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After a great workout with Corey I jumped in my truck. Each time the key turned I hoped it would
start. My truck isn’t much like Chase’s but it gets me where I need to be. I drove out of the
parking lot at work and headed to the convenience store in need of a few cans of dip. After
parking, I looked over and saw Shawn getting out of his truck with his work shirt on.

This was my lucky day. I jumped out of the truck and hollered out his name. He turned and came
walking up to me.

“Tabor, wassup?” Shawn asked.

“Ummm… is there any way possible I could talk you into buying like a twelve pack…?” I said and
was a little nervous for asking one of Colt’s buddies to buy for me.

Shawn’s eyes darted around, “I guess I can this time since I was here to buy some for me and my

I reached in my wallet and handed him a twenty. “I appreciate this so much. Keep the change by
the way.”

“I was planning on it as my fucking fee,” Shawn said. “I’ll buy it and sit it by your door.”
I entered the store and milled around. The sight of chips and cookies almost had me, but I
resisted, trying to stay as fit as possible. I did grab some gum and saw Shawn at the counter
making the purchase. I got behind him with two girls walking in the store. They caught both of
our attention.

“Hot stuff there,” Shawn commented.

“You know it,” I said, watching him grab a lot of beer and head out the door. I requested three
cans of dip and was prepared with my ID. The guy behind the counter just glanced down before
ringing up my cans and gum. I headed out the door and saw Shawn putting the beer in the passenger
side of his truck. I looked down and saw my twelve pack of beer sitting by my door.

“Thanks,” I said.

“No problem,” Shawn said.

“See ya tomorrow probably.”

Shawn laughed, “I figured you’d be there. Later.”

I threw the beer behind the seat and drove off. I took it easy along the streets so as to not to
draw undue attention. The last thing I needed was to get pulled over with beer in my truck. Back
home, it did happen, but thankfully the cop was a buddy of my dad so I got off after giving it to

Once in the parking lot, I grabbed the beer and stuffed it in my athletic bag. I was too obvious
but wasn’t out there. I walked to the side door and opened it with a guy and girl coming out. I
headed up the stairs to my floor. Thankfully my room was just three doors down so I made it
without seeing Jess. He had been so great and never gave me any trouble. I know some guys didn’t
like him, but that shit happens to anyone in the position of authority. 

I entered my dark room and flipped on the light. I moved Chase’s clothes and towels before
getting a few cans in our mini fridge. Now I wondered where he was, but it was nice being alone
for a few seconds to kick back. I tossed my shirt in my pile of dirty clothes and grabbed the
remote to our TV, with a cold one in my hand. I downed it in a hurry before throwing in a dip to
get really relaxed.

About twenty minutes later the door flung open with Chase and Levi walking in. 

“Wassup?” Levi asked while Chase went to our fridge.

“Dude, we scored!” Chase yelled.

“None of this we shit, I scored,” I stated.

“How?” Chase asked.

“Just say it was my lucky day,” I replied while Chase handed Levi a beer. “Dude, that’s my shit!”

“Come off of it,” Chase said. “Tell me, who is it that asked for us to go over to Colt’s to watch
the game?”

“I was fucking with ya,” I laughed. “Shawn bought for me. I was dog ass lucky and saw him just as
I drove up to Quickie Mart.”

The three of us sat around and watched SportsCenter to catch up on all the sports news of the
day. Just after I finished my dip, we heard a commotion outside our door in the hall. We raced to
the door and saw Jess in between two guys, Lance and Brett. They always wanted to cause trouble.

“He fucking started it,” Lance said with his shirt ripped.

“Motherfucker, you stole my shit,” Brett said. He talked tough and was big enough to back it up.
It surprised me that Lance wanted to mess with him.

“Enough,” Jess said, red faced, with our hall getting filled up. Jess took them by the arm with
Brett shaking to release Jess’s grip. “I’ve about had it with this shit. You know that!”

Once they were in Jess’s room, we stood around. 

“Man, Jess is the biggest dick around,” Micah said. He lived across the hall from us. I really
didn’t care for him. 

“Ain’t he?” Lucas, Micah’s roommate, said.

“Dudes, Jess is only doing his job,” I stated.

“Tabor, shut the fuck up. You’re always siding with Jess since you and him are buddies,” Micah

“Jess is cool as fuck,” I said to defend Jess.

“Yeah right, bitch,” Lucas said.

“He is. You should get to know him. My brother said Jess has had about enough of this and is
ready to quit,” Chase said. It was something I didn’t know.

“I hope he does,” Micah said.

“I don’t,” Levi said. “Tell me he hasn’t been down with you two. How many times has he looked the
other way when you were out here with a beer in your hand or drunk off your ass? My friend that
lives on the first floor says that shit doesn’t go on there and you get written up in a snap.”

“I guess,” Lucas said. “He’s still a dick.”

Brax and Reese came walking down. Brax loved showing off his body, especially after trying to get
ripped like me at the Rec Center. 

“What happened?” Reese asked.

“You faggots just go back to your room. It doesn’t concern you,” Micah said.

“Hey now,” I said. “Reese was just asking a question, Micah. That was very rude.”

“Fuck off, Tabor,” Micah said. “What’re the two faggots gonna do? Get Ted to come over and beat
our ass?”

“I wish he would,” Chase commented.

“I still think y’all made that shit up about Reese,” Lucas said.

“How many times do we have to tell your stupid ass that Reese is Ted’s nephew?” Chase asked.

“Still, I don’t see why they let those queers room together,” Micah said.

“So we don’t room with pricks like you,” Brax stated.

“My prick is what you want,” Lucas said, grabbing his crotch.

“I like a real dick myself, not some little boy dick. I’ve seen you getting out of the shower,”
Brax stated. We cracked up laughing at Brax’s boldness.

“Fuck you, little faggot,” Lucas said.

“Come on. We’ll leave these homophobes alone,” I said and ushered them into our room.

We came in my room. “Thanks, Tabor,” Reese said. “I can’t stand those two.”

“I really can’t either,” Levi said. “You know they were both drinking. I could smell it on them.”

Brax laughed, “We are too.”

“We all are,” Chase said. 

“If Teddy knew I was drinking he’d kick my little ass all over this campus,” Reese said. 

“Dude, I betcha he drank when he got here. I know he does now,” I said.

“Still, he’d kick my ass,” Reese said.

“Chase, what’s this about Jess leaving?” Levi asked.

Chase laughed, “I made that stuff up. I thought maybe they would chill and realize how great we
have it here.”

“We do,” Levi said. “I wasn’t joking about my friend on the first floor. They can’t even fart
down there and not get written up by Brad down there.”

“Guys, I do appreciate y’all sticking up for us,” Brax said. “You don’t know how hard it is being

“That’s right. All I want is people to accept me like they accept Matt and Corey,” Reese said.

“Well, I have Kris and Colt to thank…” I said.

“It’s all Kris. Colt used to be so antigay, but he’s seen like I have that they’re pretty normal
guys,” Chase said.

“I accept you,” Levi said. “So far, you haven’t hit on me.”

“Is that an insult?” I joked.

“I will if you want me to,” Brax laughed. “So, what was going on out there?”

“Oh yeah,” I replied. Chase, Levi and I told them what we saw. Brax and Reese left after we told

“Thank God they aren’t anything like Jamie and Will,” Levi stated. Jamie and Will were the other
two guy dudes that lived next to Reese down the hall.

“Why’s that?” Chase asked, sipping on a beer.

“Jamie is a whore,” Levi said.

“How would you know?” I asked him.

“Dude, Brock got a blowjob from him,” Levi said. Brock was Levi’s roommate.

I almost spit out my beer, “Seriously?”

“He said he did. Who’d brag about another guy blowing them if it wasn’t true?” Levi said.

“I guess you’re right, but still…” Chase said.

“Brock said it beat jacking off. He came out of the shower one morning and Jamie was staring at
him,” Levi said. “I have to admit Brock is hung, but what is it with these skinny guys having big
long dicks? Chase, that Matt dude was hung.”

“You looked?” Chase asked.

“Dude, it was obvious. Is he gay?” Levi asked.

“He is,” I said. “Corey, my boss, is his boyfriend.”

“Oh, I see,” Levi said. “Brock said Jamie gave great head though.”

“Dude, would let some guy suck your dick?” I asked.

“Ummm… if I was that horny, I might. Brock said it was better than any girl has sucked his dick.”

“I’ll take his word on that shit,” Chase said. “My brother is bi.”

“Really? Colt’s bi,” Levi said.

“He is,” Chase said.

“How do you feel about that?” Levi asked.

“I’m cool with it and accept it for what it is. I don’t know if I’ll ever get that brave,” Chase

“Me either. Pussy suits me just fine,” I said and took a drink. “Levi, you’re saying you’d let a
guy blow your shit?”

“I guess so, but he better not expect me to return the favor,” Levi said.

We continued talking and just about finished off the twelve pack. Levi left the room about one in
the morning. Chase and I stripped down to nothing and jumped in bed. We did sleep naked but we
didn’t hang around the room naked like Kris and those guys. I had slept naked for the past three
years and got used to it one summer when our air wasn’t working in our house for a few long hot

Chase zonked out about a minute after we turned off the lights and got in bed. I wasn’t that
sleepy and just laid there. One of the benefits of sleeping nude was not having to get out of my
boxers or boxer briefs to stroke my dick. With Chase sleeping, I started thinking about the last
girl I fucked. She was so damn hot and just how I imagined college girls would be. I wish I was
still hitting that pussy. My hand didn’t feel anywhere near as good as her mouth or her pussy
did. I groaned and shot a nice big load all over my abs. Tissues were near our beds for this very
purpose and were well used. Most nights we were discrete but were able to manage to get off.

Busting a load usually knocked me out, but instead I lay there with my arms behind my head. So
far, college had been a great experience. I was so thankful that Chase brought me here last year
to show me how things could be. Before then I wasn’t sure I even wanted to come to college, but
after being around his brother and all his friends I knew I had to get in. It was a struggle but
I was able to get in here. I was taking the basic classes for now. They aren’t really easy but
I’m determined to make it, whereas Chase is so smart and never really tried in high school.

Chase was awake when I woke the next morning about 11. He was watching the college football
pregame. I sat up in bed.

“Our game is next,” Chase said.

“Awesome. Man, I hope we win today,” I said.

“Me too,” Chase said. “So, are we going home next weekend since they’re off?”

“I guess so, unless we know of any kickass parties around.”

“Dude, if you ever get that drunk again I’ll personally beat your ass.”

“I was pretty wasted,” I laughed.

“Royally fucked up would be more like it.”

“Hey, but we had a good time, huh? I guess next time you can get wasted.”

“I was thinking about doing that tonight unless Colt is breathing down my neck.”

“Don’t worry. He’ll be drunk too,” I said with them starting to talk about our game. The very
first clip they showed was of Ted crushing a runner and then him deflecting a pass. They
commented on how he was the key to stopping the other team’s high powered offense. They really
didn’t talk much about our offense. I got up, grabbed a towel and headed down to shower. 

Just as I was about to enter the shower, Jonathan Deerman, aka Deer, stepped out of one. He was a
cool dude I enjoyed hanging with. He was skinny as they come but also hung like a mule. Levi was
right about skinny guys and big dicks. 

“Hey Tabor, how’s it going?” Deer asked, dripping wet.

“Not too bad.”

“So are we all gathering at the big room to watch the game tonight?”

“Well, Chase, Levi and I are going over to Chase’s brother’s place to catch it. Do you wanna come
along?” I asked before realizing what I had just said.

“That’d be killer if I could. I figured everyone was watching it here, but I wasn’t looking
forward to being around those dudes.”

“Me either, plus we can party a little.”

“Right on,” Deer said and gave me five with this dude Will coming in to shower. He was one big
guy and rarely came out of his room.

“Come to my room about five or before,” I said. I took my shower and didn’t mess around before
coming back to the room.

Chase was still sitting in his bed. I finished drying off before throwing on boxers and loose
athletic shorts.

“Don’t kill me but I saw Deer before I showered and opened my mouth,” I said.

“It’s cool. I was gonna ask him to go. Now we have to have a driver.”

“I know that’s right or else we’re staying there,” I said. “Now get your ass out of bed. I’m
about to starve over here and need to fuel this machine.”

We really didn’t do much that day, other than sit around watching football and comparing the
other teams to ours. I loved football and wish I had the size and skills to play at this high
level, but all these guys have mad skills and size to match. Being in the stands was fun as well,
like it always had been. Last year was such a thrill and treat to come here for the games. It was
the highlight of my week, even after playing a good game. Now, being a real student made it that
much better.

About 5, Deer came in our room, dressed nicely. The guy had money and always was dressed nicely
in his team colored polo shirt and pressed shorts, along with leather sandals. His hair was
usually nicely cut, whereas mine was always a mess but I really didn’t care unless I knew there
would be ladies around to impress. Chase and I dressed to head over before Levi came to our room.  

“Guys, one of us can’t drink tonight,” I stated.

“That’s some crap,” Deer said.

“I guess we’ll draw straws and see who the unlucky one is tonight,” Chase said. “However, it
ain’t fair since we’re going over to my brother’s place.”

“We get the hint, Chase,” Levi said. “I’ll make it easy on y’all and drive tonight. Just remember
what a nice guy I am.”

I patted Levi on the back, “I’ll try to remember, but I did hook your ass up last night.”

“Please, three beers…” Levi said.

“Better than drinking Mountain Dew all night like some of us did,” Deer said.

We headed over to Colt’s apartment and knocked before Kris welcomed us inside. He was there along
with Matt, Corey, Shawn, Colt and one guy I didn’t know. I introduced them to Deer and Levi. Kris
knew both of them since they had been to the weight room. We pulled out the dining room chairs
and sat behind them. The main thing was being able to see their nice TV that looked new.

“Tabor, Shawn told us you hit the jackpot last night,” Kris said.

“I did,” I said. “It was my lucky day.”

Shawn turned around, “Don’t count on me doing it all the time though.”

“I won’t. Have we ever called any of you?” I asked.

“No, you just come over and don’t ask,” Colt said.

“Speaking of…” Chase said.

“There’s an ass load in the fridge,” Kris said. “Matt bought it for us since he’s rich now.”

Matt shook his head. “I said I would, so enjoy it tonight.”

Chase headed to the fridge and came back with three beers. “Who made the dip?”

“Who do think? I did,” Colt laughed.

“There’s a first for you. I’ll tell Mom you can cook now,” Chase said.

“Chase, don’t believe him. I did so we’d have something to snack on for the game,” Matt said.

Just before the game, one tattooed dude came up to us, “I’m Tom.”

“Nice to meet ya,” I said. “I love all the ink.”

“Thanks, but to me those are battle scars to remind me how stupid I was about your age,” Tom
said, grabbing a bottle of water.

“Still, they are cool,” I said.

“Tabor, when are you getting one?” Kris asked.

“I want one in the worst way but I don’t know what I want,” Tabor said. “Chase stole my idea.”

“His isn’t original. I’ve seen at least three other guys with that same tattoo,” Deer said. “I
wanted one to go with my name.”

“That’d fit you perfectly,” Colt said. “How’d you get that nickname?”

Deer laughed, “My real is Jonathan Deerman. You figure it out.”

They laughed loudly. “Fuck, I love this dude,” Kris said.

“I don’t. What a fucking smartass,” Colt said.

We sat around and waited until the game started. Shawn spoke up, “We need a drinking game.”

“Like your ass needs an excuse to drink,” Colt joked.

“It would be fun,” Corey said and had been quiet. 

“Just not one where we drink all the time,” Matt said.

“How about we chug when Luke throws a touchdown pass and Ted gets a sack?” Kris suggested.

“Sounds good to me,” Corey said, with Bishop and Alex coming in the door with more beer and a
bottle of vodka. 

Barely in the door, Alex said loudly, “It’s fucking hot in here.”

Kris, Matt and Corey pointed at Colt. “Y’all pay the goddamn electric bill here then,” Colt said

“I just figured it was a good excuse for Kris to go without any clothes,” Alex joked.

“I don’t need an excuse. It is hot in here,” Kris said and did lose his shirt to show off a body
I’d die for. 

“Thanks Alex for mentioning it,” Shawn said and laughed. I really did envy all these guys and the
friendship they had. Hopefully I was starting to have some good friends like these.

The game got started with pictures of Luke and Ted as the game’s key players for our team. We
received the kickoff and started the game at the thirty two yard line. After two small runs, Luke
dropped back to pass and missed a wide open receiver. 

“Can you believe that shit?” Colt screamed. “Luke, Darcy was wide open.”

“Guys, get used to Colt calling everyone by their first name,” Kris announced. 

“He should, since he works there,” Bishop commented, grabbing a beer.

We punted the ball to the other team. My stomach was in knots watching them. The first play Ted
was right there to stuff the run. The next play was an incomplete pass. Then the quarterback
dropped back to pass. He was under heavy pressure and got slammed to the turf by Ted. We all
jumped up and screamed like we were in the stands. 

“Drink, fuckers!” Shawn said.

I turned mine up and downed what was left, as did Chase and Deer. 

“Man, it sucks I have to drive,” Levi said.

Tom turned around, “At least you won’t feel bad in the morning.”

“Bro, you’re the DD, huh?” Kris asked Levi.

“Yes, I am,” Levi said.

We did get to slam them down again before the first half ended with Ted getting another sack. The
game was tied at fourteen a piece with one incredible run by our running back. Their friend Myles
just missed an interception that went through his hands into the other team’s hands for a
touchdown. It did give us a break to piss. I looked up and saw Deer heading outside with Tom,
while Chase, Levi and I threw in a dip. 

Colt came over and stuck out his hand. Chase’s can hit Colt’s outstretched hand. “Are y’all
having a good time?” Colt asked.

“You bet,” Levi said. “Thanks for letting us come over.”

“No problem. Chase, I’m proud that you’re smart enough to have a driver. I just knew you’d be
sleeping here tonight,” Colt said.

“Well, with four of us, one person could sacrifice,” Chase said. “Thanks too.”

“Anytime,” Kris said from behind. “Great game, but we need to score a little more.”

“I know that’s right,” Shawn said.

I headed to the bathroom but couldn’t get in. Matt directed me to his bathroom. Their bedroom was
so nice and neat, but I did smile seeing the big bottle of lube on their nightstand. I used their
toilet and came out with Chase waiting. 

I came back and could smell Deer. “I didn’t know you smoked.”

“Only when I drink. That Tom dude is one cool ass guy. He was telling me all the shit he used to
do. He was a drug addict and got all his tats that way,” Deer said.

“Makes sense,” Levi said. “So is that why they all have tattoos?”

I laughed, “I don’t think so. I think Kris’s tattoo is in honor of his brother.”

Chase sat down and took off his shirt. “Damn Deer, you reek.”

“Speak for yourself,” Deer said.

Matt walked by us and headed to the kitchen to get out some wings he had put in the oven. He
announced they were ready, only to have a bunch of hands start grabbing them. Bishop said we
should order pizza. He took out his phone but never got through. We said it was peak demand time
while we finished off the tasty wings in no time. 

I grabbed my third beer and opened it before the second half kicked off. 

Deer leaned over, “Man, this is so fucking tight, dude. I love it.”

“They are some really great guys,” I said quietly.

We stopped the other team before getting the ball. On the second play Luke dropped back and hit
the receiver in stride for a long touchdown.

“Fuck yeah!” Colt screamed. It was cool to hear the screams all around too. “Jarvis just outran
those suckers!”

Chase looked at me, “Drink up.”

My can was almost full so I turned it up and was able to get it down. I shook my head and wiped
the spillage from my mouth. There was a steady stream to the fridge to lessen the beer count. If
Luke was to get hot, there wouldn’t be any beer left.  

“Next time, shots of vodka,” Bishop said.

“Great, I’ll throw up for damn sure,” Corey said.

“Like you did this week,” Colt stated.

The game was back and forth with Luke tossing another touchdown pass to put us ahead by four with
just over three minutes left in the game.

“I’ll shit if they score a touchdown and beat us,” Colt said.

“It’ll suck ass,” Levi said.

“Enough from the freshman back row,” Alex joked.

“Bro, remember when we used to gather in the big room for games?” Kris said.

“Ummm… Kris… Alex, Bishop, Shawn and Tom weren’t there our freshman year,” Matt said.

Kris laughed, “I was just talking to you, Corey and Colt.”

“I remember,” Corey laughed. “Are they still doing that?”

“Jess said they could, but this is a million times better,” Deer replied.

“Yeah, half the guys in our dorm are complete assholes,” Chase said.

“Bro, I thought Colt was the first time I met him,” Kris laughed. I knew the dude was getting
drunk but I was as well after the last touchdown pass by Luke.

When the game resumed, it got quiet again. My stomach was worse than ever now, plus the beer in
it wasn’t helping matters. The team took the ball and moved it down to the fifteen yard line with
about a minute left. 

During the last time out, Kris said, “Bros, I’m so nervous.”

“Me too,” Matt said.

“To think you used to not care,” Colt said.

“I don’t care that much and I’m nervous as hell,” Tom stated.

The game resumed with a few taking a quick run to the bathroom. The next play the quarterback
dropped back and just missed a wide open receiver. There was a collective gasp in the room with
the tension so high. I was now standing, as were my three buds. The QB dropped back again. The
ball was right on target… to Ted. The noise level in the room was deafening. Ted was in the end
zone with the team all around him. He didn’t celebrate and just handed the ball to the official.

“Class act right there,” Shawn said.

“You bet,” Corey said. 

“I bet Reese pissed in his pants,” Levi said loudly while we heard the screams still around. It
was so exciting.   

Luke knelt down to end the game. Kris and Colt jumped in the air and chest bumped before running
out of the apartment. I was so excited and decided to try and chest bump Chase by the TV. I did
it but heard a loud crash. I looked to see glass all over the floor.

Colt and Kris came running back inside. I stood and saw Chase was scared to death. “It was an
accident,” Chase said.

“Fuck! That was Matt’s print he got, you sorry motherfucker!” Colt screamed.

“Colt, it was an accident. They chest bumped and Tabor hit the picture,” Matt said. “Cool it.”

“I swear you two could fuck up a steely ball. Fuck!” Colt screamed.

“Bro, Matt said it was an accident and so did Chase,” Kris said.

“We’ll pay for it,” I said. “I’m sorry Matt.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m surprised it hadn’t happened before now. I’ll find some plexiglass and
reframe it,” Matt said.

“Sorry,” Chase said with his head hanging.

“Fuck it,” Kris said. “Everyone is out in the parking lot!”

I felt awful but did run out. The parking lot was full of activity. Everyone was so excited, but
drunk though. It was an awesome sight to see everyone celebrate. I looked over and saw Scott in
his shorts. He came up to Chase and hugged him.  

“Where were you?” I asked Scott.

“Oh, we decided to split up since one apartment couldn’t hold us all,” Scott said and was slapped
on the back by two guys. “What a fucking game, huh?”

“It was!” Chase said. “Ted came through like a mother!”

“Damn right he did,” Deer said. 

We stood around and saw people everywhere. Kris brought out the beer and sat in the back of
Colt’s truck, or what was left of it. You could hear the campus a few blocks away with car horns
blowing like we had won the national championship. We did defeat a good team on the road that was
ranked just below us.

Levi was standing and talking on his phone, “Hey, Brock said they were having a good time. Y’all
wanna head over there.”

“Ummm… after a little while,” Chase said. “Did he say if they were drinking?”

“I know Brock didn’t sound drunk. He said Jess was so cool,” Levi said.

“Maybe we should go over there,” I said.

We agreed. We made our rounds and thanked Colt and all his friends. We left in Levi’s car to head
back. The campus was abuzz after the big victory. We pulled in and headed up.

Brock spotted us as we entered the hall, “Damn, Jess is a trip. He’s the best. Man, y’all are
fucked up.”

“Damn right we are,” Deer said. “I bet Jess didn’t let you get fucked up.”

“No, but it was still cool. I think a few snuck some in but he said we were free to do whatever
for the night as long as we didn’t fight or get too loud,” Brock said.

I looked up and saw Micah, Lucas, Reese and another guy running down the hall naked with their
dicks flooping around and not caring . We laughed. “Tell me those dudes aren’t fucked up,” I

“No, they’re just excited,” Brock said with Reese coming to us.

“Teddy is the fucking shit, huh?” Reese asked loudly.

Chase reached out and grabbed him. “He is.”

“Join us,” Micah said.

Chase lost his shorts and headed out. I didn’t want to be left out and joined the fray. We ran up
and down the hall screaming. Jess told us to tone it down just a little but was laughing watching

We stopped at his room while he was standing in the doorway. “Kris and Colt Junior for sure,”
Jess laughed.

“Damn right we are,” Chase said.

After another lap, we stopped and threw back on our clothes. Jess came walking down with a big
smile on his face. 

“We heard everyone had a great time,” I said.

“We did, but I missed you guys. It looks like some might accept Reese and Brax for who they are.
It was amazing how they gathered around Reese. Reese thrilled them with stories about Ted growing
up while I told them about my days here as a freshman,” Jess said. “You should have seen all the
guys jump on Reese after Ted made that big interception.”

“I’m sorry we missed but we had a blast too,” Chase said.

“I can smell you did. Now have fun the rest of the night and enjoy this,” Jess said.

“We will,” Deer said.


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