Posted:   November 22, 2012

The four of us, Vince, Mom, VJ and I, left in Vince’s car. Vince drove around campus with me pointing
out the key features to VJ like Vince wanted.

“Son, this is a very nice school,” Vince said while driving. “I think Matt likes it here.”

“It is nice, Pops, but I want something closer to home,” VJ said.

“Just keep this in mind. Matt might change your mind this weekend,” Vince said.

“I doubt it,” VJ replied.

We drove around and stopped at a restaurant that I hadn’t been to. It looked very nice and was crowded
this Friday night. We had a short wait before being seated. I opened the menu and saw all the great
sounding items they offered. Vince stated he was for sure having the prime rib. VJ wanted the shrimp,
while Mom said she was leaning towards a small filet. 

“Everything sounds so good,” I stated.

“I bet it does after eating fast food all the time,” Vince joked.

“I think Matt and his roommates cook a little,” Mom said.

“We do, but just the basics. Man, everything sounds so good,” I said. I decided on the New York strip.

We ordered and continued to talk. VJ said very little, if anything, but it wasn’t unexpected. Now I
worried if he’d enjoy staying with me and being around my friends who could get rowdy at times. 

We finished the great meal which left me full and satisfied. As we were waiting on the check, Vince
took Mom’s hand. 

“Linda, you’ve made me very happy for the past year,” Vince said and stuck his hand in his pocket. My
heart raced knowing this was the moment. VJ nudged me in the side. He pulled out a ring and presented
it to her. “Will you marry me?”

Without hesitation, Mom said, “Yes Vince… yes, I’ll marry you.” He slid the ring on Mom’s finger and
kissed her while I looked at VJ.

“Welcome to the family, Matt,” VJ said. “I knew this was coming.”

Mom looked at me with tears running down her face, “This was so unexpected for me. Vince, you spent way
too much on this ring.”

“Matt, I would have called you but I didn’t have your number,” Vince said. 

“It’s okay, Vince.  I’m so happy. Mom looks so happy. When’s the wedding?” I asked.

“I think this spring would be great,” Vince replied. “Linda and I will work out all the details.”

“I don’t know what to say right now. I’m in shock,” Mom said. She held out the ring. It was very nice
with a nice big diamond.

“Linda, I wanted our boys to be here when I purposed to you. Once I knew VJ was coming I knew this
would be the right time.”

“It is,” Mom said and was staring at the ring.

After we got the check, Vince stood and embraced me sincerely while Mom hugged VJ. “I’m so happy she
accepted and that you approve. I look forward to us being a family, or as much of one as possible,”
Vince said.

“I do too,” I said. “I knew this was coming one day, but I’m still a little stunned yet very happy.”

“Now you have a brother,” Mom said.

“I guess I will here shortly,” I stated.

We headed back, with Vince discussing his ideas about a wedding. I reminded Mom about my cruise at
Spring Break, so those dates were out for sure. Then Vince started talking about selling Mom’s house
and how I’d have a nice room at his house. At that moment, I knew I wouldn’t be home much since it
wouldn’t be at the place where I grew up and had a lot of memories. 

VJ and I got out at my apartment with Mom and Vince returning for the night game. They would be
returning after the game so VJ would be here just one night. It would have made more sense to me to
come early the next day and stay, but rooms may have been scarce.

“What do ya think?” VJ asked.

“As long as Mom’s happy, I’m happy,” I replied. “VJ, since we’ll be brothers soon, I need a favor from
you now.”

“Okay,” he said and looked puzzled.

“What you see and hear with me this weekend stays with you. I don’t think you’d blab everything out,
but I wanted to make it clear.”

“As long as you’ll do the same for me.”

We shook on the agreement and entered the apartment. Colt and Chase were sitting around with beers in
their hand. Colt stood and introduced his brother to VJ.

“So how’d it go?” Colt asked.

“Vince proposed to Mom,” I replied.

“No shit!” Colt yelled.

“No shit,” I said.

“Matt, this means that dude is going be your brother,” Chase said.

VJ smiled, “No shit, dude.”

We all burst out laughing for he could show a little smartness.

“This week has been really fucked up,” I said. “It’s been one surprise after the other.”

“Oh, I told Chase the big news,” Colt said.

“And?” I asked, looking at Chase in his blue Abercrombie fitted tee.

“What can I say? I like Kris so it’s no big deal,” Chase replied. “I’m cool with it as long as he
doesn’t act gay.  It was his decision and he seems very happy with it.”

We filled VJ in on the event that Kris and Colt were dating. 

“Each to his own, I guess. It’s not something I’d do or wanna do…” VJ said.

“I’m with ya there dude. No part of sucking a dick or getting fucked up the ass appeals to me one
iota,” Chase said. “I accept that the fact they like it just like I hate broccoli and Colt loves it.”

VJ laughed, “I know, but I know a few guys that like to try it. I’ll stick to girls sucking me and
letting me fuck them.”

“Dude, you want a beer?” Colt asked. “I’m sorry I didn’t ask earlier.”

VJ looked at me, “Do you care?”

“No, as long you don’t care if I do,” I replied.

“Wicked!” VJ said. 

Colt got up and returned with three beers while Chase used the toilet. He came out and said how clean
it was. Colt pointed at me and said it was clean because we had a guest.

We sat around drinking and talking. 

I interrupted, “This is the most I’ve ever heard you say, VJ.”

“Well, I’m quiet around people I don’t know or people I have nothing to say to,” he said.

“Matt, maybe he didn’t have anything to say to you,” Colt laughed.

“I guess not,” I said.

“No dude, I was never that comfortable around you. I can see why you don’t ever come home,” VJ said.
“This is pretty sick here.”

“VJ, would you consider coming here?” Chase asked.

“I doubt it,” VJ said. “I do have a few people at school that say they’re coming here next year. I’ll
see how that works out.”

“Dude, can you get in?” Colt asked.

VJ smiled, “I can get in without a doubt, but I’m trying to make a better score for a bigger

“What did you score on your ACT?” Chase asked.

“A 30, but I want to raise it 2 points for a full ride maybe,” VJ said.

“Matt, your stepbrother is smart like you,” Colt said.

“Unlike my brother,” Chase laughed.

“My ass is making it very well, fucker. Talk shit when you’re through two years,” Colt said.

VJ cracked up laughing, “I love these dudes.”

A few minutes later, Kris and Corey came walking in the door, with Kris bringing beer and lots of it.
Corey looked as tired as ever. I stood up and introduced them to VJ and explained why he was here.

“Matt, tell ‘em the other big news,” Colt said.

“I was getting to that. Vince proposed to Mom tonight at dinner and she accepted,” I said.

“Well hot damn,” Kris said. “It explains what VJ is doing here.”

Chase laughed, “He didn’t wanna hear his dad and Matt’s mom going at it tonight like you and Colt have
been so I heard.”

“Colt, you told him?” Kris said.

“He did and it’s all cool. VJ will have a brother-in-law and so will I,” Chase stated.

“I told him but no one else,” Colt said. “Now before you and Corey get drunk, I need you to take
Chase’s truck back to his parking lot for tomorrow.”

“Ummm… okay,” Corey said. “Matt, you wanna go with us.”

“I guess I can,” I said.

“VJ will be cool here with us,” Colt said while Chase tossed his keys to Corey. 

The three of us headed out the door.

“Matt, what do you really think of Linda getting hitched?” Kris asked.

“I’m cool with it, but then Vince started talking about how Mom was moving in with him,” I replied. “I
suppose that’s part of the deal.”

“It’ll be fine,” Corey said.

“Does that mean you’re here next summer?” Kris asked.

“By the sound of it, it does,” I replied. “It won’t be like going home anyway if it’s a different house
to the one I’ve grown up in.”

Corey and I took Chase’s truck. Corey said Tabor had a date or else he’d have been there with them. It
explained why Tabor wasn’t. 

“Corey, I just was caught blindsided by the whole deal tonight. First Mom asked if VJ could stay with
us and then Vince proposes. That makes three big deals this week. I’m glad things come in threes or
else I’d go fucking crazy.”

“Yeah, this week has been nuts and to top it off Vince proposes,” Corey said.

“I like Vince and all and know without a doubt he’ll be good to her…”

“That’s all that really matters.”

“I just can’t get thrilled about it. I’m sorry but I can’t.”

“You can’t because what you and your Mom had is over. Turn the page, Matt. Things change. At least your
mom is not a damn drunk.”

“No, but my friends are,” I joked to make light of things. “It’s part of life and we’ll be starting a
life together shortly.”

We parked in a spot that was close to where we usually did. We got out and jumped in with Kris who had
followed us. I was asked almost the same thing by Kris and repeated what I told Corey. 

“Matt, I thought you said VJ was quiet,” Kris stated.

“I thought so too, but he’s really been very talkative. He said he’s quiet around people he doesn’t
know or isn’t comfortable with,” I said.

“I saw he had a beer in his hand,” Corey said.

“Colt asked if he wanted one. He probably drinks, just like most kids his age…”

“Fuck bro, you make us sound old,” Kris stated.

“Kris, are you okay with Chase knowing?” Corey asked.

“I guess I am. Colt and I talked about it last night and he said he was gonna tell him, I just didn’t
know when. Seems he told him straight away. What can I do now?” Kris asked. “Everyone will know

“Are you ready for that?” I asked.

“As long as no one gives me shit about it,” Kris said and parked.

We went inside to see Shawn, Scott and Alex had come to visit as well. Colt walked over to Kris and
took his hand. “We want you to know that yes we are going to see what happens and are dating,” Colt

“I knew it… I fucking knew it,” Scott shouted. “Matt, you fucking lied to me!”

“Scott, he did it on purpose at my request,” Kris said with his jaw clinched tight. “Let me hear it if
you don’t like it.”

“What can I say? You’re still my friends. I think you’ll be great together so if you’re good with it
then I’m good with it,” Shawn said.

“I don’t think it changes a thing,” Alex said. “I saw it coming.”

“Scott?” Colt asked.

“What the fuck can I say? I’m dating Jess,” Scott laughed. “This means a big party tonight. Chase, are
you cool with them?”

“He’s my brother and will kick my ass if I didn’t like it. But yeah, it’s cool. Wait ‘til Tabor hears
about this though,” Chase replied.

“Matt, we heard the good news too,” Shawn said. 

“He gained a brother,” Kris stated and walked over to VJ. I could see VJ didn’t know what to really
make of Kris. Kris put his big arm around VJ’s shoulder. “Welcome to the family, bro. Since you are or
will be Matt’s brother, you’re like family to us. I assume you’re going to be your dad’s best man.”

“And Matt will be Linda’s bridesmaid,” VJ said with a smirky grin.

“Whoa!” everyone said and then started to laugh.

“That’s cruel, VJ,” Shawn said. “But funny as hell. Right, Matt?”

“It was,” I replied. “I see what to expect from my little bro now.”

“I’m sorry,” VJ said.

“Bro, let me warn you since I’ve known Matt forever, he’ll watch you like a hawk,” Kris said.

“We have an agreement,” VJ said. “He says nothing and I say nothing.”

“Where have I heard that before?” Chase asked. “Colt was the same way with me, VJ. Besides, by the
number you’ve downed, I’d say he has more to tell.”

There were four empty beer cans at his feet. “Bro, throw those away,” Kris said.

“I can’t. I take a picture of them at the end of the night. That way I know how many I’ve had and no
one can say a word about what I drank,” VJ stated.

“Sweet, dude, I never thought of that,” Chase said.

“That’s lame,” Shawn said. “You can just get empties and take a picture.”

“Bro, don’t listen to him. He drinks so many he can’t get ‘em all in one picture,” Kris said.

“Fuck you, or should I now say Colt fucks you?” Shawn said.

“Very funny,” Colt said. “I see it’s comedy night. All we need is Cody here telling all his jokes.”

“Oh my God, Cody knows every damn joke there is,” Shawn said. “I get sick of hearing them.”

We kept talking and soon they started playing video games. When they started playing games, Corey
quietly left and said he was going to bed. He was tired and might just be able to sleep through the

When VJ headed to fridge, I grabbed his skinny arm and stopped him. “VJ, please make this your last
one,” I said.

“I was getting some water so I wouldn’t be dehydrated in the morning,” he said.

“I’m sorry then.”

“It’s cool.”

About one thirty, everyone started leaving, thus ending our night. Chase was going to sleep in Colt’s
room since he agreed not to drive back to his so he could give Tabor the dorm room for the night, while
VJ had the pullout. 

“Did you have a good time tonight?” I asked.

“A very good time,” he replied.

“It’s late so I’ll let you go to bed,” I said.

“Thanks Matt. I think I’m gonna like having you as a big brother,” he said.

I smiled, “That just made my night, VJ. Sleep well.”

I went and found Corey sprawled out in our bed. I had to move him just a little to squeeze in. I kissed
his forehead before rolling over to fall asleep.

As usual, I was up early at about 9 here on Saturday in the middle of October. I threw on some shorts
and knew I’d have to be so quiet with an apartment filled with guys sleeping. I opened the door and saw
VJ with the sheet barely covering his skinny body. After picking up a few cans and some trash where
they snacked the night before, I walked over to the fridge. It appeared as though we had put away some
beer the night before, with nothing but a box still in there. I grabbed some juice and shut the door.
VJ woke up, rubbed his eyes and headed to the bathroom in his impressively tented boxers. 

He came out and saw me standing in the kitchen. “I see you’re up early,” he said.

“I usually am.”

“Me too.”

“How do you feel this morning?”

“Pretty good. Unless I get just white boy wasted, I usually don’t have much of a hangover,” he said. 

“White boy wasted?” I asked.

“You know, really drunk where you can’t stand up or don’t remember a thing,” he replied. “I got so
white boy wasted at homecoming this year… TMI.”

“I guess I’ve been white boy wasted a few times myself,” I said and laughed. “VJ, I hope you don’t get
wasted every weekend.”

“No, I don’t,” he smiled. “I’m not a party animal, but every now and then I do like to party a little.”

“I gotcha,” I said. “You want something to eat?”

“I guess so. Matt, I’ll be honest with you right here and now. I wasn’t excited about coming to stay
with you. I hate being put with people I don’t know.”

“I wasn’t thrilled either, but it made sense why they wanted you to stay, huh?”

He smiled, “Dad suggested it to me this week. I came really close to saying I wasn’t going to but he
said I could get to know you a little better, which I have.”

“I’m glad he did too,” I said. “How’s eggs and bacon sound?”

“Great, but I like ‘em scrambled.” 

“VJ, you coming here does make things that much easier on me to fully accept the marriage. I’m not
stupid and know how things are. You are getting a gay stepbrother.”

“I know, but it’s cool, Matt. I accepted a while back that you’re gay. I’m just glad you’re normal and
not some flamer like some guys at my school.”

I cracked the eggs and stuck some bacon in the microwave. I poured him some juice and sat down two
Tylenols with it. He smiled and took the pills with his juice. 

“VJ, now you’ll have a step mom and step dad,” I said cooking.

“Thank goodness, Linda isn’t an asshole like my step dad. I love my mom, but Richard makes me wanna hit
him. He’s always talking down to me and thinks he’s my boss. So far, Miss Linda has been so sweet. She
made me some cookies too to eat on the way here.”

“I got one of them and you see where the rest went,” I said and showed him the empty bowl.

“At least your friends were cool. I had a great time.”

“I’m glad you did. I saw a different VJ that I really liked, one who wasn’t so quiet.”

I had our food ready to eat. Just as we were starting, Chase came out of Colt’s bedroom naked. “This
ain’t fair at all,” Chase said.

“Dude!” VJ said.

“It’s not fair VJ gets to wear boxers,” Chase said.

“Go put some on then,” I said.

“Dude, just wait ‘til Kris gets up. He’ll make you get naked until you shower,” Colt said.

“Kris is a nudist so don’t be shocked if he comes out here naked. Actually, we all are and usually run
around here naked, like Chase said, until we shower,” I said.

Chase came back out in his boxers and was looking great. It was easy to see how we had influenced him
on his fitness. He should be proud to have a young body like his that was so perfect in my eyes. He
wanted cereal and knew we’d have what he liked since Colt ate the same thing.

“VJ, if you want, I’d be happy to show you around my dorm,” Chase said while he was eating.

“That’d be cool,” VJ said.

“After we eat and get dressed, I’ll get one of them to run us over there and you can hang with us
before we tailgate,” Chase said.

“Awesome,” VJ said.

“VJ, are you sure?” I asked.

“Matt, I’ll be fine,” VJ stated with Kris coming out. He walked up and grabbed VJ and Chase. 

“How’s the young crew doing?” Kris asked and was naked.

“Good,” VJ said.

“Kris, let him have it. You made me and Tabor…” Chase said.

“Bro, it was after your first time, so VJ’s cool for now. VJ, I warn your little skinny ass next time,
it’s natural until we dress,” Kris said.

“I won’t come back then,” VJ said.

Corey was next and came out. He greeted me with a kiss. I knew VJ was looking and that it was something
he’d have to get used to. After Colt came out, Chase and VJ headed to shower. I was going to take them
to Chase’s dorm to hang out a little before we tailgated. I didn’t mind since they did seem to get
along very well and were closer in age.

Just as I returned, I saw Mom had called since I didn’t think to take my phone. She wondered how the
night went and how VJ was. I told her he made it fine and had left with Chase to hang out with him for
a while. She also wanted to come by early and spend just a few minutes with me as well.

Mom and Vince showed up about two before we were to start tailgating at three for the six o’clock game.
My roommates congratulated them on the engagement. Mom proudly showed off her ring to them with Vince
looking so happy.

“Really Matt? VJ went with another guy to his dorm?” Vince asked.

“He did, sir,” Colt said. “My brother was here last night. They got along quite well.”

“Amazing,” Vince said. “I can’t get that boy to put three sentences together with me.”

“He did last night,” Kris said. 

Mom quietly asked if I could take a walk with her. I agreed and headed out the door with her.

“Matt, this was really such a shock to me,” Mom said.

“Me too, but now I’m good with it. I just want you to be happy,” I said while we walked.

“Vince is dead set on me moving into his house since it is bigger, newer and nicer.”

“That’s the part I’ll have to come to terms with. Mom, a year and half and I’ll be out totally.”

“It probably means I’ll see less of you than I do already.”

“Maybe, but I think last night went a long ways towards VJ and I bonding. I saw a totally different
side of him. He talked and quite a bit,” I said.

“He barely said ten words on the drive here. I’m glad you could get something out of him.”

“He was comfortable in the setting and had a good time.”

“I hope not too good of a time,” Mom said and looked at me.

“Oh no. He just enjoyed being around us and accepted everything,” I said.

“I was worried how you and him would be. Vince worried as well.”

“He has no worries about that,” I said.

“Matt, so you know, you still come first in my life no matter what. VJ comes first in Vince’s life as
well so we understand our positions. I hear VJ isn’t crazy about his stepdad.”

I smiled, “I think you heard right. VJ doesn’t care for him…”

“Neither does Vince.”

“Mom, if all goes as planned, I’m coming home next weekend. Now it seems like great timing. You’ll have
time to digest things and start wedding planning,” I said.

“I’ve already told Vince that it will be very simple and just friends and family,” Mom said.

After we walked around and continued to talk, we headed back inside. Now Shawn and Bishop were there
and ready to head out. 

“Matt, I really enjoyed talking to your friends and getting to know Corey better. You really have a
good group of friends, but I saw that this spring too. They said they took good care of my boy and he
was no problem,” Vince said.

“Thanks, Vince. I think they’re the best,” I said.

“Bro, you better say that sh… crap,” Kris said and laughed. “We need to start heading over. Mom and Dad
will be there any minute and will be looking for us.”

“Oh Vince, we should have gone and got food for the tailgate party,” Mom said.

“It’s cool, Linda. Dad knew y’all would be here so they are bringing plenty,” Kris said.

We made it over to where we were tailgating and found Walt and Jenny setting things up like usual. 

“Mom, Dad, Linda and Vince are getting hitched. He proposed to her last night,” Kris blurted out before
we had the chance to say anything. 

Jenny reached out and gave Mom a hug before Mom showed off her ring. Chase, Tabor, VJ, Deer and Levi
came walking out with two other guys I hadn’t seen before. It was nice seeing VJ smiling when he walked
up. Vince walked over and talked to VJ for a minute while my friends started coming up. Then the rest
of my group came walking up. We had a nice big crowd and easily used both Chase and Tabor’s trucks.
Jenny was prepared, with lots of fried and grilled chicken, along with all of the fixings to go along
with it. We were a bunch of hungry college guys and a few girls, including Tabor’s date from the night
before as I was told, along with Elise and her friends. 

As we were standing and eating, I saw Kris dart away from the group with Corey walking behind him. I
looked up and saw Derek and Samuel. Kris and Corey both got a big hug before Derek walked over to greet
Kris’s parents. 

Now everyone was wondering who it was so I told them about Nathan and Derek but just a little. Now it
seemed the only person missing was Bryson, who had to work. Then Mr Jackson and his partner Kevin came
strolling by. I told them Friday the general location where we’d be. Mr Jackson said he’d try and stop
if he could. I greeted him and was formally introduced to Kevin. I’d seen Kevin before but it was at
the nudist beach. I’ll never forget that moment ever. 

I introduced Mr Jackson to Mom and Vince. He was very nice and spoke highly of me. He and Kevin didn’t
stick around long and just wanted to say hello before going to the game.

All the time, I noticed VJ was quiet around us but seemed to talk more once he and Chase’s group got
away. Mom and Vince really seemed to enjoy visiting with Walt and Jenny. I’m glad I wasn’t close by to
hear what they were saying about us, even though Kris hadn’t told the big news to them. I just knew
someone would open their mouth and let it slip inadvertently, but no one had.

We cleaned up the big mess we made with lots of trash. We snacked on some store bought cookies for
dessert. Before we left, the guys threw around the football. I saw then VJ’s throwing ability was close
to mine. Vince laughed and said he never was that interested in athletics, but that was obvious. 

We headed over to the stadium. The weather had been nice all day with temperature hovering just around
80. Without a doubt, VJ would squeeze in with us in the student section to get a complete feel of the
college game day atmosphere.

As usual, Reese was waiting on us with Brax, ready to join our crew. We weren’t so rapid that we would
camp out like some would to sit down close. Our seats were a little higher and let us see all the
action and still be a part of the raucous student section. So far, our group had no alcohol, whereas
the rest of the students smelled like they had already had a bunch to drink. 

Just before kickoff, shirts came flying off. We didn’t have to say much to VJ to get him to join right
in. He was right in the middle of Chase and Tabor’s group one row down from me. I had to explain to
Reese and Brax who he was. We were jumping up and down as the ball was kicked off by Todd. 

The first half was rather dull to me and lacked the excitement of the other games. Luke was off with
his passing, which seemed to get our team out of its rhythm. Ted was in a few plays, with the other
team running plays away from him. Myles was on the sidelines again. Colt said maybe he’d be fully
healed for the next game. At the end we were only ahead by 3 points.

Finally, I was able to grab a seat. Corey headed down and was thirsty. VJ walked in front of me so I
stopped him. “Having fun?” I asked.

“This is a blast but I don’t know really what’s going on,” he replied.

“Move your ass, VJ. Some of us have to take a leak,” Deer said.

“Fuck off, dude,” VJ said and laughed. 

Reese leaned over to me, “I think he likes it here.”

“I think so too. I’m glad he does.”
“Matt, are you and Corey doing okay? Jess mentioned something about you fighting at the fair,” Reese

“Matt, you’d fight with him?” Brax asked.

“It was an argument. My eyes got to wandering too much,” I replied.

“Dude, I know how that is,” Brax said. “That’s why I come to the games, pure eye candy.”

“It is,” Reese said.

Corey returned and was shaking his head, “I’d be there all night. It’s a fucking zoo down there.”

“That bad?” Alex asked.

“The lines were a mile long,” Corey replied.

With the second half starting, Chase, VJ and all of them came back. You could hear them laughing and
hollering before they got back to take their place. 

The game was the same until the end. We hung on to win by a touchdown, with not a lot of excitement.
Colt said it was an ugly win but one they’d take to keep their ranking. Then there was talk about the
BCS. I didn’t have a clue what it was. Reese had to tell me it was a ranking system to see who would be
national champions. 

We exited the stadium and started back towards our apartment to meet up with Mom and Vince. When we got
near where the freshman headed off to their dorm, VJ stopped and said goodbye to all of them.

“You got our numbers,” Chase said. “I expect to see you again.”

“I hope you do. Thanks, it was a blast getting to meet all of y’all,” VJ said.

“Same here. We’ll see ya later,” Deer said.

“Think some more about coming here next year,” Tabor said.

“I will for sure,” VJ said.

“Matt, you might have created a little monster there, just like I did last year,” Colt said.

“I didn’t do a thing,” I said.

“You did,” VJ said. “You were open to letting me stay with you.”

We kept walking until we reached our apartment complex. Vince and Mom were waiting when we arrived. 

VJ walked to his dad, “Dad, I have to come again.”

“You maybe can if Matt will let ya,” Vince said.

“If he don’t I can stay with Chase and Tabor. They said I could,” VJ stated.

“Matt, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him like this. What did you do to him?” Vince asked.

“Well, nothing. It’s all his doings,” I said.

“Whatever it was I appreciate it. Now we better get on the road. Walt and Jenny will be waiting on us,”
Vince said.

I walked over and hugged Mom goodbye and kissed her cheek. “I’ll see you next weekend.”

“I hope so,” Mom said.

VJ walked up to me. For a moment it was awkward. I grabbed him and gave him a big hug.

“Thanks again for everything,” he said.

“No problem, I’ll see you next weekend maybe.”

He jumped in his Dad’s ride before they headed off to meet up with Walt and Jenny to follow each other
home. Corey put his arm around my waist and led me inside. Kris and Colt were kicked up on the couch
with their arm around each other. Corey and I sat down. 

“Are we going to celebrate tonight?” Kris asked.

“I’m not,” Corey said quickly. “I would go and be out in ten minutes. This week has done my ass in.”

“I just hope there aren’t many weeks like we just had,” I stated.

“Are we cool with everything?” Colt asked.

“I am without a doubt. I see something special brewing between you two. Like today and last night, I
didn’t see any change,” I said.

“Bro, exactly what I wanted. I told you there wouldn’t be, except for this,” Kris said and kissed Colt
on the lips.

“Kris, maybe we should go and make an appearance, that way they can’t say we’re stuck up each other’s
ass,” Colt said.

“We will be when we get back though,” Kris laughed. “Ain’t getting fucked up the ass by your hot
boyfriend the hottest shit ever?”

Corey reached out his right hand and gave Kris some skin, “Fuck yeah it’s the fucking best. I’m horny as
a mutherfucker right now to get Matt’s eight inches in me.”

Colt stood and lifted Kris up. “We’ll let you two go at it.”

“Thanks and don’t think twice if you hear us moaning and groaning,” I said.

“Yeah, we haven’t really made up yet from our little bit of bickering,” Corey said.

“Bro, I feel some hot sex between two hot ass fuckers is about to begin then,” Kris said.


Hope everyone is doing okay.  For my American readers, Happy Thanksgiving!   I hope you enjoyed this
chapter.   The support you've shown this story recently has been great.  I love reading all the comments
and wish I could respond to each one.   You are very passionate about my story and I couldn't be happier
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