Posted:   August 19, 2010

I sat on my sofa, eating a sandwich in my condo which I had recently purchased.  It was a peanut butter and jelly, my favorite, and a tall glass of cold milk to wash it down.  I was about half finished when I heard my doorbell.  It was odd since I really didn’t have any friends to speak of here in this town.  I strolled to the door after finding a shirt.  The doorbell rang again. 

“Just a minute!” I yelled and walked swiftly to answer.  I opened the door and was shocked to say the least to see Derek, a kid I had been a mentor for a few years back.

Derek swept the sweat off his forehead, “Ronnie, I was hoping this was the right place.”

“Come on in, Derek.  Great to see ya,” I stated.

Derek did come in and walk slowly to my living room where I had been eating.  “Hope you don’t mind the visit.  I heard you lived here now.”

I looked at Derek for a second, “I don’t mind but how’d you find out?”

“Oh, a little birdie told me your address,” Derek smiled.

“Hey that’s fine with me.  How are you doing now?” I asked since I did counsel him at my former job.

“Actually pretty good.  I did graduate last year with my class like I promised you I would,” Derek said.

“Staying out of trouble I hope,” I stated.

“Haven’t been in any trouble in some time now.”

“Great!” I praised him.  “What brings you a good hour to see me?”  It was a question I wondered when I first saw his face.

“Came to see someone who actually believed in me and show you what you were able to do,” Derek said.

“You don’t know how good that makes me feel that you would take the time to actually come here,” I stated.

Derek proceeded to catch me up-to-date on his life since I left the center a year ago.  He had worked odd jobs while trying to patch up things with his father, which didn’t sound like he was making much progress but was trying.  He told me about a few of the other kids I mentored, some good and some bad.  I knew that was a possibility.  I told him about my job here with the state and volunteering at the youth home one weekend a month.

Derek finally got around to the reason for his visit, “Ronnie, I really need a place to stay for a while and was wondering if you might be able to help me out for a short time.”

“Derek…” my mind was going at warp speed. “Do you have a job?”

“I got one yesterday, down the street at the shoe factory.  I heard you had moved heard you had moved here and called the center to get your address,” Derek said.

“Are you jerking me around?”

“No Ronnie,” Derek said seriously and reached in his pocket to pull out a paper with his hours.  “Here take a look.”  He shoved the paper in my hand.

I read the paper.  “I guess there’s room for you here.”

“Great!  How much rent do you want?”

“I’ll take what you can afford,” I said and resided to the fact I was letting him stay.

“Ummm… how about $200 a month?”

“Sounds good to me,” I said since it would help me out some.

“Thanks!” Derek said. “I’ll grab a few things from my car.”  Derek was all smiles now and headed back to his old car.  He grabbed clothes in each hand.  I showed him the second bedroom closet but there was no bed.  I helped with the next load and could see his excitement.  We had all his things my condo.  I showed him the bathroom and the kitchen since he would be staying here. 

We stood in the kitchen. “It means a lot to me that you still have such a big heart,” Derek stated. “I was worried maybe you had changed a little since you left the center on bad terms.”

I looked at him, “Bad terms?  No, I left on my own terms with no hard feelings whatsoever.  Derek, I left when I saw the funding being cut by the state.  I wasn’t comfortable then and sought a different job within the state that had more stability.”

“We heard you got fired,” Derek stated. “I guess that was only a rumor.”

“You know how things got started there.  Someone would assume something and before you knew it was accepted as the truth.  Derek, I would still be there today if I felt like it was a stable workplace.  I loved it there and do miss all you guys.” 

“That’s great,” Derek smiled. “You care if I get something to eat?  I was as nervous as a cat this morning and couldn’t eat in fear you would send me packing.”

I watched Derek search the refrigerator and pull out some ham and cheese for a sandwich.  I still wasn’t sure of the exact reason for him seeking me out.  He fixed his sandwich and stood to eat in the kitchen.  I returned to the living room to watch television.  He finished eating and joined me.

“I can’t thank you enough for letting me stay here, Ronnie,” Derek said. He sat quietly for a few minutes and chewed on his finger nails.  “Ronnie… I lied to you earlier and might as well come clean to you.”

“About what?” I asked.

“Hmmm… my dad is still the same asshole as he ever was.  I’ve tried my hardest to live with him but it didn’t work.  I moved out four months ago and thought I could survive on my own.  I came here in desperation and to escape,” Derek stated solemnly.  “I’ve lived in a shelter the past 3 months and hated it beyond belief.  I came here hoping you would allow me a safe place to live until I was able to get things sorted out.”

“Derek, I think maybe you’re being honest now with me.  You didn’t exactly out and out lie to me but didn’t tell me everything.”

“Dude, it’s hard to admit as a 19 year old I need help.  At the center, you always told us in times of trouble to seek out someone you trusted.  I did exactly that.  Ronnie, I’ve stayed clean while away though it was hard at times.”

“Derek, I’m glad to be to help you.  I just ask you don’t abuse my kindness,” I stated.

“I won’t and see this as a golden opportunity to do something positive in life.  I know my job here isn’t the greatest but I took it to start anew.”

“If nothing else Derek, I do get lonely here at times,” I smiled. “This may not be what I had in mind but I’m willing to help you out as long as you are willing to put out an honest effort.  I hope you don’t think coming here I’m your maid either.  I fully expect without saying to clean your shit up and…” 

Derek got up and walked into the kitchen before I could finish, “Where’s the trash?”

“Under the sink on the left,” I yelled to him.  I heard the cabinet open and close. 

Derek walked back in and sat back down, “Hey, I wanted to start on the right foot.”

We continued to talk and renew our friendship.  I remained silent about my sexuality as I had while working at the center.  I did so at the center to keep down the trouble and knew how people looked at a gay guy working with at-risk males. 

That night, we rented a movie and watched it until time to retire for the night.  Derek insisted on sleeping on the couch since he was a visitor but gave me instructions to wake him at 6 to get ready for his new job.  I agreed and knew after waking him I could return to bed.

The next morning, I woke with the alarm right at 6 and walked out to wake Derek for his first day.  He got up quickly and without a fight.  He gave the first real chance to see how he developed.  I have to admit I was impressed with his built and how he had grown into his 6’1” frame.  He really had a nice body and did so without trying.  I on the other hand had to bust my ass to stay in shape and did so now out of boredom.

Derek headed to the bathroom to shower and prepare for work.  I stayed up and made sure he got off okay.  Weekdays this would be no problem since I too was up early to prepare for work.  He finished showering and returned with a towel wrapped around his waist.  He headed straight to the other bedroom to get dressed in private.  He came out dressed and asked where to hang up his wet towel.  I showed him where in the bathroom and he did so.  He found something to eat in the kitchen.  Sundays were my laundry day there at the condo so I offered to do his laundry as well.  He told me I didn’t have to but did have a large pile of clothes I could do if I wanted to.  I agreed to do them and watched him leave before 7 for his shift job at the plant.

I started the laundry seeing his big load of dirty clothes in the second bedroom floor.  I felt a little bad not having a bed for him to sleep on but he did come unexpectedly and without notice.  I went to work out with the laundry started.  It gave me time to assess this situation.  My only hope was Derek didn’t come to take advantage of me.  I returned sweaty and showered with the first load drying.

I dried off and started another load of laundry in the washer.  I grabbed my cell to call a friend from the center to see what he knew.  He answered on the third ring and was glad to hear my voice.  I asked about Derek to be told he was at the center earlier in the week and seemed to be bewildered but did inquire about me.  My friend told him where I was and gave him my number since Derek and I were as close as possible while I was there.  We talked a little while longer and confirmed my notion that changes were occurring now at the center.

Right after five, Derek came home.  He was soaking wet with sweat and looked very tired. “Now I know why I was hired.  They couldn’t find any other dumbasses to stay in the heat all day,” Derek laughed with his shirt on his shoulder.

“Did you like it?” I asked.

“Actually I did.  I don’t mind a little manual labor,” he replied and headed to the bathroom to shower.  He came out and put on a pair of shorts I had washed.  He thanked me for doing his laundry and basically collapsed in a recliner.  I could sense with his rough work he may not be any problem since he barely moved and was ready to go to sleep at 9.

The next day, I was up at 6, woke Derek from the couch and went about getting ready myself.  We ate a little something together before both heading off to work.  He was already there when I returned home and again drenched from head to toe.  The week went on like that for us with Derek sleeping, eating and going to work. 

Friday I was up and didn’t wake him since it was his day off.  I was nervous what he would do with me gone.  With me at work, it would be a good test for him and see how he managed his free time.

When I returned from work on Friday, Derek was there watching TV in his shorts.  I said greeted him and went to change out of my dress slacks and dress shirt. 

I returned and didn’t notice the first time he had shaved his hair very short.  “I was going to ask what you did all day but I can see you did get a haircut.”

“Ronnie I had to.  That long shit was in my face all day,” Derek replied.

“It will be a lot easier to manage now and does show off your earrings now,” I stated concerning the earrings he had since I had known him 3 years ago.

“Yeah, I notice that too,” he smiled.  “The rent is on the counter.”

“Thanks,” I said and stuffed it into my pocket.

“I get paid every week and wanted to make sure I had you paid before anything else.”

“I’m glad to see you taking some responsibility.”

“I have to here or else you’ll kick me out.  I know I haven’t been very sociable after work but I’ve been so tired.”

“I can see that.  Many nights you feel asleep in the recliner,” I stated.

“I know but it does keep me out of trouble,” he smiled.

“Let’s go grab something to eat tonight.  I’ll treat you since I have some extra cash,” I stated.

“I’ll pay my way or I’m not going.  That money is for my rent,” Derek stated.

“Alright then,” I said.  I put on a better shirt while Derek put on a shirt and different shorts. 

We headed out to eat at a decent sit down restaurant.  I had to endure Derek thanking me over and over for allowing him to move in.  He was being nice but I finally told him I got the message. 

On the way home, I stopped to rent a DVD for us to watch for the night.  We returned home and piled in front of the television.  About half through the movie, Derek moved and sat on the couch with me, claiming he could see and hear better.  He stretched his slender body out and inched slowly closer.  By the end, he was right up against me.  He found the remote and turned off the television.  He leaned over and kissed me squarely on the lips.  The kiss was nice and very unexpected.  I was a little shocked as well since he had never made a move on me before.

“What was that?” I asked.

“A kiss of appreciation,” Derek smiled and kissed me again.

I calmly pushed him away and sat up straight, “Derek, that wasn’t a kiss of appreciation.  Are you trying to tell me something?”

Derek dropped his head, “Ronnie, I really like you and have always liked you.”

“I see,” I stated.

“I’m sorry if I offended you,” he stated.

“No, I wasn’t offended but was a little taken back,” I said.

Derek took a big breath, “Ronnie, I heard you were gay.  Is that true?”

“Derek, I am.”

“Good, I am too,” Derek smiled. “I heard you got fired fucking around with Blake.  We all suspected you were.”

“Hold on, so that’s the rumor, huh?”

“Yeah, we heard you and Blake were boyfriends and got fired once Mr. Taylor found out you were having sex with one of us.”

“There’s not one bit of truth to that.  I told you why I left and am still friends with Mr. Taylor.”

“I was very disappointed however it wasn’t me.  I’ve always had a crush on you and would love to be your boyfriend,” Derek looked at me.

“This really explains a lot, Derek,” I stated.

“I couldn’t just come here and throw myself on you.    I wanted to but knew you would freak. Everything else has been true, I did live in a shelter.. boy what a nightmare.”

“You’re one hundred percent correct about freaking.”

“Is there any possibility we could be more than friends?” Derek asked me with his puppy dog look.

“Derek, there is a possibility.  I like how you went about it and am glad you did it.  You first reconnected with me and let us be friends before making your move.”


I looked at him and have to admit I was very attracted to him. I was on the outlook for a boyfriend/partner here and one of the reasons I had moved away.  I reached over and pulled him close.  I puckered on my lips and met his.  Sparks now flew while we kissed.  I pulled away, “Does that give you an answer?”

Derek was all smiles, “Fuck yea!”  He grabbed me and was so excited to feel my answer.  In no time, we had each other undressed.  Derek looked even better naked with his thin body and his long cut cock that was semi-hard.  I took it in my hand and gently stroked it.  I was now very turned on by him.  His youthful 19 year old body screamed sexy to my 26 year old eyes.  We kissed passionately there on the sofa with Derek now stroking my cut 6 inches. 

I want to be more comfortable and led him to my bedroom.  I lay on the bed and watched him fall on me.  His youthful excitement was unlike I had seen in some time and loved it.  We sucked each other off before I wanted to feel Derek in me.  I started out riding him since he and I both wanted to see each other’s faces while we fucked.  His cock was bigger than any I had ever experienced and at the same time felt great lodged deep in me.  He showed a very gentle nature and asked me repeatedly how I felt. 

I ended up on my back and enjoyed seeing this stud plow deep into me.  Words can’t describe the feeling.  It was a mixture of joy, pleasure, ecstasy and passion that Derek was delivering. 

We stopped for twenty minutes to come down.  This time, Derek wanted to bottom for me.  I enjoyed feeling his hot tight ass and seeing the sexual pleasure I was able to deliver.

After we both climaxed, we lay together in my bed.  We kissed passionately until Derek’s prickly hair was on my chest asleep.  I had zero regrets about what had occurred.  I did realize our relationship had been drastically altered from mentor/student, friends and now possible lovers.


Hope you enjoyed the first part... just a short two parter.