Pulling up to Chase’s dorm, it was easy to see him outside waiting on me. He walked over with a dip
in his lip, a bottle in his hand, his hat turned backwards and a blue AE tee stretched over his
increasingly growing muscles. He threw his bag behind my seat as he got in my truck before we headed
to set up our camp to deer hunt.

I smiled at him before I left the lot. He was me made over in so many ways it wasn’t even funny.
There’s was no denying we were brothers.

“You ready to slay a big buck?” I asked.

“Fuck yeah, you know it!” he said and laughed. “Colt, it’s funny how your mouth gets so loose when
you’re here.”

“Ain’t it?”

“Man, the word fuck in our dorm is so common. You hear it everywhere you turn and it influences you.”

“It really does. We come here good boys and leave hellions,” I laughed and stopped since his dip
looked too appealing. I threw one in and headed off home.

We had barely left the parking lot when Chase got a text message. He was a master now and was going
ninety to nothing with his thumbs.

“A girl?” I asked.

“Hell no. Some dude that thinks we’re good buddies now. All he does is text me.”

“That’s cool, Chase. Maybe he’s jealous of you.”

Chase laughed, “My fucking good looks is all… wait that sounds… ummm… gay.”

“It’s cool, dude. Be yourself. I know now you accept me and Kris. I’m right, aren’t I?”

“Well yeah! I accept you 100 percent. We all do, or those that matter. Now that shit’s old news. So
tell me, Colt, what’s it really like to have a boyfriend?”

“Honestly, it’s better than I thought. I love Kris to death, but in some ways it don’t seem all that

“Other than you fuck a lot now,” Chase giggled.

“I can’t lie to you. We do fuck a lot.”

“Dammmmnnn! There must be something to that then. Here Tabor and I brag if we get laid three times in
a month.”

“You can solve that…”

“Fuck no! One bi dude in our family is enough. I see nothing appealing about sucking a dick or
letting some other dude stick his dick up my ass. Don’t it hurt?”

“I can’t lie to you, it does a little, but then… oh my God it feels so fucking good!”

“I’ll have to take your word on that one,” Chase said and spit in his bottle.

I continued driving and really enjoyed talking to my brother. We talked about our classes. I was
happy he was doing so well. Just like I thought, he loved college and everything that went with it.
He was making lifelong friends, just as I had.  

We arrived after the hour or so drive. There wasn’t a car in sight with Dad gone to his deer camp and
Mom off with her friends shopping for the weekend. 

“Colt, tell me, what are we doing camping when we have the entire house to ourselves?”

I patted his arm, “How much fun would that be?”

We laughed together and entered our house. It was still the same as always and was so outdated. We
threw down our bags and saw a note from Mom. It appeared as though Matt’s mom wasn’t the only Mom
around that could cook. We had a roast waiting on the counter with a pan of lasagna and a big thing
of chilli in the fridge. It was tempting to eat but daylight was a burning.

We carried our stuff from my truck as far as I could make it. We unloaded it all, including lots of
beer thanks to Dillon. I had borrowed Corey’s nice tent and air mattress for the weekend since his
stuff was nicer. Just as advertised, his tent was up in no time. I aired up the mattress while we
walked a good ways to place Chase and Tabor’s good size tent. Shawn would be joining us Saturday
night since he couldn’t get off work tonight or tomorrow. We worked hard and finally managed to get
the bigger tent up. Next we gathered wood and piled it up to make a fire. It wasn’t supposed to get
really cold but cold enough to warrant us building a nice fire to sit by.

We returned to our house and started eating and waiting on Tabor and Kris to arrive, with Tabor
driving. Without a doubt, that would be an adventuresome ride with those two. 

With Chase still on his phone and me watching TV, I heard a vehicle pull up. Before they got to the
door it was easy to hear Tabor and Kris laughing and talking since they were loud. I opened the door
and let them inside. Both were dressed in cut up tees and jeans with bags over their shoulders. 

“Colt, Kris is a fucking trip!” Tabor said loudly. “He’s had me laughing the whole way here.”

“I thought you’d have known that by now,” Chase said, looking up from his phone.
“So what are we doing here?” Kris asked.

“Mom made us a roast to eat,” I replied.

“Fuck yeah! Let’s eat!” Tabor said as hyper as ever.

“Chill Tabor!” I said.

“Now you see what my ass deals with every fucking day,” Chase stated.

The two ate everything in sight and finished off the roast. We gathered our stuff, including our guns
for the next morning’s hunt. Dad had been feeding the deer so hopefully there would be some stirring
and waiting to become a meal. 

With the moon half full, we used a light and made it back to our camp site. Tabor liked that his tent
was a good ways away from ours. Kris started the fire before we broke out the cooler of beer. 

We took a seat around the fire. I reached over and put my arm around Kris’s waist. He leaned over and
kissed me.

“Colt, it is weird seeing you and Kris kiss like that,” Chase said.

“We are a couple,” I stated.

“I know, but it’s something I’m not used to. Nothing wrong with it since y’all are boyfriends,” Chase

“It is weird, but hey they’re fucking cool,” Tabor said.

“See what I was talking about earlier, Colt? Every other word now out of Tabor’s mouth is fuck,”
Chase laughed.

“You’re just as bad,” Tabor shot back and took a drink.

“It happens, bros,” Kris said. “What has shocked me is Reese’s mouth. Damn!”

“It’s like we don’t have any control,” Chase laughed. “It’s a habit like this dip.”

“I don’t think saying fuck has ever been a health hazard,” I said.

“Wrong!” Tabor said. “Say it to the wrong person at the wrong time and see if it ain’t.”

We laughed and agreed. It was great with just my best friend, my brother and his best friend sitting
around a campfire drinking, having a dip and letting the stories fly. Then it hit me that I had
brought my gun but didn’t have any shells. 

I stood and told them I need to run to the house just for minute. Kris jumped up and said he was
going with me. We took a long piss after three beers and headed up. I came around the corner and saw
a foreign car sitting in our driveway.

“Oh fuck,” Kris said quietly. “Is someone robbing the joint?”

“I don’t know,” I said with my heart pounding now. 

We walked to the front door and turned the knob to find it was unlocked. Knowing us we left it that
way. I slowly opened the door. Once inside, there stood my dad with another woman.

“What the fuck!” I screamed at the top of my lungs in anger.

“Colt, don’t talk that way around me,” Dad said.

“Fuck that shit! You’re fucking around on Mom!” I said with so much rage and hate filling my voice
and shaking my body.

“Son, calm down…”

“No motherfucker! I’ve known what was going down for years! Get the fuck out!”

Dad walked up to me, “You listen to me and listen to me good. Don’t ever let me hear you talk to me
that way again. Karen and I will just leave.”

There was so much temptation to punch my Dad in the face. “Leave and don’t ever show your face around
here again. How could you do this?”

“You wouldn’t understand!”

The door opened behind me with Chase and Tabor out of breath. I assumed Kris called them. “What the
fuck?” Chase yelled.

“We’re leaving!” Dad said, throwing up his hands. 

“Dad, I’m so pissed off right now!” Chase said.

“I am too. He’s lucky we don’t both kick his ass!” I said. “Dad, your shit will be in the yard! I’m
not spoiling Mom’s good time and will wait ‘til she’s back! If she’s stupid enough…”

“Victoria and I are finished. This shit should have happened years ago!” Dad said.

“Now get the fuck out! Oh, by the way, Kris is my boyfriend now.” I said, using this as my chance.

“I knew you were a fag all along,” Dad said smartly.

“Fuck you, Dad!” Chase said. “Get the fuck out before we throw your ass out in the yard!”

Dad walked out quickly with the woman trailing him. She was white as a sheet and not attractive at
all. If Dad was fooling around, the least he could have done was pick a better looking woman. Dad
turned, “Have fun, my little faggot son!”

It took all I had not to confront him and beat his ass. I was so mad, angry and disappointed I didn’t
know what to do. I was pacing around until Kris grabbed me. “Are you okay?”

“Fuck no I’m not okay! You saw that shit!”

“Colt, this fucking sucks!” Chase said.

I turned and punched the couch out of frustration. I sat down and put my face in my hands. I felt
someone grab me and looked up to see it was Chase. I stood and hugged him with everything I had. “I
fucking love you, Chase. We’re gonna make it in spite of Dad.”

“You will. This really fucks up our weekend,” Tabor said.

“It won’t!” I said. “We’re still gonna kill some deer out there.”

“We are,” Kris said. 

We sat around with Kris consoling us. He tried his best to say everything would be okay and I know he
was only trying to help, but we were both still reeling. Once I was calm and had my thoughts
together, I gathered the shells I had come after. One benefit of having Kris was feeling the love
when we walked back to camp. His arm was around me while we walked. He stopped me and grabbed my
face. His hot kiss was great.

“I needed that,” I said.

“I’m glad you did. I love you so much!”

“I love you too! Thanks for being there with me and for me! I’ll never forget it.”

We made it back and stoked the fire. My mind was elsewhere after the drama. Kris sat down next to me
and continued to hold me. It felt great.

“Tabor, Chase needs some lovin’,” Kris said.

“We’re not like y’all,” Tabor said.

“He’s your best friend. Now is the time he needs you. You don’t have get fucking mushy or shit like
that. Just hold him and tell him you’re here for him like I’m doing with Colt,” Kris said.

Tabor put his arm around Chase. Chase gave in and let Tabor do as Kris said. It was sweet to see, but
Chase needed it. Finally Kris walked over to the fire with me. We put our arms around each other and
I stared into the blazing flames and hoped what had happened was just a dream. 

We didn’t say much and were there for each other. We decided to call it a night and try to get some
sleep before 5 or 5:30 came the next morning.

Kris and I shed our clothes before we entered the tent. Now with the sun gone it was cooler, but I
knew I had a warm body next to me. We entered the tent and got under the sleeping bags thrown over
the mattress. It was nice and comfy. Kris leaned over and kissed me as he had done so often tonight.
Never could I have imagined just a simple kiss could mean as much as it did until tonight. I grabbed
him and felt his naked body against mine. 

“Kris, I really wanted this to be our special night…”

“Bro, I understand. Sex is not needed or necessary. My boyfriend hurts like hell and I’m here for

“Sort of like Matt when his dad passed away, he knew it was coming but it still hurts like bitch. I
said I’ve known for years, but to walk in like that… Why did I have to go get shells?” 

“It was meant to be.”

“Just how fucking stupid is he? Huh?”

“Very fucking stupid. Pussy won out over deer camp I guess. He knew we’d be back here and your mom
was gone. Did you know who that chick was?”

“I don’t have a clue and I don’t care. I know Mom isn’t the prettiest or skinniest around, but damn!
Just leave. See what trouble it has now caused. Tomorrow his shit is going out in the yard.”

“We can do that when we’re watching the game. Can you believe two more home games after this and the
season is over?”

“Nope, not at all,” I replied.

We talked until Kris dozed off. I laid there in the darkness, thinking. I think I finally went to
sleep about 2, but it felt like I just went to sleep when Chase came over to get us up. 

It was chilly when we got out of bed. We threw on our hunting gear, grabbed a quick bite and headed
out. In the limited light, I was able to show Kris his stand. He climbed up on it and took my old
rifle with him. I wished him luck before I headed over to mine. 

Being up in the stand was another time for me to sit and think. I threw a dip in my lip and sat there
as daylight broke. I tried playing on my phone to take my mind off things. If nothing else I did tell
Dad about Kris and I when I saw it didn’t matter what he thought. I was pissed as I had ever been, I
think, and more so than with Kris. It affected my family, and worse, meant I didn’t give a fuck what
happened to Dad at this point. Sure, there’d be a day when the storm was over with, but I wondered
how long it’d take for me to forgive him.

BOOM! BOOM! My eyes flew open and I knew it was coming from Kris’s direction, I think, or maybe
Chase’s. My phone rang and I saw it was Kris. He didn’t really need a phone he was so loud with
excitement. I got off my stand and walked towards Kris’s.

“Hell yeah! Look this thing!” Kris shouted with such excitement. “Bro, it’s my first deer! My first
fucking deer!   Look it’s a nice big eight point too!”

I stuck out my hand for a high five, “Congrats! It’s a nice one!”

“Thanks!” Kris said. “Now what?”

“We gut him and cut him up.”

Kris rubbed his stubble, “Okay, but I don’t have a knife.”

I smiled, “We’ll haul it back to the shed. We got shit there. Oh, by the way, make sure you tag him
and report him to the Game and Fish.”

“Will do,” Kris said. Technology was great and made that part so easy. In no time Kris had done his
duty. I took a few pictures of Kris smiling and holding his deer and sent them to Matt, Corey and
Shawn. I knew Matt really didn’t care that much, but he would be happy for Kris.

Chase and Tabor came running up. They were excited to see the deer and said what a great shot Kris
was to get it in the neck. We weren’t thinking or else we’d have had our four wheelers handy to help
haul this nice big deer back. Kris lugged the big thing on his back and started carrying it towards
our house with Chase and Tabor gone back to their stands. I had cut up a deer before, but it had been
a few years. 

Once we got back, I heard shots again through the woods. Within a few minutes, I got a call saying
Chase had downed him a nice six point. Kris was still excited as ever so we grabbed the four wheelers
and headed out to haul Chase’s deer back. 

We put his deer on one and headed back with Tabor riding crazy on Chase’s four wheeler. Just as we
returned, there was a noise coming through the woods. We looked up and saw Gramps hobbling towards.

“I thought I heard shots,” he said in his gravelly voice.

“Yes sir,” Kris said.

Gramps approached the deer and took a look, “Those are nice ones. Good job. Maybe that’ll be less in
my damn garden this summer. You need to kill a few more round here.”

“We’ll try,” Chase said. “Gramps, do you think you can help us cut ‘em up?”

“Hell fire, boy. You’re old enough to do that,” Gramps said. “Getcha a knife and start at ‘er.”

“Gramps, it has been years since I’ve cut one up,” I said. “I know we need to gut and drain all the

“Damn Colt, move out of the way. Watch and learn how your old grandpa does this shit,” he said with
all of us smiling. He was so lovable and was the same grandpa I used to love being around as a kid. 

“Gramps, we’ve got some bad news,” Chase said and told Gramps about Dad.

“I always told Victoria Bob wasn’t worth shit. That there just proves that,” Gramps said.

“Hey, don’t call Mom and spoil her trip. We’re gonna wait ‘til she gets back,” I said.

“Yeah, that’s a good idea,” Gramps said.

We stood and watched Gramps do his thing. The fun part was a tradition where the blood of the deer
was smeared all over the person that killed it. That caught Kris a bit off guard but he loved it and
wore the blood with honor, thinking of it as his prize for finally killing one.

It took a while, but with a lot of help we had the two cut up and ready to be processed. With nothing
to do with them, it wasn’t hard saying we’d bring them up to Gramps’ house and let him have both. He
said he didn’t need both and would call a buddy of his who would love it.

I drove Gramps back to his house, along with one of the deer. Chase brought the other one. We
couldn’t just drop him off and leave. Nana would be mad if we didn’t at least say hi. We went in and
talked to her just a minute before heading back. 

We stood around and had a good laugh at Kris and Chase with blood smeared all over their faces and
shirts. We headed back out to hunt for a little while longer before the game came on. All the
excitement had taken my mind away from Dad, but back in the stand, it did return. It was nice staring
out where so many memories had been made. 

There were no other shots heard before we called it a day. I saw a really small one, as did Tabor. At
least we had killed two and thinned them out just a little. More were needed since there were quite a
few in and around our land. It was nothing to see them in the summer at night.

If nothing else, a good hot shower felt so good. We all showered but continued to leave our beards.
Mine was now a beard, but I had trimmed around the edges to not look so rugged. Kris’s was growing
nicely as well, as was Chase’s. 

We broke out the chili and heated it up to go along with the beer we had hauled up to the house. Mom
wouldn’t be happy with us but then she wasn’t around. We sat around reliving last night. I was able
to laugh a little about it now. Finally the game came on TV. We kicked back and sat to watch the

At half time, with us leading by two touchdowns, Shawn arrived. He was happy to see us and came
bringing more brews with him. He was barely inside the door before he had one open and was drinking
it. We first bragged about the deer Kris and Chase killed before getting to the drama. Shawn was a
great friend and gave me a big hug. He said he was sorry to hear what had happened. 

We were in full drinking mode once the game started back up. As usual, Ted was having his great game
and was on his way to being an All-American. Luke was on his game as well and was marching the team
up and down the field, just like he does in practice. Myles wasn’t in on many plays, but it wasn’t a
good sign if he was. 

We ended up winning the game without much trouble and it had us in a better mood, plus having drunk
about four or five didn’t hurt matters. We kicked it a while at the house and enjoyed the lasagne Mom
had made. With five of us, it was demolished and left us with an empty pan. 

We hiked back to our camp, with Shawn hauling his things. Tabor was stumbling and damn near bit the
ground a few times. It gave us more to laugh about. We started the fire back up with ease and sat
around it. A dip was more appealing than more beer, as it was to Chase and Tabor too. We roasted
marshmallows and enjoyed shooting the shit.  

As they were talking it hit me that soon all these great times would come to an end. Matt is usually
the sentimental one of us, but I got really sad thinking there was just one more football season, one
more deer season and one more summer before this was all over. Then real life began, hopefully with a
diploma for me. A college diploma would be a big achievement for me since it wasn’t coming easy like
it should for Chase. 

The laughs were so plentiful now with all of us being pretty drunk. Chase broke out VJ’s saying of
white boy wasted. We were that and maybe a little more by the end. The beer let us be goofy, with
Kris and Shawn dancing like fools when Tabor turned up his music on his phone. 

We ended the night and put out the fire. We had pretty much stopped drinking about an hour before we
called it a night.

Kris put his arm around my shoulder as we walked to our tent. His shirt was long gone, as were the
rest of ours. I was stunned Kris wasn’t naked, but it didn’t seem like that kind of night, despite
the heat coming from the fire and drinking.

“Colt, you seem to be doing better,” Kris commented.

“I am. You and Chase killing one and us winning have helped matters.”

“And a few beers in your system can’t have hurt. I see why there are so many drunks.”

“It does take your mind off from things,” I said and lost my jeans and boxers, along with my shoes. I
kept my socks on since my feet were cold.

Kris entered the tent and pulled me to him, wrapping his big muscular arms around me. They felt so
good and I melted into them. His strong hug followed by his wet lips gently nipping at mine really
got my blood pumping. My hands went all over his amazing naked body, feeling the hard muscles that
covered his back, moving down to squeeze his gorgeous bubble butt as my lips parted and his tongue
slipped into my mouth. His hands were all over me too, holding me close and rubbing the bottom of my
back, caressing my ass and occasionally trailing a finger down into my crack, making me moan into his

Kris broke the long kiss, but never pulled back from the hug. He put his forehead against mine and
looked into my eyes, “Bro, is sex on the cards tonight? It’s cool as fuck if not. I totally

“Fuck yeah it is. I’m ready to show my love to the one person that means so much to me,” I said and
closed the gap between our lips, kissing him again as we got lost in a passionate kiss with our
tongues exploring each other’s mouths. 

The kisses were so heated and there was something really different about them that seemed to drive us
both wild. During a quick breather between kisses, I licked his chin and felt the stubble against my
tongue. I knew then the reason it felt so different and intense was because of the beards we were
growing. The kisses weren’t soft and smooth; they were rough, passionate and manly. It was such a
turn on and I really felt the difference in being with Kris over being with a girl. It was exciting.

Still holding me close, he started nibbling on my neck and shoulders, which had me moaning and
clawing at his back. My dick was so hard being here with the man I love and being so intimate with
him. It was so special and I didn’t care what my dad or anyone else would think. Being with Kris was
all I wanted. It felt right and it filled me with joy.

Pulling back just a little, Kris moved down and sucked my nipples, taking them between his lips and
teasing them with is tongue, while his hand slid down my abs until it was wrapped around my dick. His
tongue felt so great and swirled around each nipple until they were really hard and pointy, allowing
him to nibble on them, sending shockwaves all over my body. I moaned and arched my back, reaching up
and grabbing his hair in my fist as he went lower and traced the ridges of my abs until reaching the
tip of my dick. He glanced up at me and blew right on the tip, making my cock jump, before slowly
licking his way up the shaft, from the base to the very tip. My dick was so hard and was leaking as
Kris sucked the head into his mouth. I loved the attention he was giving my dick.

He kept up the pace, bobbing his head up and down on my cock, sucking as much of me into his mouth as
he could. His hands were all over me while he was blowing me. They were playing with my balls,
rolling them around on his fingers and tugging them gently. They reached around to stroke and caress
my ass, slipping into my crack to tease my hole, sending a shiver up my spine and causing my dick to
pulse precum into Kris’s mouth. His hands also roamed all over my body, running across my hard abs
and up to my pecs, where he squeezed my erect nipples, making my cock jump, escaping his mouth and
slapping him on the cheek.

“Fuck, Kris, you’re incredible. I love you so much,” I moaned, still gripping his hair in my hand as
he looked up at me with a smile and sucked my dick back into his mouth.

He had come on such a long way from the first time he took me in his mouth. He knew just what to do
to tease me and make me moan, which I think brought him great satisfaction in knowing what effect he
had on me.

He continued to suck my cock, moving up and down on it and swivelling his head with the tongue
corkscrewing around my shaft. He never missed a beat on my dick and never let me slip from his mouth
as his hands felt all over my body and ran down my strong arms until he had my own hands in his. He
linked our fingers together and we started moving in time so I was softly fucking his face while we
continued to hold hands.

The love I felt, not only for Kris but coming from him, at that moment was overwhelming. I felt a
tear start to rise in my eye, never having felt so happy, but I bit my lip and willed it to go down
as my dick continued to glide between his lips. It wasn’t enough now though. I needed him too.

Keeping his hands in mine I pulled my dick out of his mouth and gently slapped him on the cheek
again. “That feels so fucking good Kris, but I need me some of your cock right now.”

He never let go of my hands as he pulled me down on top of him so he was flat on his back with me
completely covering his hot body. I pinned his arms down against the ground and we kissed again as I
thrust my hips back and forth, rubbing our hard, leaking cocks together.

Without saying a word, I broke the kiss and the contact and spun around. Kris moved onto to his side
and I moved onto mine. He took my cock back in my mouth and pulled my hips closer to his face. As
soon as my dick was engulfed in the warm wetness between his lips, my eyes rolled up in my head and
the hunger I felt before returned. My eyes focused on his gorgeous cut cock and I licked my lips,
leaning forward to lick his hot dick like he had been and was doing to mine.

Our hands went everywhere, from clutching at each other’s ass to stroking the shaft while he worked
just the tip with our mouths. We did have to bend our legs a little in the tight quarters, since the
69 position we were in meant our feet were cramped against the tent walls. The sound of slurping and
sucking filled Corey’s tent, but then I’m sure it had these hot sounds in it before when it had two
other hot boyfriends inside it who loved feasting on each other’s cocks. 

As I was sucking, I deep throated him and he pulled his head off my dick and his back arched as he
moaned and called out my name. I took the chance and probed a finger into his ass, slipping it in and
moving it around until I found his spot. 

“Fuck bro! I cleaned up a bit in the shower earlier, but I may be a bit shitty,” Kris said.

“Well, we do have towels,” I said, feeling Kris’s tight ass clamp down on my finger, which in turn
made my dick throb.

“If you’re cool with it, I am too,” Kris smiled and wiggled around with my finger still deep inside

“I want this ass so bad, so we don’t have a choice. I need to fuck you. Remind us to bring wipes or
something next time.”

We returned to sucking each other, with our dicks so hard. We knew what was coming soon and Kris was
really leaking that sweet tasting precum into my mouth. I lapped up his juices and pushed the tip of
my tongue into his slit as I used my hand to try to squeeze more out of him. I loved the taste now,
after not really liking it at the beginning. Getting so much of it out of Kris’s cock was such a turn
on. Like beer and other things, I considered it an acquired taste.

We pulled off each other and got to our knees. We met in the middle of the tent with our dicks so
hard. Kris grabbed mine and put the two together, stroking them with both of his hands, while our
lips found each other again in a hot kiss. We could taste ourselves and each other as our tongues
battled and it made our dicks throb and bounce against each other.

“Bro, fuck me!” Kris moaned, biting my shoulder as I felt his dick pulse against mine.

“I wanna fuck you so much.”

“I need your hard dick inside me,” Kris begged.

I leaned over and grabbed my bag where I had the lube. My heart was now pounding so hard. It was
going to be our first night where we fucked without protection. We had both got our results on
Tuesday but had continued to use condoms when we fucked each other. We were waiting for the right
moment to take that next step and tonight was definitely that moment.

“Are we doing it bare?” Kris asked when he saw that I didn’t get a condom out of the bag.

“Kris, I want to…”

“I do too… ah fuck it, we’re clean. I am a little nervous about this, though.”

“Me too, but it’s something I really want, probably more than I’ve ever wanted anything.”

“Fuck yeah! I can’t wait to feel your hard, raw dick rammed in my ass. I wanna feel your cum inside

Just hearing those words made my balls pull up closer to my body. I couldn’t believe how excited I
was to do this. I grabbed his head in my hands and kissed him harder than ever, wanting him to know
what I was feeling.

Kris took the lube from my hand and smeared it on my dick. He stroked me in long, slow strokes and
made sure every inch of my dick was coated. He continued rubbing up and down as we kissed and I
moaned when he ran his thumb over the head of my cock. I was ready for him. He pulled back and put a
little on his ass before I applied some more, wanting to make sure he was ready and I wasn’t going to
hurt him. I wanted him to enjoy this as much as I would. 

“Missionary?” I asked.

“Fuck yeah, I love it that way. I feel more connected to you.”

Kris got into position and pulled his legs up, hooking his arms under his knees to hold them back and
expose his tight hole to me. I moved in and rubbed the head of my uncovered cock against it. It was
so fucking hot seeing my precum smear on his hole and knowing that I would be inside it in a matter
of seconds, completely raw, fucking the man I love bareback. It was something I always wanted to do
but I never found someone I trusted enough or someone who I wouldn’t get pregnant. Kris was perfect
for me in so many ways.

“Holy fuck Colt!” Kris screamed as my bare dick pressed against his ass. “Feels so fucking good. Put
it in me.”

I reached down and took his ankles in my hands. He let go of his legs and let me place his calves on
my shoulders. I leaned closer and grabbed my dick, pushing his hot, inviting ass higher. I applied
just a little more lube so it would make it more delightful for us. The head of my dick was placed at
his hole and he was almost mewling in anticipation. I felt him push out so I pushed in. My dick slid
into his ass without much trouble. 

“OOO fuck yeah!” Kris moaned with his arms by his side. “Feels so fucking amazing. I can feel you
bare against me. Oh god! The ridge on the head… the veins on your shaft… Holy fuck!!!”

I felt my dick going in him. It was hot as hell and felt incredible, but it was still a little nerve-
racking to know we weren’t using a condom. I looked down at his chiselled face, “I love you so
fucking much.”

“I love you too. Now fuck me, bro!”

Once my dick was deep in him and so damn hard, I waited for a few moments after seeing he was in a
slight bit of pain by his face. I took the time to really relish the feeling of being inside him with
nothing between us but lube. His ass seemed to grip my cock tighter than ever and there was so much
heat engulfing my dick it was unreal. When he opened his eyes our gazes met, and if it’s possible I
fell even more in love with him, feeling closer to him than ever before. We were truly joined as one.    

I slowly began taking his ass, pulling back slowly to enjoy the feeling of the walls of his ass
gripping my cock and massaging every inch of it. I pushed my dick back in and then repeated the move,
slowly going faster with each thrust and really getting into our fucking. Kris began moaning and
tossing his head back and forth as he gasped and moaned my name. I pushed his legs off my shoulder
and leaned over to put my head on his chest. His nails went into my back while I was fucking his hot
ass, giving him every inch of me. It was so different. I could feel his insides. Every little bump
and contour inside his ass slid against my cock and rubbed me up and down. Kris grabbed my head and
kissed me so hard it took my breath away and I had to stop fucking him, my dick buried balls deep and
twitching in his amazing ass as we made out.

He stopped, “I can feel every vein running along your cock. It feels so fucking good.”

“I know… fuck I know…” I panted.

Leaning back up, I slapped his ass and began fucking him again, harder this time. Kris’s moaning got
very loud while my grunts grew louder as well. It didn’t help matters or hurt them that we were a little
drunk. My dick slipped out but Kris reached down and wanted it back inside him, looking up at me with
pleading eyes. I looked down and saw a little shit on my cock. I always thought that would be a mood
killer, but I was so into Kris and wanted to fuck him so bad that I just quickly wiped it off. The smell
was awful but it didn’t stop us from continuing.

My dick quickly went back inside his ass. The feelings were just too good. I leaned down and pressed my
forehead against his as his legs wrapped around my waist and he held my head in his hands, stroking my
cheek with his thumb. I started fucking him with slow, long strokes, never breaking eye contact. He
continued to show the pleasure I was giving him as it was written all over his face. We were both
panting each other’s name and then he started asking for it harder. I gave him what he wanted and fucked
him harder and harder to hear him scream. My eyes grew wide and I felt my nuts boiling. 

On instinct, I pulled out. My dick exploded and spewed cum all over his nuts and dick. 

“Stick it back in me!” Kris pleaded.

I did and shot one little blast of cum in him. We both moaned and clung to each other. I kept my dick
inside of him and moved to kiss him. “Sorry, I couldn’t last longer.”

“It’s cool, bro. It might not have been much but I can feel your cum inside me. It’s incredible. It
feels so good just to have your cock in me now. Keep it in me and get me off.”

I stayed in him and grabbed his dick. I grabbed some lube and slowly stroked his cock. My dick didn’t go
soft as quickly as it usually did so I was able to make some soft thrusts into his ass and I knew I was
hitting his spot with the way he gasped for breath. After a few minutes of massaging his dick, Kris
tensed up and yelled, “OOO fuck!” Cum burst from his cock and landed all over his lower body. He
finished nutting and reached to grab me.

We kissed forever with me still lodged inside him. Eventually I went soft and pulled out, hearing him
gasp a little. We cleaned up our mess and it was a cummy, sticky, smelly mess that we had made, but it
was so worth it. 

“Bro, I know now how to get your ass off quicker…”

I laughed, “I guess fuck your ass bareback.”

Kris laughed, “That was the deal.”

“Between no condom and the excitement, I guess my dick was ready to nut.”

“Boy, did it ever, but I did too since we didn’t nut last night.”

We lay there with Kris holding me. Having barely slept the night before, I was out like a light.

Chase was at our tent yelling at us to get up. My eyes popped open and saw it was still dark. “Chase,
shut the fuck up!” I yelled.

“No, you get your ass up!” Chase yelled back.

“We will later,” I hollered and knew Kris was awake.

I heard Chase leave. Kris leaned over and kissed me. I snuggled against his body and wasn’t getting up,
plus it was chilly outside. We fell back asleep for a little while and finally woke for good. I glanced
at my phone to see it was after seven. Kris and I got up and dressed, but for some reason I wasn’t
really in the mood to hunt. My biggest hope was that Shawn would kill one. He really enjoyed hunting and
took it way more serious than I did now. 

“Let’s just hang out today. I’m not in the mood to hunt,” I said.

“No problem. I really wasn’t either since I got one yesterday,” Kris said.

We walked up to the house and entered to find something to eat. We ate some cereal and then watched TV
to see the scandal involving the coach was exploding like nothing I’d ever seen before. 

At noon, Chase, Tabor and Shawn came in the door.

“How come y’all aren’t hunting?” Shawn asked. “I’m fucking hanging but I’m out there.”

“I didn’t feel like it. Besides, if we killed one, we’d have to drag it up to Gramps again,” I replied.

“That’s some bullshit. I’d keep it. I’m pissed you give good meat away,” Shawn stated.

“You can have the next one then,” Kris said. “Did you see any though?”

“Just does today. I guess we got the bucks yesterday,” Chase replied.

“I almost killed a doe, but I didn’t wanna miss a buck. I know there are more out there,” Shawn said.

“Get let’s get back at it,” Tabor said.

They left after grabbing a bite to eat. Kris and I stayed around the house. I did venture into my
parent’s room and decided to let Mom deal with Dad’s shit as she saw fit. 

About 2, with Kris and I napping, the hunters came back. We got up and headed down to break down our
camp site. It would have been a blast if Dad hadn’t fucked things up, but it was still fun and Kris and
I experienced something special. 

I pulled Chase aside after everything was taken down. “I think you and I need to tell Mom together.”

“You can do it with Kris. How’s that?”

“No, Kris is not my brother. We’re doing this shit together. Mom may need us.”

“Ah, come on Colt!”

“Listen Chase, I don’t wanna do it either, but it’s something we’ve gotta do as brothers. It’s part of
growing up.”

“Fuck,” Chase mumbled under his breath. “Alright, but you’re doing all the talking.”

We returned and told them what was going on. Kris wanted to stay with us but it was something we really
needed to do alone. He understood and caught a ride with Shawn this time, with Tabor following behind.

Once they were gone, I called Mom to see when she’d be here. She said she was almost home and would be
here in about fifteen minutes. I hung up and practiced over in my head what I was going to say to her.
It wasn’t going to be easy.

Chase and I had the house back to normal in a flash and heard Mom pull in the drive. We waited and saw
her come inside carrying a bag. 

“I’m surprised you waited on me,” she said and sat down. “I take it you found all the food I left? Did
you have a good time?”

“We did,” I replied and stood. “Kris and Chase each killed one.”

“That’s great,” Mom said.

“Mom, have a seat. We need to talk,” I said.

“Now I see why you’re here. What do you do need, Colt? Chase?”

I swallowed hard and tried to put on my best face. “Mom, I forgot some shells and came back up to the
house on Friday. I caught Dad in here with another woman.”

Mom sat and looked at me. She didn’t say a word. A tear left her eye. I bit my lower lip while Chase
grabbed her in a hug. “Boys, I’m sorry you had to find your dad like that.”

“Mom, it’s not about us. It’s about you,” I said with Chase holding Mom.

“I know. I saw it coming years ago and should have done something about it. I can see it hurt both of
you. I’m sad but not surprised,” Mom said.

I knelt down next to her and took her hand. I told her the censored version of what had occurred. Mom
didn’t know the lady and she didn’t care to know who it was. She was stronger than I expected, while
Chase and I weren’t. In the end, she had us on both sides with tears running down our faces. 

“I know it will be hard, but I don’t want you to let it bother you. You have school stuff that needs to
be done,” Mom said.

“Thanks. There is one other thing too…” I said and again swallowed hard. “Just so you know… Kris and I
are dating. I’m not gay but I am bi.”

Mom jerked her head around. “Colt, are you serious? I know you and Kris are close, but really?”

“Yeah Mom, really. It’s something I never imagined could have happened. I was dating Andrea but really
loved Kris about couldn’t find those feelings any longer. I feel like he could be the one for me,” I

“Chase, are you okay with them?” Mom asked.

“Yes ma’am. Neither Colt nor Kris has changed. I guess your heart doesn’t know the sex, just the
person,” Chase replied.

“I guess you’re right there. Colt, if you’re happy, then I’m happy. Two big things is a lot to digest. I
can see now my two handsome boys are becoming men,” Mom said.

“Yeah, shit happens and makes you do that sometimes,” I said.

“Not how I would have put it, but it’s true,” Mom joked. “Now you two better be getting back. I’ll be
just fine.”

We stayed a while longer. Mom wouldn’t let us bring in her sacks so we knew it was things for Christmas.
We kissed her goodbye and told her to call us if she needed anything.

I got in my truck and threw in a dip. Chase did the same before we headed off. “Chase, if you ever need
anything too, just call me. I feel like we got even closer this weekend.”

“Me too. You call me as well. I can listen if nothing else,” Chase said. “Thanks for being the best
brother ever. I love you.”

I smiled, “I love you too. Now let’s get back and see what shit has happened since we were gone.”

“Nothing compared to what’s happened here,” Chase said.


Hope you enjoyed this chapter.   This will be the last chapter of the fall semester written in a
different POV (unless things change).

I want to wish everyone as Happy 2013 and please be safe!!!

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