Posted:   August 12, 2009... the conclusion of this story

The two friends sat on the couch after smoking a bowl to start their morning after graduating from high school the night before.   Tim looked at his friend Cade and smiled, “Do you believe this is happening?”

“I’m still a little shocked but dude sleeping with your naked body was so dope,” Cade stated and pushed back his bangs. “You know I never once slept with Bethany for an entire night or any girl for that matter.  It definitely wasn’t us sleeping over at each other’s house.”

“I know.  You don’t know how many times I wanted to cop a feel of your dick when we slept together.  I was just so afraid,” Tim stated.  “Now it feels so right.”  He grabbed Cade’s cock with his hand.

“OOO Tim!” Cade groaned feeling Tim’s hand sliding up and down his cock and bringing it to its full 7 inches.

“I want suck you so badly right now I can hardly stand it,” Tim said looking at Cade.

“I damn sure won’t stop you from doing it.”

“Now that part makes me nervous and scared,” Tim stated.

“You really can’t do anything wrong unless you bite me,” Cade said with a kiss.

“Okay, I’ll try it,” Tim said.  He leaned over in Cade’s lap.  He stared at Cade’s cock and knew he wanted to do this.  He stuck out his tongue and tasted Cade’s cock.  After the initial taste was over, he did his best to relax and enjoy his first attempt at giving a blow job to a guy.  He opened his mouth and felt Cade’s cockhead on his tongue.  He covered his teeth and sucked on the head with his tongue swirling a little.  Cade loved the feeling and was feeling great between the weed and Tim’s mouth. 

“How is it?” Cade asked.

Tim stopped and looked at him, “Not bad at all.”  Tim put the cock back in his mouth and continued to suck and lick his friend.  His head was swimming with different thoughts but his intention was to please his friend and to experience something he had dreamed about for a little while.  He felt Cade pull him off after a few intense minutes and greet him with a kiss.

“My turn now,” Cade smiled.  He mimicked his friend and started out licking Tim’s cock.  He knew there wasn’t much taste.  He kissed and sucked Tim’s nuts before licking up the shaft.

“Fuck that feels so damn good, dude!” Tim screamed.

“I know,” Cade smiled and opened his mouth.  He felt Tim’s cock slip between his lips.  He realized he was actually going to do this.  He felt Tim’s hand running through his thick brown hair while he could hear his sucking making great sound.  He was so into this and worked his friend’s throbbing thick cock.  He kept sucking and licking Tim with precum oozing out the head.  He tasted the salty mix and continued sucking.  He soon felt Tim’s hand at his head along with Tim’s swelling meat in his mouth.  He quickly pulled away from Cade’s mouth.

“OOOO shit!” Tim groaned with white milky cum shooting from his cock.  Shot after shot pumped out of his cock without much effort.  The sight of seeing Tim cum and the tightening of his nice abs had Cade on edge.

Cade was sitting up and within a few long strokes felt his cock explode.  He sat there mesmerized seeing his cock again shoot shot after shot.  He felt his cock go limp and shortly Tim’s lips. 

“Cade, I’ve never felt so at ease having sex with anyone.  That was just so natural and very easy with you just liked I hoped it would be,” Tim stated, glowing.

“I know.  It may sound odd to others but I loved sucking your dick,” Cade stated.

“Fuck did I ever love sucking you.  I know we will get better with time,” Tim stated.

“Better maybe.  More meaningful.  I doubt it,” Cade said.

The two sat on the couch with the cum drying on their 18 year old bodies.  Tim grabbed Cade by the hand and led him to the shower to get their day at the condo by the lake started off right. 

“Now I have showered with girls,” Cade smiled before entering the tub/shower.

“I haven’t but plenty of guys,” Tim stated.

“You said you’ve never done anything with guys before,” Cade said with the water getting warm.

“In soccer, I showered with guys all the damn time,” Tim stated.

Cade laughed, “I thought you meant…”

“No way.  I’m not a total dumbass,” Tim said.

The two showered together and frequently kissed under the flowing water.  They cleansed each other’s body with Cade really enjoying scrubbing all parts of Tim’s athletically fit body. 

The two left the condo to head to a man-made beach a few miles away from the condo.  Both called their parents to tell them they were okay so they wouldn’t worry.  They pulled in the lot and could see the beach was fairly crowded.  They headed out and found a spot to take in the sun and with a view of the activities in and around the popular lake. They did their best to act normal and be there as just friends.

Once settled, both quickly took off their shirts to get some sun on their bodies.  Cade smiled seeing Tim in his nice Hurley board shorts that really looked great on Tim.  Cade wore his Quiksilver shorts along with his Oakley glasses.  They discretely put sunscreen on each other and didn’t want to be seen.

After taking in the sun for a good while, Tim wanted to hit the water to cool off and to swim around in the lake.  Cade agreed and was right behind him to the designated swimming area.  The two weren’t alone and had lots of people in various ages and sizes. 

Leaving the water, Tim looked across the water, “Dude we have to rent a Jet-ski for sure.”

Cade smiled and wanted to try as well, “I know. They look so fun!”

They returned to their spot on the sandy beach and headed down the shoreline to rent a Jet-ski.  Cade agreed to ride along since he had never driven one and was a little apprehensive about going it alone. 

They waited in the sun until their time came.  They were given life jackets and quick instructions for safety measures.  Tim jumped on board and felt Cade wrap his arms around his waist.

“I really like this,” Tim turned. “Now hold on!”  Tim revved the engine and sped off across the lake water with Cade holding on for dear life.  Cade was now glad for Tim’s short blond hair and not much blowing in his face while the two sped across the water.

The ride was 30 minutes and went by in a flash for the two with Cade really hanging on tight at first and relaxing as he adjusted to the ride. By the end, both were laughing and having the great time out on the lake.  After the two departed the Jet-skis, they went back to relax and enjoy the day until Tim itched to join a volleyball game with some other guys.  Cade sat this one out but enjoyed seeing the guys play.

The day was long and hot but fun for the two high school grads and best friends, now becoming more.  They left the beach late in the afternoon with neither one burned thanks to the sunscreen.  With their stomachs aching for food, the next stop was at a nearby Mexican food place just off the water.  The food filled their hunger and left the two satisfied.

Tim got in the car and was ready to head back to the condo.

“Tim, do you have any condoms?” Cade asked once back in the car.

“I love your thinking. We do need some,” Tim smiled and drove straight to the nearest store.  Tim boldly walked and came back with a dozen Trojans for them along with a bottle of lube.

Cade looked in the bag and smiled, “Were you embarrassed buying these?”

“Not really since I acted all calm and shit.  The guy checking me out just smiled and rang up my purchase,” Tim stated and drove down the road.

The two made it back to the condo and walked briskly inside.  No more in the door, Tim grabbed Cade and gave him one tongue filled kiss.

“Cade, let’s get fucking stoned out of our minds and just fuck all night long.  I want you to fuck my ass good and hard with your big cock,” Tim said fast. “I’ve waited all day to have get your ass back here.  I had to endure seeing you all day and know you were mine.”

Cade found his pipe and bag.  He stuffed the pipe full and lit it to take the first hit.  He passed it to Tim and watched him suck down the potent smoke.  They passed the pipe around and started feeling the effects of the weed in their bodies.  Both giggled and went straight to the bedroom.  Tim stopped and had Cade out of his shorts and shirt in record time.  Cade wanted to strip Tim but Tim was practically naked before he could move to do so.  They fell on the bed with the bag in Tim’s hand.

“Get hard and fuck me!” Tim said.

“I want to but it isn’t going to be that easy,” Cade said.

“Who gives a fuck if it hurts?  I’m so fucking high right now and have always wanted to fuck with my ass so goddamn stoned!” Tim stated.

Cade and Tim made out like crazy under the influence.  Tim kept his hand on Cade’s nice cut cock and wanted him to get hard.  He did everything he knew and felt Cade’s cock get rock hard.  Tim stopped the kissing and ripped open the condoms in a fury.  He tore open the wrapper and slid it on Cade’s cock.  Cade grabbed the lube and coated the condom.

“I’m ready to take your dick!” Tim stated on his knees with his ass perched high.

“I guess it’s like fucking pussy now,” Cade said and put his cock at Tim’s hole.  He poked and felt nothing but resistance.  He poured more lube on both of them and tried again.  He felt his cock slowly deflating and had to jack it back to its full 7 inches.  He stuck his cock back at the entrance and felt it enter Tim.

“OOOO Fuck!” Tim screamed. “Damn you’re fucking big!”

“This feels great,” Cade said. “Tim, try to relax.  Your ass is so tight!”

Tim exhaled and felt more of Cade inside him.  He clutched the bedspread with his eyes closed.  “Whew! This shit fucking hurts!”

“I told you it wasn’t easy,” Cade stated and saw his cock going deeper and deeper.

“I know just fuck me but take it easy on me!” Tim eked out in pain.

Cade let his natural instincts kick in and moved slowly inside Tim.  He could hear the muffled whimpers and grunts.  He leaned up and lay across Tim’s back while feeding him his cock.  “Feel any better?” Cade asked.

Tim jerked his head around, “A little bit but not too hard just yet.  This is my first time to do this!”

Cade wrapped his arms around Tim’s chest.  The bed gently rocked while the two friends engaged in intercourse.  Cade went slowly and could feel Tim’s ass practically sucked around his hard cock.  “MMMM Tim!” Cade moaned and kissed Tim’s ears.

OOO Cade!” Tim moaned and was starting to adjust to the realization he was getting fucked.  Deep down this was his fantasy which was now being fulfilled by the person he wanted to be his first.  He turned his head and waited for Cade’s lips to touch his.  Cade leaned up and kissed Tim.

Babe, you feel so good and tight,” Cade said softly while fucking Tim’s ass at a steady pace.

“Words can’t describe how great this is,” Tim stated and reached down to feel his cock hard as a rock with Cade’s bumping his prostrate.  “Let’s flip over and fuck!”

Cade slowly pulled out and waited for Tim to reposition.  He looked down and put his cock back in his friend.  He saw Tim’s legs high in the air and rested them on his shoulders.  “Tim, this is un-fucking-real.”

I know,” Tim said.  He waited for Cade to get deep inside him.  He let out a deep groan.  Cade slowly fucked him and loved seeing the expressions on Tim’s face.  Tim pulled him down and kissed him. 

The two continued at a steady pace until Cade had to quickly pull out and blast his load across Tim’s nuts and cock.  Tim wasn’t far behind him and exploded across his stomach. 

“Damn we did it,” Tim said.

“Yeah we did.  It was so right!”

“I know! Man, I really love you, Cade,” Tim stated.

“Tim, I love you and always have,” Cade smiled.

The two lay on top of the bed in their bliss.  They petted each other’s sun drenched faces and chests.  They kissed often and passionately until they needed to shower to rinse off the dried cum and sunscreen from their bodies. 
They both decided to enjoy the freedom and stay naked for the rest of the night.  They had a hard time keeping their hands off each other with this budding romance.

“Tim, you really do have a kick ass body,” Cade stated with Tim pressed up against him on the couch.

“I did work out so I would look good this summer.  I really wanted us to get together all year long but now it is the perfect time we can do this without a lot of problems or hassles,” Tim said.

“If this leaks out, what will we do?”

“Leak out?  I’m not saying shit!” Tim said.

“Me either!” Cade stated.

“I never imagined this could be so damn exciting,” Tim looked at Cade. “I knew one of us if not both would be freaked out over this if things went like I had planned.”

“It’s all new to us.  You think we can make it last?” Cade asked.

“I have no idea but this is a great start,” Tim stated. “You know I loved having sex with you.  I was worried it would be so weird and feel really awkward but it really seemed pretty natural.”

“I know.  Since we both wanted it so bad, it was great and guess meant to be.  It wasn’t perfect but I can’t complain one bit.”

“Me either.  Cade, did you ever think I would lust over you and want to really be your boyfriend?”

Cade laughed, “It was me doing the lusting.  I had no idea you felt the same way.  It’s nice hearing the word boyfriend.”

Before they went to sleep, Cade was back inside Tim again.  It was the same excitement and joy like the time earlier.  They did engage in more foreplay before Cade let Tim ride him.  After the climax, both were tired yet extremely satisfied sexually.

The next day Sunday, they headed back to the beach to catch more rays and swim a little more.  When they returned to the condo, both were sad at leaving the place that would hold a special place for them.   They cleaned the condo spotless and destroyed any evidence of weed or sex.

Back on the road, reality was starting to sink in.  “Now what?” Tim asked.

“Dude, I don’t have a clue,” Cade replied. “It’s back to the real world after the best weekend of my damn life.”

“That shit’s so true.  I’m so ready to room with you for college now.  Aren’t you glad you decided to room with me after all?”

“I am but that worries me just a little.  Tim, I love you but I don’t want to be gay so to speak.”

“I know what you mean.  We’ll definitely have to keep this on the down low all summer.  It’ll be so hard but we’ll make it one way or the other.”

“All I know is there’s no way I’m coming out to anyone right now, especially my parents,” Cade stated.

“Me either dude.  That would kill me and them plus we could never spend the night together ever this entire summer.  Knowing my dad he would bar me from going with you to college,” Tim said.

“Sleepovers will have whole new meaning for us,” Cade smiled.

“Boy will it ever,” Tim stated.


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