Posted:  December 22, 2009
Edited:  January 5, 2010

I was up with Blaine, my 23 year old boyfriend, when the alarm clock sounded bright and early at 7 so he could work a little on a pressing project at his work.  We kissed goodbye at the door like any other day for the past 7 months.

“Morgan, I should be back at 3 or so,” Blaine told me. “Then you and I are going out tonight like we used to do.”

I laughed, “Alright, I’ll remember that.”

He was gone to his car, leaving me alone for most of the day.  In a way I was glad to have the day free to do some much needed Christmas shopping for him and our families.  Blaine didn’t care to shop and gave the duties for his parents and sister but did give me some ideas for them.  I had no clue what to buy my mom, brother or sister since none of them needed a thing in life.

I headed out after nine a.m. to find my favorite store open early for the Christmas shopping days.  I entered the store and was greeted by a cute salesperson that knew me from my time spent in here over the past few years buying the latest  and hottest fashions.

“Hey Morgan, shopping for Blaine today?” he asked with a big smile.

“You know it.  What’s on sale?” I asked.

“Sale?  You never ask that before,” he replied.

“Blaine and I agreed not to overspend this year on Christmas,” I stated in full honesty.

“Well… there are a few things here and there on sale like some jeans and two or three racks of out of season shirts, Morgan,” he said.

“Chris, I look around and holler if I need anything,” I said and looked at the first rack, knowing it would be beyond my desired budget.  I almost trolled seeing this cute shirt that would look killer on Blaine but then saw the price.  I continued along to check out the jeans he loved and found a pair of 30x32 that were his style.  They would look so good on Blaine’s cut hips and be so inviting for me to rip off his body like I did on our first date.  Normally I wasn’t the type that wanted sex on the first date but Blaine was so undeniable and too damn sexy to deny.  We stayed naked for over an hour with a good 15 minute slow fuck to cap off the night.  I wasn’t sure but I thought I had found my guy after searching for a good six months for a decent boyfriend that wasn’t a druggie, liar or scam artist.

With the jeans over my arm and on sale, I continued the search for the perfect shirt to match these low rise jeans.  I searched each rack that had a sale sign on them.  Chris checked up on me and grabbed the jeans.

“That Blaine is one lucky guy,” Chris smiled with the jeans over his arm now.

“You dating anyone?” I asked.

“I wish, boyfriend,” Chris said. “No one will have my ass. Well more like no one I would have at this moment.  You know the types out there.”

I laughed at his comment and continued along.  My eye was caught by a display of underwear that was on sale.  I looked through the styles and found some low rise briefs Blaine might like but they didn’t have a small.  I continued along until I found some patterned boxer briefs with a pooch in the front.  Blaine would love these and gave his nice 7 inch cock some comfort and room as well.  It wasn’t until we moved in together that I could even get him into something other than boxers.  With my help, he had gradually migrated to more sexy underwear even though a lot of times we stayed naked at our place by Blaine’s design.  Neither of us had a thing to be ashamed of and enjoyed lounging nude after a hard day of work.  There were benefits like easy access and hours of ogling each other.  Many nights, Blaine would just drop his head down and start sucking my 8 inches.  Usually the television went off since we wanted to devote all our attention to each other. 

After securing the boxer briefs and imagining my boyfriend in them, I finally found the perfect shirt for him.  It was priced so right and made me almost buy one similar to it while I was there. I imagined the tight fit on his nice muscular body that Blaine worked so hard on almost to the point of obsession.  Once living with him a few months, he had me in the gym to work out a little extra I had gained over the years.  It was hard work for my 25 year body but it was really starting to be worth it every time I glanced in the mirror.

I went to checkout and was being checked out as well by Chris.  He was the type that let his eyes wander to each customer, gay or straight.  He was so boyish cute yet lucky to not gotten the living shit kicked out of him with his eyes and flirty ways. 

“If you ever break up with Blaine, you know where I work,” Chris smiled and handed my bag to me. 

“I’ll keep that in mind but things couldn’t be better right now, Chris,” I stated.

“You guys ever… you know have extras join you for fun?” Chris said trying to be sexy with his eyes and a hand on his hip.

I laughed and walked out the door without a reply.  On occasion we did have Blaine’s best friend and his hot boyfriend join us for a little fun.  At first, I was totally against the premise of allowing others in our sex life.  Now, I welcomed the foursome since it adds to our sex life.  Usually the day after, both Blaine and I are charged up sexually more than usual. He proved to me that you could have others involved in a loving relationship if done in small doses.

I drove around and headed to a department store to see what I could find as well.  So far, I was thrilled to have found a few great things for my boyfriend.  Entering the department store, my eyes and nose were drawn to the men’s cologne section.  Spotting Blaine’s favorite, I knew he was out or very close to being out.  I took a sample to refresh my memory of how great it smelled on him.  I still remember the first time he wore it.  The occasion was our third date together, the week after we had met.  The smell reminds me of that night and the feeling associated with one long night of great sex. The scent filled his bedroom in his apartment as he sweated pounding my wanting ass.  From that point forward, I insisted he use this certain cologne on nights when we were both so horny we couldn’t stand it.

Heading out to my car, a smile was on my face.  It wasn’t the holiday cheer but the memories I was reliving with the gifts I was buying.  With the crowds growing and the traffic getting congested, I decided to just head to the Supercenter to restock some food.  Arriving there, I began to wonder if this really wasn’t a huge mistake but food and drinks at our place was getting low. 

Walking what seemed like a mile, I grabbed a buggie and was greeted by the old soul at the door.  I made a right with the sole intention of getting what I needed and getting out of there.  My buggie headed down the aisle with body wash.  I looked and looked until I found some nice masculine smelling wash.  I could already envision Blaine and I showering together and washing each other.  Blaine was a big fan of fucking in the shower which led me to be as well.  He had a way of washing my back and ass before slipping his cock in my fresh hole.  He did that right after we committed to each other and made the decision to go natural in our sex life.  We used and insisted on condoms in the nights of our foursomes but never used them otherwise now.

Next was going down the aisle for razor and shaving cream.  I snagged our favorite shaving cream even though Blaine despised shaving his face and normally wore a partial goatee, chin strap beard or stubble.  I liked all of his looks and the variety whereas I loved a fresh shaven look.  With the cream in my cart, my eye caught a glimpse of the trimmers filling the shelves.  I picked one brand up.  The thought of trimming Blaine’s pubes entered my head.  He wore his pubes natural and was a nuisance going down on him as often as I did.  I threw the trimmer as a gift and would be a nice surprise and give me the excitement of trimming his man bush. 

I had to get away from the toiletries and wheeled past the jewelry counter to come to a quick halt.  Now my shopaholic obsession was starting to creep up while I eyed some nice diamond studs.  My brain was saying no while my heart was saying what the hell.  Blaine had hoop in his ears now and the studs would make him look that much hotter.  I decided to wait and headed on back.

Trying to veer away from the electronics was the next challenge I encountered on my Holiday shopping spree.  Seeing the iPods and other MP3 players would be a nice surprise since Blaine’s old MP3 player that he used working out was a little outdated and to capacity.  Browsing them I knew was dreaming and continued along to see the new DVD players.  Ours was old and well used with both of us enjoying a good gay porn.  Normally we didn’t finish the DVD and were mocking the gay sex we had seen on screen.  The filmed sex paled in comparison to the emotion and passion we enjoyed in the living room either on the couch or in the floor. 

Next were the cameras.  There was temptation at every turn.  We did need a new camera with the upcoming cruise we had planned after the first of the year.  In my mind, a camera would be for both of us.  Searching the pocket types that would be easy to carry, I found one that would be absolutely perfect.  Blaine would now argue I was buying too much but I had been squirreling away extra funds for this Christmas. I knew as well what a real ham he was.  He was so photogenic to me and didn’t mind posing naked for me or me posing naked for him.  Our computer did have quite a few nudes of us and sex acts pictures for our private enjoyment or sharing with a few select friends.  The best memory was the day at the lake this summer when we realized we were alone and had the camera.  Nothing doing that Blaine wanted some shots.  I did urge him on and finally had his hot ass naked and posing.  Before I knew it, we were going at it by the lake until hearing someone in the distance.  We made a quick run for the water with our shorts in our hand.  We laughed out loud seeing a stray dog come walking up.

Escaping with a camera, my budget now was completely shot to hell.  My mind was thinking of all the great excuses I could use to justify each one.  The food section was on the horizon.  There my cart was filled with food and beverages.  I made through that area in a hurry and made my way to check out only to see the long lines. 

I saw the gift cards and stopped by there with nothing so far for anyone else but Blaine.  There I was able to fulfill everyone else with a variety of gift cards.  I stood in line and waited to check out.  I finished up and was shocked to hear the final total.

At our place, I quickly put away the groceries and toiletries that I had bought.  Shortly after 3, Blaine came in the door with me putting away the last bit I had purchased.

“Morgan, I take you went shopping,” Blaine said taking off his shirt.

“I did and stocked up,” I replied.

“Okay.  Let me see the receipt,” Blaine said and was the finance brain of this relationship.

“No Blaine.”

“Morgan, let me see it!”


“I fucking want to see right now Morgan and see if you stayed in our budget,” Blaine stated and was showing his temper.

“Blaine, trust me I didn’t overspend on the necessities,” I stated.

“Let me be the judge of that,” Blaine said shirtless and his hands on his hips.

“Blaine, I love you so much!”

“I love you Morgan but I need to see it,” Blaine said.

“Some of your gifts are on there,” I relented.

“Okay then.  Did you stay within what we agreed upon?” Blaine asked.

“Well, I tried,” I said quietly and ashamed now that I had overspent.

“What did we fucking agree to?”

“I know… I know Blaine but you’ll love each one of them,” I said.

“You know we need to save for our cruise.  I knew you wouldn’t do like we said, you bitch!” Blaine said and was getting frustrated with me.

Tears started welling up in my eyes.  I walked away with my hand over my face.  Blaine grabbed my shoulder and wheeled me around with his strength.  “Blaine… just trust me… please.  I… I just love you so… so much,” I said sobbing.

“Morgan, I love you too like I said and you know that I do.  Stop crying.  I’m a little on edge from work,” Blaine backed off.

We kissed there in the kitchen.  The passionate kiss made me feel much better.  We sat down at the table and talked things over.   We left the table and decided to start our date night early with both of us missing lunch.  We entered the shower and used the new body wash.  Blaine loved the scent of my choice.  It took a ton of willpower not to either shove my cock in his hot hole or shove his cock in my hole.  We kissed a lot and finally exited the shower.  After dressing, we left our place to find something to eat. 

After eating in Blaine’s car, he looked at me, “I don’t know about you but I know the perfect date spot.”

“Where?” I asked.

“Our place and fuck each other’s brains out,” Blaine smiled. “I know I could have in the shower.”

“Sounds good to me,” I said.

We drove back to our place.  Instead of getting out, we jumped in the backseat in the darkness in our driveway.  It was a fantasy of mine back in high school to get a hot stud in my backseat.  With the windows fogged up, we made love to each other for a long time despite the cramped quarters. I know the neighbors were wondering why our car was shaking and loud sounds were coming from it but we were in love and showing it to each other.   We left the car naked and entered our place. 

Christmas Eve arrived with us deciding to exchange gifts before we headed to each other’s families the next day.  I opened my gifts first.  I was shocked to see a great dual view camera and a few great shirts.  I handed each gift to Blaine. As he opened each one, I had a great explanation for each.  By the time he finished opening his many gifts, we were naked and so ready to make love to each other.  We did well into the night that Christmas Eve.  I lay awake yet tired and deemed my little Holiday shopping a great success.


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