Posted:  May 30, 2010

The next morning which was a Sunday, I pulled away from my son Jake and headed to use the bathroom.  After finishing and washing my face, I dressed in shorts, a tee and flip flops to see if I could find a cup of coffee to kick start my day.  I did so in the lobby of the resort and headed back to sit outside our door to take in the view of the incoming Caribbean Sea.  It was calming to sit there and gave me time to get all my thoughts together about Jake and mine night of sex.  I knew it was wrong on so many levels but it did feel great.  I was shocked to find out Jake liked guys but should have seen it coming years ago since he rarely dated girls and always had a host of really cute guy friends with his great personality.

After finishing my cup, I headed inside to wake Jake.  He was getting out of bed and stretching his lean hot body with a case of morning wood.  He smiled, gave me a kiss and headed to use the bathroom.  I sat in one of the chairs and waited from him to finish.

He returned and found some loose shorts to throw on.  “Dad, what’s shaking today?”

“First we need to talk…”

“I knew this was coming. Lay it on me…”

“No Jake, this has very little to do with you being gay or me being what I call bi.  This has everything to do with us…”

“It was awesome, huh?” Jake said matter of factly.

“Jake, it was that and all but wasn’t exactly right.”

“What’s not right about it? You love me and I love you.  That’s the key ingredient for great sex in my book,” Jake said.

“Do you feel I in any way took advantage of you?”

“Hell no Dad, I took advantage of you.  I was wondering when I was getting off here on this trip.  That problem is now solved,” Jake smiled.

“Do you think it’s just a little odd to be fucking your dad?”

“A little and it was incest but what was so wrong about it?” Jake asked.

“So you see nothing wrong with it?”

“Nope not one single bit and can’t wait to do it again.  It was a little secret fantasy of mine,” Jake smiled. “I know what people would say, Mom in particular, but damn how can something so wrong be so good?”

Shaking my head, “You do have a point there.  It is wrong in some many ways yet felt so right…”

“Exactly, plus it’s a week for us to bond like you said the night before we left.  I’d say we bonded pretty good,” Jake said.

“Anything you want to do today other than the obvious?” I asked.

Jake laughed, “That and see what’s shaking downtown.  It looked pretty interesting with all kinds of neat shops we passed coming in here.”

“Ummm… okay I guess we’ll head down there and check things out then,” I said.

Jake headed to shower.  I waited until the water was turned off before entering.  Seeing him towel off his great dark body was a treat.  “How long is that thing?”

Jake grabbed his cock, “Hard about 8 and half on a good day like last night.”

“Damn,” I said. “You beat me.”

“How big are you?”

“Maybe seven inches,” I replied.

“It was big enough for me,” Jake said and kissed me on the cheek.  I moved to restart the water. 

“Jake, don’t get dress just yet.  I would love some pictures of you,” I said standing there admiring him doing his thing in front of the mirror.

“Fucking hot, Dad! I’ll pose for sure for you.  The camera loves me,” Jake said.

I shot him a look, “And how exactly would you know?”

“Senior pictures and a few times my buds and I took pictures of each other,” Jake smiled.

“I see,” I said and stepped into the shower.  I did my thing and got out with the bathroom empty.  I opened the door to let out the steam and saw Jake stretched across the bed, all six feet of him with nothing on but a smile.  He looked so hot!  I finished in a hurry before digging out my new camera.  Now I was mad I hadn’t had it out the day before.

“Ready when you are,” Jake said.

“First let’s start with that Speedo and go from there,” I said.

“Can do,” Jake said and grabbed it in a hurry for it was lying on top of his things.  He pulled it up and stood for the first shot.  He moved his hand down and really gave a very provocative shot.  He slid his Speedo down just a little while the camera clicked away.  He spun and around to with his Speedo at his knees exposing one of the hottest ass I’d ever seen.  It looked great with his dark tan lines.  I continued click while Jake moved to the bed that he had tried to make.  My boy turned on the juices and gave the camera every imaginable pose he could muster.  He stroked his big cock with me snapping away.  Once erect, he moved his hand while I took pictures from every angle. 

“Want me to bust a nut?” Jake asked.

“That’s alright, I’ve got plenty of shots,” I said.

“Whether you want me to or not, I need to.  This modeling for you has gotten me so horned up,” Jake said.  He stroked his cock while I watched.  Temptation and lust got the best of me for I had to help him out.  I moved his hand and took over.  I spat on my hand and stroked up and down with love.  “Feels so good,” Jake moaned and leaned back.  I reached over and did take a shot of his face in ecstasy.  I returned to stroking.  His body tensed up after I’d stroked him for a while.  “OOO fuck yea!” he screamed with cum rocketing out of his cock.  The cum landed gracefully on his stomach and chest.  I leaned over and licked over the goodness.  “I needed that,” Jake commented with his cock returning soft.  I leaned up and kissed him.  He pulled me close and drove his tongue in my mouth.

I broke the kiss, “You’re a great kisser.”

“I love kissing hot guys,” Jake said. 

“Okay, you ready to get dressed and explore the city some?” I asked.

“I am now after shooting my load,” Jake said.  He walked back to the bathroom to wash off the stickiness and came back to get dressed.  I was pulling on my shirt while watching him pull up his boxers and shorts.  He grabbed a wrinkled tee that was faded and pulled over his torso with the tee being a perfect fit for his body.

With my camera and wallet in hand, we headed out the door to the lobby to call a taxi.  While waiting, we scrolled through the shots. 

“Dad, these are great,” Jake stated.

“The model is the key,” I said.

“No, the photographer is.  My others look like crap up against these,” Jake said.

“Maybe my small investment will pay off,” I said.  We continued looking and pointing out our favorites.  Mine were of his ass and in his Speedo.  Jake liked the nudes both erect and limp. 

The taxi arrived at the front.  The ride was short with the driver being silent the entire time.  He dropped us off in the center of the main city.  I was barely finished paying the driver when Jake was heading off in the direction of a restaurant.  I was hungry as well and didn’t mind the stop to start our day.   Next, Jake wanted to explore the little shops that lined the streets.  In the process, all I became was a cash machine for his purchases of a necklace, shorts and souvenirs while I grabbed some needed things as well.  The last shop was a beach shop that had Jake’s eye.  He snagged a few more items and posed for pictures in the process.

We headed out and walked to grab something to drink.  We shared a local beer that I liked but wasn’t Jake’s type.  I spotted a casino that looked nice and asked Jake his thoughts on going or would he rather spend the rest of the day at the beach.  He was for the casino since he had never been.  It looked like any other I had been in the States once inside.  I sat at a slot machine and dumped a twenty in.  Jake’s hand was stretched out for his try.  My twenty was gone before I knew it.  I was left to sit and watch.  Jake hit the buttons and wasn’t paying attention since he was asked what he wanted to drink.  The machine sounded off with Jake not knowing what to do.  It wasn’t that big of a jackpot, $400 to be exact.  Jake looked at the machine and didn’t know what to think.

“You hit something,” I stated.

“Okay, now what?” Jake asked.  He wasn’t thrilled like I expected.

“Ummm… cash out if you’re finished and go get your money,” I said.

“Sixteen dollars ain’t much,” Jake said.

“No Jake, it’s sixteen hundred quarters,” I said.

I could see Jake doing the math in his head.  “Holy shit!  That’s four hundred Benjamins!” he shouted.  I suppose the bells and whistles in his head went off.  “Party! Party!”

I laughed.  Now he cashed out the machine and grabbed the ticket in his hand.  The waitress returned with his beer and mine as well.  We clanged the bottles together.  Jake walked as fast as I had seen and returned with three big bills and the rest twenties.  I snatched one twenty as repayment.

“Dad, it’s all yours,” Jake held out the cash.

“No son, you won it.  You can now splurge a little and stop asking me every time I turn around for money.  That’ll be your spending money,” I said and felt like a winner as well.

I wandered around and sat at a blackjack table with Jake watching with a tight grip on his money.  I was able to give him a few tips and didn’t mind him watching and learning.  I was up fifty when Jake grabbed a seat and threw down a hundred on the table.

“I’m only going to lose thirty, so don’t you worry,” Jake said quietly to me and ordered another beer.

“Okay,” I said. “It’s your money.  Do whatever you want.”

The first hand out Jake got a ten/Ace.  He was on a lucky streak.  By the time we left the table, Jake had another one and twenty extra while I had raked in two hundred in the hour and half we sat playing and having a great time.

We both decided to take our winnings and head back to our resort to celebrate.  We walked around as the sun was setting to find a cigar shop for the perfect ending.  I grabbed a few that seemed really nice while Jake stood and watched, holding all our bags.  With all of our things, we found a taxi to take us back to our resort.

Back at the room, Jake emptied his pockets to count his winnings.  He was so elated to have the extra money and did like the idea of having his own spending money.  The money did come with a warning to spend it wisely, which meant don’t blow it stupid shit.

While Jake was counting his winnings, I did stumble across an envelope at our bedside.  I opened it to see vouchers for jet skis and parasailing as our compensation for mixing up our room.  This further excited Jake and sealed what the plans were the next day.

“Jake, one day, we could head to the other side of the island to a few beaches over there to see what those are like,” I said.

“Sounds good to me,” Jake stated.

“Jake,” I smiled. “They are nude beaches.”

Jake shrugged, “Great.  I can see what that’s like. You know I really enjoyed the casino there today, especially with you with me.”

“Jake, it was great.  So the nude beach is okay with you?”

“Why not?” Jake laughed and grabbed his crotch. “If I had a small dick, then I might have a problem.  Dad, I’m used to others seeing me naked… Remember from swimming all during high school and soccer a few years?”

“Okay then we’ll head across one day and check that out,” I said. 

“I’m about ready to head out smoke these bad boys,” Jake said, digging for the cigars.

We headed out the door to find some chairs.  I did the honors and prepared the first one for Jake.  I got it lit and handed it to him.  He coughed a little on the first inhale before getting the hang of it.  We sat smoking cigars and listening to the waves against the beach with little moonlight coming from above.  Our only interruption was two young guys who were close to Jake’s age walking by and holding hands.  I had to laugh while Jake followed them.

“They’re in the room next to us,” Jake stated.

“Okay then,” I said.

“You think they heard us last night?”

“I don’t know or care for that matter.  We might hear them tonight,” I replied.

We sat a little longer to enjoy the nice weather and the calmness offered by the ocean.  Jake grabbed my hand as we headed inside for the night.  He shut the door and threw off his shorts before taking mine down. 

“I want a repeat of last night, you stud,” Jake said.  “Except I want you to fuck me tonight.”

I smiled and kissed me.  Together we went for the bed with Jake ending up on top of me.  Now we were naked and grinding our cocks together while kissing.  I found my son to be the passionate type and one great kisser.  He inched his way down my hairy chest until reaching my cock.  He licked and kissed all around before taking it in his mouth.  He looked up at me with his big brown eyes with my cock in his mouth.

“Jake, you’re the best,” I commented with him sucking me. 

Jake continued sucking and finally said, “Experience,” he smiled and licked my cock. 

I could sense that I wasn’t his first or second, nowhere near either one.  I didn’t mind either that my son was gay and very sexual at this point with lust filling every inch of my body.  He had my cock dripping and worked back up.  He straddled my face and had his big cock at my lips.  All I had to do was open up and devour it.  I did so and loved tasting it.  He grabbed my short brown hair and face fucked his cock down my throat. 

“MMM fuck yea, Dad. Suck my dick!” Jake screamed.  I didn’t have a choice since he was ramming it down my throat.  I continued to allow him to do what he pleased.  He slowed and allowed me to suck his cock with love.  I did so and got a taste of his precum in the process.  He moved back down and kissed me while on top of me.  “Dad, I love you so much.”

“Jake, I love you and always have,” I stated and stuck a finger up his ass.  He groaned with my movement.  He had me stop and moved his ass in my face.  It was simply one hot ass that was inches from my ass.  I stuck out my tongue and began rimming it like I never had before.  Ass licking wasn’t my favorite but I didn’t mind doing it for Jake.  He got off me, found some lube we had bought earlier, opened the bottle and returned.

“I riding this fucker,” Jake said and lubed us both up.  He turned to face me while lowering his ass with his hand on my slippery cock.  I felt his hole on my head.  His ass opened up and slid right down on me.  “MMMM fuck!” Jake screamed.  He went slow and bottomed out.  There again, this wasn’t his first time to get fucked.  He waited a moment and leaned to kiss me.

“Jake, you feel so good,” I said.

“Dad, your cock is so hot in me,” Jake said and kissed me again. He broke the kiss to start riding my cock.  I watched him move up and down.  I reached up to play with his nipples while he rode me.  He began moaning and breathing hard.  He upped the pace.  “Fuck yeah!  Feel my ass?”

“OOO fuck do I ever.  Ride that cock!” I said.

“I fucking will,” Jake said.  He rode me like no other.  His ass felt incredible around my cock.  He squeezed his ass and sent me into another world.  He slowed down and let me take over.  “MMMM fuck yeah!” Jake screamed.

I rose from the bed and together we changed to have Jake on his back.  His nice legs were perched on my shoulders while I made love to him.  I leaned forward and kissed him.  We were breathing hard, moaning loudly and shaking the bed with our action.  I pulled up and took his cock in my hand.  I stroked his cock while getting in rhythm fucking him again.  The look on his face told me that he loved every second of this. 

“Fuck me harder!  Make me cum!” Jake shouted.  I did.  “OOO yes Daddy fuck me!  Fuck me!  Feels so good… oooo yes, keep fucking my ass…” Cum erupted from his cock.  Beautiful shot after shot landed so gracefully on his great body. 

Seeing this was all it took from me.  I pulled out.  Jake moved around and wanted me to give him a facial.  A few tugs later he was getting wanted he wanted.  Cum hit his lips, chin and cheek.  I finished and collapsed next to him with my cum all over his face.

“Fucking killer!” Jake said.

“Goddamn Jake, you’re the best,” I said in my bliss with my arm across him.

“No Dad, you are.  For something so wrong, it is so fucking great!”

“I agree.  We do out of love and lust.”

“I know,” Jake smiled.  We cleaned him up with both of us a little sweaty from the hot fuck.  We showered together to continue our romance.  We dried each other off, my treat more than his. 

Once back in bed, we lay so close with me holding Jake.  While holding each other, we began to hear the two guys next door making the head board hit the wall. 

“Bet they are fucking just like we were,” Jake said.

“No shit,” I joked. “Bet they aren’t near as good as us.”

“Fuck no!” Jake said with the sound getting louder. “Damn, they’re really getting after it in there.  Making my ass horny again. Who want a second round or was once enough for your old ass?”

I smiled at him, “I know you can get that big fucker up in no time…”

“Right on.”

“Give me a few minutes,” I said and ran my hand down his smooth dark body.

“Dad, you’re the best man I’ve ever had.  No other guys take the time like you have…”

“I am slightly older and more experienced…”

“With women than men, huh?”

“Yes Jake but I think I’m starting to enjoy a man’s body much more, especially one like yours.”


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