Posted:  July 5, 2010

It was a plain ole Monday night right before I was about to go to sleep when I got a text message from my friend Kyle: “Wanna go camping this weekend.” To me it was odd in a way for one, I knew his family always went this upcoming holiday weekend and two, we hadn’t hung out that much this summer for one reason or another.

I shot back a reply: “I’ll c if I can.”

Within minutes my phone was ringing while I was brushing my teeth.  I knew it was Kyle and answered it.  We talked for a few minutes but I couldn’t give him an answer since my parents were asleep. 

The next day, I asked my mom her thoughts on going camping with Kyle.  She said I could if I wanted since we didn’t have plans for this Fourth of July weekend.  The key was whether I wanted to or if anything better came up such as a killer party I didn’t want to dare miss.  Kyle texted me about 8 that night.  By that time, I had called around to find that there wasn’t really much happening with most going out of town.  I called him and agreed to go with him.  I could hear in his voice he was way more excited than I was about this ordeal.

Come Friday, I packed my things and was set to leave for the weekend.  Dad got one big kick out of me going since camping wasn’t my deal.  Not that I was scared but I had never been the nature lover one to go sleep in some damn hot tent.  Mom was glad I was going since Kyle and I hadn’t done much since we graduated a month earlier.  Naturally she made sure I had something to eat and plenty of water to drink.  My younger brother was jealous and thought it’d be a blast to go. 

Kyle was at my house about 6:30 that night for us to leave.  He was always the friendly one by speaking to my parents while I gathered what I thought I needed to take with me for the weekend.  We were gone and heading down the freeway to a spot at a State Park Kyle’s parent went every year at this time.

“Neal, thanks for going with me,” Kyle spoke while driving his dad’s old pickup.

“No problem,” I replied. “Why aren’t your parents going by the way?”

“Dad’s too sick to go this year,” Kyle replied. “I just knew I’d be sitting my ass at home this weekend.”


“Yeah, he’s diabetes,” Kyle replied like I knew.  I did know but it didn’t cross my mind. “Neal, he’s been really sick a lot of the past six months.”

“Dude sorry about that I had no idea…”

“True friends would know that shit…” Kyle said in pointed way.

“What the fuck?” I asked and wasn’t happy. “Oh, I see you’re fucking pissed because we stopped hanging out now.”

“Well, how come we don’t?” Kyle asked.

“I don’t really know.  The few times I asked you this spring to do something you always said you couldn’t. I stopped wasting my breath…”

“What a fucking crock of horseshit, Neal!  I’m not cool enough now for you, am I?”

Boy what a fun three nights this was going to be.  Not ten miles down the road and we’re arguing.  “Kyle like I said, I asked and you ignored me.”

“Neal, I don’t like going out for the sole purpose of getting drunk or high.  Why do you all of sudden?  You never did before you starting out hanging out with Jeff and Scotty.”

Now I was fucking pissed.  I didn’t answer him and sat in the passenger seat stewing that Kyle was questioning things I did.  A few minutes later, I thought of something, “Maybe one of us in this car wants to have fun and enjoy life.”

Kyle shook his blond hair, “Let’s not fight about this.  I’m now sorry I ever brought it up, alright?”

“Cool by me since you’re the one fucking tripping over it,” I said to get the last shot in. About that time, I got a call from one of my friends, Scotty, to tell me about this party that was about to go down.  Here I was stuck in the car with Kyle and going camping.  Naturally, I tried to play it off when Kyle asked who it was while inside I was regretting everything about my decision to come with him.

After grabbing something to eat on the way, we finally arrived at the park.  We got our assigned spot and headed back until the pavement turned into dirt.  With dust flying behind the truck, we made it to our spot.  It was a little secluded since we were tent camping and not too far from a really nice lake.  Kyle did most of the work setting the tent up.  I didn’t know what to do and watched until he barked out instruction.  The tent was decent size and big enough for us. 

During the tent set-up, we both came out of our shirts with the heat and humidity.  I’ll have to admit Kyle had a decent body like mine with not much in pecs but a nice little six pack going.  Kyle was a runner and in the band while I played soccer at our school.  By now, the tension between us had simmered down and we could talk like we used to.  That night both of us tried to talk on our phones but for me it was useless in our location.  Kyle talked to his mom and a friend with better luck.  Before falling asleep, we both lay on the air mattress and talked about all the fun we used to have.  Before I went to sleep, I realized I had spent a weekend night since graduation without either drinking or getting smoked out.  

After breakfast the next morning which Kyle cooked, eggs and bacon on the camp stove, my first real dilemma occurred.  “Dude, I have to take one massive shit!” I announced.

Kyle pointed and smiled, “See those bushes…”

You’ve got to be kidding me!”

“Either that or shit in your boxers,” Kyle laughed.

I didn’t have a choice.  He found the toilet paper for me.  I was off to the woods to find somewhere to shit like an animal.  I squatted down feeling like a girl pissing and did it.  The next worst thing was toting back the shitty paper before Kyle burned it while laughing.  He shouldn’t have laughed too hard because he was next to hit the woods running.

With our morning dumps completed, we grabbed our shorts to hit the lake and enjoy the day in and around the water.  We hiked to the swimming area to find it was quite crowded with an array of people gathered for the holiday weekend.  We stayed in water for the rest of the day and returned with both of us a little red from the sun. 

Once back at the tent, we changed out of our swimming shorts into some regular shorts.  I got my first real view of Kyle’s naked body and did like what I saw even though I had seen it in the past.  I was pretty sure he scoped my body as well.

After we dressed in our shorts, Kyle wanted to go fishing at the nearby lake.  The only problem was I didn’t have a license.  I went however and watched him fishing or what he called fish.  While there on the rocky bank, I started to realize why I quit hanging with Kyle.  For one, I was in such denial, that I was scared shitless, I was attracted to him sexually.  To stop the desire since I was pretty sure Kyle wanted me as well, I found every excuse in the book to seek out other friends and divert my thoughts and their thinking that had cropped up over time with Kyle.  Under peer pressure, I lost my virginity to a girl even though deep inside I was pretty sure I was gay.  After that experience, I knew she might be my one and only fuck but there was no way in hell I’d ever admit it around my new group of friends.

With Kyle luckless, we headed back to the campsite.  On the short walk back, I lost my composure when I spotted a small green snake on the ground.  What was worse, Kyle wasn’t afraid and did his best to tease with it by picking up and scaring me with it.

Back at the tent, Kyle was still laughing his head off, “Here everyone thinks I’m fucking gay.  Dude, you screamed like a girl!”

“Fuck you, bitch! I don’t like snakes,” I exclaimed.

“I was I had a tape of your screams,” Kyle kept joking.

“I was I had a tape of your screams when Cody fucks your ass,” I shot back.  Cody was the only one out at our school and the butt of many jokes.

Kyle stopped laughing and snarled at me, “Very funny! Bet you scream even louder with Scotty and Jeff fucking your ass!”

“God I wish,” I laughed.

“Really?” Kyle caught my Freudian slip.

“I was joking.  Seriously I was,” I tried to do a little damage control.

“I don’t care if they are fucking you but I really wish it was me instead,” Kyle stated.

My heart skipped a beat with butterflies cluttering my stomach.  “Let’s find something to eat. Why don’t we?”

“Okay, but I…”

“I heard you,” I said.

“I’ll cook burgers or at least try to out here,” Kyle stated.  I was hungry therefore anything he mentioned sounded great.  Kyle amazed me in his cooking skills and had some very tasty burgers done before I knew it.  Something about being outdoors sure made things tastes that much better.

That night we stayed around the tent and did stupid shit all night.  We tried our best to light our farts but to no avail, pissed on the campfire, roasted frogs and lizards in the fire after we had marshmallows, told the dirtiest nastiest jokes we knew and ended with smoking some cigs from his dad’s truck.  Actually for two eighteen year olds without booze or weed, we were having a blast.

We had no idea about time when we called it a night.  We slipped inside the tent with the chorus of crickets going strong outside.  We slipped out of our shorts and jumped on the sleeping bags on top of the air mattresses.

“Thanks Kyle, that really was fun, you know,” I commented.

“Yeah it was.  We are some stupid fucks you know that,” Kyle joked.  Actually I had never heard him being so free with his language.

I laughed, “I know but what the hell.  This could be the last time we’re together.”

“I sure hope not, Neil.  I’ll definitely go with you wherever,” Kyle stated.

“Well then, I’ll ask again but you better not say no,” I stated.

“I won’t unless Mom makes me stay around,” Kyle said. “Seriously you’d let Scotty and Jeff fuck you.”

“Ummm… not really… well… no, I wouldn’t.  You did say you’d wished it had been you, right.”

“Well… I don’t know either,” Kyle said.

Time seemed to stand still with both of us in denial.  I leaned forward and put my lips against his.  To me, sparks started to fly and release some caged up desires.  Kyle broke the short kiss and smiled at me.

“Sorry,” I said.

“Why?  That was fucking hot as hell!” Kyle said. “I’m sorry but I had to catch my breath.”  We kissed again and let our feelings towards each other start to release.  In the middle of nowhere, I felt free to express things otherwise I didn’t have the balls to do. “You’re damn good, you know it, Neal.”

“You are too,” I smiled.  We went for more with our tongues dancing around.  Now I could feel my boxers straining with some major wood.  Kyle’s hand ran lower on my body and into my boxers.  His hand felt so good wrapped around my cock.  What’s more, I wanted this more than he ever knew.  We stayed lip locked with only short breaks.  Kyle managed to push down the front of my boxers and freely play with my 7 inches of cut meat. 

“Well?” he asked and pointed to his straining cock. “It too would love some attention.”

My hand went down his body until reaching his waistline.  After taking a deep breath, my hand went down his boxers.  Man, I was actually feeling with and playing with another guy’s junk but I liked it.  Kyle felt close to my size but didn’t have as much hair.  I stopped and removed my shorts with a big smile. 

With the light on in the corner of the tent, I asked, “Light on or off?”

“Keep it on.  I like what I’m seeing here,” he said and licked his lips. “Whatever you do, don’t tell a soul about this.”

I chuckled a little, “Like I’m telling anyone I’m naked with a guy.  What’s worse I can’t wait to see what we do, Kyle.”

MMMM, me either,” he stated before a strong kiss.  Our naked young bodies rubbed so softly together.  If I was horny enough, this body contact had me hornier than fuck.  Kyle broke our kiss with a nice smack and moved down my body.  My eyes were glued to his every move.  I loved how he touched and kissed as he went lower.  Now I knew I was about to get some fucking head.  Kyle licked my raging hard cock before taking in the head.  Now, my head was spinning and I was in another world.  I watched while he started sucking my cock.  I laid back and enjoyed this for all it was worth.  It didn’t take very long of his hot mouth before I made him stop.

“I can’t tell you how great that felt,” I stated.

“You can by showing me the same attention,” he smiled.

With my heart racing, I licked his chest and kissed his belly button.  My mind was going like never before and was made up I was sucking his cock.  I licked up and down the shaft and wasn’t appalled by it in the least.  Opening my mouth, my tongue felt his cock sliding in.  I knew to watch the teeth and was going to try to not scrape his sensitive cock.  The entire planet was blank to me while I sucked my first cock.  It was something I’d wanted to try for at least two years.  While sucking him, I looked up and could see Kyle smiling along with hearing his gentle moans.  I knew my cock sucking was complete when he pushed me away.  We lay together and agreed to stroke each other until completion.  Kyle was first to blow.  He groaned and blew his load onto his stomach with some powerful shots.  I was taken in by watching him come to orgasm by my works.  Next I came with a blast that damn near hit my chin followed by a few others decorating my flat stomach. 

Once done and cleaned off, Kyle perched his naked body on mine for some serious making out.  It was hard to fathom what was really occurring during this natural high.  All I knew was I loved it.

Kyle got off me once our mutual bliss subsided.  We talked only for a few minutes and were out like a light. 

It was so strange waking up the next morning with a naked but hot Kyle next to me.  I was sporting some intense wood and saw he was as well.  I lay there taking all of this in before seeing the whites of his eyes.

“Best night of sleep for me in a long time,” Kyle stated.

“Oh I agree,” I said and felt his lips.

“Seriously be honest Neal.  Do you have the slightest regret what we did?”

“Other than wishing we’d done it years ago,” I laughed. “Can’t wait to see what happens tonight.”

“I’ll say one thing, dreams can come true and have so far.  I guess I have only one left…”

“What? For me to fuck that hot ass?”

“Definitely,” Kyle smiled.

“If you had some lube, I’d do…”

“It’s in my bag,” Kyle stated with excitement.  He jumped up, found his bag and returned with a bottle of Wet.  He gave a sweet kiss before I opened the bottle.

“Are you sure you can take me?” I asked.

“I try like hell,” Kyle said.  He got on his knees to take me.  I lubed up my cock and handed it to him to lube up his hole.  Once finished, he reached around and opened up his ass. “It’s all yours, baby.”

Eyeing his puckered hole, I moved behind him and knew there was no turning back.  I put my hard cock at his hole.  I pushed in and felt his hole open so beautifully to take me. 

OOO fuck, Neal,” he moaned.

“Does it hurt?”

“Oh a little bit,” he moaned. 

I watched while my cock went deeper into that boy pussy of Kyle’s.  Here I was really fucking a guy.  The strangest but greatest feeling flooded my body once I was in him.  I waited for a minute before I started actually fucking him.  The moans and groans were magical and in such harmony.  We were fucking in his tent this early July the Fourth.  The crying shame of this was it didn’t last near as long as I had wished or wanted but long enough to know I loved fucking a guy.  My cock was barely clear of his inflamed hole before a nice load shot across his boney vertebrae.  My grunt could have woken anyone nearby. 

Once I regained my senses, I cleaned my load off Kyle’s back.  I did the chore and wanted to get him off.  He barely made a sound shooting his load on my chest.  I collapsed on him and showed my deep appreciation.

It was hard for us to pull apart and start our day. 

“Was that ever the fucking baddest ass way to start a holiday,” Kyle stated.

“I know… I know,” I replied. 

We managed to get dress with Kyle showing his cooking skills.  We sat close while we ate his cooking.  The pain hit me again and I was off to take a shit in the woods with Kyle right there with me.  It’s not the most romantic moment to take a shit next to guy you just fucked but he commented how easy it was with his ass loosened up.

Today instead of swimming, we took what we called a hike around the back end of the park.  It wasn’t my idea of fun but was nice.  When we returned we both dove into the lake right near our tent and found we could swim there just as easily as walking to the designated swimming area.  It was nice in that we could grab a snack, which we had plenty of. 

After hot dogs and plenty of soda that night, we headed back to the main area of the park for the fireworks.  There were tons of people but no one we knew.  As darkness hit, Kyle grabbed my hand to hold it.  I didn’t say anything at the time but knew I had to before we got home.  Sure I liked him but I wasn’t so sure about becoming boyfriends like I knew he wanted plus I didn’t want to ruin another chance at his hot ass.  Once the fireworks started, Kyle was leaned up against me with his arm around my waist.  He would kiss me every so often with the colors and sounds of the display going off overhead.

“That’s how I felt last night and this morning,” Kyle whispered to me.

“Me too,” I said.

We continued to watch.  Actually the display wasn’t as lame as I thought it would be.  Walking back, we did hold hands and stopped to make out.  Once back at the tent, we went straight inside and got naked for another round of sex.

“Neal, can I take your cherry tonight?” he asked.

“Ummm… Kyle I… well no.  Please understand but I do want you to take it someday here really soon,” I stated.

“That’s cool.”

I have no idea when our last round of fireworks went off but it was late and after two great rounds of hot sweaty sex.  The night was undeniably the best night of my life, make it the day was.  I was even more proud of the fact I was able to last quite some time each time I fucked Kyle.  His dad’s cigarettes were handy as well after each sizzling fuck.      

We woke later than normal the next morning.  We were both still horny and went at it again before we left.  It made the fourth time for us with each time getting better.  Both of us hated to pack up but we did so, taking our sweet time to make sure nothing was left behind. 

“So Kyle when are we doing this again?” I asked as we were leaving the site right after noon.

“I’ll pull over somewhere if you want me to,” Kyle said.

“You horny motherfucker,” I laughed.  “I meant when are we coming camping again?”

“I’d do it every weekend if it was half as good as this one,” Kyle stated.

“How about let’s try every other weekend if we can?”

“You don’t have to ask me twice,” Kyle smiled.


Only one chapter with the possibility of more if desired.