Posted:   June 4, 2010

Waking up for day 3 of our Caribbean vacation I found Jake sleeping like a log.  My ass was rather sore after the pounding he gave to end our night.  Once he heard our neighbors banging the headboard against the wall, his long eight and halfer sprung back to life.  Damn, he was hard and horny again after I took his ass a short time before.  For an eighteen year old, my son knew the right buttons to push in man-to-man sex.  Now our room reeked of smells of sex and our bed was stained from the two nights of great sex that wasn’t expected.

Seeing Jake naked and sleeping was a beautiful sight.  I was proud to have produced such a stud that was so hot in my eyes and surely in other people’s eyes as well. Temptation was there to hold him and cuddle against him knowing he would be off to college in a month and rarely seen again if he was like most.  Instead, I got up for the bathroom to do my thing.  I dress lightly to find that morning brew to kick-start my Monday.

After finishing my cup while enjoying the view and snapping some scenery pictures, I headed inside to see if Jake was awake.  He was and dressed.  He walked over to me and landed a big kiss on my lips with a little tongue mixed in.

“That was for last night, sexy!” Jake said.

“You don’t know what you’ve done for me, Jake.  I feel so energized and so loved like never before.  Your mom and I never made love so passionately… well not after our honeymoon where you were conceived,” I said.  “Something about giving birth made her lose interest in sex.”

“That’s some shit.  Dad, whatever she lost she’s found again.  You can ask two of my friends,” Jake said. “It’s disgusting!”

“Vanessa let two…”

“No, more like seduced two of my straight friends,” Jake said. “Man, I was so pissed at her and still am.”

“Hmmm... that’s all news to me…”

“Dad, I’m not going to up and tell you Mom fucked two of my friends just like I’m not telling her what we have going here,” Jake stated. “You’re divorced and have me as the only common bond, right?”

“You’re so right there,” I said and shook my head in disbelief over what he was telling me. 

“There may have been more but only two told me.  Now, I only have my gay friends stay the night where I’m the only one having sex,” Jake smiled.

“I see.  So we ready to start the day?” I asked.

“Of course but Dad… can we snap a few more pictures of me?”

“Of course…”

“I want head down the beach to those rocks… you know we see in the distance.  You know get some of me posing against them in this new thong,” Jake said and showed me he was wearing a new yellow thong under his shorts.

“I think we can definitely do that,” I said.

“I love this new thong but not sure if I’m ballsy enough to wear it out here,” Jake said. “I know I have the body for it but it is a bit much.”

“It is plus you said you’d use it in private for tanning,” I stated.

“Tomorrow, I do want try out the nude beach.  Actually I’m stoked about it,” Jake said.

“We can do that.”

“Dad, I have to confess that I was worried I wouldn’t have that much fun here with you.  So far this has been more than the bomb.  Words can’t describe how fucking awesome this has been.  You’re the best!”

“Jake, I did want to make this a trip we’d both remember and cherish for a long time.”

“I know I’ll remember it forever!” Jake said. “Let’s get a move on it so we can get back and use those vouchers.”

We headed down the beach in our flip-flops and shorts.  The rocks didn’t look that far at first but the long walk did give us time to chat about Jake’s college plans and other things in his life.  He was so open to me and told me things I never imagined I’d hear from him. I could see and hear trust coming from him and was pleased. The walk gave me the chance to explain how things came about in my life as far as liking guys. 

Nearing the place where Jake wanted to pose, we stepped around some rocks and came upon two young guys making out.  The one on top had his bikini at his ankles.  They saw us and were startled and shaken.

“Sorry guys, we had no idea…” I said to calm their fears.

“Damn,” one said and pulled up his bikini over his hard cock.

“My son and I will go somewhere else to leave you two alone,” I said.

“Ummm… you look familiar,” one stated. 

“Yeah, you do too,” Jake said, rubbing the stubble on his chin.  “You guys are next to us at the resort back there.”

“That’s where I know them, Andre,” one said. “We saw them last night after our walk smoking cigars.”

“I think you’re right, Thomas,” Andre said.  Both had short blond hair, a little tan with flat stomachs but no ripped 6 pack like Jake with a heavy accent.  Jake and I introduced ourselves to them since they were our neighbors.

“Hope we didn’t keep you up last night,” Jake snickered.  I glared at him.

Both started laughing.  “You can’t be father and son.”

It hit Jake then that he had opened his mouth, “Fuck!”

“Dude, it’s cool.  We’re brothers,” Andre said. “We totally understand.”

We had a seat and listened to each other’s story.  Andre and Thomas were at the island for stress relief after their mom had passed a few months ago in Western Canada, which explained the accent.  They said they had been lovers for two years unbeknownst to anyone else and came to escape.
We all laughed when we heard the other tell about the noises.

“Mr. Mike, is there any way you’d snap a few pictures of Andre and I?  We forgot our camera but did bring our laptop,” Thomas the youngest of the two at 20 asked me.

“How would you…” I started to ask. 

“We’d download on our computer since you’re in the room next to us,” Thomas said.

“Of course,” I said and felt a little stupid.

I grabbed my camera while the two stood arm in arm for a few shots.  I snapped a couple of pictures for them.

“Are you opposed to nude pictures?” Andre asked.

“Oh hell no, dude!  Go for it.  I plan on doing the same,” Jake replied. “I’ll stand guard while Dad gets some of you two hotties.”

Jake moved while Andre and Thomas dropped their bikinis.  They both had nice uncut cocks.  I took one of each before shooting the next few together with the last one being so hot, kissing and groping.

“Thanks Mike,” Thomas said. He yelled out to Jake, “Thanks Jake!  Your turn now!”

“How old is he?” Andre asked me before Jake walked up.

“18,” I said.

“Damn he’s so hot!” Andre said. “I don’t blame you one bit.”

Jake grabbed the camera and shaded the viewer to see the pictures I had taken.  “Wow, these are fucking smoking, guys!” Jake said.

“Aye, they are,” Andre said. “You ready?”

“I was born ready,” Jake said. 

I took the camera with Andre and Thomas right behind me.  Jake posed in the shorts he had on to start.  I snapped some great pictures of him near the water and against the rocks.  Thomas volunteered to snap some of me and Jake.  I agreed and showed him how to work the camera.  Jake and I posed for our first pictures together on our trip.  The last one was of Jake kissing me on the cheek.

I walked back over and inspected.  The photos were great.  Jake looked as well before taking off his short to reveal his very provocative yellow thong.  It wasn’t the string type but had a ‘Y’ shape in the back.

“Holy shit!” one of the two said.

“You like it?” Jake smiled.

“You really look incredible, Jake,” he said.  It was Andre.

I started snapping pictures left and right.  To me, I couldn’t get enough of Jake.  He was so into his posing in many positions and locations in the secluded cove.  He yelled he was getting nude for one to stand watch.  They argued before Thomas went running to stand watch.  Jake dropped his thong while I snapped.

“Motherfucker!” Andre said.  I knew he was talking about Jake’s big cock.

“Big kid, huh?” I smiled.

“I’ll say,” Andre said.

Jake could hear the comments.  It fueled him even more to pose more and more.  I said enough and looked to see Andre’s bikini tented.  Jake pulled on his thong and walked back to us.  He did have to give Andre grief about the erection while Thomas came back to see the pictures.  Jake put back on his shorts with both guys wanting him to leave them off.

We started back to the room to download the photos onto their computer.  Not more than a few hundred feet, Jake asked, “Dad, you care if I lose these shorts?”

“Do whatever makes you feel comfortable,” I replied.

“I don’t know about comfortable but I feel so damn sexy in this thong,” Jake stated and barely missed a step.  Andre and Thomas saw Jake lose his shorts and said Jake looked so good.

Jake did get a few looks from the beach goers when we walked up.  I don’t know what they thought but sure they did have to admire his nice body and boldness.  Once in their room, we downloaded the pictures including the ones I had taken before.  They didn’t want to delete them and wanted to keep them as well.  We all gazed at each shot and commented.

“Jake, you should really consider modeling. The camera loves you,” Andre said.

“Thanks but that doesn’t really interest me right now.  However, I’ll keep it in mind,” Jake said.  I was glad to hear that.

Jake and I headed to our room to grab the vouchers and other things to spend the day on the beach.  Jake threw on some board shorts to wear for his water activities.  We stepped out and saw Andre and Thomas not far ahead.  Jake hollered to grab four chairs so we could sit together.

Once we grabbed some chairs, nice padded ones, we took a seat and stretched out to enjoy the bright sun.  Jake didn’t no more get settled until taking off his board shorts to lie in his thong.  It wasn’t long before Thomas, the youngest, offered to buy drinks.  He and Jake headed out to the beach bar and returned with drinks.  Andre wasn’t happy and was missing his Molson.

“Dad, did you know they can buy at 19 in Canada?” Jake asked me and handed me my fruity drink.

“I think so,” I replied.

“That’s why I don’t go to the States much,” Thomas said. “21 is ridiculous.”

“Maybe, maybe not,” I said.

“It sucks… really fucking sucks.  Makes me want move to Canada,” Jake said, sipping his drink.

“Try Europe,” Andre said. “They don’t give a fuck how old you are.”

“Dad, we should go there sometime,” Jake said.

“By the time we get around to it, you’ll be 21,” I said.

We finished our drinks in short order.  It wasn’t long after that Jake was itching to use the voucher for the jet skis that we saw out on the water.  Andre and Thomas were jealous that we had a free ride but didn’t mind paying.  We locked our stuff in our room before heading off to try them out.  We had a short wait before they were available.  During the wait, we explored the water and cooled off with another drink.

Once we got on the jet skis, I really wish there was some way I could have brought my camera but it was impossible.  I had a great time but not near the time Jake had.  His laughs and screams told me he was really enjoying his time on the skis.  It was hell making him get off.  He loved it so much he was willing to spend his money to do it again.  I told him to wait and we’d do it another day.  Next up, Jake and I parasailed together since it was allowed with Andre and Thomas watching.  It was nice holding Jake while soaring high above the ocean.  The view was beyond spectacular.

After the two water sports, the four of us were aching for food.  The bar had a little food in the form of sandwiches and snacks to tide us over until we could get real food in our system.  After lunch, I headed inside for a little while and ended up dozing off.  Jake woke me later when he came inside.  He laughed at me and said again I was old.  This time I agreed.  Jake seemed not to have missed me much with Andre and Thomas to keep him entertained.  I could see he had gotten a lot of sun on his uncovered ass but not too much.

“Dad, I hope you don’t mind but I invited Andre and Thomas to go with us tomorrow across the island,” Jake said.

“That’s fine Jake,” I replied. “In a small way, I’m glad you found some guys to buddy around with and not expect me to be around you constantly.”

“I was afraid I was wearing your ass out in every sense of the word,” Jake said and approached the bed.  He lie next to me and kissed me.  “You’re all the man I need however.  Dad, I do love you so much.  I realize what a shit I’ve been over the past few years by not coming around as much…”

“I understand, Jake.  You had your friends to hang out with and do stuff with.  I remember those days when the last person I wanted around was my parents.  You’re no different in that respect than any other teen.”

“Oh yea too, Andre and Thomas want us to go out and eat with them in the city about 6 or so.  They’re begging me to go clubbing with them.  I said I would under the condition you go as well,” Jake stated.

“We could do that,” I said and started to laugh. “Boy, you’re experiencing a lot here, huh?”

“More than I ever expected,” Jake smiled. He rolled off the bed.  “Hey Dad, did I get much sun today?”  He pushed down the back of his thong.

“Yes, you did. Tomorrow you might come back with no tan lines,” I replied.

“I can only hope,” Jake said.  He turned around with his thong off.  “Wanna join me in the shower?” he asked with his hand on his hip. 

What could I say?  I jumped off the bed and got undressed walking to him.  We kissed with the water getting hot.  Jake’s hand groped my cock while I did the same to him.  “You’re so hot,” Jake said. “Fuck the others! I got the best man ever right here.”

We entered the shower and soaped each other up to remove the sand and sweat from a day at the beach.  We both got enjoyment out of it with our cocks hard as rocks.  We rinsed off with Jake turning the water off.  He bent over.  “I want that cock!” Jake said.

I moved behind and was inside him.  He groaned a little and turned his head.  “Jake, nothing you do now will ever surprise me again,” I said.  “OOO, your ass feels so good!”

OOO yes Daddy, fuck me!” Jake moaned in ecstasy with me inside his ass.

My hands grabbed his slim hips to brace while I started fucking his hot ass.  He and I were moaning and groaning.  Jake turned his head again for a kiss.  While kissing, my hand slid down his torso to find his cock.  My hand found his cock to pump while I pumped my cock deep in him. 

OOO Jake!” I groaned.

“Dad, keep fucking me!  I fucking love it!”

“Jake!  Jake!” I groaned in heat.  We continued fucking in the smallish shower.  I felt and heard Jake’s intense orgasm.  All this did was cause me to pull out and shot my load in the tub.  Jake turned and kissed me.

“Jake that was your definition of a quickie,” I said.

“Dad, I know all about quickies.  When you’re young, there’s sometimes nothing else especially if you’re really hot for the guy,” Jake said.

We did our thing next to each other with Jake leaving the growth on his chin.  He said it made him look older where I said it made him look hotter.  We dressed after finishing.  Jake put on khaki A&F shorts, a form fitting Hollister tee, his new necklace, flip flops and a few squirts of cologne.  I took a few pictures while we waited on Thomas and Andre to come to head to eat.


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