Posted:   May 27, 2010
Warning:   A story of incest!

As the day approached, I was actually getting excited about the trip I had planned with my 18 year old son Jake before he went off to college.  The trip was my idea since he lived with his mother a majority of the time and would be a nice little bonding experience for the two of us.  I gave him about any pick and wasn’t surprised when he chose a beach since he was a water lover but was shocked at his choice.

The plane ride down was brutal for me whereas Jake slept with his ear plugs in the entire trip as we traveled in mid July.  I envied his ability to sleep while I was wide awake.  He woke while we approached the island of his choosing.  He perked up and showed some excitement while looking out the window.

After landing, we grabbed our bags and headed to find transportation to our resort.  The cabbie was friendly and gave us the general run of the island before dropping us off at the front door of the resort.  Getting out of the cab I was glad to see it was exactly as pictured on the internet if not better.  Inside, the lobby was shining, sunny and a perfect Caribbean beginning.   I checked in at the front desk to find a mistake had been made in our reservations; we were assigned a king room instead of the two queen beds.   I calmly produced the reservation slip from my suitcase but there was little they could do at that point but did offer a few nice extras to ease my troubles.

We were shown to our room which thankfully was on the beachside.  Not on the beachside would have really pissed me off something terrible.  We pushed our bags to the corner with Jake eyeing the white sand beach just outside our door.

“What do you think?” I asked him.

“I think I did a good job of picking,” he answered.

“I think you did one hell of a job, my boy,” I smiled.

“Dad… ummm… what’s the rule concerning my drinking here?” Jake asked and seemed nervous about asking it.

“You can but whatever do don’t tell Vanessa (his mom and my ex) or get too drunk, alright?”

Jake gave me that big white smile that I had paid for with years of braces, “Sounds good to me.  I’m ready to hit the beach.”

“So am I,” I said.

Both of us got in our bags.  Jake stood there, looking at his bag, “Dad, do you think a Speedo is too much today?”

“Wear what you want.  No one here knows us,” I said. “I will say one thing, I definitely am not.”

“Thank God!” Jake snickered.

“I could but…”

“Dad, please!  No old guy should wear one of those,” Jake smiled and held up his nice Speedo.

I approached him with a smile on my face.  “Who are you calling old?” I asked and started to wrestle with him.  He loved wrestling when he was little.  I took it easy on him until finally getting him in my famous hold.

“Fuck! That hurts!” Jake screamed with me holding back his arms.

“That’s what you get for calling me old, bitch!” I laughed and pushed him away.

Jake rubbed his shoulders and arms.  He continued doing so for a few minutes. “That didn’t hurt,” Jake laughed and ran to the bathroom to get away from me.

“Jake, the game is over.  I was having a little fun,” I said to him in the bathroom.

He appeared after a delay.  “I had to take a piss anyway.  Dad, you’re cool that I dropped the f-bomb earlier?”

“What can I say?  Go wash out that dirty mouth?  Jake, I said it when I was your age and suspect you know that word and plenty more,” I said.

“Cool then, fuck it is,” Jake smiled.

“Alright, you’re not here with your little buddies.  Let’s get dressed and get the fuck out of here,” I joked with him.

Jake laughed and grabbed his blue Speedo.  He didn’t hesitate one second and started undressing in front of me. I assumed he was used to dressing and undressing from his sports days.  Jake pulled his tee over his shaggy brown hair.   I’d seen his nice body countless times and still marveled my son could look so fit with one hell of a six pack and one great V-shape with a dusting of hair down from his navel.  He dropped his shorts and boxers like I wasn’t even there while I proceeded to undress as well.  I did glance and see he did have one impressive cock hanging between his legs.

“Jake, you shave down there?” I asked.

“I do.  I did it for swimming and love the feel,” Jake said and pulled up his Speedo.

I dropped my shorts and displayed my cock.  “You can see I don’t.”

“I can tell,” Jake said and was looking me over. “Dad, for a 43 year old man, you’re in good shape.”

“Thank you Jake,” I said.   I pulled on my shorts before grabbing what I thought we needed for the beach.   It was just after 3, so I didn’t expect we’d stay that long.  We found two chairs with ease and threw down our things.   I looked across the amazing blue waters and loved the setting Jake and I had chosen.  Jake had a seat and sprawled out without using sunscreen since he was already so dark as was I.  We lay there with little said and taking it all in.

“Jake, go grab us something to drink,” I suggested.

“Okay,” Jake said. “What do ya want?”

“Oh pick something fruity and tropical for the setting here.”

“I’ll try.”

“Grab one for you too and give it a try,” I said and saw Jake smile again.   I grabbed some cash from my wallet and handed it to him.   He walked away and soon returned with two great looking drinks. 

“Dad, they’re great.  I had em put extra rum in em too,” Jake said.  “That was so cool to walk up, order and not be asked for ID.  My friends would die.”

“So would your mom,” I said and took the drink from his hand.  He was right for it was great and really hit the spot.  “Feel like a man, now?”

“Ummm… a little,” Jake said and took a sip.  Before I knew it, Jake had downed his drink and heading off to enjoy the water.   He returned about as quickly as he left.   “Dad, come with me.  It’s boring without someone else.”

“Alright,” I said and hoped our things would be okay.   I headed out with him to the warm water and enjoyed seeing all the fish swimming.

“Dad, this is killer!” Jake said and was excited to see the fish.

“It is,” I said and tried to match his excitement.  

Jake dove under the water and did his best to catch one of the small fish by hand.  He came up spitting and rubbing his eyes.  “Remind me next time this is salt water.”

We stayed on the beach until almost five.  By then, our motors were running a little low with the travel, time in the water and under the sun.   Once back, we showered and changed to find something to eat locally. 

Back from eating and having a drink, we piled into the king size in our underwear, me in briefs and Jake in boxer briefs.  We agreed we would have no problem if we stayed on our sides.  We lay there and watched the television but talked about the day and plans for the week.  Jake did have one problem in that he was lost without his phone and the constant messaging.  I told him that was part of the appeal and got me away from mine as well.

Before I knew it, Jake was on his side sound asleep.  I stared at my boy in admiration and enjoyed watching him sleep.  I harkened back to the days when it was all my ex and I could do to make him sleep in his own bed.  He now was grown which was so hard to believe that 18 years had passed since the proudest day of life.

I reached over and turned off the light and television.  I rolled to my side and would attempt to get some sleep.  It was one of those nights when you’re so tired but can’t sleep.  I lay there for a good twenty minutes until I felt an arm come across my chest.  I didn’t move and tried to sleep.  Jake’s hand started moving down slowly.  He pushed his hand down my briefs and grabbed my cock.  I froze and didn’t know what to do.  I moved a tiny bit and turned my head.

“Fucking shit, you’re awake!” Jake screamed.


“I’m sorry.  I don’t…”

“It’s okay Jake,” I said and could see he was about to get crazy.  I turned on the light.  Jake buried his face in his pillow before running to the bathroom.

Now I waited and knew it was time for the moment of truth between the two of us.  I too liked guys and had since about 6 years ago.  I headed to the bathroom door and could hear Jake weeping quietly.  I tried to enter but the door was locked.  “Jake, please come out.”

“I’ve ruined this trip for both of us.  How stupid am I?” Jake said behind the door.

“Jake, I promise you haven’t ruined a thing.”

“Yes I have.”  The door slowly opened with Jake turning away from me and shaking. “Dad, I royally fucked up.”

“No you didn’t…”

“Yes I did.”

“Son, no matter what I love you more than anything in this world,” I said.  I approached him and put out my arms.  “You’re not the only one here that likes guys.”

Jake’s jaw nearly hit the floor.  He leaned over and gave me a big kiss on the lips.  I couldn’t stand the temptation and reached to massage his cock under his briefs.  Jake didn’t massage my cock like I did him instead he pushed down my briefs.  Within a mere second he was down on his knees attending to my cock.  I stayed quiet and let him do his thing.  His thing was to lick my cock up and down before sucking each of my hairy balls. 

“Is this okay, Dad?” Jake asked.

“I’d said something if it wasn’t,” I replied.  Jake licked my big head before taking my cock a little in his mouth while one hand stroked me.  “Not your first go at this…”

“Oh no,” Jake said taking his mouth off to give a reply.  He moved me to the edge of the bed and continued to suck and jack me with my cock now rock solid hard.  I began having mixed emotions about this but weren’t going to stop him.  He rose from his knees and kissed me. “My turn?” he asked.

“Sure,” I replied and jerked down his tented boxer briefs.  I kissed his nice abs before kissing his hips, cock and each ball.  I looked up at him and opened my mouth.  His cock slipped between my lips.  I was in another world sucking his long cock that I had made.  I grabbed his ass and pulled him deeper.

“OOO fuck,” Jake moaned.  He grabbed my head and started gently face fucking me.  I took it and was in cock sucking heaven with drops of precum entering my throat. 

I pulled off and looked at him with so much lust, “You ready to fuck me?”  The words were out of my mouth before I knew what I had said.

“Oh yes I am,” Jake replied affirmatively. “I want that hairy ass.”

I got up on the edge of the bed and presented my ass.  The next thing I feel is his wet tongue licking and rimming me.  Now the lust for him was so incredible.  I needed him. 

Without lube or condoms, Jake spit on his cock and put at my hole.  I pushed back to feel it penetrate me.  I moaned in pain, which was normal for me. 

“I’ll go easy on you, Dad.”

“Jake, please do.  You’re really big,” I stated.

The friction of his bare cock was painful still as he continued to go as deep as any person had been.  His hands grabbed my hips and started bucking slowly.

“OOO Jake,” I moaned with the pain about gone.

“Dad, your ass is so fucking hot and so tight,” Jake said.  He continued to pump in and out of me with both of our breathing increasing.  He leaned forward and kissed my back before leaning up to slap my ass.  The sound rang the walls as did the sound of our skin coming together. 

Jake pulled out slowly and flipped me to my stomach.  Now I could watch him perform.  He reentered me slowly with my ankles on his tan shoulders.  It was rather surreal seeing Jake fucking me.  I never imagined this would happen but at the moment I was receiving great pleasure.  

“OOO fuck me,” I groaned.

“You like my big fucking dick?”

“Love that big fucking dick…” I replied. He slammed it in me. “OOO yes… pound my ass, Jake!” Again he slammed. “OOO baby fuck me! Fuck your daddy’s ass! Fuck yeah Jake, keep fucking me!  Give me that big cock!”

I think the barrage of dirty talk did him in for he had to pull out and spill his load on my hairy flat stomach.  It was incredible to see my boy unloading and watching his every muscle in his lean swimmer’s body contract.  He did groan and scream “Ooo fuck!” during the onslaught of cum. 

Once he finished, he moved to my side and jacked me off.  I got close in a hurry and spurted shot after shot in the air.  Jake leaned over and licked off his cum as well as mine along with giving me a taste as well.

We crawled into bed and held each other tightly to digest what had occurred. 

“Dad, I really loved it,” Jake said.

“I did too, Jake.  You’re one hot fuck!” I said.

“You are too, Dad.  The best piece of... well the tightest… fuck, you have a great ass,” Jake said.

We kissed with Jake using his tongue more than ever.  I did delight in running my hands all over his soft smooth body. 

“Jake, you know everything in our world has changed,” I said with my hand on his abs.

“For better or worse?”

“Good question,” I replied. “It’s changed. If nothing else, I feel so close to you.”

“No shit, I just fucked you,” Jake laughed. “Now I’m ready to get some sleep.”

I was as well.  Jake rolled on his side and I got right up behind him.  He turned his head, smiled and kissed me.  I held my boy close to me and loved the feeling of falling asleep with Jake in my arms.


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