Posted:  December 5, 2009

Jim raced into his building seeing the door opened in early February.  He jumped inside and was in the elevator with what he thought was a hot guy with fairly long reddish blond hair and over 6 foot tall.  He could see and smell the young man had taken advantage of the many amenities offered at the 25 story high rise condo.  He stood silently and did his best not to stare at the guy in the tank top that showed his bulging muscles.  The elevator stopped at the eighth floor and the guy stepped out. 

“No chance whatsoever,” Jim thought to himself but did watch the guy walk down the hall before the door closed shut.   He knew he had never seen the guy before but he had only moved in 4 months ago.  He got off on the 16th floor and walked down to his one bedroom condo that he loved.  It wasn’t huge by any means but was perfect for the 28 year old.  It was within walking distance to his job and was close to the nightlife, restaurants and the arts.  He kicked off his shoes and poured a glass of wine to relax after a hard day at the office.   He looked down and saw his stomach was growing day by day with the food he was eating and no exercise other than walking to and from work.

“No man will ever want my fat ass if I continue the way I am,” Jim said out loud alone in his condo.  Jim was gay and wasn’t ashamed of the fact he was.  He loved the lifestyle and the various men that came along with it.  The biggest problem was lately the men were nonexistent.  He could hardly remember the last real date he went on.  He was just one of the guys at the local gay establishment down the street.  He had friends but no one he could be with and share his life with.  He got up from his sofa and grabbed his laptop to inscribe his goals to returning to the shape he was in when he was in early 20’s. Then he had a flat stomach and proudly yanked off his shirt at the drop of a hat.

The coming days weren’t easy on Jim but his determination was set like it was when he purchased the condo.  He found this condo by chance by walking around at work.  He saw it and immediately fell in love with it.  Even though it was a bank owned property, aka foreclosure, it wasn’t cheap by any means since the bank owned a large mortgage on it.  He played hardball at the lowest point in the real estate market and scored what he thought was a good deal, some $40 grand below appraised value. 

In mid March, Jim was sitting with his friends and saw the guy from the elevator enter the gay bar where he frequented.  He did also see the guy bringing in another cute guy.  He wanted to go up to the guy and thank for the inspiration to be healthier since spotting him in the elevator.

The following weeks, Jim frequently spotted the guy and his supposed boyfriend at the gym or bar.  One day working out side by side Jim introduced himself to the guy he had seen so often now.  He found his name was Grant.

“I’ve seen you here and there, right?” Grant asked.

“Yea, either here or down the street and Venom’s,” Jim replied.

“That’s right,” Grant stated. “Finally get to put a name to your face.”

“Same here,” Jim said.  “I see you are here quite a bit.”

“I am and love it.  It was one of the things that attracted me to this place along with all that’s happening around here.  I wish I had more time to enjoy all that was offered.”

“Your job keep you from it?” Jim asked.

“Yea, I’m an RN down at the hospital about 2 miles from here,” Grant said. “You talk about some really crazy hours.”

“I can imagine.  I’m just your old 8 to 5er if I’m lucky and don’t work late,” Jim said.

Jim was glad he made the move and struck up a conversation with Grant.  They finished working out and left in the elevator together.  Grant said goodbye and was off at his floor.  Jim was now inspired even more since he had met the hot guy but knew his chances were none.   Even so, he wanted to stay the course and someone would find him attractive and be his.

In late April, Jim was asked out on a date by a guy he had met at the bar, Calvin.  The guy was a little older than Jim with thinning brown hair.  Jim took him up on the date and was excited to finally be back dating once again.  It ended up with just 2 dates since both didn’t feel the chemistry was right at the time.  Jim was relieved when they agreed since Calvin wasn’t exactly what he was looking for but did let him experience dating again and a nice roll in the sack.

Coming home in mid May, Jim was very excited when he saw a notice posted that the pools at the condos were now open and ready to be used.  He rode the elevator up in great excitement over this announcement and a chance to use the pool that he had only seen under construction.  The pool offered a wonderful chance for Jim to show his little transformation that he was so proud of.  All the hard work and determination was beginning to bare fruits.  His stomach and waist line were down to or below what it was in his college days.  He noticed his chest, neck, legs and arms were much bigger and had some definition showing now.  His stomach was flat now but without the desired washboard effect he longed to have.   It offered the chance to be bold and wear the bikinis that he had ordered a little while back as further inspiration. 

He donned a bright red one with his sights set on checking out the pool and trying them out.   He threw some shorts and a tee on to make his way down to the pools. 
Jim was very pleased when he saw the completed work on the pools.  One was elegantly landscaped and looked to be almost resort like as promised when he bought the condo.  The other one was on the opposite side and was your standard pool with nothing exciting about it whatsoever.    He found one of the many chairs set out this late afternoon.   He took off his shorts and tee to test the waters, so to speak.  He looked around and saw he wasn’t the only man who was boldly wearing a bikini.  He felt a sense of ease at that moment and wanted to relax under the sun.  

With his hands thrown back and his eyes closed, he heard a high pitched voice.  He opened his eyes to see a female in a very skimpy thong bikini standing above him and asking if the seat was taken.  

“No, go right ahead,” Jim stated.

“This is really nice, huh?” the girl stated.

“I’m pleasantly surprised and was well worth the little wait,” Jim said.

“Yea, all we had last year was that old pool.  This is only one year behind schedule but it looks like they really went all out,” she said.  “I’m Jill by the way.  I live on the 5th floor.”

“Nice to meet you Jill, I’m Jim on the 14th floor,” he replied and took a good look at her.  “I know you now.  You work in accounting over at General, right?”

“I do… Jim Weatherby from the trust?” Jill looked Jim over.

“Exactly,” Jim replied. “Small world, huh?”

“It is,” Jill stated and looked at him.  “Something about you is totally different now.”

“I lost a lot of weight, maybe,” Jim stated smugly and excited to brag about his transformation.

“Yea, no wonder I didn’t recognize you laying here in all your hotness.  You really look great now,” Jill said.

“Thanks.  You look very nice as well,” Jim said.

“Well… a girl does what she has to with bikini season here.  Looks like that held true for you as well.”

“I just decided I was tired of being out of shape and did something about it,” Jim said.

The two lay there and enjoyed the sun in the late afternoon.  Jim continued to scan the droves of people that were checking out the newly opened pool.  He saw a few familiar faces but never did see Grant.

“You know they are having a big luau with a beach theme here Saturday night to celebrate the real opening here,” Jill stated.

“No, I guess I missed that part.  I was so excited to see that it was open,” Jim said.

“If you’re not busy maybe we could come here together,” Jill stated. “I really don’t know that many people here.”

“Me either, truthfully.  I suppose I could do that so we would at least know one person here,” Jim said.

“Great!” Jill smiled.

The two did have a common ground and talked back and forth about their company that was down the street.  It seemed Jill bought her place based on the closeness to work as well.  Both were shocked that they never crossed paths before then but Jill did go in at different times, depending on the time of month.  

Saturday, Jim was dressed again in his shorts and a tank top along with some stylish leather flip-flops.  He had another bikini on under his shorts for the party.  He took the elevator down to the 5th floor and easily found Jill’s condo, which was only a few steps away from the elevator.

Jill opened the door and was dressed in her cover-up.  Jill was courteous and give Jim a quick look-see at her well decorated apartment.

“Are you ready?” Jim asked.

“Jim, before we go, I need to be straight up with you before you get the wrong idea about things tonight.  I want to go as friends and just friends,” Jill said. “I like girls.”

Jim could barely contain his laughter, “Great, I like guys!”  They both busted out laughing. 

“I had a feeling you were just by that hot bikini.  There aren’t many straight guys bold enough to strut their goods like that but it is becoming more common or at least it is here anyway.  I did see a few in Speedos and thongs with girls.”

“Oh well… you still looked great and I meant it,” Jim said.

“Thanks,” Jill said and gave Jim a big hug.  “Are you ready?”

“I am ready now more than ever,” Jim smiled. “Let’s go have a great time.”

The two headed down to the luau party at the newly remodeled pool.  They saw a swarm of people.  Some were down to their swimsuits while others were still dressed.  They could see the mix of ages from early 20’s to late 50’s or even up to 60.   They checked out what food was offered before Jim offered to buy Jill a drink at the cash bar.  Both had a tropical fruity drink that was offered in the spirit of the party.  They looked around and found two chairs together in the far corner.  Jill took off her cover-up while Jim took off his shorts and tank to enjoy the party even more.   They sat, talked and observed.   Jim felt a gently tap on his shoulder and looked up to see Grant in all his spender and glory.  What spender and glory it was with Grant sporting a coral designed low rise bikini that showed off his great body.

“How’s it going?” Grant asked.

“Great and you?” Jim asked.

“Not too bad but things are definitely starting to look up,” Grant smiled.  “Where you get that great drink?”

Jill pointed over to the bar. 

“I’ll be right back,” Grant said and walked away.

“Let me take a small guess, he’s gay,” Jill smiled.

“He is,” Jim replied.

“Damn does he ever have a body and a half.  Those abs.  That chest.  Those ripped arms… wow, what a male specimen he is,” Jill said.

“I couldn’t agree more,” Jim said. 

“You should be all over that.  If I was you, I’d be after me some of that hottie,” Jill said.  Her attention was quickly averted seeing two girls prance in front of her in thongs with very little material elsewhere. 

“There you go,” Jim said. “There’s you two for the taking as well.”

“I wish,” Jill said.  “Girls like that are usually begging for guys.”  She watched and saw two guys approach them.  “See what I mean.”

Grant was back and pulled a chair close to the two, “Yummy!  This drink really hits the spot.”   He looked at Jill and walked over.  He introduced himself to her.

“Nice party huh Grant?” Jim asked.

“I’ll say.  Nothing like the start of summer to start seeing some flesh again.  I totally live for the summer,” Grant said.

“The gym too, huh?” Jill commented.

“No, I just look at that as maintenance.  I love being healthy and looking healthy as well after seeing sick people almost every day,” Grant replied. “Jim here looks pretty damn good himself.”

“Coming from you, I’ll take that as a compliment,” Jim smiled.

“Excuse me for just a minute,” Grant said and walked over to see and talk to two girls he obviously knew.  With Grant gone, Jim told Jill that Grant was a nurse to make sense of what he meant by being around sick people.   Grant returned in a short while with three drinks in his hand.  They decided to eat a little of the large spread that was offered.  Grant commented that he was glad to see his HOA fees were being well used while they picked food to eat such as chicken wings, shrimp, fruit, vegetables and other party type food for the taking.

The party went on and on with a few fun events for the residences at the condo.  It was meant for the occupants to get acquainted with the pool and each other.  By the end of the night, Jim, Jill and Grant had met a lot of people that were near their age. 

At 11 o’clock sharp, the party was shut down.  Jim, Jill and Grant caught an elevator up.  Jill was off at the 5th floor and said goodbye to both.

“Jim, you wanna come to my place for a little while?” Grant asked.

Jim couldn’t reply soon enough, “I guess so.”  He tried to play it sly and not seem too over anxious to be alone with Grant.

They got off the elevator and walked down the hall.  Grant opened the door to his condo.  Jim could see quickly what a mess the place was in.  There was trash all over the floor, dishes piled in the sink and the cabinets didn’t have one inch of room with the clutter.

“Want some wine, maybe?” Grant asked.

“I guess a nice glass would be fine,” Jim said.

“That is if I can find it in all this fucking shit!” Grant said.  He moved things around and found two clean plastic cups.  “Have a seat.”

Jim looked around and moved a shirt, a jock and a box off the couch. 

“I’m so embarrassed.  Tomorrow I’m spending all day cleaning all this shit up,” Grant said. “I’ve been pulling two shifts at the hospital and haven’t had time.”  Grant moved a few more things and set them in the floor before sitting next to Jim.  They both had to chuckle at the cups but didn’t mind.

“You might spend all day here,” Jim said.

“I probably will but if the sun is out, it’ll be hard to resist that pool area now.  I really want to get so dark here this summer,” Grant said.

“You look like you have a good start any ways,” Jim stated.

“That’s the fake shit I had,” Grant laughed. “I wanted to look good down there for the party.”  Grant moved his hand and touched Jim’s leg.

“I have to say you did turn plenty of heads,” Jim stated.

Grant smiled, “I hope I was able to turn your head.”

“Trust me you did.”

“You damn sure turned mine nearly out of socket seeing you all sexy in that hot little number,” Grant said and popped the waistband of Jim’s shorts.  Grant looked up at Jim and made his move.  He kissed Jim squarely on the lips.  Jim was thrilled to have this hot guy kissing him.  He felt Grant’s hands running up and down his back.  Grant kissed Jim’s neck and made his way down.  He pushed off Jim’s shorts and looked up at him.  “Is this cock ready?”

“You better believe it is,” Jim said. 

Grant had Jim naked in a matter of seconds.  “Nice fucking cock,” Grant stated and grabbed Jim’s 7 and half inches of cut meat.  He licked the head and opened his mouth.  

Jim leaned back and could feel Grant’s wet mouth.  He was in heaven at this moment.  He put his hand on Grant’s reddish blond hair and groaned in pleasure.  “OOO baby!”

Grant continued to suck Jim until he kissed his way back up.  He stood and allowed Jim to kiss and lick down his ripped torso.  Before Jim could, Grant pushed off his low rise bikini and stepped out of it.   Jim licked Grant’s nice hard cock that was about 6 inches and totally shaven.  He licked and licked until moving to his balls.  He heard Grant moan and continued.  He licked back up and swirled his tongue around Grant’s nice head.  He opened his mouth and took Grant’s cock.  He looked up and could see the unmistakable look of a guy getting blown.  He ran his hand up Grant’s abs and bobbed up and down.  He stopped and licked before returning his mouth.  He knew he was stimulating this hot guy by the loud moans and increased breathing.  He continued alternating between licking and sucking.  He had Grant’s cock deep in his mouth and felt cum hit his throat.  He didn’t mind taking cum and had little choice in the matter.

Grant finished depositing his load in Jim’s mouth.  He kissed him and was given a little taste of his cum.  Jim grabbed the cup of wine and took a drink.   Grant dropped his head down and returned to sucking Jim off. 

“I’m about... to cum,” Jim said but Grant didn’t move and even went deeper.  Jim groaned loudly and shot his load in Grant’s mouth.  He pulled out after he finished.   Grant pulled off and returned the favor of letting Jim have a taste.

The two collapsed on the couch and kissed passionately while tasting each other's hot loads. 

“Dude, that was smoking ass hot,” Grant said.

“It was,” Jim said.

“I knew you were a swallower when I first felt your fucking mouth,” Grant said. “I love a guy who doesn’t say shit when I bust my goddamn nut in his throat.”

“The pleasure was all mine,” Jim said.

They finished the cup of wine.  Jim found his clothes and left the mess that was Grant’s condo.   He took the elevator up and went to his condo.  Once inside, he collapsed on the couch.  After being alone with Grant, the mystique was gone.  He did like him but wasn’t sure where all this would lead.  He did enjoying sucking Grant and really would have been up for even more. 

In the end, the two became more fuck buddies than anything.  Jim liked Grant but knew he wasn't exactly what he was searching for as a partner.  Grant was a complete slob and really was about Grant more than anything as Jim grew to find out but loved the sex the two had.  Having Grant there as a fuck buddy was an added benefit to the high rise condo.


Another one chapter story from my collection.