Guys’ Weekend Away

A story posted on Nifty earlier.

With Barrett’s five year old son at his parent’s house and his wife gone shopping on a girl’s weekend, he headed north to meet up with his best friend from college for his own personal getaway.  When he arrived after a four hour drive, he found his old friend Rick there waiting on him.

“Good to see there, Rick,” Barrett greeted his friend with a big hug of friendship.

“Yeah it is,” Rick replied and grabbed his bag for the weekend.

“Let’s hit the road and we can catch up on the way there,” Barrett said.  First he headed to the bathroom for a much needed piss.

Rick threw his leather designer bag in the back seat of Barrett’s three year old Malibu and his golf clubs in the trunk.  Pulling out of Rick’s drive, Barrett smiled and headed to their destination of golf and maybe a little partying like old times.

“Rick, how did you manage to talk Liz into this?” Barrett asked.

“Two credit cards and a day at the spa.  How did you?” Rick laughed.

“It was the same.  I took my son to my parent’s while Kendra headed out with her friends.  Hell, we deserve a weekend out without our wives for a change,” Barrett said.

“When was your last time to go on a trip without Kendra?” Rick asked.

“How about never.  You?”

“The same.  You’re right we deserve this.  Hell, we never see each other and except for emails we never talk,” Rick said.

“We’re both guilty as can be,” Barrett smiled.

The rest of the trip consisted of catching up with each other’s careers and home life.  Rick and Liz didn’t have any kids yet we trying after not wanting any the first three years of marriage.  Barrett was different and wanted more except for the fact his wife had a horrible pregnancy with their only son.  They laughed a lot along the way reliving their days as college roomies.

After a nice 2 hour drive, the two arrived late in the night at the very nice golf resort.  Both were tired from the trip yet wanted to relive old times when they would drink until sunrise.  The bar at the resort was packed with guys exactly like them and an occasional lady who was there with her love interest.  Both sat at a small table and ordered the first round.  After two good rounds, it was evident neither had the stamina or desire they once had in their college days.

Barrett looked at Rick after the second drink, “How about we try again tomorrow when we’re rested?”

Rick laughed, “I didn’t want to the first to say it but that’s a great idea.”

They headed to their rooms to call it a night.  Rick pulled off his clothes and got down to his boxer briefs.  He turned and began laughing at his friend, “You’ve got to be kidding me, Barrett, white Hanes briefs.”

Barrett looked down under his small hairy belly, “What’s wrong with them?”

“Nothing I don’t guess but you’re still so conservative,” Rick replied and got his half decent body that was now covered in hair.  At least, he could grow hair elsewhere since the hair on his head was leaving quickly.

The light between the two double beds went off.  Soon, Barrett was snoring like there was no tomorrow.  Rick didn’t remember his friend being a snorer and finally fell asleep after tossing and turning for more than hour.

The next morning, Barrett woke refreshed and ready to hit the adjoining luxury golf course.  He had to shake Rick a few times to get him from the bed.

“Come on, Rick.  We came here to play golf,” Barrett stood above him.

“Remind me tonight to buy some ear plugs.  You snore like a freight train and kept me up half the night,” Rick rubbed his eyes.

“Sorry about that.  Kendra has gotten used to it by now,” Barrett laughed.  He started the in-room coffee while Rick showered to start the day. 

With an 11:15 tee time, they were ready an anxious to let it rip.  They were paired with two guys in their mid 40’s on vacation with their wives.  Rick had the cart loaded down with beer like the glory days of college but forewent the occasional smoke but did however have an expensive cigar waiting for later.

At the first tee, Rick showed his power by launching the golf ball far down the fairway but deep into the woods.  Barrett hit a perfect draw and landed right down the middle.  The others teed off but were short of the younger Rick and Barrett. 

“Going to be a long day, huh?” Rick said after putting up his Calloway driver.

“It’ll be fun,” Barrett opened the first beer. 

“What’s the wager today?” Rick asked while riding down the cart path.

“Let’s go loser buys dinner and all the drinks tonight,” Barrett replied.

“Sounds great to me,” Rick said.  He got out of the cart and scavenged the dense woods until finding his Pro V1.  He took out a 5 iron and kept it low to ensure his next shot was from the fairway.  His ball clipped a limb but rolled within a 120 yards of the green.  The other two were still hacking away while Barrett finally was able to swing.  His next shot looked great but sailed over the green into a sand trap. 

The day continued like this for the entire eighteen holes.  Barrett was clearly ahead and sailed to an easy win over his best friend since Rick couldn’t control the ball off the tee.  Both were feeling no pain by the end of the round with the beer cooler now empty.   They laughed and knew that back drinking with their college buddy was one of the reasons for the trip.

After a nice meaty meal, the two retreated to the room before hitting the bar there at the resort.  Rick was on his cell with his wife as was Barrett after dinner.  Even though their wives were away, they still could feel the tug of marriage.

Rick kicked back on his bed and got comfortable, “I take your wife is having a good time.”

“Yeah she is.  I doubt either of our wives is having as good a time as we are,” Barrett said.

“That is unless my wife is out with Kevin,” Rick said.

“Who’s Kevin?”

“The guy I think she’s cheating with.  He’s her friend from college that just recently moved back to town,” Rick said.

“You seriously think she’s cheating on you,” Barrett asked while kicked up his bed.

“Hell I don’t know Barrett.  Something tells me she is,” Rick replied. 

Barrett laughed, “What goes around comes around.”

“Barrett, I was young and very stupid when I was messing around behind Beth’s back,” Rick smiled in reference to his old college girlfriend.  “Honestly Barrett, you don’t mess around behind Kendra’s back?”

“Well… not in a long time I haven’t,” Barrett smiled.

Rick busted out laughing, “Me either but it won’t be fun.  Having an affair is so exciting and adventuresome.  Just thinking about makes me wanna bone some cute chick down at the bar.”

“Rick, all there is down there is nothing but guys like us who are getting away for the weekend.  The ladies down there are either old or attached at the hip to their man,” Barrett reasoned.

“Well then… maybe we should see if there’s not some titty bars close by.  We may not get any but at least we can look at some,” Rick surmised.

“Which one of us is sober enough to drive?” Barrett asked.

“Who said anything about driving?  We can call a cab,” Rick said.

“That’ll be expensive,” Barrett said.

“Don’t worry tight wad, I’ll pay.  Hell it’ll be worth it,” Rick said.

Rick grabbed the phone on the nightstand and dialed the concierge service for a taxi.  “Fifteen minutes,” Rick smiled.

They headed down and had a quick drink while waiting.  Fifteen minutes turned into thirty before the taxi arrived.  Rick told the driver his intentions and off they headed.  He dropped them off at a local cabaret.  It was small and looked seedy at best.
They stepped inside and could smell stale smoke and beer in the dimly lit place.  Rick found them a table near the stage.  The first stripper came out. 

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Rick said loudly above the disco type music.  The girl was bleach blond and sagging in all the wrong places.  The next one was exactly opposite and needed a few pounds to compliment her surgically enhanced tits.  Rick stuffed a $5 in her g-string and got a glimpse at the smooth twat.  Next was a red-head and seemed to be a local favorite.  The drunks near the stage filled her g-string with dollar bills.  Barrett put a five in the g-string and watched the red head do a sexy pole dance.  To top it off, she was by far the highlight of the night.

They headed to the door at the assigned time and found the cab waiting on them.  Rick looked at Barrett.  They bent over laughing so hard.

“Man what a sleaze joint!” Barrett said. “My wife looks great up side those poor girls.”

“Tell me about it,” Rick said. “Back to the hotel. Our night of fun is done.”

Back now at the hotel past midnight, both were feeling good and a little drunk but nothing like some weekends they shared from their past where one if not both would be passed out somewhere in their apartment they shared.  They were able to laugh it up and make jokes about the scene they witnessed at the steady strip bar.

Once inside, Rick commented, “I know for damn sure I could be a better stripper than every one of those girls.”

Barrett, sitting on his bed, laughed as he had done all night, “There’s the floor.  Let’s see what you got.” Barrett held out his hand.

“You’re on now,” Rick said.  He pulled his Polo shirt over his head slowly, kicked off his expensive leather loafers, and playfully dropped his khaki shorts.  He danced like the drunken fool he was in his Dolce & Gabbana boxer briefs.

“Wow, you are better and not much smaller tits than that one blonde,” Barrett laughed.

Rick grabbed the crotch of his boxer briefs, turned around and flashed his somewhat hairy ass at Barrett. 

“Take em off! Take em off!” Barrett chanted.

Thinking nothing of it, Rick dropped his boxer briefs and shook his flaccid cock.  Barrett continued to laugh.  “You didn’t think I would, did you?” Rick said.

“Rick, you haven’t changed one bit.  I knew you would get naked at the drop of hat just like you did once back in college,” Barrett said.

“I got lucky that night too,” Rick said without even thinking twice.

“Very funny, Rick. There was nothing but guys that night,” Barrett said.

Rick’s face turned red and not from the alcohol, “I meant… the other time when we had all those hot girls over.”

“What other time?”

“Barrett, you know… oh shit, I forgot.  That was before we roomed together,” Rick tried to cover his tracks.

“Rick, did you…?”

“Hell no,” Rick interrupted.

“It’s cool if you did or didn’t.  You know I’ve always been a little curious…”

“Barrett, it was just once. Yes, Trevor and I kind of got together,” Rick sat down on his bed still naked.

“Well, how was it?”

“That was nine years ago.”

“So? I know you remember it. Fess up there buddy.”

“It was okay.”

“Well, what did you do?” Barrett grew more curious.

“MMM…” Rick looked down and then back. “Shit Barrett, we’re friends.  That was the past and a long time ago when we were dumb and horny all the time.  We sucked each other and then I nailed his ass.”


“Barrett, I’ll come clean.  I really liked it.  We snuck around for about 2 months together.”

“No shit?”

“It was a great experience I must say.”

Barrett got up and sat next to Rick on the same bed.  He put his hand on Rick’s thigh. “I never knew.”

“Have you ever?”

“No but…” Barrett boldly grabbed his friend’s cock and felt it grow in his hand. “I am so turned on by this.”

“I am too,” Rick said. “Get naked for me, Barrett.”

Barrett didn’t hesitate and flung off his clothes.  He wanted to kiss Rick but knew that was going too far.  Rick immediately wrapped his hand around Barrett’s nice cut cock and it too grew. There was a silent moment between the two while they looked at each other.

“Just blow jobs,” Barrett said. “I haven’t had my dick sucked in years or least not a good dick sucking.”

Rick without further ado leaned over and lick the tip of Barrett’s cock.  Barrett leaned back on his hands and watched his old friend go down on him.  He closed his eyes and felt great pleasure shoot throughout his body.  He opened his eyes and could Rick’s hand at the base of his 7 inch hard cock and Rick mouth now going down on him.

“OOOO Rick,” Barrett moaned softy.

Rick continued and ran his hands across Barrett’s hairy stomach. He stopped, “You like this?”

“Oh yes!” Barrett exclaimed.

Rick laughed, “I figured you might.”  Rick went back down on Barrett’s cock.  He bobbed up and down and could hear the ooohing and awing escaping Barrett’s mouth.  He stopped and licked Barrett’s cock and shoved the cock back in his mouth.

After a good six or eight minutes, Barrett stopped him, “Dude, it takes me a while to cum.  That was so hot!”

“Well…” Rick pointed at his cock.

Barrett took a deep breath, “Here goes.”  He licked to get a taste of his first cock.  He mimicked Rick, covered his teeth and went down on him.  Rick instantly moaned while he watched and felt Barrett attempting to suck his 6 inch cut cock.  For a beginner, Barrett thought he was doing fine. 

“How am I doing?” Barrett asked.

“Great! Feels so good.  Liz tries but damn she can’t suck dick,” Rick smiled.

Barrett slid his mouth back down and began breathing through his nose.  He wasn’t at all offended by the taste or the thought of sucking his friend’s cock.  He reached down and jacked his cock while relaxing to enjoy giving his first blow job. 

“OH FUCK!” Rick screamed.  Barrett quickly stopped.  The first stream of cum landed on Barrett’s chin.  The next two landed on Barrett’s hairy chest.  “Sorry!”

Barrett smiled with cum on his chin and chest, “Why are you sorry? I loved it and can definitely tell you did.”

Rick dropped his head and returned to servicing his friend.  Barrett ran his fingers through Rick’s thinning hair.  Finally after another 5 minutes, Barrett felt the urge boiling in his testicles. 

“I’m cumming!” Barrett shouted and pushed Rick’s head.  Rick clamped his mouth down solid and began to feel the cum shooting down his throat.  Barrett shivered until Rick had milked out the last drop.

Rick pulled off and licked his lips, “That was one helluva dessert.”

“You nasty cum whore,” Barrett laughed.

“I used to be.  Damn I really miss fucking around with guys,” Rick smiled. “Barrett seriously, that was your first time?”

“Yelp and hopefully not my last either,” Barrett smiled. “God, we should have done this shit years ago.”

“I never thought you would be up for it,” Rick said.

“You’re probably right,” Barrett said. “It was worth the wait though.”

Barrett got up from Rick’s bed and pulled back the sheets to crawl into bed. 

“I hate sleeping alone especially after sex,” Rick said.

“Well, it’s not like we’ve never shared the same bed before,” Barrett said.

Rick got under the sheets with Barrett.  He wrapped his arm around Barrett and kissed his cheek. 

Barrett quickly whipped around and saw a confused look on Rick’s face. “I hate not kissing after sex, too,” Barrett said.

Their lips instantly touched.  It was a quick one but meant the world to both of them.  Rick held his friend close to him as they both drifted off to sleep.

Barrett woke first the next morning.  He quietly headed to the bathroom.  He looked at his cock pissing and smiled.  He started the coffee maker.  The aroma of freshly brewed coffee stirred Rick from his sleep. 

Rick rose from bed, “So?” He looked at his naked friend.

“So what?” Barrett replied and was confused.

“You know, any regrets about last night?”

“Hell yeah!” Barrett stated.  Rick’s expression changed instantly. “My regret is that we didn’t do this Friday night. My biggest regret last night is wasting money on those skanks.”

Rick smiled, “You dog, you liked sucking dick.”

“I didn’t hate it,” Barrett smiled.

The drinking the night before had now set in.  After an initial quick start, both were dragging and cancelled the day’s tee time to relax and enjoy the day as friends.

They loaded up the Barrett’s Malibu and headed back earlier than expected. 

“Rick next time, I want to really experience man sex,” Barrett said half way home.

“Definitely but let’s not make it eight years again,” Rick said. “Maybe we can talk our way into letting our wives do this again.”

“The sooner the better,” Barrett said. “If nothing else, this will be an annual get together.”

“For damn sure about that,” Rick said.