Posted:   June 10, 2010

I was about half sleep or make it half awake when I felt Jake’s kiss on my cheek.  I wanted to stay in bed that and enjoy it while I could after the night we had out with Andre and Thomas, the guys in the room next to us and now our friends. 

“Dad, you were a trip last night,” Jake said to me with a big laugh as well at my expense.

“I’m not sure but I think I had way too much to drink,” I said with a small throbbing in my head.

Jake laughed, “I think you did too but hey it was a blast though.”

“From what I can remember it was a blast.  I did find one thing though…”

“What’s that?” Jake asked.

“You can’t dance worth a shit even with a few drinks in ya,” I said.

“Oh well but I had a blast,” Jake smiled.

“Jake, those girls were really into you too…”

“I know.  Do you think they knew I was into guys?”

“Ummm… I don’t know but you may have missed your calling as a chick magnet.”

“Hell Dad, if I liked girls liked those three liked me, I’d have kids all over the place,” Jake laughed. “You know they were hot as hell but I found out for sure I’m gay.  No part of me ever wanted to see them naked.  Now there were a few guys in there I can’t say the same for.  Alright, we can’t stay in bed all morning even though we did miss a good night of sex thanks to your drunk ass.  We need to get a move on to head over to the nude beach, remember?”

“Alright,” I replied.  Getting up gave me a remainder why I don’t go out much anymore or drink much at home.  I felt like shit but there was no way I was going to stop Jake or the other two from our planned day.  Taking a shower with Jake did help along with the pain killers I had.
Jake dressed in a tank top, shorts with no underwear, flip-flops and his new necklace.  I wore a tee, shorts and flip flops as well.  Jake phoned our new friends to find they were ready and eager to go.

The taxi ride to the other side took longer thus more expensive than I had imagined.  The driver at first chuckled when we told our destination.  He was in between friendly and quiet.  He answered a few questions along with some tips about the island.  Most of the time, he did his main job while we laughed it up at my expense over the night before.

Getting out at the main entrance, we strolled inside to see the beach rather quiet and a little empty.   It took a few yards inside the fence before we saw our first naked body.  He was older, dark and fat.  We agreed it was about what we anticipated.  Andre stated the gay part was on the northern end of the beach.   We headed in that direction seeing only a few older people enjoying the beach.

“Fuck it, guys.  I’m getting naked,” Jake stated. “It’s what we came here for in the first place.”

“Jake, you’re right,” Thomas said.  We stopped and dropped our clothes. 

Jake handed my his clothes to put in our bag and leaned over to me, “What if I get a boner?”

“Ummm…” I said.

“Dude, no way in hell you’re popping wood with this crowd,” Andre laughed.

“If you do, head to the water,” I joked.

Walking along the beach with nothing on was great.  Andre and Thomas had no qualms about walking arm in arm down to the beach.  We did encounter one middle aged woman with a nice body who did give us the once-over.  As we neared the northern end, it was obvious we had come upon the gayer end with more men together and women together.  We sat down our things.  I went up and rented chairs from the nearby vendor so we didn’t have to sit or lay on towels. 

“You know there’s really not much too this, is there?” Jake stated.

“Chill out.  It’s barely eleven if that,” Thomas said.

“What did you expect?  A beach full of model type guys showing their stuff,” Andre laughed.

“Better than a bunch old hairy guys with tiny dicks,” Jake stated.

“That one guy was pretty big,” Andre said. “Oh I forgot I was talking to 10 inch dick over there.”

“He says it eight and half,” I said.

“Either way they’re all going to look small in comparison,” Andre said.

“Let me just say one thing.  I hope none of us get our privates burnt…” I said.

“That would be a fucking bitch!” Thomas, the youngest brother of the two, stated.  We laughed and agreed how painful it would be.  We coated our privates in sunscreen as prevention.  The beach was nice and what I had pictured as a Caribbean beach with lots of sun, a slight breeze and palms accented the surroundings.  After we were comfortable, my camera came out to take a few quick pictures of us enjoying this nude beach.  Cameras were allowed as long as no one objected to having their picture snapped but with caution as well. 

We were on our stomachs when two men my age approached to ask if we were interested in playing volleyball.  We agreed and headed off with them to the area.  After messing around two more guys a little younger than me, aka in their thirties, came to join us.  We were an international group with two from Canada, our friends, and the others being European. 

We paired off with Jake and me along with our friends against the older guys.  Seriously we were overmatched but had a good time in getting our asses beat.  We had worked up a thirst and appetite in the process under the warm sun so us four headed up the beach to the bar area.  Now the beach was getting more crowded but not too crowded.  We ordered beers except me along with sandwiches. 

Sitting there sipping on the beers, I noticed some younger girls pointing and staring in our direction. 

“Dude, they want us,” Andre said.

“How the hell would you know with the gibberish?” Jake asked.

“We know French,” Thomas said.  He said something to them in French.  “All they want to know is if we’d pose with them for pictures.”

“Sure,” Jake said. “Dad, you wanna take em for em?”

“I could do that,” I replied. 

Thomas told them what the plan was.  I grabbed their camera and snapped the pictures of the three young girls with them.  They thanked us and returned.

“I guess they know a hot guy when they see em, huh?” I said.

“Fuck yea,” Thomas said with his arms thrown out.

I laughed, “You’re cocky just like Jake.”

“He stole my line is what he did,” Jake laughed.

Before returning, we headed to the bathroom.  Once outside, one very cute girl was waiting.  She had no trouble in walking straight up to Jake.  She yelled to her friend.  Jake again was posing for pictures with two girls.  I could have sworn he was head was starting to swell.

We headed back to our spot.  “Nice pussy on those bitches, huh?” Thomas asked once we started back.

“I guess so but they look the same to me,” Jake stated. “You know why they want me in their pictures?”

“No why?” Andre said as sarcastically as he could.

“Tell us Jake, why do they?” Thomas asked.

“Fuck you both alright,” Jake said and chased the two into the water. This gave the three a chance to play in the water and have a little fun while I retreated to our chairs.  The rest of the afternoon was spent taking in the sun or out in the water.  Around four, we called it a day and found a taxi to take us back. 

During the ride, we had some good laughs and generally agreed it was fun but could have been a lot more fun with more young guys.  I told them it was exactly what I expected with there being an older foreign crowd.

The night was so calm after a full day in the sun.  After we ate, the four of us sat on the beach in the darkness and listened to the waves crashing against the shore.  Andre and Thomas were really into each other or so it seemed.  They left first while Jake and I talked about home and the coming events in Jake’s life.

Once in our room, Jake made love to me like he never had before. He showed his gentle loving side with his big hard cock deep in me.  Never once was he rough.  He continued to repeat how much he loved me while deep inside me.  We made sweet love to each other for a solid twenty minutes, a long time in my book and Jake’s as well.  Nearing the climax, I boldly asked for Jake to plant his love seed in me.  He said it would his first time and did so with a loud grunt.  He filled me up before sucking most of it.  Before I could cum, Jake had his ass planted on my cock.  He wanted the same treatment so I obliged.

Wednesday we were awake about at the same time with nothing planned.  We knew it would be our last full day with Andre and Thomas before they left.

“Dad, would you get pissed if…ummm… we got with Andre and Thomas?” Jake asked.

“I don’t guess so,” I replied. “Is this your big plan for their leaving party?”

“Seriously, it is Thomas’s big plan.  He wants me to fuck him and Andre so bad,” Jake stated.

“Huh?” I asked.

“They told me this out in the water yesterday. I only said I would if you were involved.  Now it really wouldn’t be right to go off and fuck em behind your back especially after last night.  Dad, I know the true meaning of making love to someone now,” Jake said.

“Whoa!  Slow down a little bit,” I said trying to digest what he had said.  “Jake, it means the world to me that you wouldn’t sneak behind my back.  However, come Sunday our world really changes.  I’m glad to have taught you the true meaning of making love and show you how great it can be.”

“Dad, you think Mom would...?”

“Jake, I’ve thought of that too,” I said.

“It’d only be for a month,” Jake said.

“Jake, I guess that is between you and Vanessa. Surely she wouldn’t mind a month,” I said.

A big smile came on Jake’s face, “She fucking better not! I’m so ready to be out on my own or at least I thought I was.”

We continued to talk until a knock came at our door.  Jake opened the door with nothing on.  Andre and Thomas entered shaking their heads.

“We came by to see if you guys wanted to take a hike with us today on the North part,” Andre said.

“Sure dudes,” Jake said.

“We’d planned on it earlier but you know things got in the way.  It’s something we really came here for,” Andre said.

“Give us fifteen and we’ll be ready to roll,” Jake said.

I got up and joined Jake in the shower.  Andre and Thomas waited and watched television while we got ready.  We finished in a hurry and were dressed in no time.  We called to get a cab for the journey to where they wanted to hike and explore a little bit of the nature on this island.

After an hour or more ride, we arrived.  I had the smarts to request the cab driver to return in three hours to pick us up.  To show how serious I was, I gave him an advance with hopes of seeing him return.  Jake looked at them and wondered exactly where we were. 

“Ummm… sorry but the internet makes this sound more exciting than it looks,” Thomas said for an apology.

“Don’t worry about it.  Our only worry will be getting a ride back to our resort,” I said. “We’ll make the most of it.”

“Hey, thanks for some positive thinking Mike.  I think it looks like a shithole,” Andre laughed along with the rest of us while we approached the entrance to wake the attendant to pay our small fee.  The young man handed us a cheap looking map with the highlights if you could call them that.

Jake looked at the map, “At least there does seem to be a waterfall at the end of the loop.  Maybe it will be higher than a foot.”

“Sorry guys, we royally fucked this up,” Thomas said.

“Let’s wait til the end and decide then.  Sometimes these places are diamonds… I’m wishful thinking there,” I said.

“Dad, you are,” Jake said. 

Before starting, we pulled off our shirts and threw in a bag that Andre had.  We started laughing again and realized what fools we were to have fallen for this.  Andre continued apologizing once we started.  Once a few yards in, I could see a glimmer of promise with nice natural plants, a few iguanas, colorful birds and trees everywhere you looked.  Having my camera gave me a chance to snap nature pictures along the way until Jake wanted to be in the pictures.  If nothing else, I got pictures of Jake and I together along with more of Andre and Thomas.

We continued walking, observing the unspoiled nature and chatting.  By the map, I knew the falls were around the corner.  Rounding the corner, the majestic falls came into view.  We looked at each other in amazement.

“Maybe this place isn’t all bad,” Andre stated.

“I’d say not,” I commented with the falls getting closer and closer.  They appeared to be around 15 to 20 feet high and around 6 to 8 wide.  I started snapping pictures left and right.

“I know what I’m doing,” Jake said.  He threw off his shorts and walked into the water.  “Hell yea!” he screamed and waved us to join him.

Thomas had his shorts off as did Andre.  I stayed clothed and watched the three have fun under the falls. 

“How’s the water?” I asked.

“Mike, it is perfect, not too hot, not too cold,” Thomas replied.

The temptation was there to join them but I knew as soon as I did we would have visitors.  Instead of going in, the photo opps were great.  I took quite a few pictures of the three under the falls and playing in the water.  I did notice Jake was kissing both Thomas and Andre when things settled down.  Jake exited the water with the two right behind him.

“Dad, do you care if I fuck Andre and Thomas?”

“Please say yes!  It would be so hot!” Thomas said.

“Find somewhere secluded and have at it,” I replied.  All three smiled.  Andre and Thomas dropped to their knees immediately to take Jake’s long cock in their mouths.  This was such a turn-on seeing my son getting serviced the way he was.  More pictures were definitely needed and wanted.

Thomas got up and found his bag.  He came back holding condoms and smiling.  “Never can be too safe,” he said to me.

Jake donned the condom and started fingering Thomas’s ass after they had moved somewhere secluded.  Andre moved to me and jerked down my shorts to start blowing me. 

I watched Jake enter Thomas. 

OOOOO fuck!” Thomas screamed bend over with Jake’s cock up his ass.

“Big motherfucker, huh?” Jake stated.

Fuck yea!  Fuck me Jake!  Fuck my ass!” Thomas screamed with pleasure written all over his face in the wilderness not 20 yards from the falls. 

While watching, I tried to snap a few pictures but Andre, the older of the two brothers, was giving me such pleasure.  I was glad to be alone out here and enjoying this natural park.  Jake picked up his speed and continued to pound Thomas’s ass.  Andre was trying to suck me but became so interested in seeing Jake and Thomas go at it. 

Thomas stood all he could and suggested Andre give Jake’s cock a try.  Andre moved over and took Thomas’s place.  Jake looked at me with a big smile and rammed his cock inside Andre.

“Fuck yea!” Andre screamed.  Jake pulled out and rammed it back in. 

“You said you wanted it fucking hard!” Jake said.

“Feed me that cock!” Andre screamed.

Thomas moved over to me and turned around.  He handed me a condom.  I slipped on the condom and was inside Thomas’s loose ass that Jake had stretched out.  

“Fuck his ass, Dad!” Jake screamed to me.

Thomas and I moved next to Jake and Andre.  I watched Andre and Thomas kiss before feeling Jake’s lips on mine.  Nothing could be hotter than taking these two young guys side-by-side.  All four of us were sweating profusely while fucking in the great outdoors. 

Jake was the first to shot his load.  He pulled out and coated Thomas and Andre.  I was next and shot my load all over Thomas.  The two brothers jacked each other off until they came on Jake’s face. 

We hit the refreshing water to clean off and cool down.  Now the only problem was there were no towels.  We laughed it up and did our best to dry with leaves and our shirts. 

The four of us were half dry when we pulled on our shorts.  I glanced at my watch to see we had twenty minutes to make it to meet the taxi.  It was a fast walk through the back half of the loop.  

Exiting the park, the attendant asked if we enjoyed it.  We said we did and were even happy to see our taxi waiting there.  We jumped in the taxi.

“How was it?” the driver asked with a thick accent.

“Fucking awesome!” Jake said.

“It is a hidden jewel here that no one really knows about.  I see you took a dip at the falls,” the driver said.

“We did and had a blast,” Thomas said.

We were glad to see our resort after the long ride.  We downloaded the pictures for the brothers to start.  Jake and I went back to dress to find something to eat with them.

The meal was first class and a nice way for Andre and Thomas to end their trip here. 

After the meal back at our room, Jake asked, “Dad, is there anyway I could sleep with Thomas tonight?  I don’t think once was enough.”

More like fuck Thomas in his room all night,” I said.

“Well…” Jake smiled. “Since you put that way, yes!  Andre can come over here and take care of you.”

“Jake, you have fun with the two brothers.  I’ll be perfectly fine,” I said.

“Yea, pounding that dick of yours,” Jake joked.

“Maybe,” I smiled.

Jake kissed me and headed over for his night.


One more chapter to go in this story.  Hope you have enjoyed it!!