Posted January 5, 2013

As Mom was driving us back to our house, she asked me, “What did you think of Vince’s house?”

“It was a really nice house. That kitchen was made for you.”

“Why do you think I fell in love with him in the first place?” Mom smiled, showing a little sense
of humor. “Your room was nice too. It’s perfect for you.”

“It was very nice. It’ll be an adjustment living with some…” I stopped and laughed. “How stupid was
that? I live with three other people.”

“I was wondering where you were going with that.”

“What did VJ say to you?”

“Oh, that it wasn’t my fault and that I was a very good cook. He seemed very sincere in his
apology. He reminds me a lot of you, you know.”

I laughed, “He might be even skinnier.”

“Guess again, Matt,” Mom said. “Together you and VJ wouldn’t crack 250 at his age.”

“Look who’s talking over there, skinny momma.”

Mom laughed. “You do take after me in that aspect, but your dad was never fat either.”

“Mom, can I ask what I guess you would call a personal question concerning you and Vince?”

“He’s fixed,” Mom laughed.

That wasn’t what I wanted or needed to hear. I asked her about her finances and such. She said they
were working on it and that I would have her things and VJ would have Vince’s. 

“VJ’s stepdad must be something else,” I stated and changed the subject.

“I hear he is. Vince gets so mad at all the stuff he tries to get him to pay for. Vince pays for
about everything for that boy,” Mom stated. “Now do you see why I wasn’t in a big rush to remarry?”

“Yeah! If you would have, things would have really been bad, especially for me.”

“It would have, especially after you came out,” Mom said. “As I’ve told you before, Vince knew
right off the bat, or at least when things progressed past the first date. I did see someone before
him. When I told him about you, it was over.”

“I had no idea,” I said.

“It was only two dates. He was nice about it but he couldn’t see it working for us. He thanked me
for being upfront and honest before we got too far,” Mom said and pulled into our house. 

“I’m sorry,” I said.

“I think it worked out for the best. How about you?”

“I think it’s worked out too.”

I unloaded all of Mom’s stuff and wouldn’t let her carry them in since she had done all the work. I
headed to my room and called Corey to see how his day went. He said it was fine, with them eating
with his aunt and uncle. We talked for a while before we said we’d see each other tomorrow.

As I was resting, about half asleep, someone knocked on my door. Without a single doubt, I knew it
was Kris. He was standing there in his tank top and jeans. 

“Wassup? It’s so good to see you.”

“Good to see you too, but it’s only been three days.”

“I know,” Kris said and shut my door. “Bro, tell me all about Colt fucking the shit out of you.”

“I take it that it didn’t bother you in the least?”

“Fuck no, bro. You took care of him while he took care of you. Tell me he ain’t one hot fuck.”

“I guess he was. Corey’s not so excited about it.”

“Bro, I talked to him today. He’s down with it. All he wants to know is… did you film it?”

I shook my head, “No, we didn’t.”

“Bro, you act like you’re ashamed of it. I thought we were all cool with it.”

“I thought so too. We’ll see…”

We talked about our day and how things were going since we’d last seen each other. Kris loved
telling me how drunk he got on Wednesday with Tanner and Brady. 

We went out into the living room and joined Mom. Kris was talking away as he usually did and did
help himself to some of what we had left over. 

About ten, Mom stood, “I guess I better go get ready.”

“What the fuck?” I asked. I had dropped the f-bomb on Mom before I knew what I had said. My hands
went over my mouth while Kris was laughing like crazy.

“Matt dropped the big f bomb on Linda,” Kris said, laughing and leaning over.

“Kris, there are worse things in this world,” Mom said. “I’m going to the midnight sale at Walmart
and a few other places.”

“Not without me, you’re not,” I said. “It could be dangerous.”

“Oh Matt, there will be lots of people around. How dangerous can that be?” Mom asked.

“Still, I’m going with you, unless you’re buying me something,” I said.

“You can come,” Mom said.

“I’d say we just made plans for the night then,” Kris said.

“Kris, you’re welcome to come along as well,” Mom stated. “Call and tell Jenny you’ll be late.”

“She doesn’t care. I didn’t come home last night, so tonight wouldn’t be any different,” Kris

Mom did tell us what she was going for, a nice large TV for Vince’s bedroom as his Christmas gift.
To make it easier, Kris drove to the store.

“This should be a blast,” Kris stated.

“Boy, I hope so,” Mom said from the back seat. “You boys didn’t need to come with me.”

“We’re fine, Mom. You’ll need someone to keep you awake.”

“If we’re in bed by one, we consider it going to bed early,” Kris laughed. “Maybe I can find
something nice for Colt while we’re here.”

“They do have lots on sale,” Mom added. “Kris… Are you and Colt together?”

“Yes ma’am, we’re dating,” Kris replied.

“I see that Matt has rubbed off on you,” Mom said.

“Nah, Matt had nothing to do with it. It was my own doing.”

“Mom, Kris is bi.”

“I see… If you’re happy, that’s all that matters, no matter what the sex or color is,” Mom stated.
“Having a gay son teaches you that love doesn’t have set boundaries.”

“It shouldn’t matter whether you have a gay son or not. Everyone should see love has no boundaries
by now,” Kris stated, driving.

“Very true, Kris,” Mom said.

We pulled into the parking and were astonished at the number of people there in line already. Kris
let us out to claim our spot while he parked. Mom worried that she didn’t get here soon enough to
get what she wanted. I told her it was stupid to come any sooner. 

About eleven, a guy came by and asked what we were there for. Luckily, mom’s item was still
available so we got a number that assured us we’d get the TV she wanted. We heard the cheap
computers and cheaper TVs were long gone. Kris was great company and did keep us, and those near
us, entertained. I think the people around us delighted in hearing some of our censored stories,
especially about the cops and Dillon.

At midnight, the store opened. There wasn’t a stampede thanks to the number system, but there was a
rush on some of the other items. Once Mom claimed her TV we were able to walk around and see the
other items. I grabbed a cheap coffee pot and all the needed accessories for our apartment, along
with a couple of cheap memory cards and sticks that could be helpful on our trip and could be a
small gift for Corey. Kris bought a few things he saw and wanted, before Mom told us she’d catch up
with us outside, meaning she saw a few things for me. It wouldn’t kill me if she did buy some cheap
shorts and shirts, especially for me to run in.

It was about two thirty before we arrived back home, since Mom had another place she wanted to go
while we were out. Kris dropped us off and headed home, saying it would be nice to sleep in his own

I was up about eleven on what was Black Friday here. We had done our shopping, so after I ate I
headed to get my hair cut. The traffic was a nightmare and had me cussing the stupid drivers while
not going all that far. I got my hair cut and returned. It wasn’t anything drastic and rather the
normal style for me.

I stayed around the house and enjoyed my time with Mom. Before I left, Vince arrived at the house. 

“Matt, have you decided on our trip?” he asked.

“I haven’t given it much thought to be honest. Either place would be fun,” I said.

“I want Corey to come along as well if he wants. I’m surprised he’s not here with you,” Vince said.

“He went home with his family, but I’m sure he’ll be around at Christmas,” I replied. “I appreciate
you wanting him to be included.”

“He’s such a big part of your life and will be for a long time,” Vince said. “He’ll be great
protection for us.”

“He will,” Mom laughed.

I left and followed Kris back to college. I enjoyed this, just in case either one of us had car
trouble, since we weren’t driving new cars. Matter of fact, my car was getting old and could be a
large purchase for me in the future. It was nice knowing I could get one if I needed it, but I
didn’t want to spend money just to be spending it since this one got me where I was going and still
ran well.

Corey and Colt were back when we arrived about seven. I was excited to see Corey and greeted him
with a kiss. However there didn’t seem to be same excitement coming from his end. I took him by the
hand and led him to our room. I locked the door with him sitting on our bed.

“Why, Corey? Why?” I asked. “You knew…”

“Matt, it has nothing to do with you and Colt. I’m fine with that. It’s Mom again…” he said with
the saddest look in his eyes.

I wanted to cry. I reached out and gave him a big hug and kiss. “Next time, tell me.”

“Here I thought everything was going so well for her. She drank every night I was home,” he said.

“Did she before you came home?”

“Larry said she didn’t but I don’t believe him. She gave me this lame excuse about how if I was
doing it then she was too. I’m not the one with the problem!”

“Corey, I know you’re not, but you aren’t setting the right example. I know it shouldn’t be where
the kid sets it for their parents, but in this case it might. She sees you doing it and figures she
can too. You more or less gave her a reason.”

“Fuck! You may be right. I partied each night, but really nothing more than we do here… well one
night was a little more. I tell her to stop and yet my ass is out doing it.”

“I’m sorry it works like that,” I said. “Maybe a little restraint next time you’re home. Show her
you don’t need to drink when you’re there…”

“Hell, what else is there to do there?” he smiled.

“Sometimes when we’re here you don’t drink when everyone else is. You can do that at home, or find
other stuff to do.”

“Boy, I just love you death!”

“I love you too!”

“Colt did brag about what a great fuck you are. But he wasn’t telling me anything I didn’t know
already,” Corey said.

“Whew, here I worried…”

“What? You worry? It’s my fault. I should have told you, but at the time I was pissed off. I almost
came back last night just to get the hell out of there,” Corey said.

“So we’re good with us fucking around a little?”

“I am. It’s nice to experience someone different every so often. I think you enjoyed it.”

“I did, but it was nothing compared to what we did last weekend,” I said and kissed him.

“Yeah, two hours of me and you doing what we do best. I never thought of it as fucking, more us
making love to each other.”

“There is a big difference in my book,” I said.

“Mine too, and I know the difference,” Corey said. “We can fuck around with Kris and Colt, and even
a few select others like we have before, but when it comes down to it we love each other and will
always end up back together afterwards.”

We talked and then made out for a while. Just feeling his passion was great. He stood and led me
back out to the living room.

“Good to see there’s nothing wrong. Here I thought I’d stirred up a huge hornet’s nest,” Colt said.

“We’re good…” I said.

“Mom fell off the wagon and busted her ass,” Corey said. “Matt made me see I wasn’t helping matters
by drinking when I was home. It’s not right.”

“Bro, she was probably looking for a reason,” Kris said.

“She sure found it,” Corey laughed. 

“Colt, I know your Thanksgiving wasn’t like it used to be,” I said.

“It wasn’t, but it’s all cool now,” Colt said. “You were so right about saying I needed to get away
and find my alone time, Matt. That was so spot on and made me feel so much better.”

“What the hell?” Kris asked.

“Oh, I needed to sort out a few things in my head is all. Matt suggested I get away and find the
real me. I think I found him,” Colt replied.

It seemed like time apart really did us good. We were glad to be back around each other and loved
the time we spent together. We were interrupted by Shawn about ten. He was dragging and had worked
long hours so he justified that as his excuse to have a few cold ones. It wasn’t long before Scott
came to join us and fill us in on his Thanksgiving. Now it was great to see them again and get
caught up. 

It was about one before Corey and I headed to our room. I made very passionate love to him and he
did his best to return that love as my bottom. It felt so fucking great with my hard eight inch
cock buried so deep in his blazing hot ass. It was so hot being as one. He knew just how to work
every inch of my cock with his incredible ass. I loved the sounds we made, the sweat that rolled
off our bodies, the sight of my cock buried in his ass, the look on his face during our time
together and the smell of the fresh cum we spewed. I felt so much love for him as we clung to each
other in our orgasms and I knew he was right. We could have blazing hot sex with someone else but
it would never top how good it was making love to each other.

We lay together spend and content. My head was resting on his chest while he stroked my hair. I
could hear his heart beating in his chest. 

“Corey, Vince asked us to take a trip this summer,” I stated.

“That’s cool. Where are you going?”

“Not just me, you too. I don’t know yet but it’s between Disney World or New York?”

“I appreciate you asking if I could go, but…”

“I didn’t ask. Vince is the one who suggested it. He said you’re part of our new family as well.”

“I’ll think about it some. Either place sounds like a lot of fun. If I do go, and we go to New
York, don’t count on my ass going to some Broadway show,” Corey stated.

“Okay. I guess I’ll take Mom and go without you then.”

“Man, I’ve always wanted to go to Disney World. You see it on TV but all I could ever do was dream
about going. I think New York would be a blast too since we could tear up the bars at night,” Corey

“Both would be great,” I said. 

We talked a little more and about the game happening the next day, which was why we were back on
this Friday night. We kissed and said goodnight before I spooned up behind him.

Sitting with a fresh brewed cup of coffee on what was a chilly Saturday morning, I saw Colt coming
out of the bathroom naked, but so was I. Colt hugged me and said a cup of coffee would be nice. 

“How’s Chase taking everything?” I asked.

“He’s okay now the dust has settled. He has talked to Dad, but I don’t believe it was very
pleasant. He’s very bitter still…”

“Highly understandable…”

“Matt, do you ever find it completely awkward or just plain fucking weird to talk about sex with
your mom?”

I laughed, “Boy, do I ever… I know she knows that Corey and I are very sexual with each other, but
still, talking to your mom about sex is, like you said, fucking weird.”

“Mom just up and asked me what it was like being with a guy. I didn’t what to say, but it did give
me the chance to really explain to her what was going on. I think she understood that I was capable
of loving both sexes.”

“That’s all you can do. She loves you like mine does and will understand. Mom said something like
your heart doesn’t know sex or color, just people.”

“How true. Don’t get me wrong, I loved being with you, but wasn’t it fucking great to be back with
our boyfriends?”

“Oh my God, it was.”

“There’s that connection you have. I have it with Kris like no other person I’ve ever been with.”

“You are truly in love.”

“Fucking smitten with it, and so is Kris. Just like Corey is with you. Man, I thought I’d really
fucked up when I saw the look on his face when you kissed him. I was like damn it wasn’t worth it
if you two weren’t down with it.”

“I thought the same thing.  He’d been really short with me when I brought us up so naturally I
thought he was pissed…”

“I’m glad he wasn’t. I’d have been torn up about it. I just knew he’d be cool with it, plus I
really did want to be with you. You know it’s something I’ve really wanted to do for a while. You
didn’t disappoint either, but if it had been a source of trouble, I would have felt really bad.”

I smiled and took a drink, “I’m glad things worked out for the best.”

We talked about the game with Colt emphasizing there was still a lot to play for, even though we
had lost the week before. Another loss could mean a worse paying bowl game and less exposure. He
said if we won there was a good chance we could be playing close to my hometown.

Corey was up before Kris, but it was only by a matter of minutes. Kris decided he’d cook something
for him and Corey since Colt and I had something to eat already. 

I stepped outside after throwing on some shorts and turned right back around. It was downright
chilly to me with the wind strongly blowing. I suppose it should be cooling off since it was almost

“Bro, that bad, huh?” Kris asked.

“Let me just say you’ll be a fool to rip off your shirts today,” I replied.

“Real men can handle that shit,” Kris laughed.

“Whatever you say,” I said and headed to find a shirt. I headed to get the mail and returned with a
bundle, since no one ever thought to get it. So far, we were lucky to have avoided late payments,
but we were going to test things now since checking the mail was the last thing on everyone’s mind.
I threw it down and sorted out the trash from the bills. The four of us now never squabbled over a
bill and just paid our part. I generally paid them and had them pay me back. I saw we were close to
being late on our electricity bill. Also in the stack were a few credit card applications addressed
to each one of us.

Kris grabbed the one addressed to him, “Hey, I need me a credit card.”

Corey and Colt did the same. 

“Guys, do we really need them?” I asked, holding mine. “We’re doing great without them.”

“I do for damn sure. Dad cut mine off, even though I barely used it. It is nice to have one for an
emergency,” Colt replied.

“I’m getting one,” Corey replied. “Colt’s so right.”

“I’ll let you three have one, but I’m steering clear of them,” I stated. “The last thing I need is
to be saddled with credit card debt when I leave here.”

“Bro, when have we ever spent money just for the hell of it?” Kris asked. “We’re not stupid.
Everyone has them.”

“Everyone has debt as well,” I stated.

“Excuse us for not having cash like you,” Colt said.

I didn’t know what to say. It was true that I was blessed, but it’s not how I wanted it to be. I
glanced at Corey’s application and saw there was a thousand dollar limit on them. 

“Bro, we can fill ‘em out online rather than mailing them. It’ll be sweet,” Kris stated.

“What would be funny is if one of you gets rejected,” I said. “I guess they won’t kill ya with a
low limit.”

“Well, getcha one then. It might help out our credit score. We need to start building it sometime,”
Colt said.

The more I thought about it, the more I decided maybe a credit card wouldn’t be the worst thing
ever and might be rather nice at times with the cruise coming up and the summer trip. We banged
away on our computers and fired off our applications.

“Bro, I thought you said they were evil,” Kris asked me, seeing me filling out the application. 

“The more I thought about the more I realized they could be handy. The low limit is a bonus,” I

“You opened your mouth before checking it out,” Colt stated.

“My question is, why send them to college kids?” Corey asked.

“Bro, they know we’ll max those fuckers out and have parents bail our asses out,” Kris laughed.

“I bet a lot do,” I said.  

First to come over before the game were Scott, Jess and Jordy. They were bundled up for the game.
Finally Shawn arrived and was prepared as well in his camo jacket. We sat around talking, with a
few partaking in a few cold ones before the game. 

We headed over to the stadium about an hour before kickoff. There was the usual amount of fans that
I saw when we were on campus. We kept walking and heard a loud voice call out Kris’s name. I turned
and saw Mike running up to Kris. 

“Bro, how have you been?” Kris asked and threw his arm around Mike. “I sure have missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too,” Mike said, with me looking around for his dad. I did spot him sitting by a
car having a sandwich.

“Do you think we’re gonna win today, Mike?” Colt asked.

“No doubt about it. Ted is going to have 25 tackles,” Mike replied.

“We hope he does,” Kris said. “You know it’s the end of the season, so I guess we won’t be seeing
much of you unless you come to the Rec Center.”

“I know. I hate it. I’ll come to the Center when I can. You should see me drive,” Mike said.

“I really want to,” Kris said. “I bet you’re a fast driver.”

“I am. I burn rubber,” Mike said and got us to laugh. We went right along with him and knew he
couldn’t drive. If so, I knew I didn’t want to be on the road at the same time.

We kept walking up to the stadium and entered as we always did. I walked in and went to grab some
hot chocolate, even though it wasn’t that cold, but the smell lured me in. It felt great in my

As we were walking up the ramp and saw the field it struck me that this would be the last time this
year I’d be here. The freshman crew was waiting on us and had seats saved for us. There were a few
female additions, but I can’t say I blame the girls for being attracted to them. We took our seats,
with me next to Reese as always. I sat watching the cheerleaders do their thing and the band march
across the field. 

Corey nudged me, “Are you okay?”

I turned to him, “I was just looking at everything and taking it all in since it’s our last time
for another year.”

“Boy, it is,” Corey said. “Damn, we’ve been coming here for three years and have just one more

“Don’t mention that part,” I said.

Our team ran onto the field, causing us to rise from our seats. It did get the blood flowing with
the cheering. I spotted Ted and Myles running side by side as they entered. Luke was always at the
back and leisurely jogged out. 

“We need this game,” Reese said. “Teddy wasn’t happy last week at all.”

“We played like crap,” I commented. 

Defense was first and came out with energy. Last week, it seemed Ted was a one man team against
what I heard was a weaker team. This week, he was there on the first play, with Myles defending on
the third to get the team off the field. Luke entered and was on target after two great running
plays. Quickly, we had a score. 

Throughout the first half, our team seemingly was ready to play. We built up a nice lead, which
gave us some breathing room for the end. We sat down and rested after being on our feet the entire
first half. The team’s energy rubbed off on the student section and the entire crowd.

Corey left with Kris and Shawn to head down while I looked around. The student section wasn’t as
full, being we lost the week before and it was a holiday weekend. I sat there and watched the same
halftime band performance but took it all in.

Reese was chatting away with Latham and seemed to be doing great with him. Corey came racing up the
bleachers with a drink, with Kris and Shawn behind.

“We saw the assholes down there,” Corey commented. “All we got was the evil eye.”

“Bitches didn’t have nerve to say a word either,” Kris stated loudly.

I shook my head and really was amazed. For one, Kris could act civil and ignore them. They hadn’t
caused us trouble or even been seen. I didn’t mind not seeing them either if they didn’t want to
come around. I had heard Bishop was dating a girl regularly now, so he had no reason to come

Once the second half started, we were back on our feet with the cheerleaders leading some yells I
knew very well now. Luke started off slowly but the second time he got the ball he was on target.
It was great to watch the team move the ball when everything worked. Colt knew the plays and gave
his viewpoint. Some of his jargon was foreign to me, for all I knew it was working. 

With about 10 minutes left, the game was a blowout after we returned an interception for a
touchdown. With darkness falling upon, it was getting cooler. 

“Are we ready?” Kris asked.

“I’m not,” I replied. “I want to sit here until the end.”

“Why?” Colt asked.

Corey turned, “This is it. No more football in this stadium until next September.”

“I see your point. My ass is staying too then,” Kris said.

Chase and Tabor, along with their friends, stood. “Y’all tell us about the end but we’re out of
here,” Chase said.

“We’ll see ya then,” Colt said.

We watched with elbow room and room to spread out. It was actually great, even though Ted and Luke
were on the sidelines. For once, I did see Ted looking around. He spotted us and gave us the thumbs

When the horn blew, the game had been long over. We sat there and watched the teams shake hands.

“One more year and that’s it for us,” I stated.

“Bro, you make it sound like we’ll never come back,” Kris said. “We can start a tradition of coming
to each game once we’re out of here.”

“Or come see those of us who are going to grad school,” Scott said.

“Please Scott!” Colt said.

“There’s a chance… a damn good chance!” Scott said. “Y’all could do it.”

Colt laughed, “I’ll be lucky to graduate, much less make it in grad school.”

We stood and headed out. I stopped and looked across the field. The image was engrained in my head
of the field and the stadium. Never did I fathom loving this place. We had one more year to go.
Next year at this time, it would be even more special, as well as being rather sad.


Hope you enjoyed the next chapter in this story.   Again, I can't say how much I appreciate all the
support and kind words I've received over the course of this story.   I really mean it and hope you
don't mind me saying so.   I want to thank my editor for all the hard work he puts in.  The story
wouldn't be half as good without him.  

Comment below as always.   If you have a suggestion for the spring, please feel free to email me at or leave a comment below.   Without your comments, I doubt Kris and
Colt would be together at this point.  I was saving it until later but saw the demand.  It's been
fun writing about them.


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