Posted:  Dec 28, 2014

I found Corey with tears streaming down his face.  I grabbed him in the middle of our kitchen for a hug after we’d seen the face of the man that was very possibly Corey’s biological dad. 

“It’s okay,” I said and heard Kris coming inside.

“I know it is.  I didn’t want VJ seeing me cry.  Matt, I’m almost certain that man’s my dad,” Corey said.

“Merry Christmas, bros!” Kris said with his bag in his hand. The closer Kris got, the more the expression on his face changed. “What the hell did I just walk into?”

“We’ll explain but you can put your bag in your room,” I said with a smile.

“It can wait.  I can tell something going on,” Kris said dressed in his tee and jeans.

“Kris, after all these years, I may finally know who my real dad is,” Corey said. “May is the key word here.”

“Bro, I think that’s fucking tight!” Kris said, dropped his bag and gave Corey a big hug with VJ looking on.

“Kris didn’t recognize me at first,” VJ said to me.

Kris released Corey.  “I was like who is this dude at Matt’s house.  Then it hit me that it was VJ.  It’s been years since I’ve seen him.”

“That’s one of the reasons I waited around,” VJ said.

“Now back to the matter at hand here.  Bro, how did you find out?” Kris asked with the four of us standing in the living room.

“Let’s grab a seat. This might take a minute,” Corey said.

We went to sit down.  Corey told his story again to Kris while VJ retrieved himself and Kris a cold one.  I sat and listened with Corey’s dad staring me in the face on the computer.

“Are you sure?” Kris asked and took a drink.

“Come here and you be the judge,” I said. 

VJ and Kris walked over.  Kris sat next to Corey while VJ got behind us.  I put the computer in Corey’s lap.  “Tell me they don’t favor,” I said.

“Bro, I can see it… barely,” Kris said.

Corey moved down the page until coming upon a family picture.  Corey closed his eyes tight when he saw a boy and girl in the picture. 

“Wow!” VJ said behind us.  “That boy is a skinny Corey right there.”

Corey opened his eyes and wiped them.  “If there was any doubt in this world, this picture answers the question.  That boy right there is me about 12 or 13.” Corey pointed at the picture.

“Corey, you have a step brother and sister!” I said.

“Technically, it would be a half brother and sister.  You and I would be step brothers,” VJ said.

“Same fucking difference, bro,” Kris said.  “Corey, are you okay?”

“I am.  I may have a brother and sister,” Corey said, managing a smile.

“You do,” I said and kissed his cheek.

Corey clicked on his dad’s pictures to see the many that were posted.  We looked at them and saw the boy was 13 and the girl was 10 from various inscriptions posted.  Corey clicked back to read about Second Chance.  It was a ministry for those who had been involved in drugs, abuse, alcohol, etc. 

“Bro, are you going to meet him?” Kris asked.

“I might.  I don’t wanna get hurt or hurt him.  It’s sort of a sticky situation for me in the fact I am gay.  I know how everyone here accepts that fact but you never know about others,” Corey replied.  “I’ll figure something out.  Well, Matt and I will.”

“We will,” I said and clung to his arm.

“I’ll ask you two.  Would you wanna know if you had a kid out there?” Corey asked.

“Right now I wouldn’t wanna know but I would years down the road, maybe,” VJ said.

“I would,” Kris replied.  “Why not, VJ?”

“I see what a struggle guys like Chase have.  I would accept if it was in front of me but just for someone to come out of the blue and tell me I’d shit!” VJ said.

“Bro, you’re right.  I see Chase’s struggle and wouldn’t want any part of that.  In Corey’s case where both are older, I say I would,” Kris stated.

“Alright, enough of this shit, especially for me!” Corey said and slammed down the top of the laptop.  “Kris, how was your Christmas?”

“Basically, the same as it was the year before.  I got mostly clothes,” Kris replied.  “The good news is Colt did propose to Faith.”

“Did she say yes?” I asked with a big smile.

“She did and thank God for that.  You should have seen the ring that he bought.  He put my ass to shame!” Kris said.

“There’s a surprise,” Corey said.  “I guess Colt’s been saving his money for that.”

“VJ, your ass is next,” Kris said with VJ walking around to sit in a chair.

“Hell no.  I tried that living together shit.  It wasn’t for me at all,” VJ stated.

“Why not?” Corey asked.

“Living with a woman is a totally different world and one that I was not ready for,” VJ answered.  “You get about three feet of closet space and her world rules.”

“Tell me about it,” Kris said, laughing.  “She does hold the keys to the jewels.”

“More like she kept my fucking balls in her hand,” VJ said.

“It sounds like to me once you moved in, it went to hell,” I said.

“That’s putting it mildly, Matt,” VJ said.  “After living with her for three weeks, I was looking for a way out.  I couldn’t concentrate on my studies at all.  She always wanted my attention.”

“Colt and I did wait.  Basically, Matt forced our hand by moving here,” Kris said.  “We’re about remedy that shit soon.”

“They’re getting married and moving here or say they are,” Corey said.

“If not, Melissa will go crazy.  She’s really unhappy that she’s not here right now,” Kris said.

“If you do move, Matt and Corey have a big enough house,” VJ said.

“It’s pretty sweet, huh?  My boys did very well.  I can’t wait til the summer and they open that pool,” Kris stated.

“Join the crowd,” I said. 

“Hey bros, we need to exchange gifts after I run out to my ride,” Kris said.

“Okay,” I said.

Kris went out and came back inside with beer.  He reached in his back pocket and handed me a card.  I had his gift waiting under the tree.  In Kris’s card was a gift card to the home improvement store.  Corey snatched the card from my hand and put it in his wallet. We gave Kris a team tee shirt and a gift card to a place that he liked to eat.

VJ went for another beer and returned to sit with us. I turned on the TV and found that there wasn’t much on. 

“Bro, where’s your empty?” Kris asked VJ.

“In the trash,” VJ replied.

“Bro, I remember you used to keep em with ya so you’d know how many you drank,” Kris laughed with Corey and me laughing as well remembering that.

VJ laughed, “Hell now, I would never have any room.”

“VJ, don’t even think about driving back to Mom’s tonight,” I said since he was on his third one and the night had just began.

“Well…” VJ said.

“Bro, you can show us how college boys really drink,” Kris said.

“Like you need to be shown,” I said.  “VJ, there’s plenty of room plus I enjoy having you here since we’re never around each other.”

“I guess I’ll stay then,” VJ said.

“Bro, later we’ll get in the hot tub,” Kris said.

“Awesome,” VJ said.

It was great having VJ here and the fact he decided to stick around.  We had plenty to catch up on and he had lots to hear from us.  VJ was doing well in college and about to graduate with a degree in international business with one year left thanks to him going in the summer.  The drinking did slow down when we hit the left over desserts.

“Oh I forgot one thing I did get,” Kris said.  “My folks got us a cruise for our honeymoon.  It’d be tight as hell if y’all would join us.”

“Really?  You want those two to join you?” VJ asked and pointed at us.

“Sure, bro,” Kris said.  “It’d be a blast.”

“I wouldn’t.  My mind would be on hitting that shit every chance that I got,” VJ stated. 

“Hell, bro.  I do that now,” Kris said.

“Kris, I really don’t think that we should go,” Corey said.  “It’d be fun but your attention would be on us and not who it should be.”

“Thanks guys,” I said.  “I’ve told him that before.  Kris, there’s no way in hell that I would have wanted you on my honeymoon.  You know I love you to death but it needed to be a special time for me and Corey.”

It wasn’t long before Kris wanted us to go out and enjoy the hot tub.  VJ commented how we didn’t have swimsuits.  Kris started laughing and told him that they weren’t necessary while he began tossing his clothes aside.  I did offer some shorts if VJ was so inclined.  He said that he didn’t need them and pulled off his clothes.  College had done VJ well and was a very nice looking guy naked with his cock hanging nicely below his V cut.

After gathering some towels, we headed out into the chilly night.  Once Corey removed the cover from the in ground hot tub, the steam began rising.  We stepped in with Kris and VJ sitting across from me and Corey.

“Bros, this is the life right here,” Kris commented.

VJ tapped Kris’s bottle with his.  “I agree.  I bet Matt and Corey have gotten so busy in here.”

“Oh, a couple of times,” I said with a smile.

“You know they are out here with Corey riding Matt’s big dick,” Kris laughed.

“Fuck yeah I have,” Corey stated with his arm around me.

VJ threw up his hands, “I’ve heard enough.  I know they fuck but… I don’t care to hear about it.”

Once VJ said what he did, it was us kicking back and enjoying the warm water rushing over our naked bodies.  Kris enjoyed telling about his coaching and his PE classes.  He didn’t want to admit but I could tell how much he really enjoyed both and being around his students.

Getting out, the towels quickly went around with the cool December night air hitting our naked bodies.  We went inside with Kris wanting to light the fireplace.  VJ suggested a card game for us to play and luckily I was able to locate a deck of cards.  We did have to wait for Kris since he was talking to Melissa and made sure that she made it back safely.   Playing cards killed the rest of our night with us playing cards and having lots of laughs.

Corey and I said goodnight with Kris and VJ watching TV.  We entered our bedroom and got in bed. 

“It’s been hard to wait but what did you say to your mom?” I asked.

Corey laughed, “You know I just about forgot about that and that we haven’t talked.  It was a really good talk that we had and a little adult at that.  She told me about all she went through being a single and pregnant and how the pressure was on her to abort.”

“Wow, I’m really thankful that she didn’t,” I said.

“Thinking about it, I am too.  It gave me a real appreciation of what she went through.  She told me that it wasn’t easy finding a date and having a small child but Larry understood.  We did talk about her drinking and how it had hurt me.  She admitted that was an ongoing struggle and one that she had yet to conquer.  She expressed her concern for me as well but told me how proud she was of me and all that I had accomplished under tough circumstances.”

“Corey, I’m glad you had that talk.  Things worked really well with our folks coming…”

“I think it did.  I know my Mom really enjoyed coming and staying with us,” Corey said.  “She loved the bracelet.  That was really thoughtful of Linda.”

“I thought so too,” I said.

“It was great that VJ stayed with us.  I think I saw why though,” Corey said.

“I did too.  It did give someone for Kris to feed off of,” I said.

The next morning, Friday, I woke up about 8.   I grabbed some shorts and headed out to see what damage had been done after Corey and I had left.  Other than a bottle here and there and general trash, there wasn’t much.  I started some coffee and sat at the breakfast nook watching the birds stop by for a morning treat.

It was about an hour before the other three were up and about.  Kris was his usual self and came out nude.  He said that he was taking advantage of his freedom while he could.  VJ didn’t stick around very long after he got up.  He was very nice and thanked us for a great time.

With another strong body available and willing, Corey had plans to tackle some big jobs in the back.  It was looking nice but Corey wanted to clear out most of the bushes and get a fresh start in the spring.  Kris was up for the task and gave his own ideas about how things should look.  The two headed out back while I began taking down our Christmas tree.  It was necessary but sad since it was one of the first things that was in our house.

With the tree down and in its box, I was able to watch two guys that meant the world to me working together.  Corey looked very content with them chopping and pulling out old bushes.  There was little doubt in my mind that he was getting ample instructions from Kris.  Kris wasn’t a bystander and was giving it his all.  The strength of the two amazed me even though it shouldn’t after seeing them in the gym for many years.  Now they were using their muscles for good use.   

Once the house was cleaned, I headed out to help them.  It was a little chilly but not really that bad with the sun shining.  For a few hours, it was tough manual labor but all but one little spot was cleared.

That night, Corey and I treated Kris to a nice meal at a restaurant.  Kris was a little disappointed that it wasn’t his favorite brew house pub.  We settled for something closer and still enjoyed some fine steaks.

At the house, we stripped down and enjoyed ourselves.  More and more were Corey and I becoming nudists.  There was little doubt in my mind that Kris would be as well if Melissa was so inclined.  We sat watching TV for a while before Kris left to talk to Melissa.  As Kris was away talking to Melissa, Corey’s phone started ringing.  He grabbed it and was shaking his head before walking away.

Corey came back and didn’t look very happy.  “Fuck, they want me to work tomorrow.”

“I take it you are,” I said.

“I did but I only have to work until 2 and it’s double time,” Corey said.

“That’s fine.  We don’t have anything really planned for tomorrow right now,” I said.

Kris walked back in and sat down. 

“Someone misses you, huh?” I asked.

“I guess she does,” Kris replied.  “She knew that I was staying here beforehand and needs to deal with it.”

“Kris, we’re not holding you here,” Corey said.

“Bro, get real.  I wanna be here.  My time as a single man is drawing close to the end.  She’ll get me for years after I slide that ring on her finger,” Kris stated.

“At least your ass doesn’t have to go to work…” Corey stated.

“Bro, don’t tell me,” Kris said.

“They just called and said I was needed.  It is double time and I don’t have to work until 2,” Corey said.

“Kris, we’ll have some time again,” I said.

“Thanks for rubbing it in,” Corey said.

We did get in some hot tub time with Kris and Corey bragging on their fine work that they had done earlier.  I made Kris stop talking when he went on and on about the summer since I was anxious enough as it was.

The warmth of the water made me really relax and I sank into Corey’s big arms as he slid one around my shoulder. I rested my head against his chest and he leaned down to kiss the top of it. I pulled back and looked up at him. We both smiled and closed the gap in a sweet and tender kiss while we held each other close.

“Damn, bro, that’s some real love right there,” Kris said.

Corey pulled back, dragging my lip with him as he held it in his teeth. He looked at Kris and smiled. “I love him more every day and I still think he’s the hottest guy I’ve ever met.”

“I can see that,” Kris laughed, pointing at Corey’s cock, which was rock hard under the water.

“I would say sorry but it’s Matt who should apologize because it’s him who does this to me,” Corey said as he reached down to give his dick a quick stroke.

“I’m happy I still get you excited, babe,” I said, leaning in for another kiss.

“I’ll show you how excited I get later when we’re alone,” Corey said, pecking at my lips.

“Why not show him now?” Kris suggested.

Corey and I turned to look at Kris and I noticed that he was hard too and had his hand around his cock.

“Are you serious?” I asked.

“Hell yeah I am,” Kris said. “It was always so hot watching you two together.”

“Just watch some porn then,” I said.

“It’s not the same,” Kris said seriously. “Those guys are just there to fuck and pick up a pay check, you two make love, it’s something else.”

I studied Kris’s face for a moment and knew he wasn’t messing around. I looked down at Corey and he just shrugged.

“Okay,” I said, “You can watch.” 


I was up earlier with Corey on Saturday morning.  He said how he hated going to work but I knew that he loved his work.  He just wasn’t fond of leaving.  I walked out with Corey getting ready and saw Kris was already up. 

“You’re up early,” I said.

“Bro, I was still pumped as hell over last night,” Kris said.  “Wow, you and Corey are something else.  I could see and feel the magic.”

“It’s called true love to me.  Did you get any tips?” I asked with a big smile.

“Maybe a few,” Kris replied.  “So what are we doing?”

“Since we’re both up, I was thinking about running to the store and getting everything for New Year’s Eve.”

“There’s time for that.”

“I want to get out of the way.  Once my mind is on work, sometimes I forget things,” I said.

“I’ll be here to remind ya,” Kris said.  “I guess though now is as good of time as any.”

Corey came out and found us sitting at the bar.  He kissed me on the cheek and said he’d be back soon.  He was glad to hear that Kris and I were going shopping which meant he didn’t have to endure that.

Kris and I separated and got ready to head to the store.  I quickly jotted down things that we might need while Kris drove since Corey had taken our nice vehicle.  Kris was relatively quiet on the drive to the store.

We parked and saw that we had beaten the crowd.  I grabbed a cart and began heading out.  I was putting things in the cart left and right with a mix of things for our party and things for me and Corey. 

“Bro, let Melissa bring something.  You don’t have to furnish everything,” Kris stated with us going down the aisles.

“It’s fine.  Everyone will be our guest in our home,” I stated.

“Let me call her and see what she wants to bring,” Kris said and pulled out his phone.   

I continued to shop and brought my groceries for the week with Kris talking to Melissa.  He said that she was going to bring a dip or two when she came with Colt and Faith. 

Our next stop was the liquor store.  Kris was a little livelier and did buy a few things while we were there that he said Melissa and Faith would like. 

We made it back to the house and unloaded our things.  It stocked our nice fridge with lots of alcohol as well.  When we finished, Kris walked back to his bedroom.  

I gathered some towels and started the laundry.  Since his room was close, I knew he was on the phone with Melissa.  I finished up and started cleaning the kitchen when Kris walked in.

“Kris, just leave,” I said.

“Bro, what the fuck are you talking about?”

I sat down at the bar.  “Kris, you miss Melissa.  I can tell.”

“Well yeah but I’m here for the week with you like you promised.”

“I know that but what will do when I’m working all day?”

“I’ll do something.  I probably go work out at Corey’s place and do shit,” Kris replied.

“I’m not pushing you but I’m releasing you.  Matter of fact, I’m proud of you Kris.  You’ve shown to me that you are more than ready to be married and are marrying someone that you really care about.”

“Ummm… maybe,” Kris said.

“I totally and completely understand more than anyone.  Go back and show her what I have seen.  You’ll earn big brownie points with her,” I said.  “I tell you what.  Go tonight and find a nice bottle of wine.  You said she likes wine.  Hell, be waiting on her naked and treat her like she’s the only one in the world.  I know Kris Stanton and he has that ability to do that.”

Kris smiled, “You fucking know me like a book.”

“Yelp, you’re like reading a book from the first grade.  You rarely hide your emotions plus I’ve never seen you on the phone as much as I have since you’ve been here.”

“What about Corey?”

“He’ll more than understand.”

“I tell ya what.  I’ll wait til Corey gets home since Melissa is going in late.  She’ll be so surprised…”

“And very happy to see ya.  She misses her security blanket.”

“And my dick,” Kris laughed.

“She might but she’d bet she misses having you next to her when she sleeps,” I said and reached to grab Kris’s rounded hard shoulder.  “Sadly, this is part of the maturation process we are going through.  I’ve found my partner in life and you’ve found yours.  That doesn’t mean that we still are best of friends.  I know you’d be there for me…”

“You’d do the same for me.  In a way, it sucks that this shit is happening to us,” Kris said.

“It does but I like looking on the bright side.  Look around…”

“Yeah, I can’t wait for Melissa to see this house.  Next year, I’ll be back… no wait, I’ll be close by or dead.  You need to schedule a few days of vacation for me then.  I’ll need someone to hang out with,” Kris said.

“I’ll see what I can do.  Kris, I loved having you here.”

“I’ve loved being here but you’re right again.  I’m ready to be with Melissa and see her again.  You’re in really good hands, Matt but I knew that before I came,” Kris said.

“You’re in good hands too.  I can’t wait for your wedding,” I said.

“I’m ready and still think you and Corey need to go on that cruise with us,” Kris said.

“I think you’ve proven that we’re not really needed.  You’ll do just fine and have a great time.  You’ll know half of the people on the boat by the end,” I said.

Kris laughed, “If my ass ever gets out of the room.  Bro, thanks.  True friends know each other far too well.  I was going to stick out and not bitch for one second.”

“I know you would have.  You’d been fine but I think you’ll do more good this way.  Besides, you’ll be back Wednesday night.”

“Damn right I will.  It’ll be short trip but it’ll be so worth it.”

“I hope it will be.”

It was like a big burden was lifted from Kris’s broad shoulders.  We did lots of party planning with Kris back to his normal self. 

Corey came home just after 2 and saw Kris with his bag.

“Where are you going?” Corey asked.

“I’m going to be with my future wife.  I miss her,” Kris said with a big smile.

“No shit,” Corey laughed.  “You said yesterday that you did.”

“I know but Matt really pointed it out to me earlier.  I’m going make some big brownie points with her,” Kris said.  “I’ll be back though before you know it.  Matt and I have all the shit planned out for a big time.”

“We do,” I said.

“See ya.  Love ya both,” Kris said.  We exchanged hugs with mine being a big one along with a kiss on the lips.  Corey and I watch Kris head out to his car and waved to him as he drove away.

“He was going to be miserable if he would have stayed,” I said.

“Plus all up in our business.  I was going to pity you when you were trying to get some work done in your office,” Corey said.

“No, he said he was going to go pester you,” I said and laughed.

“We’ll see him soon though,” Corey said.

“We will.  Now we can devise a plan for seeing your dad,” I said.

“I’m still haven’t decided what to do about that,” Corey said.  “I’ll figure something out.”

“I know you will.”


I hope you enjoyed another chapter.  It was great having Big 'D' write another part for you.   It is a bonus that will not be posted on Nifty.  

There will be a couple more chapters to finish off this busy time for them.   I hope you have enjoyed them.

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