Rooming With My Best Friend - Halloween 2

This story was written as a special treat for you by Big D. It is written specifically for
Halloween and is a fantasy story that has no relation to the main story whatsoever.

The chill that hit him as he stepped out of his car made Colt shiver and he instantly regretted
turning the heating up so high on his journey home. Working at the athletics department and
staffing the football team during their evening practice had kept him warm as he ran around and did
his duties. But as he cleaned up the locker room he started to cool down, so when the thin layer of
sweat still covering his body came into contact with the cold fall breeze as he walked across the
parking lot, it made the hairs on his arms stand up and his whole body tremble.

Rubbing his exposed arms, trying to get the goosebumps to go down, he looked up at the night sky
and saw nothing but a few faint flickers of light as the far away stars twinkled against the
darkness. There was no moon hanging high above, casting its glow on the Earth, glistening off the
windows or the polished metal of the cars around him. There were no clouds acting as a buffer from
the freezing air that was being blown down from the North. There was just a blanket of darkness
that spread as far as the eye could see, making it hard to tell if it was miles away or if it was
just metres above his head, waiting to fall down on top of him like a blanket that would smother
him until his body was as cold as the night.

Everything around him sounded so quiet. There were no voices calling to each other, no animals
baying into the night, no other cars driving past on the street. Even the wind that still crashed
into his skin seemed silent, despite making the trees lining the sidewalk sway as if caught in a
crazed dance. The only real sound he could hear at all was that of his breathing, which had turned
into soft pants as a sense of anxiety built up inside his chest. He knew it was irrational but he
was starting to feel like something was wrong, like the world was closing in around him,
threatening to consume him, and he had a strange feeling like someone was watching him.

Quickly looking around, seeing no one else in the parking lot or walking along on the other side of
the fence, he told himself he was just being stupid, yet still he couldn’t get over the feeling
that somewhere in the darkness was a set of eyes that were focused directly on him, watching his
every move and waiting for the moment when he turned his back so they could strike.

Reaching into his car to pick up his bag, Colt felt a presence behind him and quickly spun, trying
to see if someone was messing with him, wondering if his friends had decided to play a trick on him
with it being Halloween.

There was no one there.

His breathing had become even more erratic and sounded louder than before. He could also hear his
heartbeat, pounding like a drum that was being beaten deep inside his chest. His body was covered
in a cold sweat and the hair on the back of his neck was tingling.

Swallowing hard, trying to get rid of the lump that had formed in his throat, he slammed the car
door and locked it, focusing his attention on his apartment. Just before he moved his feet he heard
the sound of running footsteps close by and looked around again, almost frantic. He was frozen on
the spot, trying to listen to them, wanting to pinpoint the direction they were coming from so he
could prepare himself for whoever was playing these games with him.

Listening closer he grew confused. The steps were light and didn’t sound like they were being made
by a fully grown man, even one on tiptoes. Then there was the irregular rhythm with which they beat
their tune on the asphalt. They were being made by more than one person.

When he couldn’t take any more, coming no closer to locating the sounds, he decided to make a run
for his apartment, wanting to get inside and away from whatever was making him feel so uneasy. He
reached his front door and tried the handle, but it was locked. Quickly fishing his key out of his
pocket, he put it in the lock and was about to turn it when he heard a strange high-pitched giggle
just behind him. Again he spun around only to be greeted by empty space. Turning the key, he opened
the door and rushed inside, slamming it behind him. 

“Colt? Are you okay?” A voice asked that Colt barely heard.

Colt was slumped back against the door trying to catch his breath. When he looked up, struggling to
see through the low light in the apartment, he saw Matt and his heart jumped into his throat as he
backed up against the door, feeling his jaw quiver.

Matt’s hair was darker than a raven and his face was so white he looked like he was made of
porcelain. There was blood on the sides of his mouth, with more running out of his eye sockets,
cascading down his cheeks, scarring the pale flesh, only stopping when it dripped from his chin.
His eyes were bloodshot with a bright yellow iris that made him look like he had been dragged
through Hell and had barely survived. His clothes were tattered and torn. He was covered in dirt
and when he turned his head there was a gaping wound in the back of it.

“What’s wrong, Colt?” Corey’s voice asked, but it seemed distant and distorted.

Turning his head slightly to the side, Colt saw Corey as he started to approach and he felt his
blood run cold. Corey’s hulking frame was walking towards him, blocking out most of what little
light there was coming from a lamp across the room.

Dressed all in black, Corey’s body formed a silhouette against the light as if emerging through a
veil of fog until he was visible. A pentagram was cut out of his shirt with ragged edges that were
soaked with the blood that covered his chest, giving the impression that a knife had been used to
carve the shape into his body. The hair on his head was a flaming red that was spiked up away from
his face, with two horns rising from either side. His ears were pointy and his eyes were an even
angrier red than his hair. When he opened his mouth to grin, two razor sharp fangs glistened in the
low light.

“What’s wrong, bro?” a deep, gruff voice said to Colt’s left.

Looking up to where the voice came from, he saw Kris staring down at him with eyes so black they
looked like they had been gouged out and there was blood running down both of his cheeks as well as
crusted in his eyelashes. His blond hair was blackened on the ends as if it had been set on fire.
The tight white tee hugging his muscles was charred around the edges and had a K slashed into it,
partially exposing the gashes in his pecs and across his abs.

When Colt tried to speak all that came out of his mouth was a gasp and he held his hand to his
chest, trying to steady his heart as it continued to rattle his ribcage. He wanted to turn and run
back out of the door.

All three of his friends were staring down at him, studying him. He pressed himself even harder
back against the door, feeling like they were sizing him up, trying to decide the best way to kill
and then cook him.

A knock on the wood behind him interrupted his thoughts and he felt it trying to open.

“What’s going on?” a voice called. “Let me in.”

Colt looked up at Kris’ black eyes, looking for some instruction on what to do.

“Are you gonna let Scott in or what, bro?” Kris asked. “We’ll be late for the party if you don’t
get your ass moving.”

Colt was confused. “Party?” he asked, his voice shaking.

“The fancy dress party… Why the hell else would we be dressed like this?”

Before he could speak, a woman’s scream echoed off the walls of apartment and sent a tremor down
his spine. The instant he heard it he looked up at the ceiling, where the sound seemed to come
from, and then to his friends to see them doing the same.

“That scream came from the apartment upstairs,” Matt said.

“That didn’t sound good,” Corey added.

“I think we should go check it out,” Kris said, “make sure she’s okay.”

“Me too,” Corey said. “I’ve got my phone in case we need to call for help.”

Colt closed his eyes. The last thing he needed was for someone to be in danger. He already felt
like someone was watching him, playing around with him, trying to drive him crazy with their games.
He wasn’t usually affected by things like that but he couldn’t help feeling a little fear as he was
pulled to his feet and they threw open the door.

“Did you hear that?” Scott asked.

“Yeah, it was upstairs. We’re going up to see what’s going on,” Kris said.

“Good idea,” Scott said, joining Kris as they ran towards the middle of the building where the
communal staircase was located.

The parking lot was still deserted and it seemed as though most of the lights in the apartment
complex were switched off. Colt looked around them, trying to spot the little girls he thought he
heard running around and laughing earlier, but there were no signs of life. As far as he could tell
they were completely alone.

Colt hated the idea that they were running toward danger, but he also didn’t want to be alone
because he was already feeling creeped out and he needed the company of his friends to steady his

The wind outside was still blowing a gale that whipped up leaves from the pavement, swirling them
around in mini tornados that threatened to get under their feet as they ran through the darkness.

When they reached the door to the stairway, they threw it open and raced inside, taking the steps
two at a time until they reached the T shaped first floor hallway, with its blind corners, as they
headed to the apartment above theirs.

As they drew close they saw the door was slightly ajar. Someone had either entered or left in a
hurry. Instead of rushing in, they stopped, aware that they had no idea what they were going into
or what they may see.

Slowly moving forward, Kris held the others back as he looked into the main room, which was filled
with an eerie red light. Stepping into the room and looking around, he motioned for the others to
enter behind him and they all walked inside, looking around to see if they could see anything

There was nothing. 

No furniture was out of place, no drawers were open and there was no evidence of a struggle of any
kind. For a moment they thought they had been mistaken on the source of the scream, but as they
walked further into the room they heard the sound of little girls singing nursery rhymes at a slow,
melodic pace.

Corey walked over to the bedroom door closest to him and pushed it open but there was nothing
behind it. Kris moved along to a second bedroom and then the bathroom, also finding nothing. There
was only one room left.

Creeping forward, all five friends inched their way toward that door, reaching out to take the hand
of the guy closest to them, hoping it would make them feel more at ease. As Kris pushed the final
door open the singing got louder and there was the faint sound of a piano playing in the
background. Colt’s hands trembled, hearing the same tone to the voices as he heard giggling outside
in the parking lot.

Tiptoeing into the doorway, Kris froze, instinctively putting his arms out to stop the others from
entering. Curiosity got the better of them, though, and as they peered into the room to see what
Kris had seen they all froze too, feeling their stomachs drop.

Lying on top of the bed was the body of a woman. She had been torn apart. Half of her face was
missing. From what little was left it was clear a knife had been run through her mouth, extending a
false smile across her cheeks, and her eyes had been removed. Her shirt had been ripped open,
revealing a gaping hole in her chest and abdomen, with various organs having been removed. Her
intestines had been pulled from her body and were wrapped around her neck.

Finally able to tear his eyes away from the woman, Kris looked over to the corner of the room where
a huge monster of a man towered over the bed, looking down at the woman like he was admiring a
trophy. Kris was surprised the man could even fit through the doorway, he was at least seven foot
tall and his frame was so big it made Kris feel small. As he looked up at the man’s face he
realised it was covered in hideous burns and one eye appeared to be almost completely gone. Only
when the metal flashed through the darkness did Kris see the massive blade that was cradled in the
man’s hand.

He took a step back, trying to push his friends away from the man who hadn’t seemed to notice them
watching him. Then a floorboard creaked and the man’s head shot up, looking straight at them.

They were all frozen on the spot, not knowing what to do, when two little girls suddenly appeared
in front of them and the singing stopped.


It took them a moment to realise it was the little girls who had screamed the instruction, but when
they finally did they saw the man sway as he started toward them. Without a word they turned and
ran, almost stumbling over each other, trying to get out of the apartment and away from the man,
whose heavy footsteps they could hear behind them.

As they ran down the hall the footsteps got louder, as did the uneven breathing of the giant
chasing them. There was barely enough room for all five to run down the hallway at the same time,
and as they approached the stairs, Colt made the mistake of looking behind him. The man was almost
upon them. Knowing they wouldn’t all get down the stairs quick enough before the man caught them,
he decided the only thing to do was to go up. He knew it was a risky idea but he had to put space
between himself and the man.

Only when he was halfway up the stairs did he realise he had hold of Kris’ hand and he was dragging
him behind him. Kris’ jaw was trembling too much to form a protest and he just let himself be
dragged along as they ran up the rest of the stairs.


Matt, Corey and Scott ran down the stairs as fast as they could, hearing the man’s heavy footsteps
getting closer as he came after them. They trembled and feared the worst as a feeling of complete
dread took over them and they twitched, overcome by the sensation of the giant’s breathing on the
back of their necks.

They continued to run down the stairs, almost falling down them, only stopping themselves by
grabbing onto the handrails or steadying themselves on the person in front. At times Matt felt
Corey pushing on his back trying to make him run even faster to get him out of harm’s way.

Making it down to the lobby of the building Corey almost ripped the front door off its hinges as he
pulled it open and ran out into the parking lot with Matt and Scott behind him, ignoring the cold
that immediately enveloped them and the wind that battered their bodies as they fled.

As soon as they were out in the open Corey pulled Matt to him and put an arm around his waist as
they continued to run, following Scott, who had pulled his keys from his pocket and was racing for
his car. They almost jumped inside, collapsing back into the chairs, gasping for breath and feeling
a brief wave of relief wash over them at managing to escape until they realised they were two men

“Guys… where are Kris and Colt?” Scott asked, looking through the windshield, scanning the parking
lot for his friends.

“What?” Matt asked, panicked. “Where the fuck are they?”

“Were they behind us when we left the building?” Cored asked.

“I don’t think so,” Scott replied.

“Shit! Are they still in there?”

“What are we gonna do?” Matt said in a child-like voice.

“What can we do?” Scott asked. “There’s no fucking way I’m going back in there with a fucking
killer on the loose. It’s like asking to die.”

“We can’t just leave them in there!” Matt screamed.

“Look, let me start the car and I’ll drive over to the entrance. When they come out they can jump
in and we’ll get the Hell out of here,” Scott said.

“And what if they don’t come out?” Matt cried.

“I don’t know, okay?” Scott shouted. “I’m fucking scared. You saw that guy in there and what he did
to that woman. Do you want the same thing to happen to us?”

“But we can’t just let it happen to them either,” Corey exclaimed. “They’re our best friends. We
can’t leave them in there to die.”

“Well you can do whatever you want, but I’m waiting outside, ready to get out of here if that thing
even shows its face,” Scott said, putting the key in the ignition.

When he turned it the engine spluttered and then died. He tried it again but the same thing
happened. He went into a panic, turning the key frantically, begging the car to start, pounding on
the steering wheel, praying for the engine to fire up, but nothing happened. The next time he tried
to turn the key the battery didn’t make a sound and the engine didn’t even try to start, there was
pure silence and Scott felt tears form in his eyes.

“The car won’t start,” Scott cried.

“What?” Corey asked, his voice reaching a high pitch.

“It won’t fucking start!” Scott growled, pounding on the steering wheel with his fist again.

“FUCK!” Matt cried. “They’re dead, aren’t they? They’re dead!”

As Matt broke down in Corey’s arms, Scott pulled his phone out and quickly dialled 911. He put the
phone up to his ear only to groan and thrown it across the car, cracking the side window and
smashing the phone to pieces.

“There’s no signal!” Scott screamed.

“What the fuck is going on?” Corey asked, clutching Matt to his body.

“Daddy’s cut you off.”

The sound of the little girl’s voice in the car made them all jump and they turned their heads to
see where it came from.

Sitting on the back seat next to Corey and Matt were two little girls in matching purple and white
dresses, holding each other’s hand. Their dirty blond hair was tied up in pigtails and their bright
blue eyes looked around at each of their new companions.

“What did you say?” Corey asked, when he recovered enough to speak. His voice was weak as he
realised they were the same girls who had told them to run from the apartment.

“Daddy’s cut you off, just like he did with Mommy,” one of the girls said, smiling.

“You can’t go anywhere. You can’t call anyone,” the other added.

“He’s angry…”

“And he’s going to get you…”

“Just like he got Mommy…”

“And Uncle Richard…”

“You shouldn’t have been in her bedroom.”

“Now he thinks you were with Mommy too.”

“And he’s going to kill you.”

Before they could say anything in reply, the little girls disappeared, vanishing just as quickly as
they appeared. Terrified, the boys stared out through the windshield, looking at the building that
held Kris and Colt prisoner.


Bursting from the staircase, Kris and Colt ran as fast as they could along the T shaped hallway,
looking around for somewhere they could run to but all they saw were the white walls and two
corridors that both lead to dead ends. There was nowhere to go. With no fire escapes on the
building the only way back down was via the staircase they had just come up.

They were panting loudly, their hearts pounding in their chests, the adrenaline in their bodies
pumping, trying to think of something they could do, when they heard the footsteps of the huge man
as they crashed against the stairs, rising in volume as he got closer to the top.

When Kris saw the massive form cast a shadow in the stairwell he knew they had to do something.
They couldn’t just wait to be killed, they at least had to fight back, but they needed weapons.
Sprinting to his left, he checked the door of the first apartment he came to, but it was locked,
and even with a shoulder barge it wouldn’t open.

Seeing what Kris was doing, Colt decided to do the same, running to the right. He checked the first
door, but it was also locked, so he ran to the second, which opened. Pumping his fist in the air,
he called out to Kris, cringing as he did because he knew the man had to have heard him too.

Kris turned, saw Colt pointing to the open door, and ran down the hall, turning his head just in
time to see the hideous face of the man beginning to emerge from the stairway. He didn’t stop
running until he had pushed Colt inside the open apartment and they locked the door behind them,
quickly moving a sofa so it was blocking the door.

Collapsing back onto the sofa, hoping their combined weight would add to the barricade’s
effectiveness, and also needing to recover as their ribcages rattled with each panted breath, Kris
and Colt were shaking, praying to whoever would listen for something or someone to save them.

Throwing his head back against the sofa cushions, Kris let out a soft sigh, but that soon ended
when he heard movement out in the hallway, followed by a crashing sound. He wasn’t sure but it
sounded like the mammoth of a man had kicked in one of the doors down the hall and it would only be
a matter of time before he was doing the same to the one they were pressed against.

Jumping up from the sofa, he raced across the apartment to the patio doors and flung them open. He
wanted to cry when he saw the tiny bit of balcony suspended on the side of the building. Peering
over the edge he knew it was too far for them to jump without seriously injuring themselves, maybe
even killing themselves, and there was no way they could get up onto the roof either. They were

Still trying to figure out a way for them to escape, he was shaken by the sound of a pained male
scream and ran back into the apartment, fearing the worst. Instead of seeing Colt lying on the
floor in a pool of blood he saw him standing up, staring at the wall between them and the next

“Did you hear that?” Colt asked.

“Yeah,” Kris replied. “He’s got someone.”

“Come on,” Colt said, moving back to the sofa.

As he started to move it, Kris’ eyes went wide. “What are you doing?”

“Now’s our chance to get out of here, bro,” Colt said. “If that freak is busy with whoever he’s got
next door, maybe we can get out of here before he realises we’ve gone.”

“He’s right…” a little girl’s voice said.

Colt immediately knew it was one of the girls he heard giggling in the parking lot and his body
involuntarily shivered. They had helped them last time and he had no reason to doubt them this

“GO!” the other girl screamed.

Kris shot into action and quickly helped Colt move the sofa away from the door so they could get it
open. Not wanting to risk being caught, Colt opened the door just a crack so he could see out into
the hallway. There was nothing there. Taking a deep breath, he pulled the door open further and
slowly stepped out into the hall, feeling Kris right behind him, almost pressed up against his
body. Their hands found each other and they clutched at the other so tightly they were almost in

Rising up so they were on tiptoes, Kris and Colt moved down the hallway slowly, constantly looking
all around them for any signs that the man was about to attack them. As they made it to the next
apartment they saw that the door was wide open, having been broken in two and torn from its hinges.
Knowing the man had at least been inside made Kris curious and he moved so he could see into the
room. He wished he hadn’t.

The giant was standing over the body of a man, who looked to have been at least 6 foot 3 and had to
weigh close to 300 pounds of pure muscle. The body lay limp on the floor, completely naked, its
head almost ripped from its shoulders due to the neck being broken so viciously. The mouth hung
open, but it was filled with blood, and the tongue that had once been inside it, along with the
penis that had been sliced from the man’s groin, was pinned to the man’s chest by a knife that had
been driven straight through his heart.

Kris felt like he was going to throw up. He couldn’t stop himself from gasping, but as soon as the
sound escaped from his mouth he saw the head of the giant man snap up, staring straight at him.

With a growl, the man strode towards them, his eyes filled with hatred and determination. Kris’
body was frozen on the spot, but Colt still held his hand tight and started running, pulling Kris
with him as they bolted for the stairs, running as fast as they could as the man chased them down.


Corey was still holding Matt on the back seat of Scott’s car. They had been talking about what to
do next. Scott couldn’t understand how his car wasn’t working. Someone must have tampered with it.
But it wasn’t as easy to stop their phones from working. They had all tried to call for help but
they didn’t even have emergency reception. They were completely cut off and had no car to escape

“If they’re not out in two minutes we’re gonna have to go in,” Corey said.

“Are you kidding me?” Scott asked, but before he could continue something caught his eye and he
looked over toward the building.

The door had been pulled open and Colt almost fell out onto the sidewalk, just managing to push
himself back to his feet as he ran out the door as fast as his legs would allow. Kris was right
behind him, glancing over his shoulder, a look of pure terror on his face as he followed Colt, who
had locked on to Scott as he waved his arm out of the car window.

Before Kris was even halfway across the parking lot, the huge man appeared in the doorway with an
enormous chain in his hands. He stepped out of the building and swung the chain around his head
quickly before whipping it towards Kris.

Scott was expecting to hear the crack of the metal against Kris’ skin as it struck his back and he
closed his eyes in a grimace, but the sound never came. All he heard was the sound of Kris scream
in surprise. When he opened his eyes again he saw Kris fall forward, his eyes wide as he was caught
off guard.

As Colt made it to the car he turned his head just in time to see Kris’ body hit the ground with a
splat as his skin slammed into the asphalt, followed by a scream of pure agony as the hard ground
tore at Kris’ flesh. The chain Scott had seen the man swinging was wrapped around Kris’ ankles and
lower legs like a lasso.

Colt was still gasping for breath when he saw Kris’ body start moving away from him. Kris looked up
with pleading eyes, his face covered in blood from where it hit the ground, as his body was pulled
back toward the huge man reeling in the chain.

Kris’ screams were deafening as he clawed at the ground, his body being dragged across it. He did
everything he could to try to escape.

Corey quickly jumped from the car and ran towards Kris, with Colt just inches behind him, but as
they got closer to their friend the huge man pulled the chain in quicker and disappeared into the
building, dragging Kris with him.

When Colt made it to the door it had already closed and no matter how hard he pushed on it he
couldn’t get it to open. Corey tried to help him, but even with their combined strength, pushing at
the door, charging it with their shoulders, trying to smash it from its hinges, the door didn’t

Matt and Scott ran up to join them. “Do something!” Matt screamed.

“The fucking door’s locked!” Colt screamed. “What the fuck am I supposed to do?”

“Can’t you break it down?” Matt asked.

“We’ve tried! It won’t open!” Colt exclaimed.

“What about the back door?” Scott asked.

“What?” Colt replied.

“There’s a back door to every staircase so you can get in from either side of the building. We can
get to it if we go through your apartment and out of the patio doors,” Scott explained.

“Then what the fuck are we waiting for?” Colt asked, already moving before he said the last word.

As Colt ran as fast as he could back toward the apartment the other three followed, not wanting
anyone to be left on their own with the giant on the loose. They were all petrified and wanted to
get as far away as possible, but they weren’t just going to leave Kris alone to be slaughtered.
They cared about him too much to just let him go.

Racing thought the front door of the apartment Colt ran straight to the kitchen, grabbing a large
knife from a drawer, knowing he could need something to defend himself with if the man made them a

With Colt armed and leading the way they headed out of the patio doors and ran through the night
towards the door that would hopefully lead them to Kris. Suddenly the lights went off, plunging
them into pure darkness. It was like a switch had been flicked to cut power to the whole complex.
Where there hadn’t been many lights before, except for the street lamps and those around the pool,
now there was nothing. They could barely see in front of their faces and quickly came to a stop,
not wanting to trip over something and injure themselves, especially with Colt holding the huge

“Fuck!” Colt screamed. “I can’t see a damn thing.”

“Me neither,” Corey said. “Hold on.”

Corey reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. He pressed one of the buttons so the
display lit up. It wasn’t much but what little light there was seemed bright against the night.

“We can’t find our way with that,” Colt said.

“Maybe not, but if I can find my way to my car I know I have a flashlight in the trunk,” Corey

“Do you think you can do that, babe?” Matt asked, clinging to Corey.

“Yeah,” Corey replied, “I know the layout of our apartment so I can navigate that easily, then once
I have the flashlight I’ll be fine.”

“I’ll come with you,” Scott said, also pulling out his phone to add to the light. He turned to Matt
and Colt, “You two stay here and we’ll be right back.”

Corey gave Matt a quick kiss and forced him to release the grip he had on his arm, pushing him
gently toward Colt so he could go to retrieve his flashlight. With Scott beside him they used the
light from their phones to make their way back across the apartment and out into the parking lot,
which was also shrouded in darkness.
Within seconds they were at Corey’s car throwing open the trunk. The little light inside actually
worked, allowing Corey to quickly find his flashlight. He was just about to slam the lid down when he
spotted his golf clubs and quickly grabbed two, handing one to Scott and keeping one for himself as
he closed the trunk and they headed back toward the apartment.

“If that fucker comes anywhere near us just start swinging,” Corey said.

“Don’t worry, I will,” Scott said, feeling more confident with something to defend himself.

It was easy finding their way back to Matt and Colt with the flashlight, which seemed impossibly
bright as it cut through the darkness and shadows.

“Here babe, you take this,” Corey said, handing the flashlight to Matt. “You light the way and we’ll
be ready to attack that fucker the moment he shows his ugly face.”

Matt smiled and nodded his head, happy he had three of his best friends around him, ready to defend
him at a moment’s notice. He pointed the light at the building and saw that they were only fifty feet
from where they needed to be.

Instead of running toward the doors, they crept slowly, none of them sure of what they might find if
they managed to get inside the building. What they had already seen had freaked them out enough, they
didn’t want to think about maybe seeing Kris in a similar position to the woman on the bed. They were
praying he was still alive.

With Matt pointing the flashlight at the door, Colt eased forward, gripping the knife firmly in one
hand, as he reached for the handle of the door and gently turned it, hoping it was open but also
fearing what could be behind it.

The door creaked open and a disgusting stench hit their noses, making them want to throw up. The
hairs inside their nostrils tingled as they were assaulted by a smell that seemed to be a combination
of rotting flesh, wet fish and burning wood.

Holding his breath and trying to steady his shaking hand, Colt pushed the door open fully and stepped
inside the building. He was hit by a wave of warmth, which was such a stark contract to the feeling
outside it made him shudder. The hallway was glowing with the same eerie red light they saw before
and it made everything look more demonic; even the shadows looked like blood seeping from the corners
of the room.

The glow continued, lighting up the staircase, as Colt started to climb up the steps. Matt, Corey and
Scott all entered the building behind him, having to take a moment to get used to the smell and the
strange heat that enveloped them, before moving up the stairs, not wanting to let Colt get too far
ahead of them.

They looked all around them, trying to find some sign that pointed them toward where Kris was being
held, or worse, where his body lay butchered. They saw nothing. The floors looked spotless as they
made it to the first landing and stepped out into the hallway, listening for any noises of pain or
for the pounding footsteps of the giant, but all they heard was a faint popping sound, like a
campfire crackling around dried timber.

Slowly making their way to where the two hallways met in their T shape, almost coming to a complete
stop because they couldn’t see around the corner and didn’t want to walk straight into the path of
danger, they boys suddenly stopped when they thought they heard the crunch of a heavy body stepping
on a twig.

They were frozen on the spot, hoping it wasn’t one of Kris’ bones they heard crack, but there was no
scream and no repeat sound. Their hearts were beating faster than they ever had, even during the
height of a workout. Their breaths were so erratic their panting sounded like an exhausted dog
chasing after the car its owners were driving away in.

Cautiously, Colt took a step to the right, while Corey and Matt moved to the left, trying to get a
clear view down the hallway to see if any of the doors were open or if there was any sign of a
struggle, since they knew Kris wouldn’t give up without a fight.

Scott decided to stay where he was so he could keep the staircase in view in case the huge man
appeared, but as he turned to see what Colt was doing he suddenly felt light footed and looked down
just in time to see the floor give way beneath him.

Hearing the creaking sound, Colt turned around to see Scott disappearing through the floor. “SCOTT!”

When Corey and Matt heard Colt scream they turned too but only saw Colt rushing to the middle of the
hallway, getting down on his hands and knees to peer through what they now realised was a hole in the

Running to the hole, Corey asked, “What happened?”

“I don’t know,” Colt said, frantically, “I just heard a noise and next thing I know Scott was falling
through the floor.”

“Scott?” Matt called out, seeing nothing but a pile of debris as he peered through the hole.

“Fuck!” Scott’s voice cried out in pain.

Corey, Matt and Colt watched, peering down as Scott pushed the rubble off his body and tried to stand
up only to fall back down again. Fearing that he may be seriously injured, they moved around the hole
and hurried downstairs to help Scott.

“Are you okay?” Corey asked as he and Colt helped Scott to his feet.

“Fuck, I think so,” Scott said. “I might have hurt my leg. The floor just collapsed.”

“As long as you’re okay,” Matt said, shining the flashlight up and down Scott’s body to check for
wounds. He didn’t appear to be bleeding.

Scott smiled hearing the genuine concern in his friend’s voice, but when he looked up at Matt his
breath caught in his throat as he gasped. Colt and Corey turned to see what had caused the sound and
Corey screamed Matt’s name, leaping forward, trying to reach him. But he was too late.

As Matt had stood shining the light on them, the giant man descended from the hole, wrapped his arms
around Matt and dragged him up through the ceiling.

“MATT!!!” Corey screamed again as he scrambled to get to his feet and ran for the stairs.

“Corey!” Colt shouted after Corey, knowing he could be running straight toward the monster.

“Go after him, Colt, I’ll be okay,” Scott said as he hobbled forward and cried out in pain.

Colt gently pushed Scott to one side so he could hold himself up against the wall. He grabbed the
knife he had been carrying and held it in front of him, ready to strike as he ran up the stairs after

“Matt? MATT!” Corey still screamed as he ran down the hall, searching for his boyfriend. “Where are

Colt ran out onto the first floor landing as Corey raced down the hall and threw his body into the
first door he came to. It flew open under his weight and he went crashing into the room. He sprinted
around the apartment looking for any sign that Matt had been there but there was nothing, and the
only thing that looked out of place was the door that he broke on his way in.

Running back out of the apartment, he ran straight into Colt, who nearly impaled him on the knife. He
knew Matt couldn’t have gone far and still had to be in the building, but it was driving him crazy
that he couldn’t find him. He was so scared.

“MATT!! Where are you?” Corey screamed.

“Calm the fuck down, Corey,” Colt said, putting his hands on his friend’s shoulders and shaking him
to make a point.

“Where is he, Colt?” Corey pleaded.

“I don’t know, but we’ll find him, okay? You just charging forward like a fucking lunatic isn’t gonna
help though. What if that freak was in there? What would you have done?”

“I just want to find Matt.”

“Me too, but we need to think about this, otherwise we’re just gonna get our asses killed,” Colt

“I can’t just stand here doing nothing,” Corey exclaimed.

“And we’re not gonna, but we need to stick together. You saw how fucking big that guy is, do you
really think we can take him on alone?”


“So let’s go back downstairs, get Scott and come up here to find Matt and Kris, because you know
they’re being kept together.”

Corey wanted to cry but he knew it wouldn’t help so he pushed the feelings down inside him and tried
to focus on getting Matt back. He followed Colt as they made their way back to the staircase and
headed down to get Scott.

“Scott?” Colt called when he got to the bottom of the stairs. “SCOTT?”

“Where is he, Colt?” Corey asked.

“I don’t fucking know. Check the doors. Has he gone outside?”

Colt ran to the front door that had been locked after the giant dragged Kris back through it. It was
still locked. Corey went to the other door and tried to pull it open but it wouldn’t move.

“What the fuck?” Colt exclaimed. “Is that door locked?”

“Yes! FUCK! We’re locked in! Who locked it?” Corey cried, beginning to panic. “We’re dead, Colt,
we’re dead. I know it.”

“Get a grip, Corey! If you can’t hold it together we might as well just give up and I’ll slash our
throats right now.”

“Sorry…” Corey said, but he was scared. He just wanted to find Matt and get out of there.

“How did that freak get Scott? He wasn’t down here. He didn’t pass us. It doesn’t make sense!”

“I think he’s upstairs,” Corey said, “on the top floor. It’s the only way. As we were going upstairs,
so was he. That’s how he got away.”

Colt nodded, knowing what Corey said was likely the truth, but it didn’t ease his nerves, thinking
about going back to the top floor with no way back down other than the central staircase.

Before he could say anything, Corey moved off, running back up the stairs. Colt ran after him,
wanting to help protect Corey, wanting to find his friends and being afraid of being alone all at the
same time.

For the first time, instead of stepping out on to the first landing Corey continued round and
continued up to the top floor, with Colt right behind him. When they reached the top of the stairs
and stepped out onto the landing, Corey froze as it finally dawned on him that he had no idea what he
was doing, he just knew he had to save Matt and Kris.

Colt put a hand on Corey’s shoulder and gently rubbed it. “They must be around here somewhere,

“What if we’re too late?” Corey asked.

“Then we would have found their bodies by now. I think he’s keeping them alive somewhere right now,
probably getting ready to carve them up like he did with the others.”

“COLT!” Corey screamed, pushing him away.

“Sorry, but it’s the truth,” Colt said, lowering his head.

“Come on,” Corey said, thinking he didn’t have time to dwell on what might be if there was still time
to save their friends, “Left or right?”

“Right,” Colt said instinctively.

Corey nodded and turned down the right hallway, approaching the first door quickly and stopping only
briefly outside to see if he could hear anything. As soon as Colt was standing beside him, Corey
kicked the door in and ran inside. The apartment was completely empty with not so much as a chair
filling the floor space.

“This is weird,” Colt said, looking around at the room that was nothing but a shell.

Suddenly the two little girls from earlier appeared in front of them, cocking their heads to the side
and staring at them as they started to giggle.

“Getting warmer!” one giggled.

Corey took a step toward them.

“Colder!” the other girl said as Corey stepped further into the apartment.

Colt shook his head and stepped back out into the hall.

“He’s warmer than you are,” the first girl said, pointing at Colt while looking at Corey.

Corey looked behind him and ran for the door. The little girls creeped him out and he could tell Colt
felt the same. When they were out in the hall they continued on to the right to check the next door,
but they could hear the little girls as they started chanting.

“Warmer! Warmer! Warmer!”

“I hate them,” Colt said.

“Me too,” Corey said as they stopped in front of the door and looked at each other, ready to charge

“Now you’re HOT!” one of the little girls said, making Colt jump as she appeared beside him. The
other little girl just giggled hysterically.

Colt shuddered at the high pitched laughter, gripped his knife tight and kicked the door wide open.
He was about to charge in when his eyes focused on what was inside the apartment and his body froze
in shock.

Instead of being lit by the red glow that illuminated the rest of the building, the only light was
coming from three gas lamps. Two of them were hung on opposite walls casting their light towards each
other like to arms trying to touch their fingertips together, while the third sat atop an ancient
chest of drawers. Dark wooden panels, stained with the residue of dried blood that had been
splattered across them over the years, boarded the walls. The floor was a cold concrete that was
covered in a thin layer of liquid that made a sloshing sound even when everything was still. Shackles
and cuffs were hanging from the walls, arranged around human shaped stains that marked the wood where
a man had been tethered and tortured until his body broke out in a cold sweat that seeped into the
timber as his life drained away. A sickle dangled from a chain that swung from the ceiling, glinting
in the lantern light. Large spikes protruded from the walls at various angles and the smell of
rotting flesh had never been stronger.

A primitive rack sat against one wall, the rectangular frame worn and withered with a large roller at
either end. The leather straps to bind the wrists and feet were old and discoloured, running around
the rollers, which themselves were attached to a handle and ratchet that had been fashioned from old
broken furniture for the purpose of stretching a victim until their joints popped and their limbs
were torn apart.

A chandelier was suspended from the ceiling in the middle of the room, holding candles that had burnt
out long ago. A chain was wrapped around the wooden supports, dropping down to where it was coiled
tightly around Kris’ ankles as he hung upside down, his body completely limp, a deep wound slashed
into his chest as blood poured from the torn flesh, cascading across his skin, down his neck and over
his face until it dripped off and collected in a pool on the floor.

Over in a corner lay a rusted iron bed with a mattress that was covered in various bodily excretions
and had been eaten away by thousands of ravenous insects until it was little more than a piece of
cloth. Matt lay naked on top of it, his eyes closed and his head resting at such an angle he was
either both completely limp and unconscious or it had already been snapped.

Corey gasped and ran straight to Matt, wanting to check he was still alive. Pressing his fingers to
Matt’s throat he could feel a pulse, but it was weak and possibly fading. His body shook
uncontrollably as tears streamed down his face and he cradled Matt’s head against his chest.

Colt had gone to Kris, also checking for a pulse. He felt it, but it was a little erratic, like his
heart was struggling to find enough blood to pump around his body with the amount that had been
spilled onto the ground. He wrapped Kris in his arms and tried to lift him down but the chain was too
tight, he would have to completely unhook it, but he didn’t know if he was strong enough. He needed

Quickly moving over to Corey, Colt saw that Matt was breathing as his chest slowly rose and fell, but
trying to get Corey to let go was almost impossible. Colt stroked Corey’s back and begged him to help
get Kris down. Corey finally laid Matt back on the bed and stood up, ready to help Colt when they
heard the familiar heavy footsteps that had chased them through the halls.

Panicking, they looked around trying to find anywhere they could hide. Hearing the footsteps grow
louder they realised time was running out and the only place they could possibly avoid detection was
under the bed, but their muscular bodies made it hard for them to fit beneath the tiny cot.
Peering out from their hiding place they saw the huge mountain of a man enter the room, dragging
Scott’s near lifeless body behind him. He was using the blond hair to haul Scott across the floor,
pulling him through the river of Kris’ blood until he picked him up and threw him down on the rack.

As the man started to strap Scott onto the machine Corey pulled himself out from under the bed, even
though Colt tried to stop him. Picking up the golf club he had dropped to the floor when he first saw
Matt, Corey charged across the room and swung hard, smashing it into the back of the man’s head.

Instead of knocking him down, the blow seemed to only alert the giant as he quickly turned his head
and scowled at Corey. Letting go of the straps on the machine, he spun around with speed so quick it
defied his size and wrapped his hand around Corey’s throat, squeezing tight as he glared into Corey’s

Seeing Corey’s face go red and then purple in just a matter of seconds, Colt pulled himself out from
under the bed, gripping the knife tight in his hand as he ran across the room and slashed at the
man’s arm. The knife sliced deep and drew blood that looked more of a brown than a red as the giant
screamed and let Corey’s body drop to the floor.

When Colt tried to slice into the man’s flesh again, he missed just barely as the man shrank back
from him and waved his arm out like he was trying to swat away a fly. Colt was slightly amused by the
sight until he felt the hand connect with his chest in a blow that had so much power behind it, it
knocked him half way across the room and his head crashed against the concrete floor.

The giant bent down and picked Corey up. He was barely conscious and his lungs were still trying to
get some air back in them when the man flung him through the air, sending him crashing through the
nearest wall.

Colt was trying to regain his bearings when he looked up and saw the man towering over him. His eyes
grew wide as he saw the man’s hand coming for his head, but then his fingers twitched and he realised
he was still clutching the knife. Before the giant’s hand could close around his head, Colt slipped
down on the floor, gliding between the legs of the much taller man. He did the only thing he could
think of, jamming the knife up into the man’s groin as hard as he could.

The piercing scream that erupted from the giant’s mouth deafened Colt. He put his hands over his ears
as he watched the huge man stumble backwards, clawing at the knife that was buried deep in his skin.
As he tried to pull it out, he collided with the chest of drawers, knocking over the lamp, setting
his arm on fire.

Within seconds the fire spread from his arm until it was raging all over his body and he writhed
around in agony as the flames consumed him. In a flash of blinding white light the giant’s body
disintegrated so all that was left was a pile of dirty ashes that began to soak up the blood spilled
all over the floor.

Pulling himself to his feet, Colt struggled to co-ordinate himself long enough to get Kris down from
the chandelier, though it took almost all of his remaining strength and energy. His head was ringing,
but he pulled off his shirt and pressed it against the wound on Kris’ chest, hoping it would stop the

Feeling faint, Colt reached into his pocket and found his phone, quickly dialling 911. When someone
answered he told them where he was and what had happened but he felt himself fading. Just before
everything went black the two little girls appeared in front of him again.

“You killed Daddy. He can’t hurt us anymore.”


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