Posted:  November 15, 2009

I finished up and packed to head home after a great first year in college.  It was a relief to be away from the constant drama that surrounded my childhood and hometown.  Looking back, I could have been destined for trouble and could have easily fallen into the trap with two uncaring divorced parents.  I was born to my mother right before she started her senior year in high school.  My father was a senior in high school at the time I was conceived.  From the moment out of the womb, drama ruled my life.  My parents did marry, shotgun style, at the insistence of both of their parents.  The marriage didn’t last long and I began the shuttle routine from one to the other.  When I was 15, mom fooled around again and got her dumb ass pregnant again.  That’s when it was time to move permanently with Dad full time.  We lived meagerly in a manufactured house on 2 acres of my grandparents.  I was happy for the home and flourished academically once I had stability in my life.

During my freshman year, I discovered the real me.  I found I like guys, plain and simple after a little denial like most guys my age.  I didn’t go all out and stayed in the closet for a majority of the time until I met Tim.  Even though it wasn’t perfect, I saw the pleasures of being involved in a sexual relationship with a guy and confirmed I was gay.

Driving up the small gravel drive, I knew I could either stay hidden from Dad or just come out.  I wasn’t sure how he would accept it and decided not to say a word.

“Greg, great to have you back home, son,” Dad stated, seeing my drag my belongings in the door.

“It is good to be here,” I smiled and continued on back to the familiarity of my room just off the living room of his double wide mobile home.  I threw my things in the floor and returned to sit down with Dad. 

We talked about various things involving college but thankfully eluded the girlfriend discussion.  Dad as normal had a beer in his hand the entire time we talked.  He offered one to me but I refused.  Most 19 year olds my age would have jumped over the sofa to go get one but I hated alcohol and saw the effects it had on my entire life.  It was however a good night and Dad didn’t drink too much.

The next day, Thursday, I headed off to my old place of employment, the city, to seek a summer job that could give a little spending money during the summer and back at college.  My old boss was there and readily accepted back at the rec center.  I was glad to have the job and would start the next day.

The job was easy and involved checking people in and some routine cleaning.  The local schools weren’t dismissed for the summer so my job was slow going but knew we would be swamped as normal during the summer.

Every night, I would come home from work, eat something, speak to Dad and retreat to my 10 foot square room.  I spent most of my time socializing via the internet and checking my Facebook and MySpace accounts.  It was my way of escaping reality and not dealing with the problems that swirled around my life, especially my family.  Occasionally at night, I would speak to Mom but it was normally brief and to the point.   I had little to do with her but loved her parents immensely as I did Dad’s mom as well since his dad passed away when I was 12. 

When the schools dismissed for the summer, we received an influx of summer help along with an increase in activity at the popular rec center.  I knew most of the new employees except for one guy, Ty.  It was my luck too that they stuck us together which really wasn’t all bad since Ty was cute as hell with his Asian heritage dominating his looks.

A week after school dismissed, Wendell, a guy I knew from high school and a co-worker, stopped me in the parking lot as we were leaving.

“Hey Greg, how’s Ty working out?” Wendell asked.

“Great, why?”

Wendell laughed, “I hear he likes guys.  You better watch bending over in front of him or you might have something rammed up your ass before you know it.”

“I’ll remember that,” I laughed.

We talked about my first year of college and Wendell’s plans for college while standing in the parking lot.  I drove home and was psyched to hear I had more in common with Ty than I imagined.  Dad was in his normal chair but was sleeping when I got home around 7.  He woke briefly and said there was a casserole on the table from grandma.  Finally there was good food in this house and not Ramen Noodles or a sandwich.  I dove in and finished off the great enchilada casserole in due time.

The next day, Wednesday, I worked side-by-side with Ty.  It seemed I was blind to his tendencies and honed in on the sly comments a few people made to him.  He would just laugh off the comments and continue on working.  If it had been me, I would have said something but Ty remained cool and calm.

During lunch break, I asked Ty if he wanted to leave and go grab a burger down the street to get away for an hour.  He readily accepted the invitation and jumped in my old car to head off. 

We ordered at the counter and found a table in a corner.

“Ty, are people making rude comments to you at the center?” I asked.

“Greg, you just noticed,” he laughed. “They are rude but truthful.  I’ll be honest with you, I’m not the least bit ashamed that I am gay.  I look it as ignorance and think nothing of it.”

“I frankly had no idea and overheard a few today from the high school kids there at the rec center,” I stated.

Ty laughed again, “I was wondering when you were going to bring this up.  I hope it doesn’t bother you.  If it does, I’m not the least bit sorry.  I’m one proud gay guy.”

“You really don’t show and don’t act that gay to me,” I stated.

“Hell, I’m not a girl.  All you straight guys think we talk in a high voice and have limp wrist.  I act like I always have.  I just like guys and are fiercely attracted to them.”

“Yeah, same here,” I spoke softly and rammed some fries in my mouth.

“Do what?” Ty asked.

“Same here!” I stated louder.

“Greg, are you coming out to me?”

“Yeah but I need your word you’ll keep this under wraps.  No one here in this town knows I’m gay.”

“In the closet, still?”

“A big fucking closet here at home.  At college, not so much,” I said. “You promise not to open your mouth.”

“I don’t do that.  That is your personal business.  I can see since moving here everyone like their nose all up in people’s business.  Do your parents know?”

“Hell no and I’m not telling them either.”

“I told mine 2 years ago.  They are great and accept it fully.”

“In case you haven’t noticed Ty, this town is a little backwards.  My dad would shit his pants if he knew I was even thinking about being more much less what I had done with a guy!”

“Fun stuff, huh?  I can’t wait for college.”

“It was fun if you know what I mean,” I smiled while cramming fries in my mouth.

“Fuck yea, the best fun in my book, dude,” Ty joked.

We continued to eat and talk before going back to work that day.  I wasn’t sure my secret was safe with Ty but oh well it felt good to tell someone in my hometown.  We continued to work together every day and were becoming good friends in the process since we did have a common and shared bond.  Two weeks after that lunch, Ty asked me out on a date, which I readily accepted.  The date went well and we both shared a lot of laughs and a good kiss at the end.

We continued to date and enjoyed being with each other during and after work.  Two weeks later, we enjoyed the pleasure and I do mean pleasure of sex.  His family was gone out of town with his sister to a softball tournament and left Ty the house for the weekend.  I was rock hard when he stripped off his clothes.  He was dark skinned, a nice flat tight stomach, smooth skin, dark spiked hair and the hottest ass.  He loved seeing me naked as well.  I was light skinned, a good six pack thanks to college and the rec center work, short brown hair and a nice thick 7 inch cock. 

Ty was a real slut in bed and loved sucking dick, rimming my ass and getting his hot little ass fucked. I never had been with anyone so vocal in expressing his feelings and wants.  We fucked three times consecutively and wore my ass and cock out.  I was a tad surprised I could get hard that often but did so with Ty’s encouragement and wet mouth.  The next morning we started out with a bang since Ty was ready to get fucked again before we went into work which I did with great pleasure.

After work, Ty was horny and wanted us to continue.  I wasn’t going to shy away from his hot ass and did so, loving every moment I was punishing his hot ass. He constantly screamed at the top of his lungs.  We shook and rattled his bed with my hard action for a solid fifteen great minutes. 

There was one slight problem that came up this time.  We didn’t hear his parents and sister come home in the heat of our sex. 

I heard a voice in the next room when I finished shooting my hot load all over his cute face and froze immediately.  Ty only laughed and took me out to introduce them after we cleaned up the mess.  I was rather embarrassed and felt so awkward by this moment.  His father laughed and told us he heard Ty was getting slammed.  His mom smiled and went on and on about the joys of sex between humans. His sister had seen and heard it all before and retreated to her room.

I left after that weird ass summit. I sped home and hoped to forget all about that night. Dad was drinking a beer when I walked in the door that Saturday about 8.

“How was your weekend, Greg?” he asked.

“Good.  Worked and hung out with a new friend I met at work,” I said before going to room to access what had happened. It was the most unique experience of my gay life.  I loved the sex with Ty and his enthusiasm in bed.  I hated that there really wasn’t much passion involved as I would have liked.  He was in for the sex and feeling good with my cock deep inside him.  We kissed only briefly after we had sex.

Monday was awkward back working with Ty.  He was laughing and joking about my embarrassment while in private.  He did blurt out that it wasn’t the first time he was caught having sex in his house.  After work, he wanted me to come over to his house and do it again since they were possibly gone.

“Ty, do you like or am I a tool for sex?”

“Both Greg.  We both know this is going to end in a month.  We might as well enjoy it while we can.”

“Ty, I do like you and did enjoy fucking you but maybe we stop where we are.  As you said, it will end in a month.”

“That’s cool, Greg.  There are lots of other guys who I can get fucked by including that hot ass Wendell.”


“Oh hell yeah!  He’s fucked me four or five times when he’s feeling horny and can’t find a girl.  He’s not as big as you are but damn does he know how to fuck a guy’s ass!”

“I see.  Ty, let’s just be friends okay?”

“It’s cool with me. If you get horny, you got my number,” Ty said.

“Will do,” I stated.

I drove home and was relieved somewhat that was concluded to an easy finish with no really hard feelings on my part or on his it seemed.  I didn’t want to get too attached and feel a lot of pain when the occasion arose a month later.  I went inside and only said hello to Dad before going to my room.

“Hey Greg, come in here for a minute,” Dad yelled after I got home and retreated to my room.

I came out of my room and sat down on the sofa. “Yeah, you need something, Dad?”

“What’s this I hear about you being seen out with a gay boy here in town?” Dad looked at me.

My stomach dropped.  A cold sweat broke out on my forehead. “Oh we were just hanging out.”

“Hanging out, huh?”

“Yes, just eating together and doing guy things.  He’s the guy from work.”

“Did you know he was gay?”

“Ummm… I had some idea that maybe he was.”

“Maybe my ass!  In case you didn’t know you little lying fuck, his uncle is a good customer of mine! I heard all about your little episode Saturday night today.”

I was caught and knew it.  “Ummm…what did you hear?”

“I heard plenty.  You forgot this is a small town and word does get around!”

I slumped on the couch.  I tried my best to remain composed.  “Sorry I embarrassed you Dad!”

“Greg, are you gay? I think I know the truth but want to hear from you.”

I dropped my head, “Yes sir, I’m gay.”

“I had a feeling you were.  I’m sorry I had to hear from an outside source that you were for certain.  You are a great son and no matter what I accept that.”

“You do?” I replied and was shocked beyond belief to hear how easily he accepted me for who I really was.

“Yeah, what else can I do?”

“Ummm… kick my ass out for starters,” I laughed and did feel relief.

“Greg, you’ve been through enough in your life to do that.  I know I haven’t been the greatest father ever but I’ll do my best to be a good father of a gay son,” Dad smiled. He rose up from his chair, emptied out his beer can and returned to give me a big hug. “See that wasn’t so hard was it.”

“I was scared to death, Dad.   I just knew you would beat me to a pulp and castrate my balls after you threw all my stuff out in the yard,” I stated.

“No Greg.  Have a seat and let’s talk man to man about this,” Dad said.  We sat down on the couch.  “This explains so much over the past 2 years.  You come home and go straight to your room. You never had a girlfriend which is fine with me since I fucked up when I was your age.  I did some investigating on that computer with a little help from a friend.  I saw the sites where you went last year and thought maybe you were just curious.  His uncle confirmed my thoughts.  I’ve had a lot of time to consider this possibility and done some research on the computer.”

“Dad, it means the world to me that you know now and better yet you accept that your only son is gay.”

“Oh Greg, I’m as much to blame as anyone.  You’ve never seen straight people who could get along.  Your entire life you’ve seen nothing but problems with married folks.  In the long run, what matters is you are happy.  I’ve never told you but I’m so proud of you.  You will be better off down the road than I ever could dream of.  You are so smart.”

“Thanks, Dad! I do love you!”

“I love you too Greg!”

We continued to talk for the longest either of us had done since I could remember.  Here I worried constantly about coming out to Dad and he knew all along.  It was thousand times better than I could ever imagine.

From that day forward, Dad and I bonded like never before.  By the time I was ready to go back to college, his drinking had curtailed a lot.  We could actually talk like regular people and not be so distant.  It was awkward when the subject of sex came up but I told him my feelings.  He could just laugh and never wanted that experience in his life.  I didn’t test the waters by bringing by a guy around even though I had the pleasure of experiencing Wendell one night after work at his house.

Going off to college, I had my desire to have a real father who I wasn’t scared of.  We’re friends for once in my life and understood each other.  I learned a lot about his life in the meantime and respected him more by what I heard.  In the end, coming out to him wasn’t the hardest thing ever and possibly the best thing ever I ever did.


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