This is a fantasy chapter written by Big D. This chapter is total fantasy and did not really happen.

Ted loved the attention he got after a great game, especially a win, knowing that heíd done a good job and was one step closer to the big leagues and his dreams coming true. At the same time he also loved to escape from it all and ever since he had met Matt and his friends he was able to do that and he loved it.

When he saw Kris hanging around in the lobby of the hotel he quickly made his way over to him and they got talking. Kris was looking for Colt, who had seemingly disappeared, which made Ted start to think that he hadnít seen Luke for quite a while either. After mentioning it to Kris they decided to head up to Kris and Coltís hotel room to see if Colt was there and maybe he knew where Luke was. Neither of them could ever have expected to find what they did.

Ted was walking behind Kris all the way to his hotel room and as Kris slid the key card into the lock, pushing open the door, Ted had the perfect view in to the room. Luke was standing topless at the bottom of the bed, buttoning up his jeans, and just behind him Colt lay flat on the bed, exhausted and covered in cum. Ted knew what had happened straight away and had wondered how long it would take Luke to get him some more of Colt after they swapped blowjobs.

ďWhat the fuck?Ē Kris exclaimed.

Luke stepped up to Kris and pulled him in to a long, passionate kiss filled with tongue. Kris fully got into the kiss after the initial shock and ran his hand up over Lukeís incredible body. Ted smiled knowing that it wouldnít be long before Luke had his big cock buried deep inside Krisí hot muscle ass as well.

ďI was wondering where you were,Ē Ted said with a big grin as he reached his hand down to reposition the bulge in his own jeans that had grown the moment he saw Colt on the bed and understood what had happened.

ďI just fucked the cum out of Colt,Ē Luke said with a huge smile. He ran his hand down Krisís back until he was squeezing his ass and looked in to Krisí eyes. ďMaybe next time I can get a piece of your hot ass.Ē

ďCome on, man, we have to check in with Coach before we can go to bed,Ē Ted laughed.

Luke kissed Kris again and walked out the door, putting his polo shirt back on as he left, following Ted down the hallway and into the stairwell, making their way down to the floor where their entire team were staying.

ďSo you finally went back for some more of Colt, hey?Ē Ted asked Luke, winking at him as they emerged into the hallway outside their coachís room.

ďDamn right I did. Not only is that hot country boy a great cock sucker but heís got the tightest little ass,Ē Luke grinned, moving his hand down to rub his cock through his jeans, which was already back to being semi hard.

ďMaybe heís just not used to a dick as big as yours,Ē Ted laughed.

ďMaybe he isnít but he fucking took it like no one has before and he loved every second of it. Thereís no way thatís the last time Iím getting me a piece of his ass. We can make those two our bitches.Ē

Ted laughed and shook his head, knocking on Coachís hotel room door to report in before they could head off to their hotel room. Everyone on the team, even if they were just on the bench, had to be accounted for at away games and needed to be on their best behaviour.

Both football studs talked to Coach for a few minutes, discussing the game and all the regular things they usually talked about before he got them to sign a sheet of paper saying they were going to their rooms for the rest of the night.

ďYou boys behave yourselves, and donít be too loud, you hear me? You might be my star player, Ted, but even youíre not safe from being dropped,Ē Coach said as Ted and Luke were leaving.

ďYes Sir,Ē both players answered together.

They walked out into the hallway and closed Coachís door behind them when Luke started laughing.

ďWhatís up, dude?Ē Ted asked.

ďMan, we were both stood in there with our cocks semi-hard and I nearly burst out laughing when Coach said about not being too loud. He should have been three floors up twenty minutes ago so he could hear Colt scream for me to fuck him harder. It was so hot!Ē

Ted was really starting to wish he had seen more of Luke and Colt going at it. Both college studs were gorgeous and ever since they sucked each otherís dicks Ted had wanted a repeat performance at the very least, if not more, since he wasnít sure where things between him and Colt would have ended up if Luke hadnít joined them. The fact that Luke actually fucked Colt made Ted insanely jealous.

No sooner were they were in their hotel room with the door closed when Lukeís shirt flew across the room and his jeans soon followed. Ted turned around to see Lukeís big cock straining against his tight boxer briefs and leaving a huge wet patch on the front of the material.

ďDamn, are you ready to go again?Ē Ted laughed.

ďFuck yeah, man! Do you think I can sneak back up to their room without being caught? If Colt canít handle more of this bad boy maybe Kris can have a go,Ē Luke said, pulling his underwear down and tucking it beneath his low hanging balls.

ďI still canít believe you actually fucked Colt, dude,Ē Ted said.

ďWhy? Are you jealous?Ē Luke smirked.

ďYeah, I am.Ē

ďWhat are you really jealous of though, Ted?Ē

ďWhat do you mean?Ē

ďAre you jealous that I got to fuck Coltís tight little ass, since I know youíve got the hots for him. Or are you jealous that Colt got to experience my big, hot cock and you havenít yet, even though weíve been rooming together for nearly a year?Ē

Ted had to think for a moment and then he spoke his thoughts out loud, ďboth.Ē

Luke smiled, ďjust what I thought.Ē

Luke pulled his boxer briefs completely off and walked across the room so he was standing in front of Ted, looking up into the slightly taller manís eyes. He placed his hand on Tedís big chest, running it around until he could feel Tedís nipples getting harder under his shirt.

Reaching down, Luke took Tedís huge hand in his and moved it so Ted had his hand wrapped around Lukeís throbbing nine inch cock.

ďAs you can feel, Ted, Iím ready to go again, so if you want me to do to you what I just did to Colt, Iím more than happy to.Ē

Before Ted could even answer, Lukeís lips were on his, kissing him hard. Ted eagerly returned the kiss and opened his lips as an invitation for Luke to slip his tongue inside. Part way through the kiss Ted remembered that he still had his hand wrapped around Lukeís big dick so he started to run his hand up and down the hard shaft, shivering at the thought of it actually being inside him, but he was so horny he was willing to give it a try if that was what Luke had in mind.

When Luke pulled back from the kiss, a slight trail of saliva ran between his and Tedís lips and he had the biggest smile on his face Ted had ever seen. He kissed Ted again quickly and then gripped the bottom of Tedís shirt, pulling it up but not quite taking it off, as he dove in and started kissing and licking at Tedís nipples, going so far as to actually suck part of Tedís fleshy pec into his mouth and gently nibbling on it, which sent shockwaves all over Tedís body as he gripped on to the back of Lukeís head for support.

ďOh God, that feels so fucking good!Ē Ted moaned.

ďYeah? Do you want to see what Colt did to me?Ē Luke asked.

ďYesÖĒ Ted breathed.

Luke smiled and pulled Tedís top completely off. He then took one of Tedís arms in his hand and held it out. Wanting to make sex with Ted slightly different to what he experienced with Colt earlier, Luke poked the tip of his tongue out of his mouth and used it to slowly lick up Tedís arm, from his wrist, along the inside of his elbow and on up over the large bicep until he extended his tongue some more and was lapping at Tedís sweaty arm pit.

ďOh Fuck!Ē Ted moaned. ďThatís so fucking nasty, man.Ē

ďI know, but it feels so fucking good, doesnít it?Ē Luke said before diving back in for more, wanting to taste Tedís manly perspiration.

Ted let Luke continue for another minute and then he pulled him off and kissed him hard. Lust was beginning to overwhelm Ted and he was getting to the point where he wanted them to get past the foreplay and just fuck, but he also wanted to take his time and really enjoy whatever was to come with his best friend.

They kissed hard with their tongues battling and their hands running all over the otherís body, but neither guy felt right because Luke was completely naked, with his throbbing cock bouncing in the air between them, while Tedís thick cock was still trapped inside his pants.

Luke pulled back from the kiss and made his way down to Tedís neck with his lips and tongue as his hands reached down to unbutton Tedís tight jeans. His kisses continued down Tedís body, moving over his pecs and on to his flat, hairy stomach, giving him the time to slowly slide the zip down, unfastening the jeans completely.

For his next move, Luke hooked his thumbs in to the belt loops on Tedís jeans and then he slowly sank to his knees, pulling the jeans down with him so Ted was standing directly in front of him, with nothing but a pair of tight, coloured briefs between Luke and Tedís rock hard cock.

Tedís entire body trembled when he heard Luke growl deep inside his throat just before he attacked Tedís covered cock with his lips.

Luke was sucking at the fabric, trying to draw the precum out through it, while also running his lips up and down the length of Tedís thick cock that was reaching its fully hard 6.5 to 7 inches. It was like a drug. Even though theyíd shared Colt, Luke had never had his pink lips around his best friendís cock and he was so close now he was almost delirious. He had to have it.

Tedís briefs were on the floor in seconds and the thick, veiny cock disappeared between Lukeís lips before he even really knew what was happening. Ted had to lean back against a large chest of drawers for support because his legs almost buckled watching Luke devour his cock, sucking it deep in to his mouth until the tip slid down in to Lukeís throat and the contracting muscles started to massage it, trying to milk a load out of it.

Gripping Lukeís hair in his fist, Ted continued to stare down at his best friend in amazement, watching him deep throat his thick cock without even so much as a hint of his gag reflex kicking in. Ted had never seen someone so hungry for cock and he honestly believed that had his dick been as long as Lukeís, his buddy would still have sucked it all down and would be wanting more.

Luke was like an animal. He had fucked the holy hell out of Colt and dumped a massive load all over his body within the past hour but now his dick was constantly leaking precum and he just couldnít get enough of Tedís hot cock. The scent in his nostrils from Tedís crotch made Lukeís dick pulse and throb and he was soon bobbing up and down on Tedís dick, fucking his face on the thick piece of meat, using his hands to stroke the bottom of the shaft when it wasnít in his mouth as well as pulling on Tedís hairy, low-hanging balls.

Almost out of breath, with saliva all over his chin, Luke knew he needed more of Ted. He put his hands on Tedís waist and used all his strength to force Ted to turn around so he was bending over the chest of drawers, his huge forearms lying on the top for support.

Wasting no time, Luke grabbed the big muscular bubble butt in his hands, spreading the cheeks apart to expose the pink, puckering hole, and then he dived in with his tongue extended fully, wanting to drive it as deep in to Tedís ass as possible.

ďOh fuck!Ē Ted yelped, feeling the tongue probing at his virgin hole.

Luke said nothing, he was too busy with his face buried between his best friendís butt cheeks, first teasing the hole and then when it began to open he started really pressing forward until the tip of his tongue actually slipped past Tedís sphincter and into his ass.

Ted backed up against Lukeís face and steadied himself against the drawers as his dick jumped and jerked around, just about ready to explode. He couldnít believe the feelings surging through his body, making every hair stand on end. It was the most amazing sex he ever had and it was nowhere near finished. He could feel the words forming on his lips and knew there was nothing he could do to stop them from leaving his mouth.


Luke finally stopped his assault when he heard those words screamed in Tedís deep voice. His head nearly exploded with the thought that it was really happening and he was finally going to get his big dick inside the star linebacker. He had wanted to fuck Ted for months, to really pound him hard, because he knew if anyone could take it, Ted could.

Had Luke moved as fast on the field as he did when he sprinted to get the lube and condoms he had in his bag he would have started every game and would have guaranteed himself selection in the draft. 

He was back at Tedís ass in less than fifteen seconds, the magnum condom rolled down his rock hard, throbbing cock. He poured lube into his hands and slathered it all over his big cock to get it as slippery as possible. Then he poured some directly on to Tedís hole, which made Ted jump, and then Luke began to slide one of his long fingers in to Tedís ass, slowly teasing the opening before pushing in to one knuckle and pushing further still until the whole finger was buried inside Ted. Luke wiggled his finger around in Tedís ass and ran directly over his spot. Ted had to bite his forearm to muffle the scream of pure pleasure that bellowed out of him.

Ted quickly spun around, pulling the finger out of his ass in the process. He took hold of Luke by the hair and pulled him to his feet, looking straight in to Lukeís eye before kissing him with so much passion he thought their lips might bruise.

When he broke the kiss Ted spoke through clenched teeth. ďFuck me now you fucking stud. Give me that big cock. I donít care how much it hurts at first, I want you to fuck my brains out and make me cum.Ē

Luke was nearly panting with excitement as Ted turned back around and presented his big bubble butt for Luke to take and use and fuck however he liked. He couldnít wait.

Stepping forward, Luke kissed Ted between the shoulder blades and then reached around so his hand was completely covering Tedís mouth. In one swift move he drove his hips forward and buried his dick inside Tedís ass, impaling him completely on the 9 inches of cock.

Tedís scream was still unbelievably loud and almost deafening, despite being muffled by Lukeís hand, and he almost passed out from the pain of his ass being invaded so viciously, but there was also something inside Ted that liked the pain and that made him feel like a man. It was the same kind of rush he got when playing football, when he would crash into another mountain of a man on the opposing team and you could hear their flesh slap and their bones creak from the impact. Even though he had a dick inside him he still felt so masculine and he wanted Luke to really fuck him.

ďYeah, thatís it, fuck me!Ē Tedís voice boomed as he started pushing back on to Lukeís big cock.

Luke couldnít believe how aggressive Ted was, even when he was on the bottom. It wasnít long before Luke felt like Ted was completely in charge because even though it was Lukeís cock that was buried balls deep inside a tight ass, getting thoroughly massaged, he was pretty much standing still and Ted was fucking himself on the hard dick, choosing the speed, depth and strength of the thrusts.

Not one to be outdone, Luke reached out and wrapped his arms around Tedís big body. He held on tight as Ted continued to thrust back, really driving Lukeís dick deep inside his ass. Luke then leaned forward and started kissing Tedís neck as he began to thrust his hips forward, meeting Tedís movements and fucking him even harder.

Ted was soon whimpering and moaning as Lukeís huge cock did a number on his ass, constantly running over that special spot inside him, keeping him right on the edge so he didnít dare touch his cock because he knew he was about ready to explode.

Luke on the other hand had only just cum with Colt and knew it would be a while before he would be able to shoot another load. He was more than happy to fuck Ted for as long as it took for him to cum, and from the way Ted was reaching he knew Ted would be up for that too.

As if by some unspoken, yet mutual agreement Luke pulled his dick from Tedís ass and moved to the bed. He climbed up on the mattress and lay flat on his back, pointing his huge, throbbing cock straight up in the air.

Ted smiled and didnít even hesitate. He climbed up on the bed, straddled Lukeís waist and sank his ass down on the big dick in one swift move. The burning sensation he felt as the cock plunged back inside him really gave Ted a thrill, and after taking just a moment to get used to the huge cock being back in his depths, Ted started to ride Luke hard and fast.

The bed was moving around the room and was creaking loudly as the two big football studs continued to fuck, with Ted driving himself down on to Lukeís cock. Luke was almost amazed that the bed didnít break, but when it held firm and didnít seem to be going anywhere he planted his feet down against the mattress and started thrusting up, drilling Ted that much deeper, causing him to scream as their skin slapped together.

ďOh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuckÖĒ Ted panted as Luke continued to pummel his ass. ďIím gonna cum soon.Ē

Hearing those words made Luke pick up the pace even more, really fucking Ted and even lifting him up off the mattress occasionally with the force of the thrusts. Ted was in heaven with the feelings Lukeís dick was causing inside him. He threw his head back and without even touching his cock it went off like a bomb, shooting cum in all directions, landing on Luke, Ted, the bed, even the bedside table. The cum just kept firing out of Tedís dick and Luke was in awe, having never seen so much cum ever come out of one man before.

When Tedís cock finally calmed down and just a few small trickles of cum still flowed out of the end of his dick, he lowered himself down on to Lukeís body, panting heavily, but his dick was still hard as it pressed against Lukeís stomach, rubbing some of the cum that had landed there in to Lukeís skin.

Luke was still rock hard himself and buried deep inside Tedís ass. He really wanted to get off and since Ted was still hard he thought he had better act fast while Ted was still in the mood, so he wrapped his arms around Ted and rolled them over until Ted was flat on his back with his legs on either side of Luke.

Smiling, Luke leaned down and kissed Ted hard on the lips, seeing a sparkle in Tedís eye as Luke began to move his hard cock in and out of Tedís tight ass once more. Even though Luke had really pounded Ted so far his ass still had a vice grip on Lukeís cock and made it feel so good.

Unlike when Ted was in charge, Luke now went slower, long dicking Ted and really making him moan, feeding him every inch of his big cock until Ted was begging for it harder and faster.

ďCome on, Luke, fuck me! Iím so hard still and I want you to fuck another load out of me.Ē

Luke just smiled, shaking his head slightly in disbelief at what a hot bottom Ted was, and then he started picking up the pace, making shorter thrusts but still deeply penetrating Tedís muscle ass.

The speed of Lukeís thrusts sped up until he was pounding down in to Tedís ass, pushing his legs up toward his chest to lift the ass off the bed and really fuck it hard.

Tedís head was thrashing from side to side as Luke really pummelled him hard and ploughed straight through into his depths. Every downward stroke of Lukeís big dick passed straight over Tedís spot and he started shrieking as his ass clamped down on Lukeís throbbing cock and for the second time Tedís cock exploded without being touched.

This time the contracting ass muscles worked Luke over too much until there was no turning back. He buried himself as deep as possible in Tedís tight ass as it milked his balls dry. When he finally stopped cumming Luke felt as if his balls were empty and when he looked down at Ted, he chuckled, seeing that Ted was in exactly the same state he had left Colt in; completely covered in cum and totally exhausted after an amazing fuck.

Luke gently pulled out of Tedís ass and took off the condom, tossing it in the trash. He then climbed back in to bed and snuggled up to Ted, placing his head on the larger manís chest as they drifted off to sleep.


Hope you enjoyed the third in the series of fantasy stories involving the football players. 

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