The events in this chapter took place during Junior 37 and written by Big ‘D’ as demanded by you the
readers in the comments and a few emails.


After a fun night, I was having a great time and was pretty wasted. I wasn’t the only one though, with
Toni barely able to walk when she went to the bathroom. It was always great to see her and I wished she’d
come around more often. She fit in so well around us and wasn’t as uptight as a lot of girls can be around
a bunch of guys.

Matt had called it a night and was probably in his room fucking the shit out of Corey like he always does.
Corey is a guy like me who looks like he should be in the dominant role, taking change and controlling his
lover, but while we enjoy that we both get a kick out of giving up our power and we love to get fucked.

Colt put his arm around me and we snuggled up against each other. I saw Toni eyeing us with what she said
was her last drink in her hand.

“It’s unreal to see you two like this,” she commented. “I knew you messed around a little bit…”

Colt laughed, “We did. Andrea was great, especially in the fucking sack, but Kris is another story.”

“I bet. What I wouldn’t give to see you two muscle studs fucking like dogs,” Toni said and laughed,
spilling a little beer down her blouse.

“Girl, here you wanted to drive,” I said. “There’s no way you could even back your car out, much less
drive to your place.”

“I know that,” Toni said. “It really wasn’t my intention to get this drunk but I had to show you boys how
it’s done. Damn that Shawn can put ‘em away.”

Colt laughed, “He can and still holds his shit pretty well.”

“Girl, you haven’t said a word about seeing anyone,” I commented.

“I haven’t found that right one…”

“Like Bryson?” Colt said.

“Hell no. He was nice and all, but I’ll be honest, he really didn’t know how to satisfy me,” she said.
“Don’t tell me you faked that shit,” I laughed.

“No, but sometimes… I don’t know how to say it just right… He just fucked me… barely even foreplay. He was
more interested in his satisfaction than mine. I know you two studs could satisfy a girl… like me… you
know…” she said and looked at us.

“Huh?” Colt asked.

“Colt, get real over there. My ultimate fantasy is to be with either one of you. Yeah, I admit it, but
damn you two are just the hottest things going since Matt is gay…”

“So you think Matt is hot?” I asked.

“Do I ever! But I knew I was barking up the wrong tree. Damn, I’m drunk here, thinking…”

“Thinking what?” Colt asked.

“Well… I’d love to see you two in action. Actually I could stand a little action myself,” Toni said.

I swallowed hard. Colt was looking at me. “Well… we are bi,” Colt said.

Before I knew it, Toni had her lips pressed against mine and her hand on Colt’s thigh. Feeling a woman’s
lips on mine again did feel great, they were so much softer than Colt’s were. She was as bold as ever and
groped me before moving to kiss Colt and getting a good feel of his hardening cock too.

I pulled her away from him and took some liberties by slipping my hands under her blouse to feel her tits.
She quickly came out of it and tossed it on the floor, letting me run my hands over her nice body and her
ample tits, which felt so good in my hands. Colt was still a pro and was able to easily unsnap her bra,
which she quickly threw to the floor as well. Her nice perky tits were right there in my face. I wasn’t
going to resist her. My hand slid down the front of her jeans. She unbuttoned them and gave me access to
her pussy. My finger went down and I teased the entrance slightly before I pushed in and entered her wet
spot. I don’t know what I was really thinking, but fingering Toni felt so good. I did have feelings for
women still, even though I was definitely in love with Colt.
She pulled away and lost the rest of her clothes while Colt and I watched, giving each other’s hard cocks
a good squeeze.

“Damn, you look great,” Colt complimented her while I was thinking the same thing. She had a nice figure
and looked smoking hot naked. Colt stood and dropped his jeans. He pulled his top off and Toni helped him
lose his boxers and dropped to her knees, quickly inhaling Colt’s dick.

We were both surprised by how forward she was. Maybe it was the drink that spurred her on, but we could
tell she wanted us so bad so why should we deny her? I looked at Colt and smiled while I got naked. The
pleasure he was feeling was written all over his face and I loved seeing Toni’s mouth slide up and down
Colt’s nice dick, coating it in saliva.

She was really working Colt’s dick over good and had him moaning. He reached down and ran his hand through
her long hair as she continued to bob up and down on his cock. She made sure to use her hands to feel all
over his hard abs and I knew she was getting those same feelings I do when I’m sucking on Colt’s cock and
worshipping his body. I felt the urge to taste him and have him in my mouth.

“Move over and let me show you how fucking bi I am,” I said. I had stood watching as long as I could and
now needed to get in on the action. I dropped to my knees as Toni pulled back and I saw her eyes were
focused on my lips as I leaned forward and took Colt’s wet dick in my mouth. It felt as it always did
sliding between my lips and into my mouth. Toni must have sucked him pretty good because he was rock hard
and throbbing as I moved my head and sucked his cock as best I could.

“Damn, suck that dick, Kris,” Toni urged me on. Her voice showed signs of being drunk but I knew she was
still fully aware of what was happening. “It’s so fucking hot seeing you do that shit.”

I looked out of the corner of my eye to see that she was now touching herself, even slipping a finger
inside her pussy to fuck herself as she watched me sucking on Colt’s cock and using my hand to cup and
caress his balls.

“I really think we should move this to our bedroom before someone hears us,” Colt said while his dick was
in my mouth. 

I pulled back and saw the slobber streaming from my tongue to the tip of his hard dick. I wiped my mouth
and moved my eyes up his amazing body until they were focused on his, “I agree.”

We gathered up our clothes and headed to my bedroom. Colt closed and locked the door behind us, which is
something he didn’t usually bother to do. He then turned around and reached for Toni’s hand, pulling her
to him for a really passionate kiss. She threw her arms around him and her naked body melted against his
as he held her in his big arms. It was so hot seeing them make out, and as Colt’s hands moved all over her
body I knew he loved what we were doing.

Toni finally had to pull her head back because she needed to breathe. She was panting and gasping, looking
at Colt with so much lust and hunger. Even the alcohol couldn’t quell those feelings and desires. It was
as if she couldn’t believe how good he was and he had only really kissed her so far.

He moved forward again and put his hands under her armpits. He lifted her up and threw her onto the bed.
She looked up at him in shock, wondering what he was going to do, but then she gasped as he climbed up
onto the bed and got between her legs. 

“I’ve missed eating some pussy…” Colt groaned, with a similar look of hunger in his eyes.

“I want to feel your tongue and then that hard fucking dick in me,” Toni said. I could tell now that she
knew exactly what he was doing and wouldn’t regret a thing, which really put me at ease. “Guys, I really
need to be with a man. I need to feel him inside me.”

“I think we can handle that shit,” I said as Colt dove down between her legs and buried his face in her

“Oh fuck!” Toni screamed as her back arched and her body bucked, pushing her pussy up against Colt’s face.

I could see he had his tongue just out of his mouth and was flicking it back and forth over her clit. It
had taken him a moment to find it but the way her yelps went so much higher in pitch told both of us he
had found her spot. She was panting and writhing around on the bed as he continued to caress her with his

“Oh god… so good…” she panted, reaching down to grip Colt’s hair.

My dick was rock hard and I started stroking it as Colt’s head started moving up and down, bobbing
slightly. I moved a little closer and could see that he had moved down slightly so his tongue was now
working over her hole. He had made his tongue go stiff and as he moved his head he was slipping the hard
tongue inside her, fucking her with it.

It was so hot seeing him enjoy her pussy so much. I know Matt and Corey might not understand that we can
still be so attracted to women and can really get off on being with them, but we loved it. No matter what
anyone said about us we both knew now we were truly bi and the desire to be with a woman would always be

I crawled up onto the bed and moved so I was beside Toni’s head. When she turned towards me I ran the head
of my dick over her lips, smearing them with precum. She opened up and took the head of my dick into her
mouth, reaching over to wrap her hand around the base. As Colt continued to eat her pussy she sucked and
stroked my cock.

She was moaning around my dick and her eyes seemed to roll back in her head as the feelings took over her.
I gently thrust my hips back and forth so my dick slid in and out of her mouth. She took about half of my
cock as Colt clamped down on her pussy and shoved his tongue deep inside her.

“Oh my god!” Toni screamed, spitting my cock out of her mouth. “No one has ever made me feel so good just
with their tongue. You’re the best, Colt! Fuck me with it!”

Colt lifted his head, licking his way up Toni’s stomach. He had a huge smile on his face from the way she
was speaking and from her reaction as she shivered beneath him. He kissed back down until his lips and
tongue were back between her legs.

I moved back and scooted down the bed a little bit so I could see Colt’s dick. He was on his hands and
knees while he was tongue fucking Toni. His cock was so hard between his legs and was pointing straight
down to the mattress, leaking precum onto the sheets. I moved in close and was able to run my tongue over
his balls and then down along his shaft until I licked a drop of the precum from his tip.

“FUCK!” Colt screamed, pulling back from Toni’s pussy.

“What?” Toni asked with a mixture of confusion and disappointment in her voice.

“Kris just licked my dick while I was eating your pussy. Felt so good,” Colt said.

“Let me see it again,” Toni said. “I wanna see you both suck each other’s cocks.”

“You’re a kinky bitch,” Colt laughed.

“And you’re a sexy fucker,” Toni smiled.

“Anything else you want?” I asked.

“Yeah… After you suck each other I wanna see you fuck each other. Then I want you to fuck me. Both of
you,” Toni grinned, and I could tell she was completely lost to her hormones now. Whether it her desire
was made stronger by the alcohol she drank it was clear she wanted us as much as we wanted her.

Colt and I looked at each other. I think we were both a little apprehensive about getting so involved with
each other in front of someone else, but then we’d done it with Andrea and almost everyone who mattered
knew about us now, so there was no reason for us not to take advantage of us all being so horny and just
go with what felt right.

He pulled me over to him while he was still between Toni’s legs and gave me such a hot kiss. I could taste
Toni’s juices on his lips and it got me so turned on I couldn’t help but lean down to tongue her pussy

Colt was rubbing my back and offering words of encouragement as Toni started moaning and whimpering. She
was writhing around beneath me and then screamed when Colt leaned down and pressed his cheek against mine,
sticking out his tongue so he was licking her too.

We pressed our tongues together so the tips were touching and quickly found a rhythm where we were both
tongue fucking her pussy, pushing them inside her and then withdrawing. Suddenly Toni screamed again and
her whole body went into spasm.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” She panted as she jerked around on the bed. She was breathing so hard and pretty much
collapsed. Colt and I smiled and then he pulled me in for a kiss and slapped me on the back since we knew
we’d just made her cum.

“Are you ready for more?” Colt asked.

Toni tried to catch her breath but couldn’t form any words. She shook her head and pushed herself up the
bed so her back was against the wall. Her eyes were focused on us and they were still filled with lust. We
knew what she wanted to see and we decided to perform for her. We wanted to give her a show she would
never forget.

Colt pushed me down on the bed and climbed on top of me. He pushed a strand of my hair away from my face
and ran his hand over my cheek. His eyes were focused on mine and he lowered himself until his lips were
pecking at mine.

My dick throbbed and jerked, crashing into Colt’s and making us both moan. We continued to kiss as Colt
humped his dick against mine and then pulled back so his head was about six inches above mine. I reached
up and placed my hand on the back of his head, holding him close as I enjoyed the sensations from his cock
rubbing up and down the length of mine.

“That’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” Toni gasped.

Colt turned his head to look at her and smiled, “Girl, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet… Watch this…”

He kept me pinned to the bed and moved down to kiss my neck. He then moved down over my neck to my chest
and abs before finally kissing along the length of my cock, which jumped and jerked from its place on my

Instead of sucking my dick, Colt continued going lower and sucked my balls into his mouth, rolling them
around on his tongue. He had his head between my legs just like he had done with Toni and he was getting
the same reaction out of me. I was moaning and held onto his head as he tugged at my balls with his lips.

“Suck my dick, Colt, suck my fucking dick,” I moaned.

Colt smiled as he looked up into my eyes. He ran his tongue up the length of my cock and I threw my head
back. It felt so good. When his tongue swirled around the head of my dick my whole body jerked and I
grabbed Colt’s head, shoving him down on my cock.

He quickly took over and used his hand on my balls while his head bobbed up and down on my cock. His
tongue probed into my slit, trying to lick up every drop of precum that was now flowing from my dick. He
then focused on my shaft, coating it in his saliva as he licked up and down it and then took it back into
his mouth, sucking it as deep as possible.

“That is so hot,” Toni whispered. I had almost forgotten she was even in the room with us because Colt
made me feel so good.

I turned my head to see that her eyes were focused on Colt’s face as he pushed his head down and buried
his nose in my trimmed pubes, taking every inch of my dick in his mouth and down his throat. Toni was
still breathing heavily but she must have recovered slightly because her hand was back between her legs
and she was rubbing her clit with two of her fingers.

My eyes were still focused on Toni when Colt surprised me by pulling his head off my cock and pushing up
my legs so my knees were almost pressed against my chest. Before I could say a word, he shoved his face
into the crack of my ass and started giving me an amazing rim job.

“Holy shit!” Toni gasped. “That’s the dirtiest and hottest thing I’ve ever seen. Eat his ass, Colt. Get
him ready for your cock.”

I couldn’t believe the words coming out of Toni’s mouth or how much she seemed to love seeing Colt and I
work each other over. Colt was now driving his tongue into my ass and was fucking me with it. I was
moaning and groaning, reaching up to stroke my hard cock as Colt’s tongue slipped inside me. When he had
my hole wet from his spit he pulled back and pushed a finger inside me.
“Oh god! Fuck me, Colt! Fuck me!” I moaned.

“Yeah!” Toni said excitedly. “Fuck his ass, Colt! I wanna see you two hot studs go at it.”

“This is unreal,” Colt said, pulling back from my ass.

He lowered me back down to the bed and looked between me and Toni, shaking his head like he still couldn’t
believe this was happening. To be honest, neither could I, but it was so hot and he had me so worked up I
just wanted his dick inside me. I didn’t even care that Toni would see me getting fucked and might view me
differently after she saw how much I love having a dick in my ass.

Colt then got up off the bed and headed over to my nightstand where he pulled out our big bottle of lube
and a box of condoms. We hadn’t used condoms when we fucked each other for about two weeks so I was a
little surprised, but then I remembered the agreement we made to always cover up when we were with anyone
else, whether we were alone with them or in a threesome or foursome. We didn’t want to risk catching
something or getting someone pregnant in Toni’s case, so even though Colt was planning on fucking me
first, it was definitely the right thing to do to set the standard for what was to come.

Toni moved from her position on the bed and took the condom from Colt. She leaned down and sucked his dick
back into her mouth, bobbing up and down on it for about a minute, making sure it was as hard as could be
before she opened the condom and rolled it down his throbbing cock. Then she poured some lube in her hand
and stroked his dick up and down, getting it nice and slick for its journey into my ass.

Her next move shocked me. Instead of pushing Colt towards me she let go of his cock and instead moved down
so she was between my legs. She quickly took my hard dick back in her mouth and sucked me pretty good
while Colt looked on and jerked himself slowly. She then hooked her hands under my knees and pushed my
legs back. My eyes then went wide as she leaned down and licked my ass. I threw my head back and moaned as
she started rimming me. I never imagined for a second she’d even think of doing that, but she got really
into it and had me totally speechless.

When she let go and lowered me back to the bed she took one of my big legs and put it up on her shoulder.
I had no idea what she was doing until she grabbed the bottle of lube again and poured some into her hand.
Then she moved it down and pressed a finger against my hole. I groaned and arched my back as she pushed
the slender finger inside me and gently fucked me with it, lubing up my entrance. I couldn’t believe what
this girl was doing, and from the look on Colt’s face, neither could he.

Having her finger inside me felt so different from any other I’d ever had because it was slimmer and more
delicate as it glided in and out me. Her nails were long and manicured and her skin was so soft, which
felt really different to the fatter, rougher fingers that Colt used to fuck my ass.

“Please Toni,” I begged, knowing we had gone way beyond being shy. We had crossed so many boundaries
already and there would be plenty more to come. “I need Colt to fuck me now. I need his hard dick inside

“Fuck yeah!” Toni exclaimed. “I wanna see this. Fuck his ass good, Colt.”

“Oh I will, babe. You’ll see just how good at taking my cock this fucking hot stud really is,” Colt said
with pure hunger in his voice. I knew from his tone I was in for a hard fuck, but that’s what I wanted
from him and my hole was twitching in anticipation.

Toni moved away from me as Colt took her place back between my legs. He took my ankles in his hands and
lifted my legs up, but I wanted to make sure Toni could see his cock as it slipped inside me so I reached
up and hooked my arms under my knees, pulling my legs back and lifting my ass up slightly to expose my

I looked at Toni to see a mesmerised look on her face as she watched Colt stroke his hard cock before
lining it up with my ass. He brushed the tip of his covered dick over my hole and I moaned. Then I heard
Toni gasp and saw her move a little closer as Colt started pushing in and I pushed out, allowing him to
sink his cock deep into my ass.

I moaned and threw my head back as his dick sliced through me and was buried in my depths. It felt so
strange to have his covered cock back inside me. It was so much slicker and smoother than his bare cock
was and I almost felt disappointed that I wasn’t feeling his skin on mine.

Those thoughts quickly vanished though when Colt started fucking my ass. His cock pulled out and was then
driven back in. I was moaning and yelping as he long dicked me. I knew he was putting a show on for Toni
who had gone back to touching herself as she watched Colt’s cock disappear inside me.

Slowly he picked up the pace until he was pounding my ass. He moved up even further on the bed and held my
legs back as he bent over me and hammered his cock into my ass. I was screaming but it felt so good and I
knew Toni could see that in the way I was staring up at Colt and my mouth hung open in a smile as I panted
for breath.

After about a minute or two of Colt pummelling my ass in that position he moved back and let go of my
legs, pushing them apart. He leant back over and looked down into my eyes as his thrusts slowed to a nice
steady rhythm, allowing him to hump down into my ass without really exerting himself.

Our eyes were locked onto each other and I reached up to run my fingers over his cheek. He smiled and
leaned down to kiss me as he continued to fuck me. We made out passionately and his dick was in almost
constant contact with my prostate.

When we pulled apart we turned our heads to see Toni looking on with her eyes wide. Her finger was inside
herself now and she looked lost in her lust. Colt leaned back onto his knees but continued to fuck me.

“That’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” Toni said in what was barely a whisper. It was like she was
having trouble finding the words. “It just keeps getting better. I knew it would be good, but this is
blowing my mind. You two really do love each other.”

“Yeah, we do,” Colt smiled.

He reached down to stroke my cock, which was rock hard and leaking against my abs. Suddenly Toni pulled
her finger out of her pussy and almost launched herself across the bed. She slapped Colt’s hand so he let
go of my dick and then she swallowed my cock, taking me as deep into her mouth as possible.

I threw my head back and had to grip the sheets. The feelings flowing through my body were amazing as
Colt’s cock still slid in and out of my ass and Toni’s mouth clamped down and sucked me with everything
she had. I was moaning and groaning and suddenly felt myself getting so close.

I didn’t want things to be over just yet so I pulled Toni’s head from cock and pulled her up to kiss me.
At the same time I raised my legs until my feet were pressed against Colt’s chest. I then started pushing
back, forcing his cock to slip from my ass.

“What the fuck?” Colt asked.

I was too busy kissing Toni to reply. Instead I flipped her over so she was on her back and kissed my way
down her body until I was going back down on her pussy. I was on my hands and knees eating her out when I
felt the bed move as Colt got behind me and shoved his cock back in my ass.

He held onto my hips and started fucking me again. Every time he thrust into me it sent my face crashing
into Toni’s hot, wet pussy and I soon realised that all I had to do was keep my tongue still and Colt’s
fucking would send my tongue inside Toni so I was fucking her too.

She was moaning so loud when I pulled back and rose up so my back was against Colt’s chest with his dick
buried deep inside me. He wrapped his arms around my chest and kicked my neck as I looked down at Toni.
She looked up at me with pleading eyes, wanting me to carry on, until she saw Colt handing me a condom and
moaned as I ripped open the packet and covered my cock.

I quickly spread lube all over my dick and then pulled her closer to me, leaning over with Colt’s cock
still inside me, lining my dick up with her hole. I teased the opening for a moment and then began pushing
in. My cock just slid in and it felt so good.

“Oh yes!” Toni moaned. “Fuck me Kris! I’ve always wanted you to fuck me.”

Amazingly Colt had followed me and was leaning over my back with his dick still in my ass as I smiled and
bent down to kiss Toni while my dick bottomed out inside her. I had almost forgotten how good a pussy
feels when it’s wrapped around my cock. Sure, it wasn’t as tight as Colt’s ass, which I love to fuck, but
her pussy gripped my dick nice and firm, and as I started to slide my cock in and out of her it was really
clenching me tight and massaging my cock.
Instead of thrusting into me, Colt let me take over and do all the work. His dick was throbbing in my ass
and I was amazed he hadn’t slipped out yet, but he was still buried deep inside me. As I thrust into Toni
and felt my dick being swallowed by her nice, moist hole, my ass was clutching at Colt’s dick as it slid
out of me. Just before his cock left me I pushed back, pulling my dick almost out of Toni and driving my
ass back onto Colt’s cock before humping forward and repeating the process over and over again.

Fucking Toni and fucking my ass on Colt’s cock felt so good and I was seeing the benefits of being with
more than one person. Being on both ends was so hot and all three of us were moaning as we continued to

I had maybe been inside of Toni for five minutes, keeping up the nice steady pace as I fucked her, when
Colt put his hands on my hips and start fucking me faster. When he did that it sent my cock crashing into
Toni and she started screaming because I was now pounding her pussy hard as Colt hammered into my ass.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” I moaned. “Fuck my ass, Colt! Fuck my ass!”

With Toni squeezing me just right and Colt’s cock smashing against my spot as he fucked me, I felt myself
getting closer and closer to the edge until suddenly I felt the cum racing up my cock. I pushed Colt back
and his dick slipped out of me as I withdrew from Toni, threw off the condom and exploded all over his
smooth stomach.

“FUCK!!” I screamed as I unloaded all over her.

When my dick finally stopped shooting I collapsed to the side and lay back on the bed trying to catch my
breath. Colt had a huge smirk on his face. I watched on as he pulled off his condom and tossed it toward
the trash can. He grabbed another condom, rolled it down his cock and smeared it in lube. I thought he was
just going to sink his dick into Toni now, but he had other ideas.

He got back down between Toni’s legs and ran his tongue over her pussy. She shivered and screamed. I could
see from the look on Colt’s face that he could taste the lube and it wasn’t the nicest, but he still
flicked his tongue across her clit and pushed the tip inside her.

“Oh god, Colt!” Toni screamed, reaching down to grip his hair. “Lick that pussy that your boyfriend just

Colt groaned when he heard Toni say those words. She was wriggling around beneath him as he moved up from
his place between her legs and started licking my cum from her stomach and tits. I could tell he didn’t
swallow any of it and he sucked on her nipple with a mouth full of my cum.

Next he positioned himself over Toni so their eyes met and their faces were just inches apart. Toni leaned
up to kiss Colt’s lips and as she opened her mouth slightly, expecting his tongue to slip between her
lips, he opened his mouth and dribbled some of my cum into hers.

I expected her to turn away in disgust but she just groaned and arched her back. I watched as she licked
her lips and then reached up to grab Colt’s head, pulling him into a really hot kiss. I moaned at the
sight, knowing they were sharing my cum between them.

Toni then yelped and threw her arms around Colt, clinging to him. I wondered what had happened and then
looked down to see his dick slipping inside her. It was so hot watching his cock disappear until it was
buried inside her. She was feeling what I felt so often these days.

Colt didn’t pull back like I expected him to. He kept his place hovering over Toni and slowly moved his
dick in and out of her, feeding her every inch of his hot cock and leaning down to kiss her as she moaned
into his mouth.

When they broke the kiss Toni was almost delirious, “Fuck me, Colt! Fuck me! You feel so good inside me!”

“You are so fucking hot, Toni. I love being inside you. Can you feel my cock sliding in deep?” Colt
replied, thrusting harder and deeper than before.

“YES!” Toni screamed. “Fuck me, Colt! Harder!”

Hearing how turned on Toni was, Colt leaned up a little, planted his hands on the mattress on either side
of her chest and drove his cock into her, picking up the pace until he was fucking her quite hard.

I had fully recovered from my orgasm now and while my dick was soft I wanted to join in again so I crawled
up the bed to where Toni was moaning and throwing her head from side to side, and pressed my lips to hers.
She put her hand on the back of my head and pulled me in, kissing me so hard I almost couldn’t breathe.

With our lips still crashing into each other and our tongues battling, I ran my hand down her body until
my fingertips were brushing against her pussy as Colt’s dick slipped in and out of it. I could feel his
hard shaft and gently rubbed my hand over it as it withdrew from her body and plunged back in.

Pulling back from the kiss I licked my way down her body. I moved my hands up to cup her boobs and then I
sucked one of her nipples into my mouth, teasing it with my tongue. Her body was moving up and down as
Colt continued to drill his cock into her, but I clamped down on her nipple, which seemed to grow in my
mouth, and she clawed at the back of my head.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” She started screaming. “This is amazing! I’m gonna cum!”

With that her hand clenched into a fist around my hair and she almost pulled some of it out as her back
arched, pulling her nipple from my mouth. She let out an almighty scream that told us she was cumming

Colt still had his dick inside her as she collapsed on the bed, covered in sweat and panting for breath.
He still wasn’t done, but I knew he was close as he continued to hump her.

With Toni limp on the bed I moved down and pushed Colt back until he slipped out of her. Before he could
say anything I reached down and pulled the condom off his cock and wrapped my mouth around the tip. I
sucked him into my mouth and immediately went to work, bobbing up and down hard and fast. He quickly took
over and fucked my face until he grabbed my head, pushed his dick in deep and shot his load in my mouth.

Some of his cum slid straight down my throat, but I held the rest in my mouth and quickly spun around. To
my surprise Toni actually pulled me into a kiss and wanted to taste Colt’s cum after getting to sample

We made out for about a minute, with our tongues swirling around in each other’s mouth, and then we felt
the bed move beside us and broke apart only for Colt’s semi-hard cock to slip between our faces and glide
across our lips. We both stuck our tongues out and licked up and down the shaft, cleaning it of any
leftover cum.

Finally Colt had to pull back as his dick became sensitive and we all fell down on the bed. Colt and I
took hold of Toni and pulled her up the bed with us until we were all lying back against the pillows on
either side of her.

“How was it?” I asked, turning to look at her.

There was the biggest grin I had ever seen on her face. “Incredible… I’ve never cum like that before… You
two are so hot it’s unreal… and seeing you together… having you both fuck me… AMAZING!”

“Glad we could please you,” Colt smiled.

“If you weren’t together I would happily be with either one of you,” Toni smiled.

“We feel the same about you,” I said, gently running a finger over the smooth skin on her stomach.

“I wish I had the energy to go again but you’ve made me cum twice already,” Toni said, still looking lost
in her post orgasm bliss.

“Well then maybe you’ll have to come back for round two…” I said, kind of joking.

“I’d love that!” Toni exclaimed excitedly. “And maybe next time I can see you fuck Colt.”

Colt looked at me and smiled. “I think we could arrange that.”

Toni shivered at the thought, but she was exhausted. She leaned over to give us both a quick kiss and then
snuggled up to me, placing her head on my chest. She threw her arm over my body and closed her eyes.

Colt was still smiling as he moved in behind her, spooning her, and threw his arm over her body so his
hand rested on the side of my chest not occupied by Toni’s head. We leaned over for a quick kiss and then
settled back down, closing our eyes and quickly drifting off to sleep.


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