Posted:  June 16, 2010

It was just after 7 the next morning when Jake came into our room.  He didn’t say a word, undressed like normal and crawled into bed with me.  He snuggled up close to me and threw his tanned arm around me.  Before I could speak, he was asleep.  I lay there in our room in the Caribbean until I fell asleep on this Thursday.

By the time I woke for good, it was around 9:30.  I did my thing and headed to find coffee with what looked to be a rather cloudy day here in paradise.  So far, the rain and clouds had stayed away totally so I wasn’t going to complain if the day wasn’t picture perfect like the other ones had been.

I spent the entire morning people watching.  This resort and its visitors did offer great people watching in all shape and sizes.  I was glad I had taken up a nice fitness program over the past few years to rid myself of a large gut that I once had. 

Finally, Jake came out in his shorts that hung low on his hips and showing his great V.  He threw his arms around me before grabbing a chair next to me.

“Dad, I definitely know the difference now between making love and raw dog sex.  Huge difference,” Jake stated, rubbing his eyes.

“There is.  Question is which does Jake prefer?”

“Definitely making love.  Call me weird but I missed the passion we’ve shared the last few nights.  It was great but the love was missing between Thomas, Andre and I.  It was for sure there when Andre and Thomas got after it,” Jake smiled.

“Despite them being brothers, I can see they really do love each other a lot,” I said. “Proves you can be kin and still have romantic love.”

Jake smiled at me, “Like us but what happens come Sunday?”

“I don’t have a clue but we still have a couple of days not to worry with that,” I replied.  “What’s on your mind for us to do today?”

“Well… there is a lot of money burning a hole in my pocket,” Jake said.  “Besides it looks like it could rain out here.  Tomorrow let’s go back to that nude beach.  I want go naked snorkeling and boarding.  That looked fun when we were there the other day.”

It was back into the major city for us.  Jake strolled around and looked in a few shops.  He asked why when you have money there’s nothing you care to buy.  I laughed and agreed.  He continued along the shopping streets that were a little more crowded than before due to a cruise ship being in port.  We had lunch at a nice café type place before continuing.  He found a shirt that was perfect for his body and had to have it.  No more than out the store, he changed into the new red sleeveless shirt that looked so hot on him.  He bought a few more things like cologne that was great and more souvenirs for a few forgotten friends.  Our last stop with a light rain was back at our lucky casino.   Jake said he’d lose up to a hundred and pocket the rest for college clothes.  He did lose the hundred in the course of the next three hours whereas I broke even on this trip.  The rain was still falling when we exited the casino and found a ride back to the resort.

Jake clung to me once back in the room.  He enjoyed kissing me while we watched television while on top of our bed.  We talked about the occurrences of the trip while the television was now just on.  Jake did go into more detail about his night with Andre and Thomas.  He said he can’t think of a night where he had more sex and came so much.  I knew they had had sex with the noise I could hear in my room.  Jake and I were both tired especially him so any sex was out of the question.

The next morning, our last full day on the island, we were both awake before 8.  Jake came with me to find coffee in the lobby.  We sat around and killed the morning with drinking coffee, watching waves roll in and talking more.  I was able to snap more photos and was filling up my card with a variety of scenic shots along with shots of Jake.

After a ride across the island back to the nude beach, we found a spot more towards the straight side of the island.  Jake caught the regular views of the crowd which was larger than before.  At noon, we headed out to do the first of what Jake wanted, snorkeling.  We were among a group of 20 who signed up for this unique adventure.  Again there was a variety of ages and body types. 

The snorkeling was a great time.  The variety of sea life just under the water was amazing.  Jake was excited as ever to see everything.  We were the last to leave along with two younger boys with strong English accents. 

After a short break with something to eat, Jake was ready to board naked.  He along with 4 other guys was there taking lessons.  Once the lessons were over, it was show time.  Jake showed his athletic ability and was up on the board after one failed attempt.  I stood at the edge and watched along the mother of two of the boys.  From my vantage point, it seemed Jake was having a great time and mastering the skill of boarding.

Coming out of the water, Jake had a large smile plastered on his face, “Dad, boarding’s the shit!”

“Dude, you were killer,” one of the young guys said to Jake.

Jake threw his arm around the younger guy, “Not so bad there, Benji.  It was a blast, huh?”

“I’ll say.  Wait til I brag to all my buddies back home,” Benji stated with his English accent.  “Trent is a bloody wuss for not going.”

It wasn’t unusual for Jake to become fast friends with those who were willing.  Jake bid him farewell while he and I walked up to the beach bar to grab something cold to drink.  Like it was now nothing, Jake ordered a beer for me and him. 

“Dad, I hate this is the end of this trip,” Jake said. “No way we could stretch out another week?”

I chuckled, “Not if I want a job.”

“I was only dreaming plus the cash too,” Jake said.

“The cash is not the problem here.”

We sipped on our beer and walked back to our things.  I was so thankful that no one had touched the valuables we had lying around.  We lay down to enjoy the sun.  We were getting comfortable until Jake’s new young friends where there begging him to join them in the water.  Jake jumped up and was gone.  It seemed the nude beach was rather normal now after Jake had really adjusted to it, more so than I imagined.

By the end of the day, I had met Benji’s nice family and found they were naturalist back home so this setting was perfect for them.  In talking, I found out Benji was 15 as was Trent.  Both were cute in a boyish way and seemed struck on Jake. 

It was hard for us to pull on clothes and find a cab.  Jake left off his shirt and donned only his shorts and flip-flops for the ride.

“My gaydar works.  Those dudes were gay as fuck,” Jake said. 

“Hmmm…” I said. “You knew?”

“Of course I knew,” Jake said. “We gay guys have that sense.  Those two are lovers with Benji’s parent’s approval on top of that.  I know they wanted to get with me.”

“I’m sure there were others there as well that would have enjoyed that pleasure,” I said with us riding back.  For a change, we had the driver stop to grab fast food, not my idea of a great final meal.

Once at our room, we downed the burgers and fries.  It seemed to hit the spot in my stomach.  Jake grabbed me by the hand and wanted for us to take a walk down the dark beach.

Not 10 yards from our room, Jake spoke, “Dad, you’re the best.  This trip has been so killer!  Here I thought I’d be a little bored but there hasn’t been time for that.”

“Jake, it has been everything I dreamed about before we came…”

“I’ll say.  Did that dream include hooking up?”

“Of course not.  That thought never even entered my mind.  All I wanted was for us to be together one last time before you left for college.  I know at college your Dad would have been the last thing on your mind before…”

“I’ll say.  Now I’m confused as hell.  I found someone that truly loves me and someone I truly love despite being my maker.  Are you past the incest part, Dad?”

“Well past it Jake.  Haven’t I shown you that?”

Jake laughed, “Yes, you have.  Even without the sexual part, it would have been so great.  I feel so close to you and have been so stupid thinking you weren’t cool.”

“Jake,” I smiled. “Dad’s are dads.  Before this, you saw me as a mean son of a bitch you controlled your life…”

“I know that’s right or least when I was around,” Jake said.

“Now we’re adults.  I’m still your Dad however.  You screw up and I’ll show you that I am.”

“Dad, now the last thing I want to do is disappoint you in any way.  Before, I didn’t give a flip what you thought much about what I did.  Now with this week, I really do care what you think even more than what Mom thinks.”
We continued down the beach.  I felt so close to Jake and had really bonded with him in our own special way.  Turning around, Jake grabbed my hand.  He said he wanted it to more father/son than boyfriend.  I agreed with him and could remember the days when he held my hand for security purposes.

Back at our room, Jake was smiling as big as ever.  “Dad, you think we could have one final fuck to end this trip?”

I smiled back, “I could think of nothing better than for us to cap off one great week with one great fuck.”

Jake pulled me close and ran his hand down my shorts.  He lowered his head and worked my nipples like never before.  My hands ran through his shaggy hair while he worked my nipples and down my front side.  He pulled down my shorts and licked my cock through my briefs.  He popped the waist and had them off of me.  His tongue went wild on my cock while I leaned back to take it all in. 

Before he could start sucking me, I pulled him and had to worship his tight body one last time.  I had no idea when this great opportunity would arise again though felt like it wouldn’t be our last time together.  My tongue enjoyed circling his nipples, chest and down the ridges of his firm defined abs.  His shorts came off with ease.  He changed positions to where we could 69.  We both wanted sucked and to suck each other.

We finished blowing each other with both of us edging.  We kissed passionately with lots of tongue and biting of each other’s lips. 

“Spread those hairy legs,” Jake instructed. “I wanna eat that ass out!”

With my legs spread wide and held high, Jake moved down to start eating my ass.  His wet tongue hit the spot quickly.  I held my legs while Jake drove his tongue in and out along with kissing my cheeks and waist.  For a mix, he did get in a little extra sucking.  He had me in such desire to take his cock.

Jake stopped and moved to kiss me.  While we kissed, his cock was beckoning to enter me.  I opened up and allowed him to enter me.  I gasped in his mouth with the initial insertion.  He broke the kiss and grabbed my legs.  Jake slowly worked my hole with me moaning and groaning with the slightest of movement.

OOO Jake,” I groaned. “Fuck me, Jake! No Jake make hot sweet love to me like I know you can.”

Jake gave me a big smile and started to pick up the pace.  I was still moaning and groaning while Jake was touching all the right spots in me with his long hard cock.  His hands moved up and down my sides.  I reached up and grabbed his ass.  He leaned back down to kiss my neck while we were going at it with a good pace.  Our breathing was labored with sweat mounting on my hairy body. 

Jake moved me to my side.  My leg draped over his smooth dark leg.  His cock was deep as ever and giving me such joy.  His hands moved over my body until they found my cock.  I didn’t want him to jack me for I wanted this moment to continue as long as possible.  Jake stopped inside and said he was close but wasn’t ready to end this.  We kissed again.

Jake got me on my knees to continue.  He pounded my ass with vigor for a few minutes until I wanted to see his face and body while he fucked me.  We moved again to my back.  Now sweat was pouring off me but I didn’t care.  We were both breathing hard with Jake saying ‘fuck yeah’ with every plunge.

“Dad, I’m so close…”

“Wait one second.  It would be great to come together,” I said.

Jake stopped while I jacked my cock.  He knew from our previous nights I was getting so close.  He started moving in me again.  I groaned loudly.  Cum shot out of cock like a rocket.  Jake pulled out and came with me.  White milky cum coated my hairy stomach.  Jake collapsed on top of me and smeared our mix on his dark abs. 

“Damn Dad, nothing compares to that!”

I know Jake… I know!”

Jake lay on top of me as we soaked all of it in.  We kissed a few more times before he got off of me.  All I could do was stare at him in love.  He was so beautiful like the day he was born.  Now though, he was dark without the hint of a tan line and a real man.

We were able to come down off our sexual high.  Jake held me close to him while he drifted off to sleep. 

We woke the next morning, showered together and packed our bags.  I showed I was his Dad by making sure he didn’t leave a thing behind.  Jake being his normal horny self wanted one last fuck but there wasn’t time. 

We got to the airport in plenty of time for our flight.  The flight was typical with Jake sleeping the entire ride to our first stop with his headphones in his ears.

At our lay over, Jake called his mom to say he’d be home the next day since we were experiencing a delay.  She wasn’t happy but understood the circumstances.

We arrived at my house just shy of 11.  We weren’t that late by Jake’s clock but he wanted me in my bed.  I was more than happy to oblige his request. 

Jake left the next morning.  We both teared up before he left.  I stood and watched him drive away.  It was hard to get back to my normal life but I knew I had tons to do before work the next day.

We talked every night after I got off work.  Finally on Friday, Jake was at my door with his things.

“Dad, I hope you don’t mind but I came to stay with you until I go off to college,” Jake said.

“Are you kidding?  Of course I don’t mind and have missed you,” I said.

“Missed me or my big dick?” Jake grabbed his crotch.


“Good cause I missed you too,” Jake said and practically feel into my welcoming arms.

Thanks to one great vacation, I really got to know my son and he got to know me.  Going to college, I would miss what had become my best friend but I knew I had to let go. Now, I will cherish every time he comes to my house.  Honestly, I don’t care if we ever have sex again.  I had want I desired, one great son who loved me as much as I loved him.

THE END!!   

Hope you enjoyed the series!!