WARNING: This chapter contains sex between two males and one female. If you are easily offended by
such content then read no further, otherwise enjoy!   This is a tie in with Chapter 54 of 'Sophomore'.
Written by Big 'D'... Posted Jan 28, 2012

The power had been out for a few hours in the dorm. Matt, Corey, Kris, Colt and Andrea were all sitting
around with nothing but a few small torches to light the room, waiting in the hope that the lights
would come back on and the heating would kick in.

As it neared midnight they began to realize that the power might not return for hours and decided it
was probably best to just head to bed and hope everything was back to normal in the morning.

Matt and Corey stood up with Corey’s arm tight around Matt’s waist. They said their goodbyes and headed
toward their bedroom. Kris and Colt both laughed watching the two leave because before Corey even made
it through the door he started to remove his shirt.

“I think it’s pretty easy to tell what they’re gonna be doing for the next hour,” Colt laughed as the
bedroom door closed.

“Yep, even though it’s dark, one or the other is still gonna wake up in the morning with a sore ass,”
Kris chuckled.

“Damn…” Andrea sighed.

“What?” Colt asked.

“I was just wondering if there was any way we could watch them,” Andrea said softly, almost

“You want to watch Matt and Corey fuck?” Kris asked, surprised.

“Yeah… They’re both really hot, and I’ve never been as turned on as I was when I watched Colt fuck your
hot ass, Kris. I think I’d really enjoy watching two real life gay lovers go at it.”

Kris smiled and turned to Colt, “I think someone’s a bit horny. I’ll leave the two of you to get down
to business.”

“Thanks bro,” Colt said as Kris stood up and headed toward his bedroom.

“Wait…” Andrea called out.

Kris stopped in his tracks and turned around.

“What is it?” Colt asked.

Andrea put her head down and, in a voice that was almost a whisper, said, “what if Kris joined us

“Are you serious?” Colt asked.

“Yes. It was so hot last time. I loved being fucked by both of you and watching you two fuck. I got so
horned up last night watching the two of you, and all the others, walking around in your boxers and
showing off your incredible bodies. Right now I wanna have sex with the two hottest guys I know.”

Kris and Colt were both shocked and turned their heads to look at each other.

“Colt?” Kris questioned.

Colt was silent for a moment, then smiled and moved over to the door of the dorm room to make sure it
was locked. “It’s okay with me, bro. I don’t mind sharing Andrea with you, and you both know I love
fucking you.”

“Awesome dude! I’ll go get the stuff. It’ll be better out here on the sofa bed, more room,” Kris said,
almost running into the bedroom only to stop, quickly realizing there were things all over the floor
and he couldn’t see any of them because he hadn’t picked up a torch.

He did kick a few things and held back a curse, but he quickly found his desk where his bottle of lube
and box of condoms were stored. He grabbed the whole box, not knowing exactly what was about to happen,
and headed back into the living room.

When he got there he saw that Colt and Andrea had already pulled out the sofa bed and had put the clean
sheets on it that were now kept behind the sofa because they never knew when someone might show up who
wanted to stay the night.

Colt had his arms around Andrea as they stood in front of the sofa bed, making out. Kris smiled and
walked toward them, throwing the condoms and lube down on to the bed. The moment Colt broke the kiss
with Andrea, Kris grabbed Colt by the collar of his shirt and pulled him in to a hot kiss, forcing his
tongue into Colt’s mouth.

Giving in, Colt turned to face Kris and moved his hands up to run them through Kris’ long blond hair,
pulling his head deeper in to the kiss as their tongues battled. Kris then stepped back from Colt’s
lips with a smile and pulled Andrea into his big arms, kissing her with as much passion and enthusiasm
as he had just kissed her boyfriend with.

While they were still kissing, Colt moved his head in close to them and extended his tongue, softly
licking both Kris and Andrea on the cheek. The two pulled back slightly and turned their heads toward
Colt until all three tongues were touching, running against each other and dancing around in a hot,
three-way kiss.

Colt pulled back from the kiss and pushed Kris back away from Andrea. Kris was about to protest when
Colt took hold of the bottom of Kris’ shirt and quickly pulled it up and over Kris’ head. It was one of
the rare occasions lately that Kris was actually wearing a top, but in January, and with no heat, he
was forced to just to keep warm, although that wouldn’t be a problem now because all three knew they
were about to work up a sweat.

With Kris topless, Colt bent down to give one of his nipples a quick lick. Then he turned his attention
to Andrea, pulling her in for a deep kiss as he slid his hands up the back of her top, over her smooth
flesh, and with just a flick of his fingers, he unhooked her bra. Gently he moved his hands back down
to the bottom of her top and pulled it over her head. As the top slipped off her shoulders and along
her arms, Colt made sure that her bra came off with it and then bent his head down to suckle on
Andrea’s nipple as he dropped her clothes to the floor.

Stepping back again, Colt took some time to look at both Kris and Andrea, admiring the hot bodies of
his two lovers. Andrea was slim, with a smooth stomach and good sized breasts that weren’t too big and
weren’t too small; they were perfect. She was the image of woman. Kris on the other hand was built. The
work he had been doing on his body, only heightened now by working at the Rec Center meant every muscle
in his upper body was hard and defined. His pecs were chiseled and twitched with his excitement and his
abs, once a hot six pack, had transformed in to an incredible eight pack that just screamed out to be
licked. Colt’s cock had never been harder.

Kris and Andrea were also admiring each other’s bodies, but as they were looking at each other they
made eye contact and then turned their attention to Colt, who was still fully dressed. They both smiled
and pounced on Colt, catching him off guard and making him fall back on the bed.

Andrea got her hands up underneath Colt’s shirt and was tickling his sides. He tried to fight her off,
but Kris was pretty much on top of him, pinning him down so he could do nothing but writhe around
beneath them until he was almost crying with laughter and could no longer beg them to stop.

When Andrea finally stopped her assault on Colt’s body, he completely relaxed, trying to catch his
breath as he closed his eyes and threw his head back. Opening his eyes again he saw Kris directly above
him with a huge smile on his face. They looked in to each other’s eyes for a moment and then Kris moved
down, covering Colt’s mouth with his for a deep kiss as Kris’ tongue seemed to be reaching right into
Colt’s soul.

Kris pulled back from the kiss but still held Colt against the bed. He turned his head to Andrea and
smiled, moving toward her for a kiss. They each took hold of one side of Colt’s top and started pulling
it up his increasingly cut body, until Kris had to pull Colt up off the bed to get the top completely
off, throwing it across the room.

With all three of them topless, Kris pushed Colt back down on to the bed, and with one hand on Colt’s
face, he leaned in for another passionate kiss. Removing his tongue from Colt’s mouth, Kris then pulled
Andrea toward them and pushed her head towards Colt’s until they were kissing just in front of him.

As Colt and Andrea continued to make out Kris started moving south, gently kissing Colt’s neck, making
him moan in to Andrea’s mouth. Hearing the noises coming from her boyfriend, Andrea broke the kiss to
see what was happening. When she saw Kris slowly kissing his way down Colt’s hot body she almost came
on the spot.

She was so turned on and really wanted to get down to the fucking, but she also wanted her boyfriend to
get the most enjoyment out of the experience as possible, so she started to mimic Kris’ movements,
kissing the other side of Colt’s neck so they were both nuzzling him.

Colt was moaning as the two mouths kissed his neck and moved on to his shoulders and then down to his
pecs. He was already panting and his dick was throbbing, but he almost couldn’t breathe when he felt
Andrea and Kris each take one of his nipples into their mouths.

“Holy fuck!” Colt screamed, arching his back. “Oh my God! Don’t stop!”

Kris and Andrea both smiled around the nipple they were sucking, using their lips to kiss it, their
tongue to lick it and occasionally their teeth to give each nipple a playful bite.

Colt had never been so turned on in his life. He had two of the hottest people he had ever met, a male
and female no less, working over his body at the same time. Ever since his first experience with Kris
he had occasionally had dreams or jerked off to the idea but never saw it becoming a reality.

Kris and Andrea kept kissing and licking Colt’s nipples and all over his pecs before slowly moving down
to kiss each of his abs, which seemed more defined than ever as his muscles tensed up with the pleasure
rushing through his body and a thin layer of sweat made them glisten in the near darkness.

When they reached his belly button, Kris and Andrea looked in to each other’s eyes and smiled,
extending their tongues until the tips touched and then they pushed them both into Colt’s tiny hole,
swirling them around, making all the hairs on Colt’s body stand on end.

“Oh Jesus!” Colt moaned with his precum soaking through his pants since it was just flowing out of his
cock. “This is fucking amazing!”

Kris then reached down, placing his hand over Colt’s throbbing cock. He gave it a light squeeze that
made Colt gasp and buck up in to Kris’ hand as Kris started rubbing up and down the covered shaft,
making sure his thumb continually ran over the wet patch, which also happened to be where the head of
Colt’s dick was.

As Kris moved from kissing Colt’s body to rubbing Colt’s dick, he had risen to his knees on the bed,
exposing his own hard cock that was still encased in his pants. Andrea reached across to pull Kris in
for kiss and as he slipped his tongue into her mouth she slid her hand down his amazing body until she
had her hand on his pants, which she quickly unzipped, reaching inside to rub Kris’ stiff dick through
his tight boxers.

Kris moaned in to Andrea’s mouth as she used her slender hands to squeeze and massage the shaft of his
hard dick as it strained against his boxers, trying to escape. Leaning further forward she then reached
even deeper in to Kris’ pants to cup his balls, gently pulling on them.

The sensation that was running through his body caused Kris to break the kiss and throw his head back.
As he did that he didn’t realise that he had begun to tighten his grip on Colt’s dick, until Colt was
moaning and bucking up in to Kris’ hand.

“Oh fuck, man!” Colt moaned. “Go easy.”

A shiver shot up Kris’ spine and his whole body shuddered. He reached his free hand down and wrapped it
around Andrea’s wrist, gently pulling her hand out of his pants, much to her disappointment. Then he
backed up off the bed and almost ripped his pants off, throwing them across the room so the only thing
he was still wearing were the tight, white boxers that had become partially see-through from the amount
of precum leaking out of the end of his dick.

Colt and Andrea both turned their heads so they could watch Kris as he pulled down his boxers and
stepped out of them, picking them up and holding them in his hand. They both moaned softly at the
sight. There was just enough light in the room for them to see Kris in all his glory. His long blond
hair fell around his beautiful face and his eyes seemed to light up the room. He had a slight 5 o’clock
shadow that made his jaw seem more defined and gave him a rugged look that somehow made him look even
hotter. His thick muscular neck led the way down to his hard and chiselled chest as it softly rose up
and down when he took a breath. As he exhaled the muscles in his stomach tightened, making each of his
eight abs look like they were about to jump out of his skin. His big arms were bulging, especially the
one holding his boxers, with a prominent vein running down each bicep. The thick supple calves merged
almost seamlessly with his muscular thighs, coming together to emphasise the trimmed pubic hair and the
7 inch cut cock that throbbed and bounced in the air, a drop of precum on the tip catching the light
and sparkling through the darkness.

They continued to watch as Kris walked back over to the bed and climbed on to it, looking inside his
boxers to find the wet spot caused by his leaking cock. Once he had it he draped the material over his
index finger and pushed it in to Colt’s mouth. Colt moaned and then started sucking on the precum and
the finger, loving the taste as well as the scent coming from the boxers, making his dick twitch and
sending his lust and hunger in to overdrive.

“Oh my God…” Andrea gasped as she watched her boyfriend greedily suck on Kris’ boxer covered finger.
“So hot…”

Kris turned to her and smiled. He pulled his finger out of Colt’s mouth but left the boxers covering
his lips. As Kris moved further down the bed toward Andrea, Colt continued to flick his tongue out,
lapping at the juices he had come to know and love.

“You like seeing your boyfriend sucking on my precum?” Kris asked before pulling Andrea in to a kiss,
running his hand up her body and gently pinching one of her nipples.

Andrea jumped against Kris and was really panting when she pulled away from the kiss. “I don’t have the
words for how hot this is.”

“Oh babe, you ain’t seen nothing yet,” Kris said as he reached down to scoop up some more precum from
the tip of his cock and brought it up to her lips.

She greedily sucked on his finger, just like Colt had moments before, groaning with delight at the
taste. She wanted nothing more at that moment than to get on her hands and knees so she could suck
Kris’ hot cock into her mouth, but Kris had over ideas.

He climbed over Colt’s body and pushed Andrea down so she was on her back on the bed next to her
boyfriend. Kris then bent down, sucking her nipple into his mouth, teasing it with his tongue. Slowly
he worked his way down her flat stomach until he was blowing air on the skin just above her waistline,
sending shivers all over her body.

Kris slid the zip on Andrea’s pants down, hooked his thumbs in her pockets and gently pulled them down,
taking them off her completely and throwing them across the room so they landed on top of the
television set.

With Andrea down to her tiny panties, Kris moved in to kiss her again, reaching his hand down to caress
between her legs without touching her skin directly. Andrea moaned and pushed herself against his hand,
but unlike the last threesome they had been in, Kris was in charge.

He moved up the bed and pulled his boxers from Colt’s face, bending down to slip his tongue in to
Colt’s mouth, tasting traces of his own precum. Sitting back up he took hold of Andrea’s arm and pulled
her toward them. With enough force to make her follow his lead but not enough to hurt her Kris
positioned Andrea over Colt’s body so her panty covered pussy was just inches from Colt’s lips, whilst
her face was hovering above his hard cock that was still trapped inside his pants.

“Lower yourself onto his face,” Kris commanded.

Andrea looked at Kris for a moment to see if he was serious and even in the near darkness she could
tell that he was. She gently lowered herself until she felt Colt’s tongue press against the panties,
trying to push through the material. She started to whimper as she felt Colt probing her panties,
tasting her own juices through the fabric. He had never know her leak so literally.

As Colt went to work Andrea moved her hands to try and get at the button and zipper on his pants but
Kris slapped her hands away, not wanting her to let Colt’s cock free just yet. He wanted Colt to be so
on edge that when a hand or mouth finally wrapped itself around his cock he would almost explode

Kris pulled Andrea up so he could look in her eyes and then he leaned forward, pressing his lips to
hers. She moaned into his mouth so he broke the kiss and looked down to see that Colt had pulled the
panties to one side and was now licking her flesh, teasing her opening and flicking her clit.

Andrea moaned again and threw her head back. Kris saw an opportunity so he stood up on the bed and
while Andrea was still moaning, with her mouth open, he pushed his throbbing cock between her lips.
Andrea’s eyes flew open as she felt the head of Kris’ cock slide over her tongue, but the moment she
realised what it was she attacked it with more enthusiasm than Kris had ever seen.

She ran her tongue up and down the shaft as she bobbed her head, tasting the precum that continued to
leak out of Kris’ cock and flow down the length, just short of reaching his balls.

Seeing how much Andrea wanted his cock, Kris put his hands on the back of her head and started to
slowly fuck her face, letting his cock slide all the way into her mouth, pushing at the entrance to her
throat, before pulling back so the tip of her tongue and the tip of his cock danced with each other.

Andrea was really getting in to sucking on the hard dick between her lips when Kris pulled out of her
mouth and bent down to kiss her, wanting to taste himself inside her mouth.

He lowered his body down until he was straddling Colt’s hips and started grinding his ass against
Colt’s crotch, causing Colt to groan into Andrea’s pussy at the same time as bucking up into Kris,
trying to thrust his cock against Kris’ ass because he was so hard and so desperate to get off it was
beginning to hurt.

“Take her panties off and really show her what you can do with that tongue of yours, Colt,” Kris said.

Colt hurriedly reached up and started pulling Andrea’s moist panties down, forcing her to lift herself
from his mouth and tongue long enough to get them off. As soon as the panties were free of her feet she
sat down again, this time allowing Colt to push his tongue inside her.

Andrea’s yelp was soon muffled by Kris’ lips as he drew her to him and slowly lowered them both down
until they broke the kiss and they found themselves staring down at Colt’s cock as it throbbed inside
his pants and tried to break free. They could actually see his dick pushing against the material.

Kris ran his hand over the bulge to hear Colt whimper, pushing up once again to meet Kris’ touch. After
a few strokes up and down the length, Kris finally gave in and unbuttoned Colt’s pants. When Kris
pulled down the zipper Colt’s hips came off the bed and Kris chuckled to himself seeing how desperate
Colt was for him to pull the pants off him.

Instead of giving Colt what he wanted, Kris pulled the pants down just enough to get them over Colt’s
ass without taking them off. Colt’s cock was still trapped inside his boxers as Kris pushed his ass
back down on to the bed and placed his lips over the shaft, kissing up and down the length of it and
playfully biting the tip just enough to make Colt’s entire body tremble without hurting him.

Kris had enjoyed toying with Colt but the second a drop of precum landed on his tongue it was like a
switch was flicked inside Kris’ mind. He was done with teasing now. They were about to fuck and fuck

Hooking his hands in the waistband of Colt’s boxers, Kris almost ripped them off Colt’s legs, removing
the pants and boxers in record time. Colt’s hard cock slapped back against his abs, leaving a trail of
precum across his skin. Andrea bent down, ready to take it in her mouth, but before the head could slip
between her lips, Kris slid it between his.

Colt moaned feeling the strong lips of his best friend wrap around his cock as the tongue circled the
head and pushed into the slit, wanting to taste all the precum flowing from the tip.

As he continued to slide his tongue in to Andrea, Colt felt Kris take his mouth off his dick so he
could run his tongue down the length of Colt’s cock. The cool air rushing around the tip of his dick
made Colt gasp, but it didn’t last long because as Kris moved down to lap at Colt’s balls, Andrea bent
down again, this time getting what she wanted as she pulled Colt’s dick in to her mouth and started
worshipping it with her tongue.

Kris continued to lick Colt’s balls, sucking them into his mouth and rolling them around on his tongue.
Then he pulled off, running his tongue all the way up Colt’s shaft until he was not only licking at the
hard cock but at Andrea’s lips too.

Andrea shivered feeling Kris’ tongue against her lips and pulled her head back just enough so that as
she extended her tongue to lick the head of Colt’s throbbing cock, Kris did the same and their tongue
met, dancing with each other across the tip as Colt threw his head back, whimpering as his breathing
became erratic and his entire body trembled.

“Holy fuck!” Colt yelped.

“You like that?” Kris asked briefly pulling back only to return his tongue to the tip of Colt’s cock,
fighting Andrea for the almost constant flow of precum.

“Fuck yes! Oh man… one of you needs to sit on my dick right now!” Colt pleaded.

Kris pulled completely off Colt’s dick, allowing Andrea to hungrily suck on her boyfriend’s cock, which
seemed to be beating in her mouth as the blood rushed into it.

Reaching across the bed, Kris picked up a condom and used his teeth to rip open the packet, throwing it
to one side once he had the condom in his hand. He moved back to Colt and gently forced Andrea off
Colt’s cock so she was sitting back watching what he was doing. He reached out his hand, wrapping it
around Colt’s shaft, giving him a few strokes, then rolled the condom down Colt’s dick and grabbed the
bottle of lube, pouring it onto his hands and then slowly rubbing it up and down Colt’s cock, making
sure every inch of that rock hard dick was covered.

With his hand wrapped around the base of Colt’s cock, Kris waved it around slightly and then turned his
attention to Andrea. “Well… what are you waiting for?”

Andrea was shocked for a second before speaking. “Oh, I thought you were going to sit your hot ass down
on it. You loved it so much last time.”

“I know I did, baby, but tonight this hot cock is all yours.”

Those were the only words Andrea needed to hear. She quickly straddled Colt and lowered herself down
until she felt Kris’ hand on her ass, guiding her down until the head of Colt’s covered cock brushed
against her hole. They both moaned as Kris kept a firm grip on Colt’s dick and gently pulled Andrea
down until the cock pushed through her opening, sinking deep inside her until she was sitting down,
with her ass touching Colt’s thighs.

She took a moment to adjust to the feeling of the hard cock inside her, as she always did when Colt
first entered her. She was almost unable to believe how hard Colt’s dick felt as it throbbed and
twitched inside her.

Kris moved back from the couple and knelt down on the floor. There was just enough light in the room
for him to get the perfect look at Colt’s cock as it withdrew from Andrea and then plunged back in as
Colt put his hands on Andrea’s hips and she started to ride him hard.

The sight of the two lovers working together to achieve maximum pleasure made Kris’ dick jerk and a
bead of precum form on the tip. He reached down and scooped it up onto his finger, tasting himself as
he watched Andrea rise up on her knees and then sit back down, letting Colt’s dick slide almost all the
way out of her before driving it back in, deep.

That was when Kris had an idea and he knew he had to at least try to make it become a reality. He stood
up and moved to where Colt’s feet were planted on the mattress as he thrust up in to Andrea’s pussy,
really fucking up in to her, meeting her own movements with his own. Smiling as he watched the dick he
knew only too well slide in and out of that wet hole, he took hold of Colt’s ankles and used his
strength to pull both Colt and Andrea to the edge of the bed, making sure that Colt’s dick never once
slipped out of her.

Colt’s legs were now dangling over the edge of the bed, with his feet just touching the floor, giving
him just enough leverage to continue his thrusts into his hot girlfriend.

Kris moved between the legs and put his arms around Andrea, kissing her neck and the side of her face.
His arms were just tight enough around Andrea’s body for him to lift her up without hurting her, so he
used his big arms to pull Andrea up off Colt’s cock, only to force her back down on it.

Andrea threw her head back against Kris’ shoulder. She was panting and yelping as Kris and Colt managed
to work themselves up in to a rhythm so that Kris was moving up and down, taking Andrea with him, while
Colt moved in the opposite direction so that when Kris lowered Andrea back down Colt was thrusting up
into her, drilling her deeper than ever before.

Suddenly it all became too much for Andrea and she let out a scream as her body started to shake. Her
orgasm started between her legs but it quickly spread throughout her body as she gasped for breath and
gripped on to Kris’ arms, almost drawing blood as her nails dug in to his skin.

When she finally started to come down from her climax, and Kris let her go, she felt exhausted and
collapsed down on to Colt’s chest. Colt wrapped his arms around her and gently kissed her face with his
hard cock still buried inside her twitching pussy.

The next thing Colt felt was Andrea’s body jumping against him. He didn’t understand what had happened
at first, but then he felt Kris’ tongue touch his covered cock and knew that Kris was using his
talented tongue to gently flick Andrea’s opening, which was still wrapped around Colt’s cock.

Kris then rose up and reached across to a bottle he had been using for his dip, spitting out the taste
of the lube. He noticed that Andrea’s breathing had started to slow down and he still wanted to try
what he had been thinking about before.

He stepped back between Colt’s legs and took his throbbing cock in his hand, leaning forward until it
was between the cheeks of Andrea’s ass. Gently he rocked back and forth, allowing his dick to slide up
and down her crack, occasionally teasing her hole, causing the muscles in her pussy to contract,
squeezing Colt’s dick tight.

Colt grunted as Andrea began to moan, grinding her ass back on to Kris’ cock, which in turn started to
move Colt’s dick in and out of her.

“Oh God, Kris!” Andrea moaned. “Fuck my ass!”

Kris stopped thrusting against Andrea, trying to figure out whether those last words were just in his

“Yeah, fuck her ass while I fuck her pussy, Kris,” Colt exclaimed.

“You guys serious?” Kris asked, still not believing that he might get what he was hoping for.

“Yes!” Andrea screamed. “Fuck my ass!”

“You sure you can take it?” Kris asked, wanting to be sure.

“Yes! Ever since I saw Colt fucking your ass I’ve been letting him fuck mine. I just had to feel what
you did when he made you cum without touching yourself and I fucking love it.”

“Damn…” Kris breathed, shocked by how horny Andrea was, especially after she had just finished her
first orgasm.

Still, Kris was not someone who would pass up such an opportunity so he quickly reached over and
grabbed a condom, ripping the packet open and rolling the condom down his pulsating cock. Applying more
lube to his hand he slowly started stroking it all over his cock and then with the lube that was left
he gently slipped a finger in to Andrea’s ass.

He gently started fucking her ass with his finger until she started to ride his hand, forcing both his
finger and Colt’s cock harder in to her. Knowing how tight an ass can be Kris then added a second
finger, which only made Andrea ride his hand harder. He knew she was ready.

Putting his hand in the middle of Andrea’s back, Kris pushed her down until she was once again lying
with her chest against Colt’s. Colt stopped moving, leaving his rock hard cock balls deep inside
Andrea, holding her tight and stroking her face as he felt Kris’ thighs brush against his own.

Andrea groaned and arched her back as the head of Kris’ dick pressed against her hole and slowly
started to spread it as he pushed inside. The lube did its job, allowing him to gently slide his dick
fully in to Andrea, until he too was balls deep inside her.

“Holy fuck, dude!” Colt gasped. “I think I just felt your dick touch mine, even though you’re in her
ass and I’m in her pussy. This is unreal!”

All Andrea could do was moan as the feelings and the pleasure overwhelmed her. Kris was just smiling,
feeling the tight ass clench around his cock, trying to milk a load from it.

Slowly Kris started to pull back, withdrawing his cock from Andrea’s ass and then he pushed it forward
again, until his balls were pressed against her ass, almost touching Colt’s cock as he too started to
thrust in and out of Andrea.

They both groaned, not just from the physical pleasure as their dicks were squeezed and massaged by
Andrea’s holes, but also because they realised that not only were they fucking the same girl but they
were fucking her, with both of their cocks buried deep inside her, at the exact same time.

Andrea was whimpering as Colt had his feet planted on the floor again, thrusting up in to her, which
lifted her up and then brought her back down on to both cocks as they continued to plough their way
inside her. There were no words to describe what she was feeling.

All of a sudden Kris pulled his dick out of her ass, stepping back from the bed. Andrea moaned at the
empty feeling in her ass. She wanted Kris to keep on fucking her because she was so close to her second
orgasm and she knew he would have taken her there.

Kris just smiled, watching Colt place his hands on Andrea’s hips to start to thrust up hard, bouncing
Andrea up and down on his cock, fucking her deep.

Colt then pushed himself slightly further up onto the bed, taking Andrea with him, so he could plant
his feet back down on the mattress to really get the leverage needed to pound his hard cock in and out
of Andrea’s pussy.

Kris felt his dick throb as he watched Colt in the new position because not only did he have a better
view of Colt’s pulsing, veiny cock pummelling his girlfriend, but he also saw Colt’s own asshole and he
knew that on this night he had to have it.

With that idea in mind Kris pulled off the condom he had been wearing and tossed it in a nearby trash
can he managed to see in the low light. He grabbed another and quickly rolled it down his dick, lubing
himself back up.

Without saying a word he walked back toward the bed and climbed on to it, pushing Andrea down once more
on to Colt’s chest and taking Colt’s ankles in his hands.

“What the fuck?” Colt asked, taken off guard by the sudden movement.

His question was soon answered, but not by words, as Kris rubbed the head of his dick against Colt’s
hole and started to gently push forward, trying to break through Colt’s sphincter.

“Shit man!” Colt gasped. “You going to fuck my ass while I’m still fucking Andrea?”

“That’s the plan,” Kris smiled. “Would you like that?”

“Fuck yeah!” Colt shouted, trying to lift his legs up to give Kris better access to his ass while
keeping Andrea sitting on his cock, but the position wasn’t comfortable so instead he spread his legs
as wide as possible, on either side of Kris.

“You really gonna fuck his ass, Kris?” Andrea asked.

“Damn right I’m gonna fuck his hot ass. He likes a cock inside him just as much as I do,” Kris said as
the head of his dick finally popped inside Colt’s ass.

Colt groaned. “Fuck yeah, I do. Now shut up Kris and fuck me.”

Kris smiled and continued to push forward, sliding his dick deeper in to Colt’s ass. He let out a deep
sigh as he felt Colt’s insides wrap around his cock, gently squeezing it. He loved being inside Colt.

Kris had almost forgotten about Andrea until his stomach was pressed up against her. He had bottomed
out in Colt’s ass with Andrea fully impaled on Colt’s dick.

Wrapping Andrea in his arms again, Kris started lifting her back up off Colt’s cock and then lowering
her back down. As he did that, pulling Colt’s dick out of Andrea and then pushing it back in, Kris
started moving his own hips, withdrawing his cock from Colt’s ass and then sliding it back inside.
Colt moaned as Kris worked up a rhythm that had him pulling his hips back from Colt as he
lifted Andrea and then thrusting forward as he lowered her so they all came together at

Kris’ mind was racing as he picked up the pace on Colt’s ass, really starting to fuck him,
all the while helping Andrea to fuck herself on Colt’s hard cock. He could never have
imagined, even a year ago when he fucked a guy for the first time, that he would ever end
up in the position he was in.

Colt was moaning so Kris leaned in close to Andrea and held her tight as she still rode
Colt’s cock. “I think he likes feeling my hard cock in his ass, don’t you?”

“Oh shit!” Andrea screamed, reaching around to grab hold of Kris’ long hair.

“It’s sliding in and out of him… His ass is so tight around my cock… I love fucking his hot
ass…” Kris continued to whisper in Andrea’s ear.

Her fist clenched around his hair and she started pulling on it as her body was overcome
for the second time. The words Kris whispered to her and the feeling of Colt’s cock as it
was driven up in to her was more than she could take. Her body shuddered and she screamed.
Kris was glad the rooms were so well insulated and pretty much sound proof.

Exhausted from the most amazing sex of her life, Andrea collapsed down on top of Colt, but
unlike the last time, she had to pull herself off his cock as she was just feeling too
sensitive and needed time to recover.

As Andrea fell down on the bed beside Colt it freed up the space and allowed Kris to move
in to a better position. He gripped hold of Colt’s legs and pulled him back to the edge of
the bed, holding the ankles up and away from him, pushing them back to lift Colt’s ass so
he could really start fucking it.

Back and forth Kris’ hips moved, pulling his dick out of Colt, almost so it fell out, and
then drilling it back in, their flesh slapping together. The long dicking continued for
another minute or so with Colt groaning every time Kris bottomed out in his ass.

Kris loved being inside Colt. There was something so hot about fucking a guy who could no
doubt put up a damn good fight against you, but who instead submitted himself to you,
allowing you to not only control him, but to slide your dick inside him.

Moving Colt’s legs up on to his shoulders, Kris pushed Colt back even further so he could
pound down into his ass with shorter, faster strokes, building up a good rhythm so he was
fucking Colt hard and fast.

Colt hadn’t been fucked that many times, but every time he had Kris’ dick inside him he was
taken to a place he never knew existed before coming to college. It was magical and he
loved it. As Kris’ dick kept moving inside him, stretching the walls inside his ass,
plunging in to his depths, Colt wondered why he hadn’t allowed himself to get fucked more

“You like my dick in your ass?” Kris asked.

“Fuck yeah! I love it! Pound my ass, Kris. Fuck me good!” Colt almost barked in reply.

Kris smiled and continued the deep, stabbing thrusts in to Colt, whose own dick lay
untouched, leaking precum all over his abs at it throbbed and pulsed.

When Kris rotated his hips during one of his thrusts the head of his cock ran directly over
Colt’s prostate, making him jump, quiver and yelp all at the same time. His breathing had
become erratic, little more than panting, but still he felt like he needed more.

Reaching up with his hand, Colt took hold of Kris’ hair and pulled him down until their
lips met and they engaged in a hot, tongue-filled kiss, all the while Kris continued to
fuck down in to Colt.

Colt then wrapped his legs around Kris’ waist as the cock moved in and out of him, moving
the hand that wasn’t holding Kris’ head down to his hot muscle ass, trying to pull Kris’
cock deeper inside him.

“So fucking hot…” Andrea whispered as she still lay exhausted on the bed.

Kris just smiled and fucked Colt even harder. His balls were bouncing off Colt’s ass so
hard they almost hurt. Colt’s moans had become constant as the assault on his ass
continued, moaning every time the dick went deep inside him and groaning when it almost
pulled out.

Colt couldn’t take it any more. He needed to cum. He reached up his hand to start stroking
his dick, jerking it furiously. As he did that his ass started to twitch and tighten around
Kris’ cock.

Kris groaned and pulled back slightly, allowing Colt to have better access to his hard
cock, which he was really pumping fast. Kris smiled, knowing Colt was close. He kept
fucking hard in to his friend’s ass and then felt the rush of his orgasm suddenly spring

He quickly pulled his dick out of Colt’s ass and ripped off the condom. He slapped Colt’s
hand away from his cock and started jerking his own. With just a few strokes Kris started
firing his load on to Colt’s body. The first two shots landed on Colt’s chest, between his
pecs. The next two coated his hard abs. The last big shot then landed directly on the tip
of Colt’s cock, a sensation that sent Colt over the edge himself.

Arching his back, Colt screamed as his cock exploded. He gripped the sheet below him and
tried to bite his lip as he came so hard the first shots hit his cheek and neck before
coating his pecs and abs with more cum.

Colt collapsed back on the bed as his orgasm began to subside. Kris was still on his knees
looking down at Colt, stroking his own dick which had finally stopped shooting.

Kris laughed seeing the cum coating Colt’s body and then leaned down carefully, so as to
not get any of the cum on himself, which was surprisingly clean except for a light coating
of sweat, to lick the cum from Colt’s neck and cheek. With the cum still on his tongue he
forced it in Colt’s mouth and kissed him before jumping off the bed.

Colt watched Kris’ hot ass disappear in to the darkness only to return a few seconds later
with a towel, which he tossed to Colt.

“I think you two need to clean yourselves up,” Kris laughed before bending down to place
another kiss on both Colt and Andrea’s lips. “I can’t thank you enough for tonight. It’s
just what I needed, but I’m totally beat so I’ll leave you two alone out here and go to my

Colt and Andrea watched in amazement as Kris just walked away into his bedroom, actually
picking up one of the two torches this time, and closed the door behind him.

Colt was about to start wiping up the cum but Andrea stopped him and instead leaned down to
lick it from his hot body. When she was done, having swallowed most of the mixture, she
shared what little was left in her mouth with Colt in a hot kiss before he pulled her into
his arms and she laid her head on his chest as they drifted off to sleep, totally


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