Part 2 of 2

Posted:  August 29, 2010

The next morning, my eyes opened to see Derek had moved off me.  I had no idea what time I finally drifted off to sleep or cared for that matter.  Derek was breathing lightly and looked so sexy sleeping naked, slightly curled up.  I rose from my queen size bed and headed to the bathroom.  I returned and found him still sleeping so peacefully.  I resisted temptation to touch his boney cheeks or kiss his forehead.  Instead, I threw on some boxers to begin this nice Saturday morning.

An hour or so later, I heard him up in my bedroom.  After hearing the bathroom door close, I turned to see Derek walking to me, rubbing his eyes to wake up further. 

“Damn, you look so hot!” I said and couldn’t help expressing my true feelings seeing Derek walk naked to me.

A big glowing smile erupted across his face, “Thanks, it’s nice to hear that.”

“It’s the truth,” I said and watched him sit next to me. “You were great last night.”

“I’m still reeling even now,” Derek said with a great kiss. “My biggest fantasy came true for me.  Ronnie, last night with you was ten times better than my dreams.”

I put my arm around him, “To think that was just one night.”

“Will there be more?” he asked me.

“Yes! Why would you even ask such a ridiculous question?”

“Ronnie, every other time I’ve been with guys and had great sex, it was a one and done deal.  I was thinking maybe you got what you wanted from me and might ask me to leave.”

“Derek that is really fucked up.  I don’t have casual sex for the sake of having sex.  I look upon sex as a cherished act of love and sure felt the love from you all night. Derek, you are however free to go whenever you choose.”

“So last night wasn’t a one nighter?”


“Thank goodness!  Ronnie, I have a shit load to learn from you about relationships.  As you well know, my past is littered with broken promises and nothing but sorrow.”

“It is all in the past now, Derek.  Normally I wouldn’t even consider a younger lover and have been with older men for the past few years.  Even when I was your age, I desired an older man’s affection. I’ve had one boyfriend my age or younger.”

Derek looked at me strangely, “What the hell?  You are now letting me down easy, huh?”

I realized that didn’t come out as intended, “No, no.  Derek, I want to take on a new challenge and see what it is like to have a younger boyfriend in my life.  Derek, we might have something very special brewing here.  We are different enough to maybe make this work.  Hell, the other way hasn’t work for me in the past as you can see since I lived alone until you showed up one week ago.”

“Ummm… I like the sound of that,” Derek smiled. “I might stick around and see what it is like to live with an older boyfriend.  Hell, fucking around with guys my age left me with absolutely nothing.  We are different and might be able to make this work some weird way.”

“I hope you will,” I smiled. 

We enjoyed one great make out session after that.  We couldn’t help but get rock hard with the petting and kissing.  Derek led me to the bed and showed his great potential to be my lover.  He was a great once again and showed me the joy of male sex.  I could sense he enjoyed topping me as much as I enjoyed bottoming for this young stud.  With him again, I too remembered the joy and pleasure that came from sex with the right person that had been missing from my life until last night.

After having hot sweaty passionate sex, we continued in the shower together.  He couldn’t keep his hands off me nor could I keep my hands from his nice body. His skin was soft to the touch and not a stray hair anywhere unexpected like my previous lovers.

“Ronnie, I’m not going too fast or too often for you, am I?” Derek asked.

“If you were, I would tell you,” I smiled. “It’s been absolutely perfect for me.”

“I was worried I was beginning to be too aggressive with you.  It has been 3 years in the making on my part,” Derek smiled.

“I would hate to see you if you would’ve waited any longer,” I laughed.

“Me too,” Derek laughed. His face turned serious, “I know we just started.  I want you to show me how to be a true boyfriend not just a fuck buddy or friend.”

“Derek, for any relationship, gay or straight, there is some measure of give and take,” I stated with my degree in social work coming out. “I really believe honesty is the best policy along with loyalty to each other.  From what I’ve seen you are very versed in the sex part.”

“Yeah, for me, the sexual part is easy and comes natural,” Derek said. “The part I want to enjoy is having someone who actually cares and respects me.  I’ve never had anyone who really had done that in my life or at least not in a long time.  I crave the attention and love that I didn’t get at home as you well know.”

“I can see that. With me, you will have my attention and more importantly my love.  Derek, I seriously have fallen in love with you,” I said.

His eyes grew wide, “That means the fucking world to me to hear someone say they love me.”  We shared a deep passionate kiss for a few minutes and caught our breath once again. “I thought I loved you before coming here.  Hell, I do love you so much now and hope it continues to grow.”

We were finally able to continue our day and had something to eat.  I knew somehow I had to get him out of the condo or he would wear me out, literally and figuratively.  We did a little shopping together to restock a few needed items and went to a park to enjoy the nice bright sunny warm day here in June.

Once back at my condo, we went to the pool to cool off and enjoy it since I was paying for it as part of the condo association fees.  I had no qualms about seeing him lying next to me.  Honestly I was proud to be seen in his presence.  Derek’s teeth needed some attention and he had a few moles here and there so he wasn’t perfect by any means but was growing on me every moment we shared. I could see he appeared as content as ever with me showing him attention and love.  That entire day he smiled effortlessly and beamed a new sense of confidence.

That Saturday night, the love continued to flow naturally from both of us.  Derek showed different parts of his personality that I actually enjoyed such a great dry sense of humor and the ability to laugh at himself for some odd things he said.  During sex, he continued to be so passionate and loving.  Even with his big cock deep in me, I felt comfortable now with him and loved staring into his eyes while feeling so loved and adored.  I realized I only thought I had been loved and now could feel it coming from Derek with every moment, gesture or spoken word.  His enthusiastic youthful approach to sex was very contagious and beyond pleasurable.  He constantly asked if he was hurting me or if I was in pain while we fucked.  He did hurt a little when he first entered me but after a few moments such pleasure took over my body, feeling his hot hard cock deep inside me.  After we came, he continued the romance and enjoyed us holding each other and telling each other how great it was.

The next morning Sunday my alarm woke me up at 6.  I reached over and shook Derek awake.

“Is it 6 already?” he asked and was half asleep.

“Yeah I’m afraid it is.  It is to get up and get ready to go to work.”

“I’ll just miss today and go in tomorrow,” Derek said and rolled back over.

“Fine, your ass will be fired,” I said and didn’t see him move. “I’m not supporting you either or letting you stay if you are too lazy to get up.”

I spoke the magic words and watched his naked lanky body stumble into the bathroom.  He poked his head out the door, “It would be better if you would join me.”

I joined him and did enjoy his sweet kiss and having him lather me up with his big hands.  I enjoyed lathering him up as well and touching every part of his body. We dried off with Derek now awake. 

“Thanks for setting my ass straight,” he said with a nice wet kiss of appreciation.

We ate together before he kissed me goodbye.  What a change a great weekend had made for both of us.  I was learning what buttons to push to keep him motivated for his job which I knew was hard, hot and boring.  It was his choice for means of support and probably did him good to work a little manual labor.  I was finally free and able to gather my thoughts and realistically assess what was occurring so fast to me.  I started the laundry for us.  I sat alone and quiet to think while the wash was being done.  I couldn’t help but smile over the events.  I longed for some time for a boyfriend/lover/partner and never expected someone like Derek could be that person.  Before overanalyzing things too much, I cleaned around the house and headed to workout.

Right after 5, Derek came walking through the front door with a box.  He was his usual sweaty hot stinky self and freely stripped at the door, which I didn’t mind at all.

“How was work?” I asked.

“Same as always,” Derek replied and sat the box on the kitchen bar. He continued to walk to the bathroom to cleanse his nasty body.  He returned in shorts after a good 20 minutes and smelled of soap, so fresh and clean.

“What’s in the box?” I asked.

“What else, shoes,” he replied sharply and signaled to me he was very tired.

“Let me fix us something to eat,” I stated.

“Ronnie, thanks.  Anything to eat would be great,” he stated. “Fuck, I’m so damn tired!”

“I can tell,” I said and walked to start us something to eat.  “Maybe tonight we’ll go to sleep earlier so you can get your rest.”  I found some quick spaghetti and knew he could use the carbs to get him moving. 

By the time I finished, Derek was sound asleep on the couch.  I debated on whether to wake him up and did so after letting him sleep another 20 minutes.  He woke and rubbed his eyes for a second before I sat his hot plate of spaghetti and meat sauce in front of him.  Whether he was hungry or not, he ate the entire plate and complimented me on the taste even though it was from a jar.  Derek insisted on doing his part and cleaned up every dish that was dirtied after we had finished.

He sat down next to me on the couch and threw his arm over my shoulder, “Damn, I got the best boyfriend around.  You knew I was starving and prepared a nice filling meal.”

“You saw just a small part of what it takes to live together and help each other out,” I stated.

“Yeah, thanks for making me get up this morning.  I do need this job no matter how hard it can be.  I did get a fringe benefit today and did get a new pair of shoes from the overruns we had,” he stated.  “I grab you some as well if I know your size.”

“10 and half would be great.  I can use them running around here and have needed a new pair of sneakers,” I said.

“Consider it done,” Derek said. “That is the least I can do for you.”

We sat together in each other’s arms and enjoyed what was on television.  To me, sitting with his arm around my shoulders was great.  It was small but showed he was affectionate and caring.  At 9, Derek announced he was tired and ready for bed. 

“Ronnie, I don’t know if I can perform tonight,” Derek stated once we were in bed.

“Truth is I’m rather sore,” I said.

“I was wondering when you were going to feel the after effects of our weekend,” Derek smiled.

Derek headed off to my or now should say our bedroom.  I was right behind him.  He tossed off his clothes while I did the same.  To me, he was very hot and looked so sexy with his nice cock hanging between his legs.  I lay next to him in the bed.  He pulled me close for a tongue filled kiss.  We kissed for a few minutes.

“Ronnie, is this for real?”

“To me, it’s as real as it gets.  Why do you ask?”

“I just know any minute you’re going to come to your senses and kick my ass out,” Derek said while we both were talking, leaned up on our elbows.

“Derek, unless you do something stupid, I rather enjoy having you here.  Matter of fact, I consider you my lover now.  I really couldn’t ask for much more than that,” I stated, trying to reassure him.

“I’m a total loser.  My life has been nothing but one big fuck up after another,” he stated.

“People can change or else I would have never come to the center in the first place.  All you ever needed was a break and someone to pay attention to you, Derek.  To me, you’re not a loser at all,” I did my best to change his attitude and put some self confidence in him.

“I just know I’m going to fail.  I’ll be tempted and go back to doing dumb shit again like before,” Derek said. “Ronnie, I’m though very tired of being a nobody that people turn their noses up at.”

“It takes time,” I said. “I can see a small change in you already since you came here.”

“You can?”

“Yeah, you are actually proud of your body but who wouldn’t be?”

“I could use more muscle though.  You can practically count each rib that I have.”

“At least you don’t have to watch your weight like I do.  If I didn’t work out, I would have a gut on me in no time flat.”

“My job assures me that may not happen,” Derek smiled.

“Just let things happen and don’t think about failing.  When tempted, tell yourself you are better than that and turn the other cheek.  I have confidence you can do it and become something you will be proud of.”

“I sure hope so,” Derek said.

We kissed passionately.  I turned out the lights and snuggled close to Derek’s smooth body.  He grabbed me and held me close like lovers should do.  Soon we were both asleep.

The week started out normal for us.  Derek was really developing into someone I loved.  He was so passionate and excited about us being together as a couple.

I came home Thursday and didn’t see Derek’s old car in the lot.  I assumed he was running late and headed inside.  I opened the door to my condo and saw my place in shreds.  I closed my eyes and knew I had been played for a fool.  The worst part was I was in love with him.  He ransacked my place looking for anything of value.  He took my 2 televisions and other electronics such as my MP3 player.  I called the police to report the robbery, which it was.

They took the report over the phone instead of coming to investigate.  Now I was shaken and called to have the locks changed no matter what the cost.  While the locksmith was changing out the locks, I looked up to see Derek’s car entering the parking lot.

“What’s going on here?” Derek asked after getting out of his car in haste.

“I was robbed,” I said.

Derek started to cry on me right there.  “Ronnie, it’s… it’s my fault…” he sobbed. “I came home for lunch and guess I forgot to lock… lock the door.  Please forgive… me!”

I went to Derek’s side and threw my arms around him.  “Forgive me as well…”

“Why?” he sobbed loudly.

I lowered my head in shame, “I doubted you.”

Derek wiped his eyes while I paid the locksmith.  We went inside.  Derek was pissed now after seeing the damage done to my place. He pulled me close, “There’s no way in hell I’d ever double cross you like this.  I’ve been shit on so much that I couldn’t do that to you.  Ronnie, I love you so much it hurts.”

“I know… I know but never again will I doubt you,” I said while starting to undress him. “I love you as well, Derek.”

The love that night was one for the books for both of us.  It started in the living room, moved to the shower, then to the kitchen and ended in our bedroom.  On the couch, I allowed Derek to do something no other man had ever done, bred my ass.  Derek continued to fuck me raw at each spot and give me a load.  By the end, we were both satisfied without question.  I held him close in my arms while he fell asleep on my chest.  Tears ran down my cheek knowing I had a great effect on someone’s life for the positive.

Derek and I are still together and enjoying a great life as lovers.  We’ve moved on from the condo into a house with Derek finding a job with the state that he loves.