Posted:   October 31, 2009

Opening my inbox for emails, an email quickly caught my attention.  I opened and smiled reading the email from a friend:  Halloween Costume Party, Saturday October 31(naturally) at Regions Hall  10pm to 2am or later…  Must wear costumes to be admitted.

Reading further:  Must have mask on upon entering with a catch… cock in plain view for tops… ass in plain view for bottoms… bottom for versatile men.  Admission: $40 with open bar…  Cheap hotel one block away with rooms for you drunk queers… RSVP required along with costume so no duplicates.

Being in the med field as a nurse, I quickly fired off a reply to come dressed as doctor.  No big stretch there but I didn’t care, knowing the friend that had sent the email and the wild fun loving sexually minded crowded he ran with.

Within a day, I got back a funny email from him but he agreed to my costume since I was first with it.

Come that Saturday of Halloween, I checked into the hotel first and parked my car.  I was dressed and ready to go walking the so called block to the Hall.  Before entering, I donned a mask, threw on a hair net and ripped out the crotch of my scrubs to let it be known I was versatile.  I could see the guys dressed in various costumes ranging from Little Bo Peep to Dracula.  I could also see most had the ass out of their costumes.   I was admitted inside about 10:15 with a good crowd already gathered.  Knowing I had spent $40 and thristy, I headed to the bar and waited in line for a drink along with 3 other guys. 

The guy in front of me, who I thought I knew, reached down and grabbed my cock.  “Nice piece of fucking meat, bro,” he said, muffled behind his mask.

“Fuck off, Jerry,” I said.

“Damn Greg, you’re no fun tonight,” Jerry laughed while grabbing a drink.  “Where’s the spirit?”

“I was kidding and hoped it was you who grabbed my dick like that,” I stated.

“I’d do more than grab if you want,” Jerry stated.

“Let me get a drink first,” I stated.

He grabbed my hand and yea I was about to score no more than 10 minutes in the door.  Jerry and I had a history together so it wasn’t like I was going first with a stranger.  We walked to a corner behind a walled off area with Jerry dressed as a postman.  Jerry got on his knees and took my 7 inches in his mouth.  It seemed we weren’t alone with Captain Marvel getting his cock sucked by Betty Boop.  No doubt Captain Marvel wore the right costume with a nice long thick cock that disappeared in Betty’s mouth.   Jerry the Postman was bobbing up and down on my hardening cock when Captain Marvel leaned over and shoved his tongue down my throat.  I felt Jerry leave my cock and looked down to see Betty now sucking my cock.  Either one was great and what a way to start.  Captain Marvel grabbed Jerry’s head and fucked his face with Betty licking and sucking mine. 

“Turn the fuck around,” Captain Marvel said to Jerry.

Jerry did as told and showed his ass.  I watched Captain Marvel’s cock plunge into Jerry’s ass.  Jerry let out a high pitched yelp while Betty was really sucking me hard.  Captain Marvel grabbed Jerry’s hip and spun him around.  He fucked him relentlessly but Jerry loved getting his ass fucked by this stud. Jerry moaned and groaned while taking the nice big cock.  Watching this sent me over the edge.  I tried to pull out of Betty’s mouth and blasted a three day load down his throat.  Betty wiped his mouth and shared a little of the remained while Jerry was taking all Captain Marvel could offer.  I grabbed my drink and walked away from the action to at least check out what else was occurring.

I was amazed at the variety and astonished at the creativity while laughed at some others with none such as the masked man with just a mask.  At least he had the body for it.  Cowboys, Indians, policemen and more Super Heroes were among the participants.  I vaguely recognized a few under the dim lights and masks.  I spotted Cheech and Chong in a corner and immediately knew it was Phil and Rick.  There again no stretch for these two stoners.  I walked over and could smell they were playing the part to a tee.  Phil shoved a joint in my mouth for a hit.  I had no choice but to inhale the smoke.  It was great.  Rick, Chong I think, grabbed my hand and quickly led me to the dance floor. 

“Dr. Feelgood, I presume,” Rick laughed.

“Damn, Rick try and be original for a change,” I laughed as well.

“Look you, bitch.  Here in your work shit for fuck's sakes,” Rick said.

“It did cost me a pair of scrubs though,” I laughed and waded among Goofy, Popeye and Superwoman. Some these guys love every chance to dress in drag. I started grooving to the music while Rick did his thing.  I felt an anonymous hand on my cock.  It did feel good.  So to even the playing field, I grabbed as much bare ass as I could. After dancing to three moving tunes, Popeye grabbed me by the arm.  I didn’t know how he was under the costume. 

“Wanna blow me, stud,” Popeye said in the character’s voice.

“I will if cut the shit,” I said.

“I was only trying to have fun,” Popeye said.  We walked behind the wall.  Popeye raised his mask and kissed me.  Still I didn’t know him even without the mask.  We grabbed each other’s cocks while he kissed me again.  “Fuck you’re hot!”

“Thanks,” I replied.   I was there to suck his cock.  I dropped to my knees with Popeye’s hands on my hairnet.  I stroked his cock and licked it to feel it growing.  His cock was nice and thick.  I opened my mouth and felt his hand pressing my head.  I resisted his pressure and sucked cock like I always did, at my own pace.  I could take it all but I wasn’t going to.  I bobbed up and down and did enjoy the dark blowjob with an unknown person.  He moved his hands to my shoulders while I licked up and down.  I could see two guys getting with it not 5 feet from us now. 

Popeye warned, “Bout to blow!”

I moved away and watched his cock explode.  He pulled me tight after shooting his load and kissed me with lots of tongue. 

“Thanks, Doctor.  That was just the cure I needed,” Popeye said.

“I can now say I sucked Popeye’s dick,” I laughed to show it was all good with me.   I walked to the bar and grabbed a quick drink.  I sat down in a folding chair to watch the proceedings in and around.  I was minding my own business when a hot looking guy in his early 20’s sat next to me.  By the looks of him, it wasn’t going so good. 

Why did I fucking come here?” the guy said dressed like…

“By the way, what’s your costume?” I had to ask.

“I came as the Lone Ranger but some motherfucker ripped off my shirt,” he said and seemed pissed over it with a drink in his hand.

“I’d be pissed too,” I stated.

“I am.  That shirt was a friend of mine.  How do you tell someone you went to a party and his shirt is torn to shreds now?” he asked in disgust.

“I guess just like you told me,” I stated.

“I would but he doesn’t know where I am.  I’m so busted,” he lamented.


“Yea, he doesn’t know about me and where I'm at,” the guy looked at me.

“Just tell him it ripped at party.  You don’t have to spill your guts and tell him it was a gay party,” I said and took a drink.

“Ummm… yea I don’t guess I do.  Hell, there’s tons of costume parties all over town tonight,” the guy cheered up.

“Right there, Lone Ranger.  Where’s Tonto?” I asked.

“I wish there was a Tonto in my life at this point.  Damn do I ever need a good man,” he said.  “Where’s the nurse for you?”

“He’s fucking the intern,” I laughed.

“I got ya,” he smiled. “He’s a fool by what I see here.”

“I think so as well but don’t tell him that.  Fresh ass and a cute body will make them crazy,” I smiled since it was the truth but it was 4 months ago.

“Want another one?” he asked, holding up his cup.

“A beer would be great,” I smiled and watched his bare ass walk to get more… a nice sight indeed to go along with his cute body.

Lone Ranger returned with two beers spilling over on the sides.  We chatted and drank with others moving all around us.  Upon finishing, he asked if I cared to dance.  I couldn’t say no to this little hottie. 

Out on the dance, the Lone Ranger showed his stuff.  I was impressed with his skills.  He leaned over and whispered, “5 years of dance paid off.”  I nodded and couldn’t keep up with him. 

We retreated to the sidelines and grabbed more to drink.  Now the drinks were starting to hit me.  It was easy taking a piss with the crotch gone.  When I came back, the Lone Ranger had been accosted by one of the Village People.  I sat and watched until Spidey, a friend I knew, wanted to suck my cock.

Naturally, I was about to get blown again.  Behind the wall in the backroom, the action was heating up with now four groups of masked men having sex.  It did smell of sex but that was part of the plan.  Spiderman took my cock and got me hard again.  In past experiences with him, I knew what to expect, great fucking head.  Spiderman delivered as expected until spinning around.

“Fuck me, Doctor!” Spiderman said.

“I’ll probe your ass with my special tool,” I said and was feeling the part now.

“I want a deep probe,” Spiderman said.  He leaned against a wall while I fingered his ass.  He groaned a little while dropped down to taste his smelly ass.  I wasn’t long there and about to spew all the drinks.  I rose and found some lube on the floor.  I lubed up my cock.  I entered his ass and felt he was rather loose still.  I grabbed his hips and rammed my cock in his ass. 

“Fuck yea, Doc!” Spiderman groaned.

“I might have found the spot,” I said and pushed hard into his ass.

OOOOO babe that’s the spot alright,” Spiderman said and pushed down his tights.  One deep push after the other had Spidey screaming and enjoying this anal probe I was delivering. 

Spidey wanted to ride my cock so I got on the concrete floor and let him.  He bounced up and down like a true champ.  I reached around and grabbed his cock to jack him off while his ass was jacking my cock. 

“Fuck!” Spidey moaned.  I could feel him busting.

I pulled out and shot my load on the floor.  He, being his normal raunchy self, licked my shit and his off the floor after cleaning my cock.

“Fucking hot ass party, huh?” Spiderman said.

“Hell yea the fucking best,” I replied and walked out with him.  I grabbed another drink since I wasn’t driving and was going to enjoy this party to the fullest even if it meant the worst hangover ever.

I looked to the Lone Ranger back sitting alone again.  “There you are,” he said. “I was looking for you.”

“I saw you leave with that guy,” I said.

“He was no fun and wanted only to fuck me,” he said.

“Well… that’s part of the party… your ass in those pants are gone.”

“I know but he was nasty and old,” he said. “You on the other hand I would let fuck me in a heartbeat.”

My heart dropped then.  I had just finished and knew it might take a little before I recovered.   “Wanna dance?”

“No I want you to fuck me… You said it was part…”

“I know but I can’t right now…”

“I saw you coming out over there. Nice knowing you!” he stood and walked away.

I found him quickly and threw my arms around him.  “I have a room where we can do it privately.”

He smiled with his eyes glowing now, “Hmmm… okay… let’s dance a little then head off.”

“I was hoping you’d agree,” I smiled.  We headed to the dance floor and got down with the music.  Now Lone Ranger was all over me but I was all over him as well.  Without a shirt, he was easy on the hands with smooth soft skin.  Now it was nothing to see cocks out and grinding up down unknown asses with the night late and the bar included.  We were all having fun and enjoying the one night we could be disguised somewhat to the others. 

We had one last beer together and kissed while doing so.  I didn’t get my money’s worth in alcohol but I might with this little hottie.  I grabbed his hand and out the door we went into the cool night with my crotch open and his ass open to the elements of the night. 

We tore off our masks barely outside.  “My name is Brian,” he said. “I’m sick of this Lone Ranger/Doctor stuff.”

“My name is Greg,” I said.  “I’m a nurse here locally.”

He laughed while we walked briskly to the room.  I left the key to the room under my front bumper and grabbed it before going into the stale smelling room.

“It’s a room,” Brian said looking around inside the door. “It does have a bed.”

“Good enough huh?”

“For me it is,” Brian smiled and took off my shirt.  He kissed my chest and sucked my nipples.  My hands ran through his dark hair and glad we were together in private.  “This is a little nicer than behind the wall, huh?”

“A little is putting it mildly,” I said. “It was a fucking shit hole by the end.”

“I figured it would be,” Brian said and licked down my stomach.  He pulled down my torn scrubs and pushed them off.  He had seen what was under there before we got to that point.  He used his tongue more to lick my hips and balls.  He looked up at me with his big brown eyes and took my cock in his mouth. 

OOOO,” I groaned automatically feeling a wet mouth and for encouragement.  I stood there and let him suck me.  I didn’t touch him or push on his head to take more of my cock.  He kissed up my body and found my lips.

“My knees are tired,” Brian smiled and pushed on the bed.  Not the softest bed ever but it was a motel.  I lay back on my elbows and watched him go back to sucking me.  His mouth felt great and so willing to please me.  He kissed back up me again.  I pushed off his bottoms of his Lone Ranger costume to find his average uncut hard.  I kissed his neck and chest.  I sucked his inviting nipples.  My tongue traced down his flat stomach to his hard cock.  Opening my mouth, he too groaned.  My mouth went up and down with joy and excitement and not out of duty.  We were willing and wanting to be together or at least I was.

He pulled me up with his cock leaking, “I’m more than ready to take you as long as you can give it to me.”

I kissed him with passion and felt it in return.  I walked over to my bag and produced a few condoms and lube for this moment.  I was ready or should I say wishful that this would come after the party.  My lubed finger entered his tight nice ass.  He grimaced slightly.  After the first insertion, Brian relaxed and wanted this as much as I did.  I put two fingers and slid them in and out to prepare him to take me.  He was breathing heavily even before the real thing.  I unrolled the condom and kissed him.

“I’m ready now,” he said quietly on his back.

I parted his legs wide and got behind him.  My cock was throbbing and ready to enter him.  He opened his ass and let me slid in.   His first reaction was one of pain and clutching the bedspread.  I knew he was tight but eager.  I leaned up to Brian’s ear, “Are you a virgin?”

“Hell no, but not a fucking slut either,” he said in a little pain. “Take it easy, alright Greg.”

“My goal is for both of us to enjoy this.  If it hurts too bad, we’ll stop,” I said quietly.

“Just give me time,” Brian said. 

I pulled his head around and kissed him.  It seemed to really relax him and make him a little more comfortable.  I went deeper slowly. 

OOO,” Brian groaned.

“You okay still?”

“Getting better,” he said.

I went even deeper and slowly started fucking his tight ass.  I could hear his groans.

OOO fuck yea,” Brian groaned.  “Your dick is fucking great! A little harder and faster like I like being fucked!!”

Just the words I wanted to hear.  I picked up the pace and gauged his reaction.  He moaned with each plunge into his hot little tight ass.  I kissed his neck and back while fucking him. 

We switched to missionary style after Brian requested it.  I slid back home and pushed his legs forward.

“Fuck me!” Brian screamed.  Now the bed was squeaking at a nice level and perfectly with my plunges into his ass.  I reached down and grabbed his cock while leaning back.  “Harder!”

I fucked him hard and stopped.  I kissed him and fucked him hard again.  Now the bed was rattling something fierce with both of us groaning and sweating.  Brian was breathing hard while I continued to pound his hole and give him what he wanted. 

“OOO fuck!” Brian screamed but I knew he was about to bust after I had been rubbing his prostrate.   I loved watching his face while he busted his nut with force.  Cum shot out of his cock.  He stopped after 6 great shots and smiled at me.  “Fuck yea!”

Brian grabbed my cock and jerked until I was ready to bust.  He stuck his cheek at my cock and took my load.  Not the greatest facial ever yet he still loved it.

We kissed in the bed.  Brian rolled out of bed.  “You leaving?” I asked.

“Hell no, just cleaning up a little,” Brian smiled.

I joined at the sink to clean up. Back in bed we kissed for a little while before we were finished for the night.  

I woke the next morning at 10 with an 11 check out.  I woke Brian for us to leave.  Brian started laughing, “I don’t have shit to wear plus I don’t have a clue where my car is parked.”

Thankfully, I had some boxers he could wear and not be totally naked.  We gathered our things and checked out of the motel.  We drove around a few blocks until Brian spotted his BMW.  We swapped numbers before he kissed me goodbye. 

“Thanks for everything,” Brian said.

“No problem, call me sometime,” I said and watched him get in his car with my boxers on and his hands full.

Would I hear from him again?  Yes I did and that night to be exact.  Would we laugh about our first time together?  Hysterically when we fucked again that night.  Would it last?  I don’t know but no one ever knows.