Posted:  May 13, 2010

Damn I look so hot was the first thought in my mind looking in the mirror back home.  My hair had finally grown to a great length and was perfect in my mind.  My button up shirt was tailor made for my body as were the jeans I had on. My admiration was abruptly ended when the bathroom door opened.

“Are you going to take all day in here? I have to get ready as well,” Benji, my 16 year old brother, asked.

“I’m finished,” I said.

“About damn time, Casey,” Benji shot back at me.

“Smart ass,” I said back to him.  Well at least we were being our normal combative siblings.

I went to my room that was clean.  I think my mom was glad to have me gone so she could clean it up.  No telling what she found in there though and glad I wasn’t here when she found some of my ‘hidden’ things.  I put on my best cologne, mmmm does it ever smell great.  I decided my parents were owed the honor of at least seeing me so I was ready and decided to see what they were up to.

“Casey, you look nice,” mom said.

Dad on the other hand wasn’t as nice. “You really are making a statement there, Case.”

“Well… I think everyone pretty much knows now,” I stated. “You read the long article about the queer choir boy in the paper.”  I was being sarcastic.

“If anyone hadn’t guessed by now, they’ll know without one single doubt now,” Dad said.

“They all kiss my cute little ass if they don’t like it,” I replied.

“Casey,” Mom said. “Don’t be like that.”

“It’s the truth.  No one says a word at college to me.  If it starts tonight, I may go back to college early,” I stated.

Mom came over and put her arm around me, “Casey, we are so proud of you and love you to death.  Don’t be stupid tonight and do something you’ll regret.”

“I’ll try not to but…”

“Don’t get your ass kicked like you did this summer, Casey,” Dad said. “People are sometimes weird around here.”

“I know. Tell me about it,” I said and saw Benji coming into the room.  For a younger brother he was cute with shaggy brown hair and one nice body.

“Benji, we were telling Casey here not to get into a fight if someone says anything to him.  Will have his back?” Dad asked Benji.

“Casey, you’re on your own.  I doubt I even see you at the game tonight,” Benji said. “Dad, do you care if I stay over at Melissa’s after game?”

“Yes I care!” Dad said. “You have a lot of nerve even asking.”

“It was worth a try,” Benji laughed.

“You knew the answer to that question before you even asked, Benji,” Dad said.

“I guess I’ll have to make it quick with her then,” Benji smiled.

“Oh God!” Mom screamed.

“I’m just joking Mom,” Benji said. “More like dreaming and very wishful thinking on my part. She’s not ready yet where I’m past ready.”

“Dear Lord!  My kids!” Mom said.

“Honey, he’s being honest at least and not lieing out his ass like Casey did in high school,” Dad said.

“It was the truth. I had a girlfriend,” I stated.

“No, I meant like telling us you liked girls,” Dad said.

“Yea right you had a girlfriend, more like a boyfriend,” Benji said. “Did you even kiss her?”

“For your information it was a girl and yes we kissed,” I said.

“I don’t even have to ask if you had sex with her,” Benji said.

Dad and Mom looked at each other.  I had told them when I came in private that I did have sex with a girl more than once.  It did zero for me.  One time I didn’t even cum.  “Benji, Casey did.”

“You are such liars,” Benji said. “No way he did.”

“I did Benji.  It wasn’t my thing,” I said.

“May not be your thing but damn it’s mine,” Benji laughed.  “See ya later.”

The door slammed on the way out with Mom and Dad knowing they had their hands completely full with Benji’s crazed teen ways.  I was sort of glad to see him gone and was able to talk to my parents about college.  They did ask if I had found anyone, which I hadn’t but there were candidates scattered here and there.  It did feel good talking with them and how they now saw me for who I was and not something they wanted me to be like in high school.  I really felt like a grown man when it was time to leave and head to the high school football game at my alma mater.

Once inside the stadium, I began looking around for some old classmates to see how things were and to catch up.  My best friend ever Aimee told me she would be there and to look for her.   What a relief it was when I finally spotted her in the crowd.  We quickly exchanged friendly hugs.

“Casey, you look so good,” Aimee said.

“Well… thanks.  You’re looking hot yourself there girl,” I shot back at her.

“You ready for this?” she asked.

“Bring it on,” I replied.

We headed up to where she had seats.  Quickly I could feel the eyes.  Intentionally or unintentionally, Brad Terrence nearly plowed my ass over.  He said excuse me but I knew he was full of it. I disliked him in school and could see I still did.  I followed Aimee down the aisle to our seats.  At least the ones there were nice and spoke to me.  I sat down and looked to my left to see a good friend, Jason Womack, sitting there next to me.

“Wassup?” Jason asked.

“Came to check things out,” I replied.

“Tons of people here, huh?”

“Yea, I never did think I would get inside here.  This is weird though now since we’ve graduated.”

“Tell me about it.  I feel so old now,” Jason laughed.

“I do too now that I’m here and seeing all the students,” I said.

“Just think this time last year it was our crazy asses over there,” Jason stated.

“It was fun at the time, huh?”

“You bet it was,” Jason said. “Casey, you haven’t changed a bit either.  I don’t guess I ran into you over the summer.”

“I don’t think we did other than maybe once over at Aimee’s house swimming.”

“Yea, I guess we did then.”

I looked to my right and saw Aimee had left me.  She didn’t even say goodbye or where she was going.  Now the seats were taken by two other girls I didn’t know.  If not for Jason, I would have panicked right there but he kept talking up a storm.  We were friends in high school and occasionally hung out together but did a lot in junior high.  We did have one major thing in common; we were in choir together for 3 years.  Jason could really sing and had me so envious at times with his great tenor voice.  I tried but could match his mad talent.  When it came time for the National Anthem, Jason and I belted it out in perfect tune. 

“We still got it, huh?” I smiled.

“You sure do,” Jason said.

“Look who’s talking Mr. All-State Got a Full Ride over there,” I said.

“I was damn lucky,” Jason smiled. 

Now we were basically stuck and crammed together like sardines with the overflow crowd at the game.  Once the game started, we were forced to stand if we wanted to see.  After one quarter, both of us flopped down on the bleachers and were glad to grab the seat.  We had to look around and through people until our team was down by fourteen points. 

“What some awful band uniforms,” Jason commented seeing our band march onto the field for halftime.

“Tell me about it.  They should be ashamed,” I said.

“I’m ashamed for them,” Jason laughed.  “You can really tell Mr. Connor left.”

“Can’t you,” I commented.  “Mr. Connor was openly gay and got ran off.  He was a great director but the increasing pressure left him no choice but to leave.”

“I know and it sucks too.  People should be a little more tolerant,” Jason stated.

I wanted to tell him I was gay but he probably knew and was being nice in not mentioning it.  We watched and listened to the performance, which was subpar compared to the previous years.  I wanted to stand and tell everyone that what they get for running him off.

By the start of the fourth quarter, the game was out of hand.  I was more than ready to go and stood with my ass aching from sitting on the aluminum bleachers.  “Thanks Jason, it was fun.”

“You leaving?” he asked the obvious.

“Yea, I’m ready to go,” I stated. “I’ve been ready truthfully.”

“I guess now is as good of time as any.  We’re getting rolled,” Jason said and stood.  We got out of the row and headed down the bleachers.  Now I didn’t care who saw me or what was being said, I was ready to go. 

We got out of the crowded stadium.  It was a relief for some fresh air and not be crowded.  “I’ll see ya.”

“Dude, you got plans for tonight?” Jason asked.

“No, just going home,” I replied.

“You wanna come to my house and hang out for a little while?”

“I guess I could do that,” I replied.

“You’re more than welcome to the stay night if you want.  It’s just me tonight,” Jason said.

“I don’t know,” I said. “This is my first time home since going to school.”

“That’s cool if you don’t want but I figured your parents were asleep and you’d be home about the same time if you slept there,” Jason said.

“Ummm… I’ll ask.  Yea, they’ll be asleep here shortly if not already,” I laughed. “I’ll see ya over there.”  On the way, I called and told my mom my plans.  I think I woke her in the process.  She said the same thing as Jason and hung up.

Driving into Jason’s nice rich neighborhood brought back good memories.  In junior high, I did spend a few nights over here and remember what a slosh his dad was.  I parked in the drive and spotted Jason in the drive way.  “I’ve been relegated to the basement,” Jason said. 

“That’s cool,” I said and followed him around back.

“When I left, they made my room into a guest room and moved my ass to the basement.  Here all during high school I begged to get moved down here,” Jason laughed. “My brother and sister are so jealous.”

“By the way, Mom agreed with you and I can stay even though I’m not prepared,” I said.

“Awesome,” Jason said. “I hate stay here alone.”  He opened the basement door and turned on the lights.  It was like an apartment inside but way nicer.  “Want something to drink?”

“A beer would be great,” I joked.

“I’ll go up and get one if you’re serious,” Jason stated.

“I was kidding.  Water would really hit the spot bout right now,” I stated. “Jason, you don’t drink?”

“Hell no, my dad drinks enough for all of us but Jeff is following in his footsteps though,” Jason said in reference to his brother that was Benji’s age. “Remember how damn drunk Dad used to get when we would have sleepovers.”

I laughed, “Do I.  He did give us a good laugh though.”

“For you guys but not me.  I was so embarrassed.  He’s the reason I stopped inviting people over and don’t drink.  I’m glad he’s gone this weekend and don’t have to deal with that.”

Jason handed me some water.  We sat on his nice couch while he turned on the nice big LCD HDTV.  “Great set-up here, Jason.”

“Thanks, I like it since I’m here all the time now.”


“I hated college and dropped out after the second week.  I was so miserable that even the choir department couldn’t keep me there.  I was a few days late or would’ve enrolled here.”

“Sorry to hear that,” I said.

Jason drank his water and cleared his throat, “Is it true what I heard about you?”

“If you talking about that I came out and gay, it’s true,” I replied.

“You’re so brave.  No way could I have done it,” Jason said.

I looked at him, “Are you…?”

“Yes!” Jason said loudly to make a statement.

“No wonder…”

“No… No… I’m not after you,” Jason said.

“I would be flattered if you were,” I smiled.  “Seriously, did you come because you hated school or had this internal struggle brewing inside?”

“Both actually.  I thought how awesome college would be and I could really be the real Jason.  I got hot and heavy with one guy there and things went to total shit after that.  I just couldn’t handle it, Casey.  I ran… I ran here where I was comfortable only to find I was moved down here.”

“Looks like to me you won on that account,” I stated and felt his hand on my jeans.

“I won tonight too,” Jason stated, rubbing my knee. “Casey, I’ve always had the biggest crush on you.”

I leaned over and was met half way with Jason’s lips.  His lips were so soft.  “Is this what you wanted?”

“Yes,” Jason said. “You?”

“Yea!” I screamed.  I couldn’t deny Jason.  He was so cute almost boyish cute.  His dark blond hair was combed to his face and looked great.  We kissed again with more tongue.  I liked that he was meeting my aggression by unbuttoning my shirt.  I opened it up and let him kiss my body.  My body was thin but I loved it.  Not one ounce of fat but no muscle definition either.  His kissing and playing with my nipples had me going.  I had to have his shirt off.  I pulled at the bottom while Jason lifted his arms. We were built the same but his abs did have some definition and he had a small tattoo at his waist.  I kissed his neck and down to his chest. 

“Fuck yea, Casey!” Jason screamed.  “This is exactly how I had this pictured!”

I went for his mouth again and let my hand feel his shorts.  I wasn’t sure but he felt big.  I dropped down and undid his shorts.  He lifted up and pushed them to the floor.  My touch was dead on.  My eyes were bulging like his bulge. 

“Fuck dude!” I said and meant it.

He pulled off his sexy low rise briefs.  Out popped one big fucking cock!  I was in heaven and dreamed of a big cock like this.  My other experiences were disappointing in cock size where as Jason was hung.  “Big, huh?” he asked.

“Big is not the word.  Fucking huge!” I said.

“Hard it’s about 8 ˝ inches,” Jason said with undeniable pride.

“Where have you been all my life?” I said.

“Right here, waiting on this shit!” Jason said. “I’m fucking tripping to see your dick.”

I was no comparison.  I dropped my jeans and off went my stripped cheap ass boxer briefs.  My cock, maybe 6 inches on a good day, was getting hard and looked small compared to his slab of meat.  He pushed me down and got on top of me.  We both were being driven by lust and desire for sex at that moment.  He slid down my body after grinding our cocks together.  My fear now was ending too soon.  He licked my cock and took it in his mouth.  I put my hand on top of his head and squirmed.  “OOOO Jason,” I groaned with my cock being sucked and my mind going crazy with lust.  He moved up and down.  His tongue hit all the right spots and was driving me completely insane.  I had to pull him up after a good 4 or 5 minutes.  Our lips met again.  My hand stroked his cock and could feel it hard. 

I dropped down and eyed his big long cock.  It wasn’t real thick but made up for it in length.  I licked his lower abs and down the long shaft.  I glanced up to see he loved this.  My mind was telling me no way could I suck it but hell it was waiting for my mouth.   I covered my teeth and went for it.  I had a hand at the base and could feel his cock wanting to go into my throat.  I gagged and pulled back. 

“It’s cool.  No one can take me,” Jason said.

I continued to suck his cock.  It was great and had me wanting more and more.  Again I tried to take more but couldn’t.  My free hand explored his body while I continued to enjoy sucking him.  I felt a pull and kissed up his body. 

“Fucking great but I was about to bust,” Jason said.

“Fuck me, Jason!” I said.  What did I just say?  It came out in the passion and heat but I did want to experience his cock in my ass.

“I’d love to fuck you, Casey,” Jason said and accentuated with a long kiss.

He pulled me to his bedroom.  It was one swift walk with both of eager to fuck.  He grabbed the condoms and lube while I got in the center of his king size bed. 

“Doggie style,” Jason said.

I rolled over and got on my knees.  My ass was perched high in the air.  I felt his lubed finger penetrate my hole.  “OOOO,” I moaned.



His finger moved in and out as a prequel to the main event.  Another long skinny finger joined in.  “Nice ass, Casey,” Jason commented.  I felt him kiss at my hole.  His fingers left my ass.  My head turned to see him opening the condom.  He lubed up my ass and the condom while I waited.

Jason stuck his cock head at my hole.  My mind was racing in anticipation.  I needed to relax or this would hurt.  I felt his cock begging to enter. I pushed out and felt it enter me.   “OOOOO!” I screamed.  “Damn!”

“You okay?”

“Fuck yea!” I said and grabbed his comforter.  I wanted to take all he had.  His cock went deeper.  I moaned and waited.  A little deeper and another moan.  I twisted my head around, “Fuck me, Jason!”

“You like my long cock in your hot little ass?”

“OOO yes,” I moaned and could feel it deep in me.

Jason slapped my little ass and started fucking me.  He started real slow and built up the pace.  I was moaning and breathing hard with each plunge into me.  His cock felt so good and was filling my every sexual desire at that moment. 

“Fuck yea,” I screamed with my head going crazy.

Jason continued the nice pace and had me in delirium.  I felt his cock leave my hole. 

“OOOO fuck!” Jason screamed.  I turned my head to see his cock bombard my back with streams of cum.  Just like that it was over.  “Sorry but damn your ass was so hot and tight.”

Jason grabbed some Kleenex off his night stand.  I knew what they were for and used them as well almost nightly.  I rolled over to my back.  Jason’s hand slid up and down my cock.  I shook all over and felt my load busting out.  It was intense as ever with shot after shot hitting my stomach with one up to my chest.

“Casey, you are one hot ass fuck.  Just like I knew you would be,” Jason said before kissing me. 

“You were fucking great,” I stated once he stopped.

“Too quick in my book,” Jason said. “We do have all night if you want this shit again.” Jason grabbed his cock.

“Fuck yea I want it again,” I stated and did want more of his cock.

Being 19, it didn’t take that long but who was keeping track of the time.  I was with one long dicked fucker who was willing to appease my sexual desires as a bottom.  The next round was a total success.  We got into a great rhythm after just a minute.  Jason really then fucked the shit of me and fed me all 8 and ˝ inches of his cock forever.  He and I screamed a lot and sure enjoyed the second go around.  It was pure uninhabited sex from two willing participants.  We were both exhausted after cumming a second time.  I don’t know or care who went to sleep first.  I did wake during the night to feel his arm wrapped around me and feeling his cock pressed against my back… oh what a great feeling. 

The next morning we woke nearly at the same time.  I got up and found my boxer briefs to take a piss.  When I returned, Jason was lying there waiting on me.  He rolled out of bed and headed to piss as well.

“What’d you think?” Jason asked and did look hot still naked.

“What do you mean?  It was fucking great,” I replied.

Jason came over and lay right next to me.  His hand was on my side, “No, what’d you think about being set up?”

“Set up?” I looked at him.

“Yea Casey, Aimee found out I was gay and called to tell me you’d be at the game.  She knew I had the biggest crush on you for a while and arranged it to where we’d end up together alone,” Jason stated.

“It all makes perfect sense now.  I was a little pissed she did up and leave me,” I said. “I like however the end results.”

“I loved it,” Jason said with a good kiss.  We rolled around in his bed for a little while.  I knew Mom would be expecting me anytime since it was nearing noon.  I dressed quickly to head out but told Jason what a wonderful time I had and that more would definitely be in order. 


Hope you enjoyed another one chapter story.