Posted:  October 25, 2012


Wednesday, Kris came in the door with the Colt, Alex, Scott and me playing a video game and wasting
time. He walked up to me and put his hand on my shoulder. His grip was strong and had me flinching.

“Sorry, but tonight’s our last training session before Saturday.”

“Okay, I was waiting on you,” I said. “Where’s Corey?”

“He’s finishing up and working out with Tabor,” Kris replied.

“Whoa Matt,” Scott laughed.

“Bro, Matt has nothing to worry about,” Kris said. “Let’s get moving.”

“How funny would that be if he and Tabor were fucking around?” Colt asked.

“Not funny at all,” I said. “But… I don’t think I have to worry about that.”

“You never know…” Alex stated.

I changed and put on some underwear under my running shorts. Kris usually wore longer basketball
shorts whereas they made my legs feel confined. We headed out into the nice night air with
temperatures finally bearable in the mid 70’s. 

“Bro, are Linda and Vince coming for the game this weekend?” Kris asked in his shorts and cut up tee
that hung on his cut body. “My parents are, thank God!”

“No, Mom said they’d be at the next game and will bring along VJ. Why are you so thankful your
parents are coming?” I asked while we started stretching.

“So we’ll eat well,” Kris replied with a big laugh.

“We did okay last time.”

“Yeah, but I like it better with them there. Tonight, we’re going nonstop. Damn, I wish I could time
us,” Kris said.

“I can grab my phone and just attach it to my arm.”

“Sounds good.”

I raced back in to grab my phone. It had a stop watch on it.   Kris said start and we jetted off. He
was off, running at a fast pace, while I wanted to pace myself. He was a solid ten yards ahead of me
when we made our turn. I kept him in my sights and slowly gained on him until passing him up about a
quarter mile from the apartment complex. I raced ahead and hit the stop button to show my time. I
wasn’t sure of the exact distance but was pleased with the time of 33 minutes. 

Kris finished a few seconds behind me. We were both gasping for air when he looked at the time. “I
don’t know how far we ran but I think it’s pretty good.”

“We’ll see come Saturday,” I said between breaths, with sweat running down my face.

Kris put his arm around me. I don’t know if it was to hold him up or if he just felt like it. We
entered the apartment with Corey and Colt sitting on the couch with Scott. With my underwear soaked
and sticking to me, I came out of them barely inside the door, with Kris stripping as well. We
headed to the fridge from some water I had in the bottles Shawn gave us earlier. 

“Are y’all ready now?” Colt asked.

“I guess so. We ran the full route without stopping,” Kris replied.

“I hope you do well Saturday, but don’t look for me there cheering ya on. Eight o’clock on a
Saturday is way too early,” Scott stated.

“Hell yeah,” Colt agreed. 

“Well, the game starts at 3 so we’ll be up before noon,” Kris said. “My folks are coming.”

“I found out today mine are too,” Colt said. “However I doubt they even stop by.”

“Why?” Corey asked.

“You know my dad,” Colt replied, “He’s fucking hung up on me living with two gay guys. You’d think
by now he’d be over that shit.”

“You think?” Scott said. “For some reason, my parents have zero interest in coming to the games. My
dad has never cared for football that much, but then I didn’t until I came here.”

“Corey, how’s your mom?” Kris asked, standing naked by the table.

“Fine when I talked to her Monday,” Corey replied.

“Is she still on the wagon like us?” Colt joked.

“Bro, we’re just taking a break because me and you fucked it up,” Kris commented.

“I wondered where the beer was tonight,” Scott said.

“It’s best we lay off for a week. We all get up in a pissy mood the day after,” I said.

“Makes sense,” Scott said and stood. “Well, boys I’m out of here. Time to hit the books before I
jack off.”

“Thanks for the info,” Corey laughed.

“It’s the truth when you only get some dick once or twice a week,” Scott stated while heading to the

“Adios,” Kris said waving.

With Scott gone, I headed off to shower and shaved while I was there, with a little growth around my
cock. Now, I liked the shaved looked, and so did Corey, so I kept it that way. I returned to the
living room and felt great. Corey moved to sit next to me and gave me a nice kiss with Kris walking
in as well. Colt and Corey came out of their clothes since Kris and I were nude. We talked about the
game a little and what was on tap for the weekend.

We went to our rooms shortly thereafter. I entered and shut our door before getting in bed with

Corey grabbed me by the waist and laid his wet lips on mine. He ran his hand down my abs and grabbed
my cock while we were enjoying a long wet kiss. He broke the kiss, “I want you, babe. I’ve been
fuckin horned up all day.”

“We haven’t had sex in two nights,” I whispered.

“I know,” he said and kissed down my body. He took his time nibbling on my nipples before using his
tongue on my abs while holding my growing cock. His tongue hit the head of my cock and sent shivers
down my spine. My head went back feeling his tongue going up and down on my cock. Then his mouth
covered the head with his hand sliding up and down the length. 

I moaned with the great feeling, “OOO yes, suck me… oh suck my fucking dick!”

Corey pulled off my now wet, hard cock, “I love sucking this big fucking dick. I can’t wait to feel
it deep in my ass.” He went back down and licked the head before starting to suck me again. My
fingers ran through his hair while he was making me so excited and extremely horny. I was moaning
softly over the sounds of his slurping on my eight inches. 

He stopped and kissed his way up my body until finding my puckered lips. We kissed with my hands
finding his great ass. While kissing, one finger slid inside him. He pulled back, “I want more than
a finger.”

“Just wait and you will,” I said and pushed him aside. I kissed his neck, licked his arm pits and
then his entire torso. His cock was hard and waiting for my mouth. 

I moved around and got between his muscular legs to worship his thick cock. My tongue tasted his
cock before my mouth slid down. As always, his cock filled and stretched my mouth. He started
moaning and pushing my head down on his cock. I didn’t mind and let him control me. He pushed hard
and thrust his hips up. My mouth came back a little and allowed him to face fuck me. 

My mouth left his cock. I pushed his legs up to get at his great ass. I kissed each cheek before my
tongue started working his hot hole. He was moaning louder than ever as I tried to keep his legs up
while rimming him. 

His legs fell to our bed while he reached for the lube. I lubed us up before pushing his legs
forward.  Staring into his blue eyes, I said, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” he said with my cock going inside him. He closed his eyes and threw his head back
just a little. “Oh, fuck me, Matt.”

I leaned over and kissed him with his hands behind my neck. My hips were moving now at a good pace.
His ass felt so good wrapped around my hard throbbing cock while I fucked him. I pulled away from
our kiss with my hands on our bed. He started breathing harder and groaning with each push into him.

“Fuck me harder! I wanna feel your big fucking dick in me!”

I slapped his ass and started slamming my cock in him. With each slam he groaned while I was
breathing harder. I continued to slam his ass.

He moved to the edge of our bed and threw his ass high in the air. My cock slipped back inside him
while I grabbed his hips. Our skin sounded off while I fucked his ass hard. He seemed to love it
while letting out dirty talk with each breath. We were still breathing hard as ever.

It wasn’t slow love making but rather two boyfriends enjoying hot hard sex together. I fucked his
ass at a rapid pace with the urge near to blast my cum deep in him. I pushed hard and started
pumping his ass full of my three day load. 

“OOOO fuck yeah,” I screamed with each pulse.

“OOO yes baby, fill up my fucking ass!”

I pumped out one last drop and leaned over to kiss the tattoo on his back with my cock in him. I
slowly pulled out and saw his ass filled with my cum. My tongue went down and tasted my cum that was
leaking out until he pushed a lot of it onto my waiting outstretched tongue. I swallowed and turned
him around. My mouth went on his hard cock. 

He grunted loudly and began filling my mouth with his load. My lips clamped tight around his thick
cock while the shots hit the back of my throat. While taking his load, I could feel cum seeping out
the sides of my mouth. He stopped cumming so I pulled off and looked up at him. He smiled before I

I attacked him with my mouth after our hot sex. We broke the kiss and just lay on the side of our
bed with our legs dangling off the side. 

“You’re the best fuck ever,” he said.

I smiled, “I should be with all the practice we’ve had.”

He kissed me before we cleaned up and crawled under the sheets. His big muscular arm draped over my
body with his hand finding my soft spent cock. I turned and looked into his blue eyes. 

“I love being your boyfriend. Now I can’t imagine us being apart,” he said softly. 

“I can’t either. I love you so much.”

“I love you too. Thanks for loving me when I needed it the most.”

I pulled his head to mine for a long, wet kiss. We kissed until we tired. It felt so good being
held, and even better, knowing I was loved.

Thursday was a wet rainy day here but it was much needed. We did head out to the Rec Center as a big
group like we used to, since there was little else to do in the rain. It was great to have everyone
able to go and work out together. No doubt everyone else knew we were there with Kris being loud as

After a long workout, we saw the big hot tub open. The idea of us getting in was too appealing to
pass up. The eight man tub was filled with nine of us. 

“Bros, this is the life right here,” Kris said with his arm behind Colt and Bishop.

“Ain’t it?” Shawn said. “It feels great after Kris was like a damn Army sergeant in there today.”

“I didn’t mind and needed the push,” Bishop stated. 

“Thank you,” Kris said.

“Imagine if it’s true what they say about life getting better,” Brennan said. “I can’t wait then.”

“Seriously, who thinks it will be better once we graduate?” I asked.

“I do,” Colt said holding up his hand. “Why do you not think so?”

“Well… we’re past the half-way point in our college career now,” I replied. “Hopefully Corey and I
will still be together…”

“Unless there’s a fucking disaster,” Kris laughed.

“I agree,” Corey said. “You think it was bad with Colt and Kris fighting…”

“In two years, we won’t be able to sit around like this as friends,” I continued.

“There he goes again about life after this,” Scott said. “Enjoy it. Make the most of it.”

“I am, but I came here hoping to have more than Kris as a friend. Now I look around here and see
nothing but my friends,” I stated.

“Stop it, bro, or we’ll start bawling like babies,” Kris said. “Just enjoy the moments.”

“I wish there was a pause button in life for all of us to treasure what we have. Yesterday, I
realized how lucky us gay guys are. Not a one of you care that we’re in here naked with you straight
ones,” I stated.

“I agree. I can’t thank you enough,” Brennan said.

“Me too. You’ve made it so easy on me and was there in my troubled times,” Garrett spoke up.

“What is this shit?” Colt joked. “Are we leaving or something?”

“No, but we’re just saying how grateful we are,” Brennan stated. “We almost take it for granted but
we shouldn’t.”

“Let’s talk about something else, or better yet get, out before we’re all nothing but prunes,” Kris

We jumped out just as Chase, Tabor, Deer and Levi came in the locker room. 

“Did we miss the orgy?” Tabor joked.

“I’ll kick your little ass,” Colt said.

“Bro, he was joking,” Kris said. “Have fun guys.”

“We will,” Deer said.

We left the Rec Center with a dreary rain falling. As soon as we hit the door, Colt was off to see
Andrea while Kris and Corey went off to study alone. I felt a little guilty about it but I was
caught up with everything I knew I had to do while they worked.

I watched TV and played on the computer, along with checking the school schedule. Unbeknownst to me,
there was a 2 day fall break coming the weekend we were going to JJ and Teague’s.   

Corey came out for a break and walked past me in his shorts. 

“Hey, did you know we had a break after our trip to JJ’s?” I asked.

“Of course, why?”

“I didn’t. I need to stay on top of things more.”

He grabbed some water and returned to sit next to me on the couch. “Do you wanna do something after
we get back?”

I shrugged, “I guess I could go home and see Mom.”

“And leave me here alone with nothing to do,” Corey said, giving me a fake sad face.

“You know Kris and Colt will be here.”

“Okay then. It’ll be more ass for me,” Corey said. “I’m kidding. Actually if the weather was nice, I
would love for us to go camping.”

I smiled, “I love that idea. We have all the stuff now. It’d be perfect unless two roomies and a
bunch more wanna go.”

“We’ll put our foot down and say no,” Corey said with Kris exiting his room with nothing on.

“Kris, did you know we have a break coming up?” I asked.

“Ummm… yeah. Colt and I may go bow hunting at his place, or maybe with Shawn. Why?”

Corey and I smiled at each other. “That solves that,” Corey said.

“Solves what?” Kris asked, getting some juice.

“My stupid ass didn’t even know it but Corey and I were thinking of going camping again,” I replied.

“Have fun then. I know you just went to the casino but you do need your alone time,” Kris said.

“Okay then,” I said. “I can sure handle that.”

Colt came walking in the door with a big smile on his face.

“What you are so happy about?” Kris asked.

“Andrea got a visit from Aunt Flo today,” Colt said.

“You survived another month,” Corey said.

“Damn right I did,” Colt said. “That’s the downside of fucking a girl, you know.”

“Bro, you are still covering that shit, right?” Kris asked.

“I do, but you never know. It only takes one drop before a little Colt is conceived. I want kids one
day, but not anytime soon,” Colt stated. “Oh yeah, I also just ran into Ted out the parking lot with
some girl…”

“I know she was hot,” Kris stated.

“Actually she was about as average as they come. Ted was telling me Coach went ballistic on their
ass today after two guys failed their drug tests. Coach said next failed test by anyone and that
player was gone. How dumb is Coach?” Colt asked.

“I think it’s a great rule,” I said.

“I don’t. They don’t kick our asses out of here for doing drugs or else half the damn student body
would be gone,” Kris stated.

“The school’s not giving us a free ride either,” Corey said. “They don’t have to pay for one thing
around here so they should be kicked off the team. Let them see what it’s like to pay.”

“I agree,” I said.

“Since you put it like that, maybe they should,” Kris said, leaned over at the kitchen.

“I’ll just say this. It’s not the first failed drug test by a long ways. They have to some drug
counseling and that’s it. I guess he was fed up with it,” Colt said.

We talked about it some more before Kris and Corey headed to finish their studying while Colt hung
out with me for a little while. He did say they had a hunting trip planned with Shawn. 

Friday, my classes were fairly lax and easy going since we were tested in them the week before. One
class, I did really well in while the other one still hadn’t posted any scores. I made quick work
for Mr. Jackson and text Scott about hitting the pool since I finished early.

Jordy had plans and couldn’t join Scott and me. Scott and I discussed the weekend and tailgating
with Kris’s parents. He mentioned that Trevor and Reese were no longer together by mutual agreement.
Scott said Reese wanted to see what else was out there for him while Trevor already had eyes for
another guy at his school.  

We entered the Rec Center with Tabor at the front desk. He fist pumped us before we went back. I saw
Corey in the back with his boss so I continued along until seeing Kris escorting a young girl
around. I assumed it was part of their program that was ongoing. Both Kris and Corey really enjoyed
doing it and the variety it offered them. 

We entered the locker room to throw our bags in a locker and remove our shorts.

“Kris was made for that job,” Scott stated.

“I know. You can see him smiling all across the room,” I said and took off my shorts with my Speedo

“I hope you weren’t talking about the Kris that works here,” a guy said, butting in.

“We were,” Scott said.

“He thinks he’s King of this place. He’s the most arrogant person I’ve ever met,” the guy said
walking away.

Scott and I looked at each other. “What was that all about?” Scott asked.

“I don’t know, but Kris must have pissed someone off,” I replied.

We came out and found Yancey in the pool. He jumped out and greeted us. He asked about Jordy but
Scott said he had plans. We dove into the warm water and slowly swam. Somehow they enticed me to
race with them at the end like they usually did. I dove off but saw quickly I was no match for the
two. They swam ahead with me putting forth my best effort. It was something different and did get my
blood pumping, but they beat me by a long stretch. 

I got out of water and said, “You two are lucky. I’m saving my energy for tomorrow’s race.”

They laughed and patted me on the shoulder. We headed off to shower off the pool water. I was
between Scott and Yancey as the water hit our bodies.

“Matt, do you and Corey ever go through lulls?” Yancey asked me while we were showering.

“We do,” I replied.

“Jess and I are in one constantly,” Scott said.

“Good. I was beginning to think maybe our magic was gone. I love Parker so much but we haven’t
clicked here lately,” Yancey said washing his nice cock.

“It just happens over the course of time,” I said and turned off the water with a very cute guy
coming in to shower. He glanced at us, smiled and turned on the water in the open shower. 

Yancey and Scott finished their showers with us wrapping a towel around our waist. “Yancey, hang in
there,” Scott said.

“I plan on it or else my ass is homeless,” Yancey laughed. “I thought I’d see if it was just us…”

“It’s everyone, Yancey,” I said beginning to dress.

We finished dressing and headed out of the humid locker room. As we were walking, Corey emerged with
a young girl. He winked at us and continued on. We said goodbye to Tabor and left. We told Yancey
not to worry before leaving for our apartment. In the car, Scott asked if we were partying before
remembering our hiatus from alcohol. 

With time to kill back at the apartment, I drove off and went to the sporting goods store where
Shawn was employed. Right as I walked in the door, Shawn was manning the cash registered. We spoke
for a moment before he had a customer ready to check out. I headed back and was browsing the stuff
yet knowing it was of no use to me. 

While heading to get what I came for, a jock, which was a little embarrassing but needed, I saw
Hayden from the side looking at shorts. I approached and saw he was with Kwan. 

“Hey, Hayden. Hey, Kwan,” I spoke.

Hayden did a double take, “You two know each other?”

“We do. How is it going?” I asked Kwan.

“Ummm… okay I guess,” he replied but seemed embarrassed.

“This is the guy I was telling you about,” Hayden stated with great pride.

“I see. You make a nice couple,” I commented.

“I think we do. We were in here searching around for stuff to work out in. My ass needs to get back
to the Rec Center,” Hayden said. “I saw Shawn when we entered but we didn’t get to say hi.”

“I saw him as well,” I said. “My offer is still there for you to drop by. Do now that I know your

“We will,” Hayden said.

I walked away with a smile. I didn’t know Kwan was gay. It proved what a small world we live in
since Hayden was with someone I knew from our old dorm. I quickly snagged a jock and headed to the
front counter to pay Shawn. I put the jock strap down for him to scan.

“I can get you one of these and drop it by later,” Shawn said quietly.

“Thanks for the offer but it’s not very expensive,” I stated. “I saw Hayden and Kwan back there as

“Don’t tell me they’re an item?” Shawn said, scanning.

“They are. I think Kwan is a little embarrassed.”

“Yeah, I didn’t know he was gay.”

“Me either, but I guess we do now,” I said and paid Shawn. 

Coming home, I saw Colt and Andrea leaving just as I walked in the door. Colt was dressed nicely in
a tight blue polo and nice jeans, while Andrea was dressed in a cute top and jeans. We said hi and
bye in about the same breath. Alone, I pulled out the jock strap and looked at it. It occurred to me
that I had never donned one so I stripped down to see what it was like. The jock was pulled up and
my cock was tucked in. Next was a trip to a mirror to examine myself while enjoying the feeling of
the two back straps cradling my ass. I stared into the mirror and liked how it looked on me. Nasty
thoughts entered my head of the things Corey could do to me with my ass freely open. Overall, it did
feel great and concealed my bulge like it was supposed to. 

I left and was returning to put back on my clothes. My phone caught my eye as it was sitting on my
dresser. I grabbed it and looked it over while thinking how great it would be to make Corey a video.
My cock grew hard and was straining my jock over the thought of me making a video while stroking my

I grabbed my clothes, just in case I was interrupted, and returned to my bedroom. I threw on some
shorts over the jock and held out my phone. After jumping on top of our bed, there were a few test
runs with the video portion, and then I found the length I could make it. The length was about an
hour so I was in the clear with that. Now came testing various angles and objects to mount the phone
on so I could stroke my cock while the video was running. 

Finally I was ready and already horny as hell thinking about it. I reached over with my phone
mounted on a few books and a good angle. Then my imagination took over.

I slid my hands down my shorts. “OOO Corey, I am so fucking horny now and just wish you were here.”

Slowly I pushed down my loose athletic shorts to reveal the top of the jock strap. “I bought this
jock for tomorrow but trying it on made me horny as fuck. I hope you like it on me.”  I pushed my
shorts to my knees and was able to kick them off.

“Babe, my dick is so hard right now,” I said and ran my hand over the material. I pushed the jock
down just a little to show the head of my hard cock. Slowly, the jock was off with my cock popping
out and sticking straight up in the air. “I think I’ve grown a little or it could be that I’m just
so damn horny thinking about you.”

My hand grabbed our lube, which was captured on the video. After pouring some out onto my hand, it
was slowly rubbed into my cock. “MMMM, it feels so good, but I wish it was you here rubbing this
lube on my hard dick. You’re always so gentle and loving.”

“As I lie here stroking my dick for you, I won’t have any trouble getting off. We have sucked each
other’s dick so much, but I still get the same thrill out of feeling your thick dick in my mouth as
I did the first time in your room when I got to suck you. I’m here wishing my hand was your wet
mouth or your great ass. You have given me so much sexual pleasure of the past two years.”

“We no longer fuck but make love to each,” I said trying to be as sexy as possible while loving the
feeling of jacking off. “The first time we fucked was so damn hot. Then our first Valentine’s Day
was so fucking hot when we committed to each other and went bare. I love feeling this big bare dick
deep in your ass.” 

I pushed it forward and held it there. I could barely see my phone but delighted in seeing my big
hard cock on it.

“Babe, we have made love in some great places over the years. I loved our trips we have been able to
make together and getting to fuck your ass or have you fuck me in some nice places. I loved it when
we fucked in the classroom, outdoors camping and especially in Amsterdam where we made fucking great
love in public. I love every fucking night we have sex. I feel so close to you and feel as though
our love is getting stronger. Fuck my dick is so damn hard right now. Just look at the precum on the
head. It’s because I’m thinking about you.”

“OOO Babe, I’m getting so damn close to shooting my load. I cherish the moments when my load is
shared with you,” I said pumping my cock so hard. “I wish… I could make it longer and tell you how
much I love you. I think we have grown so much together. We are still young but are men who love
each other.”

“OOOOO fuck Corey! I’m blasting this goddamn load all over my body and wish you were here to lick it
up… oooo fuck yeah! This shit is for you Corey. I wish you were here to fucking shoot your hot load
on me too,” I said after my cock was finished and going soft. I looked down to see my abs covered in
cum. My finger scooped a little bit up.

“Yummmy… but nowhere near as good as your cum. I feel so fucking great now, but nothing compares to
how I feel after we make love. It is ten times better than drug. I love you and hope you enjoyed
this video.”

I reached over and turned off the video on my phone. I went back to watch it. It wasn’t perfect by
no stretch of the imagination but it did show my big cock and me stroking it. Now, it would be a
short wait to show Corey. 


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