Posted 7/21/09

I climbed the stairs to my apartment with bags in each hand from my overdue and much needed grocery shopping.  When I got reached the top, Blake, my cute teen neighbor, ran over and helped me get them in the door with a cigarette hanging out his mouth.

“Damn Blake, I didn’t know you smoked,” I commented.

“Yeah dude, I started when I was 16.  Now I can buy them since I turned 18 a few weeks ago without begging Mom to buy them for me,” Blake said and blew out a buff of smoke. “I’m surprised you haven’t seen me out on the balcony smoking.”

“I haven’t noticed but I would appreciate it if you did it outside though,” I said after noticing he still had once inside my place.

“Damn Nick, I was only trying to help you out,” Blake shot back at me quickly but did put it out only to save the remaining end for later.

“My bad, Blake.  I shouldn’t be like that after you helped me out,” I retracted after feeling a little bad since he was trying to help me out.

“It’s cool. I’ll see you around,” Blake said after helping through the door and left my apartment.  I rented this place after taking a job nearby as a credit consultant.  I loved the complex, especially the rent.  It had everything I needed or wanted including some great neighbors who I met the first day here.  Blake just graduated high school and lives with his mom, a nurse, and her girlfriend, who was there just part-time.  It was great and I didn’t have to hide that I was gay from them.  Blake’s mom, her girlfriend and I hit it off instantly seeing how we understood each other’s life and what our lives entailed.  I could sense after just the month I was there, Blake took full advantage of his mom and used her to let him be somewhat wild.  The first weekend I was there I had to help him up the stairs after partying and proceeded to keep me up all night with his loud vomiting.

I put away my groceries and kicked back with my laptop to check my business and personal emails via the wireless connection offered at the complex.  Just as I logged off, I saw Blake out on the balcony smoking again and yelling at his mom.

I opened the door slightly and saw Blake slumped over the railing.  “Everything cool, Blake?”

“None of your fucking business, Nick.  Keep your damn nose out of it,” Blake shot back in an angry tone and red faced.

“Sorry I asked,” I shut the door and kept an eye on Blake in case it escaladed out of control between the two.  It was easy to keep an eye on him since I really thought he was actually hot especially when he went without a shirt.  He had a nice body along with his bleached shaggy blond hair.  My favorite part was when he would come back from the pool and his shorts were barely on his waist, exposing his nice Adonis cuts at his waist and a hot treasure trail that disappeared in his shorts.  I never went on about his body and would look when I didn’t think he could notice me.  I had a good feeling he was straight especially the nights his mom was working and he evidentially fucked the shit out of girl that I saw leave after hearing a female scream constantly through the thin walls.

I noticed Blake putting out his cigarette so I quickly turned on the TV when I saw him walking my direction.  I heard his knock at the door and got up to answer his knock.

“Sorry I was sharp with you,” Blake said sweeping the hair out of his eyes.  “Mom and I were fighting over some stupid shit.  I kinda lost it and was a little steamed.”

“I was an 18 year old not that long ago.  Here have a seat and just chill out for a few minutes,” I said.

“Dude, I just get so pissed at her.  She’s constantly nagging me over stupid shit like my clothes in the floor or leaving food in my room,” Blake walked across and sat down on the couch across from me. 

“It just happens,” I said.  Another knock came at the door.  I opened it to see Blake’s mom there. 

“Blake, I’m going to work.  That shit better be cleaned up when I get home in the morning,” she said sharply to him, leaning in the door.

“I’ll try,” Blake said.  His mom shut the door and Blake flipped her the middle finger.  “See what I was talking about.  I can’t wait til I get enough money and move away from here so her and that bitch can go at whenever they want.”

“Blake, show a little respect for your mom.  She could kick your ass out now and then what would you do?”

“I sure would be much happier,” Blake replied.  “Nick, what the fuck are you staring at?”

“What?” I was so busted after staring at his hot teen body.

“Dude, stop staring at me.  You’re starting to freak my ass out like you want me or something.”

“I…I was just trying… to make eye contact while we talked.”

“Nick, my eyes are up here,” he pointed to his head. “I know what you were staring at.”

“No I wasn’t. You’re just freaking out.”

“Here, I’ll just show you. I’m not shy about showing off my hot dick,” Blake stood up and dropped his shorts and boxers. He stood with hands on his thin hips and his shorts and boxers at his feet “Your ass happy now?”

“Not really,” I said.  I got up and pushed him down.  I got on my knees and played with his nice cut cock with just a little hair above it that I could no longer resist.

“Go for it, dude.  I love a good blowjob,” Blake said.

I stroke his nice cock slowly while it started to rise in length.  I licked it while Blake sat back and enjoyed it.  I opened my mouth and went down on his irresistible hot cock.  I loved the size and texture of his cock that now filled my mouth.  I let my tongue work his slit and the underside of his cock.  My hands were at his waist while sucked and licked on his manhood.

“Oh fuck yeah, Nick! Suck my cock, bitch ass fucker!” Blake voiced his approval of my work.  “Damn dude that feel so fucking good!”

I slurped on his cock and licked it since lusting so long after him and now having the opportunity to do so.  My hands ran up his hot flat stomach while I bobbed like a wild man on his teen cock. 

“Dude, you suck dick better than any girl has ever sucked it,” Blake said with his hand on my head. "Keep sucking that dick you wanted!"

“You like this?” I stopped and looked at him, knowing full well he was.

“Fuck yeah! I’m not a total dumbass when someone wants to blow me,” Blake said while I returned to his cock.  I sucked it deep and felt the head of his cock at my throat.  I fondled his low hanging balls.  Blake relaxed and let out an occasional moan of delight over my mouth. 

“Damn Nick, I am about to cum,” Blake said after I did my best to work his hot teen cock over.  I stopped and jerk his cock with long strokes.  Cum came shooting out of his slit like a cannon and covered his stomach.  I milked every last drop out of his cock and enjoyed having his cock in my hand.  The cum sat on his stomach and looked so tempting.  The satisfied look and little smile was all I needed to tell me how well I had done.  I got up and found a towel for him to clean up the mess.

“That was off the charts!” Blake said, wiping his cum up. “I loved it!”

I loved it too,” I replied.

“Yeah hell now I got my own personal cocksucker right next door,” Blake said.

“Just stop over any time. The pleasure was all mine,” I smiled.

“I best get next door and get ready to go with my boys tonight.  You care if I stop by later?” Blake asked.

“Not if it’s not too late, say before midnight,” I said.

“Okay or unless I find some hot bitch to fuck,” Blake pulled up his shorts.  “I now hope I don’t though.  I’m telling you that felt so good!”

“I have a feeling I might see you later,” I smiled while Blake was leaving.

“If not tonight definitely tomorrow,” Blake headed to his apartment.  After he was gone, I had to jack off my hard cock and blow my load.

The rest of the night, I wondered when Blake would show back up after I gave him a great blowjob.  Honestly, I was usually not attracted to guys that much younger than me though just 5 years mind you but he was so different from my previous lovers.  I usually found older, big hairy guys who were attracted to my fit body but guess I reversed roles this time around.  I also was attracted to Blake’s somewhat cocky attitude towards life and wished I could sometimes have been that way.

Around 11 or so, while watching television in my boxer briefs, I heard loud footsteps coming up the stairwell.  I smiled to myself when I heard his knock.  The smell of stale cigarette smoke filled my nostrils when I opened the door to a smiling Blake.

“Couldn’t stay away, huh?” I smiled.

“No, there wasn’t a lot going on plus I didn’t feel like getting messed up tonight knowing you would be here,” Blake smiled while sitting on the couch.  He pulled off his shirt quickly while I watched.  He grabbed my boxer briefs and slid them off me.  “Nick, you got a nice cock too.”

I just smiled while I undid his shorts and found him going commando.  He just smiled at me.  “You were ready for me, huh?”

“Yeah, I wanted to get back here,” Blake said while I pulled the curtains behind us.  He sat with his legs spread, slowly stroking his nice probably 7 inch meat.  I sat down beside him and leaned over to fill my mouth once again with his nice cock. 

MMMM yeah, now you don’t have to remind me what I’m here for,” Blake moaned feeling my tongue on his balls and then his cock.  Opening my mouth, he pushed my head down on his now hard cock.  I tongued the underside while playing with myself. The sound of my sucking filled the room along with Blake’s soft moans.  I looked up at him to see his eyes closed and thoroughly enjoy the work of my mouth and tongue on his cock.  I sucked, licked and mouthed his cock, savoring each second of it. 

I stopped and looked at him, “You wanna feel something just as good?”

“I guess so but no way in hell am I sucking your dick,” Blake commented while I stroke his.

“Ever been rimmed?” I asked.

“You mean eat my ass out?” Blake questioned me.


“No but it feels half as good as you sucking my dick, go for it.”

I pulled him to the edge of the couch and spread his legs wide.  I kissed between his beautiful red hole and his balls.  I licked it some while he watched in amazement.  I wanted to finger him but knew he wouldn’t go for that instead my tongue circled his hairless hole.  I could smell his musk when I buried my face between his crack.  My tongue darted in and out while Blake squirmed uncontrollably over my actions.

“Fuck yeah! Damn that does feel good,” Blake said.

I continued to service his sweet hole.  I licked back up and sucked a little on his cock.  “Blake, would you fuck me?”

“Hell yeah!” Blake screamed.  I found the lube I placed there earlier.  I lubed and fingered my ass then spread it up and down his cock.  With him still sitting, I slowly descended my ass on his rigid slippery swollen cock.  My hand guided his cock into my ass.  My ass felt his cock pierce my ring and into my ass.  Feeling his warm hard cock sent shivers down my spine.  I slid all the way down and glanced over my shoulder.  Blake just smiled and groaned.  Slowly my body bounced up and down while my head started spinning over the pleasure.  I threw my head back.

“Ride that fucking cock, Nick!” Blake said with his hands on my hips.  “Fuck yeah!”

My breathing increased as did Blake’s.  I felt his hip starting to thrust into my body.  I groaned deeply feeling his hardening long satisfying plunges.  I braced myself and took whatever he wanted to give me.  It felt so good and steady feeling his cock deep inside me. 

“You like that ass?” I moaned.

“Oh hell yeah, so tight and so hot dude,” Blake said between breathes.

I got off his cock and lay on the couch.  Blake instinctively spread my legs and shoved his cock back in me.  I loved seeing his hot body moving while he fucked me.  I grabbed his ass to feel one of the hottest asses ever.  Lust now captivated my body and didn’t want this to end.  He used my ass as he wanted with slow steady stabs and then hard pounding.  The entire time I let loose, moaned like a bitch for him and thoroughly enjoyed our hot steamy sex.  I stroked my cock while he pushed my legs forward.  Sweat was dripping from his forehead while he repeatedly fucked my ass.

Without a word, Blake pulled out and covered my nuts and cock with his cum.  Using his cum, I jack my cock while Blake slumped on the couch.  I felt a tingle and cum flew out of my cock to my chest and abs.

“Nick, you’re one hot fuck,” Blake said. “I never thought I would say that to a guy but DAMN!”

“Blake, you’re one hot fucker. I loved it,” I smiled.  “I wish I could kiss you and make out with you.”

“Dude, I don’t kiss guys but what the fuck,” Blake said and kissed me.  I felt his tongue enter my mouth while my hands grabbed his hot body.  I think Blake gave in to his straight boy ways and let his emotions take over.  After a few minutes, he just stopped.  “Damn that shit was worth ditching my friends.  I don’t give a fuck what they might say.  That shit was off the hook.  I for damn sure need a cigarette after that hot ass fuck.”

I agreed and took a few puffs myself while my arm was around him.  I played with his cock while we shared a cigarette for a minute.  The room now smelled of smoke and of cum.  I didn’t care after taking all Blake had.  Blake put back on his shorts and grabbed his shirt.  I dearly hating seeing him slip next door but he wanted to get to his place.  I sprayed down the room with air freshener before I picked up my clothes and headed to bed with my hole still feeling stretched in a nice way.

The next morning, Sunday, my eyes woke to a great sunny day.  Just lying in bed with my hands behind my head, my mind wandered to yesterday.  I had absolutely no regrets with anything I had done.  I loved the adventure of a fresh hot straight boy after never experiencing it before in my gay life.  Smiling as I flung the sheets back, I grabbed my shorts, a t-shirt and shoes to head to the complex’s gym facilities.  It was one thing that attracted me to this place.  I pushed my body to the limits while sweat covered my body.  After the intense workout, my body barely made it up the stairs and into a welcoming hot shower.

Just kicking back for a relaxing day off, the television and my laptop provided ample entertainment.  Hearing the door slam of Blake’s apartment, my eyes caught a glimpse of him when he walked by.  He knocked on my door with a loud bang.  A big smile was on my face answering the door. 

“Nick, wanna join me at the pool?” Blake asked with a towel slung over his shoulder and wearing some low riding shorts.

“Sure, let me grab my suit,” I headed to my room and threw on my shorts for the pool.

“Hmmm, I just knew you would have a bikini or some shit.  I figured most gay guys wore them,” Blake commented after I returned.

“Oh don’t worry I have some but this is not the place.  I break that out at the beach,” I replied and grabbed a towel and my shades.  Blake lit a cigarette and offered me a puff but I refused. 

We headed to the pool a short walk away.  “Nick, I have to say I love tapping that ass last night.  I never thought having sex with a guy could be so hot.”

“I loved it too.  What would your friends say if they knew you fucked a guy?” I asked quietly.

“They’d give me all kinds of shit probably.  I don’t think I’ll be telling them any time soon either,” Blake laughed.

We found some chairs and spread out our towels to claim our territory for the day.  It was mostly younger kids and their parents to start out with.  It was nice just soaking in a little sun after using the sunscreen.  Blake jumped in the water after standing it as long as he could.  At his urging, I joined him to cool off a little bit. 

After a few hours in the sun, we headed back up to our apartments.  “Nick, you care if I hang a little while at your place since my mom is trying to sleep.  If I wake her up, she gets so pissed off and too her girlfriend might be there now.”

I smiled, “Good excuse but I don’t mind.”  I opened the door and grabbed some water to replenish my body and handed some to Blake as well. 

“You got any dry shorts I can bum so I don’t sit around in these wet ones?” Blake asked.

“I sure I can find some,” I replied.

Blake dropped his wet shorts there in the floor in front of me and I did the same.  While digging around my chest, his hand grabbed my bare ass.  I found a pair of athletic shorts in the chest and turned around to see him stroking his cock.  “Nick, I wanna fuck you again so bad after seeing your hot hole when you bent over,” Blake said with his hot cock in his hand. 

I got on my knees first and sucked his cock to get him hard and ready.  I grabbed the lube quickly and bent over my bed to take his cock.  He lubed us up and got right behind me.  With my legs spread, Blake spread my ass cheeks wide.  My ass felt his hard throbbing cock enter me again.  Without much foreplay, he was back in me balls deep.  His hands on my hips felt great when he started moving in me.  My loud moans gave him the incentive he needed.  I feel his balls slapping my ass while I stroked my cock bent over my bed.

“Oh fuck yeah!” Blake moaned with a steady thrust in me.

“MMMMMMMM that feels so incredible, Blake.  I love your big dick in me,” I moaned.

“That’s what all the bitches say.”

“I don’t blame them. It feels so fucking hot,” I moaned.  He leaned on me and wrapped his arms around my chest while fucking me.  He drove his cock repeatedly deep in me while I felt so great pleasure.

He stopped, “Let me fuck this hot ass with you on your back.”

I got on the edge of the bed.  He pulled me closer and was back in me.  He pushed my legs forward.  I watched every muscle in his chest and stomach work while feeling him deep in me.  Our breathing increased with each thrust in me.  “Oh fuck yeah!” I moaned in great approval of his actions. 

Unexpectedly he reached down and started jacking me off while still fucking me.  My body tingled and shook now with his fucking.  “Damn I love fucking this ass!” Blake said.  He leaned over and kissed me out of the blue.  I was stunned even though we kissed the night before.  “Dude, I love to kiss when I fuck!” Blake said.

“I do too,” I said while grabbing his hot ass.

He picked up the pace and was constantly pounding his cock in my hole.  I was in full out moaning and grunting mode now feeling the immense pleasure he was delivering.   He suddenly stopped and pulled out his cock.  Cum flew on my abs from his cock.  Immediately cum started pumping out of my cock as well.

Blake collapsed on top of me and found my mouth with his tongue.  Our cum smeared between us but we didn’t care at that moment.  We both hung our legs off the bed to recover.  I stroked his chest and abs while he just stared into my eyes.  “I think someone likes this straight boy cock,” Blake smiled.

“You may not be too straight much longer,” I smiled.

“Fuck that.  My ass will never turn totally gay and leave pussy,” Blake’s macho cocky side came shining through.

“You might be bi then,” I commented.

“That’s cool with me as long as I get my shit off,” Blake said. “Fucking you is really hot.  No girl would ever let me fuck them like we just did.   I’ve tried a few times but they want to cuddle and shit before we get it on.”

“Blake, I usually do too but I just can’t say no to you,” I smiled and put my hand on his flaccid but nice cock that hung lifeless there between his legs.

“I was wondering if you would let me just straight out fuck you,” Blake said.  We finally dressed after lying there a few more minutes to recover.  He didn’t hang around too much longer and headed over to his place. 

I used the time alone to catch up on emails that I had neglected over the weekend for work.  About 6, the door slammed next door and I saw Blake walk in front of my window.  He didn’t stop and headed down the stairs.  Knowing him, he would be back for a nightcap to finish off the weekend.

Sure enough right about 10, Blake was there at my door, grinning from ear to ear.

“No luck tonight finding a girl, huh?” I asked.

Blake smiled, “Nah, but I knew you would be here so it’s no biggie.”

“Blake, are you sure you want this to continue?  I can stop anytime.  I’m totally satisfied with what we’ve done so far,” I stated.

“Get real, motherfucker.  I love sex and now have a great guy next door who will deliver when my ass is ready,” Blake smiled.  “Plus mom’s gone tonight so I can sleep with you and fuck your ass all night.”

“Blake, I’ve got to work tomorrow,” I said.

“That’s cool dude,” Blake stated.

With that, Blake walked over to me and groped my cock under my shorts. I allowed him to do whatever and still lusted to be with him.  Blake was fulfilling every fantasy I had about him and more.  He fucked me again before falling asleep naked with me.

Our sexual encounters were frequent in the beginning but faded with time.  Blake found a girl along the way but knew I was ready and willing when he called for a job his girl couldn’t do.  His mom and he eventually moved away after a year.  I enjoyed each fuck and got to experience two of his hot friends along the way.

Blake still stops by occasionally and fills my desire and his too.  We started growing apart when I refused and found a true lover and boyfriend, his friend, Jason.  I appreciate Blake and each time our sex was off the hook.

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