We left the Tunnel of Love, enjoying the magical moments Scott and
I experienced. I never thought that little detour away from the
games and excitement would bring forth a new excitement in our love
making. Scott and I were holding hands still wandering about the
various venders and shops. While we stopped for fries and hot dogs,
Colt came and found us.
“Guys, I just went into the fun house. It was fucking cool. Y’all
have to try it.” Colt went into detail about his experience. We
agreed that sounded wonderful, but we were happy where we were.
“So, how was the tunnel?” Colt asked taking a bite out my hot dog.
“Did you make love like gooey eyed teenagers?”
I didn’t have to respond, Scott’s face said it all. While I went to
find the restroom from the beer I drank, Scott told Colt about the
tunnel and the various scenes we saw.
“But how can that be?” Colt asked upon my return.
“I don’t know, but I kid you not. Those people inside the tunnel
looked so real.”
“Yeah, I couldn’t believe how seeing some of those scenes helped us
achieve our goal,” I said rather modestly.
“That settles it. Where’s Kris, we’re going into the tunnel, and we
aren’t coming out until I bury his ass.”
We laughed at that, while I pointed in the direction of the haunted
house. Colt ran off to find Kris. I grabbed Scott and we went for a
stroll. “When are they going to admit they love each other?”
“I don’t think that?” Scott admitted. “Kris loves sex, and he uses
sex to show his love for his friends, that’s all.”
“You don’t think Kris and Colt would ever get together?”
“Nah, Kris and Matt on the other hand, had Corey never come into
the picture. Maybe.”
“I agree.” We stopped when we saw a sign that intrigued me, and
after doing the tunnel with Scott it was my turn to pick somewhere
to go.
So we entered the through the big curtain into the Freak Show. The
place looked rather empty, though there were six cages. We couldn’t
see what was in them, so we walked to the closest one.
Inside was something that I never thought I would see. It was me
and Scott standing outside the college having an argument.  I
turned to Scott and he was just as speechless as I was.
We heard the beginning of the argument. “How are you and Hayden
doing? Did you fuck his ass?” I heard myself say.
“No, but what do you care?” That ‘Scott’ asked. We both knew where
this conversation was going, but kept listening all the same.
“Fucker, you are using him to make my ass jealous.” I heard that
Jess yell.  I turned and saw that ‘Scott’s’ face, his eyes looked
sad, I hurt him with that one line, I hurt Scott.  Through the
shocked and sadden face, that ‘Scott’ fired back with rage.
“Jess, are you fucking crazy? I told you I still loved Hayden. Now
back the fuck off.”  Scott held me close and I was amazed that I
had tears in my eyes, as we both watched the scene unfold. We were
about to watch the most hated moment I ever committed.
That ‘Jess’ pushed hard against that ‘Scott’s’ chest. ‘Scott’ moved
back and wanted to run. ‘Jess’ tackled him and got him on the
ground with a nice struggle. “Bitch, you’re fucking with me!”  
‘Jess’ slammed his fist into ‘Scott’s’ chest.  I turned to Scott
and looked at his face, he saw regret in my eyes, and whispered.
“It’s okay.”  
I heard it that ‘Scott’ yells, “Stop it, Jess!” He was trying to
get up. ‘Jess’s ’knees had him pinned down; and he pushed ‘Scott’s’
face to the ground and rubbed it into the grass. Jess slapped him
in the back of the head with now anger.
The lights in the cage went off, and I sat on a nearby bench. “I
cannot believe I ever did that do you.”
Scott came and sat beside, holding my hand. “Jess, that wasn’t you,
you are kind, sweet and gentle, you just had a bad day.”
“Maybe, but reliving that moment is horrible. Honestly what was I
thinking then, how could you honestly forgive me after I did that?”
“I was thinking that you were crazy and not thinking straight. I am
okay with it, and since then; I forgave and forgot. We have
something here that is special, and better than one mistake, which
I know you regret. Come on, let’s see the next cage. “
I didn’t want to see anymore, but Scott kissed my hand and I got up
and followed him to the second cage. He was beside himself; I dared
to look at it. But when I saw the scene, I tried to push Scott
away, but he wanted to see this freak do his work on me.  He needed
to know how lucky he and Matt really were.
I heard Lee scream “GET HIM!”
Scott and I watched. Dirk had a hammer in his hand, while ‘Jess’
picked up a shovel he found. They started hitting each other. He
managed to hit Dirk hard in the groin with the shovel, and he
dropped the hammer to hold his crotch. Scott laughed at that; we
both watched me fight back. Scott gasped when he saw Lee’s punch
across ‘Jess’s’ face, instantly breaking his nose.  Seeing this
happen again, brought back painful memories, but I am glad that I
could share it.  We watched the guys carry ‘Jess’ and tie him to a
steel post and cut away his clothes.   I looked at ‘Jess’s’ body,
my body and how I would never have it again. I saw it was Dirk who
did the dirty work. Scott and I winced when the blade entered the
skin. HE wrote those words, those horrible words. 
“Why are you doing this to me?” ‘Jess’asked the assembled group,
and they showed me the answered written in my chest.  Quinn yelled.
“Admit it!”
“Admit fucking what?” ‘Jess’ asked.  Vin dropped a brick over
‘Jess’s’ head. 
“WHAT!”  Dirk threw three stones at ‘Jess’s’ arms. I looked over
and saw Scott crying, he held me close. “I am sorry, baby.” He
whispered into my ears. “I am sorry this happened.”   I turned back
and watched the guys put a bag over my head.  Six bricks fell from
the scaffolding, and Dirk, with his knife, jabbed it into my leg,
and pulled it downward to my feet. Quinn threw two rocks, one
dislocated my shoulder and the other nearly tore my dick off.
The scene in the cage went dark.  Neither of us wanted to continue
this freak show, but we knew we must; Scott never saw this horrible
act.  With much strength, we both got up and walked to the next
cage.  I knew it was what I expected; me in the hospital.
I never did see this moment though. Scott was there with a lot of
stubble on his face. He looked like he hadn’t slept in days. He
closed the door to ‘Jess’s’ hospital room. Scott sat next to my
lifeless body. I looked at him; I could not bear to look at myself
in that condition. He held ‘Jess’s’ limp hand and stroked his hair.
Scott made me look at my body there. That ‘Scott’ pulled up his
gown to see his battered body with bandages all over it. Down his
leg, there were severe cuts. I noticed that ‘Jess’ was still in
great shape with nicely defined abs as always.  I noticed that that
‘Scott’ had rubbed my dick. Scott beside me whispered. “I wanted to
see if it helped.”   Time passed.
“I was a physical mess though, with all those scars.” I asked
Scott, my face said I wanted honesty.
“Babe, I will admit it took me a while to get used to, but they are
dead sexy now. I love them.”  I smiled at him. “You are not a
freak, physical or otherwise.”
I kissed him, but Scott broke the kiss to watch the scene unfold.
That ‘Scott’ leaned over and kissed ‘Jess’ on the lips.  I turned
to my Scott, and said. “I felt that.”  That ‘Scott’ stopped and sat
back down. Tears flooded his eyes. “Dammit Jess, wake the fuck up!
I love you!”  Scott walked up in desperation lifted that gown up
again and looked at my flaccid cock. He kissed the head of it, and
whispered when the gown went back, “I really love you.”
“Aw, Scott.” I turned to my Scott and he had tears in his eyes.
“Come here.”  Scott came to me and we hugged as the hospital room
went dark. I tried some humor: “We’ve seen a lot of freakish
behavior so far and now we see the beauty and the beast.”
“Huh?” Scott asked.
“You fell in love with the freakish physical beast I became.”
“Oh, Jess you are hot You are sexy, and you are beautiful.”
“Hotter than you?”
“Well, no,” we laughed as we walked to the fourth cage, which made
me laugh out loud. Scott was the centre attention.  Someone turned
on some music. It was playing ‘Happy Birthday’. That ‘Scott’ walked
up to Corey. ‘Scott’ pushed Corey down to have a seat. He started
singing Happy Birthday to him and trying to be like the famous
Marilyn Monroe. ‘Scott’ started throwing off his track coat, then
unsnapped his track pants to reveal a thong.  I whispered to my
Scott, “You’ve got to do that for my next birthday.” 
“Naturally,” he laughed. I started cracking up when ‘Scott’ started
rubbing all over Corey. Corey didn’t know what to make of this, but
Scott and I were laughing it up. “It’s Raining Men” came on which
‘Scott’ danced to doing his best, with me laughing historically.
What was funnier was my Scott now repeated the movements and made
me join him.
We walked on and started to like the labels of freak, we may be
freaks, but we love each other. The next cage lit up as we walked
towards it. Two men were coming out at the same time: ‘Scott’ and
An Announcer yelled: “Now for the Hottest Male Contest.”  On stage
was ‘Scott’ in a tee and shorts. ‘Scott’ stayed in his shorts but
lost his shirt. He gave a brief dance that showed his best
features. ‘Scott’ then opened his shorts and flexed his muscles and
gyrated his butt to the music. 
Next was ‘Kris’; he was in a tight V-neck white tee shirt and
shorts.  He started out and then ripped off his shirt. He was
smiling showing off all his great muscles. I thought, knowing Kris,
he would lose his shorts too. He didn’t though. He just flexed to
the music. 
Scott hit my shoulder. “Next year the three of us are going up
I nodded. “And we are doing a Full Monty, too.” 
The last cage seemed dark, but as we approached two spot lights
turned on. It was Scott and me again. This time we were on a bench
outside of our house. This was weird because we don’t have a house
together.  This must be our future.
Scott and I were naked in our backward jerking each other while
watching some great porn on a big screen television. I didn’t
recognize it from my collection though. Scott walked closer and the
DVD box was fabled: “Happy 20th.”
The image on screen was Kris and Colt and Matt and Corey engaged in
different positions. At that moment the ‘Kris’ and ‘Corey’ switched
partners. That ‘Scott’ and ‘Jess’ were loving every minute of it.
That ‘Scott’ laughed. “I cannot believe this is how Corey and Matt
spent their 20th anniversary last year.”
“I know,” that ‘Jess’ replied. “What freaks.”
“And what do you call us?” that ‘Scott’ replied.
“HOT!”  At that, my Scott and I laughed, and enjoyed this little
freak show.
When we exited it, there right in front of us was the games
Scott gave me permission to go around and look at the various
booths; eventually we found the good old fashioned ring toss.
The gentlemen handed me large weird shaped rings. It took me a few
minutes to realize what they were.  Scott voiced my thought,
“Aren’t they cock rings?”
Then I looked at what we were supposed to shoot for; 50 dicks of
different colours, sizes and shapes. Scott pointed to a special
one, I knew why. It looked like his. The one next to it looked like
mine. We examined most of the cocks and we recognized many of them:
Preston’s, Brennan’s, Jordy’s, Kris’s, Colt’s Matt’s, Brad’s,
Corey’s. In fact, Scott and I could name most of the owners. This
game was fun. I nailed Kris’s and Corey’s but missed Scott’s. 
However, he managed to nail Colt’s, Brennan’s and mine.
The vendor sent us to another booth we might like. It’s called “Pop
the balloon.”   However, it was slightly different. There was no
gun at all to squirt in the clown’s mouth.  I looked and noticed it
wasn’t a clown it was a human mouth. It was lower than normal. The
guy explained the goal. I got up on the platform, and Scott pulled
my pants and briefs down to my ankles, and started pumping my gun.
The aim was to spray into the guy’s mouth and wait for him to
explode. After a few pumps, I sprayed the target and within a few
seconds the condom shaped balloon got bigger and finally exploded
cum over the shooting area.  We both received a prize, and we both
moved on to another booth.
We played each game, and Scott ended up winning more than me. After
that our path crossed with the Fortune Teller Tent, and we went in
but the women just spit out vague ideas about the future. So, we
just could have been reading our horoscope for all we knew. After
that we made it to the dunk tank, and what surprised us most was
Matt was in the seat.

“Corey I will be fine. I know you don’t like roller coasters.”
“I just didn’t want you to think I was disappearing on you.” Corey said to me, after he mentioned the fortune teller’s tent he found.  We parted ways, and hoped he would find what he was looking for, and that she wasn’t some crackpot.
I decided I have been good with my choices of late, and with the fair in town, I wanted to indulge. So I took the money and bought some of the best food here. Funnel Cakes, and hot dogs and I wanted to try the deep fried station, where they would fry any food we wanted. I chose some chocolate bars, and they were so good. I was stuffed after that.
After locating the closest restroom, I found myself in front of the Haunted House Kris was going into. I just saw Scott and Jess exit Tunnel of Love, but before I could go talk to them, some guy ran into me. After getting up, I noticed it was Kris.
He heard and he ran into my arms. He was crying, and I held him. I hadn’t seen him like this in long time.
“Kris, what happened?”
“The Haunted House, was the scariest thing I ever been through in my entire life. It makes that haunted house on Halloween feel like child’s play. It was like the house knew me. It showed horrible things.”
“Like what?” I wiped the tears from his eyes, and moved him to a nearby bench.
“Matt. I just fell apart; I could watch it anymore, so I ran out exit.”
“Tell me, Kris? What happened? How bad can it be?”
“Well,” Kris began, regaining himself. “I dealt with a huge spider eating my dick just fine. However, the next room showed me Nathan’s accident, but with you in the car. Then, the last room showed me my life had Nathan lived.”
“That a good thing, no?”
“We wouldn’t have met, and Corey would be dead,” he said matter of factly.
“Kris, that is horrible.” I pulled his face close to me. “I am sorry you had to see that alone.”
“I cannot imagine anybody else wanting to go in there,” Kris smiled. “Anyways, I am glad you’re here for me now.”
“I will be here for you always.”
“Let’s just do something fun, there is a dunk tank over there,” he pointed.
“Nah, let’s go to Ferris Wheel for old time sake.”
“So you can vomit on me?” he laughed. “No thanks.”
“For your information, I haven’t done that since…”
“Since the first weekend we met. I remember so well.”
I got up and went to stand in line, knowing Kris he would join me, and he came over.
“If you get nauseous one time, I am throwing you out the window.”
“Fine.” We laughed and waited our turn. Eventually we got into a car and it was bigger and roomier than I thought. There was a couch-like seat to sit on, and a similar one opposite us. Kris and I sat facing each other and the ride began.
We reached the top and we could Jess and Scott entering the Freak Show exhibit.
“I cannot believe how good they look together,” I said to Kris
“I agree. I really think Scott is gay. Not that it matters.”
“True. Who was a better fuck for you, Scott or Jess?”
“Actually, honestly, Jess. I still feel bad about using Scott that time.”
“Yeah, but he wanted it as much as you. I never experienced Jess,I would have to say Scott. I really think had Corey and I not met, Scott and I would have been a good couple.”
“I don’t think so, Bro. Scott bed hops a lot more than you.”
“Look who is talking,” I laughed, and Kris looked serious.
“Excuse me. I believe you’ve had more experience with guys than I did in high school. Daniel, Jacob, those boytoys on Liberty Avenue, Tanner and Jack,” Kris said counting on his fingers. He smiled. “I only had Melisa,”
“First of all, I didn’t sleep with Tanner or Johnny. Secondly, you had a few more than Melissa, what about Alison?” I asked.

“Let us compare notes. Since college you had a physical relationship with Liz, me, Corey, Jess, Colt, Bryson, Amy, Jacee, Sammi, Scott, Andrea’s roommate, Andrea, some blowjobs with a guy, Melissa, Brennan, Megan, Alison, Garrett, Brad, and wanted to date Jordy, and wanted play with Shawn. And that doesn’t even count the fantasies you told me about.”
“Okay, what about Scott, he’s done more people than that?”
“Um…I doubt that. Let’s see. He had a girl in high school and one minor girl on side in college. But, was there Juan, me, Hayden, Jess, Garrett, Corey, some guy on Spring break, Randy, Brennan, Colt, you, and Jordy, and Brad. We should point out most of the time he had a relationship with most of them, and I haven’t. You have become a bed hopping slut out of all of us.”
The ride came to a sudden stop. We were at the top of the Ferris Wheel. I was taken aback that we haven’t stopped before to let people on or off. An announcement was heard saying there was minor problem, and they would get going in a minute. Kris on the hand was just thinking.
“We don’t love you any less.” Knowing what he was thinking about.
“I know, but I slept with more people than Scott? I have changed since day one. Wait, you fucked more people then. I am sure Colt has played around.”
“Actually Colt and I, and Corey for that matter, have far less notches on our belts than you, Bro.”
“Well you fucked Corey seven million times.”
“I loved each 1,342 times he entered into me.”
“You counted?”
“Nah. . . but they were all amazing, I’m surprised how well our sex life has been going, we have been more adventurous.  But to answer your question, there were few guys for me. Daniel, Jacob, Jeff, the three boytoys in high school; Scott, Garrett, Reilly and Ben, but that was during the time Corey and I were separated, Brennan, you and Colt; there were some fantasies in my head, but that was it. I know in high school I played around, but for the most part Corey and I have been happy.”
I looked at my watch, and we hadn’t moved yet.
“Corey had fewer experiences: there is the guy he cheated with, you, Colt, Scott and Garrett, Brennan, and he had a fantasy with JJ. And that’s about it.”
“I guess you are right. I am a slut.”
“You’re my favourite slut.” I said
“I guess, Colt hasn’t had many plays since college began either: Monica, Corey, Jess, Bryson, me, Andrea and Scott.”
“I think the six of us have fucked each other at some point.”
Kris nodded. “We have really come far. You remember how we were on Day One?”
“Kinda. You shouting ‘This is so sweet!’ I am amazed nobody else heard you.”
“Well. I am a very excitable guy. That was home. I love that school, because I got to be myself, and I met so many friends there.”
“You meet friends everywhere. You got those two guys to come out of their shirts in Toronto remember.”
“Yeah.” He smiled at that memory. “I almost lost you that year.”
“You never lost me, we made up and got stronger since. But where would we be if you never forced me to play Street Fighter with Scott. He became my first friend here.”
“True,” Kris agreed. “You owe me for that one. However, Colt had been a true star since I met him in the common room bitching about Bryan. And Jess, he was one when we met him…”
“…just like he is now,” I finished the thought.
“We met so many friends that year. Robert, Michael, Noah, Kendall, Stephen and Alex”
“Remember when we thought his name was Noel. Then second year, some friends leave.” I said.
“And new ones enter: Bryson, Garrett and Brennan are great guys,” Kris thought. “Garrett scarred to come out of the closed, his drugs, and Bryson fucking things with Toni. Brennan moving from Scott to Garrett. I didn’t see that.”
“It was second year, the gay troop showed up too, eh?” I laughed at the stupid name I never voiced before. Kris looked at me.
“What? Parker, Yancey; Jordy are all gay. I still remember Parker taking me and Scott underwear shopping. Yancey was a great swimmer, he beat Scott every chance he got. To think they both go naked around their dorm because of us. And then there is Jordy. I still cannot believe Scott and he swopped boyfriends with Jess and Brad, and still are good friends.”
“Yeah, Matt.” We know some great people. However, it is the family friends that I love the most. “Chase and Tabor have become my adoptive brothers. They are such good guys. Tabor is so going to be like me when he arrives here.”
“Yeah,” I agreed. “Jess will have some fun dealing with his antics. However, I doubt Chase and Tabor would experiment like we have.”
“Who knows,” Kris thought. “With Reese and Trevor in the picture; you never know. I never thought when we moved in together that I would play around with so many people, that I was a closeted bisexual, or that Colt was. That Christmas last year opened up my eyes.”
“So true,” I said. “Kris, I know I am going to regret saying this, but I loved having our room full of so many good friends. And this year we have had so many people join in. Antonio, who had been as ass and now is cool, and Joe, not mention Bishop, who let us use his house on spring break.”
“And Shawn, he stayed straight even with no pussy for a long time after Terra. But this new girl seems to be good for him,” Kris stated.
“Yeah, but Colt and Chase nearly peed in their pants when Ted Wilcox and Luke and Myles entered our room.”
“So true,” Kris laughed. “But eventually they calmed down, and Cody and Ethan seem like keepers too.”
“Kris.” I rolled my eyes. “You make friends with everybody; to you all 6 billion would be keepers.”
“Not Lee!” he said, and nodded.
“Anyways, since we’ve been up here for a while now, I want to give you a present. We’ve been friends for almost seven years; I used you as a punching bag figuratively and literally. We have come along so much since we got here. All the friends we made, but it’s come down really to six friends we have now, and more importantly you and me. I want to give you something. I know you want from me, and had Corey not come along, who knows if we would have been having sex more, or not. The point is since the day we moved in here, you wanted my cock. So, here it is.
I just laughed at that. “Kris not here.”
Kris didn’t listen. Kris stood up and undid his shorts and he wasn’t wearing any boxers underneath. He threw the shorts out the window and it landed on the grass, somewhere. I looked at his cock. He was right, since the moment I saw it all those years ago and laughed at its size, I wanted it.
I decided I need it, and I took it in my mouth and used my practiced teeth around the shaft, while my hands handled his balls.  Kris smiled, and he moaned when my tongue explored his long dick. I managed to push Kris down on the couch-like bench so that he was on his back. Never stopping sucking, I pushed his shirt up over his chest and he took it off and threw it out the window. I sat back and took in the scene just as Kris moaned louder. There was my best friend completely naked with precum on his dick. I took out my camera and snapped another shot.
“Come here,” he said kissing me, and his tongue exploring my mouth with vigour and his hands stripping my shirt off me. He undid my shorts and left them on the floor, knowing I wouldn’t want to leave here naked, like him. He pushed the sexy boxers that Corey gave me for Christmas down to ankles, and I manoeuvred out of them.
I broke the kiss and used my tongue to go down his chest and licked his nipples until they got hard. I kissed the ‘N’ on Kris’s chest, because we both knew Nathan’s death made all this possible. I fondled his dick with my lips again. But then I straddled Kris and got a condom from my shorts on floor and entered Kris with much passion and wonderment. He was my best friend, my brother and the guy I trusted with my life. I gave him the best fucking. We didn’t make love. I reserve that for Corey. This was just pure friendship at its core, two guys expressing their love for each other.
After I came inside him, Kris smiled and he took my boxers and wiped me clean, and I kissed him again. He put my boxers on as I put on my shorts. Kris lay with his head on my lap and looked up to me.
“Did you enjoy it, Brother?”
“Yep, Brother, and I will love it every time we experience each other like that.”
“I agree.” And Kris brought my head down again and we kissed one last time.
“You do know that much as I love you, Kris, Corey is my soul mate, and I know we can have sex again in the future like you and Colt do. But, I don’t love you like that anymore. I did through high school and my second year. Now I realize the crush I had for you is gone, and was one sided. Kris, you and I are now together for ever, whereas Corey is my soul mate, my best friend, and my lover and soon to be my fiancé.”
“Huh?” Kris looked up and me. “I have a ring already, and I am going to ask him tonight.”
“Cool. Congrats Bro.”
“Are you going to be okay with this?”
“Corey is my brother, too.”
“Yeah, but I will turn to him when I need to talk more than I would to you, and I remember how you got when I needed to be with Corey, on one of our nights.”
“Matt. We are cool, don’t worry. I just ask that you don’t forget me.”
“I will never do that, ever.” We kissed again.
The ride finally moved and Kris stayed in my boxers, which were hot on him, and we left the ride shirtless.
Colt, who was also shirtless, smiled and grabbed Kris and dragged him to the Tunnel of Love, I heard Kris groaning as he picked up his shirt and shorts from the grass.
I paused a bit and as Scott and Jess entered the Fortune Teller’s tent, Corey came up behind me smiling.
“Hey, Lover,” he said, greeting me with a kiss.
“Hey, yourself. I take it the Fortune Teller gave you some key advise.”
“Yeah, she thinks the dreams will end as soon as I make a decision.”
“Oh, what decision?” I asked.
He dragged me to some bushes behind the carousel. He got down on bended knee.
“Matthew Alexander Raymond. I may not have anything to offer you but my love. These last two years have been the best of my life. I want to continue my life with you by my side. Will you do me the honour of marrying me?”
“Get up, Corey, you look stupid like that,” I said annoyed. “Out of all the selfish things you have done, this is worse.”
“Forgive me,” he said angrily.
I smiled at my bum fuddled boyfriend. “I wanted to ask you tonight as we went to bed. You stole the same proposal I was going use.”
I laughed some more. “Here!” I gave him the ring.
“This is expensive,” he said as he placed it on his finger.
“Dad’s money came just in time.”
“I will say,” Corey acknowledged.
“The answer is ‘yes’, Corey.”
We kissed again, with tongues and heat and passion. The kiss was different than when I kissed Kris or anybody else. I could feel Corey’s love with this kiss.
I broke up the kiss. “I should warn you, Kris and I just had sex in Ferris Wheel.”
“I don’t care you’re mine! You can have sex with Kris or whoever, as long as you come home to me.”
“I agree. Now, we need to make love right here right now, to make this engagement official.”
Matt and Corey finished their love making and made it to the games portion of the fair and discovered the dunk tank. Kris and Colt were there already.
Kris was thinking about all the many memories he had with Nathan, how many times Nathan took him to fair, and how he helped his brother out of the dunk tank that time. Colt was thinking about his brother and how he is going to bond with him more this summer, and try to make sure he connects with him.
Colt landed the shot and the naked Kris went down. Matt laughed and went to help Kris out. Kris then volunteered Matt to go on next. With that, Corey was the first in line and nailed the baseball at the target and Matt went under.
When Matt got back on the seat, Jess and Scott were back holding hands. They both grabbed a baseball that Corey offered and slammed it at the target. Matt went down again. This time Kris came to help Matt out, as Jess got down to his green briefs and took the seat. Jess was thinking about how he made it back here with his best friends and with his lover Scott. He’d made a horrible mistake by not keeping his grades up, and had to deal with the physical and emotional consequences. But, he made it through junior college, reconnected with his friends and now is back where he belongs with the five people he loves more than ever.
Scott took the ball and thought about his crazy college life; how Matt and Kris changed his life. At times he thought he was a third wheel to these guys, but he knows now they are his brothers, and he loves them dearly.
Corey watched Scott nail Jess. And thought about all the mistakes he made with Matt, but realized those mistakes brought him here to this moment and the love of his life. He kissed Matt on the lips as Scott took his seat at the dunk tank. Scott hit the water five times. He wasn’t allowed down until all of his friends had had a shot at him.
Meanwhile as the six friends left the dunk tank to go to the camp area setup next to the fair; another two men were talking.
Derek thanked Calvin for all the worked he did to set this fair up for his friends. Calvin’s brother was the owner of travelling fair. Derek had found Calvin homeless and alone a year ago, and after some talking he discovered Calvin had a brother and a son. With some searching Derek located Calvin’s brother. Calvin and Leif reunited and made Derek leave his number so they could help him out if they could.
Derek learned from Samuel and Rick that the guys had been through a lot this year. So, Derek called on Leif to bring his fair here, and had them create a themed fair just for the six of them.
Rick came up to Derek. “Kris and them have found the campground and are enjoying some beer. This has been a great night. I am glad things worked out so well.”
“Yeah,” Calvin mentioned. “I loved how you got that Fortune Teller to do a number on Scott and Jess, but was able to convince Corey that his future is bright.”
“It was nothing,” Rick said and the Fortune Teller came into the conversation. She took of the wig and smiled.
“Derek and Rick provided me with the right info,” Kathy said, dressed as the fortune teller.” Rick kissed Kathy and Derek smiled at their love.
Rick asked Derek. “How did you come up with Nathan, and Kris’s haunted experience?”
“That was nothing also. Speaking of which… ” Samuel came over to greet the group. “Nathan by Samuel, and we were able to piece together some horrifying details for Kris to explore.”
They all laughed at that; Kris was the ringleader and they thought a nice fright was in order. Rick smiled as Derek and Samuel kissed. With Derek’s open shirt; this N and S tattoos over his heart were quiet visible. The entire group headed over to where Kris and the guys were by the campfire, staying out of sight.
Rick begged, but Calvin would not reveal how the Tunnel of Love worked, or the Fun House. 
Derek took Calvin aside and pointed. “That’s your son.”
He was pointing to Corey; Calvin smiled and watched Matt and Corey in their embrace. He was happy that his son with happy, in time he would reveal why he left those many years ago. But now they all watched the six friends bond.
Derek and Samuel smiled at Kris as he was telling the group a story. Derek loved Samuel very much, and thinks of Rick as his son. Rick loved his “parents”, and glad that Derek had found his uncle. They were meant for each other.
Derek travelled the road to help people in need and to find redemption, and along the way he helped these six become the men they are today. Derek’s influence in their lives helped the guys more than they ever will now. Derek was rewarded by getting Samuel and Rick. Rick thought about Derek’s journey and laughed as he rubbed Kathy’s pregnant belly.  Rick is going to be a dad.  Eventually Derek led the group away to get a late dinner.
Back at the campground, Colt had found a guitar and started playing some country tunes, with Kris’s arm around him. Corey and Matt were lying on the ground listening to the music, while Jess head was lying on Scott’s lap looking up at the stars enjoying them as Colt played. Colt put down the guitar and Kris kissed him.
Jess took up the guitar again and sang as just another day rooming with my best friends comes to a close.
It’s hard to say goodbye.

You’re much more than a friend.
When good times become memories
They never really end.
Like ancient rites of passage
It’s time to carry on,
We caught lightning in a bottle
As we went along.

We’ve got it all,
Wouldn’t change a minute
We’ve got it all,
Never will forget it
As years go slipping by us
You know we will recall
These times we’ve found together,
We’ve got it all.


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