I was holding Jess’s hand the entire time, I felt at peace being with the man I loved more than anything. I meant it when I told him that in the hospital, I meant it when I picked him up last night. Until I find a nicer piece of meat, I am keeping him.  Jess was all smiles as we walked through the various games. Jess wanted to try them all, but I was keen to see this Tunnel of Love they constructed. Jess smiled and agreed to take me.

There was practically no line here at all; given the time of day, I imagine this is normal. Anyways, we walked towards to dock and up came a small romantic gondola. Jess put his foot inside to balance the boat and helped me into it. The seats were big enough for us both to sit side by side comfortably.

The boat moved on its own power so we just took a minute to enjoy the water and wind in our faces. Jess actually was a little more adventurous and took my head and gently put it on his chest, where I pulled his head down into a long kiss. I knew instantly what he wanted to do, but I stopped his hand from entering my pants; I just wanted to enjoy the ride.

The tunnel was coming up slowly, and my mind went back to my time as a kid, when Roy took me and Trevor to the fair when it came to town. Back then, Trevor and I went to explore the Tunnel of Love, spoil the couples in their boats with splashes and hollering.  Now, I was just happy to be one of those couples. We entered the tunnel and it was pitch black, except for lights that were in the water and candles sprinkled about the cave.  I finally broke the kiss and sat up to look around. Some rose petals actually started falling gently from the cave celling.

I held Jess’s hand and started unbuttoning his shirt. His scars were still present, but I loved them, it kind of made Jess a little macho.  Jess enjoying the feel of my touch, pointed my head to a cliff opening and the sight showed two people in love and in the heat of passion. What surprised me was, it was me and Jordy.  Jordy was diving his dick down into ‘Scott’, almost bending him in half as he continued to fuck him hard, his balls slapping off the hot ass beneath him, On a backward thrust Jordy’s cock slipped out of ‘Scott’s’ hole but he just plunged it straight in, making ‘Scott’ scream, and Jordy just kept fucking away.

That scene took my breath away; I never realized I could scream that hard, and that ‘Scott’ looked almost like me. Jess loved it, because he put my hand on his crotch and it was hard. I smiled broadly and kissed him with much passion. The boat stopped momentary and a small basket was visible, it was floating towards us. Jess grabbed and opened it. Inside was whipping cream, cherries, and chocolate sauce. I knew what I wanted to do as soon as the slow gondola moved again, and I slowly took off Jess’s shirt and took the whipped cream and put in on his scars.

As I finished with the whipped cream, I looked up on the next ledge and there was another me, this time having fun with Matt. Jess laughed at the site of it. He knew about my little tangle with Matt early in our first year. Sometimes, I do fantasize what my life would have been with me and Matt as a couple. I lived through that fantasy again as I saw the movements play out. ‘Scott’, or me, was deep in Matt and began fucking him. Matt moaned with each plunge as Scott pinched his nipples and continued to fuck him. Scott pressed Matt forward with his feet on Scott’s chest and looked deep in Matt’s eyes really going to work on hammering his ass.

I took their example and I slowly worked Jess’s chest with my tongue, licking up the whipped cream as I went. Jess loved the whole thing; I could tell and especially loved how I bit his nipple softly. As I made my way down to his stomach, Jess grabbed the hem of my shirt, and with complete force, in one swift motion it was up and over my head like that. I made it just to his belt buckle, when he stopped me and pointed to the next mound that coming up.

This one made us both smile, and we stopped our actions to look at Kris and Matt go at it. Kris slid his dick into Matt in one smooth movement. Matt moved his legs and wrapped them around Kris’s waist, holding him deep inside his ass as Kris leaned in to kiss Matt with so much passion. When Kris moved back he pulled his cock out and then pushed it all the way back in, repeating the action over and over again, as he long dicked Matt.

Jess, not wasting any time, looked into the basket and noticed a bottle of champagne; he broke it open on the side of the gondola. At this point, watching my man use all that muscle and replaying that image of Matt and Kris fucking made me so hard. It reminded me of the time I had the pleasure of them going at it in person on Colt’s birthday. Jess dumped the contents unceremoniously on my clean stomach, and returned the favor by giving my stomach a complete and through once over with his tongue. However, this time his hands were in my armpits, tickling me, and laughing out loud, enjoying the sensation of his tongue and sweet kisses he gave my stomach. My hands were working his belt. We both knew where this was leading.  So did the gondola as it stopped in front of a bigger opening scene. There was a sink from our college dorm there.

In front of us, I watched the scene unfold as Jess continued his magic on me. This time, Corey was standing in front of the sink holding on to the counter as Colt slipped his arms around Corey’s muscular chest and pushed his hard cock into Corey’s ass. Corey moaned and thrust his ass back as Colt began to gently fuck him, kissing his neck as he drove his cock up into Corey’s ass.

That was one thing I wished I could have seen; I assumed that must have happened at some point, with Corey and Colt being fine specimens of men. However, I needed my man and just in time. Jess finished my chest and took his tongue into my mouth and we Frenched, the feeling of the Champagne hitting the roof of my mouth sent wonders down my spine. I didn’t stop the kiss, and didn’t even notice the gondola continuing its course or that Jess’s head was red from all the rose pedals that have been falling; I was too into the moment. I broke the kiss and licked my own lips, and sprung on Jess so inexpertly we nearly tipped the boat. Jess laughed, but I had a mission, and with my teeth I opened his belt, undid his button and zipped his fly down. I loved him that moment more than ever. He was wearing my sexiest briefs that I bought shopping with Parker ages ago. They were so small on him, but they made his package look so good.

Before I could experience more of that package, Jess brought my head up for next scene; this one was actually in front of us in the water on a floating bed. Jess and I were mesmerized by Kris’s body, and my man without the scars, looked dead sexy. Jess was on the bed, on his hands and knees between the legs of a naked Kris. Kris looked like he was pretending to sleep as Jess bent down and sucked Kris’s cut cock into his mouth. Jess quickly went to work, bobbing up and down on the throbbing cock, sucking it with great enthusiasm.

I loved Kris; he was always a great guy, a born leader, and had the biggest heart. The way he can make love to people thrilled me, and his way when we fucked was magic; but Jess was doing a great job. He had his pants off, and had my tight shorts opened and down to my ankle. He had complete access to my cock, and I let him have it. Jess lightly licked the hard tip. Then he stopped and grabbed the chocolate sauce and poured it on my dick. His mouth went down and over my rock hard dick. He ate it up and the feeling of him sucking it was out of this world, I was groaning from the pleasure.  Neither of us even noticed that the bed with Kris and Jess was gone as gondola kept moving.

I let out a scream, and turning my head to left, I saw Matt on his back with his legs in the air as Colt slid his veiny cock in and out of Matt’s ass. Ted stepped up behind Colt, slathering lube all over his fat cock, and then pushed his cock into Colt’s ass as he was still fucking Matt. Colt then pushed his ass back onto Ted’s cock while fucking his own into Matt.  The gondola moved quickly passed that scene, and so was Jess, his movement so tender, but so fast.  I was on the edge of climax when he let go of my clean dick.

I grabbed Jess and flipped him on his back so that now we were both lying on the bottom of the boat. I grabbed some lotion from the basket and rubbed my hands together. Then, as Jess watched, I pulled his cock through the flaps of the green briefs and lathered it. I then moved my fingers up the shaft, and moved my thumb over the head in slow curved motion. I knew this was having the proper effect with his legs getting goose bumps.

Jess pushed me over so both of our backs were on the floor of the boat. We were staring straight up above at an impossible feat of Chase and Tabor on the cave ceiling going at it. As we watched I jerked Jess’s member in sync with the movement of Chase and Tabor.  I didn’t take my eyes off of them. Tabor closed his eyes and took in a deep breath as he felt Chase wrap his lips around his cock. Chase had one hand on Tabor’s balls and the other on his own hard cock, stroking it in rhythm with his movements as he bobbed up and down on Tabor’s cock.

Just as Jess was about the climax I stopped my hand and turned him over with his ass sticking up. I ripped the briefs off his body, and dove in on him. Moving my tongue down his spine and into the crack of his ass, and knew he loved this. I moved my tongue in swift motions up and down the crack stopping alternately pushing it in the hole and out.  Jess stopped me this time and with his strong legs wrapped around mine he rolled me so I was on my stomach, and he rimmed me just as passionately.

I was directly looking into the basket seeing what remained. I smiled not, because of the remaining contents, but because of the scene that was on my right. On the walls was a similar gondola with Matt and Colt in it. Matt ran his hard cock up and down Colt’s ass crack before slowly pushing it inside. Colt was whimpering as Matt started fucking his ass slowly, doggy style. Matt then leaned over and wrapped his arms around Colt, fucking him gently, with long deep thrusts.

I moaned at that moment because Jess was pushing his tongue all the way in and found the tender spot that always got me to moan. He extracted it and took his fingers and put them into my hole, first one slowly, then two, then three, each time moving it around up, down, and making the hole bigger. The feeling of this, along with the scenes, made this the most passionate, the most romantic and the best sexual experience of my life. We both had to experience this moment of climax at the same time. So, I made Jess stop, and I lay on top of him, as the gondola stopped again. We were both facing in opposite directions. I took his hard dick into my mouth and used my teeth to graze the shaft with a little, pressure, as Jess used his tongue on mine with exactly the same effectiveness.

Two moans and screams were heard on either side of us. I turned left never letting go of Jess’s best attribute, and watched me take on all my former and current boyfriends. ‘Scott’, or me, and Jess were on their back, the tops of their heads almost touching as Brennan slid his long cock into Jess’s ass and Hayden pushed his into Scott’s. They started fucking away, making Jess and ‘Scott’s’, or my head, occasionally crash into each other. Jordy moved in and straddled Jess’s head, showing his cock in Jess’s mouth as he managed to lean over to suck on ‘Scott’s’ cock.

Each one of them brought back so many great memories; Hayden’s passion, Jordy’s movements, Brennan’s tenderness, and Jess’s fierce adventurous spirit. I loved them all, but found the right man, who was moving his tongue swiftly with more vigour up and down my swollen dick, his head bobbing. I used the same speed on his cock, and then I looked at what Jess was seeing.

Jess and Scott were in a 69 position with ‘Scott’ on his back under Jess who was on his hands and knees. ‘Scott's’ legs were up on Brennan's shoulders as Brennan slid his dick in and out of ‘Scott's’ hot ass, fucking him and driving ‘Scott's’ cock up into Jess's mouth. Jess meanwhile was rocking back and forth; Preston was pushing his cock into Jess's ass, which in turn made Jess fuck ‘Scott's’ face. Less than a foot away from them, Brad was on his back, almost bent in half as Kris was pounding down into his ass, fucking him so hard it looked like it hurt, but Brad was screaming in pleasure.

The gondola was moving faster than before. There was bumpy water ahead, the chops came at the right moment so as both of our heads went down, the boat would hit a bump, and that had a splendid effect on our cocks. However, one bump caused both of us to accidentally bite on each other’s dick. We let the dicks out of our mouths and laughed. Jess kissed mine better.

The water was moving swiftly now, and the boat was moving with it. Jess got on his hands and knees. I extracted a condom from the basket and put it on my dick, and slowly teased his waiting asshole with it.  I continued to tease him, as I watched a foursome on a passing island enjoying themselves. As soon as I saw who it was I put my dick in Jess, and started thrusting with all my might, and putting all my love into him.

Thinking about Jess, I never took my eyes off the scene on the island. Matt and Kris were holding hands with their fingers linked and were looking into each other’s eyes. Corey had Matt’s legs pressed back and was drilling his thick cock in and out of Matt’s ass, while Colt had Kris spread-eagled, hammering his hot ass. Corey and Colt’s cocks both throbbed seeing their best friends giving up their asses at the same time.

I closed my eyes for a second, giving in to the thrusts and heat and sweat that was going into Jess at this moment. I opened my eyes and the scene on the island changed completely. Me and Jess were added to the foursome.  I licked my lips and with each passing second I pounded Jess harder as I watched the sex friends enjoy each other. This time, Kris and Colt were side by side making out, as their dicks slid in and out of the holes in front of them. Kris pushed his cock into Matt, fucking him at a nice even pace. Colt drove his cock into Corey’s ass, feeling his balls slap off Corey’s ass cheeks. Scott and Jess were also arm in arm, ‘Scott’s’ cock lodged in Matt’s mouth, while Jess was busy fucking Corey’s face.

I screamed as the cum exited me; Jess felt it I could tell. It was amazing. Jess took a breath and kissed me, at that moment the island moved away and gondola sped up really fast and the end of the tunnel was approaching at an alarming rate. We continued our kiss while exiting the tunnel cave and kept it going as the gondola slid down a waterfall-type slide. The gondola flipped over and we were washed on to another island. We were both soak and naked, but loved the adventure.

We weren’t alone on the island either; three people were there. Two were engaged in sex, while one was jacking off to it.  Jess wanted to fuck me so we copied the two people, who happened to be me and Jess. Shawn, the guy jacking, seemed to be enjoying the prospect of two Scott-and-Jess’ enjoying each other so much that his hand moved faster and with more force. However, I watch the other Scott and Jess having fun, while Jess was copying that Scott’s movements were, so I could feel what that Jess was feeling. That Jess was on his back on the ground with that Scott fucking into his ass from his position on the floor. That Scott and my Jess climbed up an appropriately positioned tree for better leverage and they both started moving faster, thrusting harder, moving their cocks in and out of my and that Jess’s hot ass as quickly as they could, pounding us both into the ground.  At that moment, the Shawn and the other Scott and Jess disappeared and I was left enjoying Jess’s movements inside of me.

He climaxed and I realized that that feeling was the best I ever experienced. After a few moments of enjoying our sex, we stood and kissed again; the passion of his kiss cemented the fact that I found the right guy. I loved Jess with all my heart. We walked towards the marked exit holding hands. On a table were all our clothes folded and dry. Jess chuckled and we exited to see what other things this fair had for us.

Corey’s POV

I was just noticing a fortune teller booth, and with the crazy dreams I was having maybe, that would help me see what they have been about. I kept dreaming about Matt and I fighting in the future one night, and then the next we are making up. I told Matt about these dreams, but he just thought they were dreams and nothing more.

I realized I had just separated from Matt, so I found him and told him where I wanted to go. He said to go on, so I left knowing that he didn’t really see anything in fortune tellers or that type of stuff.

I walked into the Fortune Teller’s tent pushing back the curtains. The room had a strange purple glow to it, which made it kind of eerie, but I knew it was just part of the effects that added to the experience. There was a round table with a crystal ball in the middle of it, but there was no one around. I decided to just sit down and wait to see if someone showed up.

I can’t have been sitting there for more than a minute when the curtains on the other side opened and a woman, whose age I couldn’t guess, entered and sat down opposite me. Studying the woman, it really was hard to tell whether she was young or old, but she had such a relaxed air about her that I started to feel at ease.

“You are anxious, child,” the woman said.

I was surprised. I didn’t know what she meant. “I don’t know what you mean,” I said.

“Your relationship,” the woman said, “you’re worried about its longevity. You think Matthew will be led astray.”

“What?” I was in shock. She said Matt’s name. Was that just a coincidence or did she really have some kind of telepathic powers.

“It’s always been in the back of your mind that Matthew will always love Kristopher first and you are just a first place filler until they realize that they were meant to be together.”

“That’s not true!” I protested.

“Don’t lie to me, boy. I can see it in your aura; not to mention your dreams have been cloudy. I know all about the sleepless nights you have been having. I know about you allowing Kristopher and Matthew the opportunity to engage in physical activities. With all this, I know you are wondering what the future holds in store for you and Matthew. That is why you came to me. You want me to tell you what I know.”

“And what do you know?” I asked feeling really unnerved now. “How do you know this?”

“Can you handle the truth?”

“Yes. I need to know.”

“Okay… Kristopher will always be a part of Matthew’s life and when one of them dies, I won’t spoil who goes first, the other will be by his side as he breathes his final breath.”

“I always knew that,” I said, “but are they more than friends when that happens.”

“Technically, yes.”

“What does that mean?”

“They are already more than friends.”

“They’re best friends,” I said.

The woman laughed, “Corey, my dear boy, they may be best friends, but they have also been much more intimate, and that will not change.”

“Are you saying that Matt and Kris will be lovers?”

“Not lovers, no…”

“Then what?”

“Their relationship in the future will be as it is now. Kristopher will marry and have children, as will you and Matthew. You will live in separate houses but Kristopher will always have urges that need satisfying, urges that cannot be taken care of by his wife, and he will come to you and Matthew for satisfaction. You and Matthew will have an understanding and an openness that allows such things to take place, and it will not be one sided, Corey.”

“What does that mean?”

“Matthew will sleep with Kristopher in the future, but so will you. You will work out a situation that keeps all three of you happy, with extra guests occasionally involved, but at the end of the day it will just be sex and nothing more. You and Matthew will still be together, you will still be in love, and it will be you that he wakes up next to every morning.

“You will move in together, commit to a life together through marriage and you will raise at least one child together, being joint parents. You will have a loving family, will both have great careers, and above all, Corey, you will be happy. You just need to learn to embrace the life that the powers above have laid out in front of you.”

“Can you give me some specifics? All you are giving me are vague statements any person can make up.”

“You doubt me. Corey? The man who was beaten up in high school, who met his boyfriend in a washroom of all places; who you cheated on; you blew up at and almost lost. This is the man who doubts me!  I will say good day.”

She got up to leave, but I put some money of the table.

“I cannot be bought Corey Teller. I will tell you this, on your 20th anniversary you, Kristopher and Matthew will explore each other physically like never before. You three will be secure in your relationship for each other that on that anniversary you three and Colton will engage in physical love that will be very powerful, yet so normal.

“Can you tell me more? How do I get rid of these dreams?

“I will tell you this Corey. You will get rid of those dreams, when you realize Kristopher is not there to break you up; he is there to help you guys with your relationship. There will be decisions Matthew makes about his career, where he will go to Kristopher for advice first. You will choose to confront that choice. As that occurs, you will question the entire relationship, which will in turn make Matthew question you.”

“What does that mean?”

She got aggravated and changed her voice to match that emotion. “It means you are in for a bumpy ride. That is all. I am surprised you are not asking about your mother, Marie.”

“What about her?”

“Didn’t she go cold turkey on the booze recently. Are you so concerned about Kristopher interfering with your sex life that it makes you blinded to your duty as a son.”

“What about her duty as mother?”

“Corey, she has very little time left. I would rethink your choice this summer.”

She got up to leave. Now if you do not mind, I am expecting Jess Frampton and Scott Trenton in here soon. They have just left the Tunnel of Love, and entered the Freak show.

“One more question.”

“Yes?” she said annoyed.

“What about my friends, will they be fine?”

“Yes.” She stood up.

“Colton will leave school and marry Andrea, this little thing with her father is going to be nothing, have two kids; then on their wedding anniversary realize Andrea has been unfaithful.  Kristopher will come to him, and they will attempt to date. That experiment will end with them because, as close as Matthew and Kristopher are currently, they are just friends. Colton will be a great father to his children, while coaching Ted to a Super Bowl victory.”

I try to interject.

“Scott Trenton and Jess Frampton will break up by the end of college. Scott will be looking for answers on whether he is gay or straight, while Jess will finish his final year. Scott will go into the field of forensics, while training for a Summer Olympics. He will win the gold medal for swimming, and will use his academic knowledge to secure a place on a general knowledge game show. He will realize that his wife just wanted money. Jess, on the other hand, will start a relationship with Bradley. Jess will end up moving away from the group with Bradley and travelling the world to gain some perspective on life. After his world tour, and losing Bradley in a horrible fire, he and Scott will meet again and truly understand that they are meant to be”

“But?” I started.

“I know this Corey, because I have seen the future and understand the past. Kristopher and Matthew will be in your future forever. That is a given. Now, no more questions for me. Find Matthew; discuss your concerns with him. Remember you and he will fight, but it will be resolved. That is why your dreams change on a nightly basis, and why they will stop. I believe tonight is the night to ask the question that you have been thinking about for the past month. ”

I was about to ask some more questions, but the woman just got up and left. I tried to go after her but she had disappeared. Thinking over everything she had said actually made me feel a whole lot better. Matt and I were meant to be together and, the way she spoke, it was written into our future. I knew we would have rocky patches, but we would always come through stronger than ever and our love for each other would continue to grow.

I left to locate Matt, and discuss this mess with him.