I had been thinking about that night with Matt, and how I royally fucked up. I didn’t know what I was thinking when I started to get intimate with
Matt the next morning, after asking him to spend the night. I really felt I was changing.
Matt told me that I needed to take some time, and go off and be by myself and maybe the answers will come. When I left to go home, I decided
to go much slower than normal and make a few more stops, and think over everything.
I thought about my choice to break up with Andrea. I didn’t regret the decision at all. However, that decision told me what kind of man I was. I
was a guy who loved my best friend more than my girlfriend. It’s not guys though; that I loved: it is Kris. There is something about him that
made me love him more than I ever did with Andrea.
I came to that understanding after my night with Matt; no matter how much I wanted to experience Matt, when I thought about it, though, I
knew that Matt and I had no connection, no attraction, other than my best friend I loved dearly. His connection with Kris was so much more
intense. I felt nothing with Matt other than a friendly body to fuck. With Kris, I knew I was feeling something more. It was equal to the closeness
I felt with Andrea.
I decided that the love I have Kris is real and more important than any love I had for any of my previous girlfriends, and just as powerful as the
connection, but on a different level, than with Chase and Mom. I needed to keep Kris close by. I don’t know where my future will take me once I
graduate, but I hope it is within calling distance of Kris.
I felt guilty for how he treated Matt though, using him for his on lusting. However, I remembered that Matt was a willing participant in the entire
affair, even stating Corey gave his blessing, if we did fool around. The one thing that I couldn’t fathom was why I stroked Matt’s arm like that. 
Maybe it was that I thought I was in bed with Kris, momentarily. That wasn’t it; I knew it was Matt because I made the choice to touch him.
The next haunting consideration was that I loved Matt in a different way. However, I squashed that idea, as soon as I came to the understanding
that I love Kris, and my feelings for Matt were just that I wanted to fool around.
Why did I touch him like that? 
I don’t know. I didn’t even notice that I had arrived at the house, and was so concentrated on my thoughts that I didn’t hear Chase rapping on
the window.
“Yeah, bro,” I asked, opening the window.
“You have been sitting there for about ten minutes, are you okay?”
“Yep,” I responded, without much thought.
Chase walked around to the passenger side of the car and opened the door.
“Colt, we have been getting closer, especially after dad’s encounter. Talk to me.”
I thought about it for a second. He was right, we had a great friendship, and great relationship. There was no reason for me to keep shit from
him.  I had been open about my feelings and thoughts about Kris before.
However, another thought had occurred to me.
“Actually, there is something I wanted to ask you, Chase. How is it you are so okay with me and my choices of late?”
“Choices?” Chase obviously didn’t understand my meaning.
“I don’t know, but when you learned I had fooled around with Kris, and then when I told you we were dating you seemed so okay with it all.
That reaction has always puzzled me.
“Come on, Colt,” Chase smiled, ‘You are my big brother, and I wouldn’t care if you were a gay lobster. I just want you to be you. I will admit
that discovering you had slept with Kris did shock me at first. I told you then that I was good with that.”
“There has to be a reason, though,” I went further. “With the father we had, how did you become such an understanding person?”
“I don’t know, Colt.” Chase thought about it some more, “It must have been Mom, and some of the influences she had on me. When you were
away at school, it was mainly her and me most of the time, and we got to talking. Nothing serious or anything like the shit we talk about.”
“I see,” I said, “So, seriously, you never had a problem with me and Kris?”
“Nope…so are you going to tell me what you have been thinking about?”
I decided to tell him about my encounter with Matt what happened afterward and how confused it made me feel. Chase listened and actually
summed up my fear rather easily.
“You think you may be gay.”
I nodded, not really wanting to voice to it.
“Just because you stroked Matt’s arm? I will be honest, Colt. Touching someone like that doesn’t make you feel gay.”
“How would you know?” I said a little more defensively than I wanted.
“I don’t, Colt. It’s just my opinion.”
“So, what do you think made me do it?”
“It could be anything, bro. It could be that you missed Kris and you were transferring those feelings to Matt for that moment only. It’s been
pretty obvious, you guys do get a little mushy around each other when you are alone, or around me and Tabor.”
I eyed him.
“What, some of the shit I learn in psychology class sticks. My teacher was talking about transference. You may project your feelings or thoughts
about one person, onto another. Your desire to be with Kris at the moment was transferred to Matt.”
“You could have a point there.”  I recalled how Kris mentioned to me his quest to find himself last Christmas and went through feelings that he
may be gay and he may have loved me. I told him about his session with Dr. Roark, and he suggested that he move slowly and if feelings for me
were there they would be sorted out.
“Did you ever want to get with Matt before, though?”
“Yeah, I wanted to experience him. Mainly to show him how much I loved him as friend.”
“Okay,” Chase said. “Do you feel you cheated on Kris by having your little encounter with Matt?”
I thought about it, and the answer was no.
“Then, don’t worry about it. It was a harmless action; I don’t think you are gay.”
“Our father would disagree.”
“So fuck him,” Chase said, and we both cracked up at that. I thought and realized that Kris had kissed, fucked and had intimate contact with Matt
over the years and he never became gay. I still had a small desire to sleep with girls, too.
Maybe Chase right.
“Let’s go in, I’m fucking starving.” I told Chase.  That is when Dad’s car drove up.


I was sitting in a special arm chair in Scott’s house. It was a chair I remembered so vividly from the summer when I surprised him with a visit.
Scott and I started in the backyard pool, then made it to living room, and Scott fucked me over this chair here right where I was sitting.
However, as much as I come back to the great memories from visiting this house, this was the first time I came here when his family was
home. The other time was when Scott invited me to spend the summer with the guys just after our freshman year, and after my stupid fight
with Scott. That day was memorable because it showed a Matt totally out of it. It was hilarious how he stripped naked and asked me to fuck
Corey right there. In the argument that followed, Matt said some choice phrases to Corey that was not funny, though.
The second trip I made to this house was when I surprised Scott and we made passionate love all over the house. Now, though, I feel so
uncomfortable. This is first time I’ve actually met Scott’s parents and sister and his legendary Uncle Scott, who Scott was named after.
Scott was sitting next to him on the couch and motioned me to join him. Charlene and Rod, Scott’s parents were preparing the meal and Trevor
was late; something about a new boyfriend, as Scott tells it. Sammie was in her room playing on her computer. Scott rarely talks to about her,
Scott could easily sense my nerves, “Jessie, you will be fine. You’ve met my parents before.”
“Yeah,” I stated, “Now that we are a couple it seems different.”
“Oh come on; you don’t give yourself enough credit; you are a hot fucking devil and smart as a whip. My parents are going to love you.”
“True.” From everything I knew about Scott, his parents are going to love me.”
“Jessie, if you want we can leave.”
I raised an eyebrow, “So, you can tell the guys?”
Scott laughed, and kissed me on the lips, which calmed me slightly.
“That was part of the reason,” Scott admitted after he broke the kiss. “The other is that we haven’t spent a lot of time together, and I really
wanted to show you off to my family. Then, make crazy love to you.”
“Can’t we just fuck?” I asked, hopefully.
“Later, later.”
Down the stairs came Scott’s uncle. He was using a cane, but from my perspective he seemed to not need it.
Scott said very casually, as his uncle entered the room, “Uncle, this is my boyfriend, Jess.”
“Hello, boyfriend Jess,” he said in a happy kind of tone, while he extended his hand.
“It’s just Jess, sir.”
“And it’s Scott, not sir.”
“I have heard so many stories about you, from your nephew.”  I commented.
“Don’t worry, I just told him the funny ones.” Scott laughed.
Uncle Scott had been a magician for about 35 years. He wasn’t that famous, but he made an honest living of it and was featured at the local
colleges and other venues. His act was simple tricks, but there was this famous one where he was put into a leather trunk, and he had to
“I take it my nephew explained where he almost got born.”
“Actually, no.” I was surprised that Scott had never mentioned that particular story. I turned to him, and just shrugged.
“Uncle Scott tells it better.”
“Well, Scott’s mother was my assistant in the olden days, when I was still making a name for myself.”
“Because Uncle Scott, wasn’t exactly the best name for a magician,” Scott interrupted.
“Scott, I thought you said I told it better, now kindly shut your trap.”
“Anyways, so his mother helped me out, and the trick that I normally ended my act with was the trunk trick. And, for a few months the boxes
secret latch had been faulty, but I managed to fix it. Even so, Charlene didn’t want to go inside the box.”
“I convinced her to go inside, when the small group at the local high school encouraged her. She was nine months pregnant at the time.”
“The crowd didn’t encourage, you convinced her.”
“No, the crowd seemed eager to see the trick.”
“I believe you are mistaken,” Scott commented.
“Whose telling the story?” his uncle asked.
“You, sir.”
“So, shut up and let me tell it. So, the crowd encouraged her to participate in the trick. As a good assistant, she went inside. Well, after I said
the magic words, nothing happened. The stupid latches were stuck, and Charlene was trapped inside. And, of course, knowing my sister’s comic
timing, she screams she’s going into labour with that one,” he said pointing to Scott.
“I was going into labour, dear brother.” Charlene said sitting next to her older brother. “Scotty was almost born inside of that trunk.”
“What happened?” I found myself asking.
“Basically for forty minutes they all tried to get it open. Eventually the shop teacher brought some tools and the trunk was crowbarred open.”
Charlene commented, “I was rushed to the hospital and Scotty came out about three hours later.”
“Yeah, after that, Charlene refused to be my assistant.”
“I wonder why,” I smiled and nodded to Scott’s mother. The nerves I seemed to have, disappeared.
Uncle Scott concluded the story, “Well, that episode with trunk got on the local news and my next venue had many more people because they
wanted to see if it would work or not. Knowing that, I deliberately set it up with me going into the box, and pretending to be stuck at the end of
the show.  When the audience left, they were greeted by me by the exit, successfully getting out of the box. From there my show took off.”
Rod yelled from the dining room, “Dinner is nearly ready? Where’s Trevor?”
Almost on cue, Scott’s cute brother enters talking on the phone.
“Goodbye, Landon.”
Scott and Jess knew the name instantly. “You are seeing him again?”  Scott asked.
“Of course not; but I am still friends with the guy.”
“Why would you be friends with your ex?” Scott asked, seriously.
I hit Scott on the side of the head. “You are one to talk.”
“Aren’t you friends with Hayden, Brennan, Matt, Garrett and Jordy and all the rest of your ex’s?” I asked, smartly
Scott laughed, “I guess you do have point there, Jessie.”
Trevor, now off his phone, hugged Scott hello, then when Rod entered the room it became quiet; until Scott did something that only Scott would
do: he farted. I assumed it was comic relief. Boy, it sure did smell. After Scott was kicked out of the room by his father, Trevor asked a
“So, are you jealous that Scott’s still on speaking terms with all his ex’s?”
I was caught off guard by the question, especially with the whole family in the room. Rod was too involved speaking with his brother-in-law to
pay any attention, but I was sure Charlene was catching every word of this conversation as she was looking at my direction.
“Not at all, Scott and I have a bond that is bigger than any of the past flings he had any dealings with. Besides, if I asked him to stop speaking to
his old flames, then he wouldn’t be talking to anybody at the school.”
At that, Trevor laughed, and so did Charlene; I think I even heard Uncle Scott chuckle, but nonetheless, the ice was clearly broken.
“Honestly, though, Scott and I trust each other and I’m well aware of his friendly nature.  He always breaks up with guys and girls with good
intentions. And most of his old beaus are my friends, too. One of my best friends is dating his last boyfriend, so we are tight-knit group.”
“When has my brother ever been tight?” Trevor asked, and chucked at him. Scott returned with his sister, Sammie whom I have never met. She
was a little shy around me, when Scott introduced us. After that she went to talk to her uncle, and he did some slight-of-hand for her.
Scott sat down next to me, “How is everything down here?”
“Great, I really think your family likes me,” I whispered back.
“Hey!” Scott yelled. “Does anybody here not like my boyfriend?”
Shocked at his outburst, I did check those there to see if anybody did. Then a hand was raised. It belonged to Scott’s dad.”
“Dad?” Scott asked.
“Scott, I am just kidding. I love Jess, and I am happy that you have found him. It takes a special friend to go all the way to another town to be
with their friend when they are injured.”
“Does this mean you are finally going to come out of the closet and admit you are gay?” Trevor asked.
“At least he was in the closet, unlike some people who like to flaunt it,” Sammie surprising the room by commenting.
“Hey, if you got it, you got to flaunt it.”
I remembered that Scott said a few years ago that Trevor liked to be more stereotypical with flaunting of his gayness, and he got his ass beaten
a few times.
“Then what’s your excuse for flaunting anything, you got nothing down there,” Scott stated with laughter from Sammie.
“See here!” Uncle Scott sounded, “At least, Trevor kept his clothes on a lot more than you. I seem to remember a certain four year old who
never wore clothes.”
“Uncle, I was four. I am a grown man now.” Scott said.
I was about to say it, but Scott’s mom beat me to it, “Since when?”
At that the whole room laughed so loud that I barely heard the knock at the door.


I was alone and it always made me antsy being alone. It didn’t help that I woke up from a huge hangover from my night with Tanner and Brady.
Last night with my old high school buddies was great. Tanner had a nice girlfriend that I met that night, and Brady unfortunately had developed
a complete beer belly. I did causally mention to my friends that I was dating Colt. I wasn’t broadcasting the information, but it just came up in
the conversation when the subject turned to my college life.
Now I was sitting alone in my bedroom waiting for the hours to pass. None of my friends were around, I called Colt and we talked briefly about
him fucking Matt, and I was pleased that he enjoyed the experience. The next call was to Matt where I jokingly acted all pissed off with him.
After getting off the phone my thoughts turned to my boyfriend and my best friend fucking. I whipped off my boxers and started stroking my
dick, just with the image my mind, and as I pictured Colt cumming in Matt, my own semen shot across the room and onto the door, which was
only a short distant away.
Relieved, I cleaned up my mess and put on a tank top and jeans, deciding to go commando without boxers. I felt clothes restricting, and
whenever possible I wouldn’t wear boxers; I couldn’t go naked around my folks though. It was about 5:30 when my father came in the front
I was in the living room texting Tanner out of boredom when Walt entered. Tanner was with his family and his Toronto relatives who were
staying over. He was also bored. Seeing Walt, I sat up and said hello. Walt didn’t seem to notice me at all. However, after a second he
registered my presence.
“So my favourite son has returned from his night of drinking.”
“I thought Nathan was your favourite,” I joked
“I forgot…okay second favorite son.” Although I didn’t get along with my folks well, dad and I found a connection.
Minutes later Jenny entered with some stuff from the store. “I see our son has graced us with his presence.”
“Yeah,” I said. “Don’t worry I wont make a habit of it.” 
“That’s good.” Mom joked. “Anyways, the turkey will be ready in a few minutes. I needed to pick up some ice cream for dessert.”
I asked Mom if she needed some help, and she welcomed it, while Dad turned on some TV.
“Dear,” Mom addressed Dad, “would you set the table?”
Before any of us knew it, we were eating a small thanksgiving meal of turkey, mash potatoes, cranberries and stuffing. Mom had always
enjoyed a traditional meal. Dad asked about my grades and we talked about school, and for the next hour we just chatted away about nothing
“I am glad you are making use of Nathan’s storage space.” Dad stated after I told him how much work I did with it. I even reassured him that he
would pay for the storage fee somehow.
“No. Don’t worry about it, son. After hearing what you are doing for it, I am happy that you are using it.”
I went home early, so I could see what was left to be done. Every time I went home since the beginning of my sophomore year, I did a little
more. Everything was completed accept the little thing on the wall, and so I spent the better part of the afternoon putting that artwork together.
I had found the keys and the address for the space during my first summer while I was packing my things for my Toronto vacation after my high
school graduation.

After returning from the Toronto trip, I went by myself and found the place and kept it to myself at first because it reminded me of Nathan and it
was a special place for me. Around the time I was packing for my freshman year, I soon found out Nathan bought the place so it's all paid for.

The next summer after freshman year, Mom and Dad wondered where he went for hours at a time, so I finally told them and took them there.
We had a touching family moment remembering Nathan and agreed that I should have the space because that's what Nathan would have
wanted, but that I should maybe tidy it up a bit. I agreed but said I’d keep some of Nathan's things as a reminder and asked them if they wanted
anything. After Mom and Dad left with a few things, I decided to use the place as my sanctuary when I wanted to remember Nathan or the other
good times in his life, so I created the room as it is. It took a while to clean it out. Nathan had had drugs and booze there, and it dawned on me
that Derek was aware of this location also. It was horrifying for me at first to see it. I came up with the idea to make some changes and started
a new project with it. I told Mom and Dad in late July and they thought it was great idea.
Since then I spent most of my time at home. Matt had no idea about it; Corey had some inkling when I borrowed some stuff that he would have
access too, without Matt’s knowledge. I had even recruited JJ, Trevor and Chase to help me out. Derek had some stuff too.
“You really don’t have to, Dad. This has been my project. You don’t need to be paying for it.”
“Well, after Matt and your friends see it; we can work something out.”
I saved up money and bought some unique furniture for the space. Dad had supervised their placement.
“I checked on the space last week, and you have done a fantastic job.” Mom piped in.
“Yeah, I am sure my friends will enjoy it when they come back for the Christmas break.”
“On that note,” Dad said, “we will most likely be gone when you come home. My friend from college is not feeling so well; and he has been in
bed for weeks with some minor sickness. He will be fine in a few months, since the doctors caught it early. So, your mother and I will be staying
with him for a week.”
“Aw. I am sorry to hear that. Did you know this friend well?”
“Let us just say, he was as close as you are with Matt and Colt and Corey.”
“You mean you slept with him, too…” I spoke without thinking.
“No,” Dad laughed, “He was the best man at our wedding. So are you saying you slept with Corey and Colt too?”
“Well, it’s no secret that Matt and I have fucked around.”
“KRIS!” Mom stated. “Language!”
“Sorry, we had fun together,” I said, eyeing Mom. “But, Colt and I are something different.”
“What?” Dad asked, obviously curious about my social habits. I really didn’t mind talking to him about it, however, I didn’t know how to convey it.
“We are boyfriends!” I blurted out. There was silence from both my parents.
Dad finally spoke, “When did this start?”
“A few months ago,” I explained how Colt and I got together.
“So,” Mom stated, “Are you gay?”
“Nah, I still like girls. However, I love Colt more than anybody else right now.”
“Well, you can’t limit love to one sex.” Dad stated. “If you love someone that’s it.”
“I have to admit you are taking this quite well.”
“Honestly, son.” Mom responded. “Did you think we wouldn’t? We loved Nathan and he was gay.”
“We love Matt and Corey too, for that matter.” Dad spoke up.
“You are right; I knew you would take it that well.”
“Have there been any problems at school with your relationship status?” Mom worried.
I told him about Alex and Bishop.
“Don’t worry mom, things are fine. Colt and I are happy, and Corey and Matt and these new friends all support me.”
“New friends? How many is that now 5,000,000 or so?” Dad joked.
Deciding to change the subject, “Dad have you ever experimented with the other team.”
“Nope, sorry; I have only been attracted to women.”
“I have.” Mom said causally.
We continued to talk through dinner and dessert. I was completely stuffed by the time I was watching the game with Dad.
“I missed this.” I said.
“Son, regardless of all the shit you pull, your mother and I are glad when you come home. We don’t care that you go drinking out all night. We
trust you, son. And for the record, we missed you, too.”
“There is something else I want tell you. I think I am becoming a nudist.”
“I was like that too when I was in college, son. So, was Nathan, in his teenage years, he was always naked when he was in his room...”
“It is like there is nothing I can do to disappoint you.”
“There are some things…” I knew what he meant, drugs and alcohol killed my brother, and it took Dad and Mom many years to accept it.
“Sleeping with guys and walking around naked is nothing considering the other deadly pastimes you could take up.”
My memory went to Amsterdam, and all the weed I inhaled. “True, and for the record I don’t sleep around with guys.”
“Let’s see there’s Matt and Colt; How about Corey or Scott?”
My silence spoke volumes. Before I said anything else I got up and got in the car to drive to Matt’s house to see how his time at Vince’s went.

Just as things were starting to get better with Scott telling them how much he has grown since the accident, my family shows up at the door. Of
course they were invited at the Trenton’s insistence. This was definitely history in making, I thought, with the Trentons and Framptons sitting at
one table. Scott had met most of my family before, just not during a pleasant time. My sister made an impression on Scott when he came to sit
by me in the hospital while I was recovering from that horrible attack. Now, under more pleasant times, this night will hopefully be more
First to enter was my father, Frank, then my mother, Sarah, my sister, Katie and my uncle, Joe with his husband Darren. The introductions were
made and I noticed something of a glance between Mom and Scott’s dad. Not sure; I could have been imagining things. With my family in
attendance, and the food ready to be eaten, everyone made their way to the dining room.
The conversation was light to begin with, Joe and Darren were discussing, of all things, carpentry with Scott’s dad, which is understandable
given Joe’s career as a handyman.
“Are you much of a do it yourself, Rod?” Joe asked, with interest.
“Of course…” he replied.
“Of course not…” Charlene responded after. “He sucks at all repairs. He can barely handle simple things.”
“What are you talking about,” Rod stated. “I can handle many projects.”
“Like redoing Trevor’s room; you scratched up the entire wall trying to get the desk through the door. Then there are the light fixtures, three of
five times you broke it while changing it. And let us not talk about your inability to unclog a sink.”
Mom laughed at Charlene’s comments, along with all the adults at the table. Sammie and Trevor were talking with Katie secretly at one corner
about something.
Scott whispered to me, “Are you still worried about everything?”
“Nah, I am enjoying the atmosphere.”  The atmosphere as I called it was barely quiet. With Katie, Sammie and Trevor discussing television
shows; while Darren was discussing his passion in the art world to Scott’s uncle, and how he was an amateur painter; and Scott and my folks
were conversing now about the turkey, and how big it was.  The volume in the room went up maybe a 100 decimals. However, I was completely
happy with how things were going.
Katie, actually sitting next to Scott and me, addressed Scott when the his brother and sister turned to listen to their uncle’s story.
“I never did thank you, Scott, for everything you did for my brother?”
“What do you mean?”
“You sat by him through the Christmas holidays, you were there for him. That takes a special kind of friend.”
“It was nothing, Katie; you were there for me, and you called me there. If it weren’t for you. . . ,” I started.
“Yeah, I had a feeling my dear brother, would want his best friend there.”
“She is right, I wanted you there. It was you who I am pretty sure got me out of that coma.”
“Maybe you a have strong will Jessie.”
“Jessie?” Katie laughed, as the other conversations continued to flow over the table. “You call him that?”
“Yep,” Scott admitted. “It’s sort of a pet name I have for him that I guess stuck.”
“Ever since Jess was little, I called him Jessie.”
“She is the only one in the family who calls me that,” I explained. “And, I love how Scotty calls me that, too. Only the people I truly love use that
name. My family thinks it’s a baby name and never use it, though.”
“I see,” Katie said. Then changing the subject, she asked, “So I was meaning to ask how are you feeling?”
“The scars are just fine,” Scott answered, which registered a chuckle from not only Katie by my Uncle Joe, who seemed to be listening in.
I couldn’t resist it, so I added, “Let’s just say, Scott has put me through the tests.”
It was true, the Scars will always be there, but they have faded, some. And my walking has returned slowly back to normal, with there still
being a slight limp. However, with my sex life, and a help of a gifted trainer at the Rec Center, I am almost back to normal.
Dinnertime was going fast, with the conversation turning towards me.
“Well, Jess.” Rod stated. “I guess it is time to have the talk.”
“Talk, sir?”
“Yes, if you are going to date my son, and you seemed to be rather serious, we need to put your through the Trenton grilling session.”
“Dad,” Trevor rolled his eyes. “Is this really necessary? you scared Landon half to death with those ridiculous questions. Besides, Scott’s had
more sexual partners than I can count, not to mention a few boyfriends and girlfriends; nobody else was submitted to your grilling before.”
“Ah,” Rod stated, “Scott wasn’t dumb enough to invite them to the house.”
“This wasn’t the first time I was here.” I clarified. My family just listened to the conversation, though Scott, Trevor and Sammie seemed bored,
and Charlene seemed like she was about to smack her husband.
“Jess, I just want the best person for my son. So, should we start with the questions or…” He stood up took a glove out of his pocked and put it
on, “Or go straight for the rectal probe.”
Now I was completely nervous. “Sir, uh, maybe we should continue this in private.”
Then the Trentons and my mom laughed, Scott kissed my check. “It’s just my dad’s sense of humor.”
“Okay, Mom. What gives? Did you know he was going to do this?”
“I enjoy his humor. Lighten up, Jess; it is funny.
Dad explained about his wife, “Sarah always tried to be the funny one at home.”
“Tried, dear?”
“I seem to recall a few times, when she made us laugh.” I helped my mom.
“Thank you.”
“Yeah, you must remember, Dad, it was when I was ten or eleven, my birthday; everybody was fighting over the flowers on the cake. She got
annoyed and just threw the cake against the wall. And that made everybody chuckle, until we realized there was no more cake.”
“That was funny,” Dad stated.
“She always had a wicked sense of humour.” Scott’s dad pointed out.
“Okay, sis; spill it. Or do you want me to.”
At this, the table turned its attention to Mom.
“Explain? About you and Rod here.”
She kept quiet. I looked over to Scott and he seemed speechless also.
“Don’t tell me you dated him?” I blurted out.
Joe was about to launch into his story, when I spoke.
“That was exactly what I was going to say, Jess.”
“Wait!” Trevor asked his father, “You dated?”
I gauged Charlene’s and Dad’s reaction, they seem to be aware of this; then I was wrong.
“Rod!” Scott’s mom said. “How come you never mentioned this to me?”
She slapped her husband and walked into the kitchen. Frank’s face was getting red. He looked completely speechless. He got up and walked out
of the dining room and out the front door. I was shocked, too. Nobody in the room could have anticipated these reactions. Darren went to talk to
Frank, while Uncle Scott when to speak to his sister.
Trevor, Sammie and Katie just sat staring at their parents and hoped one of them spoke up.
“Joe!” Mom yelled, “How could you reveal that?”
“Jess was the one who said it.”
“You confirmed it.”
“What made you believe that anyways, Jess?”
“Well…um…I guess it was how you guys looked when you walked in, and you seemed to have a similar sense of humor.”
“Is someone going to tell me what happened?” Scott asked.
“It was nothing major. In my second year in college, I met Rod. We dated seriously for a few months, and then he switched majors and found
Charlene and I never saw him again.”
“I can’t help it you never graduated from college,” Rod stated.
“Wait, after the shit you said to me when I dropped out; and you never graduated mom?” I said, hearing this for the first time.”
Before Mom could say anything Frank entered the house, and walked up his wife. “How come you never mentioned his before? I told you about
all the losers I dated; we had an open relationship with honesty. And you now I hear this in a strangers house. We are done!”
Then, almost on cue, Charlene re-entered as well. “I cannot believe this, Rod. Did you love her? More than me?”
“No,” Scott’s dad said.
“That’s not true,” Mom said, “I saw how you looked at me through dinner.”
Then Darren and Joe cracked up. “I am sorry, I couldn’t do it.”
“Then, the parents joined in on the laughter.” This was totally overwhelming to me. Scott seemed to be beside himself.
“What the fuck!” I said.
“I am sorry, honey.” Mom stated. “It’s just a joke, this whole thing was set up by me and Rod here.”
Yeah, and Frank and Charlene were in on it too.” Rod added, through laughter.
“You see,” Mom continued. “Your father and Charlene knew about the little dating Rod and I did back in the day. And when you and Scott
became serious, we thought it was kind of cool, our kids would fall in love.”
“So,” Rod continued, “we invited the Framptons over to have a nice meal together. You thought you would be nervous meeting us for the first time.
So, we played a little joke on you to ease your nerves, Jess.”
“Sis, you could have filled me in,” Joe announced.
“Nah, your face was priceless,” Mom countered. Scott most have enjoyed the joke because he laughed and, after a minute I saw the humor in it and
actually laughed. “Dad, you were good.”
“Thanks, son.”
The night continued with more laughs, Rod and Mom talked about their dating and how Rod did choose Charlene over her, but it was alright because
Mom found Dad a few weeks later.
The desert was served and my parents and Scott’s parents were telling stories, and Trevor and Sammie left the table to play some games with
Katie, who seemed to be a natural with kids. I guess years of babysitting and being a junior high school teacher really paid off.
“I would like to propose a toast,” Joe announced, and waited for the everybody to raise their glass, “To Scott and Jess, who found true love and
happiness even though it may not be traditional how it came about; something about Jess beating up Scott in a jealous rage…”
Darren eyed me, “I digress, to many more years of happy memories.”
With that over, everybody continued to chat about getting to know each other better. During their conversations Scott took me up to his bedroom. A
location I had never been in before. It had some trophies of the swimming competitions. On the far wall next to the window there were black dots;
maybe 50 or so of them.
Seeing them Scott said, “They were all the people I fucked, men and women. I know I am a horny bastard.”
“Fuck that, Scotty. You are my horny bastard. I wouldn’t change you at all”
We kissed….for minutes…for hours…for days…I don’t know, but I enjoyed it. I loved this man…Scott Trenton.

Dinner was over and I was relaxing in my room. I was shirtless and enjoying the football game that was on TV. Downstairs, the excitement of tonight
over with, was quiet. Gramps was sleeping in the family room with the football game on the big screen. Mom was out for a walk, and Chase was on
his phone with Tabor. Dad was gone.
Chase and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Why that asshole bothered showing up after everything, I will never understand. He made it in the door,
but before Chase and I could intervene, Mom had his stuff packed and handed it to him. Well, that wasn’t true. She threw the boxes at his head.
With Dad gone, Mom asked me for help to bring out the food, and while Chase went to help Gramps with the table. The dinner conversation was
rather interesting. Instead of fighting over the wishbone, that Chase and I always did, we talked about the past. Well, Mom did when Chase asked
what she ever saw in Dad. She explained that in college things just clicked, he was adorable, charming and smart. Within no time, with some
prodding, Mom and Dad were married.
The door opened and Chase walked in; seeing me shirtless, he decided to follow suit and just made himself comfortable on my bed.
“Be my guest, make yourself at home in my room.”
“Thanks, bro.”
“You are aware Kris has fucked me in this bed.” I joked.
Chase jumped off the bed, with lighting speed. Then, realizing the joke, threw a pillow at me.
“How’s Tabor?”
“Great, sorta,” Chase stopped talking.
“Oh come on, Chase spit it out.”
“Well, Tabor had a fight with Lyndon.”
Lyndon Smith was Tabor’s dad, and he was supposed to be having dinner at his folk’s home. Tabor was an only child so it was only him, his dad, and
his mom, Cassine. Cassine was kind of like Matt’s mother, but Lyndon was so like Dad. He was an ignorant redneck who ran the Country Club, and
published the Club’s newspaper that spread its propaganda. I met Tabor’s folks a few times, but his dad’s homophobia was always evident, more so
when he and my dad visited me at college and they were trading gay jokes.
“What happened?” I asked
“Lyndon and Tabor’s aunt, Beulah, were trading jokes about gay people after they had a few too many at dinner. Tabor had had enough of them and
blurted out that he didn’t find their humor funny. Lyndon was surprised by this outburst, and ordered him to his room. Instead of leaving, Tabor
defended himself. He said, ‘I am sick and tired of all your crap. One of my friends is gay, and I have few gay friends, too. I think you should shut the
fuck up with your jokes.’”
“Fuck,” I said. “He really said that.”
Chase nodded, “Naturally, Tabor and Lyndon began to argue about it, and Tabor left the house. He is coming and should be here in the few hours.”
“As much Kris and I kid around, we love Tabor a lot.”
“I know.”
“And he is welcomed in our house. I am surprised, though. Tabor wasn’t one to confront his father.”
“He said he was influenced by you guys, and how accepted you were of Matt and Corey and everybody else.”
“Of course, bro. Especially you, Tabor and I are well aware of your history, and you managed to change nearly 180 on us. Fuck, you are almost gay
“I will show you gay,” I said and threw myself at him. We wrestled for a few minutes until we heard banging from below, then, we knew it was time
to stop; that and my phone was ringing.
Kris was on the line,
“What’s up?” I asked.
“Nothing just on my way to Matt’s and I wanted to check in with you.”
“You miss me already?”
“Not in the slightest,” he said. “Also, I told my folks about us. They didn’t seem to care, that much.”
“I assumed they wouldn’t. Considering Nathan was gay.”
“Yeah,” Kris agreed. “Have you talked to Corey?”
“Nope, in fact, I haven’t heard from any of the guys.”
“Me neither. I had to get out of there, and I wanted to see how Matt’s dinner at Vince’s went.”
“Well, I am here. Love ya, Colt.”
“Love you, too.”
I threw the phone on the bed, accidentally hitting Chase in the process.
“Hey!” he said, rubbing his arm… I didn’t really hear him, though. I just realized that was the first time we said we loved each other over the phone. 
It was weird.
“What’s up?” Chase stated, obviously seeing my reaction.
“Nothing, really. That was the first time I told Kris I loved him over the phone.”
“I see. That’s great.”
“Fuck, Colt. You’re in love with him. You are not gay!”
“I know, it’s just a lot to process.”
“No, it’s not.” Chase said. “It’s simple. Whatever, bro. I am happy about it.”
“Fine. So, you and Tabor never…”
“Nope. I have no feelings for him like that. We jerked off together. That’s it.”
We sat in silence and I actually enjoyed having Chase around me. With all the shit we’ve been through, it is nice just being with him. As the game
ended, Tabor was at the door.
“Tabor, sorry about your dad.”
“Back at you, bro. Chase filled me on what wents down earlier.”
What surprised me was neither Chase nor Tabor left to go to Chase’s room. Tabor plopped next to Chase and we watched TV together. Tabor was
telling Chase jokes about some girl in their high school as I listened in. I actually laughed at some of the jokes.
This was the life, I had this amazing boyfriend. I have some of the best friends I could ever have, and seemed to have inspired my little brother and
his best friend in defending gay people.
“Colt,” Chase said 30 or 40 minutes later, “let’s go check on Mom.”
She had returned a few hours ago and went into her bedroom. Tabor stood behind and pulled out a porno magazine he had in his bag. “I’ll be fine
“Don’t cum on my sheets.” I warned, as we left the room.
“Sometimes, I don’t see why you’re friends with him,” I said.
“Think of him as Scott, wacky but lovable.”
“I guess.”
I knocked on the door.
“Come in.”
Mom was on the bed reading a book.
“Are you okay?”
“Fine, Chase.”
“You left suddenly after dinner.”
“I just wanted time to think.”
“About?” I asked, cautiously.
“Who?” Chase said stupidly.
“Who do you do you think, asshole.”
We both sat on the bed, and she told us how she still loved Dad, and that she’d known about his ways for years. However, after the encounter Chase
and I had on our last hunting trip, it may be time to think about making it formal. We agreed, and would support her in any decision she made.
“Mom, give it time,” Chase advised.
“I don’t say it enough, but Chase is right. Sleep on it, and make sure you are making the right decision. Personally I think he should rot for what he
did you.”
“I agree.”
“Thank you, boys. I am fine really. Go have fun. Enjoy yourself.”
“Okay,” I responded.
“If you need us.”
“I have your cell numbers...”
At that, we all laughed. Knowing Mom would be okay, we went back to my bedroom. Tabor wasn’t there. We checked Chase’s bedroom and there in
Chase’s bed was a sleeping Tabor.”
“Colt,” Chase said as I was heading back to my room.
I didn’t have to ask why. We just hugged for a minute. Then, Chase went into his room and I heard a thump, which I assumed was Tabor falling on
the floor.
That night, I fell asleep thinking of one man, Kristopher Stanton. I dreamed of making love to him.

I started back, it was 2:30 in the morning. I was too tired to drive back home. So, I turned back and grabbed the key from under the mat and slowly
walked up the stairs. I lightly knocked on the door, just in case he was jerking off. It was weird because normally I would have just banged the door
open like I used to do.
Sitting by his computer was Matt; he was talking on the phone to Corey. I waited patiently for a minute before the conversation ended. Matt turned
to me and smiled.
The house brought so many memories to us. The first time we slept together, the time I was told about Nathan for the first time, the time he threw
stapler at my head during the heat of the moment that started our six month fight, and the time we discussed our relationship and the bond we had
at the end of that fight. This was where I understood what a friend really was. I confided my soul, my secrets and life to Matt, and he was the
reason that I stayed on a true course. This house and his bedroom provided Matt and me so many opportunities to talk through nightly chats, and so
this being maybe my final opportunity to share this space with him alone.
Matt didn’t say anything, but he knew what this room and his house had meant to our friendship, and it was only fitting for me to stay the night one
last time. Matt walked up to me and hugged me. Then he grabbed the tank top and pushed it over my head. Breaking the hug, he undid my jeans
and pushed them down. I stripped Matt, too. I kissed him on the lips, then we just went under the covers in Matt’s bed. There was no sex, no
arousal, just a bond between two friends that could never be broken. Matt wrapped his arms around me and kissed the back of my neck.
We both drifted off to sleep. The next morning, I woke up early, I left Matt a text message so he wouldn’t worry and drove home back to my shit.
Linda saw me as I was leaving, and but didn’t say anything other than a friendly nodded, which I returned.
At home I called Colt and woke his ass up. He mentioned his dream about me last night, and asked if we could relive it. Naturally I got hard, and we
had some amazing phone sex. After cleaning up my mess, I called Matt and thanked me for last night. It was just what he wanted.
We headed out on the road and I called Scott, but Jess answered the phone. He explained he was still at the Trenton household and told me about
the joke Scott’s mom and his dad played on them all, while Kris mentioned his thanksgiving was uneventful. Scott came on the phone, and I asked
him how many times he’d fucked Jess last night, and he gave me a blow-by-blow account.
As we stopped for bite to eat, Matt and I discussed last night, and how perfect it was. I couldn’t agree more. Corey called in and we told him about
last night, I joked about how good a fuck Matt was, and Corey retorted that he was going to fuck Scott to get back at us. We laughed, and before we
knew it we were on the road again.
With Thanksgiving over, and the last few weeks ahead, I was happy, but then again, so was Scott, Jess and Colt. When I arrived in the parking lot to
my apartment complex, I yelled, “This is so sweet.” Which is exactly what I said when I arrived my freshman year.
I hope you enjoyed this chapter that is just a little out of place but still well done.

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