’t Shawn,” Ted said. “It happens.”

“By the way, Alex and Bishop moved out,” Kris said.

“You know, I saw a moving van here last weekend but I left for work before I saw who was moving,”
Shawn stated. 

We filled Ted and Luke in on what had been going on between us and Alex and Bishop. Also, Luke knew
that Kris and Colt were dating and didn’t mind or care at all. As always, it was a lot of fun chilling
with our friends. 

When the time arrived, I pulled Kris aside and told him we needed to count down the time ‘til Corey
turned 21. At the right time, I started counting until the others caught on. Kris had a beer in his
hand and doused Corey’s head. Corey was a great sport and took it all. He had a big smile on his face.
I went over and kissed him passionately.

“Damn, I made it,” Corey said wiping the beer from his face. “Never thought I would.”

“Hell, we all say that,” Luke said.

“Luke, when do you turn 21?” Colt asked.

“He turned 21 over the summer,” Ted replied.

“I don’t remember a damn thing about it either,” Luke laughed. “A bunch of the guys took me out.”

“He was so wasted,” Ted said. “He fucking puked everywhere.”

“Like Corey will be doing tomorrow,” Scott stated. “I didn’t throw up, but I sure as hell had one
nasty ass hang over.”

“I don’t wanna get too drunk and miss everything,” Corey said.

“Damn, I do in a few weeks. I wanna get so fucking drunk I won’t be able to get out of bed for a
week,” Colt stated.

I walked over and found we had just enough beer for all of us to have one. Scott saw I needed help and
helped me carry them. 

“We need to toast this special occasion,” I said and handed them out before racing to grab my new
camcorder for this moment. I forgot to take it on my trip with Corey but now had it handy.

“Let’s shotgun ‘em,” Kris said.

“How else is there?” Ted asked.

We gathered around and toasted Corey while I was doing my best to capture the moment. We poured the
beer down our throats with me filming it the best I could while drinking. I stepped back and got a
good shot of all of them huddled together with Corey in the middle. Shawn raced over and took control
so I could be in the shot. Kris naturally suggested we lose our shirts, which we did with ease.
Standing between Corey and Ted, I felt so small. I was actually surprised at how big Luke had got
since I’d last seen him shirtless. He looked more muscular than ever.

I got back the camcorder and used it. It crossed my mind for each one to say something nice about
Corey, but I thought it would be a little cheesy. Again, Ted and Luke asked we keep the video private
unless it was a scheme to blackmail them in a few years. We laughed and said we would never do that to
a true friend. 

After one or so, it was just the five of us, with Scott sticking around and enjoying being with us.

“This is the original five we have right here,” Kris stated.

“Yeah… I guess it is. We’ve been through a lot of shit together,” Scott stated.

“Ain’t that the truth?” Corey said. “I couldn’t have made it without y’all. Each of you means the
world to me.”

“You mean the world to us as well,” Colt said.

“Bros, we need to really give Corey a great present,” Kris smiled and looked at each of us. “We need
to blow Corey.”

“No! I want that privilege,” I said and stood. “Corey’s all mine tonight.”

“Damn Matt, let Corey fucking decide that shit,” Colt said.

“To be honest, I want Matt. He’s my boyfriend. Since he said no, then I think it should be just him,”
Corey stated.

“Fuck, you’re so whipped,” Scott stated.

“So what if I am? Nothing against you, but I want this to be our night. Colt, you’ll want Kris on your
night too,” Corey stated.

“Yeah, okay then,” Colt said. “Matt, get to work then.”

“I will,” I said. I threw off my clothes and then got Corey naked in a heartbeat. I heard and could
see the other three getting naked. I forget sometimes just how fucking hot Scott really is, with his
shaved big uncut cock hanging down and his body like an Olympic swimmer. On my knees, I looked up at
Corey and saw by the far the hottest guy in the room. My tongue extended and touched the tip of his
fat cock. The familiar taste of Corey’s cock was so special. My tongue began working all over and had
him squirming just a little. I loved looking up and see the smile on his face just before the tip of
his cock parted my lips.

“Fucking suck that fucking 21 year old dick,” Colt said.

“He will,” Corey said. “He loves sucking my fat dick.”

I pulled off and said, “I sure do love sucking this dick.” I went back and inhaled all of his cock.
The feeling of it in my throat and stretching my mouth was killer. 

“Bro, suck it!” Kris yelled.

I sucked and sucked on it. My mouth and tongue worked over the thick shaft. I’d look up and go for
more while hearing heavy breathing and knowing I was the focus of the other three’s attention. I
continued to work his cock until it was soaking wet with my saliva.

I stopped and kissed my way up his taut, thick body. His lips were waiting and were eager to receive
my kiss. We kissed and sucked each other’s tongue. I pulled back, “Do you wanna fuck me or have me
fuck you?”

“I wanna fuck your hot ass,” he replied.

I smiled and kissed him. I stopped and wet my hand to apply more spit to his cock. Lube would have
been great but I wasn’t willing to stop. With Corey seated and me in his lap, I reached behind and
grabbed his hard cock. My ass lifted up and soon I felt the tip of his cock penetrate my hole. Slowly
his cock filled my ass and felt so great doing so. As always it felt so awesome to have him completely
fill my ass and bottom out inside me.

“Fucking ride that dick, Matt,” Scott said. “It’s so hot seeing you bareback.”

I wasn’t paying them any attention and didn’t know what they were doing. My focus was on Corey with
them watching from behind and doing whatever.

“Fuck, look at that bare cock stretch that hole,” Colt gasped. “Fuck him, Corey. Let us see that thick
fucking dick fucking in and out of him.”

My body began sliding slowly up and down while Corey’s hand ran up and down my body. I pushed my ass
down to his balls and then I pulled up and went right back down on him. I used my experience to clench
my ass as his dick pulled out of me so the muscles would massage his cock. I closed my eyes and
started riding his cock harder while feeling my own cock rock hard and bouncing up and down.

“Look at that big dick just slapping Corey’s chest,” Colt stated.

I did turn my head and saw them just stroking each other. I was surprised by that, but I guess they
were enjoying the live sex show in front of their face. With my hands behind Corey’s neck, I went full
force. I began screaming and could hear Corey moaning with each fuck. I continue to bounce up and down
and twist some to maximum our sexual pleasure. 

Corey pulled me close and kissed me with his cock deep inside of me. He stood holding me and turned me
on my back.

“Damn, what a strong ass fucker!” Colt said.

I looked into Corey’s eyes and saw lots of love combined with the lust he had for me. The feeling was
mutual. I had lusted after his great body since the day we had met. 

He slid out and spit on his hand. So far the friction wasn’t so bad taking his bare, raw cock. He put
his cock back inside of me and moved to kiss me. He was able to fuck me while we kissed to really
heighten all my senses. 

“Damn, that right there is fucking beautiful,” Kris said.

“I agree. You can really tell they’re in love,” Scott stated.

My hands were on Corey’s ass. I wanted all of him inside me. We were as one and so into this act. “OOO
Corey, fuck me… oooh yes baby… fuck that ass!” I moaned and was breathing as hard as ever.

“Matt, your ass is so on fire tonight,” Corey said, perched above me.

My hands were going crazy while he continued to thrust into me. The joy and pleasure I was feeling was
so great. Corey was grunting with each push, while I moaned. His thrusts soon quickened. 

“I’m about to cum,” Corey eked out.

“Cum in me, babe. I want your fucking cum,” I said and grabbed his ass.  

Corey pushed hard into me. He leaned over and kissed me. I could feel his cock pumping its load into
me. Without much warning, I felt my cock releasing its load while Corey was kissing me and cumming in
me. The warm cum flooded between our bodies. 

“Damn, Corey gave Matt a nice present,” Scott commented.

“Fuck yea he did,” Colt said.

“OOO fuck bros, I’m cumming!” Kris screamed. I was able to see Kris shoot a nice nut all over his
body. He collapsed and kissed Colt while Corey was still inside me.

Corey slowly pulled out and sat next to me. We were covered in cum with more oozing out of my fucked

“Goddamn!” Scott screamed.

“Cum on me, Scott,” Kris said.

Scott moved over and blasted a steady stream of cum all over Kris’s chest. A minute later, Colt stood
and bathed Kris in his nut too. Kris sat and now had three nice loads covering his body. The room
reeked off sex and sweat.

We sat there for a minute and let the feeling of bliss fade. Before Corey and I retreated to our room
he got birthday kisses from each one.

“Damn, I love fucking around with y’all,” Scott said. “I guess I better jet.”

“Hell, just stay,” Kris said.

“Ummm… I don’t know about that,” Scott said.

“There is another bed. Honestly, I’m plum tuckered out now,” Colt said.

“Scott, you can stay and help me out tomorrow,” I said.

“That seals the deal then,” Scott said with a big smile.


That begins another semester for the guys.   I have a few ideas for the spring already and hope you
will like them.  

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